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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Iraqi PM advices Mahdi Army leaders to hide in Iran.

This is reported by You have to scratch your head and ask yourself if there is anything that can make this a bigger mess and an exercise in futility?

Iraqi PM advices Mahdi Army leaders to hide in Iran, leaked letter

Muqtada al-Sadir
London ( 20 February 2007: The Iraqi Prime Minister advised the Mahdi Army leaders to hide in Iran, revealed a leaked letter from the office of the prime minister and posted online by the Kurdish website peyamner on Tuesday.

A letter issued by the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, with the coordination of the Iraqi National Security Advisor, Muwaffaq al-Rabii, advices Muqtada al-Sadir to hide the leaders of his militants, the Mahdi Army, in the Islamic Republic of Iran, in case they are “arrested or killed by the American forces”. Al-Maliki, in his letter states, “The current situation requires to keep the leaders of the Mahdi Army, who are affiliated to the organisation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, away from the front line.”

The letter, dated 14 January 2007 and signed by Iraqi Prime Minister, is written after a telephone conversation between Muqtada al-Sadir and the Iraqi Prime Minister. The Iraqi National Security Advisor, Muwaffaq al-Rabii appears to be part of the operation. The letter is classified as confidential, private and immediate.

The letter states the name of 11 leaders of the Mahdi Army who have links with the Islamic Guards and who are advised by the office of the Prime Minister to leave to Iran. They are: Abas al-Kufi, Amir Muhsin Khwja, salim Hussein, Azhar al-Maliki, al-Shiekh Farhan al-Sayidi (Najaf), Fadhil al-Sarii (the adviser of the Prime Minister), Riyadh al-Nuri (Najaf), Ali al-Firtusi, Hayidar al-Araji, Ahmad al-Darraji and Amir al-Sayidi.

The letter is copied to the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, the leadership of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) and the office of al-Sadir.


  1. Hate to say I said so...

    Go Bandar Go!!!

  2. no wonder the brits are bidding a fond farewell.

  3. In a Baghdad courtroom, six officials from Saddam Hussein's regime pleaded innocent of crimes against humanity for a crackdown on Kurds in the 1980s.

    The defendants include Saddam's cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid, also known as "Chemical Ali" for allegedly ordering poison gas attacks during the campaign, code-named Operation Anfal, which killed an estimated 100,000 Kurds.

    The trial began last year with each defendant rejecting the general allegations. The special tribunal now delivered specific charges to end the investigative phase of the proceedings.

    Baghdad Courtroom

  4. Yeah, I've believed it for over a year. Pissed people off, but proof is in the pudding.

    Not even covert, letterhead stuff.

  5. This is the Zimmerman Telegram of the Iraq War.

  6. The rape allegation surfaced when a Sunni religious body accused police of raping a woman called Sabrin Al Janabi, who repeated the charge herself in an interview with the satellite television network Al Jazeera.

    "One of them hit me. I fell and my head hit the ground," said the alleged victim - the report described her as a 20-year-old married woman.

    "One of them raped me. Then another came and raped, and a third. I was screaming, crying and begging them, but he held my mouth so no-one could hear," she continued, calmly but with eyes moist with tears.

    Raped by Police?

  7. That was my first thought Allen, why a letter?

  8. If it is genuine, where is Maliki's allegiance? To the American troops? Maybe, maybe he wanted to clear the area and go after the priority targets, the Sunnis, but then all the talk and threats towrds the Iranians. What does that mean?

  9. It is more like gang warfare and dealing with mafia alliances.

  10. Maybe the US asked him to send the letter to minimize US fighting with the Mehdi army? Maybe.

  11. Those miserable discriminating Israelis not doubt profiled this poor Palestinian and his oblivious friends, preventing a fireworks display on Arab land.


  12. Deuce,

    re: It is more like gang warfare and dealing with mafia alliances.

    Who's the Godfather: American, Iraqi, Iranian, or Saudi? At this point, is there a difference?

  13. On an earlier thread, DR suggested demilitarizing the Golan. I guess he hopes that works out as well as the past and present demilitarization of Lebanon.

  14. It makes you wish the Jews would have out-sourced the navigation to the Portuguese.

  15. The US was blindsided. When Ms Rice met with Maliki she wanted action against the Shia Militias, the answer was they were not to be found, not troublemakers or criminals. As described by Mr Maliki the entire time.

    They are all together, the UIA.

    That is who their loyalty is to. The Mahdi Army will lose any stand up fight with US, everyone knows that.

    Betcha the "Surge" would not have been appproved solely against the Sunni. Ms Rice was reportedly in a tither. Proportionality was important to her, a quota of each Sect.

  16. A shining light of the Democracy Project, Lebanon is.

    There will be a lot of talk of it, a demilitarized Syrian Golan.
    The US will be for it.

    Can Mr Olmert stand the heat?

  17. Is Kudlow in Iran?

    Privatization will lead to prosperity: Leader

    Tehran Times Political Desk
    TEHRAN -- Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said here on Monday that all national economic activities and planning should be conducted within the framework of the Article 44 privatization plan.

    Ayatollah Khamenei issued a decree in early July to privatize state industries by amending Article 44 of the Constitution, which had banned private ownership of state institutions.

    In a meeting with the officials in charge of implementing the privatization plan, he said the measures taken to implement the initiative have not been satisfactory.

    “This problem has come up due to neglect of the Article 44 policies meant to create a massive economic transformation of the country or because of a lack of understanding (about the plan) among different bodies,” he added.

    The Leader called efforts to realize the privatization policies a kind of jihad, saying if officials make serious efforts, the encouraging effect of the privatization plan can be felt in two or three years. Tehrantimes

  18. The Golan, part of the price of "flipping" Syria.

    The fiddle is just warming up.

  19. The Self-Humiliation of Airbus
    By Thomas Lifson

    Yesterday, Airbus humiliated itself before the world civil aviation community. Already suffering a massive loss of credibility due to the repeated delivery delays for the A 380 super jumbo, the company was to have unveiled its recovery plan, dubbed Power8, consisting of restructuring and cost saving measures intended to save $2.8 billion per year by 2010.

    Instead of triumphantly presenting Power8 to the world, the company admitted it could not come to an internal agreement on cost-saving measures, and word leaked out of heated arguments among the members of its board of directors. So much for boldly moving forward to solve its many problems. Airline customers cannot be comforted by the company's continued internal squabbling, the principal factor said to be at the root of the 380's repeated delivery delays.

    The money supposed to be saved by Power8 is crucial to the survival of Airbus. With its cash flow languishing (undelivered 380s bring in no cash), and its cost structure inflated by the high value of the euro relative to the dollar, the company urgently needs the savings in order to have the funds necessary to develop the A 350XWB, a next-generation airliner needed to compete with Boeing's wildly successful 787 Dreamliner. The 787 has sold more copies than any other airliner in Boeing history at a comparable stage of development. Right now it has the market to itself, and the earliest Airbus could launch its competitor was said to be 2014 - prior to its de facto admission yesterday that it can't even yet agree on where to build it.

  20. A VERY intersting read

    Marc Rich

    How they all are tied together.

  21. Desert Rat: Can Mr Olmert stand the heat?

    What heat? Olmert can't wait to trade Golan in a "land for peace" deal so he can have a legacy, like Sharon had Gaza. We all know how much peace that land bought them.

  22. Sam that must be the Captain Kirk Signature edition.

  23. Roger that, 2164th. The cabin looks pretty cool too.

  24. Sam speaks of sweey flight decks, I think of this

    Different perspective of sweet, I guess.

  25. DC3.
    You can practically smell the lucky strikes and see the coffee stains.

  26. 'Rat,
    Angelenos are pissed at Airbus for promising to make LAX the destination on the first commercial flight if LAX would expedite a 9 million dollar ramp for the JumboSuperJihad Flying Target. they say it will be New York City, but who's holdin their breath?
    Had not heard the 2014 before:
    Boeing will have gone into the black with the '87 years before that!

    (and Los Angeles will have officially become the chamber pot for Bush's and Arnold's warmly welcomed illegals)

  27. d'Rat,

    More like: The Golan, an idiotic scheme to flip Israelis.

    The Golan stays in Israeli hands. No Israeli politician really cares to share in Rabin's idiotic destiny.

  28. Rat, I'm with 2164th. Hot damn! I hope the dreamliner comes with those!

  29. I remember when Airbus 1st announced the 380 project. Boeing officals at the time said calmly and cooly, there's no market in jumbos anymore and they weren't biting. Smart guys.

  30. Water wings are REQUIRED for flights of aquatic fancy.

  31. Doug said Boeing will have gone into the black with the '87 years before that!

    Ah, but Airbus is planning long-term, which they can do because they are basically a tax-supported workfare program for French slackers who riot if you suggest people ought to be nudged into another path if they aren't working out in their chosen career. The strategy is very detailed, but in essence it boils down to this: hang on until Boeing runs out of middle digits to stick between "7" and "7".

  32. DR,

    re: flipping Syria

    Wile I do not question the Bush administration's or your sincerity in thinking Syria was flipped, I do need reminding of what the US got.

  33. re: flight deck

    DR and sam,

    Why can't we have both...flight decks that is.

  34. re: demilitarised Golan

    Where have I heard that before?