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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jihadist video shows boy beheading man

The video from the religion of peace is too horrific to show. Trust me on this one.

Associated Press Writer wtopnews

KILI FAQIRAN, Pakistan (AP) -
The boy with the knife looks barely 12. In a high-pitched voice, he denounces the bound, blindfolded man before him as an American spy. Then he hacks off the captive's head to cries of "God is great!" and hoists it in triumph by the hair.

A video circulating in Pakistan records the grisly death of Ghulam Nabi, a Pakistani militant accused of betraying a top Taliban official who was killed in a December airstrike in Afghanistan.

An Associated Press reporter confirmed Nabi's identity by visiting his family in Kili Faqiran, their remote village in southwestern Pakistan.

The video, which was obtained by AP Television News in the border city of Peshawar on Tuesday, appears authentic and is unprecedented in jihadist propaganda because of the youth of the executioner.

Captions mention Mullah Dadullah, the Taliban's current top commander in southern Afghanistan, although he does not appear in the video. The soundtrack features songs praising Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar and "Sheikh Osama" _ an apparent reference to Osama bin Laden, who is suspected of hiding along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

The footage shows Nabi making what is described as a confession, being blindfolded with a checkered scarf.

"He is an American spy. Those who do this kind of thing will get this kind of fate," says his baby-faced executioner, who is not identified.

A continuous 2 1/2-minute shot then shows the victim lying on his side on a patch of rubble-strewn ground. A man holds Nabi by his beard while the boy, wearing a camouflage military jacket and oversized white sneakers, cuts into the throat. Other men and boys call out "Allahu akbar!" _ "God is great!" _ as blood spurts from the wound.

The film, overlain with jihadi songs, then shows the boy hacking and slashing at the man's neck until the head is severed.


  1. Well, isn't that Special?
    W's beloved ROP at work.

    WASHINGTON Apr 21, 2007 (AP)— The Pentagon is laying the groundwork to extend the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq. At the same time, the administration is warning Iraqi leaders that the boost in forces could be reversed if political reconciliation is not evident by summer.

    This approach underscores the central difficulty facing President Bush. If political progress is not possible in the relatively short term, then the justification for sending thousands more U.S. troops to Baghdad and accepting the rising U.S. combat death toll that has resulted will disappear. That in turn would put even more pressure on Bush to yield to the Democratic-led push to wind down the war in coming months.

    If the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki does manage to achieve the political milestones demanded by Washington, then the U.S. military probably will be told to sustain the troop buildup much longer than originally foreseen possibly well into 2008. Thus the early planning for keeping it up beyond late summer.

  2. Time for Ruminations on how to save this poor lad, and our part in creating his problem, and those of the ROP.

  3. Atlas has a "Music" video for Friday.
    Very strange for those of us that enjoyed the Supremes, Martha, et al:
    Kind of helped that they could sing!

  4. Report On Haditha Condemns Marines
    Signs of Misconduct Were Ignored, U.S. General Says

    Saturday, April 21, 2007; Page A01
    The Marine Corps chain of command in Iraq ignored "obvious" signs of "serious misconduct" in the 2005 slayings of two dozen civilians in Haditha, and commanders fostered a climate that devalued the life of innocent Iraqis to the point that their deaths were considered an insignificant part of the war, according to an Army general's investigation.

    Maj. Gen. Eldon A. Bargewell's 104-page report on Haditha is scathing in its criticism of the Marines' actions, from the enlisted men who were involved in the shootings on Nov. 19, 2005, to the two-star general who commanded the 2nd Marine Division in Iraq at the time.

    Though Bargewell found no specific coverup, he concluded that there also was no interest at any level in investigating allegations of a massacre.

  5. Isn't talking about these video's glorifying them and encouraging copycats? I was told on another thread that there are loads of mentally ill people all through our society ready to snap, and seeing on video could trigger them. Isn't this going to push them over the edge? Knowing the that beheading video is publicized would encourage anyone who had a message to tell to kill & create their own head chopping video, seemed to be what I was told in another discussion.

    Also, there seems to be an implication that Islam is not a religion of peace and that the killing in his jihadi video proves it. Does Cho's killings prove that Christianity is not a religion of peace and that Koreans are dangerous?

  6. Herr Wu would rather listen to the sparks of his own neurons than the observations, opinions, and diagnoses of experts who have spent a lifetime studying the subject of these monsters, in this case a schizophrenic monster.
    Which seems more likely to approach the truth?
    Mere Conjecture,
    or expertise, diligence, research, interviews and observation?

    Dr. Welner has studied and interviewed these guys Wu, and applied his extensive expertise.
    You are satisfied that your own ruminations are more valid.
    Ramble on, Herr Wu.

  7. [Columbine school killer] Harris also talked about choices and the fact that he chose to kill. He went on to say, “It’s my fault! Not my parents, not my brothers, not my friends, not my favorite bands, not computer games, not the media, it’s mine.” In another entry he stated, “I’m full of hate and I love it.”

    Columbine Report

  8. Klebold and Harris both talked on camera about the rage and anger that had built up for years and declared they would destroy the world if they could. Harris asserted that, “There is nothing that anyone could have done to prevent this. No one is to blame except me and Vodka.” He went on to say that their actions were “a two man war against everyone else.”

  9. Little child killers. Like the dang Khmer Rouge.

    So who is "Brother Number 1"?

    Mullah Omar?


    Sounds like crazy times await in Pak.

  10. I need to jump in on this. There is no comparison between an obvious individual mental cataclysm, like Cho, and the systematic ritualistic murder-cult of Islam. Let's not get carried away with convoluted constructions of comparitive relativism, hereafter referred to as (bullshit).

  11. > systematic ritualistic murder-cult of Islam.

    There is no such thing. Islam has been around for hundreds of years and has over a billion followers. Where are the killings?

  12. Ok wu. I do not recommend you watch this, and I tell everyone else that unless you have seen men die in combat do not watch this:

    man being beheaded in the name of allah , most merciful

  13. I agree that one is not two is not a few. But my point is that none of them, no small group, equals the whole.

    Cho was one killer and he doesn't stand for Christianity, Koreans, or anything else.

    There were two Columbine killers. Not enough to call a cult. They don't stand for America, spoiled suburban kids, or anything else.

    Likewise two Americans bombed in Oklahoma City, but contrary to what President Clinton said, they don't represent the "right wing" or anything else. Even though they agreed with some of the same things others complained about concerning Ruby Ridge, etc. and even though the bombing happened on the anniversary of Waco, McVeigh, etc. don't represent America or conservatism. I can be a conservative and still disagree with bombing the Federal building in Oklahoma.

    The Branch Davidians had more than two people, and were a cult, as was the Jim Jones group. Both of them took action that led to blood shed. Even though both claimed to be Christian, they don't represent other Christians.

    Someone could post videos of Jim Jones forcing innocents to drink kool aid, and of the Branch Davidians, and say those showed what Christianity was like, but that wouldn't make it true.

    These Jihadi are just criminals and isolated cult groups that don't represent Islam any more than Jim Jones represents Christianity.

    Brutal killings happen in the US too. Undercover police officers, as well as gang and Mafia members, have testified that brutal killings, often with torture, happen frequently, killings of rivals and of others who didn't obey. They can't post videos because the FBI would track them down, but the bodies are left where they can be found, and the word is spread so everyone sees the example.

    A few years back I near an area (in the USA) with frequent drive-by, gang shootings. The closest was within 2 miles of my house.

    A Jihadi could track this violence in the US, and post each killing on the web to try to prove that's what America is like, and that all Americans support those killings. That wouldn't make it true.

  14. Adding a few words to one paragraph of the last posting:

    A few years back I lived near an area (in the USA) which had frequent drive-by, gang shootings. The closest shooting took place within 2 miles of my house.

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  16. Even if one has seen men die in combat, that does not make the beheading less gruesome, nor palatable.

    Discussion of the madness, is not the same as promoting it.
    There is public interest in beheadings and the madness behind it. wu's theory is the beheading should be broadcast, to foster greater understanding of the Mohammedan children that kill.

    Ilsam, where are the killings?

    Is that a serious question?
    Look to the Intafada in Palistine, the scurge in Darfur, the battles in Somalia, the killing in Kashmere, the Twin Towers of NYC, just to start. A culture of violence built into the madrassas of Pakistan and the KSA.

    Or continue chanting the Religion of Peace mantra, wu. It certainly suits you.
    To be detached from reality.

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  18. BAGHDAD (Associated Press) -- A wall U.S. troops are building around a Sunni enclave in Baghdad came under increasing criticism on Saturday, with residents calling it "collective punishment" and a local leader saying construction began without the neighborhood council's approval.

    The U.S. military says the wall in Baghdad is meant to secure the minority Sunni community of Azamiyah, which "has been trapped in a spiral of sectarian violence and retaliation." The area, located on the eastern side of the Tigris River, would be completely gated, with entrances and exits manned by Iraqi soldiers, the U.S. military said earlier this week.

    But some residents of the neighborhood, which is surrounded by Shiite areas, complained that they had not been consulted in advance about the barrier.

    "This will make the whole district a prison. This is collective punishment on the residents of Azamiyah," said Ahmed al-Dulaimi, a 41-year-old engineer who lives in the area. "They are going to punish all of us because of a few terrorists here and there."

    "We are in our fourth year of occupation and we are seeing the number of blast walls increasing day after day, suffocating the people more and more," al-Dulaimi said in an interview.
    "This is good if it is temporary, to help the area with security problems. But if this wall stays for the long term, it will be a catastrophe for the residents and will restrict our movements," said Ibrahim, an Azamiyah resident who works at the Interior Ministry.
    Community leaders said Saturday that construction began before they had approved an American proposal for the wall.

    "A few days ago, we met with the U.S. army unit in charge of Azamiyah and it asked us, as a local council, to sign a document to build a wall to reduce killing and attacks against Iraqi and U.S. forces," said Dawood al-Azami, the acting head of the Azamiyah council.

    "I told the soldiers that I would not sign it unless I could talk to residents first. We told residents at Friday prayers, but our local council hasn't signed onto the project yet, and construction is already under way."

    Now this is the description of the "Wall", certainly does not sound like it is "temporary", no not at all:

    ... Eventually, the military said, the wall will be three miles long and include sections as tall as 12 feet. ...

  19. "Let that sink in for a moment.

    The foe we face in radical Islam is, though not a nation state, every bit as much an existential threat to us and Western Civilization as Nazi Germany. We are one dirty bomb on Wall Street away from a recession or possibly even a depression. We are one nuclear explosion in a port city away from much, much worse. As Give 'Em Hell Harry's predecessor, FDR told the nation on December 9, 1941 -

    "the United States can accept no result save victory, final and complete," against such an existential foe, else we would be living in a world without "security for any nation-or any individual . . ."
    Give 'Em Surrender Harry apparently missed that speech on American values and resolve.

    Part of an American Thinker piece

    American Surrender

  20. To date, our soldiers lost in Iraq number 3,315. Each is a tragedy, and as a former soldier and the father of soldiers, I deeply appreciate and grieve for each one. I am in no way belittling their loss when I point out, for the benefit of Give 'Em Surrender Harry, that 3,315 killed in Iraq is 3% of the losses we sustained in WWI to defeat German aggression; it is 1% of what we sustained defeating the Nazis in WWII; it is 6% of what we sustained in destroying the North Korean Army and driving back the Chinese hordes in the Korean Conflict; and, it is 6% of what we sustained in Vietnam before we pulled out.

    Good article Aquarium, thanks.

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  22. Yep, the jihadi did not even need a Tet Offensive.

    One reason is that Islam is not the enemy. Not even radical Islam, because the Islam promoted and financed by the Saudi king is as "radical" as it comes. Yet the King and his nephew, Prince Bandar are the preimer US allies in the Middle East.

    Proof that Islam is not the enemy is supplied by the President of the United States.

    "Some of the comments that have been uttered about Islam do not reflect the sentiments of my government or the sentiments of most Americans. Islam, as practiced by the vast majority of people, is a peaceful religion, a religion that respects others. Ours is a country based upon tolerance and we welcome people of all faiths in America."

    The President denies that Islam is an existential threat to the United States. The only Islamic country with nuclear capacity is Pakistan, another premier US ally.

    Until the President leads the Government of the US to recongnizing the threat and articulates that threat to the US public, Mr Reid and his minions will hold the deal.

  23. The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq not part of a "Global War, nor even struggle.
    No, according to the Supremes, each is a "local civil war" to be dealt with according to Article 3 of the Geneva Accords, which refers only to "civil wars".

    The Congress and the Executive passed and signed, subsequent to the Hamdan Decision, legislation that affirmed that decision.

    Local civil wars are not considered an existential threat to the United States.

  24. Desert Rat,

    Had you been around during the Revolutionary War or the US Civil War this country would not exist.

    You purposefully mislead by reciting this Presidential remark or that international treaty, knowing full well that in times of high danger and delicate diplomacy things are said that are not meant. You are also aware that treaties are disregarded the moment they rub up against a nations self interest, especially self preservation. Your cynical, oleaginous approach does not gain you the moral high ground but unmasks a deeply troubled unctuous agitprop dispenser.

    Take this example of your knowing misrepresentation of the realpolitic verses your mischaracterization of it.

    Local civil wars are not considered an existential threat to the United States.

    You know full well what the control of Iraq means to the free world, yet you present this tripe as proof that the US and the free world are not in danger. Pitiful, truly pitiful.

  25. "If the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki does manage to achieve the political milestones demanded by Washington, then the U.S. military probably will be told to sustain the troop buildup much longer than originally foreseen possibly well into 2008. Thus the early planning for keeping it up beyond late summer."

    "...the U.S. military probably will be told..." The U.S. military will be told, regardless.

    "well into 2008." You betcha.

    If Maliki does NOT manage to pull a rabbit out of his ass (and they never expected him to) we will have the same old reason for keeping on keeping on that we've had for the past few years. Namely, that a shit sandwich is better than no sandwich at all. Especially if you've made it yourself.

    I think McCain's planning on running on that one.

  26. You seem to be taking habu's position that my quoting of Mr Buush, Mr Gates, or even General P represents my positions.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. The Government of the US speaks through those that fill the positions of authority and responsibility. None of them is me.

    It is well known that the policies of the US are variable.
    Where once the building of over 20 nuclear power plants and the possession of "the complete fuel cycle", in and by Iran was once supported by Mr Cheney, it no longer is.

    Things change, in Iraq and Iran.

    What you mean to say, aquaman, is that if George Bush were the CiC during the Revolution, rather than George Washington, the United States would not be.

    Let us be clear on who has the authority and responsibility & where the buck stops. It is not here, at my house, but at the White House.

  27. Desert Rat would have either surrendered after Pearl Harbor,and most certainly would have waved the white flag after the Kasserine Pass fiasco.
    Market Garden, if he could have held on that long, would have been proof enough for him that the Allies could not win.

    That all assumes that he would not have joined the ranks of U. S. Representative Jeanette Rankin ind voting against war with Japan AFTER Pearl Harbor was attacked.

  28. BAGHDAD (Associated Press) -- The chairman of Fallujah's city council, an outspoken critic of al-Qaida who took the job in the former Sunni insurgent stronghold after his three predecessors were assassinated, was killed in a drive-by shooting on Saturday, police said.

    The assassination of Sami Abdul-Amir came as insurgents target Sunnis willing to cooperate with the U.S. and its Iraqi partners, particularly in Anbar, the volatile province that includes Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad.

    Police said the 65-year-old sheik was shot to death by attackers in a passing car as he was walking outside his home. His predecessor, Abbas Ali Hussein, was shot to death on Feb. 2. Both men were critics of al-Qaida in Iraq, which is battling a growing number of Sunni tribes that have turned against it in a violent struggle for control of Anbar _ a center for anti-U.S. guerrillas since the uprising in Fallujah in 2004 that galvanized the insurgency.

    U.S. officials say tribal leaders and even some other insurgents are increasingly repelled by the group's brutality and religious extremism. The tribes also are competing with al-Qaida for influence and control over diminishing territory in the face of U.S. assaults.

    Abdul-Amir was the only nominee to lead the 22-member council because the other potential candidates were afraid to take over the post, according to others on the panel.

    Some residents, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of security concerns, said they had warned Abdul-Amir not to take the job because of the dangers involved.

    Gunmen also broke into the home of Najim Abdullah Suod, the city council chief who preceded Hussein, killing him and his 23-year-old son on Sept. 24, 2006, while Sheik Kamal Nazal was gunned down as he walked to work on Feb. 7, 2006.

    In another attack on a top city official on Saturday, a roadside bomb killed the mayor of Musayyib, about 40 miles south of Baghdad, and one of his bodyguards, police said.

  29. Are you calling my president a dissembler, aquarium? Are you saying that he is not a man to be taken at his word?

  30. Again, someone projects the positions of Mr Bush and his Generals, the Senate, the House and the Supreme Courts' decisions and all their failures, upon me.

    As if Kazzerine Pass or Market Garden had occured after FIVE YEARS of US engagement in an existential war

    How pitiful, how truly pitiful.

  31. When the reality, the war would be over, in five years, if it was considered, by the Government, to be an existential war.

  32. Desert Rat,

    In predictible fashion you have marshalled your oleaginous best in doing just what I pointed out.

    Knowing full well that one can not eat an entire cow at one sitting,similarly diplomacy and warfare require a nation to manage events as they develop. You have been well known to have pulled presidential quotes from prior to 9-11-01 to make some anti administration point.
    You relish in being purposefully obtuse about diplomacy by citing things such as Local civil wars are not considered an existential threat to the United States. when you know full well that statements are made to manage events in your nations favor.

    You could choose to criticise Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but you much prefer to attack the US position. You could choose Assad of Syria or any number of other leaders of Muslim governments but you focus on the United States' management of events.

    I am sure that if the United States bombs Iranian nuclear facilities you'll be all over this blog with quote after quote about how the administration said we had no plans to do such a thing. You'll be Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi calling for impeachment for a Presidential coverup of war plans to attack someone we're not at war with.
    You are one piece of propaganda. Deceptive and misleading...

    I know your reply..a mincing "But I'm only repeating what they say"

    Well as Churchill said, "In wars the truth is always guraded by a convoy of lies" .... and thus it must be unless you just want to go ahead and invite the Iranians,Syrians,Russians, and Chinese into the National Security briefings.

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Good grief, it's not unpatriotic for a man(and his son too) who has earned the right, to point out the failings of the administration. That doesn't mean that he's on some other side for goodness sake. I've learned a lot from Rat.

  35. If the Administration does bomb Iran, then we'll how they do at bombing Iran, habu.

    But until they do bomb Iran, they have not.
    So to debate what you think I'll say after they do is disingenuous, at best.

    Let's stick to what has happened and is happening, not flights of fantasy.

  36. Trish,

    That's like asking,

    "Trish are you still ugly and a trash mouth?"

    The old lawyers question, "Have you quite beating your wife?"

  37. "You purposefully mislead by reciting this Presidential remark or that international treaty, knowing full well that in times of high danger and delicate diplomacy things are said that are not meant."

    Now I don't know who to believe: The president or aquarium. Though aquarium hasn't indicated what the president might mean that he did not say, he did assert that things are being said that are not meant.

  38. Aquarium,

    Desert Rat is everything you say he is. I've lurked for years and this guy is a real used car salesman. You might as well save yourself the trouble. He's a jerk. There's a very small circle at this site. It use to be good but they've all left.
    Now it's Doug 25x a day, Desert Rat 17x a day, 2164 10x a day. You could fit them all in a VW bug.

  39. Pick and choose the winks and nods that you approve of, trish, project your beliefs on the President and then claim the patriot highground. Especially over those so foolish to believe what Mr Bush and his team member say and do.

    aquaman does, he and the rest of the Marvel Superheros, bending reality with fantasy.

    Aqua believes that Bush lied and Arabs died, so it's all good.

  40. Aquarium,

    I think you're wasting your time at this site.
    I know I did.
    It's all anti American bull shit.

  41. Mr Bush, Mr Cheney, Mr Gates, all unAmerican.

    Reach for the EB is up 350% over the past 90 days.

    Even more impressive is traffic rank:
    One week average= 477,806.
    3 month average= 1,52695,166.
    That is up 1,226,814 in a three month change.
    84.6% of the readers are from the US.
    So the Bar is gaining adherents, even if they just lurk.

    Ain't it Grand!

  42. Call US some more names, it plays well, in Peoria.

  43. herr Wu Wei,

    There's a rigorous mathematical model and explanation, that in my opinion, answers your didactic question @ 6:57 AM quite well. My suggestion is that you google the following: Molecular_orbital_theory

    Once you understand how waveforms/particles occupy space and time, your line of questioning I'm certain would seem silly even to you.

    I'm all in favor of sending 55 visiting korean visa students back to korea in caskets. Of course, I'd make sure they'd be hermically sealed in their caskets so that no harm would come to them from any evil Americans.