“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

British Rules of Engagement.


  1. wonderful..

    sad thing is the next part of the movie then "natives" send 20,000 and the brit run out of ammo...

  2. Laura Bush takes a tour lead by Adnan Husseini inside the Muslim holy shrine the Dome of the Rock in the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, May 22, 2005. White House photo by Krisanne Johnson

  3. Rune said...
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel (right) has just finished a tour of the Middle East, including visits to Lebanon, Israel and the Palestenian areas. She didn't see any need to don the misogynetic dressings.

    On the other hand we have the Swedish new Social Democrat Mona Sahlin. She's also putting on Islamic scarfs left and right:

    I wonder why it is that liberal women are always so eager to adopt the various symbols of male chauvinism, while those women to the right know to stand up for their rights as women.

  4. Elmondohummus said...
    Nobody seems to have raised this issue: America is routinely castigated for dealing with repressive dictatorships. often, it is the political left which levels these charges.

    Isn't the Syrian government exactly the sort of regime the US gets castigated for dealing with? And if that's the case, will Pelosi be castigated by the political left for dealing with the repressive, brutal oligarcy that is the Syrian government? Or will she get a pass, because she's upstaging Bush?

    4/04/2007 07:15:00 AM
    Mastodon said...
    That question about give Pelosi a pass for dealing with a repressive regime *was* rhetorical, was it not?

  5. fred said...

    Thank you for pointing the ignorance you imagine I must indulge in with respect to pre-Vatican II custom and practice. I was born in 1955, so I know about the changes that began with Vatican Council II. You forget I was also a seminarian during the eighties.

    We owe no respect for Dhimma and Shari'a, so Speaker Pelosi's symbolic gesture expresses the triumph of Islam over a fawning, submitting Western politician.

    Your Bush Derangement Syndrome has blinded you from applying reason: the current junket to the ME exhibits considerably more than a "fact finding" mission. Some of the things that peterboston pointed out above express ideas that entered my mind when I first found out about this trip. Nevertheless, your objections to my disapproval do not obliterate the separation of powers. Diplomacy is not properly the role of an adversarial Congress. Were it so, we would have a truly divided government by writ if not by impulse.

  6. This William Tucker piece in the American Spectator quotes kipling's "white man's burden" as a reason for getting out of Iraq.

    Come to think of it this is really something for Wretchard. I'll post it at Belmont as well.

  7. New Religious Movements (NRMs) are peculiar social phenomena. It is very easy to become confused when trying to attribute that phenomenon to one or another field of science: sociology, history, theology or political science.


    Hizb ut-Tahrir was founded in Jerusalem in 1953 by Taqi ud-Din an-Nabahani9. His ideas spread throughout the Arab countries of the Middle East, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, and Lebanon, as well as Central Asia, Russia and the European states, including the United Kingdom and Germany.


    Hizb ut-Tahrir’s primary goal remains the establishment of pan-Islamic world dominance (Khilafah), based on Islamic law (Sharia). Members of the Party believe that the last Islamic caliphate was the Ottoman Empire, which was abolished by Kemal Ataturk in 1924.

    Religious Movement

  8. More VCs were awarded at Rorke's Drift than anyother single battle. Most were misfits, engineers, and stores clerks. The two commanding officers had never commanded line troops.

  9. What the movie did not convey was the incredibly destructive capacity of the British ammunition. Decapitations and amputations were commonplace. That the Zulu continued to advance in the face of such horrific carnage is amazing to the modern mind.

  10. bob-l

    Some have chosen to characterize my dislike for Islam as a license to shoot up Mosques here in the States etc.
    Not my intention nor advice.
    Do I believe that many at the EB have turned anti-war which just encourages our enemies, absolutely.

    I would encourage every American at this point in time to be armed, and be ready for panic,looting, and rioting (from our own criminally inclined citizens) and to stay at home with enough water and provisions for a couple of weeks minimum.
    I do not believe the Islams will stop trying for another "BIG" attack, probably a dirty bomb in NYC or DC, but that will cause chaos in this country that will make the Rodney King LA riots look like childs play.
    One could gin up thousands of senarios but most ALL terror experts do believe there will be another attack.
    At that point it is my personal opinion that there are not enough National Guardsmen,police, or other agencies to contain the violence we will see in this country. You will be your defense and your families defense.
    It is also my opinion that the mosques in this country will come under fire and that muslims will be killed in the thousands.
    I do not belong to any groups but if you visit the Justice Department site or the Southern Poverty Law Center (long regarded as an identifier of radical hate groups that are usually good old boys) then you will quickly see that they are the ones who will be taking revenge.
    I know the county sheriff here and the town police chief. They have unofficial lists of people they can count on to augment their forces. I am on their list. I'll be sitting by the telephone.

    It's just a helluva position we're all in now,knowing fatwahs have been issued to kill Americans anywhere at any time. We have been under attack for almost thirty years, just remain vigilant, report things that look suspicious, and be perpared to stand your own patch of earth. That's about all I know to do.
    But I can read blogs and I know their's a gathering storm, and wishing it away will not work.
    Islam has made perfectly clear their intentions, and those intentions demand capitulation or the use of force to defend ourselves. I chose to defend myself and my turf.

  11. bobalharb: God Bless Thinking Women!

    And it's a pity that there are any other kinds.

  12. The Rufus link brings up an interesting point. It is a similar strategy to what Guiliani did in New York. He used a zero tolerance for crimes large and petty, and as he cleaned up areas, the local populce saw the improvement and became part ot the civic community instead of living in the shadows.

  13. "I'm too scared to go home," said Winnie Tava, 32, whose house was nearly destroyed by the tremor. She and her husband grabbed their three small children and a few belongings and headed for higher ground, where they were joined by about 40 other families.

    The family sleeps on a plastic sheet under a tarpaulin stretched between two wooden poles. They have a single aluminum pot for cooking rice, and a kerosene lantern.

    "When there's no more kerosene, no more light," she said.

    Risk of Disease


    This test only has one question, but it is a very important one. By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally. The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you will have to make a decision. Remember, your answer needs to be honest, yet spontaneous

    Please read down slowly and give due consideration to each line


    You are in Florida, Miami to be specific. There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe flooding. This is a flood of Biblical proportions. You are a photojournalist working for a major newspaper, and you're caught in the middle of this epic! disaster. The situation is nearly hopeless.

    You're trying to shoot career-making photos. There are houses and people swirling around you, some disappearing under the water. Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury.


    Suddenly you see a woman in the water. She is fighting for her life, trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer. Somehow the woman looks familiar. You suddenly realize who it is. It's Hillary Clinton!

    At the same time you notice that the raging waters are about to take her under forever. You have two options: You can save the life of Hillary Clinton or you can shoot a dramatic Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one of the world's most powerful women.


    Here's the question, and please give an honest answer.

    Would you select high contrast color film, or would you go with the classic simplicity of black and white?

  15. One day, Ol' Habu will come to the door of his crib, thinkin another day of shaded' porch sittin' awaits his ass, but juss when he be about to turn the knob on that mofuckin do' he gon' hear some crazy scratchin an shit like somebody done run a weedwacker up against the mofuckin do' or somethin. He gon' be like wtf and get his 9 and open it. BUt they aint gone be nothin like no crazy man with no weedwacker, just a nation of cats, meowing, howlin and screeching, eager to turn any man's property into a liter box or scratching post. And when they rush into his property, their noise will dwarf the cries of Ol Man Habu, whod be drownin in a cot damn see of kitty cats, flailin as he may, taking a few of the furry bastards with him, he'd himself know that he was overwhelmed and done for.

    And Desert Rat would juss be chillin in his ride in AZ, rockin his khakis with a cuff and a crease, bouncin his way to Bridle and Bit in his drop down CXR, a sophisticated fella fo sho.

  16. The military part of the "surge" is the easy part, though, rufus.
    The part we all had faith could be accomplished.

    It is, as Mr Bush said, just an attempt to give the Iraqi breathing room, to then reconcile their political differences.

    That is not happening, or so every report I've read to date indicates. Even the report by Barry R. McCaffrey, General USA (Ret, Adjunct Professor of International Affairs, USMA, West Point, NY. while presenting the opportunity:

    6th: Reconciliation of the internal warring elements in Iraq will be how we eventually win the war in Iraq---if it happens.
    There is a very sophisticated and carefully integrated approach by the Iraqi government and Coalition actors to defuse the armed violence from internal enemies and bring people into the political process. There are encouraging signs that the peace and participation message does resonate with many of the more moderate Sunni and Shia warring factions. Of course, there is no intent to negotiate with either the extreme Bathist elements or the Al Qaeda in Iraq terrorists. The UK three star Deputy MNF-I Commander – (LTG Graeme Lamb) has done a superb job with this process. ...
    ...The insurgency will continue in some form for a decade. This suggests the fundamental dilemma facing US policymakers.
    The US Armed Forces cannot sustain the current deployment rate. We will leave the nation at risk to other threats from new hostile actors if we shatter the capabilities of our undersized and under-resourced Army, Marine, and special operations forces. The Secretary of Defense and the Joint Chiefs must get Congress to provide emergency levels of resources, manpower, and energy into this rapidly failing system. If we do not aggressively rebuild ---the capability of the force actually deployed in Iraq will also degrade--- and we are likely to encounter a disaster.
    The primary war winning strategy for the United States in the coming 12 months must be for Ambassador Ryan and General Petraeus to focus their considerable personal leadership skills on getting the top 100 Shia and Sunni leaders to walk back from the edge of all-out civil war. Reconciliation is the way out. There will be no imposed military solution with the current non-sustainable US force levels. Military power cannot alone defeat an insurgency—the political and economic struggle for power is the actual field of battle.

    So hold out hope that the Ambassador and General P can get the political work done. General Barry R. McCaffrey does, but then he thinks:

    Iraq is ripped by a low grade civil war which has worsened to catastrophic levels ...

  17. And Teresita will turn off the TV thats blarin all the apocalyptic armageddon stuff and turn off her computer. She'd don some badass Xena regalia and take her broadsword to the fuse box and juss say "fuck it all. game on." and like that she'd dare death.

    And what happens to her? Hell if I know. Death's a strange thing and if she be spared then she be walkin this earth like some fearsome force with a death wish unfulfilled, nihilism and bloodlust swinging swords and daggers through all kinds of post-Western carnage.

    In her last moments, after weeks of fending off cannibals and militia, her and buddy larsen, back to back, would exchange a few words, secret and known only to the doomed, and lunge at the nemeses aligned against them, knowing full well the consequences. Sopping in eachother's gore they'd fall next to one another, and as god finally rescued them from the bloodbath, they'd smirk to one another, and try to hold hands in the hopes that the touch would resonate before consciousness departed.

  18. You do not like the General?
    Or what he says?

    Shoot it in color, you can always go to black & white in photoshop, for the classic look. Though why you'd even be shooting with film is a question.


    (This is freakin hilarious! Voight-Kampff testing for San Francisco mayoral candidates to check if they're human).

  20. Doug,

    The shades, head scarf, etc., could it be for security reasons?

  21. It seems, rufus, you miss the point.
    habu has said that if one refers to Iraq as a civil war, it classifies the individual as a Fondaista leftist.

    He has made reference ot the VENONA files:
    Wed, 24 Sep 2003 13:47:20 -0400
    The opening of the KGB archives and the release of the VENONA intercepts (decoded Soviet KGB and GRU traffic) proved that in the 1950's Senator Joseph McCarthy was absolutely right about the extensive Soviet penetration of the U.S. government in all the most sensitive sections and its danger to America. According to the KGB archives, the NKVD had 221 agents in the Roosevelt administration in April 1941 and the Soviet military GRU probably had a like number. He was proved right that the Communist Party, U.S.A., was an arm of the Soviet intelligence apparatus and the Soviet Union considered the U.S. as their "main enemy".

    as Ms Coulter reference in her book, Treason.

    If Mr McCarthy could be correct, even in his lack of specific knowledge or proof, so to could be habu, correct.

    The teaching faculty at West Point could be full of Fondaista Leftists. I certainly do not know, I have never been to West Point and only interacted with one graduate, who was a fine fellow.

    That the military could be infiltrated by leftists, not to difficult to believe, look to the RoEs employeed in Haditha as campared to Fallujah a year prior.

  22. I'm with Bob. It's obvious what's underneath that pointy hat.

  23. AspergersGentleman,

    Who in their right mind would use a 9?

    1911A1 ...our military has relized it's mistake with the 9 and is correcting it. 1911A1 a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    cats? I have three. They are highly trained in paw to paw combat.

    And DR..I easily see him as a man of grace and style, we just disagree on some issues and no doubt neither one of us would take our eye off the other. Someone at our six.

  24. Even Habu could be infiltrated by leftists.

    They'd descend upon his house with pamphlets about Sudan and ounces of mushrooms and trip and scrounge about his house until the utilities were shut off and then they'd start pawning everything, from the drywall to the wax ring beneath the toilet. With leftists, everything is fungible if you find a pawnshop or a hobo.

  25. Of the 83 persons pleading the fifth ammendment, several have been identified by NSA and FBI as agents of the Soviet Union in the Venona project involved in espionage. These are several prominent examples:

    Mary Jane Keeney, a United Nations employee, and her husband Philip Keeney, who worked in the Office of Strategic Services;
    Lauchlin Currie, a special assistant to President Roosevelt;
    Virginius Frank Coe [14], Director of Division of Monetary Research, U.S. Treasury; Technical Secretary at the Bretton Woods Conference; International Monetary Fund
    William Ludwig Ullman [15], delegate to the United Nations Charter Conference and Bretton Woods Conference;
    Nathan Gregory Silvermaster [16], Chief Planning Technician, Procurement Division, United States Department of the Treasury and head of the Silvermaster network of spies;
    Harold Glasser, U.S. Treasury Representative to the Allied High Commission in Italy;
    Four staff members of the LaFollette Civil Liberties Committee, a Senate subcommittee on labor rights.
    Allan Rosenberg, Chief of the Economic Institution Staff, Foreign Economic Administration; Counsel to the National Labor Relations Board;
    Solomon Adler, U.S. Treasury Dept., went to China and joined government of Mao Zedong;
    Leonard Mins, [17] Russian Section of the Research and Analysis Division of the Office of Strategic Services.
    Cedric Belfrage [18], British Security Coordination; founder the National Guardian.
    Venona transcripts confirm the Senate Civil Liberties Subcommittee, chaired by former Senator Robert LaFollette, Jr., whom McCarthy defeated for election in 1946, had at least four staff members working on behalf of the KGB. Chief Councel of the Committee John Abt; Charles Kramer, who served on three other Congressional Committees; Allen Rosenberg, who also served on the National Labor Relations Board, Board of Economic Warfare (BEW), the Foreign Economic Administration (FEA) and later argued cases before the United States Supreme Court; and Charles Flato, who served on the BEW and FEA, all were CPUSA members and associated with the Comintern.

    While the underlying premise of Communists in the government was true, many of McCarthy's targets were not complicit in espionage. Recent scholarship has established of 159 persons investigated between 1950 and 1952, there is substantial evidence nine had assisted Soviet espionage using evidence from Venona or other sources. Of the remainder, while not being directly complicit in espionage, many were considered security risks.[19]

  26. "They have their own noodles. And good ones, too. "
    But do they play with them as much as men do?

  27. Deuce,

    How bout transporting that conehead back where it came from?

  28. Question is, if Habu and DR were at Lobster Fest at Red Lobster, who would pay? Would they go dutch? Would Habu take the tab to say "sorry about mocking your sons service man" or would DR pay the bill to show he's the consumate quaker to habu's agitated papist, never too addled that he wouldnt begrudge a man his shrimp scampi and cajun lobster tails?

  29. good thread gents!! and a wink to the T

  30. I tell you what about noodles:

    Ya'll know Reocon and C4 have been messaging outside of these comment threads.

    "Hey, I really like your comments, Reo. Your Metal Gear Solid icon is pretty sweet too. Make's me wonder if you are an outdoorsman ;D"

    "LOL, Hey Cedarford. I live next to some jews and they take their garbage out the night before pick up, resulting in the racoons having all night access. My yard is strewn with the leftovers. I don't get it. Is it mandated in the Haboob or whatever that they have to dispose of garbage after sun down? I put my shit out in the morning and never worry about a god damned thing. I wouldn't put it past their Zionist backers that its a psy op. Pretty sophisticated huh?"

    "You aren't kidding, Reo. You look pretty cool in that bandolier. What workouts do you do to get biceps like that? I feel like I'm stuck :("

    "Give me a call, C4 and I maybe we can workout together. I know some great techniques"

  31. Death's a strange thing.....???

    It is?
    I know it's a commonplace daily event all over the world.
    Beyond that?

    Tell me, how do you KNOW it is strange?

    I believe we've pretty much identified "strange" in association with Asperdingle.
    In fact very strange wouldn't be a stretch.

  32. Color:
    Can always convert to black and white in photoshop, or print.

  33. Are you suggesting you have a better scene in mind for the Buddy-Larsen and-Teresita-in-a-Hardboiled hospital-shootout-bullet-ballet?

  34. Oh shoot, Habus gettin all epistemological and stuff. C4 was telling me all about the Heideggerian phenomenology of no jews. Maybe you two should share some jack daniels ribs and TGIfridays.

  35. Hey did you all see when Habu said how the .45 caliber is superior to the 9mm? Did that blow your minds?

  36. Ops, didn't see 'Rat's post:
    Great Minds, you know.

  37. Hey, Aspergus:
    Don't leave, you just reminded me of something.
    I'll be right back.

  38. Bob, i agree with you on aspergers. I tried to recruit him for a post or two, now and then, but he jealously guards his free agent status.

  39. Damn!
    Should have saved it:
    Guy described getting trepanated at home!
    ...but it's not coming up right now.
    The home site is and looks a little strange, also.

  40. DR came to his window, the sound of a dozen diesel engines having awoke him. Against the sunrise, the necks of a dozen or so woodchippers faced his property, and dump trucks had backed up beside each.

    Rubbing his eyes, uncertain what to make of the elaborate equipment, DR spied what looked like ropes snaking from the cabs of each truck, winding down and backwards towards a central point, where he could make out the portly silhouette of one man, a man who glowed like he was fresh from the Internet.

    "Well, well well, DR, I can see you're up. Our friend Rufus would be awfully ticked if he knew all the hyrdrocarbons I was about to waste here. A shame really, but I have a house in Florida AND Montana so I can say whatever I want. Heck, I'm even old."

    And with that, he yanked the ropes, and the loads in each of the trucks began tipping into the chippers. Arcs of manure looped towards DR's property, plowing through windows and piling up outside doors at a frightening pace. As the shit reached his own window, DR could hear the sadistic and mad cackle. He closed his eyes and mouth and tried to turn away, just as the glass gave way...

  41. I had in mind the Prescott bar scene, from Tombstone, where Doc and Big nose Kate are introduced to the audience.

    She wasn't wearing a bustle.
    How lewd ...

    Buddy asks the soul searching question

    "There now, Friends?" as he slips his blade into gambler Ed's gizzard.
    Ms T at the bar, her revolver stuck in the bartender's ear.
    "Touch that and I'll burn you down" as he looks with angst at the sawed off under the bar.

    Doc clears the tables of money, as he and Kate make for the door...

    ... then like Newman and Redford, Butch and Sundance, the two face off against a battalion of Federals, blasting Buddy and Ms T to symtherines,
    in a closing scene that's a cross 'tween the Wild Bunch and Bonnie & Cylde,

    With slo mo & exagerated graphics ala "300".

  42. FOUND IT!

  43. Things are never so lively at the Belmont Club. Its ivory floors seem more like linoleum now. 2164th done roped him to his m1a2 and toppled him over.

    I hear Wretchard is ditching Pjamas to have a new cooking show on the Food Network. Glenn Reynolds is going to do pocket pc reviews for CNET and popular mechanics. Cool while it lasted...

  44. When I take in much caffeine or THC, I feel flashes of heat from within my head. They happen in different parts of my head each time, always on top, but never by the hole itself. The first time it happened, when I was in a car with a friend, pulling a big bong hit, I started to feel the heat in my head and I heard a squirt sound inside my head. At first, I silently panicked (what's the past tense of panic?). I thought to myself, "Am I having a hemorrhage in the brain or something? Is the sensation about to get more intense in general? Am I OK?", but then it passed and I was fine. I still feel the heat in the head sensations now, very regularly, and sometimes now even when not smoking pot or drinking coffee. I've not heard a squirt like that again since then though.

  45. Just looked at doug's link. doug ia very scary guy.

  46. The Air Force Times is reporting the concerns of the Commandant. He has battalions preparing for redeployment with as little as five months off station. The Commandant recognizes the dangers involved in such rapidly accelerating deployments.

    Moreover, the Times is doing some back backing over its point on prediction of the smoke and mirrors deployed to give the impression of a surge. Essentially, as I reported months ago, there is insufficient manpower to meet the full maximum surge from fresh units. Instead, much of the work will be done by ordering months long extensions for some units in the field, while accelerating redeployment of units well before standards for fitting, fixing, and reequipping are met. In short, units of less than optimal strength will be redeployed earlier than usual.

    All this is happening while the DoD and Service Surgeons General are appearing before Congress disputing the administration's proposed $1 billion reduction in military healthcare expenditures. The potential causation of reductions in maintenance funds at Walter Reed are getting some attention as those may become more common if the administration gets the military medicine budget cuts it seeks.

  47. Guhdamit Deuce, then use the fsckin anti-gravity device!

  48. " Glenn Reynolds is going to do pocket pc reviews for CNET "
    Good thing.
    That poor CNET editor didn't make it after his wife humilated him into leaving the car.

  49. Question is: What is the Mrs. Reynolds doing? No doubt being lonely and looking at trepanation links

  50. Hey Mat,
    Do you have a Trepanation Burr in your office?

  51. Doug:


    Argument for the Hijab #100101334

  52. I got it from Keith Richards:
    He was bragging about it after falling out of a tree, and I didn't know what it was.
    Lucky us,
    Now we do.

  53. Poor allen, he gets here late and then tries and write something sensible.

  54. "Hey did you all see when Habu said how the .45 caliber is superior to the 9mm?
    Did that blow your minds?
    Not until after he pulled the trigger.

  55. Doug,

    I'm still trying to find an intact copy of Lara's poems!

    Yevgraf: "I told them who I was. The old man was hostile, the girl, cautious. My brother.. seemed very pleased. I think the girl was the only one who guessed at their position."
    Yuri: You're just as I imagined you. You're my political conscience.
    Yevgraf: "I asked him - hadn't he one of his own? [laughs] And so he talked about the revolution."
    Yuri: You lay life on a table and you cut out all the tumours of injustice. Marvellous.
    Yevgraf: "I told him if he felt like that he should join the party."
    Yuri: Ah, but cutting out the tumours of injustice - that's a deep operation. Someone must keep life alive while you do it. By living. Isn't that right?
    Yevgraf: "I thought then it was wrong. He told me what he thought about the party and I trembled for him. He approved of us, but for reasons which were subtle, like his verse. Approval such as his could vanish overnight. I told him so."
    Yuri: Well, of course I can't approve this evening something you may do tomorrow.
    Yevgraf: "He was walking about with a noose round his neck and didn't know. So I told him what I'd heard about his poems."
    Yuri: Not.. liked? Not liked by whom? Why not liked?
    Yevgraf: "So I told him that."
    Yuri: Do you think it's "personal, petit-bourgeoise and self-indulgent"?
    Yevgraf: Yes.

  56. Imagine the different story if two charming Saudis were in James Kim & family's position.

  57. Guy beheads and eats kids in order of birth, then finishes up on wife.

  58. But it'd all be in a sweet rolls royce. No filthy prol minivans

  59. He'd be bragging about his little sweet Rolls treats forever.

  60. is it true there is some cereal you eat on the hajj that crackles "hashamm alakeum" or whatever when you pour goats milk in it?

  61. Is Mat muslim or does he jsut say he is so he can get college chicks on undergrad literary magazines?

  62. He only does that when he's running low on Nitrous Oxide at the office.

  63. That would require a sense of humor.

  64. Eligible to use Nitrous Oxide? Why on earth would cede-a-fard need to operate with that stuff when he's got his own nauseous gas?

  65. "Give me a call, C4 and I maybe we can workout together. I know some great techniques"

  66. I tried to leave the computer, but my feet were locked on the Gravity Mat.

  67. you guys are killing me tonight.

  68. It's not your feet you should worry bout; it's the gravitational pull on coconuts towards your head!

  69. "On the other hand we have the Swedish new Social Democrat Mona Sahlin."
    Hell, w/a name like that, I couldn't care less if she was a Commie.

  70. Not having magic powers, I do headstands and get the same effect.

  71. Don't forget to flush the toilet backwards.

  72. Notice the Palms...
    I haven't been able to get away from that kind of action at the beach since we moved here.

  73. It seemed straightforward to me.

    Now we just need some funding for the Larsen/Redinger cover in a Redwood forest or something. Johnny Cash would have done it justice.

  74. If only Catherine was still around...

    I'd be afraid to crack a joke around Nahncee

  75. That song is going to haunt me now. I need to sign up for some crab fishing in the berring sea or something.

  76. red herring, is what you be fishing for. and that would be bering sea, not berring sea, conehead. to see!?

  77. I didn't know it was a she, but it ripped me a new one way back about 3 years ago.

  78. W/o Nukes, electrics would be sittin in the Garage.

  79. Has everyone here seen microsoft's beta 3d live search?
    ...wasted my day yesterday, checking out Salt Lake, San Clemente Island... etc.

  80. NIMBY's gonna get us killed.
    Beaming Up 3-D Objects on a Budget
    Low-cost laser scanners and printers to duplicate 3-D objects.

  81. You saw that Westhawk article that talked about that, Trish?
    Hard to argue with.

  82. Words no longer mean things.
    A thousand acts of kindness will pull us out of the glaring focus of a thousand points of light.

  83. His latest post is another matter entirely!

  84. Biggest war is with the English Language.

  85. You guys are bringing me down. Bring back Aspergers.

  86. We'll get transfusions out of Turnips yet.

  87. I know what you mean Sam.
    Time for a shower!

  88. I like the way he contrasted the reality of Sistani w/W's stubborn refusal to address it.

  89. Very weird having the whole country pulled along w/him.

  90. What if we all buy Civil War Offsets?
    W could have govt buy them for the illegal workforce.

  91. Around Baghdad today, there’s a notable increase in the presence of armored vehicles on the streets, — and I mean heavy armor. Humvees are usually everywhere. Stryker vehicles come second and are quite occasionally spotted. The much more serious Bradley’s and tanks are usually quite rare, but today they too are abundant particularly in Rasafa, the eastern half of the Baghdad.

    We’ve witnessed patrols of three to four Bradley vehicles rumbling through the streets; at times passing the same street more than a few times. Exactly what this increase in activity portends is always difficult to know until afterwards. The security forces do not share their motives and movements beforehand...

    Iraq the Model

  92. ashbergerhash said.

    "Hey did you all see when Habu said how the .45 caliber is superior to the 9mm?
    Did that blow your minds? "

    And not one of you putative military types even took issue with that.
    So what does one conclude?
    1. None of you know much about the 1911A and what is almost unanimous agreement in the military and civilian sectors that the 9mm is inferior to the war task

    2.The wagons have been circled, the Imperial Council has met and decided engaging the Habu is to only embarass yourself so don't do it.

    3. Whit likes to threaten sanctions on free expression and thought, but only at the Habu.

    4.A rousing game of follow the leader DR (believe me 2164 isn't the alpha male in his own domain)

    I'll stop by from time to time but the EB as a place to catch the latest news and leading edge thinking, well, it's better in it's original role as a place for one liners and a refuge from thought.

    Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future
    Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future....
    too much so to waste anymore here.
    The Habu

  93. Well, habu, after your calling the entire DoD a Fonadaesque organization, on par with ACLU, I am at a lost.

    The flip in your flops over the past six months have been astounding.
    You've compared Mr Bush to Ms Sheehan, yourself to Ms Pelosi and now the Department of Defense as well as the teaching faculty at West Point to Jane Fonda.

    After all that what is the point of discussing service pistol calibers. Foot pounds of energy at target impact vs magazine capacity?
    The DoD has decided to buy US?
    Dumping the Italian stallion, Beretta?

    Wouldn't think the leftist element at DoD would do that. There is hope.

  94. DR, I am having trouble getting your coded messages as to what I am to do next. Please advise and do not shout.

  95. You as who, boss?

    The man on the beach at Tambor?
    Exporting US lifestyle & values to the world, or you the Air Force vet and patriot?

    The way forward, now, is to hand over to Mr Maliki, and his Government. Fulfill the promises that have been made. Review the UN agreement in June, play it up, hand off. Have success, not a Congressionally mandated withdrawal.
    Take some inititive, we should.
    Announce that we will pass the Security Mission over on 25 November, target that date, go for it, 110%.

    A Mission all the moderate factions in Iraq could agree on.

    We continue with empowering the ISF, start to deliver on that shopping list. Light armored vehicles highest on the list.

  96. Compassionate capitialist

    or some such can do more than a Bn of Marines.

    If there is Rule of Law.

    So establishing that, in Iraq, would always be the first order of business.

    Then opening of business dealings.

    With the US that means mega-deals oil deals with charges of fraud and favoritism and long lead times.
    For the Iranians it means making pilgrimage to Najaf and renting a room, buying some meals.

    Only Iraqi can secure Iraq.

  97. Then establish a Status of Forces or what ever the current lexicon is for that type agreement, with the Iraqi.

    The old Mission of disarming Saddam and to help estabish a democratic government would be complete. Why the US does not embrace that, instead of being in denial, I've never understood.

    The Iraqi seem to work well when given deadliines, they shoud be getting some, Mr Bush should set them, in concert with Mr Maliki.

    Burned so bad on the carrier deck, they swore to never go near an aircraft again, syndrome.

  98. A thousand cameras and laptops, a $10 million dollar tech investment and 2 man video teams, spread across the battlespace.

    Arm our GIs for some 21st Century combat, let's do battle for the hearts and minds. Let's use technologies and oour soldiers individual inititive and creativity to get it done.

    How many prospective John Fords are there, "out there"?
    Some one has to,

    Go speak of our Victory!

    Of the 300 at Thermopolye

    Go tell the Spartans