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Friday, April 13, 2007

Casting the first stone.

Note: Imus did everything possible to help Harold Ford get elected to the Senate. It was sickening to hear the treacle about his beloved Harold. Harold was a no show after the Ho show.

Someone advised Imus to vist Al Sharpton. Are you kidding me? The fox went into the hen house, and the hen ate the fox. Buchanan gets it right.

The Imus lynch party
Posted: April 13, 2007 World Net Daily
1:00 a.m. Eastern

In the end, it was not about Imus. It was about us.

Are we really a better country because, after he was publicly whipped for 10 days as the worst kind of racist, with whom no decent person could associate, he was thrown off the air?

Cards on the table.

This writer works for MSNBC, has been on the Imus show scores of times, watches Imus every morning, and likes the show, the music and the guys: the I-Man, Bernie, Charles and Tom Bowman.

And Imus is among the best interviewers in our business. Not only does he read and follow the news closely, he listens and probes as well as any interviewer in America. Because he is a comic, people mistake how good a questioner he is.

Is "Imus in the Morning" outrageous? Over the top at times? Are things said every week, if not every day, where you say, "He's going too far"? Yeah. But outrageousness is part of the show, whether the skits are of "Teddy Kennedy," "Reverend Falwell," "Mayor Nagin" or "The Cardinal."

And when Imus called the Rutgers women's basketball team "tattooed ... nappy-headed hos," he went over the top. The women deserved an apology. There was no cause, no call to use those terms. As Ann Coulter said, they were not fair game.

But Imus did apologize, again and again and again.

And lest we forget, these are athletes in their prime, the same age as young women in Iraq. They are not 5-year-old girls, and they are capable of brushing off an ignorant comment by a talk-show host who does not know them, or anything about them.

Who, after all, believed the slur was true? No one.

Compare, if you will, what was done to them – a single nasty insult – to the savage slanders for weeks on end of the Duke lacrosse team and the three players accused by a lying stripper of having gang-raped her at a frat party.

Duke faculty and talking heads took that occasion to vent their venom toward all white "jocks" on college campuses. Where are the demands for apologies from the talk-show hosts, guests, Duke faculty members and smear artists, all of whom bought into the lies about those Duke kids – because the lies comported with their hateful view of America?

And hate is what this is all about.

While the remarks of Imus and Bernie about the Rutgers women were indefensible, they were more unthinking and stupid than vicious and malicious. But malice is the right word to describe the howls for their show to be canceled and them to be driven from the airwaves – by phonies who endlessly prattle about the First Amendment.

The hypocrisy here was too thick to cut with a chainsaw.

What was the term the I-Man used? It was "hos," slang for whores, a term employed ad infinitum et ad nauseam by rap and hip-hop "artists." It is a term out of the African-American community. Yet, if any of a hundred rap singers has lost his contract or been driven from the airwaves for using it, maybe someone can tell me about it.

If the word "hos" is a filthy insult to decent black women, and it is, why are hip-hop artists and rap singers who use it incessantly not pariahs in the black community? Why would black politicians hobnob with them? Why are there no boycotts of the advertisers of the radio stations that play their degrading music?

Answer: The issue here is not the word Imus used. The issue is who Imus is – a white man, who used a term about black women only black folks are permitted to use with impunity and immunity.

Whatever Imus' sins, no one deserves to have Al Sharpton – hero of the Tawana Brawley hoax, resolute defender of the fake rape charge against half a dozen innocent guys, which ruined lives – sit in moral judgment upon them.

"It is our feeling that this is only the beginning. We must have a broad discussion on what is permitted and not permitted in terms of the airwaves," says Sharpton. It says something about America that someone with Al's track record can claim the role of national censor.

Who is next? And why do we take it?

I did a bad thing, but I am not a bad person, says Imus. Indeed, whoever used his microphone to do more good for more people – be they the cancer kids of Imus Ranch, the families of Iraq war dead now more justly compensated because of the I-Man or the cause of a cure for autism?

"We know of no spectacle so ridiculous as the British public in one of its periodic fits of morality," said Lord Macaulay. Unfortunately, Macaulay never saw the likes of the Revs. Sharpton and Jackson.

Imus threw himself on the mercy of the court of elite opinion – and that court, pandering to the mob, lynched him. Yet, for all his sins, he was a better man than the lot of them rejoicing at the foot of the cottonwood tree.


  1. Hello, my name is Gag, and it has been 3 days since I have said something derogatory about someone else...

  2. Well don't hold back...The elephant has a thick hide.

  3. It is a sad state of affairs, when it pays to be rude.

  4. yes, Deuce, but apparently no one else does.

    If you are black or gay, no one can publicly say anything derogatory about you, or you go to rehab. You do not pass go, you do not collect money. Everyone else gets a pass.

    If you are black or gay you can say anything you want about anybody else including your own, and you get a pass.

    Please notice, I did not use the term "you people" in this missive at any time.

  5. Lordy, lordy, Free Speech hunh? Do you have a right to a nationally syndicated show on CBS? ummm NO. Does CBS have the right to hire and fire as they chose in all their monetarily inspired wisdom ummmm, YES. Fox is free to hire Imus and give him a national platform if they like, but it is hardly Imus's right to that platform.

    I think many here will appreciate this bit of comedy on the Progress in Iraq from last nights Daily Show:

    Progress in Iraq

  6. Its worth noting these rules only apply in the bizarro world of entertainment, specifically television etc. Their business models thrive off this stuff. Then again, perhaps so do bloggers - but my gut wonders if sites that have "imus posts" have a drop in traffic compared to others that produce "non-imus post" content.

    In the real world, for instance, the workplace, rules of civility etc are embodied in the actual culture and such regulators and clerics as we've seen in the Imus affair are not only unnecessary but hilarious.

    That is, if you act like a jerk, people will respond accordingly - be it through beef or some form of reconciliation or whatever. But press conferences, platitudes and pulpits really don't feature heavily in my life, let alone issues I bring up face to face with vegans, gays, muslims, leftists etc. I've never needed al sharpton. Do you guys?

  7. DR...this is what you're pulling for...this article is for you and others who pull for your cut and run strategy...

    "Do we sit on the sidelines and watch a population slaughtered, or do we marshal military force and put an end to it?" -- Senator George McGovern, August 21, 1978
    The "it" McGovern wanted US troops to put an end to was the killing of millions of Cambodians in the late 1970s by the communist Pol Pot dictatorship. Three and a half years after congressional Democrats made that slaughter possible by cutting off all US aid to anti-communist forces with their so-called December, 1974 "Foreign Assistance Act", their leader McGovern had made a complete reversal and was suddenly calling for a new US war in Southeast Asia.

    New Killing Fields

    Not surprising to me that days before this article in American Thinker appeared I also nailed you as a McGovernite....real it and the Laotian?Cambodian history after McGovernites abandon South Vietnam, something you want so willingly in Iraq.

    I encourage everyone to enjoy the article. And if DR has his way the New Killing Fields can again make the headlines.

  8. An Imus Lynch party, which unfortunately, the Democratic Governor of New Jersey was unable to attend.

    CAMDEN, N.J. - In critical condition but expected to recover, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine apparently was not wearing a seatbelt when the car he was in crashed Thursday, despite a state law requiring it for front-seat passengers, a spokesman said Friday.

    The SUV Corzine was in crashed into a guard rail while heading to a meeting between Don Imus and the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

    I do hope the Governor will let the voters of New Jersey know exactly what was the nature of the State business which he was to discharge at the lynching.

  9. As someone at The Onion said

    "Cut Imus some slack. The man is under immense pressure to be an asshole every single morning."

  10. Interesting that when habu first came amongst the blogs, he advocated mass death for Muslims.

    Now he advocates the US staying in Iraq, to save them from that very fate.

    A 180 degree turn around.

  11. DesertRat-o-crat.

    It's years down that road. Now it's about not deserting, cutting and running.

    It never pays. You look weak.

  12. You want to desert our position, just like McGovern did.

    The stakes are even higher now but you want to undermine the US effort to win. It's a pitiful position but common among anti Americans.

    I still want to bomb Tehran ,Qom, et. al. Maybe throw in Damascus, but see they're NOT for us and they want to wipe Israel off the map.

    Do you want Israel wiped off the map?

    Desert Iraq, embolden the Iranians and Syians, and they'll try to do just that. Israel of course will nuke them. That what you want?

    Desert, retreat, pusillanimity will get you all that, and that is your position ...desert Iraq.

  13. Man the sun is still up and already the bar is tense. I'm going across the street to the diner.

  14. Give it away,
    give it away
    Give it away now!

    Flip floppin' like a JFKerry

  15. Habu, he was for killing Muslims,
    before he was against it

  16. RHCP...Rat, you know your music....

  17. Let me get this straight Habu,

    You are in favor of sacrificing some of our finest young lives in order to protect the Iraqis (whom you'd also like to nuke - I'm not sure how you square the circle in your little head) because you are worried about our image, that we might look weak. I take you dress fashionably as well?

  18. I like the usage of tags in this post, Deuce

    Are hostages what citizens evolve into in a Post-Western (ht: VDH) Market State?

  19. Hostages to the status quo - to the normative universe that festers absurdly but unchallenged within unprecedented safety - to the straightjacket-ing economics that accompany those norms, that infect electoral calculations.

    Someone just disabled a bunch of keys on our electoral calculator. Now we have to create a bunch of complex commands to get even the most basic state behaviors to work.

  20. Given the hostage metaphor, who wants to be a hero?

  21. Can anyone tell me why The Secretary of State of the United States of America is commenting on the Imus firing?

    Just what the HELL IS UP with this country?

    Are we idiots?

  22. I demand that Condi comment on Nifong is she has absolutely nothing to do.

  23. Is there a chance of reconciliation in the Nifong case?

  24. Well, perhaps trish.
    But I was speaking of the Grand Struggle against those that oppose modern mores, not the Iraqi reconstruction, I think.

    The two were comingled, one becoming the other until neither existed as a seperate entity.

    Now the Grand Struggle is not a Federal expense catagory and the reconstruction effort has fallen short. Neither development what was promised on 29 January 2002.

  25. the saddest thought of all this is the fact that the same “nappy-headed ho” that caused the downfall of Mr. Imus’ career is the same “nappy-headed ho” that the black rappers are vocalizing in their kind of music. They degrade their own race by using all those cuss words and racial epithets. Do they feel it’s okay if it’s them saying all those nasty words?? And then it won’t be okay if people other than them follow them? aaaahhhh, the saga never ends. Sharpton & Jackson are just waiting for the next high profile person to make a slip up and say some racist remarks, enough to screw up their life and career and then that will be the next feast for them. They’ll take every chance they can get to advance whatever agenda they have. I'm so confused at what these 2 black leaders stand for! They swing at different issues most of the time. I don't see any credibility in them, either! Their moral fiber is very questionable to me! they're the most hypocrite of all, i wonder how did they even get to be called "reverends"! beats me!!!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Mr Cheney NOW compares Iraq to Vietnam.
    It all the Congress's fault.

    "I think for us to get American personnel involved in a civil war inside Iraq would literally be a quagmire," this savvy fellow cautioned. "Once we got to Baghdad, what would we do? Who would we put in power? What kind of government would we have? Would it be a Sunni government, a Shi'a government, a Kurdish government? Would it be secular, along the lines of the Ba'ath Party? Would it be fundamentalist Islamic?"

    "I do not think," this sage concluded, "that the United States wants to have U.S. military forces accept casualties and accept the responsibility for trying to govern Iraq."

    That was Mr Cheney in 1991, when he was Sec of Def.

    Today he says

    "When the United States turns away from our friends, only tragedy can follow, and the lives and hopes of millions are lost forever," Cheney said.

    Which the Iraqi Shia who stood up to Saddam, in 1991, can certainly attest to.

  28. Bobal, Condi says Sanjaya has the full backing of the State Dept, now that Haley Scarnato has been Voted Off 'American Idol,' an act which she says constitutes a crime on the scale of the Armenian Genocide.

  29. ...but she hastened to add, neither of those acts, nor the bombing of Pearl Harbor reached the level of an
    "Act of War."

  30. "Nothing is constant but change"

    The Bombing scenario was before Iraq's free elections and soveriegn status. To accomplish winning, to gain victory without troops in the streets. Now they need our security blanket.

    I'd still bomb, as stated many times,Tehran,Damascus & a few others just to remove the threat.

    I realize the intricacies of power and international relations are difficult for some to grasp. One key thing to remember is that things change.
    You can take a young girl and have her turn into a trash mouth fishwife and you can take a wannabe lone ranger and in a minute have a coward..a cut and runner, a deserter of allies and friends. Like the original article pointed out about Geo. McGovern,B-24 pilot one day and ComSymp the next. McGovernites are known cowards, traitors, and leftests, like Desert Rat.

    Aren't you proud of your leftest views DR? Ones that would lead to another PolPot Cambodia in the ME if we left? ...sure you are comrade DR.

  31. Saliva dripping from warm microphones, Doug, and Condi's gotta comment.

  32. I've never advocated leaving, enmass.
    I've advocated changing the level and style of participation.

    I asked you to describe your proposed "way forward", you demurred from answering, as is your wont.

    Again you refuse to answer questions and resort to name calling and labels.
    Per norm.
    Funnier each time.

  33. I knew you had a good sense of humor...good boy.

    It ain't name call'n if it's the truth.

    Now you're trying to moonwalk away from being a cynical anti-American who wants us out of Iraq and just let whatever go down ... it didn't work in Vietnam very well but you were too young to remember Vietnam.

    I think you did allude once to the Grenada kerfuffle. Not quite Vietnam.

  34. Habu pulls the age card.
    Mandatory apology session w/
    Baa Baa Waa Waa to follow.

  35. Lookin' back on yesterday, while tomorrow smacks ya in the head.

    You are right about one thing, the war I was involved in, the US won.

    Unlike the war you claim.