“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, August 02, 2010

A Stark Look at The US Constitution

Drudge put up this video up of a citizen asking one of our dumber masters a clear and simple question regarding our rights under the US Constitution. It was a stark comparison between the common sense of an informed citizen and the duplicity of one on the corrupt cadre of those who rule us.

Pete Stark was ambushed by truth and clarity and he wilted. It was indeed, stark.



  1. Ol' Starkey is "Crazy as a Loon," but he's telling the truth.

    As far as "Debating Points," he don' care. He's going to get reelected till the day he dies, anyway.

    4, or 5 times a year he has a five martini lunch, and goes listen to whoever has a bee under their bonnet. The rest of the time, it's the "good life."

  2. Via unnamed website:

    Jim Newell at Gawker lets us know that “Republicans [Are] Not Too Happy About the Timing of George W. Bush’s Memoir”:

    The Daily Beast’s Matt Latimer — a former White House speechwriter near the end of Bush’s reign who just sat around meetings quietly and then trashed his former boss in his own whiny memoir, released last fall — notes that while Bush’s book, Decision Points, won’t come out until after the election, the pre-release hoopla will be well underway in October.

    “Former President George W. Bush and his corral of Texas-based surrogates are preparing to flood the airwaves in anticipation of his new memoir, another step in a carefully crafted rehabilitation strategy. The publication date of Bush’s Decision Points is set for early November, one week after the congressional elections. But, as with any likely bestseller, the details of the book are certain to leak out earlier-meaning the Bush years could be re-litigated and re-explored during the final, pivotal weeks of the campaign.

    [...] “Monumentally bad timing” was the reaction of one former Bush aide who learned of the book release date. Another prominent conservative compared the Bushies’ public-relations savvy to LeBron James. “Selfish and stupid” was another noted right-wing columnist’s reaction.”...

    Fall is going to be fun.

  3. Right now a lot of people actually saying, "Ok, the joke's getting old, bring back President Bush!"

  4. "I admit it. When I first heard there are actual tournaments for Rock-paper-scissors, sanctioned by the World Rock Paper Scissors Society, I laughed. I mean seriously, $50k to the winner of a game that requires no skill whatsoever? Absurd. Boy was I wrong."

  5. Dem Rep. Peter Stark Says Federal Government Can “Do Most Anything” It Wants

    Except protect HUMINT sources:

    Taliban ‘hunting down informants’ on Wikileaks

  6. Right now a lot of people actually saying, "Ok, the joke's getting old, bring back President Bush!"

    - T

    A lot of people as in enough to fill all the beds in a decent-sized mental institution?

  7. I may not want Bush back...

    But I sure as hell want Obama, Pelosi and Reid retired...

  8. Californians to pay $33.5K for a Chevy Volt which costs $81K to produce & taxpayers picking up the rest

  9. I'd start drinking heavily now, What Is.

  10. It's out of here for us today, all the plays were arily nothing, I got to know two of my daughter's suitors, I am happy with both, I make no choice, it is not my place to chose, is it, I' have conquered the Bosie,there's my choice, sinking hymph or floating Royal Coachman, and I have a vote, this november. You do too.

  11. How can you say that WiO and Trish? Obama was asked to grade himself and he says he deserves a grade of "incomplete". He hasn't completed the destruction of the American economy and our values yet. You need to give him a chance.

  12. "He hasn't completed the destruction of the American economy and our values yet."

    Is this why you has the sad face?

  13. Cheer up, T.

  14. I wonder if anyone here would contribrute to the "Total Transformation Program" for Rat, it's spendy, but amongst us all, not that much, and it seems to work, at least for a while.

    This is something we should speak seriously about among outselves.

  15. Perhaps a transformed Rat would be a Linear Thinker or a
    Quirk, they at least don't have Rat's animosity and bite/bite plus the got a sense of humour, totally lacking in the black rat.

  16. Selfish and stupid is kind in defining George Bush.

  17. No George Bush :: No Barack Hussein Obama

  18. Yeah, well, he's gone. (Although, with his memoir, choosing unwisely to remind everyone that he was here and was the decider.)

    We merely deal with the aftermath.

  19. The aftermath is a bitch.

    I'm goin' to the continental breakfast.

    After being exhausted by my wife last night.

  20. Meanwhile, Newt wants to reheat and re-serve the central (Republican) enthusiasm of those years:


    The former speaker of the House gets the war on terror. For one thing, he refuses to call it the “war on terror,” which should be the entry-level requirement for any politician who wants to influence how we wage it. Gingrich grasps that there is an enemy here and that it is a mortal threat to freedom. He knows that if we are to remain a free people, it is an enemy we must defeat. That enemy is Islamism, and its operatives — whether they come as terrorists or stealth saboteurs — are the purveyors of sharia, Islam’s authoritarian legal and political system.

    This being the Era of the Reset Button, Gingrich is going about the long-overdue business of resetting our understanding of the civilizational jihad that has been waged against the United States for some 31 years. It is the jihad begun when Islamists overran the American embassy in Tehran, heralding a revolutionary regime that remains the No. 1 U.S. security challenge in the Middle East, as Gingrich argued Thursday in a provocative speech at the American Enterprise Institute.


  21. Yeah, Newt's got the answer. He's gonna build the Afghanis some highways. That'll do it.

  22. as far as rat goes one needs to look no further than Brenkinridge Long and his role in the SS St. Louis. Mr. Long worked for the state dept. and was responsible for obstructing visas for those people, at least half of which wound up getting sent to gas chambers.

  23. Apparently so does the president, as Afghan highway construction continues.

  24. Guvmint programs, Trish. Once they get started they're almost impossible to stop.

    I'm sure we'll still be funding highways there ten years from now. I doubt even a President Ron Paul could stop it.

  25. "I'm sure we'll still be funding highways there ten years from now."

    If they keep blowing them up we will.

  26. Trish, those "craters" in the highways are, primarily, in spots where our Humvees used to be.

  27. That does happen, rufus. But the Bad Guys also quite literally target the roads themselves.

  28. Well, just shows to go you.

    I'm sure they can blow'em up quicker than we can build'em.

    It's just insanity. And, we've got a Trillion Dollar Deficit.


  29. Well the wife and daughter have convertibled outta here, that means I ride shotgun with Nick, later in the day, when he gets up, it has been a good break, would have been better if no computer, but all the motels have 'em now, can't break the habit For awhile, you get the feeling....politics don't mean shit.

    Boise is a nice place, nice streets, good area, recommened by me.

  30. Almost everybody in Boise is the same color, so there isn't much racism around, I did see two people protesting "unfair labor practices" by the new LDS Church, but wasn't able to get a photo of it.

    Something about going out of union guild lines. Also, their crossword puzzle here in the papaer is a little tougher than the one at home, but, ol' bob masterered it, with a little scratching of the head. No cheating though, did it on my own, with a little help from the wife, but that's not cheating, you know.

    Bottom's Dream is deep--for them that think bout it. A most mysterious dream.....

    You all got prayed for, the first and last time I do that. In the future, I'll be more discriminatint, as the buddha said we should.

  31. rufus said...
    Well, just shows to go you.

    I'm sure they can blow'em up quicker than we can build'em.

    It's just insanity. And, we've got a Trillion Dollar Deficit.



  32. EPA to Crack Down on Farm Dust

    Feds are abso-fucking-lutely out of control. Mind bogglingly out of this universe stupid.

    Have any of those idiots ever been out of the city limits of DC? Have they ever seen a tractor plowing a field? Have they, in their almighty omniscience, created an anti-dust agent?

    DR, rodeos and horse shows can't be far down the list of dust causing events. Will be interesting to see how you will defend Obama on this one.

    I guess EPA is gonna hold citizens responsible for tornados next.

  33. Rockets hit Israel and Jordan resorts

    Ooooh, I just hope the Jordanians do not respond as they did '70.

  34. Rockets hit Israel and Jordan resorts

    Ooooh, I just hope the Jordanians do not respond as they did '70.

  35. “The most interesting numbers in the release were not about the second quarter at all – they were revisions for 2007, 2008 and 2009. These showed that the recession was even deeper than previously thought. Output in 2009 was 1 per cent below the previous estimate. “

    These people are going to monitor socialized health care.

    One could say they are stupid, but they do have control of the money.

    O, they also control the Ministry of Truth.

    Bernanke faces US growth mysteries

  36. Sorry, that "Anaonymous" post about the EPA regulating farm dust was me. Was so infuriated I forgot to add my name.

  37. Wonder what Obama and/or Gibbs will say in response to this:

    Palin on Illegal Immigration- 'Jan Brewer Has the Cojones Our President Does Not have"

    She Alinskied his ass: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

  38. The building case for bombing Iran

    Accused Fort Hood Shooter Nidal Hasan Can't Find a Bank Willing to Cash His Checks

    Gosh, if Hasan is convicted (an eventuality requiring first a trial and then a conviction) he will owe a large debt to the US. That said it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that the USA treats mass murdering traitors with compassion.

    Given the level of confidence by his superiors in which Hasan basked, doubtless he would gladly counsel young PFC Manning – one last play for the home team.

    “The research will be unwelcome in the hard-green movement, as it appears to undermine the direct connection between human carbon emissions and global warming…”
    O Happy Day! …another bubble burst :D
    Boffins: Arctic cooled to pre-industrial levels from 1950-1990

  39. God, I leave, a new thread starts, and even still they keep talking about little old me!

    Warms my heart to see all the concern for my well being.

    Fear not, for I am just fine and dandy!

    We have water trucks to control the dust, along with a salt compound that is added to the dirt, to reduce dust particles.

    We professional cowboys spend money on that kind of stuff, in pursuit of keeping the air we breathe clean and the water our horses drink pure, incessantly.

    Why I saw a water truck on craigslist, just this morning, described as just perfect for watering arenas.

  40. All good citizens are concerned about particulate pollution. Here in AZ there is a virus, "Valley Fever", that is transmitted in the dust. Quite nasty to some of the folk that contract it.

    To not control the dust, a criminal case here in AZ, for years now.
    No need for Federal regulations, AZ leads the way on particulate control.

    Lead, follow or get out of the way!

    Whether on immigration or particulate pollution, that's where we are, ahead of the curve.

    If Obama has brought the Federals on board, good on him!

  41. Great seeing that the Federals are showing some concern about particulate pollution.

    All you need, is water trucks, to control that dust. To keep from sullying the neighbors property.

    Dusting out the neighbors is inconsiderate, to say the least.
    Criminal, too.

  42. I wonder if Obama is taking fiddle lessons?

  43. It is 105 degrees here in North Texas today. The South wind feels as if someone is holding a hair dryer on you.

  44. Yep, Sheriff Joe will have his deputies on your property in heartbeat, if the dust is a blowin' durin' a ropin'.

    Big fines for that infraction of the Law.

    Bigger than for hiring an illegal to clean the horse stalls.

  45. Here, another water truck that is available.

    $2,000 is all it takes, to conform to the Law.

    If you can't pay, don't play.

  46. Mr Jones, of the Dallas Cowboys, is negotiating to bring the National Finals Rodeo to Dallas/Fort Worth.

    Take it from Las Vegas, move it to Texas. Probably be a good deal, all around.
    But one thing I do know, for sure, Mr Jones will be on top of the particulates, he will not be allowing Cowboy Stadium to become a dust bowl.

  47. Mr. Jones is in need of some serious renters of his new facility.

    The Boys games will not be enough to pay for it.

    He will be having concerts, tractor pulls, hockey games, basket ball games, and anything else he can think of to bring in revenue. I promise you a little dust will not stop him.

  48. He'll control that dust, gag.

    It's not a big deal, to do so.

  49. Those PRCA cowboys, their not much for suckin' on dust.

    Nope, they are concerned about their own health, bein' professional athletes and all.

  50. Yeah, I've noticed those "Bull Riders" are the very embodiment of "concern for health." :)

  51. Wouldn't want to get any dust up the little nosie,

    While a Two-Ton Bull is, administering a proctology with a 12 inch horn, and simultaneously trampling on every unbroken, and broken, bone left in their bodies.

    Nope, wouldn't want That.

  52. The bull riders, rufus, are concerned about the mental health benefits they'll be eligible for, under the new ObamaCare regulations.

  53. Those bull riders, rufus, they're wearing kevlar vests and crash helmets, as often as not, any more.

    Bunch of wimps.

    Not like the 'good old days' when one of the stars of the sport, Lane Frost, got himself killed trying to ride "Takin' Care of Business".

    One bad ass bull, to be sure.

  54. The emoticon for the "Mental Health Benefits" comment, Not related to comment on tragic death of Young, World Champion, Bull-Rider.

  55. All righty then.

    I guess I now know who to come and see regarding all things particulate.

    The master of bear roping, bull riding, and particulate control.

    Truly a renaissance man.


  56. DR,

    It is truly a shame that you did not pick up on my challenge in defense of Pirenne. If nothing else, you would have learned the correct spelling of his name.

    Now, on to other Jews to disparage:
    “Miller was born in 1911, in Rochester, N.Y., son of a Russian Jewish immigrant wrought-iron worker and a seamstress. He graduated from the Eastman School of Music of the University of Rochester.”

    Conductor Mitch Miller dies at age 99

  57. No need to investigate your reference source, allen, that's for you to do, not me.

    If you did not spell his name correctly, that's on you, amigo.
    Not on me.

    I could not give a fart in the wind about a college professor and his peers. They are of no import in the real whirled outside the halls of governmentally subsidized academia.

    It is to bad you could not tell us of the Islamic influence in the Punic Wars, nor of its' impact upon Alexander's campaign through Afghanistan.

    That's what I am still waiting for, not a recap of collegiate peer reviews.

    My point is that the "West's" existential conflicts are geographical, historically and currently, not religious.

    Nothing you have posted challenges that.
    Not a single thing.

  58. Mark it: you've all been prayed for, even you sinners, I made a point of it for sure.

    It was 'tough going' at times, I had to grit my teeth, particularily when I got to Rufus, and lie a little bit, but I got through it.

    We're home again now, never did see niece Emily, if she can't get her arse up to Denney's Restuarant, the hell with her.

    But I will remember that girl that played Helena, and how she can twitch her butt, twitch, twitch so inviting, so perfectly twitched, just right, on all fours, howling to the moon.

    It's spendy, but I'm goin' to 'Othello' next month. Now that I got the Boise River nailed, and in my sights.

    Royal Coachman is all you need, nothing fancy.

    Really neat outdoor theater. Holds a thousand. It's fun watching the bourgeoisie ladies of Boise get all likkered up, they don't have a clue what's going on in the play, and couldn't care less, but they sure can eat and drink. It' the ladies night out.

  59. DR said,

    “It is to bad you could not tell us of the Islamic influence in the Punic Wars, nor of its' impact upon Alexander's campaign through Afghanistan.”

    That would be no more possible than an explication on the influence of T. Rex on the above or the impact of Fat Man on the outcome Tours. But, DR, why? You silly little man, you have answered your own question. Nothing of import would suffice to dispel your delusions, to wit:

    "I could not give a fart in the wind about a college professor and his peers. They are of no import in the real whirled outside the halls of governmentally subsidized academia. "

    Yes, Little One, they do, as evidenced by our ability to have this exchange. Left to fools like you and your pals, we would still be picking buffalo manure for undigested seeds.

  60. DR would fit right in with the bourgeoisie ladies of Boise, who don't know a damn thing, but love good food and drink, and distraction.

  61. Once again allen is at a loss to defend his position that Islam is the problem, not geography. His Zionist propaganda not able to adapt to the reality of the whirled and its' history.

    He plays the religion card, over and again, because stocking fear of Islam, while claiming that Israel is part of the "West" and not the "Russian East" is the stock and trade of the Russian Zionists.

    While they ally themselves with the Wahhabi. Funny stuff, really.

  62. All the Semites, part and parcel with the Wahhabi, all part of the same root language grouping, while they all try to demonize the Persians.

    Which is not hard to do, demonize the Persians, that is.
    They are despicable, but then again, the US does not fund them to the extent we fund the Zionists or the Wahhabi.

    We just finance water treatment plants for the Persians.

    We do not subsidize their debts.
    Nor send the Persians a Billion USD a day, as we do with the Wahhabi.

    Anyone that would tell you that the US is at war with Islam, while we pay the Wahhabi a Billion a day for oil that we could easily replace with ethanol, is a fool.

  63. Which would definitely include the boobie from Idaho.

  64. In denial of reality, that is what each of you that claim the US is a war with Islam are guilty of.

    We are joined at the hip with the Wahhabi, not at war with them.

    And, funny stuff, the more ardent the Zionist supporter is, the more likely they are to deny the virtues of replacing Wahhabi oil with ethanol.

    Excepting wi"o", who stands apart, in that regard.

  65. But good old mat, he was a Wahhabi supporter to the core of his inner being.

    Advocating for magic batteries that have yet to be invented.

    As are all of the "Drill, Baby, Drill" supporters. Believing that the US could increase domestic oil production by 20% a year and maintain that increased production level for the next fifty to one hundred years.

    Foolish is a benign description of that position.

  66. Just because one believes we should tap our domestic oil reserves does not mean that believes what you allege.

    It's possible to support nuclear, ethanol, solar, coal, etc and still believe that we should "drill, baby, drill."

  67. We're home again now, never did see niece Emily, if she can't get her arse up to Denney's Restuarant, the hell with her.

    Well, heck Bob. It was your own fault.

    You made the mistake of telling her you were coming.


  68. Right, it's like, I'm for the Wahhabi--like I'm the only farmer in America that is against ethonol--like, I'm the only farmer in America doesn't want a new crop--like I'm against nuclear--it too damn scary--like, I against everything--like you are so full of shit--it's like I.m actually in favor of anything that WORKS

  69. I think Emily is all wired up about her man, good lady, she don't have the time for me, god bless her.

    Let her fuck her guts out, it's her time.

  70. But I'm tellin' ya, the Boise River is fishable.

    I even got a wave from two girls on bikes.

  71. Let me lay it out really clear--I'm for energy independence, and I'm for anything that works.

  72. Nidal Hasan recieves over $6000 a month plus a $15,000 bonus and his lawyer is crying that NO BANK WILL CASH HIS CHECK!

  73. Bob there's some damn good eating at Boise Stage Stop, exit 71.

  74. Maxine Waters, who huffed bout taking over 'the energy sector' is in deep do-do.

    Something bout stealing money, or something.

  75. Anon is totally wrong in his statement.

    Drill, Baby, Drill supports the United State's continued addiction to oil, it supports the Wahhabi.

    That is the reality.

    Support for nuclear, solar and all else, other than ethanol, supports the Wahhabi.

    None of the others can fuel the fleet of vehicles we have and is a diversion of effort from the solution that can.

    That's the fact, anon, no doubt of it.

    A nuclear power plant cannot fuel a single existing Ford or Plymouth.

    The US does not have the oil reserves to allow self sufficiency for ourselves for the next decade, let alone 100 years.

    A addict will not recover by changing pushers.

  76. Shit Teresita, there's so many exits it makes my mind confused.

    But, I believe you.

    We went to the Air Warfare Museum. They had a good right up bout Pappy Boyington.

  77. He was from
    Coeur d' Alene you know, just like Sarah Palin.

  78. Support for nuclear, solar and all else, other than ethanol, supports the Wahhabi

    Goddamn your a dumb son bitch.

  79. Speaking of oil. It popped, today. $81.50/barrel.

    I kinda think it'll bounce around this area for a few weeks, before it takes off for the mid to high eighties.

  80. I get my electric from local hydro, how is that supporting the Wahhabi?

    It may have harmed the steelhead runs, but the light switch works.

  81. Besides, to extract all the oil reserves will deplete our National Heritage, our stockpile for the future.

    It steals from our children and grand children.

    But those that spend considerable time contemplating their death seem to care little about the future of their society.

    Selfish little turds, those that are afraid of moving on, into the future. Looking back with faulty memory and forward with fear.

  82. Hydro does not, boob, but then you have advocated for removing the dams, to help the fish.

    You have not advocated for a single new dam, that I can recall.

  83. Chances are that dam that provides you electricity is over 40 years old, correct?

  84. But those that spend considerable time contemplating their death

    And why wouldn't one, the bliss, true bliss, of being away from you....forever!

    In that place of compassion, there is no hatred.....only the purer sort go there.....

  85. They planned for the future, for the children, back in the day.
    They did not advocate for exploiting the last of the non-renewable resources for themselves.

    And to the devil with the future generations of Americans. Oil is needed for things other than fuel, truth be known.

    It is a limited resource that must, should, be used with care, not abandon.
    Especially our domestic supplies.

  86. I've advocated taking the dams out, and replacing them with nuclear reactors, yes.

    Seems like a good plan to me.

    I'm against introducing the wolves, to kill our elk, too,

    We're morons, taken all in all.

  87. Especially when there is a viable alternative.

  88. Put three or four nukes on the Snake, tear the dams out, you'd have a steelhead and salmon surge, everybody happy, the light switch works.

  89. Well, that "faulty memory" part sure seems familiar.

    I think i was was thinking about that just a few days ago; but I can't remember. :(

  90. And that, boob, is why you support the Wahhabi.

    You want to waste our current production, and spend our limited economic resources to replace what needs not be replaced.

    To destroy what works, for something else. Foolish is to nice a word for that wastefulness.

    Especially when it will not, not even a little, diminish our need for foreign oil, will not help our balance of payments challenge, nor save the life of a single soldier.

  91. Though it would cost more to get grain to market, to Portland. But, we can deal with that.

  92. You decry the government having any authority on your own land usage, but demand that the government stop others from using their lands as they deem fitting.

    You are a hypocrite of the highest degree.

  93. A poor family's electricity bills go up from tearing down $0.02/kwh dams, and installing $0.17/kwh Nuclear just so a handful of old farts can "flyfish?"

    Are you fucking kidding me?

  94. You are a moron rat nothing you say makes any sense.

  95. Rufus, my daughter's electric bill last month


    beat it, if you can

  96. Bob, I have no idea "where" she lives, at what "altitude" she lives, does she use air-conditioning, an electric range, more than one tv, computers, 5 star appliances, does she buy her electricity from a hydro, coal, or nuclear, etc, etc?

    Such an anecdote is totally useless.

  97. No, rufus, he is not kidding, he is an idiot.

    Sad, but true.

  98. He cries when his city uses its' regulatory powers with regards his own land, but advocates for NYCity to deny the lawful use of land owned by others.

    Others that he does not like, nor respect. He would deny them property rights that he believes are rightfully his.

    Then says that he does not understand the concept.

    He is is both a hypocrite and an idiot.

  99. Ruf, she lives in Coeur d 'Alene, the apartment is well insulated, and since I'm not paying the bills no more, she's learned to switch the lights off.

    We do have low rates here, due to our hydropower.


  100. You are an absolutely piece of shit rathole, everyvbody knows it, and you just keep goin' and goin'

    It's really sad


  101. Hydro power that boob would destroy and replace with high cost nuclear.

    That is his "solution" to the "energy crisis".

    Could not be any more idiotic, if he was trying to be. Almost makes you think he was acting, but he is not.

    This, plus his past antics, makes me believe he is seriously mentally ill.

  102. boobie makes bull riders look smart.

  103. The fisheries, dumb shit, that's what they all want

    the fisheries

    Dumb shit you just "don't get it"

  104. Our most immediate problem, of course, is affordable transportation fuels. That's the one that's going to bite us in the ass, fairly soon.

    It's, also, disturbing to see various "Conservatives" running around yapping about "we have 100 years supply of coal."

    First off, even if we did, that would be at "present" use. And, then of course, you'd say, "well that covers the kids, what about the grandkids?"

    But, the real problem is: we don't have anywhere near "100 years of coal." Coal is like oil; you take the biggest, best, most accessible, highest grade deposits First, and Then you "Peak."

    After that, the "Flow" slowly declines. We could be looking at only a couple of decades, or less, for That to occur.

  105. Still waiting for the ol' Peak Oil, that we were supposed to hit in 1997, 2005, 2009, etc...

  106. Nuclear is "Exploding" in cost. It's, absolutely, Impossible to get a Nuke built w/o Government Loan Guarantees. And, Then, you're looking at $15 Billion, and up.

  107. US oil production, Ms T, may or may not have "peaked", rufus will know, but it is not that important, to the discussion.

    There is no way that the US could increase oil production by the 20%. That is the amount of oil that the Wahhabi provide to US, which we then burn.

    $1 Billion per day, poured into the Persian Gulf.

    That is the real issue. US oil reserves are not adequate to supply the US with 100% of its' needs.

    Not next year.
    Not for the next 100 years.

  108. The Good news is: Wind is cheap, and getting cheaper, and Solar Costs are falling (already less than Nuclear.)

    I don't believe there's a "County" in the Southeast that couldn't use a combination of Renewables - including the biomass (lignin) from my foreseen cellulosic ethanol plants - to virtually eliminate the need for any fossil fuel/nuclear based electricity, whatsoever.

  109. But ethanol can supply that 20% and more, for the next 100 years.

    There is no other viable solution near the table, let alone on it.

  110. i don't believe in peek oil--I believe in this--

    He kissed my neck
    And my shirt fell to my waist

    He kissed my breasts,
    And my shorts fell to the floor

    He kissed my tummy
    And my shoes fell to the floor

    He kissed
    And I can;'t tell you no more

  111. While boobie pines for yesterday's technology, technology that has failed to live up to its' promises of cheap and clean energy.

    Nuclear provides neither.

    It is not cheap, nor is it clean.

    If it was clean, there'd be no need for a Yucca Valley solution

  112. Oh, goody, goody, goody, Here we go again. Start the presses. Call out an ambulance.

    Big Iron

  113. Well, right now, T, 2005 was it.

    The U.S. peaked in 1972 at a little less than 11 Million bpd (about twice our current production.)

    Oil was, if I remember correctly, in the $10.00 to $15.00 range in 2001, and, today we're sitting at $81.00/bbl.

  114. This one fits the Bar and Bait Shop, a bit better.

  115. No, DR, when you both are off the meds, this is the tune and the message link

    Um, Um, Um, Keep me where the light is.

  116. You projecting again, allen.

    I take no meds, don't drink any more, much less really, and eat healthy.

    Life is good, the guns are clean.
    Dogs are healthy, cattle fat.

    You should stay in the light, as the darkness could scare the likes of you.

    Everything else does.

  117. As for your last comment in that last thread, allen.

    I never claimed your college professor had any Jewish bigotry connected to him, just that by avoiding the campaigns of the Persians in Greece and the destruction of Athens, of Alexander conquering Persia and marching through Afghanistan, of Caesar in Egypt, Hannibal in Italy, his father in Spain, there were many existential threats to "Western Civilization" that have come from what is now the Islamic Arc.

    Well before there ever was an Islamic Arc.

    Your college professor, through your post, ignored those existential challenges, focusing on the more recent events.

    That was the cherry picking. No mention of Hannibal, no mention of Alexander, no mention of Caesar.

    Ignoring what did not fit the formula you were trying to advance, according to your interpretation of his work.

    Since you did not provide a link, all we have is what you told us. Which was cheery pick, to avoid the existential wars that came before the Age of Abraham.

    Has nothing to do with Judaism, that I know of.
    Is that professor a Jew, I have no idea, and do not really care.

    Though you do seem to care about the religion of folks, it is the center of your public persona, your persecution complex. Coupled with fear mongering and statements that 'we' do not have enough fire power and should arm up. This in what is already the most heavily armed society and culture on the planet.

  118. This comment has been removed by the author.

  119. That the Zionist promote the idea that the "West" is at war with Islam, a well known reality.

    A constant hue and cry that is without real substance, and not historically accurate.

    The general historical conflict is regionally geographic, in nature, with the religions of the antagonists merely along for the ride.

    That is the historical reality, as exemplified by the Punic Wars.

  120. It's amazing to me that dickhead should attack me about energy, when I've said


    But dickhead has his ways.

  121. No, boobie, you said you were in favor of tearing out the hydro dams and replacing them with nuclear plants, just a half dozen posts ago.

    You are a wasteful Wahhabi sympathizer.
    Wanting US to waste our resources, replacing low cost hydro-electric energy production with high cost nuclear energy production, in the pursuit of better fishing.

    You are certifiably nuts.

  122. Rat, you are certifiably nuts. I don't think you are dangerous, yet. But, close.

  123. You support Drill, Baby, Drill and its' main spokeswoman.

    You favor the continued addition to oil by the United States, as does the Republican leadership.

    The Republican politicos, they've been bought and paid for, by the Wahhabi, you follow blindly in their footsteps, without even collecting a fee.

    Drill, Baby, Drill will not work, yet you favor it, advocate for it.
    The numbers tell the tale.

    You support burning our children's oil, today, and do not want to sell governmental assets, to lower the national debt, leaving our posterity behind the eight ball.

    You are just a selfish old hypocrite.

  124. godalmighty, how do you criticize a man that's in favor of anything that works?

    Your are nuts.


  125. Your position has totally reversed, boobie, in the course of seven of your posts.

    You've supported Mrs Palin, which means you support the Wahhabi. That is what Drill, Baby, Drill means. It may work, for the Wahhabi and their agents in our government.

    But it will not work for the average US citizen. It will bankrupt them, in the long term.

    Which you wholeheartedly support.

    You support massive government debt, the acquisition of ever more authority by the Federal government.
    You support the denial of normal property right for those whose religious views you do not hold.
    You want to deny equal rights to all, while complaining to anyone that may be listening when you perceive your own property rights being infringed upon.

    You support the deployment of hundreds of thousands of our soldiers around the whirled, you continue to support nation building in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    You do not support raising taxes, nor do you support cutting Government spending, which means you support borrowing ever more money from the Chinese.

    The total we've borrowed from Charlie Chi-com, the full financial expense of our adventure in Iraq, which you have fully supported for a decade.

    Your mind is not fully functional, now, if it ever was.

  126. rathole, I've always been for 'anything that works'.

  127. WASHINGTON (AFP) – Amid growing clamor against the war in Afghanistan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates has cautioned that large numbers of US troops will remain even after a "limited" July 2011 drawdown.

    Despite mounting casualties and public doubts, Gates said Sunday the US-led force was making headway and Taliban insurgents would not be able to wait out American forces because a major troop withdrawal was not on the horizon.

    "I think we need to reemphasize the message that we are not leaving Afghanistan in July of 2011," said Gates, referring to a deadline set by President Barack Obama for the start of a withdrawal.

    "My personal opinion is that drawdowns early on will be of fairly limited numbers," he told ABC's "This Week."

    Asked if the Taliban could simply "run out the clock" until the mid-2011 target, Gates said that he would "welcome that, because we will be there in the 19th month, and we will be there with a lot of troops."


    Almost assuredly to be amended in the near future to no troop withdrawals in the summer of 2011.

  128. Gloomy interactive map:

    Sullivan calls it something like the Map of Democrat Doom for midterms.

    Most recent generic ballot polling is 48% R/42% D, reversing a brief Dem resurgence.

    November might not produce my bubbling hot tub of schadenfreude and self-satisfaction. What to do, what to do?

  129. It was a hot day in Idaho, but daddy needed some cigarettes. So Svetlana made another trip to Walmart. She's devoted to daddy.

  130. David Klinghoffer's op-ed in the LAT is making the rounds:


    Once, the iconic figures on the political right were urbane visionaries and builders of institutions -- like William F. Buckley Jr., Irving Kristol and Father Richard John Neuhaus, all dead now. Today, far more representative is potty-mouthed Internet entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart, whose news and opinion website,, is read by millions. In his most recent triumph, Breitbart got a U.S. Department of Agriculture official pushed out of her job after he released a deceptively edited video clip of her supposedly endorsing racism against white people.

    What has become of conservatism?

    Buckley's National Review, where I was the literary editor through the 1990s, remains as vital and interesting as ever. But more characteristic of conservative leadership are figures on TV, radio and the Internet who make their money by stirring fears and resentments. With its descent to baiting blacks, Mexicans and Muslims, its accommodation of conspiracy theories and an increasing nastiness and vulgarity, the conservative movement has undergone a shift toward demagoguery and hucksterism. Once the talk was of "neocons" versus "paleocons." Now we observe the rule of the crazy-cons.


  131. Careful, Trish. That shit will rot your brain.

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. "What to do, what to do?"

    Start inching your way back from the abyss, from becoming the liberal thinking statist bureaucrat that is despised among the independent.

    Do it before it is too late.

    However, before being caught up in a cosmic game of Pong, adrift between right and left, stop in the dark middle, the land of "They are all dicks."

    Rufus and I bid you welcome.

    "I go now to prepare a place for you."