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Saturday, February 24, 2007

2,158 Americans Murdered Per Year - By Illegal Aliens

Tiger fights the good fight over at Observanda: 2,158 Americans Murdered Per Year - By Illegal Aliens:
Illegal aliens are killing more Americans than the Iraq war, says a new report from Family Security Matters that estimates some 2,158 murders are committed every year by illegal aliens in the U.S. The group says that number is more than 15 percent of all the murders reported by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the U.S. and about three times the representation of illegal aliens in the general population.
He also has news about the North American Union and NAFTA:
What Your Government Says Didn't Exist Already Set To Begin

One hundred Mexican trucking companies will have unlimited access to U.S. roads to haul international cargo as part of a year-long pilot program, the Department of Transportation announced today
In return, 100 U.S. trucking companies will be allowed to operate in Mexico but at a later date.
Calling for congressional hearings, Teamsters General President Jimmy Hoffa compared the announcement to the "Dubai Ports debacle," charging President Bush is "playing a game of Russian roulette on America's highways."


  1. The combined effect of migrant peoples on life, here, overwhelms the effects of 9-11-01, here.

    Lost wages, lost security, lost lives, lost culture. All down to the memory hole.

    Not to worry, though, the rufus clan benefits from cheap taco dinners.

  2. "You want closed borders while expanding the empire. You want to preserve Anglo America while extending Pax Americana. You're out of your mind, you know."

    Some say I am crazy, but it's kept me from going insane.

    Pax Americana is the impetus for the current borders of the United States.

    Colonies to 13 states - Pax Americana
    13 states westward - Pax Americana
    Alaska and Hawaii - Pax Americana

    From the above examples, was Anglo America preserved while extending Pax Americana?

    see Kaplan's Imperial Grunts for a nice perspective

  3. Your Brother Rats in NYC benefit from cheap taco dinners, also, Desert Rat.
    If anyone has a more descriptive term for el Presidente Bush than "OUTLAW," I would like to hear it:
    He knows what he wants, and damned if he'll let the law, his (non-existent) honor, or his oath get in the way.

  4. Bush decision to let Mexican trucks far into U.S. faces criticism
    --> -->

    Judge denies freedom plea by jailed ex-agents
    --> -->
    ( A federal appeals court judge yesterday denied a motion by former U.S. Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean that they be released from prison pending appeals in their convictions for shooting a drug-smuggling suspect.
    (A "suspect" because of his posssession of 743lbs of Dope.)

  5. My question, Trish, is do YOU want to preserve Anglo America?

    Moral Relativism seems the only prism through which one might not care, but I will consider whatever you have to contribute.

  6. We are not Europe’s keeper: So let’s just pull the plug on NATO

    The Brits are going home.

    Forty thousand marched in beside the Americans. Only 7,100 remain; 1,600 will be heading home by Easter.

    By August, the Danish force of 470 is to be withdrawn, as is the tiny Lithuanian unit. South Korea has 2,200 troops in the Kurdish north. Though they rarely leave base, 1,100 are to depart by August, the rest by year’s end.

    The Italians are gone. The Spanish pulled out after the Madrid bombings. Ukraine’s 1,600 have departed. The Japanese have gone. Declaring the war “unjust and wrong,” Slovakia’s new prime minister just ordered home his country’s contingent of 110 engineers.


  7. "NATO has one breadwinner, and 25 dependents."

  8. "Sixty years after World War II, 15 years after the Cold War, Europe’s defense should become Europe’s responsibility"

  9. Pura vida,

    All the government has to do is enforce existing laws. That means going after employers. Enforce existing tax laws and the illegal problems start a rapid decline.

    The government inflates construction prices with the Davis-Bacon Act, (a Republican invention) and then does not enforce the laws for sub-contractors who hire illegals and falsify payroll records.

    Real wages will increase but the down side is costs will increase.

  10. Habu: Your dad would be proud!

    Buddy Larsen said...
    one less bandito in Costa Rica

    Tourist kills mugger with bare hands
    SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — An American tourist who watched as a U.S. military veteran in his 70s used his bare hands to kill an armed assailant in Costa Rica said she thought the attempted robbery was a joke — until the masked attacker held a gun to her head.

    "I thought it was a skit. But then he pointed the gun at my head and grabbed me by the throat and I thought I was going to die," Clova Adams, 54, told The Associated Press by telephone Friday from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship.

    The assault occurred during a ship stopover Wednesday in Limon, 80 miles east of San Jose, Costa Rica's capital.

    Adams was with 12 American tourists who hired a driver to explore Costa Rica for a few hours. They were climbing out of the van to visit a Caribbean beach when three men wearing ski masks ran toward them, she said. One held a gun to her head, while the other two pulled out knives.

    Suddenly, one of the tourists, a U.S. military veteran trained in self defense, jumped out of the van and put the gunman in a headlock, according to Limon police chief Luis Hernandez.

    Hernandez said the American, whom he refused to identify, struggled with the robber, breaking his collarbone and eventually killing him. Police identified the dead man as Warner Segura, 20. The other two assailants fled.

  11. Thoroughly Modern Mom:
    "Ligia Herrera Mendez, the mother of the dead assailant, claimed the tourists of took the law into their own hands.

    "We want justice, this can't go unpunished, because they could have saved him," she said in an interview in Limon. "If this had happened in the United States, the suspect would have been detained and wouldn't have left the country

  12. So it's that Pax Americana you can't buy.
    Pat Buchanan may be wrong about some things, but he sure is right about alot.

  13. So? The illegal alien question, as usual, has been answered quite conclusively when the Dems were elected to power.

    The majority of namby pamby, not-my-business US citizens could not care less, and if they did, they worried more about not appearing heartless and cruel to those poor illegal immigrants swarming over the borders than the deleterious effects of long term immigration.

    DR, you guys have lost the debate. On the bright side, the debate can always be started again, but you have to convince people.

    The same apathetic, gutless, at-the-mall people who have been brainwashed and stained into idiots by the Gramscians in media, academia, and the government.