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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Border Defense and Pierced Nipples

TSA Agents Forced Woman To Remove Nipple Rings, Pulled Pants Off Disabled Man

Pam Zekman CBS-2

When travelers go to the airport, they know what kind of security to expect: luggage searches, metal detectors and shoe inspections.

It's all part of our post 9-11 reality enforced by the Transportation Security Adminstration. But as CBS 2 Investigator Pam Zekman reports, thousands of travelers have complained that some of these screenings can become abusive and even x-rated.

For arguing with a TSA agent, Robin Kassner wound up being slammed to the floor. She's filed a lawsuit.

"I kept begging them over and over again get off of me ... and they wouldn't stop," Kassner said.

And it wasn't enough for another woman to show TSA agents nipple rings that set off a metal detector. The agents forced her to take them out.

Mandi Hamlin said, "I had to get pliers and pull it apart."


  1. something tells me the breasts TSA got to see are not of the same quality as the one in your picture

  2. McCain referred to the "Iraq-Pakistan border" in a "Good Morning America" interview; since there is no such border, he must have meant Afghanistan-Pakistan. He has twice referred to Czechoslovakia, a country that ceased to exist in 1993; mixed up Sunnis and Shiites; and identified Vladimir Putin as president of Germany.

    Aides to the Arizona senator dismiss the missteps as meaningless, noting that their man is far more accessible to journalists than Obama. "When you engage with reporters from 8:30 a.m. till 8 at night, you're bound to make a gaffe," says McCain communications director Jill Hazelbaker. "People are yearning for the kind of president who takes tough questions, and that's who John McCain is."

    ...Last week, says a Project for Excellence in Journalism study of print and electronic coverage, Obama was a significant or dominant factor in 83 percent of election stories, and McCain in 52 percent. The McCain camp yesterday sent out a mocking video compilation of pundits praising the Illinois Democrat, saying: "The media is in love with Barack Obama. If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny."

    But there is a counter-narrative, which has taken root on the left, that McCain is the one being treated with journalistic kid gloves. In this view, Obama's every utterance is scrutinized, while McCain, who enjoyed warm relations with reporters during his 2000 White House campaign, pays little price for blunders.

    Dan Abrams, the host of MSNBC's "Verdict," told viewers Monday that "gaffe after gaffe after gaffe come from John McCain, and they are forgotten. . . . There is no way Barack Obama would be able to get away with something like this."

    Politico catalogued the errors on its Web site yesterday, saying: "McCain's mistakes raise a serious, if uncomfortable question: Are the gaffes the result of his age? And what could that mean in the Oval Office?"

    The question is fair, says veteran analyst Charlie Cook of National Journal. "People wonder if McCain is kind of like a pitcher seven or eight years past his prime and misses a few here and there," he says. "When you're about to turn 72, people are going to be watching to see if you're slipping."

    "McCain has been a media darling forever, and now he's making the claim that he's not getting enough media coverage? It's comical," says Mitchell Bard, a writer and filmmaker who blogs at the Huffington Post.

    "If Obama had said the things McCain has said, the media would be all over that as an example of his inexperience: 'He doesn't even know that Iraq and Pakistan don't share a border. He doesn't even know that Czechoslavakia hasn't been a country for 15 years.' When John McCain says it, it's 'Oh, that's just John McCain.' The media have decided that McCain is a knowledgeable foreign policy expert, and anything that doesn't fit into that paradigm is just ignored."

  3. tuff nipples retard......

    Get real you fucktard...

    You live in this world when people will murder a pregnant woman and cut out the fetus and claim it as their own..

    You live in a world where CJS exists... (Crazy Jihad Syndrome)

    2 bulldozers in Jerusalem in a month...
    New York
    New York
    Shopping Malls, Pizza Shops, Buses, Cars, Hospitals, Grey Hound Bus Throat Slittings, HiJackings, IED's, Fake PREGNANT Islamic terrorists with bombs...

    If the Arabs/islamic Jihadists learned that the TSA would not force you to remove your nipple rings they would stuff bombs INSIDE the woman to bomb something...

    If your dumb enough to put an extra HOLE in your nipple and DUMB enough to WEAR said jewelry and if your DUMB enough to put something THRU your NIPPLES that cannot be removed without TOOLS then your a fucktard and should be BILLED by the TSA for time wasted and banned for life from PUBLIC travel.

  4. gag reflex said...
    something tells me the breasts TSA got to see are not of the same quality as the one in your picture

    Typically people who end up arguing with the TSA about their NIPPLES look like Mama Cass....

  5. wio

    I sometimes wish you would make your point.

  6. In my World,
    ALL women would have their nipple rings removed!

  7. ...not to mention, tongue, naval, and etc.
    They can have the option of moving to Uganda.

  8. Your just hiding your opinion between ours, Gag.

  9. gag , I thought something titillating would be better.

  10. Doug

    you got me, but my fondness for the breast in the picture has clouded my sense of judgement.

  11. That's why they should never be sullied.
    ...unless by my cold dead hands.


    Planned Obama/Berlin counterprogram with visit to Gulf Coast oil rig...
    He could still go to ANWAR!

  13. "Obama trounces McCain ... in sales of T-shirts, badges, caps... "
    PROOF of the intelligence gap.

  14. The Messiah's address was 41 minutes, Whit.
    7.5 minutes of which dedicated to
    ""Uh, uh, are, uh, uh, uh, um. That's -- that's a bunch -- so -- so let me tick these off. Deh... Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh. So the issue is not a perception that, uh... Weh, weh, let me put it this way. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, We're -- we're trying to -- you know, we've got a bipartisan group here and -- and -- and, uh, uh, uh, uh, um, uh, uh, uh."
    But the MESSIAH REMAINS the World's Greatest Orator,
    W, the Worst.
    What Bias?

  15. 7.5 stammering minutes out of 41 minutes total is stunning. Uh, um, I uh, really don't know uh, quite what to say about it.

    I am uh, discombobulated.

  16. Speaking of Bob, he's conspicuous by his absence.

    And it was good to see our rip-snorting, crackerjack diplomat check in with the rabble.

  17. I thought her sitrep on asscrackistan to be classic uh, um, uh....classic, um....

  18. gag reflex said...

    you got me, but my fondness for the breast in the picture has clouded my sense of judgement...

    Fine nipple, no extra decoration needed....

  19. I totally agree with WiO's 3:39.

  20. Bob's been workin' hard, but I appreciate the breast and wouldn't exile the gal just for a little jewelry.

    Tattoos are a big mistake. They look like shit when a gal gets older.

    My wife has never worn jewelry of any kind. Almost Amish, in a way.

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