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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Muslim Leader Warns against Britain Police State

Once again, British Muslims are in the news. The Chairman of the largest Mosque in Europe has again spoken out against the British government:

A Muslim leader has warned that Britain is moving towards a "police state," comparing the situation to Nazi Germany after the anti-terror raids in the city of Birmingham this week.

But Mohammad Naseem, chairman of Birmingham's Central Mosque, urged Muslims to show restraint following the raids, in which nine suspects were arrested over allegations of plotting an "Iraq-style" kidnapping and filmed beheading.

"The country is moving toward a police state. That's not right. We have to change this," he said inside the mosque, where some 2,000 Muslims gathered for weekly Friday prayers.

"We can change this for the better by coming together, not by coming apart. .. Remain calm, don't get angry. Anger is a natural emotion, but Muslims should control it. We must never give way to anger," he said.
There is no explanation about what Naseem may consider a "change for the better," but chances are, he didn't have traditional British society in mind. I am also reminded of the old saying, "Don't get mad, get even."

In August the BBC has this article about Mohammad Naseem. Naseem is the Chairman of the largest mosque in Europe, the Birmingham Central Mosque and his worldview is formed by the Saudi sponsored Wahabist Islam which appears to be much more virulent and threatening even than the bellicose Shiite Iranians.

2164 did a little research on the Birmingham Central Mosque and found that their web site lists the following activities:

Martial Arts & Self Defence
The mosque is involved in numerous sporting events and organisations. The mosque holds Martial Arts classes for boys and men in the weekends. The Birmingham Pakistani Sports Forum is also based at the mosque and a member of the mosque trust is also a patron for a Kabaddi organisation.

Classes teaching martial arts and self defence have been taking place at the mosque for quite some time now and with great success. The martial arts explored in the classes include karate, kung-fu, kick boxing and 'weapons' training. The classes are provided and initiated by Ustadh Umar who has a great amount of experience in the field of martial arts, defence and fitness.

The classes take place in the School Hall every Saturday. Boys may participate between 12pm-2pm and men between 2pm-4.30pm. Classes for girls and women are also available. To find out more, you may visit the mosque on a Saturday and speak with Br. Umar or contact him on: 07815 153816

Karate, Kung-Fu, Kick Boxing, Weapons Training
- in the School Hall at the mosque.
Every Saturday
Boys: 12pm-2pm
Men: 2pm-4.30pm
Classes are also available for girls and women in Saltley. For more information, please call: 07815 153816

It's questionable whether the situation in Britain will be reversed. Political correctness and multiculturalism are so entrenched that, in spite of the hate, intolerance and jihad that is being preached in British mosques, the Government seems incapable of acting against it except in a reactive way. Britain's Channel 4 went undercover for four months last summer and their three-part undercover series can be seen here at YouTube. With the release of these videos, There can be no doubt that the Wahabist form of Islam being preached in Mosques throughout England are an anathema to Western society.

In reaction to the BBC 4 broadcast, The Green Lane Mosque issued this Jan 16 press release:
PRESS RELEASE (16/01/2007)
Re: Channel Four Dispatches Programme “Under Cover Mosque” (15/01/2007)

It is extremely disappointing but not at all surprising that ‘Dispatches’ has chosen to portray Muslims in the worst possible light. ‘Dispatches’ has opted for sensationalism over substance with total disregard for peaceful community relations.

This so-called ‘undercover’ investigation merely panders to age-old anti-Muslim prejudices by employing the time-honoured tradition of cherry picking statements and presenting them in the most inflammatory manner.

It is disingenuous of ‘Dispatches’ to give the impression that they have infiltrated secret lectures/gatherings at Green Lane Masjid and then sell this as an ‘undercover investigation’ when every lecture, in its entirety, has always been available in the public domain.

Dispatches failed to adequately differentiate between the application of Islamic Shariah in an Islamic State and its application within a minority Muslim community in modern day Britain. This vital distinction would have been self-evident to any viewer had the relevant statements been presented in their correct context. Dispatches further failed to distinguish between those individuals who work with us and those with no connection to our organisation who expressed views that we may not agree with.

Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith UK is an independent national organisation where democratically elections are held every three years and follows mainstream Islam, based upon the Quran and the authentic traditions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

We have a long track record of good community relations and peaceful co-existence with all sections of the wider community. We will continue to strengthen our positive partnership with the authorities in addressing the needs of our communities in areas such as spirituality, health, education and crime prevention.

Markazi Jamiat Ahl-e-Hadith UK condemns the diliberate efforts of tarnishing the image of national Muslim organisations and main institutions that follow moderate Islam. We also unequivocally condemns all forms of extremism and terrorism, regardless of the perpetrators. We strongly encourage the upholding of the law and integration of Muslims within British society.


It's interesting to note that the Birmingham Central Mosque offers weapons training. The bad news is that a Muslim organization in Tampa, Florida also feels that "paint-ball" is an essential feature in their youth program. These people are preparing for jihad and longing for the day when they live the Islamic State of Great Britain.


  1. "Weapons training" in reference to Martial Arts usually refers to sticks and blades.

    The latest arrests could not have been made in the US, or so I've heard reported.

    Onward into the night

  2. Just by the way he speaks, Abu Usamah did time. He has all the paranoid prison talk of Islam behind bars. We talk about the madrassas around the world but we have thousands in our own madrassas paid for by the bureau of prisons.

    NEW YORK — A New Jersey-born Muslim cleric with links to a suspected Al Qaeda operative who surfaced at a college not far from the cleric's Peoria, Ill., mosque the day before the Sept. 11 attacks has found a new home.

    The imam now is spewing his message of hate to a growing group of followers at a mosque in Birmingham, England.

    His target: the United States, the United Kingdom, Christians and Jews.

    Abu Usamah at-Thahabi, who preached at the Islamic Center of Peoria in 2001, is the subject of a British news documentary that revealed Monday how he regularly exhorts worshippers at the Green Lane Masjid, or mosque, in Birmingham to hate Westerners, whom he calls "pathological liars" and "kuffar," a derogatory term for non-Muslims.

    Abu Usamah also calls for the public crucifixion of all "kuffar" and says they should be "left there to bleed to death for three days."

    Abu Usamah, who was born in New Jersey and is 42 or 43 years old, was the imam in Peoria when federal agents swooped down in December 2001 and arrested Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a Qatari student at Bradley University, on charges that he used false documents to open bank accounts and was in possession of a telephone credit card used to call a number in Dubai that federal agents said was linked to reputed Al Qaeda financier and Sept. 11 organizer Mustafa al-Hawsawi.

    Sources tell FOX News that Abu Usamah is a mysterious character — no one, including federal agents and fellow imams, seems to know what his name was prior to his conversion to Islam.

    But sources in Peoria say that though his public teachings there were moderate, he occasionally stepped over the line into anti-Semitic rhetoric.

    Just prior to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, he called President Bush a "pathological liar" and constantly argued to his followers that "Jews controlled the media."

    Al-Hawsawi, a Saudi known as the "Al Qaeda paymaster," reportedly funneled more than $325,000 to the Sept. 11 hijackers, though the 9/11 Commission reportedly could account for only $15,000.

    Al-Hawsawi was arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on March 1, 2003, by a joint U.S.-Pakistani operation against suspected Al Qaeda operatives. He reportedly is being held at the U.S. Bagram airbase in Afghanistan.

    Al-Marri remains in custody and is awaiting trial by a military tribunal as an enemy combatant. Among the evidence reportedly seized by federal agents was Al-Marri's computer, which contained a folder labeled "jihad arena." According to court documents, the folder contained information on hydrogen cyanide, used in chemical weapons, and the teachings of Usama Bin Laden.

    The Joint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism in its report said the information about hydrogen cyanide on Al-Marri's computer "far exceeds the interests of a merely curious individual." The task force report also alleges that Al-Marri was instructed by Al Qaeda to hack into the American banking system to wreak havoc on the U.S. economy.

    Abu Usamah, in the days immediately after Sept. 11, asked Peoria residents not to judge the Muslim community by the actions of the terrorists who carried out the attack and thanked the local Christian community for its support.

    "More faiths, different groups reached out to us," he told the Peoria Journal Star newspaper a year after the attacks.

    He went on to thank "those open-minded people who judge everyone individually."

    The New Jersey-born imam, who claims to have studied a strict version of Islam at the Islamic University of Medina in Saudi Arabia, has since changed his tune.

    "Lying is part of their religion," Abu Usamah is heard telling his followers in the special report produced by the British news show "Dispatches" on Channel 4.

    "They do whatever they want to do. They are liars, they are terrorists themselves. They are lying, you can't believe them.

    "They are pathological liars," he rants.

    He also is heard ticking off an enemies list that includes mainstream British culture.

    "America, the U.K., Germany and France, they have come against the religion of Islam," he declares.

    "Popular culture … if you're a person who gives yourself to that, your mind is going to be controlled by the so-called powers to be, who make these manmade laws."

    The mosque's official Web site says its purpose is to counter Muslim stereotyping, but the Channel 4 report found there is a secret chat room area of the site that only mosque members know about, where At-Thahabi's lectures are broadcast.

    It is in this chat room, the report says, that Abu Usamah preaches the creation of a "total Islamic state" that advocates harsh punishments for non-believers.

    "Whoever changes his religion from Islam," he declares, "kill him, in the Islamic state."

  3. Fellow seems to hold opinions that are the polar opposite of habu's.

    What you gonna do?
    Who we gonna call?

  4. Regardless of who those fellows in the Battle of Hajef were, there is little doubt that over 200 of then were killed.

    Saturday, Baghdad time, the Enemy answered, perhaps interconnected or not at all.

    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A suicide truck bomber struck a market in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 82 people among the crowd buying food for evening meals, police and hospital officials said.

    The US and Brits needed airplanes and helicopters to kill whomever they were. The Insurgents used a single truck.

    Meanwhile ...
    In the northern city of Kirkuk, eight bombs exploded within two hours, beginning with a suicide car bomber who targeted the offices of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Massoud Barzani, leader of Iraq's autonomous Kurdish region, police said. Two people were killed in the first explosion, which devastated four nearby houses.

    The "Surge" targets Baghdad, the Insurgents shift to Kirkuk, will we chase after them or stay the course in Baghdad?

    I walked 47 miles of barbed wire,
    Used a cobra snake for a neck tie.
    Got a brand new house on the roadside,
    Made out of rattlesnake hide.
    I got a brand new chimney made on top,
    Made out of human skulls.
    Now come on darling let's take a little walk, tell me,
    Who do you love,
    Who do you love,
    Who do you love,
    Who do you love?

  5. Targeting the Kurds, as well as the Shia, if Sunni Insurgents were responsible for those eight bombs in a row. Or, then again, it could be Shia neoFederals, trying to retain Arab control of the city.

    The night was black and the night was blue,
    And around the corner an ice wagon flew.
    A bump was a hittin' lord and somebody screemed,
    You should have heard just what I seen.

  6. LUBBOCK, Texas -- A 62-year-old man is suspected of stringing wires at neck level across a popular bike path, as well as scattering nails, broken glass and rocks across the trail in a series of traps set because he wanted to protect the environment, police said.

    "This could kill someone," said Dewayne Wallace, an avid cyclist who said his friend was cut across the neck by one of the wires and was thrown from his bike.

    A grand jury was scheduled to review the case next week, to see if the man will face two third-degree felony charges of attempted aggravated assault with a weapon. Each count carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

    Detective Rene Martinez said he questioned the man about the traps set over at least a yearlong period, and the man told him he just wanted to protect wildlife.

    "He just loves nature," Martinez said.

  7. Some of you all wondered what happened to buddy.

  8. duece
    Watching FOX the heads are speaking of an exodus from Venezuela. On a greater scale than Columbian capital and human flight.

    Lots of Columbians have moved to Panama, some legally, some not. Seems illegal migrations are not limited to Mexican economic refugees walking north.

    Where are the Venezuelans goin' to, you think?

  9. Does indicate a possible change of heart, a different kind of engagement, on the US side.
    Good news.

    They did not wait for "later", this time.
    Interesting that the story's been ignored, everywhere.

    Arleen took me by my hand, she said Ooo-ee Bo you know I understand
    I got a tombstone hand and a graveyard mind,
    I lived long enough and I ain't scared of dying.

    Who do you love?

  10. Fourth Rail discusses Warizstan and aQ expansion of Operations against the General President's government.

    The Musharraf government has treated the Taliban as an entity separate from al-Qaeda, and assumed its grievances with the government were of a local nature. The fact is the Taliban and al-Qaeda are intricately linked and share identical goals of establishing local and global Islamic Caliphates. The Musharraf government gave the Taliban and al-Qaeda crucial breathing space to rest, rearm, recruit, train and establish training camps and infrastructure throughout the tribal belt. The Northwest Frontier Province is largely under Taliban and al-Qaeda control, and the Pakistani government, Afghanistan and the West will pay for this.

  11. British police state? Laughable - may be not certainly not the way he means it.

    Comment on British political correctness. Read this:

    Daily Telegraph

  12. Trying to put that toothpaste back in the tube...

    The 'axis of fear' is born
    By Pepe Escobar

    The Bush administration, in a sense, is getting what it wants in the wider Middle East. To battle a fictitious Shi'ite crescent (a construct by Jordan's King Abdullah), it has emboldened even more a reactionary Sunni crescent (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates), thus exacerbating to a paroxysm the "strategy" it has already applied in Iraq: sectarianism as the golden parameter of imperial divide and rule. Historically, Sunnis and Shi'ites have co-existed amid social
    tensions. But never have these tensions been so cynically exploited - by Washington - as in post-invasion Iraq and the wider Middle East.

    "The US and Brits needed airplanes and helicopters to kill whomever they were. The Insurgents used a single truck."

    ...I am sure that the insurgents and militias are not the sole owners of this tactic.

    "The Musharraf government"...

    ...and if he falls; I guess those joint Indian-U.S. exercises will come in handy

  13. The General President WILL fall, it's just a question of when.
    Who replaces him, now that could have signifgent impact on international affairs.

    An India vs Pakistan War
    with the Mohammedan Insurgency within India that would entail...

  14. "A suicide truck bomber struck a market in a predominantly Shiite area of Baghdad on Saturday, killing at least 121 people and wounding scores among the crowd"

    ...Will Sadr's militias be able to "lie low" if they want to respond to this?

  15. And we should object, if al-Sadr does react, when or if the Iraqi Government does not?

    If the Federal power fails to protect the people, do not the people take it upon themselves?

    Is that not an inalienable right?
    To defend ones home and hearth, the markets and streets, from murder and mayhem?

  16. It is not impsosible to put the TOOTHPASTE Back into the TUBE and in this case I do not just mean British transportation metaphors.

    One needs a closed system where the tooth paste and the toothpaste TUBE can coexist in 1 atm. Then reduce the pressure inside the tube and the tube will suck up the tooth paste. The greater the difference the more sucking that ockers. That is the secret to the toothpaste and tube issue and although Jewish progressive Trans-nationalists will tell you to your face that the toothpaste was invented by a dozen patents from israel do not be deceived because:

    "Crest" is a corporatization of "Christos"

  17. It is not impsosible to put the TOOTHPASTE Back into the TUBE and in this case I do not just mean British transportation metaphors.

    One needs a closed system where the tooth paste and the toothpaste TUBE can coexist in 1 atm. Then reduce the pressure inside the tube and the tube will suck up the tooth paste. The greater the difference the more sucking that ockers. That is the secret to the toothpaste and tube issue and although Jewish progressive Trans-nationalists will tell you to your face that the toothpaste was invented by a dozen patents from israel do not be deceived because:

    "Crest" is a corporatization of "Christos"

  18. DR they are already coming into Costa Rica.

  19. Now, now, now, Ms T.
    Enough of that, barry.

    How should we call thee, now?

    Back to the future, again.

  20. ...If the Federal power fails to protect the people, do not the people take it upon themselves?
    Is that not an inalienable right?
    To defend ones home and hearth, the markets and streets, from murder and mayhem?

    Apparently not for Habu.

    Sunnis probably do not like the people being represented by roaming Shia militias who enjoy ethnic cleansing of Sunnis from Baghdad neighborhoods

  21. And death and mayhem are occurring where, here?
    I can show where there is a breakdown of US Federal immigration authority, but it is not amongst our Muslim population, but the Hispanic/ Mexican.

    Death threats in response to antiWar protesting are not in the same league, not comparable to counter battery in response to actual provocation.

    What is the provocation in the US?
    Where are the truck bombings?

    Radiating from Detroit?

    And if the homegrown terrorists are black mohammedans we shall respond how?
    Against which minority?

  22. The first habu wanna be, here in AZ, to take action after 9-11 couldn't even identify a rightous target. The yahoo decided a turban was proof enough of Mohammedan guilt. Dipshit killed a Sikh, from India, not a Muslim at all.

    Hoorah! hoorah!
    All for the Cause!

  23. Baghdad is not Phoenix
    nor should we promote that Baghdad standards become applicable, here.

    To advocate for that Course is as inflamitory as that spouted by Abu Usamah.
    Worse, because the habus wrap themselves up in the patriot's flag, then denounce what it has come to represent.
    Entertaining, perhaps, to contemplate, but if you'd ever been outside the wire, you'd know, no patriot would want to bring that lifestyle home.

  24. Why would there need to be death and mayhem? As Oriana Fallaci expressed, "they have their faith and the wombs of their women."

    If Americans are so worried about Mexicans, seems they would not have elected a Democratic majority.

    David Horowitz presents a fairly
    coherent argument that Marxist groups often sponsor Anti-War demonstrations and could be described as treasonous. I imagine it depends own how one defines provocation.

    Where is the provocation?

    Where was the provocation before 9/11? How many Americans would have supported invasion of Afghanistan before that day? I tend to feel that there are definitely risks in the U.S.

    An individual can respond anyway and against anyone.

  25. They surely can, and restraint is the order of the day.

    The US government does not limit immigration by religious denomination. Being a Muslim does not disqualify one from entry.

    We should advocate a change of course, there, prior to ethnic cleansing in Dearborn.

    If there is treasonish behaviour, within the US, the FBI should sniff itout, as is their mandate.

    The AZ Mohammedan cleaner, he chose to do, as you say:
    "... respond anyway and against anyone. ..."

    Killed an innocent man and wasted his own life, as well. Unless doin' hard life in Florence Prison isn't to be considered wasted.

  26. Truth is simply a matter of what one believes.

    I am more concerned with the Koran and Islam than with a man's action in AZ.

    Fairly certain there were innocents and wasted lives left in the wake of Malvo; or the dead at their synagogue in Seattle.

  27. Both Mohammed and Malvo are in the big house for life.
    Should we cleanse all those of Jamacian descent from the US, in response to Malvo's actions?

    Detain all exArmy E4 Supply clerks?

  28. Radiating from Detroit?

    November 17, 2004
    Last Friday, Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, held an anti-American, anti-Israel demonstration. Protestors carried a large model of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and waved signs bearing slogans such as “US Hands Off Muslim Land.” But the most arresting image was of a Muslim woman carrying a large sign featuring the face of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

    “Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the...conquest of that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world... those who study Islamic Holy War will understand why Islam wants to conquer the whole world.” - (Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini)

    I thought this message resonating with the masses; is why the Sunni ruling classes are worried in the Mideast?

    We are to believe it falls on deaf ears on the Muslim masses here in the States?


    Chalk up another one for Halliburton and General Mills.

    Did you aunt suddenly become a democracy and then she didnt need the meals on wheels anymore?

    Did you know that Rabbinical Cannibalism refers to ambulatory gentiles as "meals on wheels" and that most drunk driving accidents are actually calculating sect members ramming their prey off the road?