“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, April 26, 2007

An officer and gentleman. The good colonel thinks a piece of ass from a detainees daughter is a good idea.

Don't these guys always pop up at the most propitious times? Why do I have the impression that he is......well let's not be hasty. I am sure there are good explanations coming.

US prison chief arrested in Iraq BBC

US handling of Iraqi detainees has been controversial from the start
The commander of a major US military prison in Iraq has been arrested for offences including aiding the enemy.
Lt Col William Steele is accused of giving detainees free use of a mobile phone at Camp Cropper and fraternising with the daughter of a detainee.

It is the latest of several scandals involving US jails in Iraq, the worst being the 2003 Abu Ghraib abuse case.

Col Steele is also accused of improper behaviour with his Iraqi interpreter and holding unauthorised information.

There are four overall charges against Col Steele and nine specific alleged offences. He was arrested last month and is being detained in Kuwait, a US military spokeswoman said.

Providing unmonitored mobile phone to detainees
Mishandling classified information
Fraternising with detainee's daughter
Inappropriate relationship with interpreter and providing her special privileges
Failing to obey a lawful order
Possessing pornographic videos
Failing obligations as approving authority for expenditure
Others offences include dereliction in the performance of his duties, failing to obey an order and wrongfully possessing pornographic videos.

The alleged offences took place between October 2005 and February 2007, a US statement said. Col Steele was arrested in March.

"His current status is that he is in confinement and waiting for his Article 32 hearing," the spokeswoman said.

The hearing would conducted by a panel of military officers who are to decide whether the suspect should face charges.


Camp Cropper, in the west of the Iraqi capital close to Baghdad International Airport, is believed to hold about 3,300 Iraqi prisoners.

It is the second largest US military jail in Iraq, the other being Camp Bucca, near Umm Qasr in the south of the country, which holds an estimated 15,000 detainees.

Executed former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein spent time there, including for medical treatment, although the US military says he was never under Col Steele's responsibility.

US detention facilities in Iraq have been the target of sustained criticism for holding detainees without charge and for widespread abuse of prisoners.

The worst controversy was in the first year of the US occupation of Iraq, when it was revealed that guards abused prisoners at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on the outskirts of Baghdad.


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  2. Mark Steyn calls for Crow for Secretary of State:

    Give One Piece a Chance

  3. Too Bad Sadaam missed out on Custody under Steele.

    I'd like to see Ltc Steele's Career Path.

    A good writer could do a book about those who served under his various commands.

  4. Could be much worse than sneakin' a little stinking finger.

    Those detention centers must stimulate the libido, for some.

    From Pvt England to LTC Steele, there are folks gettin' a rush.

    Police targeting urban marauders
    Ultra-violent MS-13 gangs now present in 3,500 U.S. cities
    Banner announces the beginning of the 2007 Gang Enforcement Conference

    SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – The ultra-violent street gang MS-13, causing mayhem in cities and suburbs across the United States, is the focus of an international conference here co-sponsored by the FBI and the national police force in this Central American nation that served as the birthplace of the urban marauders.

  6. Where the victim of rape was black, in 36,620 cases, things were rather different. The "perceived race" of the offender was reported as black in 100.0 percent of cases. White offenders? "0.0*" percent

    American Thinker

  7. westhawk reports on the increased effectiveness, as well as costs, of COIN operations in Iraq.

    He references this story by Bing West:

    We walked on to the parking lot—actually, an open square. It was a scene from Dante, a deep black hole in the macadam, burnt-out shells of cars strewn about, odd bits of clothing, sandals, and shoes. The tall, grey concrete apartment buildings in the background were gouged and pitted, all windows shattered. The cries of women and children echoed across the square.

    We were immediately surrounded by dozens of grief-stricken, angry men. They were shocked and bitter. They confronted us, shouting and pushing up. We expressed our sorrow and our own shock at the horror. The bitterness of the men was palpable.

    But they weren't angry at us. One after another, they screamed their impotent rage.

    Anger at Rusafa
    "You Americans come here. You came," they shouted. "But where is our government? Why do they not come? Why? Who takes care of those women and children? All their men are dead. Where is our government?"

    No elected or appointed official in the United States would keep his job a day if he turned his back on such a stunning tragedy. And there was Prime Minister Maliki, in Egypt, condemning the Azamiyah barrier intended to reduce the killing and shield the innocents from the monsters who slaughter so ravenously.

  8. Michael Oren is the distinguished Princeton-educated Israeli historian and author of Six Days of War. His most recent book is the just-published Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East, 1776 to the Present. We asked Oren for a brief description of the book for Power Line readers, and he sent us the following from the jacket of a foreign edition:

    The United State today faces fateful decisions in the Middle East, yet few Americans know of their rich and monumental history in the area. Power, Faith and Fantasy is the first book to tell this story in its entirety, from George Washington's battle with Jihadist pirates to George Bush's struggle to remake Iraq; from Herman Melville's odyssey to the pyramids to Hollywood's obsession with Arabian romance; from Abraham Lincoln's showdown with the Egyptian army to the Civil War officers who fought in Sudan; from the American origins of the term "Middle East" to the Middle Eastern roots of the Star Spangled Banner and the Statue of Liberty. Culled from thousands of declassified documents, rare books, and the memoirs of statesmen and adventurers, the riveting story of America's 230-year experience in the Middle East is a must-read for decision-makers and students as well as anyone interested in this crucial region.

    America in the Middle East

  9. Mussulmen, a descriptive term that was used by no less an anuthority than John Quincy Adams.

    Perhaps a better word than Mohammedan, a more adequately accurate description,

    What do you think?

  10. Oh. Dear.

    Colonel Steel Willy better get a lawyer.

    And a chaplain.

    And a publisher.

  11. OT: The feds are considering massive water transfers from Canada to the USA & Mexico. Now finally I understand what the quid pro quo bush is thinking about as payment for all the illegals...however, I don't see what's in it for the canadians. and of course, there is a cheaper solution in desalination. anyhow I blog about it here

  12. Rat, I am sticking with muzzies, until you can convince me otherwise.

  13. More touching, brilliant, vaunted, "Bush Loyalty."


    To those that are sure bets to stab your dumb ass in the back, and the country along w/you.


    The phrase "slam dunk" didn't refer to whether Saddam Hussein actually had WMDs, says Tenet; the CIA thought he did. He says he was talking about what information could be used to make that case when he uttered those words. "We can put a better case together for a public case. That's what I meant," explains Tenet.

    Even I knew at the time the monotonous WMD argument was a Big Loser.

  15. Muzzies, doesn't have the historical reverberations of disrespect, as mussulmen, while not the obvious insult of using the mohammedan phrasing.

    It does potray a modernist slang effect, muzzies.

    Muzzies, a contender for the title, to be sure.

  16. The question might be what would tick them off the most--muzzies or Mahammadans--since I have concluded it is going to get worse, I just wonder what would be best from our point of view.

  17. I am thinking of your suggestions, Rat.

  18. 'Rat,
    Those two LA Times articles detailed a similar story:

    Ordierno gave the positive side, on the street they were positive for two weeks until things started sliding back to normal Baghdad Standards.

    If only our guys were all Superman, we'd fix it.

  19. Yes, the Democrats are determined to weild all the power, OK. If it's a game of chicken they want then let them have it.

    Teddy Roosevelt, once confronted with an equally determined Congress who refused to fund the Navy got a lesson when Teddy dispatched them on a cruise around the world, knowing that they could make the Phillipines but wouldn't have the money to return...without a new appropriation from Congress.

    Well, Pres. Bush could let the funding cease but as Commander in Chief order the troops to remain in Iraq. If he's PR savvy enough it won't take too long for the public to realize that the soldiers need food and ammo, and with a coordinated military veterans and active duty families march on Congress I believe he can get the funding he needs.
    The Wall Street Journal pointed out yesterday that the Democrats have now taken ownership of another US defeat, with the implications of this one being much much more dangerous than the Vietnam sellout which cost somewhere on the order of 4-5 million dead in Cambodia ,Laos,Vietnam and drowning boat people.
    Wall Street Journal piece follows.

    Harry's War

  20. So now Black and Blue will be Zero, in Calif, Habu, for some of us, at least.

  21. When President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to send the Navy’s "Great White Fleet" on a cruise around the world in 1907, as a show of U.S. naval supremacy, Congress considered the trip a saber-rattling waste of money and threatened to refuse to pay for the fuel needed. Did presidential power have a solution? Yes. Roosevelt spent the rest of the money he already had in the budget for fuel to send the fleet half way around the world, and then dared Congress to withhold the funds needed to bring it back. Roosevelt got the money

    TR and the Great White Fleet Funding

  22. Harry's war a fantasy:
    Like expecting the present Soft Noodle Bush to deliver a stirring address like Rudy did the other day.

    ...or the GOP to EVER hold dems accountable for their Crimes.
    Nevada Land Baron Harry and Family.

  23. Mohammedan,Muzzies,Mussulmen or Mahammadans,Towelheads,or Sandn-----s,......I've prefer to call them dead

  24. I think we should come up a term that would get the women fired up somehow. After all, they are the ones that would really lose.I don't konw what it would be, but something that puts the women down, if they were to prevail. Something scary to the gals.

  25. An apt historical analogy, but what would have occurred, if when Congress funded the fuel, old Teddy sent the money back, saying he did not like the terms.

    The money, when appropriated, only runs to September. Then it all starts again, with the Surge being a success or failure.

    General P said:
    "Success will take continued commitment, perseverance and sacrifice, all to make possible an opportunity for the all-important Iraqi political actions that are the key to long-term solutions to Iraq's many problems," he said.

    "This effort may get harder before it gets easier."

    Now if the Congress decides not to make a continued committment to improved Iraqi politics. Mr Malaiki now not the PM of a "Unity Government".

    Elected but not "really" legitimate enough to be "US Approved".

  26. Just let the women know they'll be no more Home Shopping Channel or Jewelry Channel. Heck then you could call 'em anything ...

    Bob-l, you're right on the same wavelength that Napoleon was on,in that he knew once the women got pissed off and up in arms the venture was lost.

    We could call 'em baby killers but with 50 million abortions on the books since '73 that's kinda lost it's punch.

  27. Well, call them what you will, the mission is not to kill them. At least that's not what General P said today:

    " ... there is the fact that this Prime Minister Maliki -- this is not -- he's not Prime Minister Blair with a parliamentary system that is all of his party. He was elected by one vote in a very close and lengthy process. The parties are all represented in this government. It is not truly one that you can call a government of national unity, and there are varying ethnosectarian interests represented by those different political parties and leaders. If you accept that -- if you acknowledge that, then you realize that you have to encourage, reassure, pressure a number of different key individuals in this process.

    And it's much more than just Prime Minister Maliki, who I do believe is doing his best to be a leader for all Iraqis and is trying to move forward the legislation that would reflect that desire. But you have to get to the leaders of the different coalitions of parties if you will, the Shi'a lists, the Tawafik (ph), the Sunni Arab parties, the Kurdish parties and then some of the other subordinate elements, sub elements of each of those different blocs. And again, you can't just focus on him and make this happen. We have to encourage all of them, and we have to do all of that simultaneously. One last question, please. "

  28. DoD transcript of the Generals' statement

  29. Apples and oranges but sometimes comparisons are interesting.

    Drunk driving fatalities since we invaded Iraq. Not all years data available yet so I extrapolated from previous years...ready


    The numbers usually range between 16-17,000 yearly.

    Approximately 1,100,000 alcohol related driving injuries since we invaded Iraq

    Be careful out there.

  30. Twice in a Row 'Rat can't give me a Hat Tip:
    You should write for Pajamas!
    Modest Souls that they are.

  31. Habu,
    At least the Drunks don't give a shit if someone dies.
    If only we could fight wars like that!

  32. I've tried to get stats to compare the number of alcohol related deaths and Islamic clitorectomies but the latter info is a bit hairy to get a hold of.

    But ya figure each newborn Mussulmen girl gets her clit whacked and gonzo it's an entirely new and lucrative souvenir market.

  33. "Mr. Reid's strategy of withdrawal will only serve to enlarge the security vacuum in which Shiite militias and Sunni insurgents have thrived. That's also true of what an American withdrawal will mean for the broader Middle East. Mr. Reid says that by withdrawing from Iraq we will be better able to take on al Qaeda and a nuclear Iran. But the reality (to use Mr. Reid's new favorite word) is that we are fighting al Qaeda in Iraq, and if we lose there we will only make it harder to prevail in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Countries do not usually win wars by losing their biggest battles."

    Problem is, Republicans are going to have to keep hawking this same argument - six months from now; a year from now; eighteen months from now. An argument not based on the probability or promise of victory in Iraq. (Since the war's long over, maybe some other term of success needs to be adopted, hm? One more appropriate to the far less sexy but nonetheless real mission of nation building we are engaged in.)

    Who do most Americans trust to carry the country to any kind of decisive finish or happy wind-down in the abatoir between two rivers?

    No one.

  34. Sorry, doug

    I didn't think you'd notice

  35. Well one of the other problems is that mankind has a war going on somewhere now all the time. Tribal,ethnic,Macy Day Sale.

    SO what do we do(this is no trap I have NO answer for when and where we should go in anymore, I just think when we do we ought to try hard to up our recent battling average)

    I don't think isolation would work in our favor, given that the worlds resources would be beyond any US influence. Be all out meanies and bullies which is how we are portrayed anyway but really aren't.
    Strike an agreement to recolonize the world betwwen the bid powers?

    Move to that new earth like planet in that other solar system?

    Allow free distribution of marijuana (high THC content) to the world and play Bob Marley songs all day?

    Each of us start a Victory garden?

  36. Doug,

    I always thought you were here for us to dissiminate information , add a P.J. O'Rourke style, and keep things moving.

    Now I find you seek accolades, HAT TIPS. It's like finding out there was gambling going on at Rick's Cafe Americain. Oh the humanity.

    But H/T to ya..(it's a genuine Habuian so I'd hide it in the very back of the closet, or just give it a swirly.

  37. The Ethiopian / Somalia scenario could play for a while. Use proxies supplied with US force multipliers, in combat situations.

    This piece which elijah first pointed US to offers a well thought military aspect of that option.

    Then there are my personal favorites of creating civil strife in Syria and Iran.

    Strike at the aQ encampments in Pakistan, with or with out the General Presidents' permission.

    But Nation building in Iraq is the Mission of the day.

  38. Habu said, The Wall Street Journal pointed out yesterday that the Democrats have now taken ownership of another US defeat

    So you agree we are defeated. Bush will veto any bill that ends the war while he is still President, even if the troops have to use slingshots and tape plastic bags over their feet. He doesn't want this flaming paper bag of poop anymore, and he is counting the days until 20JAN09 when he can hand it off to Obama or somebody.

  39. "I don't think isolation would work in our favor"

    Is the choice between, on the one hand, withdrawing from the world - or even withdrawing from the ME - and, on the other hand, sitting the big green machine in Iraq to achieve ends that are either beyond its tactical reach or not in our strategic interests?

    That's a wholly manufactured for your idle entertainment choice.

  40. "But Nation building in Iraq is the Mission of the day."

    Mission of the next year and three quarters.

  41. Habu,
    Wern't nuthin.
    I just had to get a pretext to use for my pajama dig.
    (and I didn't think 'Rat would notice)
    ...and I KNOW he couldn't give a shit.

  42. I was keeping track of HT's before and after the incorporation.
    ...I found a "significant" difference at a site I monitered.
    Curious minds, you know, and easier on the noodle than Trish's suggested entertainment.

  43. If we're LUCKY, Ms T:
    If not, it will be OSAMA. least half the country has been preparing for those happy days.

  44. "Allow free distribution of marijuana (high THC content) to the world and play Bob Marley songs all day?"
    Next Step:
    We all get to play "Bob."
    For a distended good time.

  45. Teresita.

    In my 3:32 post I provided the link that quoted Harry Reid.
    I must have miscommunicated if you think I was saying I agreed we'd lost the war.

    I don't think we can afford to "lose" this war, as in get out totally now because some believe we've been defeated. Truth is we've done a major ass kicking so far. It's the going from tribalism to nationalism that's proved to be the sticky wicket.
    Yogiism, "It ain't over til it's over" and we have far too much at stake to leave the ME.

    You might want to take a look at my
    12:16 posting. We've got a history in the ME going back to our own founding. We can't leave, and I don't think it would be in our national interest to do so.
    No, count me as a stayer in some form.

    So far we've completely changed the paradigm in Iraq. Sometimes in a ham fisted way but events such as these do not occur along well defined timelines, they unfold, sometimes in strange ways that call for adaptation and flexibility..adapt ,improvise,overcome.

  46. Doug,
    I do enjoy what I see as some P.J. O'Rourke in you, which I consider a compliment as I hope you will.

    I strive more for the H.L Menchen school.

  47. The laughs on Harry

    Senate Plurality Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, said: “I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with the administration’s chief attack dog (VP Cheney). … I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval rating.”

    This just in: Cheney is more popular than Reid.

    Reported the Wall Street Journal: “Among other individuals included in the poll, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) saw her approval rating fall to 30% in April from 38% in February, shortly after her swearing-in as the first female House speaker. Approval for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) slipped to 22%, from 23% in February but up from 19% a year ago.”

    Cheney’s approval rate? 25%.

  48. Either would be a compliment, but of course I'd have to hallucinate up an alternate reality so I could pretend to be worthy.
    Had a neat book on Menken, and I forgot to buy it.

  49. Cheney's had 6 heart attacks and still doesn't look as much like a Cadaver as Harry.

  50. At threatswatch,

    The flight routes from Pakistan to the United Kingdom are now the most important ideological conduit for radical Islam. The July 7 London bombers were British subjects of Pakistani origin. Last week, two more were arrested in connection with the Tube bombings at Manchester Airport as they prepared to board a plane to Karachi.,CST-EDT-STEYN25.article

    Five years after 9/11 why do permit anyone from Pakistan to enter our country?

    Why are the people of Pakistan not afraid of our wrath if jihadist gain control of their nuclear arsenal? Why is it not the aim of our rulers to do what must be done to inculcate this fear into the people of Pakistan?

    It would be deferent if there was one, just one, Muslim cleric who has condemned the ever increasing evil done in the name of their god and does so publicly, unconditionally and in terms of Islamic theology. But there are none. Not one damn rag-head will refute the terrible truth that the founding acts of the founder of their religion were manifestly evil.

    We need separation from the followers of this evil creed. We need it before good Muslims bring the fires of the sun to our shores.

    What city do you think good Muslims will nuke first?

    Ralph Diamond
    Annapolis MD

  51. (I had linked that Steyn Piece somewhere too, but I won't give the Anapolis guy shit for no hat tip)

  52. situational awareness, doug

    of course I noticed

    No discussion of how to achieve the political solution in Iraq, because we cannot effect it, really.

    Either the aQ are in the last throes, in Iraq, or they are not. But the Generals reported that the Maliki Plan of using Iraqi troops to surge was premature. The Iraqi would not be ready until "Summer".

    It is 92 degrees, here in the American desert. Summer is almost upon US.

  53. The Iraqi Parliment is going on a sixty day leave, in June & July.

    On the verge of reconciliation, and going to the mountains, for the Summer.

    Gotta love 'em

    On the other hand Mr Putin:

    Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

  54. Death by a Thousand Cuts

    In the Asia Times, More muscle to Pakistan’s madrassas by Kanchan Lakshman is reprinted with permission from the South Asia Terrorism Portal.

    In it, Lakshman provides and important glimpse at the depth of Pakistan’s radical madrassa problem.

    Pakistan’s “officially estimated 13,000 seminaries (unofficial estimates range between 15,000 and 25,000, and in some cases go as high as 40,000) in Pakistan, with an approximate enrollment of 1.5 million students,” has continually rejected any reforms attempted by the Pakistani government. The United States has pressured Musharraf to address the Pakistani madrassas, which have long been producing ideologically steeped graduates who often find their way into Taliban and al-Qaeda ranks.

  55. What, just months ago what was touted as a success has become less so.

    It seems that from the "Economist" opinion things are goin' south in Somalia:

    This is all bad for Ethiopia. Morale among its troops is dropping; some have deserted. Another war with Eritrea is in the offing, along with terrorism by separatist and Islamist groups at home. The insurgency in Mogadishu has pepped up the Ogaden National Liberation Front, an ethnic-Somali group fighting for the autonomy of the Ogaden region, in eastern Ethiopia; this week it attacked a Chinese oil-exploration facility in the desert there, killing some 65 Ethiopians and nine Chinese, apparently with help from Eritrean intelligence.

    Turns out the Ethiopians can't get away from the tar baby, either.

  56. Will Putin step down?
    Will the USA's six defensive missiles cause him to declare a state of emergency?

    H/T Doug

  57. DR.

    Are we allowed to say TAR BABY?

    H/T Doug

  58. I am, you can speak for yourself.

  59. Joe Lieberman

    How can we get him to cross the aisle?

  60. Bobalharb,

    And clitorectomies aren't scary enough?

  61. My grandmother, a SW Missouri school teacher of 40 plus years, read me the Uncle Remus stories.

    Tar Baby is one of handiest contributions of American literature.

  62. Trish,

    I have a bootleg DVD of "Song of the South" and I understand there is serious talk at Disney of re-releasing it. It's really a pretty cool movie.

  63. Was this LtCol Steele ever a member of the old Apple band ....Badfinger?

    Sheryl Crow

  64. Habu: I must have miscommunicated if you think I was saying I agreed we'd lost the war.

    1. It is not possible to win another country's civil war.

    2. If you have been told things are getting better in Iraq you have being lied to: U.S. officials exclude car bombs in touting drop in Iraq violence

  65. Teresita,

    All throughout the Vietnam war the left claimed it was a civil war. We knew the Russians were supplying all the goodies.

    Regardless of the the 1954 Geneva Convention that split Vietnam into north and south was never signed by the US or South Vietnam.

    The North attacked the South. It wasn't a civil war. It was a war of aggression by the north on the south after the Geneva convention had been signed by the north...

    This isn't a civil war either with AQ and Iran fomenting most of todays violence. Neither of those organizations/nations are part of Iraq. This we know.
    Do we also know there are tribes that don't get along, yeah.

    Can a country help one side win a civil war? You bet they can.

    Caravelle Hotel, Saigon 1972

  66. Yes, geoffgoe, they seem scary to me, and I'm circumsised, though I don't remember anything of it.

  67. T..
    It is not possible to win another country's civil war.

    What do you think Iran and Aq are doing in Iraq? Are they trying to calm the violence or help one faction defeat another faction?

    Do you think the Syrians are aiding one faction, both factions, aren't involved at all, don't care who wins or loses?

    If we leave and they stay do you think the foreign elements both state sponsored and not will have an influence on the outcome?

    At this point do you seriously believe it's an all Iraqi kerfuffle? Please.

  68. Habu--I think Joe has already crossed the aisle in everything that counts. He would be or was the one dem I might take a look at.

  69. Habu,
    I have a bootleg DVD of "Song of the South" and I understand there is serious talk at Disney of re-releasing it. It's really a pretty cool movie.

    When we were young we got Uncle Remus from Joel Chandler Harris of Eatonton GA. Now we get Wahabbi Islamism from the Al-Maghrib institute only a few miles up the road in Atlanta (and in 12 other US cities). I miss the bluebird on my shoulder.

    The Arab News article notes that Al-Maghrib is now operating in sixteen different cities in North America (up from thirteen at the time of the original FrontPage report in February). According to the Al-Mahgrib website those sites are:

    College Park, MD
    Chicago, IL
    Atlanta, GA
    New York City
    Columbus, OH
    New Brunswick, NJ
    Fairfax, VA/Washington D.C.
    Houston, TX
    Sacramento, CA
    Memphis, TN
    Bay Area, CA
    Seattle, WA
    Detroit, MI/Windsor, Ontario
    Ottawa, Ontario
    Toronto, Ontario
    Montreal, Quebec

    The Al-Maghrib Institute is active amongst the 150 chapters of the Muslim Student Association (MSA) located at universities all over the US and Canada. The MSA is one of the North American front groups operated by the international Muslim Brotherhood. Al-Maghrib staff are also regular fixtures on several Islamic satellite television networks, including Yasir Qadhi’s weekly Islam Q&A program on the Islam Channel.

    The Arab News reports that Al-Maghrib now claims 7,000 members in North America, which, if accurate, would make it the largest Islamic Studies program on the continent, with the program extending internationally to Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom in the near future.

    Check the offerings here

  70. Anyone find a picture of Lt Col Steele?

  71. T--It is possible to win another country's civil war. You know better than that. It is going to take some doing, though, if we are going to do it.
    I would like to ask, my friend, what do you want to do when Iran takes over the neighborhood?

    If you do not have a cogent answer to this, then you should drop out of the discussion, having left the field to others.

  72. What exactly are you and Trish going to do, when Iran is nuclear armed, and have control of the Gulf? I know, you will cost share on the bus rides, but how do us farmers out here, feed you?

  73. "What exactly are you and Trish going to do, when Iran is nuclear armed"

    Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for the money.

  74. StoutFellow,
    Great post. I have a postcard from the 1930 with a picture of Joel Chandler Harris writing. My grandmother (lived in Atlanta) collected his writings too.

    The Muslim Brotherhood,Al-Mahgrib Institute, MS-13 ...yeah boy we got'em inside the wire big time and the citizens are fast asleep at the malls, in their homes and all over.
    George Tenets new book should be illuminating, but just like in the Music Man we got trouble right here in River City.
    Putin sounding more belligerant daily and will no doubt be visiting Hugo Chavez soon.
    It's not hard to gin up a scenario where literally thousands of those AK-47's Chavez bought are getting into the USA.

    So lets say MS-13 attacks a prison with a high population of Muslim converts. Outside trucks loaded with the AK's are waiting and bingo you've got an army. Flights of fantasy? looney tune? or is it an easily doable operation?

    The times they are a chang'in.

  75. Victory Gardens--that's the answer. Damn, I should have thought of that.

  76. photo but I do have his themesong from ...Badfinger


    pump up the volume

  77. "Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for their money."

    What in the name of the Living Christ, does that mean?

  78. Bob-L,

    yez suh dim victry gardins be all da rage when da mussulmen gotz da Iraq oll.

  79. Habu--I turn to Tatter and yourself--what does "Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for their money."--what in the hell does that mean, Sir?

  80. "Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for their money."

    yez, what be dat mean? too damn smoky to make no sense of.


  81. Bob-L,

    It's way too cryptic for me to unravel

  82. Deuce: Here ya go.
    Steele Member
    Got his Hum Vee all decked out.

  83. We need a counter to Sunni Islam, bobl. A point of ready leverage. How better to achieve that than with an Iran-oriented Iraq and a nuclear Iran?

  84. It's on everybody's lips and brain...

    Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for their money."

    Some think it's a secret AQ attack message.
    Others think it's a typo.

  85. Doug--You are awake, and presumably have had a cup of coffee--and I respect your opinion--what does--"Thank God your friends the Sunnis finally get a run for their money'--actually mean?

  86. Stoutfellow,
    Whitehouse recently made nice to Muzzie Bros.
    Beyond insane.

  87. Yeah, no doubt about it. What we need is a nuclear Iran.

    Maybe we could import some ebola virus too.

  88. Thanks Doug, I know I can always depend on the EB hardcore, the Tusk division, represented by the commenters on this post.

    One and all ,all for one and all awful to the fools , pretenders, punters and the wishful thinkers.

    The deuce salutes you all!

  89. In situations like that Bobal,
    I always beg.
    Bad for self respect, but I fall for it again and again.

  90. It's a good night here in Costa Rica to be drinking some Gran Reserve Cabernet from Chile. Listen to some Dylan singing Hurricane.

  91. Man, I wish I was with you, 2164.

  92. 2164...sounds too too good ..enjoy it fully and have a great time.

  93. And here you thought that we have a 30-year-old war with the Persians. The Terror Masters.

  94. NASA Releases Image Of Rosie
    O'Donnell's Ass On Hubble
    Telescope's Birthday

    Like to see this take the Sheryl Crow Challenge


  95. “If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.” - The Dalai Lama, in The Seattle Times, May 15, 2001


  96. Doug,

    I think that is the late Vince Foster's lover. I think they had a rendezvous at Fort Marcy Park that didn't go too well for Vince.

    She Bang

  97. Let's pretend it's a bad movie.

  98. "The president has a fundamentally flawed policy," said Biden. "The president should start off by not vetoing the legislation he says he will veto."

    Dodd said Bush was pursuing a "failed policy."

    Kucinich jabbed at the senators on stage, saying it made no sense to oppose the war and then turn around and vote for more money as they did. The Ohio lawmaker voted against the legislation that cleared Congress earlier in the day.

    1st Debate

  99. Bobalharb: T--It is possible to win another country's civil war. You know better than that. It is going to take some doing, though, if we are going to do it. I would like to ask, my friend, what do you want to do when Iran takes over the neighborhood?

    One, it's not my neighborhood. Two, China and Europe don't even have troops in Iraq, yet they seem to get all the oil they need. Three, won't the Sunni majority of Islam push back when Iran makes their move? Four, even assholes like Hugo Chavez want to SELL their oil, and the market determines the price. Interventions accomplish nothing and just cost precious American lives.

  100. LA Times sportswriter goes transexual..

    Mike to Christine

    Dr. Spock

  101. Sparrowhills said Can a country help one side win a civil war? You bet they can.

    How come we don't do that, pick the Shi'ites or the Sunnis and go for the big "W" ? Because the neocons believe in democracy for cavemen.

  102. Hez and AQ alliance?

    "The question is, could these types of cells be given the green light" to commit terrorist attacks within the United States?

    Drudge Top left - Tenet expresses puzzlement that al-Qaida has not sent 'suicide bombers to cause chaos in a half-dozen American shopping malls on any given day'... He writes: 'al-Qaida is here and waiting'...

    this is what you can expect if there are hostilities w/ Iran

    and t, what if both are the enemy

    Have you ever thought that democracy means a people can be held responsible for the governmentand its actions (ours and theirs)?

  103. Teresita,

    It is not possible to win another country's civil war.

    The Soviets didn't do a bad job in Cuba in 1959.
    Cuba didn't do a bad job in Angola in 1975.
    And the USA has done a great job in several civil wars throughout once again YES, it is possible for another country to win a country's civil war

  104. Teresita,

    Come on sista, SparrowHills was quoting YOU. What kinda jive ass shit are you try'in to put down?

  105. "How come we don't do that, pick the Shi'ites..."

    We did. In all our language and frontwork.

    This has been one long process of handing it over to the Shiites.

    So it's about time (once again and for all) that we let them have it.

  106. and your point trish?

    Basra splits between warring Shi'ites

    Shi'ite power struggle escalates

    Do not try to do too much with your own hands. Better the Arabs and Shias do it tolerably than that you do it perfectly. It is their war, and you are to help them, not to win it for them.

  107. Dean at M.I.T. Resigns Ending a 28-Year Lie

    She didn't even have an undergraduate degree


  108. Thanks for the Conservapedia, Doug!

  109. "It is their war, and you are to help them, not to win it for them."

    Help whom?

  110. And unless I'm mistaken, it is still our war.

  111. Trish..

    It isn't rocket science..the answer to your query.

    Help whom?
    The Sovereign Nation of Iraq

    I realize how horribly bitter it is for you civil war wishers to acknowledge that Iraq had elections, has a Constitution and is a Sovereign Nation

    It's just bitter, bitter for you I know, but you can go through the one step program of admitting it is a Sovereign Nation and free your demons of the civil war boogieman.

  112. In Tikrit, police said the wife and daughter of a Saddam Hussein cousin were found slain at their home. The wife of Hashim Hassan al-Majid had been shot and the daughter strangled, police Capt. Samir Mohammed said.

    Their names were not released.

    Al-Majid's brother is Ali Hassan "Chemical Ali" al-Majid, one of the most notorious figures of Saddam's regime, who is on trial for his alleged role in gassing Kurds and other abuses during a crackdown on Kurds in the 1980s.

    In Tikrit

  113. I mean you do acknowledge that sovereign nations exist, that constitutions guide many of them, and that they are free to ask for the assisstance of other nations, don't you?

  114. I believe Iraq is even a member of the United Nations, acknowledged by that august body as a sovereign nation.

  115. Come on with me....

    OOOOOOOMMMMMMMM..Sovereign Nation,
    Sovereign Nation ..OOOOOMMMMMMM

  116. Help whom?
    The Sovereign Nation of Iraq

    I realize how horribly bitter it is for you civil war wishers to acknowledge that Iraq had elections, has a Constitution and is a Sovereign Nation


    Civil war wishers?

    Habu, you never used to sound like a party parrot. I never liked you much, but you weren't that.

  117. "Help whom?"
    The Sunni against the Shia and the Shia against the Sunni
    - This is could be termed the indirect approach.

    "And unless I'm mistaken, it is still our war."
    - This could be termed the direct approach
    The other night, COIN and swarming.

    Tonight a different perspective incorporating air assets for those mil/xmil so inclined -

    the beginnings of a potential "BattleSwarm" doctrine

    Area dominance with air-delivered loitering munitions aids the warfighter

    Low Cost Autonomous Attack System

    Surveilling Miniature Attack
    Cruise Missile (SMACM)

    And some light reading to consume a weekend

    The above is the answer for missile barrages.


  118. He has told friends "I'm not afraid to die", according to Daily Mail.

    The newspaper says the prince has told friends the tragic death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, means he is not afraid of his own death but he is frightened that soldiers fighting alongside him could be targeted.

    He is reported to have said he would find it hard to bear if another soldier was injured or killed because of their link with him.

    Iraq Role