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Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus folds and then grovels.

A maudlin Don Imus looks like a beaten foolish old man.

Well in many ways he is a foolish old man. His humor is juvenile but it has made him a lot of money over the years. Imus can be vicious and self-serving, but his show can be interesting and entertaining. He is offensive, but universally so and then at other times he can be caring and kind.

His ranch for kids with cancer is over the top, somewhat self serving, but does a lot of good for the few who get to use it.

Imus made a foolish comment calling the Rutger's woman basketball team a bunch of "nappy head Ho's". Not the smartest comment on radio, but then using the word "pissed off" on radio, or Chris Mathews saying, "fuck" on the air is offensive to many that remember much higher standards of public broadcasting.

The problem for Imus is that he is white and insulted blacks. The reverse is acceptable. His transgression is not. Black hip hop music, videos and humor has degraded all standards to the bottom. Language or epithets commonly used by black entertainers are far worse than used by Imus.

Foolish behavior and bad taste is not evil nor should it be pilloried by the PC crowd but it will be. Imus should grow up but not give up.


  1. A couple of weeks ago, Imus was thinking or at least talking about going to Iraq. I think he would rather be in the green zone than where he is this morning.

  2. Imus; the latest in a long line of victims cannibalized by their own people.

    The left eat their young.

  3. First off I've never listen to Imus. No real reason just never have. In this case a few questions seem to be in order.

    #1 .. were they nappy headed?
    #2 .. here they ho's?

    It would seem to me that if either of the statements are true, or if both are , true, or if neither are true, just how do they fit into a discussion of womens basketball?

    Intentional foul..go to the line, shoot a couple free throws.

    Ferris State University located in Michigan has the most comprehensive section on N-caricatures and history.

  4. Check out tiger's link in previous thread.

  5. Related to Obama?
    Imamu Amiri Baraka, one of the most gifted of our contemporary poets, uses nigger in one of his angriest poems, "I Don't Love You."

    . . .and what was the world to the words of slick nigger fathers too depressed to explain why they could not appear to be men.10

    One wonders: how are readers supposed to understand "nigger fathers"? Baraka's use of this imagery, regardless of his intention, reinforces the stereotype of the worthless, hedonistic Coon caricature.

  6. Osama, Baraka, Hussein, Obama.

  7. Miller and Lovett were talking about being pissed at Richards for making the N Word off limits in standup forevermore!

  8. I m going to change the order of this post so that it follows the previous. I want to continue that discussion as it is much more important than this.

  9. The Rottweiler has a gruesome take on groveling.

    May God forgive them


  10. someone, somewhere, will suggest or even demand Imus go to rehab for this..anyway, what's a ho? : )

  11. That is the same guy, the New Jersey 'Poel Laureate,' who wrote a poem asking why the Jews stayed home on 9-11.

  12. He wears the hat and boots because he tells everyone he is almost six foot tall, give or take six inches I think.

  13. An ex-rodeo buddy of mine always wear's tennis shoes and a ball cap. When asked why he doesnt wear cowboy boots and a hat, he says he doesnt want anyone to think he is a truck driver....