“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Friday, February 16, 2007

Pace not sure on Iranian Govt Complicity. Radio Free Europe looks into Quds Force.

"We know that the explosively formed projectiles are manufactured in Iran. What I would not say is that the Iranian government, per se , knows about this,” he said. “It is clear that Iranians are involved, and it’s clear that materials from Iran are involved, but I would not say by what I know that the Iranian government clearly knows or is complicit." -Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace

Iran: Expert Discusses Iran's Quds Force And U.S. Charges Concerning Iraq
By Golnaz Esfandiari

February 16, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates has described as based on "hard fact" U.S. assertions that an elite branch of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps is training and arming Shi'ite extremists in neighboring Iraq. U.S. President George W. Bush recently accused Iran's Quds Force of supplying weapons, including armor-piercing bombs, that were used to kill U.S. soldiers. RFE/RL talks about the Quds Force and its alleged role in Iraq with Mahan Abedin, director of research at the London-based Center for the Study of Terrorism and editor of "Islamism Digest" journal.

RFE/RL: We hear a lot about Sepah Quds, or the Quds Force, these days. We know that it's an elite unit of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) that operates outside Iran. But apart from that, there is very little reliable information about it. What information do you have?

Abedin: There's been a lot of misinformation and disinformation about this specialized unit -- the Sepah Quds, or the Quds corps. As far as I know, the corps was formed in the early 1980s, at around the same time that the Sepah Badr (the Badr Corps, the armed wing of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, or SCIRI) was created. Now there is a chain of specialized departments in the IRGC that were formed around that time, and these kind of specialized units dealt with promoting the Islamic republic's foreign policy. The Badr Corps, for instance, was created to organize Iraqi exiles in Iran; and its founder was a chap called Esmail Daghayeghi, a member of [the IRGC], an exceptionally talented young man. I suspect the Qods corps has pretty much the same history as the Badr Corps.

RFE/RL: What is its main function and in what countries has it been operating in the past two decades?

Abedin: Its essential function is to conduct special operations outside of Iran, and historically -- over the past 25 years or so -- it's been involved in the following theaters: involved in Afghanistan in the 1980s; it had extensive involvement in Lebanon; extensive involvement in Iraq throughout the 1980s and the 1990s, when they were working with Iraqi dissident groups and the Kurdish faction in the north to undermine Saddam [Hussein's] regime. [The Quds Force] was extensively involved in Bosnia in the early 1990s; it was in charge of supplying arms to the Bosnian Muslims. Their operations -- which have rarely received any coverage -- [included] their involvement in southern Sudan in the early 1990s, when they worked with the Sudanese army. So it's been involved in various theaters."

RFE/RL: What role does the Quds Force play in Iraq, and how does it operate?

Abedin: What they do essentially is work with militias and armed factions in Iraq, and they enable them to gain a critical advantage over their adversaries -- and their adversaries are, first and foremost, the Sunni factions.

RFE/RL: Does that mean they provide them with training?

Abedin: It depends on what you mean by "training." They would certainly give them highly specialized training in forming networks whose primary function is to gather and manipulate intelligence, and that's the primary battle in Iraq. Whoever is getting the best information and is able to exploit that information in the quickest time, they have a strategic advantage over others because the theater is so fluid and so complex. And that's the kind of training they do. If you talk about arms training, that is not necessarily the case, because a lot of these [fighters] already have that training.

RFE/RL: U.S. officials say the Quds Force has provided militias in Iraq with sophisticated weapons that have been responsible for the deaths of at least 170 U.S. soldiers. How solid is the U.S. evidence, in your view?

Abedin: Well, first and foremost: If the Americans are really convinced that the Iranians had killed 170 of their troops, they wouldn't be sitting pretty in Baghdad -- their response would have been much more robust. So that's an indication that these allegations are essentially political. If they have evidence, they've certainly not made it public. You could make the case that the Quds Force is giving people training in how to form these networks, how to manage them, how to manage their distribution operations, and how to manage the flow of information. You can make a case for that, but I strongly doubt that the Americans would have that kind of information. This is not the kind of information that you can access easily.

RFE/RL: Is it possible that the Quds Force is involved directly in attacks against U.S. forces and coalition troops?

Abedin: Not at all, because that's not Iranian policy. The contention which the Americans have made -- now they've backtracked from it -- is rather quite silly, because now what they are saying is that maybe the Quds Force is doing it without the official sanction of the Iranian government. The Quds Force, although it's a highly specialized department, it is subject to strict, iron-clad military discipline. It's completely controlled by the military hierarchy of the IRGC, and the IRGC is very tightly controlled by the highest levels of the administration in Iran. If the Quds Force was going around blowing up American soldiers, then that would be definitely sanctioned by the highest levels of the Iranian government. But my point is that they're not doing that, because Iranian policy in Iraq is not about that. Iranian policy in Iraq is to give proper training and support to Iran's natural allies in Iraq in order to influence their political positioning in post-occupation Iraq. The Iranians are far too smart, in my view, to challenge American power in Iraq directly.

RFE/RL: How large is the Quds Force?

Abedin: Not very large at all. I think its core doesn't go beyond 800 people. These kind of specialized departments tend to be very small. But it's a very capable force -- their people are extremely talented [and] they tend to be the best people in the IRGC.

RFE/RL: There were reports that the five Iranians who were detained in Irbil in January by U.S. forces are members of the Quds Force.

Abedin: That's quite possible. But every embassy in Baghdad, every consulate in Iraq -- whether it's American, British, [or] Hungarian -- they are all staffed by intelligence officers; so Iran is not unique in that sense.


  1. I find his position to be "just silly."

    There, now I have rebutted the "expert" in the expert way that he rebutted Bush when he said it's their rifles (recently manufactured) their explosive devices, their people and etc that are killing and arming those killing our troops.

    It then becomes a distinction without a difference whether Bush, or anyone else can prove in court that InamoodJihad called them up and told them to do it.

    ...we have been "just silly" for not responding forcefully (bombing the shit out of all locations making the weapons or training grounds of the Quds and etc) for the past 3 years.
    Abezaid said as much while he was still in Baghdad.

  2. Using the same logic we could say the Saudi rulers are our best buddies (as we do) since none of their immediate family members have picked up a rifle and killed a US Soldier with it.

  3. "We know that the explosively formed projectiles are manufactured in Iran. What I would not say is that the Iranian government, per se , knows about this.”

    ___1) The Iranian government does now, General Pace. What has been their response to controlling renegade operatives?

    ___2) General Pace, how much American stuff shows up on the battlefield without US government having approved it?

    ___3) Per se, General Pace is just a little bit full of sh*t. But then, what’s new?

  4. The fact that we are still engaged in this penny ante war 3+ years later is just silly, but we are, and that is what the democrats need to get through their heads, but of course they never will, being stuck in their alternate reality just as Bush has been with his genius sidekick Condi.
    Lieberman for POTUS!
    (as long as he's for shoot on site at the border)
    ...Rudy came out praising Arnold 'Rat, and sounded as bad as Bush on Illegals and the Border:
    What now?

  5. Decide which "War" is most important.
    The Border War or the Mohammedan War

    Not one of the Federals will seriously advocate "relocating" the 12 to 18 million "Other than Citizens" now residing in the US.

    That could become a "Primary Issue" but only with a "real" groundswell of discontent.

    Greater than the 62% opposed to the Iraq War.

    There will be some kind of "regularization" of the OtC's already here. That seems certain.

    Me, the Mexicans are flowing in, I think Rudy would listen to the "security" concerns, making illegal traffic more difficult.
    Whether a greater legal flow should be allowed, that's the real debate.
    Not the present generation of OtC residents, but the next.

  6. Oh zog, please not that poker face loser, Lieberman. Doug, what the hell are you thinking! Get Rudy in there. He'll know how to deal with these mafiosies.

  7. Arnold, I think, has said the Federals should plug the leaks along the border. Allow the legal traffic and stop the illicit flow of drugs and people.

    Then debate the flow levels to be allowed.

    Mr Bush wants a "Comprehensive" reform. I think he'll get it, before '08.

    Who will enforce the spirit of the "new" law best?
    I'd bet on Rudy.

  8. Basic science lesson at Winds of Change:

    “Consensus” and Global Warming

    Someone is always trying to debunk religion.

  9. trish,

    re: That outcome, unforeseen and unwanted, is a done deal.

    Would you specify what this outcome will be?

  10. Deuce,

    Absent mindedly moving to the top of the blog roll, expecting to arrive at the BC, I found myself in Costa Rica! I like it!

  11. Sansa Air flys to Tambor couple of times, every morning.
    A half hour from San Jose.

    Looks to be near the end of the hard road, from a quick google reference.

  12. "Mr Bush wants a "Comprehensive" reform. I think he'll get it, before '08."
    Maybe he'll fall of his bike and hit his head on a rock, resulting in the rock losing more intelligence than he displays.
    Or maybe a Mohamedan will fly a loaded Piper Crop Duster into the Waco Not OK Coral.
    One can hope.
    We know a young man from Kuala Lampur, in management, speaks perfect english, knows more history than all the Illegals combined, yet he is still going through hoops 9 years later as Bush happily allows criminals and minimally educated losers in for free, the better to insure that Hillarycare has to take care of everyone,
    ...until it doesn't.

    That's the bigger war in my book, the other one could be won the minute we got serious, but too many figure out an infinite number of ways to do that.

    Trish, our friend who was in the Barracks would remind you of the hundreds of his brothers killed there, then there were the hostages, Hezbos, Fatah, Hamas, and etc, but what the hey, it's 9-10, right?

  13. If we fought Japan, Germany, or any other real foe with the Iraq ROE's and legal ceilings in place, we would not win a single war.
    In my book all that proves for sure is that it is a fucked way to fight a war.

  14. " but too many figure out an infinite number of ways NOT to do that."

  15. Arnold wants to give free health care to illegals while the B of A gives them unrestricted banking access.
    Not quite what the majority that elected him want, but Arnold is only following in the footsteps of our Good Hearted Decider in Cheif.

  16. trish,

    re: The balance of power goes to Iran-friendly Shiite Islamists.

    That is and has been a fact for years. What outcome faces the US intervention, given this reality? I am hoping for something I don't know, e.g. that in your opinion the US will withdraw its ground forces from Iraq by January 2009.

  17. trish,

    re: This is thoughtful?

    "We invaded Iraq in the sure belief that inside every Iraqi there was an American trying to get out."

    What palpable agitprop is that statement. Even a fourth grader's first essay would be marked "F" for that sort of nonsense.

  18. It's not a War, doug.

    Not old school.

    More like the War on Drugs.
    All the fears and misgivings forecast at BC have come home to roost.

    There are few still beating the "Master Plan" drum.
    Though some still tout the belief the US mission is to incite civil strife, in Iraq and the Region.
    Which, coincidently, is a claim made by Abracadabra.
    So perhaps it's true.

    It does seem, though, that the US will be in a position to declare Baghdad secure. Locked down, anyway, by mid June. That's when when Mr Maliki's Army will take over.
    Mr Gates made that clear, he was handing off, even if the city was not secure.
    "Out of the way".

  19. The hope, allen, was the masses of Iranians on pilgrimage to Iraq would be so impressed by the fruits of liberty and the freedoms of democratic life, there in Iraq, that Iran would become destabilized by the blowback.

    Made the case myself.

    Instead the dye has flowed the other way.

  20. DR,

    re: "We invaded Iraq in the sure belief that inside every Iraqi there was an American trying to get out."

    This statement is BS upto the eyeballs and the author knew it. If not, he is dumber than he looks.

  21. In one of its last acts of adolescent acting out, the Boomer House spits on the President, avoiding sending out a bill of impeachment. You're in good hands.

  22. trish,

    re: hyperbole, i.e. "sure" and "every"

    We must agree to disagree, then.

  23. OT....Thanks on the Costa Rica link. There will be some special discounts and offers for Elephanteers.

  24. A bit over the top, allen, that seems evident. The theme though accurate enough.
    As President Bush, in Apr '04 tells US:
    Terrorists from other countries have infiltrated Iraq to incite and organize attacks. In the south of Iraq, coalition forces face riots and attacks that are being incited by a radical cleric named al-Sadr. He has assembled some of his supporters into an illegal militia, and publicly supported the terrorist groups, Hamas and Hezbollah. Al-Sadr's methods of violence and intimidation are widely repudiated by other Iraqi Shia. He's been indicted by Iraqi authorities for the murder of a prominent Shia cleric.

    Although these instigations of violence come from different factions, they share common goals. They want to run us out of Iraq and destroy the democratic hopes of the Iraqi people. The violence we have seen is a power grab by these extreme and ruthless elements.

    It's not a civil war; it's not a popular uprising. Most of Iraq is relatively stable. Most Iraqis, by far, reject violence and oppose dictatorship. In forums where Iraqis have met to discuss their political future, and in all the proceedings of the Iraqi Governing Council, Iraqis have expressed clear commitments. They want strong protections for individual rights; they want their independence; and they want their freedom. ..."

    This Mr Bush said in April 04, al-Sadr gained strength until Feb 07, not enough time there to note al-Sadr's grwoing influence, not it's diminishment, as was the desired Goal.

    The last paragraph of Mr Bush's statement supports trish's idea, he thought that we are all more alike, more than we are not.
    Still seems to.

  25. Reading trish's article calls for another glass of wine.

  26. Then, allen, Mr Bush said this of the Iraqi people, 03 April 03 at Camp Lejeune, before the Mission Accomplished carrier landing

    "... I'm also proud that coalition victories are bringing food and water and medicine to the Iraqi people.

    BUSH: Our coalition partners have constructed a pipeline to bring clean water to Umm Qasr. We're delivering emergency rations to the hungry. Right now, ships carrying enough American grain to feed millions are bound for Iraq. We're bringing aid. And we're bringing something more: We're bringing hope.


    A man in one Iraqi village said this to one of our soldiers: "I want my freedom. I don't want food or water, I just want my freedom."

    America hears that man. We hear all Iraqis who yearn for liberty. And the people of Iraq have my pledge: Our fighting forces will press on until your entire country is free.


    Iraqi people deserve to live in peace under leaders they have chosen. They deserve a government that respects the rights of every citizen and ethnic group. They deserve a country that is united, that's independent and that is released from years of sanctions and sorrow.

    Our coalition has one goal for the future of Iraq: to return that great country to its own people.


    Building a free and prosperous Iraq after the regime is gone will be the work of the Iraqi people for years to come, and they will have our help. Today the goal is to remove the Iraqi regime and to rid Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, and that is the task of the United States military and our coalition. All who serve in this mission can know this: Your fellow citizens are behind you and our government will give you every tool you need for victory.

    Those Iraqi, deserving folk.

  27. DR, you do have a cruel way of bringing up the past. When you heading Panama way?

  28. Jr and I were just talking about that. He's got school until late April, then 3 months off. Most likely then.

  29. DR,

    re: Mr. Bush

    DR, if you call me an SOB, no offense will be taken, but, please, don't put me in the same league as the great equivocator.
    Seriously, my complaint is not with trish or the even the basic premise. But, the point can be well made without resort to the rhetoric of Kos.

  30. Just let me know when you will down that way.

  31. trish,

    re: Apparently, as you want to chase the Marine killers and hostage-takers of over 20 years ago. Let me know when you're done.

    Doug can and no doubt will speak for himself. As for me, Trish, yes I do want to do that. Were it up to me, no one but the Iranians would ever know, but that's just me.

    Semper Fi

  32. So, is the project in Golfito or Tambor?

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  34. trish,

    re: pooch

    Reports of more fighting within Iran are being reported this evening. Patience is a virtue, Trish, and I am a very patient man.

  35. trish,

    I will have to admit you have a better handle on the Democrats than I. They seem to be singing from your page. Congrats!

  36. trish,

    re: two fronts

    As I said, trish, I am a very patient man.

  37. tambor is my choice, later down in the Osa.

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