“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, April 30, 2007

Pakistan gun market. Some hornet's nests are best left alone. Many sons and many guns.

Ever wonder just what the Khyber Pass is about, or the tribal regions of Pakistan? I always enjoy listening to the culturally naive discussing subjects of which they have no knowledge. There are some interesting lessons to be learned from this little film clip. I learned something. You will as well. Enjoy it. If the link does not work, Try this.


  1. 2164th,

    Can't see it. Can you post a link?

  2. Damn, filter at work here is blocking it. I'll have to do it from home in a couple hours here. Thanks for putting up the url.

  3. They can't move bulk crops to market. The infrastructure isn't there. We could buy 'em out piecemeal; they can move their cultivation a few km's away and still pocket our subsidy.

  4. One cannot help but look at the Khyber Pass and think that Sally Struthers used to sing the praises of Gun Smithing at her International Correspondence School. Where is she now? More importantly, where are the gun smiths? Like OB-Gyns in PA or IL, they've made themselves scarce. Of the many celebrities that comforted us with songs and stand-up while rescuers searched for survivors beneath the scalding concrete, Ms. Struthers was AWOL. Conspicuously AND mysteriously AWOL

    Imagine what American ingenuity could craft, while getting its degree? Its not so hard to do...

  5. More than 350 trucks reportedly carry an average of 7,000 tons of goods each day from Peshawar to Kabul and eastern and northern Afghanistan via the Khyber Pass. Every truck pays the equivalent of $6,500 in taxes and bribes each year, Sawab Khan, a member of the truckers’ association, told the BBC.

    “This is too much for our transporters, who are mostly poor and hard-pressed to make both ends meet,” he said.
    Shakir Afridi, a Pakistani transporter, told Dawn that truckers’ representatives have relayed their demands to the Afghan government in Kabul.

    But they were also in talks with companies to halt the oil supply to foreign forces in Afghanistan from yesterday, he said.
    Scores of trucks have had to dump cargoes at warehouses in Peshawar because of the protest, which has disrupted supplies to eastern and northern Afghanistan.

    Border Strike

  6. Last time I was in Anaheim, they didn't have that attraction yet.
    Would have more of an authentic feel if they played
    "It's a small World"
    for the background music.
    Hope my son doesn't see it, or he'll be buying a plane ticket.
    Glad they are all so happy:
    Impressive as it all is, I'll still take Lt Denton and his Apache.
    For the bigger jobs, Spectres, MOABS, and Tactical Nukes.
    They think THAT Hat is Gone with the Wind!

  7. does that mean they smelt in their huts?

    the worlds tiniest besemmer processes?

    making ammo is one thing, but i did not see any tool & dye

    does their mysterious eastern metallurgy rely on a mystique-to-metal fabrication process?

  8. US aircrews show Taliban no mercy

    H/T Small Wars JournalDo watch the video provided by the telegraph.
    "‘When you are on top of the enemy you look, shoot and it's, 'You die, you die, you die.T
    he odds are on our side.
    I really enjoy it. I told my wife, if I could come home every night then this would be the perfect job.’"___Lt. Denton
    Hat Tip, Allen @ BC

    Would be nice to read a lot more of that kind of news.

  9. Aspergus:
    I Smelt a Rat in that Van.

  10. It was a go-go gadget hat, mind you, made natively from spare soviet parts.

    What the heck is a muzzelite?

  11. They mostly use plant extracts to dye the goatskins.

  12. Their tools,
    well you know what happens to the goats there.

  13. Back to Col LingLing, from the previous thread:
    "In past years, they've shown excellent sexual behavior but have been a bit out of sync," Lisa Stevens, the zoo's assistant curator for giant pandas, said yesterday. "We're very concerned about the lack of synchrony."

    Translation: The male giant panda is eager, Stevens said, but has "alignment" problems; the female cries out to him loudly and displays other come-hither behavior, but then lies flat on her stomach.

  14. How on earth is a young suitor to seize the moment and show a lady directions to the gun-show?

    Why, she'd think the lad was mad, having eaten too many air-dropped rations.

    Romantic Comedy set in the khyber pass, starring Deuce and Teresita.

    Nukes have gone off all over the world; The Bar and the Club are no more. The gentelman and the warrior princess wander Central Asia as guns for hire. They meet as T is inspecting a soviet machine gun. She tells deuce she intends to attach it to a form-fitting harness she's hired local artisans to craft; it is reminiscent of the "smart gun" from Aliens, she explains.

    Meanwhile, back in AZ...

  15. Policy synchronization is the name of the game. Make America like the ROW.

    No representation needed; consider it value-added governance.

  16. Why does Britney always take out her problems on her body?
    After all her heartbreak, Britney is doing what young women all over the world do best: taking it out on her own body
    Once again, the womenfolk come in second to us men.

  17. I'll bet our Warrior Princess could show her an easier way.
    What is it w/MSM's fetish w/incompetence?
    Probly compensatory reaction to their incontinence.

  18. AspergersGentleman tends to the poor and hard-pressed transporters by introducing them to the Mobius Strip.
    Britney barges in, thinking he has violated her turf, only to find 13 well-armed and fully clothed adolescent arms-makers.
    They promptly throw down their arms and embrace her in a group hug.
    To a man, they give up their piece.
    Peace Reigns.

  19. I really hope that, sometime soon, women find someone other than a demented Barbie doll to look up to.

  20. While you're out of action, Deuce, perhaps you could whip up an essay on what you learned from this Video.

  21. Princess B does look like it may be a little on the sloppy side. Reminds me of the difference between a dog and a fox..a six pack. Doug get a co-hat tip with aspergers on the next post.

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