“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, April 13, 2007

From the dark ages.


  1. McGovernite DR...

    " McGovern volunteered for the Air Force serving with distinction in North Africa and Italy. His first entry into politics was to campaign for the pro-Soviet Progressive Party ticket in 1948. The CPUSA endorsed Progressive Party presidential candidate Henry A. Wallace and communists were thick in the ranks and leadership of the campaign which garnered only 3% of the vote. McGovern was elected delegate to the Progressives' first national convention"

    McGovern set the stage for 3 million plus to be killed by Pol Pot just like DR aiming to have the US desert Iraq and allow another killing field.
    Right Comrade?

  2. I've got $5.00US that says Trish uses the word "shit" more than any other female poster on this blog.

    Provided Trish is a woman.

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  4. Other snippets from the American Thinker article...

    "Today's anti-war leftists are motivated not to strengthen jihad but to weaken America in order that "progressives" around the world might once again have their day."

    Thats a DR ...."to weaken America"

  5. I was in a rotten mood until a few moments ago. I recall that episode. Those guys were great.

  6. Barkeep Some Kentucky champagne (Makers) please.

    Just read this gem from the last thread.

    "Lordy, lordy, Free Speech hunh? Do you have a right to a nationally syndicated show on CBS? ummm NO. Does CBS have the right to hire and fire as they chose in all their monetarily inspired wisdom ummmm, YES. Fox is free to hire Imus and give him a national platform if they like, but it is hardly Imus's right to that platform."

    Well, DR broke out RHCP, in response to ash above, i refer to the words of Metallica -

    You Can Do it Your Own Way,
    If It's Done Just How I Say

    Where is it all going...
    Fairness Doctrine

  7. Habu: I've got $5.00US that says Trish uses the word "shit" more than any other female poster on this blog.

    Golly Habu, that's easy money.

  8. Viacom owns most of the entertainment in the country. They could put an end to all that rap non-sense immediately if they wanted to, but it seems to pay.
    Forget elegance.

    Well, I say, here's one to the limbic sysem, deep in the brain, far back.

  9. From the last thread...

    "Interesting that when habu first came amongst the blogs, he advocated mass death for Muslims."

    "Habu, he was for killing Muslims,
    before he was against it"

    Pot meet kettle -
    tell us about those 1:100 ratios rat.

    But i do see DR is coming around to the "indirect aopproach."
    What exactly do any of you foresee for the region when we disengage DR.

    And Ash;

    "Let me get this straight Habu,
    You are in favor of sacrificing some of our finest young lives in order to protect the Iraqis (whom you'd also like to nuke - I'm not sure how you square the circle in your little head) because you are worried about our image, that we might look weak. I take you dress fashionably as well?"

    I am confused, are you advocating withdrawal to save American blood;
    which may result in genocide among the Shia and Sunni?

    Does your blood lust know no bounds?

    And where is my friend Trish?

  10. Hugh Fitzgerald, an intelligent man, advocates withdrawl so the shia and sunni can murder one another. Hugh sees a clear threat. Also wants to bomb Iran. Hugh doesn't like muzzies. Hugh doesn't want to live like a muzzie. Hugh and Habu are on the same wavelength, just different methods. Hugh thinks we might hire out to protect the Saudis and their fields. I've seen some folk argue, fuck em all, just take the oil fields. Lots of ideas out there.

  11. Hugh seems certain that they will, not that they aren't now. I don't know what I think about Iraq, but I think if Iran isn't stopped, sooner or later there will be radioactivity in the air.

    Not that there isn't already, from the coal fired plants. Coal has a minute amount of uranium and thorium, I think it is, spread though it, right to our lungs, thanks to the enviros. So says Bill Wattenburg.

    Build nuclear power generating plants now!

  12. another favorite performer besides metallica -

    Here's a crazy thought -
    Sectarian strife may reach its apex when direct confrontation with Iran is imminent.

    Until then, other forms of warfare are currently underway -
    American Pressure Starts to Strangle Iran's Economy

    Also, "the long war" is not entirely about CENTCOM, but PACOM

    How We Would Fight China

    Asia Crucial Front In Long War On Terror

    ...and Trish, i see you are a convert to the indirect approach, but be careful - you may soon be accused of "master planning"

  13. One of the planners--Wolfowitz--got the hots for some babe at the World Bank or whatever, slipped her some money to keep her happy, and got caught recently. That's the Wolf that estimated before Congress the cost of the wat would be way under a hundred billion.

  14. Well, she's sure well paid, for whatever she does.

  15. Frankly, I think that girl would do damn near anything for money.

  16. I can't prove this, but I think Wolf has bad breathe.