“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, April 09, 2007

Don Imus needs to be shot, hanged, drawn, quartered, pilloried and mulched. Daddy T gets a pass.

Artist: Akon Lyrics
Album: Trouble Lyrics
Title: Gangsta Lyrics
[Daddy T speaking]


[Chorus in the background]

Alert, alert this is an upfront street bulletin
Coming live from FA
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
If you are a gangster and you confessing you kill a nigger on record
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
You a stupid matcher fucker
(Gangster, gangster, gangster)
This goes out to you fake gangsters
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
I see you nigger
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
Nigger we all se you
(You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps)
We working you mother fuckar
Gangster, gangster, gangster

[Verse 1]

Yo don't make me oohh
(Gangster, gangster, gangster)
Nigger don't make me have to step up in the club
Whit my dogs show all you mater fuckers how we ball (yeah)
Nigger don't make me show how I can violet the law
Get your woman go up in the bar (oh)
Dog how love me
Why don't you show me?
(Look bitch you just a punk)
And that how she be
But niggers wanna hand of l.o.v.e (yeah)
Steady claming like the are pimp
But will never go free (se you)
Say that ain't gangster (Na nigger)
Niggers fronting like they hard
But I know their pussy from the start
Man that ain't gangster (Na)
Still in the projects
But I spend hundred tausuend a car (yeah)
I rather have a crib in Miami whit a boat (whit a boat nigger)
Full of all mi niggers on so we don't go broke
Yeah show them the ropes
Sticking together niggers try to cope
Any one steep in the way will get chock

[Daddy T]

You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps
You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps
Gangster, gangster, gangster
(Aha) (Aha)
Don't make mee
Bring out the other side in mee
So I her you think your gangster (heeh)
Don't you wane be
Gangster, gangster, gangster

[Verse 2]

Yeah fuck nigger
I see you peeking eyes when I strolle
I see you just by flashing
Pulling them hoe's (yeah man)
Cuss I'm a player like I'm suppose to be
Hoe's on a nigger like it's suppose to be (yeah)
You a sucker so you hate like hoe's to me
And next change get your head crackt to the white man (oohh) (Aha)
I try to keep it fly but this pussy nigger tempt me (don't tempt me)
Breaking the sweet
Swear this brother ain't classy (no)

Noo that's really killing my pimping (yeah nigger)
I mean really, really killing my pimping (really, really)
Look what you gone made Iceberg do
(yeah, yeah, yeah)
Call my boys and start down crew (ooh)
And we will kick that ass nigger (yeah we will)
And we will I say kick that ass nigger (o yeah we will)
And tell you hore she can come to my place (yeah)
After she burn it up fore fucking up you face


[Verse 3]

Now it's a got dame shame Pickelh
What you did too that man (watch out)
I guess that pussy nigger though I was playing (yeah)
I try to tell him but he like fuck what you say (fuck you man)
Watch you mouth, you understanding
He like fuck what you say (fuck you man)
Oh this pussy nigger flicks me in front this hoe's and shit (kick his ass nigger)
So I spun on this nigger they notis it (Ooh) (kick his ass nigger)
Oh you think I give a fuck what your focus is (Step up nigger)
So I look at the next man like step up bitch
Cuss if it's going down
It's been around
Spiting from my chamber (POW)
Like David Banner you don't like me when I'm anger (whaah)
Destruct to your whole ville don't make me have to change you (ahe)
In too a stranger and damage your soul


[Talking in the background]
[Daddy T]

Yeah I see you gangsters,
All you fake ass gangsters
You don't have the hart nigger
Survive in the streets
Ask my nigger down in Right Street niggers
Ask my niggers in Re ville
Ask my niggers down at wilks
Ask my nigger at Hart feel nigger
Ask my nigger in Altoes
All my reel niggers Aha
Living life fore this shit
And you just want scream it out on a record nigger
You want respect you got too urn respect nigger
Work hard for what you get in life nigger
Fuck you punk nigger
Eat a dick and die slow
Now get the fuck out of my house

You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps
You gangstas, you playas, you hustlas you pimps
Gangster, gangster, gangster
(Aha) (Aha)


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  2. Think we lost the culture war?

    Will the media go at this?

  3. Nah, P Daddy's got those sew shops in Honduras workin' double shifts.

    Don't Stop the Carnival

  4. Swing low, sweet chariot, come and take me home.

    Go down, Moses, way down to Egypt land, tell old Faro, let my people go.

  5. Around here, we are fighting back wtih the Hampton Jazz
    Festival, but I have already mentioned that alot.

    Jazz used to be the genre. I can't understand the lyrics on the gnagster stuff, a good thing.

  6. Your a farmer and you don't know what a ho is???

  7. Al Sharpton lecturing Don Imus.

    Al Sharpton Presidential Candidate

    Al Sharpton, huckster and racial bigot in the Tawana Brawley BIG LIE.

    Al Sharpton, an African American "leader"

    Clarence Thomas ..looked upon by blacks as some hedious turncoat to his race because he worked hard within the system and made it.

    To say there are a few inconsistencies in the African American culture is like saying the Elephant Man had a little skin problem.

  8. and how about al sharpton and his mob inciting bullcrap...

    who the hell is he to judge anyone?

    he's a pimp, a self promoting worthless cartoon...

    and he DARES to judge?

  9. Occupation,
    People died as a result, just happened to include Jews.

  10. Yo! Fuck Daddy T, muthafucka! Here be some real news, nigga!

    Surprise Gift

  11. Well, suffice to say if the nation is no longer a viable organization, the world may become a little bit more like the rap game. Those old timey virtues of honor, trust, loyalty, will be thusly rediscovered amidst the cap-peeling. Indeed, caps will be peeled in the name of honor, against violated trust etc.

    I believe the term is "acephalous" tribes, i.e. no chieftain. No doubt that speaks volumes about most MCs. Violence is brief but frequent, nearly ritualistic. Sucks to be male.

    What integumentary bits of society will outlast Beslans and Malvos with sophisticated media production? Probably the ones so strapped.

  12. Sam.

    No prob Bro. I down wit you nigga, after all:

    "I see you peeking eyes when I strolle
    I see you just by flashing
    Pulling them hoe's (yeah man)
    Cuss I'm a player like I'm suppose to be
    Hoe's on a nigger like it's suppose to be (yeah)"

  13. We had a local radio personality down here in Florida calling for a change in our state song.

    You guys know the song, "Way Down Upon The Suwannee River"? (Stephen Foster) Well, the song speaks of, gasp! "Darkies"!

    The locals call him up and advised he go back up north where he's from.

  14. Ol Jesse the Reverand Jackson was on Beck's show last night calling for Imus' head.

    I guess he forgot about the "hymie" comment and Beck didn't remind him.

  15. double standard!!! where do you draw the line where it's okay for one person to say stuff and not okay for the other? it baffles me!!!