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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some peaceful morning music

Last night Rufus Quirk recommended some rocking Bruce Springsteen for this morning,  judging by the late night crowd, I think something quiet might be more in order.
MeLoDy said...

Shots of vodka all night and yuengling since 12:00. The only problem I had was the hot tub shut down and after I got it to work there must have been a short some where because when I put my hand in the water to see if the temperature was rising the fucking thing electrocuted me.
Sun Aug 15, 02:10:00 AM EDT

MeLoDy said...

Oh and I also lost my nose ring which might be in the ice cream cake Chele smashed in my face tonight. It's just an inconvenience to go out tomorrow and buy a new one.
Sun Aug 15, 02:47:00 AM EDT


  1. Some warlike Sunday warnings--

    10. Libertyship46
    The real question is whether or not the Russians will start to fuel Iran’s nuclear reactor at Bushehr by August 21st. Some people say yes, some say no. But if they do, we have started to reach the point of no return. Forget about anything happening next year. If the Russians DO start fueling the Iranian nuclear facility, you could see an Israeli attack on Iran in the next week or so. Remember, Iraeli aircraft attacked nuclear facilities in Iraq (under Saddam Hussein) and in Syria before they became operational, NOT after. If the fueling does begin in Iran, bombing the facility in Bushehr could release a lot of radiation and cause substantial military deaths and nuclear contamination. So if the Russians are really serious about August 21, an attack could come very, very, soon.

    Is our man/boy president ready for all of this? I doubt it. Also remember that all sorts of nasty things tend to happen in August, just before an election. It always seems to help the party in power, but this time it could actually throw the fear of God into the American public because this president is so inept and inexperienced.

    Will an Israeli attack happen? If the Russians actually fuel that nuclear power plant, count on it, and the Russians know it. If I were the president, I’d start talking to Mr. Putin and try to convince him that having an Iran armed with nuclear weapons not far from his own border would not be in his best interest, especially if the Iranians give a bomb to some radical Muslim group inside Russia. Start making the point that Russia will have as much to lose in this as we, or the Israelis, do. And if that doesn’t work, tell Putin that we would love to build closer ties with the former Soviet Republic of Georgia and that we’d love to start building a NATO base there. At least that will get his attention.

    That's what I've been thinking.

    Maybe it's time to start drinking.

  2. Why Should We Help People That Hate US?

    The Telegraph asks why we are not being generous to the suffering Pakis:

    The floods in Pakistan have killed 1,600 people and affected millions more, unleashing a dreadful cycle of hunger and disease. By any standards, this is an authentic disaster, and one of which anyone who reads a newspaper or watches television will be well aware. Yet the rich world has responded to Pakistan's suffering with a puzzling lack of generosity.
    Just compare the amount of money given to relieve the damage caused by the floods with the donations that followed other recent catastrophes. In the first 10 days after the earthquake in Haiti, international organisations raised $742 million for the victims; this time, they received less than one 16th of that sum. In the first week after the tsunami hit South Asia in 2004, the British public alone donated £100 million. The amount we have given so far to alleviate the suffering in Pakistan? Less than £10 million.

    One explanation for our relative stinginess may be the lack of evocative images on television. Flood damage simply doesn't look as disastrous as the aftermath of an earthquake. Pity and compassion are not primarily rational responses, and a dry argument that people need help is rarely sufficiently powerful to persuade anyone to donate. For that, your emotions have to be engaged – and few things generate pity like images of people in agony. Haiti's earthquake provided plenty of those, as did the Asian tsunami. The Pakistan floods have not.

    *Pakistanis have a negative view of the United States (68 percent)

    *Pakistani Muslims overwhelmingly welcome Islamic influence over their country’s politics. Nearly nine-in-ten (88 percent) of those who see Islam playing a large role say that is a good thing.

    *A solid majority of Pakistanis polled said they would favor making gender segregation in the workplace a law in the country (85 percent)
    as well as punishments like whippings and cutting off of hands for crimes like theft and robbery (82 percent), and stoning people who commit adultery (82 percent).

  3. Obama can't help himself on showing his pr├ędilection for all things Islamic.

    What a political genius!

    I just pray the SOB goes wind surfing in Martha's Vineyard.

    As-Salaam-Alaikum mutterficker!

  4. Thanks Whit. I was just coming in to see what I had inadvertently entertained you with last night and which comments I needed to take down. I guess there aren't any or at least not now.

    The long day is over

  5. Genius enough, to be the President, Deuce.

    Genius enough to be the man behind the desk.

    Beat the other political geniuses at their own game.

    Even when he is gone from Pennsylvania Ave, the rest of the Federals, they'll still be in place.

    Large and in charge.

  6. I hate to admit, the Springsteen piece was Quirk's.

  7. 'Twenty Million Homeless' In Pakistan Floods...

    ...anger grows

    Cholera and riots...

    Maybe Osama will build them some more day care centers for working mothers.

  8. It's always flooding in Pakistan. It's called "the monsoon."

    That's why only "Pakistanis" live there. Kind of like India.

  9. Do you think this might be a little much

    In Trish's words, "Oh hell yes!"

  10. Then I'll stick to the simple diamond stud.

  11. Maybe the Pakis will question the billions spent on building a nuke, funding the Taliban and other assorted anti western activities rather than improving building standards...

    but then again?

    maybe allah is punishing them for being jew haters?

    screw them...

    enjoy the pain jackasses...

  12. Currently woody biomass, generally sawdust and the residue of scrub timber, is used predominantly by sawmill operators to heat kilns where timber that is harvested for commercial wood products is dried.

    “The forest products industry across the country produces between two-thirds and three-fourths of its own energy,” Jarvis said. “We’re nearly energy self-sufficient, and yet these rules would force us to stop using wood by-products for energy.”

    Jarvis said if the EPA rules go into effect, saw mills would be forced to change their fuel for the kilns, generally converting to natural gas or electric. He said the conversion would be too costly for many operators and cause them to go out of business.

    The EPA has Fucking Gone Insane.

  13. You think the Oil and Gas industry doesn't own the EPA? Really?

  14. This isn't about "sawmills."

    This is about Cellulosic Ethanol.

    If this stands it Kills Cellulosic Ethanol. Period.

    This is the most complete, long-term fucking the Obama Administration could possibly have given us.

  15. rufus: This is the most complete, long-term fucking the Obama Administration could possibly have given us.

    Naw, allowing Iran to go HOT with Nukes will be worse..

  16. Shit, nukes in Iran ain't nothing compared to this.

  17. rufus said...
    Shit, nukes in Iran ain't nothing compared to this.

    Tell me that when the world is engulfed in a nuclear holocaust...

    Obama and his LAWS can be overturned...

    Iran and NUKES? It's a genie coming out of a bottle that will make all else look small

  18. lie


    A false statement deliberately presented as being true; a falsehood.

    Something meant to deceive or give a wrong impression.

    In scrolling yesterday's link this morning, I note that Quirk had much to say. I read none of it and have no intention of doing so. Because I am a trained speed reader, I saw may name prominently displayed. No matter how often my name is displayed, I will not read or respond to his comments. He has wasted far too much of my time.

    By now, any objective reader will know the position of the EB regulars on the Liberty matter. Such a reader will probably form opinions of motive that come close to the mark.

    PS: Israel 13, Yahoos 0

  19. Iran is not going to attack the U.S., and Israel will just have to take care of itself. They have missile defense systems, and "Thermo-Nuclear" Warheads. They'll be fine.

    I'm a thousand times more concerned with what goes on here than I am with what goes on over there.

  20. rufus said...
    Iran is not going to attack the U.S., and Israel will just have to take care of itself. They have missile defense systems, and "Thermo-Nuclear" Warheads. They'll be fine.

    Iran has not stopped attacking the USA for 32 years.

    If you think that all that matters is what happens within the cont USA you are a fool.

    But not to worry, in the end, you will learn one way or another.

    Iran is a strategic threat to the USA. To ignore all the warnings? Do so at your own peril.

    As for Israel? America, under the Obama Regime, is making it clear that Israel has no friends in the world.

    It's going to be bloody. And if you think that after Israel is wiped from the planet you will have peace? Your deluding yourself.

    israel is the canary in the mine and as it stands now? The rest of the world are spineless nitwits.

  21. The greatest danger to Israel is an America that's even More dependent on Arab oil than it is, now. I'm surprised you don't see that.

  22. Iran is not going to attack the U.S., and Israel will just have to take care of itself. They have missile defense systems, and "Thermo-Nuclear" Warheads. They'll be fine.

    I say let the Iranians get their nuke, that way when they get turned into a glass parking lot the glow-in-the-dark survivors can't whine to the media.

    Cue the Scarface DVD:

    Tony Montana: "Chu wanna play rough? Okay! Say hello to my leetle friend!"

  23. In its most recent ruling on green house gasses, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reclassified wood used in energy generation, or woody biomass as it is referred to, the same as it classifies coal. According to the Rule, EPA will count biomass carbon dioxide emissions the same as fossil fuel emissions in permitting programs under the Clean Air Act.

    Rufus, if that shit goes through,
    the University of Idaho will be without heat for awhile, cause we use wood chips to heat the place. Used to use coal, dirty as hell as I recall, now there isn't any, observable, pollution, at all.

    Everything they do is like sabotaging the country, except they took the wolves off the Endangered Species List, I have to give them that. The judge howwever has, or is, putting them back on.

  24. rufus said...
    The greatest danger to Israel is an America that's even More dependent on Arab oil than it is, now. I'm surprised you don't see that.

    it's a great danger...

    But an EMP shot by Nkor or Iran over the east coast or west coast of America will be a graver danger.

  25. Bob, this is going to go right over everyone's head. This is an, absolutely, devastating blow to our future economy, and any dreams of energy independence/less dependence.

  26. rufus said...
    Bob, this is going to go right over everyone's head. This is an, absolutely, devastating blow to our future economy, and any dreams of energy independence/less dependence.

    I aint missing your point...

    I just fear an EMP more...

  27. Eventually, a Republican President, and a Republican Congress, or a Non-Muslim, Non-Communist Democratic President, and Congress will over-ride this, but a lot of forward progress will have been foregone.

    This makes me so goddamned mad I could take an axe to my computer.

  28. "I hate to admit, the Springsteen piece was Quirk's."

    And because I am a person of exceptional discipline, unlike some, I actually waited to listen to it.

  29. That do make you "one weird chick." :)

  30. Whatever's in those wood chips is going back to nature and into the atmospehere one way or other, sooner or later, anyway.

    Deindustrialize America!


  31. It's just the strangest fucking thing imagineable. All you can figure is that they just want to shut us down completely.

  32. rufus said...
    It's just the strangest fucking thing imagineable. All you can figure is that they just want to shut us down completely.

    now you are getting it...

  33. Let me see if I get it: A war between Israel and Iran/Syria/Turkey/Lebanon/PA goes "thermonuclear" and this poses no problems for the US?


    demographic problem

  34. Ah hell and I didn't want to get depressed today, there's not a cloud in the sky here.

  35. you know what is amazing, 3000 plus innocent American citizens get murdered in cold blood by jihadis but all we hear about from the quirk and rat is this effin Liberty incident!

    its like "meh, all these Americans got murdered BUT look at the Liberty ship incident!"

    Rufus, i know you get it by now, its not the israel lobby but the oil lobby that is the real problem for this country. who has the most to gain by cutting alternative fuels? conversely who has the most to gain by advancing alternative fuels and making oil obsolete? You're kinda of in the anakin skywalker position right now prior to finding out that you're being seduced by the sith (palpatine).

  36. Rufus (@ 11:40:00 AM EDT ff) wants it both ways, as usual.

    Squeals like a stuck pig when the same folks who are bringing us the green revolution in energy turn on his favored garden of green delights.

    The Central Valley of California used to be dotted with sawmills up and down the Sierra front, from north of Sacramento to Bakersfield. During the eighties a big share of these mills installed co-gen plants to generate electricity from surplus heat after the drying kilns were satisfied. That's an oversimplification, but the important lesson is that all this capital investment was paid for by tax credits and direct subsidies, sponsered and approved by the Reagan admin, the US DOE, and the state. Power companies were required to purchase this surplus electricity at above market rates by government fiat. It was special electricity, donchaknow.

    During the nineties, Woodsy Owl with the help of the kids in the Clinton administration managed to shut down logging. The once mighty forest products industry in California and elsewhere was simply destroyed. Over 90% of those mills referred to above closed. The nifty co-gen plants were simply recycled, more-or-less intact, when the milling equipment was auctioned off to our enlightened neighbors south of the border.

    The US Forest Circus marches on, more populous than ever, simply replacing producton oriented foresters with preservation minded -ologists who've become very effective at locking out the owners from the enjoyment and utilization of their forests, except when viewed from a distance.

  37. It certainly does look like Europe's had it, lacking a mighty effort, with all its follies and greatness too. The goose that laid the golden technological egg is going to get a good screwing. Spengler. If we had any sense we'd stop it here, but instead we elect a taqqiyya Pres. and I was trying to keep my mind on happy thoughts. Casino time. 100 degrees here right now but dry heat. It's always cool at the Casino however!

  38. bob,

    Given the demographics depicted in the video, we will do what we have been doing: holding on for dear life so that the bad guys do not gain control of the Strait.

    Here's the deal: both China and the EuroZone+ depend on petroleum passing through the Strait. We close it down and they are dead.

    Barring a second term for Mr. Obama, we will continue to man posts in Iraq.

  39. Anon,

    It can become a problem determining whether you are you or not, if you know what I mean.

    I do hope you get some time to look over the NSA & CSS material on the Liberty.

    You know, when the material was unavailable, the Israel bashers swore that its release would prove the guilt of Israel. Well, it was released, and guess what? It proves that Israel almost immediately took responsibility for an accidental attack. Indeed, one report states the Israeli response was "abject".

    Now, the bashers say, "We want a full blown Congressional hearing to prove Israel's guilt. I say, "Let them have one."

    But, you know, when the verdict comes down "not guilty", these whiners will blame the Congress for being in the pockets of the dirty Jews.

    Once a Jew hater, always a Jew hater.

  40. Last week Harvard University sold all its Israeli stock holdings.

    Gosh, I feel that there might be some anti-Jew animus involved.


  41. I've stayed away from this current rehashed round of the USS Liberty story, it being attacked by the Pirates of the Mediterranean.

    The Israeli modus operandi is clear to be seen. Attacking NATO members willy nilly in the Mediterranean.

    A continuous forty three year pattern of behavior that has been and continues to be counter to US interests in that region of northern Arabia.

  42. A continuous forty three year pattern of behavior that has been and continues to be counter to US "Oil Lobby Interests " in that region of northern Arabia.

    fixed that for ya.

  43. Anon,

    Good on ya!

    ...just posted on another thread that Harvard has sold all its Israeli stock holdings...can't dream of why we should be concerned...

    I have been clear: Netanyahu needs to do all within his power to get Israel off the American dole. Israel should sell its output to the highest bidder. Israel should seriously get involved with the Russian-Indian consortium planing the production of an F-22 version craft (without all the 80's, 90's & 00's baggage) as the Russians wish.

  44. Nite all

    Israel 13, Yahoos 0

    DR, read'em and weep :)

  45. Read what?
    Your rehashed propaganda?

    No thanks, I'll take the testimony of the crew, thank you.

    Besides, it is over and done.

    That you pride yourself in the death of US service members, down right distasteful.

    Seems to me.

    Especially from a Marine veteran that claims over forty years of service. From the hills of the 'Nam to your recent retirement and now, visits to the VA hospital and clinics of Atlanta.

  46. Distasteful, that's to good a word for the likes of you, one that takes such pride in the deaths of US sailors.

    This 13 & 0, what's that but the talk of a braggart that's gotten away with murder.

    Not a word of condolence to the families of the dead, just mirth.

    You are a sad excuse for an American veteran of over four decades.
    An example of what is wrong with the military, as much as the continued service of Major Hassan of Fort Hood was.

    Two peas in the same service pod.

  47. Cut from the same Semitic clothe.

  48. You then, allen, by the admission that the US has superior knowledge of Israeli motives, must also admit that the US position on the legality of the occupation of Jerusalem and the West Bank and Gaza stands as accurate.

    That the government of Israel has been and continues to be in violation of the Geneva Accords, since 1967, with regards their occupation of lands taken by aggressive military action.

    That Israel is a Jim Crow society, as the US study published in 2000 so aptly described the current political and economic culture there, in Palestine, Northern Arabia.