“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"The Fed is largely out of bullets"

The mistake being made should be obvious. The focus on consumer demand is not working. Neither is the deficit spending to save government jobs.

Every government job saved or created takes away from the private sector in the form of taxes or federal borrowing. Creating consumer demand is a good policy if we are trying to stimulate China. China exports more to the US and the spending is created by borrowing more money from China.

Policy should be job creation in the private sector. That can be done by doing less: less regulation, less taxes and less government meddling.


Aug. 8, 2010, 7:00 p.m. EDT
Fed may resist market pressure for bond buys
Will seek to jawbone market that it is alert to downside risks

By Greg Robb, MarketWatch
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)

Confronted with a U.S. economy that appears to be decelerating, the Federal Reserve may ratchet up cautionary language but many expect the central bank will refrain from buying more bonds to bolster growth.

"I am sure they are going to do nothing," said Bill Cheney, chief economist at John Hancock in Boston.

"The whole question" will surround the language of the statement, he said, where the central bank will want to stress it is "on the job and aware of downside potential," Cheney said.

The Federal Reserve is due to announce its decision from its one-day meeting on Tuesday at 2:15 p.m. Eastern.

The pace of the recovery has been slowing, putting pressure on the Fed to act to ward off a double-dip recession and falling consumer prices known as deflation.

Gross domestic product grew at a 2.4% annual rate in the second quarter, down from a 3.7% rate in the first three months of the year. The labor market seems stuck in second gear with the private sector adding fewer than 100,000 jobs per month since May. See full story.

After the weak job report for July on Friday, pressure for the Fed to take action mounted in financial markets, said John Canally, economist at LPL Financial Corp. in Boston. Economists at Goldman Sachs said Friday they expect the central bank to reinvest the income from mortgage-backed securities it holds back into the bond market - a "baby step," in their words, in the direction of unconventional easing.

But many Fed watchers believe the Fed is still forecasting a slower expansion rather than new danger emerging.

"I don't know they are really prepared to panic about this," said James Glassman, economist at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Many analysts said the July job data did not seal the deal for an easing.

Last month, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke stressed the central bank was "ready" to take further steps to stimulate the U.S. economy if growth turns out to be weaker than expected.

"We are ready and we will act if the economy does not continue to improve -- if we don't see the kind of improvements in the labor market that we are hoping for and expecting," Bernanke told Congress.

Bernanke listed the options he said that the Fed is open to considering.

  • The first option would be to signal to markets that rates are on hold for a very-long "extended period."
  • The second would be to reduce the interest rate on excess reserves.
  • And the final option would be adjusting the balance sheet by not letting maturing housing-related securities run off.

"That may sound good but the Fed is largely out of bullets," said Joel Naroff, president of Naroff Economic Advisers.

Many analysts are not impressed with these options and argue the Fed is about out of ammunition, with interest rates barely above zero and having bought $1.7 trillion in housing-related assets.

"It does feel the Fed is at point of pushing on a string. They can pump out more money but all that does is pump up bank reserves," Cheney said.

"If low interest rates were going to get the economy humming it would be humming already," Cheney said.

Some economists said the Fed will not reach a consensus on Tuesday.

"I would be surprised if they make up their mind what to do yet," said Glassman.


  1. Pence is such a doofus dick.

    Basically, Pence, and the Republicans want to revisit their policies of 1930 - '31 that turned a stock market crash into the Great Depression.

    First off, we Have had "Private Sector" job growth, anemic, though it's been, for seven straight months.

    Look, we've got to get Credit to the "Very Small" Businesses. THAT is where the jobs are created that bring you out of a recession.

    The Fed, in the present situation, can't do that. It's going to take a "system" of loan guarantees from the Congress.

    To make such a program "really sing" it needs to be aimed at the transportation system, and in such a way that it reduces our expenditure on foreign oil.

    If our politicians weren't so throughly bought off by Exxon, and the Sauds they would start off with 435 Cellulosic ethanol operations, and 43,500 Blender Pumps (in conjunction with a mandate that All new cars be E85 capable, Immediately.)

    Total Cost: Zip.

    Amount of Loan Guarantees: About the cost of 2 months in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

  2. Trish, I've haven't been anywhere but I could say the same thing to you.

    Though, you'll be happy to hear that I will not be riddled with light finding this week. When I walked into my bosses house last night I noticed he hung the porch light switch next to the pool light switch, which, by the way, are working now.

  3. "I was admonished for using the word Yahoo here Bob even though it was only a typo"

    You're a man I'm a woman....nuff said.

  4. SEOUL - The South Korean police raided the offices of Google Korea on Tuesday as part of an investigation into whether the company illegally collected and stored personal wireless data.

  5. Thought I’d give it another try. Blogger has blocked a number of my posts that had links in them.

    The following was attached to my earlier rather lengthy post to Allen regarding the U.S.S. Liberty and his contention that because there were hearings purporting to clear Israel of intentionally attacking the Liberty despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary , the idea that Israel intentionally attacked the Liberty could be dismissed as merely a “conspiracy theory”.

    (I listed the overwhelming evidence supporting those that believe the U.S.S. Liberty was intentionally attacked by Israel in the first part of this post on the last blog stream. Because of its length I won’t repeat it here.)

    The following story is presented as an object lesson on conspiracy theories. It is the story of another president and his faithful lieutenants and their actions in another US war.

    The following story has come out over the past few days:

    (Please note that the Pentagon and Congress also held hearings over the Lavelle affair.)

    From the WaPo:

    Nixon Cover-ups His Lies About Gen. Lavelle

    The NYT also carried this story as a correction to their stories from 1972.

    Almost 40 years too late but what the hell.

    Time to grow up Allen. Smell the coffee. Sometimes it’s a shit world out there.

    Sometimes there are conspiracy theories simply because there are actual conspiracies.


  6. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, Lyndon Baines Johnson and Robert McNamara, four dicks in a pod.

    From the tapes, Nixon at least indicated some remorse at screwing over General Lavelle although he didn’t have the balls to correct his lie.

    LBJ? I doubt that guy had remorse or any kind of second thoughts about anything he did while in Congress or the Presidency.

    All dicks.


  7. "Pence is such a doofus dick.

    Pence is a dick.

    A year ago I thought, he and some of the other conservative members of the GOP, not the current GOP leadership, would be the guys that would lead us out of the mess we are in.

    In that year, they have done nothing but throw out platitudes and bromides. "Cut Taxes (for the rich by the way)." "Cut Spending (for the poor by the way)."

    However, even with their rants, they offer up no specifics. Now they say it will be September before they offer up their plan as an alternative to the Dems. Pure politics getting ready for the election.

    Where was the specifics of their plan two years ago? Four? Ten?

    They are as much dicks as Pelosi and Reid.


    To make my point, let me take you back to the first year of the Iraq war, in the June, July, August time frame. It was the time when parents and the papers were screaming that the troops didn't have appropriate armor for the vests and the Humvees.

    Bush was trying to get his budget through Congress and it was being held up (for political reasons) because the Dems wanted to include the cost of the war in the budget. Bush was stonewalling (for political reasons) because he had plans of his own. Meanwhile a couple months went by when new contracts for among other things armor plate where not going out.
    Both sides blamed each other.

    Bush kept saying that he wasn't able to give an accurate estimate of the war costs right up to the time Congress passed the budget. Then within about a week he asked for the first "emergancy spending" on the war. The rest is history. The first free war I am aware of.

    What's the most important thing in war? The troops? No. Politics.


  8. "Policy should be job creation in the private sector. That can be done by doing less: less regulation, less taxes and less government meddling."

    I realize this is just a short lead in to the main story but it has about the same significance as saying I'm for baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.

    It's a GOP-type political statement lacking specifics and thus substance.

    Less regulation? Where? And on whom?

    Less taxes? What type of taxes? Payroll taxes? Estate Taxes? Unearned Income? Dividends? Marginal rates?

    Less government meddling? Do you mean with excess paperwork? do you mean SEC oversight? Or the MMM or whoever it was that was supposed to be watching BP?

    The statement looks like something the GOP politicians (along with Larry Kudlow and the other CNBC pundits) spout every day.

    [Sorry, Deuce, I realize the comment was an innocuous lead in to the bigger story but it gave me an opportunity to rant in line with my previous post.]


  9. Of course Obama cut the military’s budget. Did you expect him to cut Michelle’s vacation budget? Michelle in Spain, Clinton $5 million wedding, Kerry $7 million yacht, Obama $30k Birthday tickets. Pelosi jets back and forth on Air Force Three. But the GOP is the party of the rich, and if you don't buy ObamaCare you pay a tax.

  10. "You're a man I'm a woman....nuff said."

    And let's keep it that way.


  11. Quirk wrote:

    "The statement looks like something the GOP politicians (along with Larry Kudlow and the other CNBC pundits) spout every day.

    [Sorry, Deuce, I realize the comment was an innocuous lead in to the bigger story but it gave me an opportunity to rant in line with my previous post.]"


    Do you really think it was an innocuous lead in? I dunno. It seems to me to be the actual belief set of the current reigning republicans and their supporters.

  12. "First off, we Have had "Private Sector" job growth, anemic, though it's been, for seven straight months..."

    What Me Worry?

    "Charles McMillion, the president and chief economist of MBG Information Services in Washington, is an expert on employment and has been looking closely for years at the issue of labor force participation. “Over the past three months,” he said, “1,155,000 unemployed people dropped out of the active labor force and were not counted as unemployed. Even ignoring population growth, if these unemployed had not dropped out of the labor force, simple arithmetic shows that the official unemployment rate would have risen from 9.9 percent in April to 10.2 percent in July, rather than — as it has — fallen to 9.5 percent.”

    "Because of normal growth in the working-age population, the labor force increases by roughly 150,000 to 200,000 people per month. If those folks were factored in, said Mr. McMillion, “unemployment now would be even higher than 10.2 percent.”

    The Jobs are Disappearing

    Right now all the politicians have their own plan for creating jobs. In a year or two, in some period of political quietude, we will hear them start to say that we will need to recalibrate our expectations on job growth, that higher unemployment is a secular reality we must adjust to.


  13. "Though, you'll be happy to hear..."

    Indeed I am. I was just sick about that light switch thing. It was keeping me awake nights.

    "...but I could say the same thing to you."

    I s'pose you could.

    Fucking August. Who came up with this month, anyway? It sucks. Like February and March. And the lawn guys are here, destroying what passes for quiet in these parts. And the neighbors are renovating and there's a fucking truck in the drive that's had its fucking backup beeper blaring for, like, an hour.

    There's your collapse of civilization, right there.

    I need some Hello Kitty, know what I'm sayin'?

  14. My New Personal Hero

    by John Cole

    This guy:

    On Monday, on the tarmac at Kennedy International Airport, a JetBlue attendant named Steven Slater decided he had had enough, the authorities said.

    After a dispute with a passenger who stood to fetch luggage too soon on a full flight just in from Pittsburgh, Mr. Slater, 38 and a career flight attendant, got on the public-address intercom and let loose a string of invective.

    Then, the authorities said, he pulled the lever that activates the emergency-evacuation chute and slid down, making a dramatic exit not only from the plane but, one imagines, also from his airline career.

    On his way out the door, he paused to grab a beer from the beverage cart. Then he ran to the employee parking lot and drove off, the authorities said.

    Grabbing the beer on the way out was the kind of quality touch that only a good screenwriter could come up with…

    Posted in Get off my grass you damned kids at 9:40 am | 67 Comments


  15. Hello Kitty.

    Chasing a new bright object I see. The last one I recall was a guy waxing poetic over some obscure brews.

    I'm waiting for my 15 minutes in the sun.


  16. We throw around the terms liberal and conservative pretty...well...liberally. It's easy shorthand for getting in a dig, or making a general point, or just because it's not worth the effort to make the terms more specific.

    The following talks about the different conservative views on foreign policy and the evolving views a number of conservatives have on the Iraq and Afghan wars.

    This has been a subject of debate here for awhile.

    Hawks for Peace

    "The grassroots Right has turned against the neoconservative project of perpetual war and nation-building — without becoming non-interventionist. Can antiwar conservatives now find common cause with the “to hell with them hawks”?"

    By W. James Antle III

    "As President Barack Obama assures the country that the war in Iraq is winding down, a sigh of relief is emanating from the unlikeliest corner: the conservatives who have for more than seven years been the war’s staunchest supporters.
    It’s not exactly that conservatives have had second thoughts about Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction, the “cut and run” Democrats, or the need to project military power after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. What they have come to doubt, however, is those aspects of the Bush Doctrine that come dressed in Wilsonian garb.

    "However reluctant conservatives may be to question retroactively the justice of our Bush-era wars, many are beginning to wonder if our prolonged occupations and nation-building exercises are worth American blood and treasure. Are our recently acquired colonies in Iraq and Afghanistan, they might ask, merely children who will never grow up?"

    Jeffersonian? Wilsonian? Jacksonian?


  17. Summertime isn't so bad. Isn't that the time when pappa is rich and your momma is good and you get to sleep in. Besides the hot here is dry, nobody much worries about the grass, and we don't have any, it's wasted space, mostly, and there are lightning storms in the evenings, which scares the kitty, and white clouds over the mountains. Shine is off the pumpkin between my wife and the football players. She bought them a weed eater, taught them how to use it, nothing happens. She is now of the opinion these yahoos and peckerheads are so dumb they couldn't find their way down the staircase (big, big staircases) with out a playbook.

    I thought that was pretty good. Perpetually behind in the rent too, big city style.

    I'm, as for me, gonna fish the Tucannon (two-cannon) soon, having got the number on the Boise.

    Our heat here is dry heat, all you have to do is sleep through it. Makes for some odd hours though.

  18. And you probably need an obscure- beer-guy E.D. Kain update. He took on Krugman yesterday at Balloon Juice and was smacked down in one fashion or another by just about everyone who bothered to comment. Two hundred odd comments, so many did bother. I think he's going to find his guest gig a cheerless and altogether fruitless endeavor.

    "I'm waiting for my 15 minutes in the sun."

    Just 15 minutes? I can do much better than that.

  19. hmmm, should we invade and occupy for our own good (i.e. get the oil) or theirs (i.e. help 'em be democratic and treat their women better)?

  20. But it appears that a perfect storm is brewing that could sweep away even long time incumbents like Barbara Boxer and Russ Feingold who are running for their lives just 10 weeks before the election.

    Well, let's hope so, then we'd have divided government with some teeth in it, not this fakagoo of Trish where the dems still basically call all the shots.

    I want to see Obama stymied

    We might save some money on Michelle's jet fuel and food and clothing expenses to.

    GOP May Take Senate

    Big storm coming.

  21. "He took on Krugman yesterday at Balloon Juice and was smacked down in one fashion or another by just about everyone who bothered to comment..."

    Perhaps I should visit BJ and lend Mr. Kain some support.

    Krugman is a dick.


  22. You are, of course, right, Q, about all the "labor force dropouts."

    I just get sick of Republicans, and their bullshit. First they don't want to count the census workers when they're hired (fair enough,)

    then they crow to high heavens when they're fired. I'm just sick of the whole damned bunce.

  23. "Though, you'll be happy to hear..."

    I aim to please (:

  24. It's very weird to hear someone say China Imports are "down" to "UP" 22%.. huh?

  25. China growth is "down" to 10.9%. really

  26. Things ain't always the way they seem on CNBC. From Bloomberg:

    A 3.6 percent increase in hours worked outpaced a 2.6 percent increase in output, making for a 0.9 percent quarter-to-quarter decline in second quarter productivity and ending five straight quarters of strong growth. In a partial offset, first-quarter productivity was revised 1.1 percentage points higher to plus 3.9 percent.

  27. In other words, they've been working some of the workers to death, and, finally, had to start paying a little "overtime."

    Usually, the next thing you'll see is some hiring.

  28. Near as I can tell yoohoos is used to call attention of someone.
    If therefore you wanted to call attention to a bunch of hos, you might say, hey yoohoos, you hos, or if you didn't much like them you might say, hey yoohoos you yahoo hos. Any other ideas are apprecriated. If they were backwoods hos, you might say yoohoos, hey yahoo peckerwoody hos.

    Something like that, or maybe, hey, just you there, might work as well.

  29. The Council on American-Islamic Relations has even enlisted that noted expert on Islamic studies, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, in their cause.

    They are taking out after Robert Spencer, who has been stalwart is his exposure of things islamic. I wouldn't be surprised to see him bumped off one of the days, he is effective.

    Meanwhile in a new development:

    MTA To Allow Controversial 'Ground Zero Mosque' Ads

    NEW YORK (WPIX) - In a new development, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has decided to allow controversial advertisements arguing against the proposed construction of a mosque to appear on the side of New York City buses.

    The MTA released the following Monday, "While the MTA does not endorse the views expressed in this or other ads that appear on the transit system, the advertisement purchased by a group opposing a planned mosque near the World Trade Center was accepted today after its review under MTA's advertising guidelines and governing legal standards."

    The anti-mosque ad is a powerful ad with images evoking 9/11 designed by a group which strongly opposes the construction of what's being called the "Ground Zero Mosque". The controversial ad was designed, paid for, and presented to the MTA a month ago, but the MTA refused to approve the campaign, so the ad's sponsors decided to bring the fight to court.

    Despite a deal already inked with CBS, the company with rights to the billboards, the MTA is the censor-in-chief, deciding which ads the public can see and which ones you can't.

    This afternoon, David Yerushalmi, an attorney for the anti-mosque group told PIX News "the government has no basis to tell you or me or my client that they don't like the viewpoint."

    Pamela Geller, Executive Director of the Freedom Defense Initiative asked, "what's more insulting and offensive -- that image of truth, or a 15 story mega-mosque looking down on the sacred ground of Ground Zero?"

    Now that the MTA has had a change of heart, when can you expect to see the ads up and running on city buses? You might start seeing them as early as next week.

    Some progress seems to being made.

  30. "Near as I can tell yoohoos is used to call attention of someone."

    You dumb shit. You're driving me nuts with this yoohoo nonsense.

    Google it. It's the brand
    name for a chocolate-flavored, non-carbonated bottled drink. That's why the name was capitalized.

    And don't ask me why I would say I was trying use it. You had to be there.

    You fly-fishing, elk-eating, poem spouting, alfalfa-windrowing, mind-bending, womanizing farmer.

    Sometimes you get me so mad I could just spit.


  31. That doesn't look like a happy emoticon, Melody.

    Now I need the whatever-I-did-I-meant-no-slight-or-offense-really-I-was-just-being-dense-as-usual emoticon.

    "Perhaps I should visit BJ and lend Mr. Kain some support."

    So that you, too, can be denounced as "a porn fluffer for hoary old conservative failmemes"?

    You go, Quirk.

    I was wrong, though. He's got over four hundred comments.

    He does seem to be good for business over there.

  32. "So that you, too, can be denounced as "a porn fluffer for hoary old conservative failmemes"?"

    You hurt my feelings Trish.

    Do you really think I would be cowed by a bunch of rampaging liberal misfits?

    However, your post does give me pause.

    "Porn fluffer?"

    It sounds like I would be dealing with bloggers with the intellectual capacity of...I don't know...say an Allen.

    400 hundred of them. It could prove very frustrating. It might induce a little mastubatory malice.

    [I told you I would be using that phrase but like the Spanish Inquisition, you never know when it will pop up]


  33. Ex-Senator Ted Stevens killed in Alaska plane crash

    Seems like they lose a lot of people travelling in those smaller planes in Alaska.


  34. You fly-fishing, elk-eating, poem spouting, alfalfa-windrowing, mind-bending, womanizing farmer.

    A man at the very top of his game. And, wind rowing is two words, not one, dumb shit.

    For the dumb ass and dumb shit, both any given only 30 coupons. Or tampons as Quirk may choose for himself.

    I put my dotter's Celica in the LCSC fix it program today. It's the only place you can get a transmission worked on worth a shit. All you do is pay the parts, half price, labor is free. Program over seen by someone's worked for Ford for decades. When you finally get it back, by G-d it WORKS.

  35. I always forget to put a fucking space in there. If this was a real site then I wouldn't have to worry about it. It would show up as a cute bright yellow circle with a smile on it.

  36. "It might induce a little mastubatory malice."

    Forgot your 'r'.

    In that case, you would probably be doing something ironically constructive.

    Some (like maybe 15) commenters were supportive, if not of his arguments then at least of his showing up and bothering to make them in that sometimes rabid venue. Some even took their fellow Juicers to task for being rank assholes. BJ originator John Cole himself popped in a few times to try and shame them. As you can imagine, it didn't work.

    And it's funny, because I was thinking of that same phrase here last night.

    It IS descriptive. And I will have it copyrighted. Or patented. Or something.

  37. Well, the Fed seems to have decided that doing nothing isn't an option:

    Fed to invest in Treasuries

  38. You could fool me I always thought of this as a real site with unreal people in it. Anyway dotter really got screwed good on the transmission, so she get the convertible, to use, I have to beg from the wife to use her car, once in a while, I'm ready to go back to the old 76 Ford F 600 wheat truck, and say the hell with it, but I'll get her a good transmission out of the deal, cheap, and finally fixed right.

    Does it seem odd to anyone else that I'm the only person in the family without a private car?

    Sometimes I feel used, abused, misused, accused, etc.

    Somehow, I'm starting to figure, I'm getting shorted here, and I pay for all of it.

    I want one of those muscle cars, so I can recapture my youth. : ))

    What I actually want is my book to arrive from Amazon. Only takes two days.

  39. Guvnor Rufus, Sir, can I borrow one of your state cars, for a couple months, maybe a Highway Patrol model, after all, I supported your campaign, at least emotionally.

  40. "It might induce a little mastubatory malice."

    Forgot your 'r'."

    No I didn't. I believe that was how you spelled it in your post. I will have to re-check. I was giving you credit for coining a new word in a unique way.

    (Of course, I have too much class to comment on a fellow blogger's spelling, syntax, or grammer in a negative way).

    Hopefully, you spelled it without the "r". Since I believe it is a word new to the English language anyway the "r" shouldn't matter anyway.
    Besides if you spelled it right it will force me to change something I've been working on for the past week.

    I can't say any more. This is still in the conception and development stage; however, what i can say is that something big is coming to the blog.

    No. No. I can't say anymore.

    December 15. But that's all I can say.

    Big. Really big.

    If you plan on being on vacation, plan on setting your DVR.


    Can't say anymore at present.

    The Quirkster's swan song. (Except for maybe Pisces to round out the astrological year.)

    Nuff said.


    Can't say anymore.



  41. "If this was a real site then I wouldn't have to worry about it. It would show up as a cute bright yellow circle with a smile on it."

    You put that in the customer complaints box.

    "To Management: What would really improve this site is colorful emoticons. Especially after that first bottle of wine."

  42. What I actually want is my book to arrive from Amazon. Only takes two days.

    Then I'll be back to more or less normal, and you won't hear from me so much.

  43. too bad that magic of yours didn't sell those cars any better ;)

  44. We need colorful emoticons for swear words too, don't forget that. Real put down emoticons.

  45. "And, wind rowing is two words, not one, dumb shit."


    Windrow Definition

    wind·row   /ˈwɪndˌroʊ, ˈwɪn-/ Show Spelled[wind-roh, win-] Show IPA
    1. a row or line of hay raked together to dry before being raked into heaps.
    2. any similar row, as of sheaves of grain, made for the purpose of drying.
    3. a row of dry leaves, dust, etc., swept together by the wind.
    –verb (used with object)
    4. to arrange in a windrow.
    Use windrow in a Sentence
    See images of windrow
    Search windrow on the Web

    Bob, you all ill-equipped to engage in a contest of intellect with the Quirkster.


  46. And management is probably thinking why go through all that trouble when in reality after the second bottle it really doesn't fucking matter.

  47. And management is probably thinking why go through all that trouble when in reality after the second bottle it really doesn't fucking matter.

    Tue Aug 10, 04:06:00 PM EDT

    : )

  48. It's wind row, cause I say it is. Dictionary. com psst

    It's standard American English, out this way.

    And how do you put wind in a row anyway. Then you got a hard row to how, nearly impossible.

    I've never actually seen a row of wind, not even in a twister is it really a row.

    I blame it all on the Spanish and Germans, always combining things, like pissertinkle, for the simple act of pissing in the pot. What sense does that make?

    Each man to his own, or we'd still be speaking the King's English, not ebonics, and what sense does that make, Your Gracious Sir?

  49. Q would say secondbottle and fuckingmatter. Then shitI'msleepytimetoknockout.

  50. Which is what I am going to do for a while.

  51. "It's standard American English, out this way."

    Standard American English?

    Damn Bob, you live in Idaho.


  52. "Besides if you spelled it right it will force me to change something I've been working on for the past week."

    Epic piece of masturbatory malice?

    Gee, I can hardly wait.

  53. StandPalinEnglish

    If I had to I'd go out in the garage and get the Oxford English Dictionary, and prove one of us right, but it's just gettin' hot, too much work, and I'm needin' need my politicalsleep.

    Back in the day Chaucer was the standard, before that you needn't an ancient diktinery to understand the funny speakers.

  54. Gee, I can hardly wait.

    That was my point. You will have to.

    Big. Really big.

    Can't say anymore.


  55. Trish, I did check out your post and you are in fact correct. You did use an "r". This is unfortunate since it brings your submission down a notch on the prosaic scale (that is, we are looking not just for words here but the music also).

    You do get full credit though for coining a new word and for the aptness of the idiom.

    Once again, kudos.


  56. Quirk,

    Re: USS Liberty

    I will continue to carp; but I do not intend to waste valuable time arguing the facts of the case, because there exist thirteen official reports, with none declaring that Israel maliciously, knowingly attacked an American ship.

    Now, I realize that you have little to no respect for your fellow human beings, but don't you think of all the thousands of people involved (civilian and military), at least one would have had the honor to blow the whistle? I apologize; the question was merely rhetorical.

    The reports do not "PURPORT" to relieve Israel; they DO EXONERATE Israel as the matter of law. Sorry if that offends you, but dose are da facts, and facts is facts.

    Without putting too fine a point on it, when did you become a maritime warfare expert, able to produce (from where? O, the horoscope hat you say) "overwhelming evidence" pointing to Israeli guilt? Look, real sailors, lawyers, Congressmen (some hostile to Israel), etc etc etc have looked at the ACTUAL (as opposed to imaginary) evidence; they DO NOT agree with you. I suppose that all these many many folks are in league to desecrate the service and memory of those serving aboard the USS Liberty?

    O, and they have done so 13 times over the course of 43 years. That's far more investigations than went into the murder of JFK!

    Perhaps, one day some eager beaver military types will get their hands on some evidence that implicates Mr. Nixon in another cover-up of an unlawful operation, this one leading to the attacks by Israel on the USS Liberty. Consider: Israel may have picked up signals from an unknown ship and upon inquiry were assured it was NOT American, but possibly Egyptian. I doubt either of us will live to see that day, but I would bet a great deal of money on it.

  57. In conclusion, re USS Liberty, the only people desecrating the service and memory of those killed and wounded during the accident are the anti-Semites who think they have a rawhide bone to knaw...Right

  58. DR uses alleged quotations without attributive links and you dumbies think he is a brain trust...Amazing...Next, week he will be the messiah and some will have their rears in the air and their heads (well, it's just too ugly to mention).

  59. The Australian - December 22, 2009 12:00AM

    JERUSALEM: Israel has admitted that in the 1990s its forensic pathologists harvested organs from dead bodies, including Palestinians, without their families' permission.
    ... has now released it because of a huge controversy this year over an allegation by a Swedish newspaper that Israel was killing Palestinians to harvest their organs. Israel hotly denied the charge, saying it was anti-Semitic.

    Parts of the interview were broadcast on Israel's Channel 2 TV at the weekend. In it, Dr Hiss said:"We started to harvest corneas. . . Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family."
    The Channel 2 report said in the 1990s forensic specialists at Abu Kabir harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from the bodies of Israeli soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers, often without permission from relatives.

    In a response to the TV report, the Israeli military confirmed the practice took place
    Some details in the interview first came to light in 2004, when Dr Hiss was dismissed as head of the forensic institute because of irregularities over use of organs there. Israel's attorney-general dropped criminal charges against him, and Dr Hiss still works at the institute. He had no comment on the TV report.

  60. Boy, someone got his panties in a wad over Republicans letting the Democrats skewer themselves.

    There was no need to do anything except step aside and let the Big Dem Show Roll...

  61. Just catching up here, but this makes my teeth grind right out of the chute:

    Pence is such a doofus dick.

    Reckon rufus has been called on that already, but it begs repeating. He is truly FOS.

  62. Blogger was down for tad, yesterday.

    Would not allow the posting of links.

    Glad to see that now it can, and that those that care, they are still reading and still caring.

  63. Everyone is a dick to Rufus.

  64. allen could have let the Dr Hiss and the medical mutilation and violation of 125 bodies go untouched and unmentioned, today.

    But no, he wants to bring the medical mutilation and body part harvesting of the dead by Israeli Government doctors back to the forefront of the discussion.

    Seeking a perverse sense of victimhood, one must assume.

    That Dr Hiss was not indicted after admitting to the harvesting of human body parts, with out the authorization of the surviving family members, is telling to the social coarseness that permeates Eastern Europeon cultures.

  65. "there has been no evidence to back the claim in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that Israeli soldiers killed Palestinians for their organs."

    from rat's own link. so whats the crime than, using body parts from dead people to save lives? this moron, rat, finds this offensive but not 95% of the other horendous activities going on in the world past and present?

    pure inciter of hate.

  66. One standard for Israel, no standards for anyone else...

  67. I Harvest Human Eyeballs!
    Sarah Hughes Plucks out Dead People's Eyes... But There's a Very Good Reason!
    click to enlarge

    by John Dooley
    Since being founded in 1975, over 10,000 people have received the gift of sight from tissues procured by the Lions Eye Bank of Oregon, in NW Portland. This non-profit provides invaluable ocular tissue for transplants, medical research, and surgical training. Nevertheless, human ocular organs don't come easy. Unfortunately, someone has to die first. And when they do, Sarah Hughes snaps on her gloves and goes to work.

  68. Human Parts Processing Factory in Russia
    FEBRUARY 18, 2009 ·

    A factory in Russia harvesting kidneys, eye corneas and other human body parts for sale.
    Bodies are collected from drunk drivers who died in car accidents, people staying alone who had frozen to death in the cold winter, criminals on death row or unexplained death and unclaimed bodies.
    Some body parts and bones are sold to Universities in various parts of the world. Leg bones are exported to pharmacies in Ireland and Germany to make tooth-fillings which is popular in Europe .
    Other than Russia , India is also known to harvest human parts for export.

  69. A kidney fetches $2700 in Turkey and up to $4000 in the Philippines. Another $6,000-12,000 go to various intermediaries. According to the October 2002 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, this is a high price. An Indian or Iraqi kidney enriches its former owner by a mere $1000. Wealthy clients later pay for the rare organ up to $150,000.

    CBS News aired, five years ago, a documentary, filmed by Antenna 3 of Spain, in which undercover reporters in Mexico were asked, by a priest acting as a middleman for a doctor, to pay close to 1 million dollars for a single kidney. An auction of a human kidney on eBay in February 2000 drew a bid of $100,000 before the company put a stop to it. Another auction in September 1999 drew $5.7 million - though, probably, merely as a prank.

    Organ harvesting operations flourish in Asia (in the Philippines, where it was briefly legal in 2007-8), in Turkey and Iran, in central Europe, mainly in the Czech Republic, and in the Caucasus, mainly in Georgia. Penumbral middlemen and surgeons operate on Turkish, Moldovan, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Romanian, Bosnian, Kosovar, Macedonian, Albanian and assorted east European donors.

    They remove kidneys, lungs, pieces of liver, even corneas, bones, tendons, heart valves, skin and other sellable human bits. The organs are kept in cold storage and air lifted to illegal distribution centers in the United States, Germany, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, and other rich, industrialized locales. It gives "brain drain" a new, spine chilling, meaning.

    Organ trafficking has become an international trade. It involves Indian, Thai, Philippine, Brazilian, Turkish and Israeli doctors who scour the Balkan and other destitute regions for tissues. The Washington Post reported, in November 2002, that in a single village in Moldova, 14 out of 40 men were reduced by penury to selling body parts. In the Philippines, in “one-kidney island”, there are well over 3000 donors.

    Four years ago, Moldova cut off the thriving baby adoption trade due to an - an unfounded - fear the toddlers were being dissected for spare organs. According to the Israeli daily, Ha'aretz, the Romanians are investigating similar allegations in Israel and have withheld permission to adopt Romanian babies from dozens of eager and out of pocket couples. American authorities are scrutinizing a two year old Moldovan harvesting operation based in the United States.

    Organ theft and trading in Ukraine is a smooth operation. According to news agencies, in August 2002, three Ukrainian doctors were charged in Lvov with trafficking in the organs of victims of road accidents. The doctors used helicopters to ferry kidneys and livers to colluding hospitals. They charged up to $19,000 per organ.

  70. Rare Chinese Newspaper Exposé Details Prisoner Organ Harvests
    The Washington Post | July 31, 2001
    By John Pomfret

    JINXI, China — On the afternoon of Sept. 29, 1999, a former soldier in the Chinese army flew into a rage, raped his girlfriend and killed his newborn son and the mother and grandfather of his girlfriend. He then turned himself in to the police.
    Report Leads to Massive Crackdown on Media

    Fu Xinrong was executed with a bullet to the head on May 30 last year. In a country that puts more people to death than all other nations combined, his case would have passed largely unnoticed but for what came next: He became the focus of what appears to be the first exposé in the Chinese media about the practice of selling executed prisoners' organs without their permission.

    According to the report—"Where Did My Brother's Body Go?"—that appeared in the April 11 edition of Today Family Weekly, a small newspaper in Jiangxi province, where the crime occurred, Fu's body was immediately placed in a van and driven away. The van's license plates were traced to a hospital in Nanchang, the provincial capital.

    The newspaper quoted unidentified government investigators as saying that officials from the Pingxiang county court, where Fu was sentenced, had sold his corpse to the hospital for an undisclosed sum. There, his kidneys were extracted and transplanted to unidentified patients, the newspaper said.

  71. One standard for Israel, no standards for anyone else.

  72. Pence is a Prick.

    There; is that better?

    HOw about dissembling doofus?

    He is against "loan guarantees" to small businesses,

    but he's For Tax Breaks for the Richest?

    As Congressman Clyburn asked, "How's he going to *Pay For* those?"

    Erik Cantor wants to cut Social Security, and Medicare, but when Gates decides we need to get rid of 2,800 bureaucrats, and 3,500 worthless contractors at "Unified Command" you'd think someone wrapped a moccassin around ol' Erik's neck.

    You don't understand, LT; they're ALL playing you for the fool.

    Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of
    Falun Gong Practitioners in China

    B. The Allegation

    It is alleged that Falun Gong practitioners are victims of live organ harvesting throughout China. The allegation is that organ harvesting is inflicted on unwilling Falun Gong practitioners at a wide variety of locations, pursuant to a systematic policy, in large numbers.

    Organ harvesting is a step in organ transplants. The purpose of organ harvesting is to provide organs for transplants. Transplants do not necessarily have to take place in the same place as the location of the organ harvesting. The two locations are often different; organs harvested in one place are shipped to another place for transplanting.

    The allegation is further that the organs are harvested from the practitioners while they are still alive. The practitioners are killed in the course of the organ harvesting operations or immediately thereafter. These operations are a form of murder.

    ) The money to be made

    In China, organ transplanting is a very profitable business. We can trace the money of the people who pay for organ transplants to specific hospitals which do organ transplants, but we can not go further than that. We do not know who gets the money the hospitals receive. Are doctors and nurses engaged in criminal organ harvesting paid exorbitant sums for their crimes? That was a question it was impossible for us to answer, since we had no way of knowing where the money went.

    China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre Website
    (Shenyang City)
    Before its indicated removal from the site [25] in April, 2006, the size of the profits for transplants was suggested in the following price list:
    Kidney US$62,000
    Liver US$98,000-130,000
    Liver-kidney US$160,000-180,000
    Kidney-pancreas US$150,000
    Lung US$150,000-170,000
    Heart US$130,000-160,000
    Cornea US$30,000

  74. One standard for Israel, No standards for anyone else.

  75. 'Dr Kidney' arrest exposes Indian organ traffic
    By Sandhya Srinivasan

    MUMBAI - The arrest of "Doctor Kidney" Amit Kumar for running a sizeable racket in live kidneys has highlighted the role that South Asia plays as the hub of an international trade in human organs.

    A sophisticated but unregulated healthcare industry, a "donor pool" of desperately poor people ready to sell a kidney, and a corrupt monitoring system have combined to create a special brand of "medical tourism" in the region, especially in India and neighboring Pakistan.

    While India's 1994 Transplantation of Human Organs Act (THOA) is observed mostly in the breach, the impact of Pakistan's Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance passed in 2007 is yet to be gauged. Until last year, the organ trade was

    legal and flourished openly in that country.

    Top transplant surgeons are collaborating with criminal organ trafficking networks to target the desperate, noted Nancy Scheper-Hughes, founding director of Organs Watch, an academic research project at the University of California, Berkeley, while speaking at the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking this month.

    "The latest arrests reveal a global network larger in scale than any other one," said Dr Samiran Nundy, gastroenterological surgeon at the prestigious Sir Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi. Nundy was one of the architects of India's transplantation laws that should have put an end to paid transplants in this country. The THOA was the result of activism by a small group of conscientious medical professionals appalled by the trade.

    Kumar is accused of luring poor laborers to his "hospital" in the New Delhi suburb of Gurgaon with promises of job offers or large sums of money. Typically, they were promised 300,000 rupees (US$7,500) but paid only 30,000 ($750) after the surgery, police said.

    He is alleged to have conducted more than 500 transplants over an unspecified period, charging up to $50,000 dollars for each operation. Investigators say his patients came from Britain, the United States, Turkey, Nepal, Dubai, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

  76. All over the world, organ harvesting is a legal medical practice as long as the organ donor permits the removal and donation of own organs. In some cases when the donor is clinically dead and can’t decide, the immediate family will give the permission to either donate the organs of the deceased family member or not.

    Although organ donation is a helpful way to save the lives of people needing organs, there are still a lot of people needing it and the number of donors is very few. This results to thousands of people dying every year waiting for available organs or donors. In this case, some people who have money seek for faster organ sources which are illegal.

    The worldwide trade of human organs such as heart is still ongoing. To people needing the organs, this can be a life-saving solution but to innocent people, this can be a threat. In the world organ trade, the price of human heart in South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Africa is $290,000. In China, it is only worth $130,000 while in Colombia, it sells at $90,000. Even if very overpriced, rich families take the opportunity to approach these traders just to save the life of their family member.

  77. but he's For Tax Breaks for the Richest?

    As Congressman Clyburn asked, "How's he going to *Pay For* those?"

    I hate it when people ask. "How are tax cuts going to be paid for?"

    The real question is how is the spending going to be paid for? And the fact is that with this kind of unprecedented deficit spending, how does one tell what is actually being paid for.

    This is the 1984 whirled of double speak.

  78. Approximately 4,000 organs are trafficked in Egypt each year, according to a 2008 report by the World Health Organization (WHO). A 2003 WHO report noted that trafficking became a severe problem in Egypt in the 1970s and estimates that in Egypt, 98 percent of all kidney transplant operations — a booming business over the past few decades — are made possible through trafficking. In September 2006, Egypt Today reported in its cover story “My Doctor, My Butcher?” that a single kidney brings in $1,000-5,000 to the donor, and newspapers are filled with stories of young Egyptians who have been persuaded or tricked into losing their kidneys.

    Mohamed Allouba
    Dr. Hamdi El-Sayyed says the major obstacle for the Organ Harvesting and Transplant Act was coming up with a legal definition of death.
    In 2006, the MOH assigned a special department to monitor medical centers and private hospitals in Egypt, where most illegal organ transplants take place. According to the ministry, in 2007 there was a slight decline in the number of illegal transplants, but then a rise in 2008.

    In November 2008, local media reported that a MOH campaign, which included surprise inspections of hospitals, found several hospitals allegedly conducting illegal transplants, most notably Al-Marwa hospital in Dokki, where 21-year-old psychiatric patient Ahmed Abdel Ghany was reportedly talked into selling his kidney for LE 13,000.

    Demand for organs shows no sign of slowing: The high prevalence of Hepatitis C in the country, for example, means an estimated 300,000-500,000 Egyptians will need liver transplants in the next three years.

  79. One standard for Israel, no standards for anyone else

  80. "Consider: Israel may have picked up signals from an unknown ship and upon inquiry were assured it was NOT American, but possibly Egyptian. I doubt either of us will live to see that day, but I would bet a great deal of money on it."

    Ah, the Allen "consider meme".

    As in "Consider if I were Jack Bauer..." or "Consider if the Egyptian had called the Jewish slave a kike..."

    Gee, big fella, kinda hard to argue with that.

    "In conclusion, re USS Liberty, the only people desecrating the service and memory of those killed and wounded during the accident are the anti-Semites who think they have a rawhide bone to knaw...Right"

    Ah, the "nobody likes us" meme. Also known as the "anyone who disagrees with me is a stinking, anti-Semitic, Nazi, muslim-lover meme".

    Hard to argue with that one too without invoking Godwin's Law and Rule.

    "I will continue to carp; but I do not intend to waste valuable time arguing the facts of the case,...

    And what again is the point of continuing to carp?

    We had this argument a couple of months ago. I haven't mentioned it since then. Obviously, neither of us has changed his mind on the subject. It's unlikely anyone else at the EB has changed their minds on it either. Yet, you continue to bring it up a couple times a week referencing my name.

    While I usually ignore it, you must realize that eventually I am likely to respond. Everytime I do another piece of your argument falls apart.

    Why do you continue the carping?

    Are you just stubborn, or a masochist? I don't get your motivation for the continued carping. Perhaps you are like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail jumping about shouting "It's only a flesh wound" and "Tis but a scratch" as you continue shedding limb after limb.

    I have reached the point where like Aurthur in the movie I fear "you will bleed on me".

    So tell me, why will you continue to carp?


  81. In the USA, Under the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION

    Sunstein: Take organs from 'helpless patients'
    'Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal would save lives'
    Posted: October 12, 2009

    By Aaron Klein

    President Obama's newly confirmed regulatory czar defended the possibility of removing organs from terminally ill patients without their permission.

    Cass Sunstein also has strongly pushed for the removal of organs from deceased individuals who did not explicitly consent to becoming organ donors.

    In his 2008 book, "Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness," Sunstein and co-author Richard Thaler discussed multiple legal scenarios regarding organ donation. One possibility presented in the book, termed by Sunstein as "routine removal," posits that "the state owns the rights to body parts of people who are dead or in certain hopeless conditions, and it can remove their organs without asking anyone's permission."

    "Though it may sound grotesque, routine removal is not impossible to defend," wrote Sunstein. "In theory, it would save lives, and it would do so without intruding on anyone who has any prospect for life."

    Sunstein continued: "Although this approach is not used comprehensively by any state, many states do use the rule for corneas (which can be transplanted to give some blind patients sight). In some states, medical examiners performing autopsies are permitted to remove corneas without asking anyone's permission."

    Sunstein's example of medical examiners removing corneas, however, applies only to patients who are already declared deceased.

  82. Does anyone know what this flight attendant was charged with? The Police swarmed his home as if he were a bank robber.

  83. One standard for Israel, no standards for anyone else.

  84. whit said...
    Does anyone know what this flight attendant was charged with? The Police swarmed his home as if he were a bank robber.

    Federal crime to open an escape door on an airplane like he did...

  85. OMG. Give him life in Leavenworth.

  86. In Finland 30% of the electricity on the grid is produced by the forestry industry and paper mills, due to a law like our Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act (PURPA) that is near expiration, that gave an economic incentive to harness waste energy.

    The PURPA law that was passed in 1978, after the oil shocks, began to create a market for non-utility-produced energy. That resulted in about 7% of the energy on the grid being produced by heavy industry as a byproduct, creating a secondary revenue stream for industries, but as subsequent laws clamped down on competition with utilities, it stalled there. But the potential is for a much higher percentage, as much as 20%, according to Sean Casten of Recycled Energy development.

    Nearly 200 Gigawatts of Energy is Wasted.

    Thanks, Republicans/Democrats/Thieving Bastards.

  87. "Does anyone know what this flight attendant was charged with? The Police swarmed his home as if he were a bank robber."

    They got him for DUI and over-acting.

    The guy is probably looking for a book deal.


  88. whit said...
    OMG. Give him life in Leavenworth.

    Dont worry about him...

    He'll never serve a day in prison, he will write a book, be paid for his "life's story" end up on Oprah and Rosies shows..

    They he'll do the morning shows, followed by the View.

    He'll be one happy stewardess real soon...

  89. If you think the Obama's are politically tonedeaf, how about this guy?

    While Zardari was schmoozing with his cronies in luxe London hotels, Pakistan was reeling from the deadliest floods to hit the country in 80 years.

    Zardari's Katrina

    They'll probably hang him when he returns to Pakistan.

  90. If you think the Obamas...

    plural, not possessive.

  91. There are so many links, that say so many things.

    Yep, China and some of those other locales are also quite rude and crude.
    I would not attempt to relocate to China, or the Philippines, either.

    Nor any of those other countries that made it on the "o" litany of dangerous and uncivil countries.

    All crude and unsafe to those not a member of the "protected" class.

    It seems that could be all too true. Israel is not alone on the list of countries that do not protect the rights of the families of the deceased.

    I take the Israeli military reported admission, coupled with the temporary demotion of Dr Hiss, both reported in "The Australian" as validation of the claim, that and Dr Hiss's videotaped confession, which was reported in numerous links provided by Google.

    Believe what you will, of Dr Hiss and the theft of human body parts, but as for me, it strikes Israel off the relocation list.

    I'll be looking for a more Western standard of medical practice. In a more friendly locale than Charlie Chi-com's China or Dr Hiss's Israel.

    One where I could walk back to the USA if that necessity were to rise.

  92. The floods are just the latest, most tragic example of how inept the Pakistani state truly is. The inundation was predictable; Pakistan suffers monsoon rains every year at exactly the same time. But in a country -- and with a president -- so endemically corrupt, dealing with the entirely preventable, whether terrorism or natural disasters, has become impossible. There is simply no will, and more importantly no money, to spend on the Pakistani people. The country's coffers are constantly being diverted to more pressing programs -- or pockets, for that matter.

  93. Quirk,

    Since 1967, at least three generations of military men and women have been involved in the 13 "official" investigations of the Liberty incident. Many of them have retired from active service. Why have none stepped forward to "officially" complain of conspiracy? Afraid of the big, bad Mossad?

    You are trying to play an anti-Semitic hand with a pair of dueces, Sport (my apologies to Deuce). Well, that dog won't hunt. You have a grudge and a belly full of animus; find another target, say, Muslims.

    That is the Quirk is hopelessly outgunned and doesn't know squat meme.

    As to anti-Semites, I call'em as I see'em...don't like the heat, get out of the crematorium, knuclehead.

  94. DR,

    You don't provide links because to do so would prove you an immoral fool and liar. That you have some of the bumpkins snowed proves only that P. T. was right.

    Put up or shut up!

  95. A UN report found that civilian casualties in Afghanistan increased 31 percent over the first half of this year, compared to the same period of 2009. However, the survey also revealed that this increase was largely caused by insurgents; the Taliban and its allies were responsible for 76 percent of the deaths, up from 53 percent during the first half of last year. 1,271 civilians were killed in the first six months of this year, and a further 1,997 were wounded.

    Overall, casualties caused by the NATO-led coalition or Afghan government forces declined 30 percent compared to the same period last year. Casualties from coalition air strikes, previously the leading cause of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, declined 64 percent. Insurgents' use of suicide bombings and improvised explosive devices were the single largest cause of casualties in the first half of this year, killing 557 people.

    The report, which was published by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, attributed the overall rise in civilian casualties to the more intense military activity of the United States and its allies. It also credited an order limiting the use of air strikes, which was issued by the former U.S. commander in the country, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, for the decrease in civilian deaths by the coalition.

  96. Here is Idaho we harvest the organs of dead Mormons, particularily valuable, fetching a premium price, no cigs, no smoke, no drugs, no booze. There's a thriving black market here. A guy like rat would never ever want to come here under any circumstances, thankfully.

  97. We been on the Liberty for at least three years, since last Habu was around anyway. I say give it a rest.

  98. A former NASA spokesman says ex-NASA chief Sean O’Keefe survived the plane crash in Alaska that killed former Sen. Ted Stevens.

    Glenn Mahone says O’Keefe’s teenage son, Kevin, was also among the four survivors. The plane crashed Monday night near a remote fishing village in Alaska, killing five.

    The former spokesman for the space agency says he has talked to O’Keefe’s family. They told him that O’Keefe and his son had some broken bones and other injuries.

  99. Just as with the collegiate professor you cited, allen, it is up to you to search out the links, if you wish.

    Now if you cut and paste which ever quote you wish to authenticate, into Goggle search, the link, it'll pop right up.

    You really are dumber than a rock.

  100. An article like that really ought to be written, so and so's passage to the better world was delayed when he inadvertently survived a deadly crasc in Alaska...least according to Dr. Pim van Lommel.

  101. "Perhaps you are like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail"

    your verbal threats of destruction remind me of the French Soldier:

    "I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries."

    How about a shrubbery, Q? Just please don't say "Ni" no more!
    It's just too scary!

  102. The Zionists keep wanting to revisit these issues, over and again as they bring them up time after time.

    While the rational response is the same, over and again.

    Watch this body snatching story get strung out, as the claims of religious bigotry continue to pour from the Zionist playbook.

    A total denial of the Dr Hiss story, that's truly comical, but the reader can believe what they want, can do their own research on Goggle.
    No one needs to be led the hand, not if they have have a brain of their own.

  103. Obama Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent
    Friday, September 04, 2009
    By Matt Cover, Staff Writer

    Cass Sunstein speaking at Harvard Law School. (Photo: Matthew W. Hutchins, Harvard Law Record.)
    ( – Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.

    Under such a policy, hospitals would harvest organs from people who never gave permission for this to be done.

    Outlined in the 2008 book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation.

  104. As those that have been reading the Elephant Bar for any period of time know, mine is an equivalency campaign.

    One to show,without equivocation that Israel does not deserve "Special Relationship" status with the US.

    That they operate against the best interest of the United States, and have since 1967.

    As the public statements of US ambassadors and Sec of States have described, time and again since 1967.

    wi"o" now, just today, verifies once again that my claim of Israel equivalency to the most despotic regimes on the planet, like Charlie Chi-com's China, is vindicated.

    They all steal human body parts.

  105. Three interlocking crises are striking Russia simultaneously: the highest recorded temperatures Russia has seen in 130 years of recordkeeping; the most widespread drought in more than three decades; and massive wildfires that have stretched across seven regions, including Moscow.


    Flooding peat bogs appears to be bringing the fires under control. Smoke from the fires has kept Moscow nearly shut down for a week.


    Russia is a massive producer and exporter of myriad commodities besides grain. It is the largest natural gas producer in the world and one of the largest oil and timber producers.

  106. Another reason, whit, why the beaches of Belize beckon.

    The policy of unauthorized medical mutulation may just be validated here in the US.

    Something that I would not love.

    It may well become time to leave, if basic liberties as I perceive them are denied.

    Flight before fight, I will not be amongst those that would shoot at the young troopers of the National Guard in open revolt against the elected government of the United States.

    Nope, not me.

  107. There is ample cause to begin the search of viable relocation locales, whit.

    As you yourself have mentioned, a time or two.

    Either in some of the more rural counties of the US, where I already have a stakehold or somewhere to the south of the Mexican/US border.

    Or both.

    Which seems the most likely outcome. Covering as many bases as possible.

  108. As the public statements of US ambassadors and Sec of States have described, time and again since 1967.

    And every Congress and most Presidents have disagreed.

  109. The expression often used to describe moving to more favorable political climes:

    "Voting with your feet"

    The was an influx of Russians, into the Levant, that exemplifies that type of migration on a large scale. Upwards of four million folks over sixty years.

  110. Whatever, let's see those quotes from those Presidents, then.

    When you asked before about US statements by our UN Ambassadors, representing both the President and the US Government, I delivered.

    No links needed, the quotes will be enough for any casual reader to authenticate them.

    Not that I would, myself, if you quote 'em, I'll believe you found 'em.

  111. From 1967, even MR Bush said Israeli policies were a deterrent to peace.

    It all goes back to the occupation that violates the Geneva Accords, and has since 1967.

    Which the US has validated as the case, time and again.

  112. DR,

    Obviously, you have never done even undergraduate work.

    Consider: The scientific method demands a falsifiable hypothesis and supporting data. After you, Mr. Undergraduate, have presented your hypothesis and supporting data, others attempt to test or falsify your hypothesis. If they fail, and instead, reproduce your results, you are on your way. In short, you have to put up or shut up.

    One day it would be my pleasure to find you outside the US, where slander and libel are much easier to prosecute. I would take you to court and force you to produce your evidence or face the judicial consequences.

    Like Quirk, you haven't squat.

  113. Any quote from any US President that the continued relocation of Israelis into the occupied territories was hokey dokey, by US.

    That continued construction of those settlements was a good thing.

  114. No science here, but that of molding public opinion.

    Propaganda and counter propaganda

    As whit mentioned just a thread or so back, I'm still ahead.

    It irritates him, to be sure.
    But he does recognize it.

    As it must to you, it is easy to see, as your bombastic bluster escalates along with your blood pressure to truly amusing levels of comical ad hominic blasts.

  115. I'm not going to bother to find you quotes. I know that the Congress and the Executive have more often sided with Israel than the terrorists. The terrorists of Palestine...who you are in league with, joined at the hip in your relentless ongoing blood libel. That's what it is. Pure propaganda, repeated over and over, day in and day out. Why?

    I have to conclude that you hate Israel and Jews, particularly Wio and Allen.

  116. "If you think the Obamas...

    "plural, not possessive."

    Although I think The Obama sounds pretty cool.

    Who would not want to be The Obama?

  117. Yes, I was thinking of you when I made the correction. In fact, I think of you with every misplaced or omitted comma.

    See what you have done?

  118. Proper punctuation saves lives.


  120. No, whit, not an once of hate.

    They do not rate it, honestly.

    Go back and read, they start the personal attacks, time and again.

    As even you have stated to be the case, before.

    They are of limited capacity, reality is not on their side.

    Israel is equivalent to the Sauds, the Iraqi, the Syrians even Charlie Chi-com whom is one of their larger arms sales accounts.

    That's all. They are not "Special". Those Russians are neither the 'saviors' nor 'founders' of "Western Civilization". Not at all.

    They are a few million Europeon expats on the shores of the Eastern Med. Another in a series of colonizations that is doomed in the long term.

    There are no more millions to migrate there, and the other Semitic tribes of the region, they procreate faster.

  121. I discount religion, especially when it is used as a political proxy.

    Judging the individual, either personally or country.

    Not the religion, just the politics.

  122. OMG, whit! That's too awesome!

  123. "There is ample cause to begin the search of viable relocation locales"

    what's the straw that broke rambo rat's back? tough times, the thought of being friends with israel or saving lives via organ harvesting from the deceased?

  124. It's a three day notice, nail and mail, for the football players tomorrow. Wife is pissed. It'll at least get the attention of the coaching staff. If I remember correctly such a procedure can accelerate the payments for the entire year. Before you call us mean, remember, they all got scholarships, and free rides.

    "They're so dumb they'd need a playbook to walk down the staircase." Least the ones on the north side. When she gets pissed, that's pretty much it.

  125. Trish, I asked her with she wanted to do a link exchange with the EB....


    RE: "The Fed is largely out of bullets"

    I remember making the statement right here at the 'ol EB club that I didn't think the US government had the wherewithal to re-inflate the US economy.

  126. There are no more millions to migrate there, and the other Semitic tribes of the region, they procreate faster.

    They can stave off the end for another twenty years by going to a "Two State Solution" with no Jews in the Arab State, and mostly Jews in the Jewish State, but this will only work until there are more Arab Israelis, then they'll have to resort to apartheid or pack it in.

  127. I bet you think you know how that "Anchor Baby" thing works. I'll bet you don't.

    Ann Coulter - Anchor Babies

  128. whit said,

    I have to conclude that you hate Israel and Jews, particularly Wio and Allen.

    Tue Aug 10, 08:43:00 PM EDT

    Thank you, whit; indeed, it is the ancient blood libel.

    All that commends DR is his outright word sophistry...

    Again, thank you for the integrity to face this hateful little man and his band of ignorant elves.

  129. Here's a nice little Frontline expose on how during the Clinton Administration, Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Arthur Levitt squashed efforts to regulate the shadowy world of OTC Derivatives. The Warning

    They were warned that unregulated derivative trading could have disastrous effects on the economy. They pooh poohed the idea, slammed it in Senate hearings and lived to regret it.

  130. rufus,

    So much for stare deicis, huh? Next time I hear some Dem talk about settled law, I'll throttle the ignorant scoundrel.

  131. "I have to conclude that you hate Israel and Jews, particularly Wio and Allen."

    this is accurate of rats jihad against said peoples as is:

    "Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts."

    Benito Mussolini

  132. This is the LAW of the LAND, of the USA

    The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995[1] is a public law of the United States passed by the 104th Congress on October 23, 1995. It was passed for the purposes of initiating and funding the relocation of the United States Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, no later than May 31, 1999, and attempted to withhold 50 percent of the funds appropriated to the State Department specifically for ‘‘Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad’’ as allocated in fiscal year 1999 until the United States Embassy in Jerusalem had officially opened.[2] The act also called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city and for it to be recognized as the capital of the State of Israel. Israel's declared capital is Jerusalem, but this is not internationally recognized, pending final status talks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United States has withheld recognition of the city as Israel's capital. The proposed law was adopted by the Senate (93-5),[3] and the House (374-37).[4]

  133. Beautiful!

    ht: Ann Coulter

    Greg Gutfeld to build Gay Bar next to the Cordoba House Mosque and Cultural Center

    Suggested names (at Coulter) include:

    Mountin' (to) Mohammed
    al Queerda
    Muslim Sisterhood
    Shiite Faced
    Osama Bum Laden's
    Holey War
    Underwear Bombers
    Rahm It In
    Rahm Emanuel

  134. 1982.

    No one in the Reagan administration said, "boo."

  135. WiO, Allen:

    Something to consider.

    Sometimes you two are your own worst enemies and you do your cause no good.


  136. Osama Laden's Buns, might be better, but hard to improve upon.

  137. Lordy, lordy, lordy, Allen, you were true to your word. You ignored the facts but continued your carping.

    You jump back to your hearings meme even though I've shown you evidence that they were a sham. You ask why didn't anyone come forward to object in the intervening years when in fact some have. You ask why would the people involved not come forward after all these years to set things right. Yet these questions prove nothing.

    You can ask the same about the Lavelle affair. Why did it take forty years to get the truth? There were hearings at both the Pentagon and Congress, how come none of the participants came forward? How come since Lavelle's orders from Nixon came through the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as by Defense Secretary Melvin R. Laird and Gen. Creighton Abrams that none of these told the truth?
    How come Kissinger never told the truth?

    Do you think Robert McNamara was any more honorable than Kissinger. Or LBJ less ruthless than Nixon? If so you are pathetically naive.

    Without the hearings you have zip. Yet I have the evidence I summarized in yesterday's post.

    You say I am being anti-Semitic because I criticize an action Israel took against a US ship. That a pretty broad definition of anti-Semitic. But that's all I can expect from you. You wallow in your victimhood. Ninety percent of the posts you leave here are about Israel; and you always manage to leave them with the message that somehow "they", with a knowledgeable "you know who they are" wink as to Gag Reflex the other day, "they" will soon launch an all out assault on Israel over the subject of the post.

    "They", the language of the racist accusing others of being racists. You are the Jewish Jesse Jackson finding insults or umbrage real or imagined in every corner of the EB. A pathetic way to live.

    The fact is when the issue of the Liberty came up my anger was not directed at Israel as much as at LBJ for calling back the jets. He was commander-in-chief. He ordered the ship there. When Israel attacked he should have turned loose the 6th Fleet and protected the ship.

    Later after you took umbrage I laid out the evidence that is out there. Although, you call that anti-Semitic, I call it pro-American.

    You say I have a grudge and an animus. That's true. But it's not over Israel. As I've stated before, there's just something about you I don't like. I'm sure in Allen World that translates into my being anti-Semitic. But hell, in Allen World if I didn't like chicken soup or matzo I would be anti-Semitic or at least anti-Jewish mother.

    You call them as you see them Allen but you view with a jaundiced eye.

    You would be laughable if you weren't so damn pathetic.


  138. This comment has been removed by the author.

  139. "I say give it a rest"

    When Bobbo becomes the voice of reason at the EB, you know things are getting a little strange.


  140. And, wind rowing is two words, not one, dumb shit.


  141. "your verbal threats of destruction remind me of the French Soldier:"

    Verbal threats of destruction?

    What planet are you from Anon?

    The only time we see you here is when Allen shows up. Are you his back-up? His mini-me? His soul-sister?

    Like him, all you seem to comment on is all things Jewish. Are you part of Allen's anti-Semitic witch hunt? Do you have any opinions of your own?

    I mean maybe I missed something. It's a little hard to tell. I mean we get a lot of Anonymi passing through here. There's a lot of troll Anon's that stop in occasionally. There's our regular Anon's, Anon-Anon, Bob-Anon, Al-Anon, Trish's Anon, sometimes Deuce screws up and becomes Anon.
    I'm mean there is a lot of Anonymousness out there. With Anonymous as a screen name you've kinda got anonymity within anonymity.

    So tell me do you ever show up for anything but the race-baiting or do you have something else to offer?


  142. Linear Thinker should be two words, dumb shit.

    7 times is a charm, I'm taker the dotter to Missoula to buy me a new computer. Email don't work again. I got to have that for business.

    As for Quirk, I think he's ss little low on calcium, is all,but that's a quess.

    Toshiba was supposed to send me a big box in which to return the item, but no show.
    And the wife is pissing at me using this.

  143. I've always been the voice of reason, but you folks are too irrational to catch on. : )

  144. Is American Thinker one word, or two?


  145. But while Iraqis are providing some help, officials said they were not yet comfortable depending on them. "We want to work with both the Iraqi army and the Iraqi police in bolstering our security," a senior administration official said.

    "That has to be worked out in terms of the availability of trained personnel, and it will take time to achieve it.

    "I'm not saying it's never going to happen. I'm just saying it's not going to happen tomorrow."

  146. From 1967, even MR Bush said Israeli policies were a deterrent to peace.

    Self defense is a deterrent to peace, if it's killers and liars that the external peace-mongers think you should play nice with to suit their own geo-political agendas.

  147. "I'm convinced that at the end of your investigation, it will be clear that the state of Israel ... operated in accordance with international law and that ... soldiers on the Marmara showed great courage in fulfilling their mission and acting in self-defense against real-life dangers," Netanyahu said Monday, the opening day of the Israeli probe.


    "For the past two months, I have engaged in intensive consultation with the leaders of Israel and Turkey on the setting-up of a panel of inquiry on the flotilla incident," Ban said in a statement. "This is an unprecedented development.

    I thank the leaders of the two countries with whom I have engaged in last-minute consultations over the weekend, for their spirit of compromise and forward-looking cooperation."

  148. "They're so dumb they'd need a playbook to walk down the staircase."

    So, Babble. Quote me the exact wording in their lease that requires them to do Mrs. Babble's weedeating.

    Reminds me of the time I rented a little place from the parents of a foxy looking real estate gal. The old lady wanted me to do some yardwork, occasionally, as I understood it. That a young lady in that town was obsessed with me, ala that gal in "Play Misty for Me", Evelyn I think she was called, to the extent that her caterwalling outside my window became a sore point with the landlady, and soon afterward I was asked nicely to find other shelter, on the pretext that I wasn't doing the yard work satisfactorily. I wasn't doing the yard work at all, and hadn't for six months. I left peacefully. It gave me a brief respite from Evelyn, whom to this day I hold responsible for the loss of that nice little bungalow.

  149. Should that be "who to this day...?"

    Help me out, Babble. Trish? Anybody? Bueller?

  150. Tea partiers, take note: the new solar installation will be the largest of its kind on federal property, but it won’t cost taxpayers money up front. It will be owned by local utility Arizona Public Service, which will sell the clean renewable electricity to Luke under a long term agreement. Luke anticipates saving millions over the course of the contract, which will not be subject to the same market-driven spikes that bedevil fossil fuel suppliers.

    Luke AF Base Gets 15 Megawatt Solar Plant - Will Produce Half of Peak Hours Electricity

  151. Answer my question, first. Who or whom?

  152. Boy oh, boy.

    I just linked to the US Embassy, in Israel and it is in Tel Aviv.

    The year is 2010. Seems like reality has quashed that "Law" referenced in the story of "o".

    Fifteen years after the law was passed, it seems that the prerequisite for its' implementation still has not be completed

    ... pending final status talks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The United States has withheld recognition of the city as Israel's capital.

    Need those "Final Status Talks" to start, before they can be completed, before that "Law" has any impact.

    The US recognizes that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, that is where our Embassy really is.

    Get real.

    whit can find no quotes from a President, because they do not exist.

    Similar to pulling squat from a vacuum.

    With such self-righteousness.

  153. American Embassy Tel Aviv U.S. Embassy Announces Increases in Visa Application Fees הודעת שגרירות ארצות הברית בגין שינויים במחירי האגרות לאשרות консульский сбор за неиммиграционную визу увеличивается More

  154. I note to whom you turn when you find you ass in trouble.

    But babble needs his sleep.

    Hint, don't ask for who the bells toll, they toll for...?????

    You'd been gone so long, L T I kinda had begun to hope you'd electrocuted thy honored self. Off to a better world, that sort of thing.

  155. (CNN) -- Former World Wrestling Entertainment executive Linda McMahon won Connecticut's GOP Senate primary on Tuesday, setting up a general election face off against the state's attorney general.

    Fitting that the GOP turns to the management of televised wrestling for its' attempt at a Northeastern recovery.

    Can we assume that Ms McMahon is a "real" Republican?

  156. If she ain't, she will be quick enough.

  157. This comment has been removed by the author.

  158. ...whom to this day I hold responsible...

  159. "(I) mean there is a lot of Anonymousness out there."

    And Anonymous sent two new emails at 2:41 AM and 6:20 AM.

  160. Quirk (Keebie),

    You have NO facts; you have reems of anti-Semitic screeds.

    Lordy! Lordy! Lordy! You have found out Anon and me, just as you have the USS Liberty. Now, you get a cookie from Uncle Julius, "Der Stürmer"

    "That was why he had allowed Streicher, for example, a free hand. The man’s stuff, too, was amusing, and very cleverly done. Wherever, he wondered, did Streicher get his constant supply of new material? He, Hitler, was simply on thorns to see each new issue of the Stürmer. It was the one periodical that he always read with pleasure, from the first page to the last".

    ...had you figured from the get go, Sport...

  161. Anon,

    Keep up the good fight. You've got the little fox by the tail :)

    Thought you and other friends would like this. David Duke's State of the Union Address

    By the way, have a look on the ad bar (right column) for the Jeff Rense Program ad. If that is not the spitting image of our boy, I don't know what is.

  162. Re: USS Liberty - Tue Aug 10, 06:00:00 PM EDT

    For the record, Mr. Johnson was president, not Mr. Nixon :)

    The knowledge base is truly "awesome" (or was that "aweful")

    "I have produced evidence" :>D)))))

    Right...(mumbling as he walks away, head swaying, "Mr. Liberty", didn't even know who was president in 1967, and he's the authority?"

  163. the Jeff Rense Program ad.

    heheheh, chuckle chuckle

  164. "Right...(mumbling as he walks away, head swaying, "Mr. Liberty", didn't even know who was president in 1967, and he's the authority?"

    Since I blamed LBJ for pulling the jets back instead of allowing them to destroy the Israeli boats and planes that were attacking the Liberty, your claims lacks validity.

    Although your years of feeling victimized seems to have rotted certain portions of your brain those controlling the carping inpulse seem to have been unaffected.

    Motor on.


  165. Quirk,

    You score a point on the LBJ issue. I overlooked your legitimate point mixed with the garbage. To be perfectly clear, I was wrong.

    Of course, my fallibility changes nothing. The "LEGAL EVIDENCE" and "OFFICIAL FINDINGS", all 13, support my position, you and David Duke notwithstanding.