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Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Fence Required?

Police find 17 bodies across Mexico

By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO, Associated Press WriterTue Apr 17, 12:07 AM ET

Police found 17 bodies stuffed in cars or dumped on streets in garbage bags across Mexico on Monday in the latest wave of violence apparently triggered by warring drug gangs.

In the resort city of Cancun, the bodies of three men and two women were found in an SUV with their heads covered in tape and their hands bound behind their backs, Quintana Roo state police said.

Police spokesman Antonio Coral said he could not immediately confirm the cause of death.

Mexico City police found more three bodies in an SUV parked in a middle-class neighborhood in what the Mexico City attorney general said appeared to be killings linked to a turf war between drug gangs.

Two more bodies were found in a car in Iguala, about 100 miles south of Mexico City. A note found at the scene threatened Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the alleged head of the Sinaloa Cartel who escaped from a federal prison in 2001.

Three burned bodies also were found in two cars in the Sinaloan city of Culiacan, while four more bodies were found in garbage bags in the central city of Taxco and the port city of Veracruz on the Gulf of Mexico.

Federal investigators say the Sinaloa cartel is fighting a bloody turf war with the Gulf Cartel and their army of enforcers known as the Zetas over billion-dollar drug trafficking routes to the United States. The battle has led to beheadings, grenade attacks and execution-style killings across Mexico and the violence has taken a particularly heavy toll on police.

President Felipe Calderon, who took power in December, has launched a nationwide offensive against the gangs, sending 24,000 federal police and soldiers to areas ravaged by violence.

But killings have continued unabated. According to a tally kept by Mexico City daily El Universal there have been more than 700 drug slayings since January

The federal government blames some local police for being on the pay roll of drug cartels.

On Monday, federal agents detained more than 100 state and municipal police in the northern city of Monterrey and are investigating them for links to traffickers.

Mexico's Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora said the U.S. needs to do more to stop guns and drug money heading south fueling Mexican drug violence. The vast majority of arms used by the soldiers of drug cartels are smuggled from the U.S., he said.

Analysts estimate that Mexican drug gangs make between $10 billion and $30 billion a year selling cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine to the U.S. market, rivaling the money Mexico makes from oil exports and foreign tourism.


  1. We are being cooked liked the frog in water, slowly. Slow and insidious, and we will wake up one morning to a country that is no longer ours. Oozing up from the south, and our political system is failing us. LA isn't that far behind Mexico City. It's a disaster. If we can't get up the spunk to stop this, we're finished, might as well not even worry about the islamoids.

  2. We've got plenty to worry about. Mo Tries To Help Iran

    Who would have suspected such a thing.

  3. Well, it was an article about an Iranian employee stealing secrets from a nuclear plant in Arizona and hightailing with them to Iran.

  4. All you guys can do is complain:

    You Know GWB is the Greatest Conservative President in History, but your BDS won't allow you to admit it, but here's the facts:

    We are fighting a righteous war for Sharia and Terrorist Sancturaries in the Middle East, while at the same time carrying out the admirable goal of turning this country into a low-wage, corrupt, crime ridden 3rd world power.

    Name me anyone else that could accomplish all that in 6 years!

  5. That story is unbelievable Bobal:
    Just like the non-terrorist terrorist events are reported here:
    "Alavi faces up to 21 months in prison if convicted of the charge. One factor in determining any sentence could be whether the software and schematics of Palo Verde landed in the wrong hands, Wake said. "
    So, he steals the software, takes it to Iran in his brand new laptop, and downloads it there, but we have no idea whether it might (have already) end up in the "wrong hands!"

    ...and in a year, he'll be free to go back and get to work benefitting from the crime BIG TIME.

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  7. Now, if he can only deny ever knowing Bush, or even who he is, and is only a "token" Republican, we're in Business!
    Candidate Giuliani Shifts His Tone on Immigration
    In contrast to his years as mayor, when he fought federal efforts to curtail public hospital or educational services to illegal immigrants, he now talks of penalties for people here illegally and requirements for them to wait at the back of the line. And while he once pushed policies like providing schooling for the children of illegal immigrants by saying, “The reality is that they are here, and they’re going to remain here,” now he emphasizes denying amnesty.