“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, February 04, 2007

מזל טוב‎ Mazel tov, Warm Regards to Gerald Bull.

Iranian nuclear scientist ‘assassinated by Mossad’
Sarah Baxter, Washington
Times on Line

A PRIZE-WINNING Iranian nuclear scientist has died in mysterious circumstances, according to Radio Farda, which is funded by the US State Department and broadcasts to Iran.
An intelligence source suggested that Ardeshire Hassanpour, 44, a nuclear physicist, had been assassinated by Mossad, the Israeli security service.

Hassanpour worked at a plant in Isfahan where uranium hexafluoride gas is produced. The gas is needed to enrich uranium in another plant at Natanz which has become the focus of concerns that Iran may be developing nuclear weapons.

According to Radio Farda, Iranian reports of Hassanpour’s death emerged on January 21 after a delay of six days, giving the cause as “gas poisoning”. The Iranian reports did not say how or where Hassanpour was poisoned but his death was said to have been announced at a conference on nuclear safety.

Rheva Bhalla of Stratfor, the US intelligence company, claimed on Friday that Hassanpour had been targeted by Mossad and that there was “very strong intelligence” to suggest that he had been assassinated by the Israelis, who have repeatedly threatened to prevent Iran acquiring the bomb.

Hassanpour won Iran’s leading military research prize in 2004 and was awarded top prize at the Kharazmi international science festival in Iran last year.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is expected to announce next Sunday — the 28th anniversary of the Islamic revolution — that 3,000 centrifuges have been installed at Natanz, enabling Iran to move closer to industrial scale uranium enrichment.

Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency say that hundreds of technicians and labourers have been “working feverishly” to assemble equipment at the plant.


  1. 2164th "Go to next post, drinks are on the house."

    Like hell they are, I'm buying. Doubles for everyone!!!

    Besides, I found Allen's Visa card on the floor...........

  2. Barkeep, I'll have some of the Black Tower vino.

  3. Remember the plane crashes in Iran recently or the train explosions a while back? Someone is keeping busy.

  4. That was:

    Fellow Peacekeeper said...
    Ol' Khalid may be right.

    The states of the Middle East are largely artificial, and the boundaries between potential nations hopelessly tangled by empires past.

    It took WWI and WWII to shake Europe into nations and sort out Europes borders.

    Islam has kept the lid on, but as we saw in Jugoslavia that can just make for higher pressures and an eventual explosion.

    Hmmm, a sunni/shia crossed with arab/persian/azeri/kurd/turk/pashtu/baluch/sindhi/punjabi bloodbath. The number of possible permutations are nigh endless. The traditional (Roman) aproach may be sell weapons to the losing parties to y'know, be fair and even the fight.

    Nothing so bloody and brutal as a evenly matched fight.

    But will it blow? Thats the 640 billion dollar question.

    Sun Feb 04, 01:00:50 AM EST

  5. Me too, got to get up at "o dark thirty"

    see ya tomorrow..........

  6. Analysis: From Muslim hordes to atom bomb

    UPI Israel Correspondent

    TEL AVIV, Israel, Feb. 2 (UPI) -- For the third time in its history, Islam is trying to bring "the true faith" to the rest of the world. However, this time is particularly dangerous, according to one of the world's leading authorities on Muslim history.

    In a series of lectures at Israeli academic institutions, Princeton University Professor Bernard Lewis talked of the widespread Muslim-Shiite belief that time has come for a final global struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

    "The fact that some of the societies are acquiring, or will soon acquire ... weapons of destructive power beyond Hitler's wildest dreams ... is something that we should be very concerned about," he said.

    Muslim believers consider themselves "the fortunate recipients of God's final message to humanity and it is their duty not to keep is selfishly to themselves ... (but) to bring it to the rest of mankind," Lewis noted.

    In their first attempt to do so, they emerged from the Arabian Peninsula and conquered vast territories from Iran across North Africa to Spain, Portugal and parts of Italy. Converts conquered Russian lands and established an Islamic regime in Eastern Europe. There are even reports of an Arab raid into Switzerland. But that attempt to conquer Europe failed, and the Crusaders recovered the Christian holy places in Jerusalem.

    In the second round, the Ottoman Turks crossed southeastern Europe and reached Vienna. Twice they tried to capture it and failed. Western imperialism halted and reversed the Ottoman push.

    The current, third invasion, is not done by armed conquest or with migrating hordes, but by a combination of migration, demography, "self denigration and self abasement, totally apologetic," Lewis said.

    Nevertheless, it arouses a fair and very alarming possibility that it could lead to a long, dreary race war between different communities in Europe.

    Signs of it are already visible in the form of neo-Fascist racist movements. If that "is going to be the only response of Europe, apart from self-abasement, the outlook is grim," he predicted.

    Meanwhile, among Muslims there is a competition over who should lead their cause. This is one of the keys to understand the present situation, Lewis continued.

    On the one hand stand Osama bin Laden and his movement. He is a Saudi-Wahabi; in other words an ultra-conservative puritan Sunni-Muslim. The Saudi establishment considers him a rebel but they all belong to the same branch of Islam.

    And then there are Muslim Shiites. They assumed a modern form and new vigor since the Iranian Islamic revolution of 1978.

    Past friction, for example between the Ottoman Empire and Iran, was due to a rivalry over influence, not over religion.

    The current rivalry has acquired, "a new acuteness ... It became more violent than in any time in the recorded history of Islam," Lewis said.

    The Iranian revolution is resonating far and wide. It represents a major threat to the West but also to the Sunni establishment. It has led some Sunni leaders to re-evaluate the situation in the Middle East and their attitude towards Israel.

    Those leaders may dislike Israel and disapprove of it. However, they consider an uninterrupted line from Shiite Iran, across Iraq to Syria and Lebanon, and the large and growing Shiite populations around the coast of Arabia, to be "a truly major threat."

    "There are signs of ... a willingness on the part of many in the Sunni world to put aside their hostilities to Israelis ... in order to deal with the greater, more immediate and more intimate danger," he said. "We may see shifts in the policies of some Arab governments at least comparable with the great shift in Egyptian policy," when President Anwar Sadat opted for peace with Israel.

    The leaders contemplating such a change are very cautious. One reason is that their populations have been indoctrinated with hatred of Israel for so long that it is difficult to change tunes.

    There is another reason: Some uncertainty over how far they can trust the Israelis, Lewis said.

    During the summer's war against the Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon, many Sunni Muslim governments discreetly cheered the Israelis, hoping they would finish the job. Some of them could hardly conceal their disappointment that Israel failed to do so, he said.

    Western-style anti-Semitism of the crudest type, meanwhile, is spreading and occupying a central role in many Muslim countries. One finds it in textbooks, schoolbooks, and in university doctoral dissertations, he noted.

    Lewis said Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad "really believes ... (in) the apocalyptic message that he is bringing." (Israeli experts noted that Ahmadinejad prepared a wide boulevard in Tehran for the return of the Mahdi who disappeared some 1,000 years ago.)

    "Islam has a scenario for the end of time, a final global struggle between the forces of good, God, and his anointed, and the forces of evil," Lewis argued.

    With such beliefs, the strategy that prevented a nuclear war between the West and the Communist blocs, during the Cold War era, may not apply.

    "Mutually assured destruction, which kept the peace during the Cold War, though both sides had nuclear weapons ... doesn't work. It is not a deterrent. It is an inducement," Lewis said.

  7. Man, that would be one helluva job if the Israelis nailed the muslim nuke specialist inside of Iran. That cannot be an easy country to work in covertly. It sounds like a good idea, like in most cutting edge technological projects the number of real movers, shakers and specialists tends to be limited, most of the folks are just drones. Nail some of the real key guys and that may set the project back years, but that demands excellent intel to spot who really matters. Human intel for that matter, so that certainly points to the Zionists and not the Imperialists.


    News appeared on January 21st, but the dude snuffed on Janaury 15th.

    In a completely coincidental and incident, the iranian implicated Karbala kidnapping episode was January 20th.


  8. That fellow, is a very astute observation.

  9. Dunno, probably just a happenstance coincidence.

    Did you realise the dimensions of your local newspaper kiosk are probably a direct multiple of the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza?

  10. Gerald Bull, the erstwhile, late inventor of Saddam's dread "Long Gun".

  11. Were the long absent Osama perceived to be the stronger horse, the Saudi's would embrace him as in days of yore.

    While it may not be meaningful, Osama is made conspicuous only by his absence and his brother-in-law remains dead.

    As has been observed before, it is not necessary to kill everybody as long as you kill the right somebodies. To the question of killing Muslims, that is something the Muslims can do better than the West. And, yes, there is a lesson there.

  12. That last post was in response to Deuce's quotes from Lewis.

  13. Scrivero' in italiano,
    lingua che mi appartiene.
    sono passati pochi giorni dall'anniversario della morte di Gerald Bull 22 03 90 uccle ed il nome del colpevole non e' stato reso noto...
    forse perche' fa comodo a tanti fare finta di niente e lasciare che la sua morte diventi una leggenda metropolitana...
    chi siamo noi per decidere chi deve vivere e chi deve morire ????????la vita e' sacra e nessuna giusta causa sapra' mai giustificare,colmare il vuoto di una morte questo e' in tutte le religioni del mondo, solo che conviene interpretarlo come si vuole quando fa comodo. risparmiare una vita a volte puo' salvare la nostra ........
    se mai leggerai questo blog, assassino costituisciti spontaneamente questo e' il primo passo per il perdono
    ricorda che la paura smette di fare paura le persone diventano grandi e l'unica cosa che rimane e' la nostra coscienza

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