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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Barack Hussein Obama and Eric Holder Halt Prosecution of USS Cole Bomber and Murderer of 17 Real American Sailors

Preshilla Caprice Kumar, 18 months-old, is presented with the flag that covered her mother's coffin October 20, 2000 as she sits in the lap of her father, Avinesh Kumar, during burial services for USS Cole sailor Lakiba Nicole Palmer in San Diego, CA. Palmer was one of two women to become the first ever killed in an attack on a U.S. warship since women began serving aboard combat vessels in 1995. She and Lakeina Monique Francis were among 17 sailors killed by an explosion aboard a small boat that tore a 20-by-40 foot hole in the hull of the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen.

No Justice for Injured US Sailor serving his country on USS Cole

Hat Tip: Teresita

Administration halts prosecution of alleged USS Cole bomber
By Peter Finn
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 26, 2010; 8:47 PM

The Obama administration has shelved the planned prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the alleged coordinator of the Oct. 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, according to a court filing.

The decision at least temporarily scuttles what was supposed to be the signature trial of a major al-Qaeda figure under a reformed system of military commissions. And it comes practically on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the attack, which killed 17 sailors and wounded dozens when a boat packed with explosives ripped a hole in the side of the warship in the port of Aden.

In a filing this week in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, the Justice Department said that "no charges are either pending or contemplated with respect to al-Nashiri in the near future."

The statement, tucked into a motion to dismiss a petition by Nashiri's attorneys, suggests that the prospect of further military trials for detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has all but ground to a halt, much as the administration's plan to try the accused plotters of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in federal court has stalled.

Only two cases are moving forward at Guantanamo Bay, and both were sworn and referred for trial by the time Obama took office. In January 2009, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates directed the Convening Authority for Military Commissions to stop referring cases for trial, an order that 20 months later has not been rescinded.

Military officials said a team of prosecutors in the Nashiri case has been ready go to trial for some time. And several months ago, military officials seemed confident that Nashiri would be arraigned this summer.

"It's politics at this point," said one military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss policy. He said he thinks the administration does not want to proceed against a high-value detainee without some prospect of civilian trials for other major figures at Guantanamo Bay.

A White House official disputed that.

"We are confident that the reformed military commissions are a lawful, fair and effective prosecutorial forum and that the Department of Defense will handle the referrals in an appropriate manner consistent with the interests of justice," said the official, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The Defense Department issued a statement Thursday saying the case is not stalled. "Prosecutors in the Office of Military Commissions are actively investigating the case against Mr. al-Nashiri and are developing charges against him," the statement said.

With the 10th anniversary of the Cole bombing approaching on Oct. 12, relatives of those killed in the attack expressed deep frustration with the delay.

"After 10 years, it seems like nobody really cares," said Gloria Clodfelter, whose 21-year-old son, Kenneth, was killed on the Cole.

Military prosecutors allege that Nashiri, a Saudi national, was a senior al-Qaeda operative and close associate of Osama bin Laden, who orchestrated the suicide attack on the Cole. Nashiri was scheduled to be arraigned in February 2009 but the new administration instructed military prosecutors to suspend legal proceedings at Guantanamo Bay. The charges against Nashiri were withdrawn.

In November 2009, however, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. appeared to revive the case when he announced that the military would prosecute Nashiri, one of at least 36 detainees who could be tired in federal court or a military commission.

"With regard to the Cole bombing, that was an attack on a United States warship, and that, I think, is appropriately placed into the military commission setting," Holder said.

But critics of military commissions say the Nashiri case exemplifies the system's flaws, particularly the ability to introduce certain evidence such as hearsay statements that probably would not be admitted in federal court. The prosecution is expected to rely heavily on statements made to the FBI by two Yemenis who allegedly implicated Nashiri. Neither witness is expected at trial, but the FBI agents who interviewed them will testify, said Nashiri's military attorney, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Stephen C. Reyes. "Unlike in federal court, you don't have the right to confront the witnesses against you," he said.

Such indirect testimony could be critical to a conviction because any incriminating statements Nashiri might have made are probably inadmissible under the 2009 Military Commissions Act, which bars the use of evidence obtained through torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.

Nashiri, 45, was captured in the United Arab Emirates in November 2002, and immediately placed in CIA custody. He was among three detainees held by the agency who was water-boarded, and a report by the CIA's inspector general found that Nashiri was threatened with a gun and a power drill.

"I am very confident, based upon what I have heard, that there is more than sufficient evidence linking him to the attack on Cole directly, and that they do not need any of the information that may have come from black site interviews and interrogations," said Kirk S. Lippold, who was commander of the Cole when it was attacked.

Reyes said Nashiri's treatment at the hands of the CIA will be part of any proceeding and will be relevant to any sentence he receives if he is found guilty. The government is expected to seek the death penalty.

"I'm not admitting to guilty, but his treatment is absolutely relevant in a death case and can be used in mitigation to lessen the sentence," Reyes said.

Nashiri, who has been held at Camp 7 at Guantanamo Bay since September 2006, has never appeared in court. But according to the transcript of a 2007 Combatant Status Review Tribunal, he said that he had nothing to do with the Cole bombing and that his connections to those involved in the explosion, including the purchase of the suicide boat, were unwitting. "We were planning to be involved in a fishing project," he said.

Eric Holder, Obama's man, reminding us we are a nation of cowards.


  1. "A new report prepared jointly by ProPublica and the National Law Journal showed that the government has lost more than half the cases where Guantánamo prisoners have challenged their detention because they were forcibly interrogated.

    "In some cases the physical coercion was applied by foreign agents working at the behest of the United States; in other cases it was by United States agents. Even in cases where the government later went back and tried to obtain confessions using “clean,” non-coercive methods, judges are saying those confessions too are tainted by the earlier forcible methods.

    "In most cases, the prisoners have not actually walked free because the government is appealing the decisions. But the trend suggests that the government will continue to have a hard time proving its case even against those prisoners who should be detained..."

    Torture History Hinders Prosecutions


  2. "The Defense Department issued a statement Thursday saying the case is not stalled. "Prosecutors in the Office of Military Commissions are actively investigating the case against Mr. al-Nashiri and are developing charges against him," the statement said."

    "...actively investigating the case..."?

    Ten years?

    The gears of justice do grind exceedingly slow.


  3. I guess we should not be surprised that the US Government is incapable of getting something right.

  4. While Mr. Obama took three sometimes maddening months to decide to send more forces to Afghanistan, other decisions as commander in chief have come with dizzying speed, far less study and little public attention.

    He is the first president in four decades with a shooting war already raging the day he took office — two, in fact, plus subsidiaries — and his education as a commander in chief with no experience in uniform has been a steep learning curve. He has learned how to salute.

  5. No, we shouldn't be surprised especially since the leftist mentality has become pervasive throughout the judiciary.

    What Mr. Holder and company are up to is not exactly clear but also not encouraging.

  6. He has no equal with the teleprompter, without one though,

  7. No, we shouldn't be surprised especially since the leftist mentality has become pervasive throughout the judiciary.



  8. Gilbert and Sullivan "Sea" Men

    The May issue of Naval Institute Proceedings contains the annual roster of Navy flag officers, with some 330 listed in more than 16 pages. That represents a 53% increase over the 2006 figure of 215, or a 13 percent Annual Admiral Inflation Index (AAII) pro-rated over a four-year period! Now, Congress approves flag officer billets based on actual, perceived, or manufactured needs from year to year. Friends remaining on active duty note that increased requirements for joint command billets account for much of the AAII, but cannot possibly explain (let alone justify) one appalling fact: With a nominal 285 ships and submarines, we now have approximately 1.15 admirals per vessel. Anybody care to guess the response from the shades of Bull Halsey, Ernie King, or Arleigh Burke? It sounds more like a Gilbert and Sullivan opera than a self-respecting military service.

    I have a suggestion: Starting with the next fiscal year, each star wearer will receive a form to be filled out and returned to the Superfluous Admiral Reduction Board (SARB). The form will read: "I should be retained on active duty for one more year because..." (Fill in the blank in 25 words or less. Bonus points for brevity.) The SARB shall be composed of three chief petty officers, three junior officers (one each O-2, 3, and 4), and three civilian taxpayers, all chosen at random. Each admiral's answer will be rated pass-fail, with a two-thirds majority necessary for retention. Cost of the process will be more than offset by immediate retirement of the superfluous star wearers--an astonishing example of a program actually turning a profit.

    The Navy might even assign one of those extraneous admirals to check this space for additional solutions. Certainly the price is right.
    Posted by Barrett Tillman

  9. Jerry said...

    Barrett, I think it only fair to mention our elected royalty in congress who insist that their exalted committees and investigating bodies deserve flag officer briefers. And the jointness-forever requirements (another congressional pet) that dictate manning levels (if parochial fairness is important) in the ever-spreading CINCs exacerbates what you've correctly labeled "flag bloat." So, be bold! Reduce the number of admirals (all flag officers), but with congressional understanding that they've seen the last of any flag officers before any committees or investigating bodies. And you, my friend, will be a forever hero to all military leaders.

    Cheers, Jerry Houston

  10. "[W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

    (Source: John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. 1854), Vol. IX, p. 229, October 11, 1798.)

    "Wholly inadequate to the government of any other," which is what we have.

  11. The 'Soccer War'

    The 'Soccer War' - FG-1D versus F4U-4 & F4U-5, the last piston engine air-to-air combat:

    During the late 1960s, tens of thousands of El Salvadoreans illegally migrated across the border to Honduras. Anti-El Salvadorean sentiment was running high in Honduras. By June of 1969, things were becoming very heated.

    The two countries were matched in the World Cup soccer tournament. Radio Honduras broadcast anti-El Salvadorean propaganda as the match drew near. The first match played in Tegucigalpa, Honduras was won by Honduras. The second match played in San Salvador was won by El Salvador. The final game was held in neutral Mexico City, and was won by El Salvador. Tensions escalated, and on June 26, 1969, the two countries broke diplomatic relations.

    The 'Soccer War' began on July 10, 1969, when 12,000 El Salvador army troops crossed the border into Honduras. The FAS flew primarily in the ground attack role. The FG-1Ds of the FAS battled the F4U-4s and F4U-5s of the FAH. July 17 saw air to air combat between the Goodyear and Vought-produced Corsairs. Two FAS FG-1Ds crashed near San Jose de la Fuente, in La Unión Deparment in El Salvador.
    One of them exploded mid-air, and it is suspected that the pilot (Capt Cortez) failed to de-pressurise the Corsair's fuel tanks. The other one crashed after it's pilot parachuted to safety. It is unknown if there are remains left.

    On July 18 Honduras and El Salvador accepted a U.S.-led peace plan. The last fighting occurred on July 27.

  12. "Wholly inadequate to the government of any other," which is what we have..."

    Ten years of cowboys and fuck-ups but what the hell.

    The judges should just say, “Hey, we see you screwed up once or twice, or fifty or a hundred, or more, but don’t worry about it in this (or sorry, those) case(s) because we know your heart was in the right place. Carry on.”

    “And oh, that constitution thingee, we look at it more like a utopian guide rather than a rule.”

    The fact we don't deserve the constitution, simple, get rid of the constitution.


  13. Hey, just noticed the new avatar Whit.



  14. What the killer of the USMC's first fighter ace and legendary test pilot is up to:

    Jesse Fanus - Oregon
    Name: Jesse Fanus DOB: 06/02/79 Race: White Gender: Transgendered - Male to Female

    Marital Status: Single Sexual Peference: Women Height: 5'7 Weight: 150 Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Dk. Brown Seeking Donations: No Write Overseas: No Conviction: Aggravated Murder Date Incarcerated: 06/1998 Earliest Release: Never Serving Life Sentence: No On Death Row:

    Yes Seeking: Open minded confident person that can hold an intelligent conversation. Gender is not important though I prefer women. I am interested in starting a friendship with a woman prefereably.

    I only recently (3 years ago) came out as transgendered and would like to write someone to begin a fresh start with. I am fairly bubbly and tend to be somewhat immature for my age.

    I do enjoy writing letters, reading and playing guitar (not very good though). If you're interested, please write. Address to write to Jesse: Jesse Fanus #12724162 Oregon State Penitentiary 2605 State Street Salem, OR 97310

  15. The Obama Administration has banned the phrase "Islamic Terrorism". Now it shall be only be called Muslim Activist-Assisted Homicide.

  16. The Ground Zero Mosque developer owes $224,000 in back taxes on the property. Maybe their secret Wahabbist sugar daddy can kick in a quarter mil.

  17. In that close up, is that the beginning of a moustache under your lower lip, Miss T? Makes you look really scary. :)

    Paris Hilton Mug Shots

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    Latest--Latest Paris Hilton Mug Shot

    Taken all in all, she takes an attractive mug shot, better than most. I think the poor girl is going to develope a real drug problem.

    Obama is the worst President we've ever had, and Holder the worst AG, least in my lifetime.

  18. If you cut those outlying hairs off each side, you'd have the beginnings of a perfect Hilterian lower lip stache. Achtung!

  19. Get yer eyes checked, bob.

  20. I've looked at it three times, Whit. I swear it's the beginnings of a Hitler stache, there on the lower lip. Don't you see it?

  21. No, those are definitely wrinkle lines.

    T is all femme (with latent hetero tendencies).

  22. In that close up, is that the beginning of a moustache under your lower lip, Miss T? Makes you look really scary. :)

    German for "Beware of Dog": Harkentabarkin

    German for "courting": Parkanensparken

    German for Constipation: Farfrompoopin

    German word for Vaseline: Weinerslider.

    German for virgin: Guttentight

  23. As you wish, but I'd think wrinkle lines aren't dark like that. That's her true hair color, she's just dyed her blond, in my view.

  24. No, Ms T, not crestfallen.

    The Egyptians busted a stash of rockets. A publicity stunt.

    It is done on our border all the time. Give up two women from Indiana with 100 pounds, while five tons cross elsewhere along the frontier. Gives the Border cops a chance to crow, while not effecting business, in the least.

    Then the Border cops make a big deal out of the bust, inflate the value of it, as if they had done some substantial "good".

    Don't mean nothin'

    It is just 'real' old school head games, sweets.

  25. The real news, in that article, Ms T, comes at the very end.

    In the Judea and Samaria region, on the other hand, the organization is having difficulty operating due to thwarting and prevention operations by Israel and the security system of the Palestinian Authority.

    When the IDF is crediting the Palis with the suppression of terrorist attacks against Israel.
    Well, that is either true, or the Israeli are also playing to the cameras.

    Could just be a coordinated propaganda effort, or there is real cooperation between the IDF and the PA.

    The Israeli report, you decide.

  26. EPA today REJECTED a petition from environmental groups to ban the use of lead in bullets.

    I suppose the Sierra Club wanted bullets to be made from recycled pop cans.

  27. The Truth About The Occupation and Settlement

    It having cooled off here, we're going for a drive. After the birthday cake. It was nice hearing my wife and daughter do so much down home laughing, yesterday. tata

  28. Steel, Ms T, they wanted them made from steel.

    More damaging to the firearms, less damaging to the environment.

    So the storyline goes.

  29. Israel's first female Ambassador to the United Nations has an interesting thing to say ...

    She has considered writing additional books in the field of law, but despite her unique position as the first woman to represent Israel at the UN, it is doubtful she will be penning a memoir about her experience as UN envoy.

    “It's like what they say about the New Testament: that what is new is not interesting, and what is interesting is already written in the Bible."

    As to bob's American Thinker piece, those points have been known for years, and rejected by the Government of the United States, since 1967.

    Nothing interesting in it, at all.

  30. This week, the United States Ambassador to the UN, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Turkish envoy to the UN are all organizing farewell dinners in Shalev's honor, despite the flotilla incident.

    “It was a sad, tragic event. Isolated, far out at sea. ..."

    Far out at sea ...

    Meaning it posed no real threat to the Israeli, being so far out at sea.

  31. Officially, Beck's permit for the rally allowed for 300, 000 people. CBS has reported that 87, 000 people came out to hear the Fox talk show host speak, while the New York Times reported that event organizers had pegged the number at around 500, 000. As for FOX News, they've refrained from actually offering up a number, instead calling the turnout "huge."

    Read more:

  32. More people turned out for the Seattle Hempfest, if you believe the libstream media.

  33. Guess he thinks that Palestine should be more than just "Wiped from the map" He does not favor resettlement of those Palis to Europe, no, he advocates for a greater industrialization of death.

    JERUSALEM: Just ahead of renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestine, an influential Israeli spiritual leader has denounced the move, dubbing the Palestinians and their leader "an evil and bitter enemies of Israel" who should " perish from this world."

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the upcoming launch of peace talks an opportunity to secure endurable peace, lasting generations.

    But, Ovadia Yosef, spiritual head of the religious Shas party in the government, denounced the talks, scheduled to kickstart on September 2, and said, "Abu Mazen (nom de guerre for Abbas) and all these evil people should perish from this world,"

    Read more:
    Palestinians should perish from this world: Ovadia Yosef - Middle East - World - The Times of India

    This when the IDF credits the PA and Abu Mazen with the thwarting and prevention of terror operations by Hamas.

  34. While the Israeli Government spokesman says that Rabbi isinciting genocide:

    Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat on Sunday slammed remarks by the spiritual leader of Israel's leading ultra-Orthodox party, who said the Palestinians should "perish", saying that it was paramount to incitement to genocide.

    Any bets on whether that "Spiritual Leader" will be indicted for incitement to genocide, by the Israeli Government?

  35. isinciting = is inciting

    mea culpa

  36. There are calls, within Israel, for the prosecution of this radical Rabbi, let us see how the Israeli Government handles those that incite genocide.

    MK Jamal Zahalka, chair of the Balad Knesset faction, sent a letter to the Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein, demanding that Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef be investigated and tried for racist incitement and incitement to murder.

    "Yosef's comments are especially dangerous because he keep repeating himself again and again, so he must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law," MK Zahalka said.

    According to Zahalka, Yosef is not a minor public figure, but a spiritual leader than has hundreds of thousands that follow his religious edicts, and his comments can be understood as permission to kill Palestinians. Zahalka added, "If, heaven forbid, a Muslim spiritual leader were to make anti-Jewish comments of this sort, he would be arrested immediately."

    MK Ahmed Tibi, chair of the United Arab List-Ta'al Knesset faction, also responded to Yosef's comments, saying that the rabbi "has long since turned into the biggest blasphemer, the evilest purveyor of hatred and killing, which are contrary to all religions."

  37. The Israeli Government now has its opportunity to prove that it hold all its citizens to the same legal standards.

    Let us watch a learn how they handle it.
    Either with equality under their laws or Jim Crow discrimination.

  38. JERUSALEM: Just ahead of renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestine, an influential Israeli spiritual leader has denounced the move, dubbing the Palestinians and their leader "an evil and bitter enemies of Israel" who should "perish from this world."

    Micah 5:8-9 And the remnant of Jacob shall be among the Gentiles in the midst of many people as a lion among the beasts of the forest, as a young lion among the flocks of sheep: who, if he go through, both treadeth down, and teareth in pieces, and none can deliver. Thine hand shall be lifted up upon thine adversaries, and all thine enemies shall be cut off.

  39. Ahmadinejad says he is ready for "The End of Days" which makes him a little brown Pat Robertson.

  40. The Maya may have known far more about astronomy, time and solar cycles than they are given credit for.

    AFTER 10 years of comparative slumber, the sun is waking up - and it's got astronomers on full alert.

    This week several US media outlets reported that NASA was warning the massive flare that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month was just a precursor to a massive solar storm building that had the potential to wipe out the entire planet's power grid.

    NASA has since rebutted those reports, saying it could come "100 years away or just 100 days", but an Australian astronomer says the space community is betting on the sooner scenario rather than the latter.

    Despite its rebuttal, NASA's been watching out for this storm since 2006 and reports from the US this week claim the storms could hit on that most Hollywood of disaster dates - 2012.

    Similar storms back in 1859 and 1921 caused worldwide chaos, wiping out telegraph wires on a massive scale.

    The 2012 storm has the potential to be even more disruptive.

    "The general consensus among general astronomers (and certainly solar astronomers) is that this coming Solar maximum (2012 but possibly later into 2013) will be the most violent in 100 years," astronomy lecturer and columnist Dave Reneke said.

    "A bold statement and one taken seriously by those it will affect most, namely airline companies, communications companies and anyone working with modern GPS systems.

    "They can even trip circuit breakers and knock out orbiting satellites, as has already been done this year."
    No one really knows what effect the 2012-2013 Solar Max will have on today's digital-reliant society.

    Dr Richard Fisher, director of NASA’s Heliophysics division, told Mr Reneke the super storm would hit like "a bolt of lightning”, causing catastrophic consequences for the world’s health, emergency services and national security unless precautions are taken.

    US government officials earlier this year took part in a "tabletop exercise" in Boulder, Colorado, to map out what might happen if the Earth was hit with a storm as intense as the 1859 and 1921 storms.

    The 1859 storm was of a similar size to that predicted by NASA to hit within the next three years – one of decreased activity, but more powerful eruptions.

    NASA said that a recent report by the National Academy of Sciences found that if a similar storm occurred today, it could cause “$1 to 2 trillion in damages to society's high-tech infrastructure and require four to 10 years for complete recovery”.
    They claim satellites will be aged by 50 years, rendering GPS even more useless than ever, and the blast will have the equivalent energy of 100 million hydrogen bombs.

    “We know it is coming but we don’t know how bad it is going to be,” Dr Fisher told Mr Reneke in the most recent issue of Australasian Science.

    “Systems will just not work. The flares change the magnetic field on the Earth and it’s rapid, just like a lightning bolt.

    "That’s the solar effect.”

    Read more:

  41. The OFFICIAL position of Fatah...

    From LAST year.

    Fatah: We'll sacrifice victims until Jerusalem is ours
    Palestinian faction adopts position paper which rules out compromise on future status of Jerusalem.

    By Haaretz Service and DPA

    The status of Jerusalem as the future capital of a Palestinian state is a red line that no Palestinian leader is permitted to cross, President Mahmoud Abbas' ruling Fatah faction declared in the West Bank on Saturday.

    According to Israel Radio, the Fatah general conference, which convened in Bethlehem for a three-day gathering, adopted a position paper which also states that the Palestinian national enterprise will not reach fruition until all of Jerusalem, including the outlying villages, come under Palestinian sovereignty.

    Fatah, which rules the West Bank but was ousted from power in Gaza by the Islamist Hamas movement, also ruled out any interim agreements with Israel.

    "Fatah will continue to sacrifice victims until Jerusalem will be returned [to the Palestinians], clean of settlements and settlers," the paper states.

    According to Israel Radio, the paper does not make a distinction between the eastern and western halves of the capital, nor does it distinguish between the territories within the Israeli side of the Green Line and the areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War.

    Abbas relected to lead Fatah Mahmoud Abbas was re-elected on Saturday to lead Fatah by consensus at the party conference.

  42. The Israeli Ambassador tells us that the Turkish flagged "Freedom Flotilla" was "far out at sea".

    A former US Ambassador tells us this:

    Former US Ambassador Edward Peck was a professional diplomat working under Presidents Carter and Reagan. He was also on board the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ in which Israel attacked and killed anywhere from 9 to 19 and injuring anywhere from 50 to 100 (depending on the reports). We really don’t know how many have been killed and injured on the ships because Israel has not been forthcoming with the facts or the figures.

    But Ambassador Peck says in a recent interview with Democracy Now that the Israeli accounts are something that can be “found in a meadow somewhere where they keep large animals”

  43. According to the former Ambassador:

    ….You know, here, one of the things I find that is the twist in this thing was that these peaceful, heavily armed commandos who were in international waters to capture a ship full of men and women, who were not bothering Israel, and who took what steps they could to try to prevent these pirates from doing it, are accused of attacking them.

    Mr.—the deputy ambassador, they were defending the ship. The Israelis were attacking it, and the passengers didn’t want them to do it. And to see somebody using a deckchair against a heavily-armed and armored Israeli soldier, I mean, my god, that’s a dangerous weapon. It’s called twisting the story. If you come to attack me and I defend myself, you know, that’s considered legal in law….(source: democracy now)

  44. To Readers of the Blog...

    Rat is an anti-semite.

    A self confessed murderer, who has travel to central america to "liquidate" people.

    he hates Israel, Jews and Zionism.

    He misdirects, makes things up and posts out of context.

    He is black hearted and is evil in thought and deed.

    So as long as he posts, distortions, lies and slander?

    Understand the scum sucking shit that he is...

  45. AP -
    KHAN BANI SAAD, Iraq — A $40 million prison sits in the desert north of Baghdad, empty. A $165 million children's hospital goes unused in the south. A $100 million waste water treatment system in Fallujah has cost three times more than projected, yet sewage still runs through the streets

    As the U.S. draws down in Iraq, it is leaving behind hundreds of abandoned or incomplete projects. More than $5 billion in American taxpayer funds has been wasted — more than 10 percent of the some $50 billion the U.S. has spent on reconstruction in Iraq, according to audits from a U.S. watchdog agency.

  46. No matter what he posts the fact is clear...

    He is a nazi in thought and spirit.

    He advocates the murder of non-convicted criminals in America.

  47. The Israeli have killed 1.5 million Jews, in Israel, since 1949.

    In the Story of "o" these Jews are denied their very humanity.

    They are considered less than human, in the Story of "o".

    Which is a wonder, as the Rabbis of Israel consider these killings to be contrary to the Laws of their G-d.

    in late December, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger noted that approximately 50,000 abortions are performed in Israel every year

    The reason for this Israeli infanticide, a Slaughter of Innocents that eclipses that of King Herod, money.

    Dr. Eli Schussheim, director of Efrat, tells us this about what those Rabbis say:

    “They realize that the majority of women seeking an abortion are doing so due to economic hardship,” Schussheim said. “The committee they created to examine the phenomenon studied the issue very carefully.”

  48. In the Story of "o", genocide is just a thing.

    To be more than accommodated.
    It is encouraged and subsidized.

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. This comment has been removed by the author.

  51. It matters little, in the Story of "o" whether the victims of genocide are Jews or Muslims.

    He worships at the alter of death.

    While denying the humanity of the victims.

  52. The Rat lies...

    No point in debating the liar...

  53. Then write me out of your Story, "o".

    Which you refuse to do.

    1.5 million Jews, killed by the Israeli since 1949, and you have denied their very humanity.

    Just another example of Jewish self-loathing?

  54. Rat pollutes every thread with the same theme...

    Maybe it's time to censure him?

  55. Would you two please declare a truce?

  56. Sometimes you have to bar a patron at a bar when noone can enjoy themselves...

  57. Whit, time for Rat to stop talking about Israel, Jews or Zionism

  58. Once again, on this thread the Rat is the haSatan...

    Like every thread...

    Rat destroys...

  59. Tell you what, you ban Rat from speaking about Jews, Israel or Zionism?

    And I wont respond calling him a black hearted piece of shit

  60. I keep trying to, whit.

    I have offered terms.

    They are continually rejected.

    If he mentions me, I will respond, time and again.

    I will defend the humanity of those slaughtered Jews until the end of days.

  61. No offense to shit, comparing shit to Rat...

  62. He posts shit about Jews, Israel or Zionism?

    I will tell the world he is a NAZI....

    Which is the truth.

  63. Terms?

    How about Rat stop talking about Jews, Zionism or Israel...

    Or Ban his rodent ass....

  64. I will stand against genocide, no matter the religion of victims.

  65. It's real simple, as long as Rat promotes Jew hatred, Israel hatred and Zionism hatred, I will respond to call him the evil, black hearted murderer that he is...

    without fail...

  66. BAN the Rat...

    and all the other names he now uses...

  67. Censuring Evil is not really a bad thing, in Germany it's illegal to speak as Rat does...

    and they KNOW a Nazi when they see one..

  68. I am for freedom of speech, but Rat yells fire in a crowded theater...

    That should be stopped.

  69. Short of making this a "by invitation only" site, we have no way to bar anyone. It's also impossible to censor anyone without 24/7 vigilance.

    We have never watched a thread in order to delete every single comment made by someone who we wished would go away.

    The closet we have ever come to achieving such a result is when a certain person was shamed by just about every regular.

    The best thing (and I admit, it is hard to do) is to ignore the offender. Refuse to be baited.

    Other than that, we all have a choice whether we will continue on here on will walk away for good.

  70. As long as the Israeli operate against the best interests of the United States they are a viable topic.

    As long as the Zionists conflate Israel and Judaism, that's their problem, not mine.

    But as I have learned from those Israeli Rabbis, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, the secular forces within Israel operate against the edicts of the G-d of Judaism.

    The conflation of Israel and Judaism is obviously without merit.

  71. Rat posted 12 posts, 10 of which were anti-israel/jewish before I posted anything.

    and then it didnt mention his name...

    only then did I tell readers of the blog that he is a evil, lying piece of shit....

  72. Maybe everyone should tell Rat to shut the hell up?

  73. The issues are never addressed, in the Story of "o".

    While that is what I do, address the issues of the day.

    War and Peace, as it were.

    He can present his side of those issues in a polite and respectful manner, or not.

  74. I agree, Rat, your continuous anti-Israeli propaganda is bad for business.

    There's a way to make an occasional point without using the EB as a medium for propaganda.

    It would be wonderful if you would cease and desist. Then maybe, we could have some peace around here.

  75. Even now, he wants the issue to be me.

    When that is not the way of the world. I am no threat to Judaism, Israel or Islam.

    I just present ideas that he disapproves of, and cannot refute.

  76. To equate my response to 10 posts as tit for tat is silly...

    Rat piles on, on a daily basis, on every thread about the evils of Jews, Zionist and Israel.

    Rat proves why civil discussion is going down the tubes.

    I simply think we need to post IN RESPONSE to his distortion and hatred a simple statement ID'ing him as the evil prick that he is..

    No discussions, just simply:

    Rat is jew hating, zionism hating, Israel hating, self confessed killer. Please ignore his rantings.

  77. I just posted the news of the day, whit.

    If it is anti-Israeli, well that's reality of the news, of the world.

    Anyone can post the pro-Israel view point.

    It would be interesting to see it. But they never do.

  78. You sure as heck wouldn't like it if everyday throughout the day, I said that you were a wretched sinner condemned to eternity in hell, would you? That would be tiresome to say the least.

  79. Any one that continues with the "War on Islam" storyline is endangering US troops aboard.

    Especially in Afghanistan.

    So says our commanding General, there. I happen to believe him.

    I will continue to support our troops.

  80. They say it about me, every day.

    I will respond.

    They accuse me of confessing to murder, which is a vile lie.

    They cannot post the time or date of this supposed confession. Because it does not exist.

    Yet they continue to distort the debate, as you say, calling me a murderer, "a wretched sinner condemned to eternity in hell.

    When those that slaughter innocents, are the real issue. Those that coarsen our culture by advocating for the industrialization of death and the denial of the humanity of those that are victimized

    Both here and abroad.

  81. I speak of issues and countries, whit, they speak of me.

  82. But if they desist, will you?

  83. I have offered that, many times, over the past week.

    bob brought up Israel, first, today.
    Not me.

    Even then my response was more than civil, merely quoting the Israeli Ambassador to the UN.

    Quoting a former US Ambassador that was on that Flotilla.
    An eye witness to the events.

  84. Rat accuses Jews of genocide, whether in Gaza, on a Ship or if they use abortion.

    Rat accuses Jews, Zionists and Israelis of organ thief, controlling the world and other such nonsense.

    He has not stopped in YEARS.

    He distorts, he lies, he yells fire in a theater.

    He has admitted that he has liquidated people in central america and that since he was never caught and charged, somehow it was legal and moral.

    He uses the Bar as a propaganda mouth piece for Aryan Nation. It has to stop.

    But i doubt it will...

    So if he continues to distort, trash and spread hatred against jews, israel and zionism, I will continue to label him as the evil, black hearted shit (who murders)...

    Choice is simple..

    Rat is to be banned from the subject of Israel, Jews and Zionism.

    If that is done, then I will have no reason to warn bar patrons of his evil ways.

  85. We know how you feel. You have mentioned it many, many times. We're tired of hearing about it. You drive a subject into the ground. You propagandize. Sure, any day of the week, you can find a news story which supports your whirled view. That doesn't make it right. It looks as though you hate either Jews, Israel, WiO or Allen.

    Yes, by-in-large, you are civil. That's admirable. You seldom if ever lose your cool. That's good. But you bait and bait and bait. You practice a passive aggression. Why, I don't know but it sure looks like your anti-semite and maybe even an Arab.

    I seriously doubt that anyone here else could get away with what you do.

  86. Rat argues by changing the goal posts..

    1st he claims I attacked 1st...

    then when proof is shown that HE attacked me 1st, he changes it to Bob attacked 1st...

    Rat is a shit...

    It's simple really...

    and it actually was T this morning:

    Teresita said...
    Egypt finds weapons stockpile including 190 anti-aircraft missiles to be smuggled to Gaza.

    Rat crestfallen.

    But dont let facts stand in the way...

    Rat has his own agenda...

    Bash Jews, israel and zionism.

  87. Maybe everyone should tell Rat to shut the hell up?

    No, sometimes he makes a good point, like the Pirates of the Mediterranean series of posts.

  88. The "pirates of ..." were merely a continuation of his ongoing slander campaign.

  89. Not a single verse in the Qur'an instructs Muslims to love non-Muslims.

    Not one.

    So where does the "Religion of Tolerance & Peace" come from?

  90. As for ANYONE disliking me?

    I have no problem... Even my wife and kids could agree with that on a daily basis...

    But I will not stand quietly by when someone Jew baits.

    We were not born yesterday.

    The forces in the world committed to the destruction of Jews, Israel and Zionism is real. They actually murder on a daily basis.

    Rat's pov's on such topics prove that he supports such actions, from actual incitement to virtual attacks.

    The delegitimization of Jews, Zionism and Israel is not new, but since the defeat on the battlefield the Jew haters have had to change tactics. Even Israel rights to defend herself are questioned beyond any other nations standards.

    One standard of behavior for Israel and none foe anyone else is the new call to action of the anti-semite.

    If Rat was anti-abortion and presented a world wide point of view that showed all peoples usage of abortion that would be fine. But to HIGHLIGHT Israel and only Israel is anti-semitic.

    Pick any issue that the Rodent focuses on, he only focuses on israel, Jews and Zionism.

    One standard for Jews, no standard for anyone else.

    That is the classic definition of "anti-semitism"

    We are seeing a new form of Jew hatred show it's face these days.. the rationalist Jew hater... The nice guy you agree with on so many topics, but if Israel, Jews or Zionism is raised? Watch out... the Knives will be drawn..

    We in America are seeing this with the Ground Zero mosque affair..

    the so called "moderate" imam, who in english speaks so softly and lovingly about getting along with one another, and then in arabic talks of his support for Iran, Hamas and a one state solution for Palestine (code word for genocide of jews)

    Be not fooled by soft spoken tongue, a black heart is not concealed from those who see....

  91. I agree with WIO and Whit and wish Rat would just shut the fuck up.

    There is an old economic truism that states bad money always drives out good money. I suggest the same is true for online dialogue.

    DR drives away people who would otherwise enjoy the dialogue here.

    While he occasionally offers a thought of merit (infrequent at best), DR's "conversation" here is mostly intended to personally antagonize and disrupt. Why he enjoys that is beyond me, and speaks poorly of him. If he behaves similarly in real life, he would be a VERY lonely person.

  92. Whit, I'm referring to his criticism of the Flotilla Raid, when his opinions and mine overlapped. I'm not a Zionist koolaid drinker, when the IDF screws the pooch I'll call them on it.

  93. I read the news, whit, every day.

    If the news baits Israelis, there you have it. It is not me, it is the news, the world.

    I do not conflate Israel with Judaism. Others do.
    That is on them, not me.

    That allen and "o" tell me that Judaism is the fount of civilization, I find humorous.

    That bob speaks to the "War on Islam" and it being Civilization v Barbarity, well, I wonder which side we are on.

    Where have the Islamoids killed 50 million Americans?

    You speak to the coarsening of our culture, the rejection of morality. I speak to the details of that.

    If allen and "o" are correct, then Judaism is the source of our current barbaric civilization and coarsened culture.

    I reject that, but that is their claim, if you follow the logical path of their claims, to cause and effect.

    That the religious leaders of Judaism in Israel reject the Story of "o", that they embrace the humanity of the unborn, well ...

    Vindication again.

  94. whit said...
    The "pirates of ..." were merely a continuation of his ongoing slander campaign.

    Well said...

  95. That's a good question, T.

    It's not like they had a reformation. The core of Islam is the Koran and Sharia. The mosques, even in the US, are controlled by not so moderate Imams. Fundamentalism is in a waxing phase. People are dying everywhere while Allu Akbhar rings out.

    I guess the "Toleration and Peace" comes from the dhimmi wannabees.

  96. Teresita said...
    Whit, I'm referring to his criticism of the Flotilla Raid, when his opinions and mine overlapped. I'm not a Zionist koolaid drinker, when the IDF screws the pooch I'll call them on it.

    you are correct, they should have just blown the ship up...

  97. Even a broken clock used to be right 2x a day...

    Israel has a right to defend it's self...

    Turkey violated the UN and caused an act of war against Israel with the flotilla. Israel should not have sent troops with paint ball guns on board.

    They should have acted like most other nations and sunk the ship without warning.

  98. Vindication again.

    Bravo Sierra and you know it. And if you don't know it, you've got a problem.

  99. you are correct, they should have just blown the ship up...

    They could always say it looked a lot like an American ELINT gathering ship.

  100. I agree, Rat, your continuous anti-Israeli propaganda is bad for business.

    I got to agree rat.

    You have been going on ad nauseum for three days and all the paying customers have left.

    You post dozens of posts on the same meme but one assumes you are doing it for your own amusement. After the first couple nobody bothers to read them anyway.

    You could just let the venom build and assault us with it once or twice a month instead of every day. Damn, you used to get it all out early in the morning but now you're running into the Looters and Pirates hour late at night.

    Pretty soon you'll be talking to yourself here.

    You’re an interesting guy. I disagree with a lot of your positions but I do take note of them. But even on some of the ones I agree with you on like abortion I’m reluctant to support you because of your targeted proselytizing. It’s fine to talk about specific issues as they arise with regard to Israel but you take it to a new level , not letting the subject drop when everything that could be said about it has been said. You pound the same friggin points continuously. On Israel, some call you anti-Semitic. I just call you boring.


  101. It actually happens..

    Israel Navy chief: Hezbollah-bound Iran ship carried hundreds of tons of arms
    The Antigua-flagged ship was raided by the Navy not far from the coast of Cyprus before dawn Wednesday.

    By Reuters, Amos Harel, Barak Ravid and Anshel Pfeffer

    Israel Navy Chief Brig. Gen. Rani Ben-Yehuda said Wednesday that an arms ship seized near Cyprus earlier in the day had been carrying hundreds of tons of weapons.

    Israeli commandos seized the ship before dawn on Wednesday and defense officials said it had been carrying missiles and rockets bound for Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas, believed to have come from Iran.

  102. December 2001 – The Karin A ship, loaded with weapons in Iran, bound for the Gaza Strip, was sailing towards Egypt with the intention of unloading its cargo there. Small fishing boats were meant to pick up the cargo and deliver it to the Gaza Strip. The ship, loaded with rockets, anti-tank rockets, and light arms, was seized on January 3rd, 2002 by Israeli Naval Commandos.

    December 2003 – January 2004 - The Iranian Revolutionary Guard directed an aerial convoy to transfer weapons and supplies to Hezbollah via Syria. The aerial convoys were disguised as humanitarian aid intended for casualties of an earthquake in Bam, a city in southern Iran. The Iranians took advantage of the open airspace by trying to smuggle weapons to Hezbollah while humanitarian aid flights were landing in Iran from all over the world.

    May 2007 – An Iranian train carrying arms (mortar shells, light arms, rocket launchers and ammunition) was uncovered in Turkey. The arms were intended for Hezbollah. The Iranians attempted to conceal and disguise the arms in order to avoid suspicion by the Turkish authorities.

    January 2009 – An arms shipment sent by Iran was intercepted and seized in Cyprus after it was found on the Cypriot vessel Monchegorsk which had been leased by the Iranian Irisl shipping company. The Cargo was found to include tank, artillery and mortar shells as well as materials to be used for producing rockets.

    The Monchegorsk
    October 2009 - The Hansa India, which sailed from Iran flying a German flag was due to unload a cargo of eight containers in Egypt. Following warnings from the German authorities the vessel was not unloaded and continued to Malta where it was seized and found to be carrying bullets and industrial material intended for the production of weapons, seemingly bound for Syria.

  103. Iran's secret pipeline into the U.S.
    August 18, 2010 - 5:02am

    WASHINGTON - Iran Air 744 is a bimonthly flight that originates in Tehran and flies directly to Caracas with periodic stops in Beirut and Damascus. The maiden flight was Feb. 2, 2007.

    The mere existence of the flight was a significant concern for U.S. intelligence officials, but now a broader concern is who and what are aboard the flights.

    "If you [a member of the public] tried to book yourself a seat on this flight and it doesn't matter whether it's a week before, a month before, six months before -- you'll never find a place to sit there," says Offer Baruch, a former Israeli Shin Bet agent.

    Baruch, now vice president of operations for International Shield, a security firm in Texas, says the plane is reserved for Iranian agents, including "Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) and other intelligence personnel."

    Current and former U.S. intelligence official fear the flight is a shadowy way to move people and weapons to locations in Latin America that can be used as staging points for retaliatory attacks against the U.S. or its interests in the event Iranian nuclear sites are struck by U.S. or Israeli military forces.

    "My understanding is that this flight not only goes from Caracas to Damascus to Tehran perhaps twice a month, but it also occasionally makes stops in Lebanon as well, and the passengers on that flight are not processed through normal Venezuelan immigrations or customs. They are processed separately when they come into the country," says Peter Brookes, senior fellow for National Security Affairs at the Heritage Foundation.

    The 16-hour flight typically leaves Tehran and stops at Damascus International Airport (DAM), which is Syria's busiest. In 2009, almost 4.5 million passengers used the airport.

    After a 90-minute layover, the flight continues the remaining 14 hours to Venezuela's Caracas Maiquetía International Airport (CCS). Upon arrival, the plane is met by special Venezuelan forces and sequestered from other arrivals.

  104. Well, if I had to choose between'em I'd keep Rat. However, why don't we try this:

    We just make Jews, and Israel off-limits for a week. See how it goes. Also, of course, all references to the Palestinians.

    We take down any posts on those subjects. What do you think?

  105. The more we learn about the Flotilla the more we learn how evil it was...

    In May, a ship full of civilians — but not full of humanitarian aid — sailed from Turkey to join the Free Gaza flotilla. Having warned the Mavi Marmara that it would not be allowed to breach the blockade, Israeli commandos raided the ship. In the clash, nine Turks were killed. I’ve lived in Istanbul for five years and I’ve spoken to hundreds of Turks about these events. A Turkish documentary filmmaker and I have filmed some of these conversations. Something will immediately strike the viewer: the Turkish people have no idea what happened. This is because the most basic facts about and surrounding these events have not been reported in Turkey.

    In billing the flotilla as a humanitarian mission, the IHH — the expedition’s Islamist sponsor — exploited the Turks’ Achilles heel: their generosity. Turks think of themselves as charitable and compassionate, as indeed they are. They genuinely believe, because this is what has been reported here, that the Palestinians are starving. They know almost nothing about the reasons for the blockade. They believe that the ship was on a humanitarian mission and nothing but a humanitarian mission. They are bewildered that anyone would have interfered with such a noble-minded endeavour. They do not know that there were no humanitarian supplies on the Mavi Marmara. They do not know the most rudimentary facts about Hamas. As one man said: “These are elected people. It’s not like they took over by force, via a coup.”

    Almost no one in Turkey understands any language but Turkish. If this obviously thoughtful man was unaware that indeed, Hamas took over precisely by force, via a coup, it is because he had no way to know. The men and women to whom we spoke were astonished when we told them that Israeli officials had invited the ship to disembark at Ashdod and deliver the aid overland. But they were not disbelieving — and importantly, when we told them this, it changed their view. Many spontaneously said that they knew they could not trust what they heard in the news, that the situation confused them and that something about the story just didn’t sound right.

    Amazing how Israelis were shot BEFORE they every landed on the ship..

  106. So Whit, I guess you didn’t like my story. You win some you lose some but I can’t please your every Sunday morning read with being electrocuted the night before. But I’m still learning how to control my impulsive verbal diarrhea. If I had known I wouldn’t have said anything, I’m only mean to people that earn it. I usually just chalk things like this up to the saying, shit happens, and then move on to save a life.

  107. rufus said...
    Well, if I had to choose between'em I'd keep Rat. However, why don't we try this:

    We just make Jews, and Israel off-limits for a week. See how it goes. Also, of course, all references to the Palestinians.

    We take down any posts on those subjects. What do you think?

    No, how about this...

    Israel, Jews and Zionism is off limits for rat...

    I wont call him a murderous jew hating asshole if he does that...

    as for Palestinians?

    Why are they off limits? They currently CAUSE most of the problems in the middle east...

    and at last check there are no Palestinians here complaining of unfair treatment....

    No Israeli, Jew or Zionist here calls for their genocide..

    In fact, israel accepts the notion that "palestinians" should not be ruled by israel and should have self determination....

    Israel as offered 7 times peace treaties with the palios, only to face war in response...

    If any palestinian here wants to speak up, i say let them speak...

  108. To late Ruf.

    WiO has entered the fray.

    Instead of a couple paragraphs and a link with some of his comments on the article, we get the Encyclopedia Britannica printed out for us.

    I guess it's kind of like a filibuster to keep rat of the screen.


  109. No, Wio, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If Rat can't make posts critical of Israel, and the Zionists, then you can't harangue us with anti-Palestinian stories.

    Fair is fair.

  110. ...and then move on to save a life.

    Let's not get to blaise about a cool thing Mel.

    I'll have to design you some type of super-hero suit.

    Do you like plaid skirts?


  111. Only for the ones that ask nice.

  112. Hey, a new avatar.

    I'm waiting till you run out and have to start recycling some of the old ones.

    Maybe we could get a retro review at the end of the year.


  113. One difference between word press and blogger is that blogger doesn't change your avatar with every new one you put up so if there is one in particular you like go find it.

  114. Damn, cute and computer literate too.

    Is there anything you can't do?


  115. I liked your story, Mel. That was a remarkable day you had, but I got lazy and preoccupied with other things.

  116. Tyranny Rules:
    Beck should have had his gathering in Arizona.
    ...but that would break the cookie cutter beltway business as usual template.

    Justice Department Gives Second Ultimatum in Sheriff Arpaio Investigation

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County, Arizona, man who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” has until Sept. 10 to comply with a Justice Department request to explain his office’s “operations, policies and procedures” involving the arrest and detention of Hispanics, according to a letter obtained by ABC News.

    The Department has been investigating the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for alleged civil rights violations. Officials set the deadline following a meeting Tuesday with Arpaio’s attorneys in Washington.

    “If we do not receive clear and specific agreement for all of the [requests], we will conclude that completion cannot be achieved by voluntary means,” Judy Preston, acting chief of the agency’s Special Litigation Section, wrote to Sheriff’s Office attorney Robert Driscoll.

  117. I should't comment Whit, but that sounds a litlle hollow.


  118. Yeah, I can't properly use commas.

    But I could keep commenting it seems to keep away the pests.

  119. You're right, you shouldn't.>:-(

  120. Just kidding Whit.

    Take a look at Melody's blog profile for the Hallow reference.

    It seems to leave me out since I'm the hollowest guy here.


  121. Most wood is to a certain degree Doug.

    Unless you have some kind of a prosthetic.



  122. Well, I'll just stay on the subject of state sponsored or approved terror through abortion then.

    Modern civilization and the effects it has on the "Little People".

    That is really what "got your goat", right?

    Barbarity v Civilization.

    And how it is seen by the three major Abrahamic religions.

    The Rabbis oppose it, the Pope opposes it and the Muslims keep the practice both illegal and rare.

    The secular "West", though, keeps the ovens burning.

    Civilization v Barbarity.

    Which side are you on, whit?

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. I referenced the word to being non genuine, false, insincere, etc...


  125. Does a big time bullshitter fall into that category Mel?


  126. Given the massively superior military capacity of the "West", why will we need Jesus, at the Battle of Armageddon?

  127. Quirk, you're in a category all of your own. I just haven't figured out which one that is.

  128. Dougo, what is our Maui Mysoginist up to today?

    (By the way, the word doesn't mean that you give mysogges.)

    I reposted so there was no confusion who I sent this to. Don't want any other mysoginists out there getting confused.


  129. 86 percent of homicide warrants issued in Albuquerque, New Mexico are issued for illegal aliens.

    2/3's of all births in Los Angeles County are to illegal aliens on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers.

    Federal authorities have issued a new policy aimed at stopping deportation proceedings for some illegal immigrants, according to a memo issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

  130. WiO,

    :D)))) ... OCD, paranoia, schzoid...DR...AnonX...Dr Hiss...Panama Jack...etc

    This is what happens when a Nazi/Muslim is allowed to take over a site and use the West's aversion to censorship (other than rue fuss of course) to exploit with agitprop.

    I'm still waiting for that reason for deletion of my post. As a TRUE American and classic liberal, whit, I know you share my concerns for the apparent hypocricy of your arbitrary and capricious act.

  131. I am hoping things will improve in about three weeks.

  132. Re: DR, Dr Hiss, AnonX, Panama Jack, etc



    An exaggerated or irrational dislike or fear of home surroundings. [In this case, one's culture, people (the American people), nation, etc. Opposite of Xenophobia.]

  133. What happens if they try Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri and he is acquitted or worse, freed on appeal, because of the torture issue?

    Same with regards that youngest of the prisoners at Gitmo, who's name escapes me, the one that was threatened with gang rape during his interrogation.

    Give 'em an trial and let 'em go, or hold them for the duration.

    Just another Bush Team fubar.
    Classifying the majority of those captured as criminals and not POWs.

  134. There they go, again, whit.

    Just as I was saying.

  135. Quirk?

    Humbert Humbert

    Wanting to dress grown women up in school girls clothes, for shame. :)

  136. the New English Dictionary quoted James Boswell's conversation with Samuel Johnson concerning the inclusion of Civilization in Johnson's dictionary:

    On Monday, March 23 (1772), I found him busy, preparing a fourth edition of his folio Dictionary... He would not admit civilization, but only civility. With great deference to him I thought civilization, from to civilize, better in the sense opposed to barbarity than civility, as it is better to have a distinct word for each sense, than one word with two senses, which civility is, in his way of using it.

    Those that are not civil, cannot be civilized. By definition.

  137. Didn't make it today, but we're going to the Tucannon tomorrow. Be able to check off another of the streams I must fish for I die. There are about eight others. Weekends aren't good anyway. Weekdays are best.

  138. Political scientist Samuel Huntington has argued that the defining characteristic of the 21st century will be a clash of civilizations.

    According to Huntington, conflicts between civilizations will supplant the conflicts between nation-states and ideologies that characterized the 19th and 20th centuries.

    These views have been strongly challenged by others like Edward Said and Muhammed Asadi.

    Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris have argued that the "true clash of civilizations" between the Muslim world and the West is caused by the Muslim rejection of the West's more liberal sexual values, rather than a difference in political ideology.

    Sexual mores, which abortion upon demand is certainly a part of.

  139. I won an antelope tag for around that area one year. Cruised around a lot of back country and never saw a thing. Had binoculars and everything. Holed up in Challis for awhile, drank a little, then went home. It's pretty down there in its own way.

  140. Theodor Mommsen in his "History of Rome (Mommsen)", suggested Rome collapsed with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD and he also tended towards a biological analogy of "genesis," "growth," "senescence," "collapse" and "decay."

    Arnold J. Toynbee in his "A Study of History" suggested that there had been a much larger number of civilizations, including a small number of arrested civilizations, and that all civilizations tended to go through the cycle identified by Mommsen. The cause of the fall of a civilization occurred when a cultural elite became a parasitic elite, leading to the rise of internal and external proletariats.

  141. Jared Diamond in his 2005 book "Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed" suggests five major reasons for the collapse of 41 studied cultures: environmental damage, such as deforestation and soil erosion; climate change; dependence upon long-distance trade for needed resources; increasing levels of internal and external violence, such as war or invasion; and societal responses to internal and environmental problems.

  142. Today in 1952, composer John Cage premiered 4'33".

    Let's have a moment of silence.

  143. Thomas Homer-Dixon in "The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity, and the Renewal of Civilization", considers that the fall in the energy return on investments; the energy expended to energy yield ratio, is central to limiting the survival of civilizations. The degree of social complexity is associated strongly, he suggests, with the amount of disposable energy environmental, economic and technological systems allow. When this amount decreases civilizations either have to access new energy sources or they will collapse..

  144. Peter Heather argues in his book The Fall of the Roman Empire: a New History of Rome and the Barbarians[22] that this civilization did not end for moral or economic reasons, but because centuries of contact with barbarians across the frontier generated its own nemesis by making them a much more sophisticated and dangerous adversary. The fact that Rome needed to generate ever greater revenues to equip and re-equip armies that were for the first time repeatedly defeated in the field, led to the dismemberment of the Empire.

  145. DR said,

    There they go again

    I am I, Cowboy...However, I can see how a multiple personality disorder could lead you to conclude that I am "legion".

    Not to worry, our comments can always be deleted. You, obviously, will never have that concern.

  146. During the final pre-collapse phases the overpopulation leads to further decrease of per capita production, the surplus production further decreases,
    state revenues shrink, but the state needs more and more resources to control the growing (though with lower and lower rates) population. Eventually this leads to famines, epidemics, state breakdown, and demographic and civilization collapse

    (Peter Turchin. Historical Dynamics. Princeton University Press, 2003:121–127).

  147. Western culture: the modern culture of western Europe and North America; "when Ghandi was asked what he thought of Western civilization he said he thought it would be a good idea"

  148. Herodotos, who invented the term 'history,' studied many cultures but consistently found his own western Greek [Athenian] culture superior to all others. Herodotos' successor in the field, Thucydides, studied other cultures as well, and located the culture most destructive, hypocritical, and above all, irrational in his own western, Greek [Athenian] culture.

  149. ... studying Western Civilization will follow a great western thinker of the 12th century, Abelard, who wrote in his Sic et Non:

    "By doubting we come to inquiry, and by inquiry, we grasp truth."

  150. rat works hard at it, one must admit.

  151. RUFUS: No, Wio, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If Rat can't make posts critical of Israel, and the Zionists, then you can't harangue us with anti-Palestinian stories.

    Fair is fair.

    No, the Palestinians are not the issue...

    Rat's jew hating/israel hating/zionism is...

    The deal is if Rat's stops bashing Israel, Zionism and jews, i will then not have to call Rat the black hearted prick that he is...

    If the Palestinians declare jerusalem an Islamic city, one that jews have no historic or nationalist rights to, that is a discussable issue, just not by Rat's mouth.

    Rat has proven he is a Jew hating, Zionism hating, Israel hating individual and does not warrant the respect to discuss such topics...

    Sort of like the Rapist wanted to be included in a discussion of Women's rights, once the "bad guy" had raped? his opinion is not wanted, wished for or tolerated.

  152. Now if Rat wanted to talk about Smoking Brisket, how to set up a wood pile, fix a tractor, assemble a solar powered water pump? All fine topics...

    If rat wants to talk about why Mexico makes a better whore than germany? fine...

    If rat wants to talk about moonshine verses scotch?


    pudding verses mousse?

    motorcross verses skate boards?

    blondes, brunettes, or bald broads?

    all Fine all the time...

    Israel, Zionism or Jews? Fuck off....

  153. The proper standard for objectively evaluating a culture is by the degree to which its core values are for or against human life.

    A pro-human life culture recognizes the requirements of proper human survival, namely the values of reason, individualism, happiness, rights and capitalism.

    In other words, pro-human life culture is Western culture. And the extent to which a nation embraces Western culture is the extent to which it is free, prosperous, modern and peaceful—that is, supportive of human life.

  154. How can a culture that has destroyed 50 million human lives, amongst its' own peoples, be considered modern, civilized or even Western?

  155. Name me ONE ally of the USA that trusts us more today than 2 years ago?





    South Korea?


    Obama is trying to destroy the stability that America used to project around the globe and that it's promises (even written ones) are worthless.

    It will take a good solid change in USA's foreign policy to regain what has been lost. Not undoable but as each month rolls by, and another ally becomes thrown under the bus, those allies remember.

    Obama may reach out in the end to some of America's historic allies, but they will not forget the months UNDER the bus...

    Obama needs to make an apology tour to America's real allies....

    I just dont think he is trusted overseas at all...

  156. We need to elect Palin.

    Sarah in Ascendence, Redefining What It Is To Be A Political Woman

    She's got the feminists running scared. She did give a really good speech at the rally, if anyone listened or read it.

  157. And I believe without a teleprompter.

  158. Rat: How can a culture that has destroyed 50 million human lives, amongst its' own peoples, be considered modern, civilized or even Western?

    DR, this abortion stuff is really boring, even more than the USS Liberty stuff. Are we supposed to consider every miscarriage a tragic end to a human life calling for a full funeral? Are we going to ban the use of the morning after pill as "infanticide"? Get real.

  159. No, Ms T, a morning after pill is not abortion, preemptive birth control is not abortion.

    But abortion is abortion.
    The killing of babies and infanticide.

    When the end of days arrives, and God comes down from the cloudy heavens, he'll be on the side that protects the unborn, not on the side of those that butcher babies.

    The Pope, the Rabbis and the Imams all agree on that point.

    Barbarity vs Civilization.

    The Muslims are not even in the same league as the other two Abrahamic religions as practiced in the "West", on that score.

    So says the Pope, the Rabbis and the Imams. All you have to do is listen.

    Granted, you may have rejected the very idea that there is a God in the clouds, that there will be a Battle of Armageddon.

    But if there is, the governments of the secular West will not be by his side. The United States will not be there, Europeons will not be there.

    Those that respect human life, in all its' forms, will.

    If that it bores you, or disturbs you, matters not at all.

    It is the one thing that exemplifies Western barbarity and lack of civility, better than any other.

    The denial of the humanity, of human dignity, to those that are as yet unborn.

    When it comes to evil, pure and unadulterated, infanticide takes the cake.

    Any culture where a quarter to a third of all pregnancies end in the death of the yet unborn, is a culture bent on suicide.

    bob told us that.

    That is where we are.

    Well beyond the Carthaginians, far beyond the Philistines.

  160. We have met the enemy, and he is us.

    Certainly not Islam.

  161. The rot is internal.

    The solution is here, at home, not in Afghanistan nor in Arabia.

    That is not where the enemy of "Western Civilization" resides.

  162. The solution to our woes is not to be found in the greater industrialization of death.

    That is the wrong alter to worship at.

  163. When the end of days arrives, and God comes down from the cloudy heavens, he'll be on the side that protects the unborn, not on the side of those that butcher babies. The Pope, the Rabbis and the Imams all agree on that point.

    The Pope, Rabbis and Imams also agree that me and Miss Fely need to be turned into a pair of matching lampshades.

    I don't think there is any heaven up in the clouds. I've never heard any radio stations broadcasting from there.

  164. This comment has been removed by the author.

  165. That lamp shade business is why, Ms T, I do not follow the edicts of any of the "Big Three".

    It does not, however invalidate the biological, ethical or moral realities when it comes to the humanity of the yet unborn.

    Their inalienable rights to Life and Liberty should be protected, as should your right to sleep with whomever you please, or pleasures you.

    That is, at least should be, the American Way. That we have lost that point on our collective moral compass, as concerns the lives of the innocent and powerless, telling to our overall state of malaise.

  166. The Pope, Rabbis and Imams also agree that me and Miss Fely need to be turned into a pair of matching lampshades.

    Because of your tattoos? That's what NAZIS did.

  167. The balance between good and evil has been lost, we will not regain it fighting the Islamoids.

    Pogo was right.

    Simple as that.

  168. bob,

    DR is not doing it, although cutting and pasting without proper attribution is his style; it is not difficult for any thief to accomplish.

  169. Look 'em up for yourself, allen.

    I am not your research assistant, nor am I referencing a collegiate paper.

    This is all for entertainment and you have yet to fail in that regard.

  170. You play your part, as written, perfectly.

  171. While I know, DR, that you and your little friends are the world's foremost authorities on all things, you are incorrect on the morning after pill.

    I suggest that you do your homework, giving special attention to a study done in 2007.

    Long story short - the morning after pill is an abortifacient agent.

    Like the Liberty, I don't really expect you dolts to review the evidence. No, I'm just on the record as telling you it is there.

  172. Again, DR, you show yourself to be an uneducated fool.

    In the real world, when you make a claim, you are obliged to prove it. That is why, DR, you have the luxury of sitting around pecking on a computer.

    Of course, having done some research on your so-called quotes, I can understand why you would hesitate publishing your sources.

  173. This comment has been removed by the author.

  174. The question, allen, was in regards what I thought, not what a group of some others thought.

    Makes little difference to me, what anyone else thinks on the subject. It is a moral question, not a chemical one, at least to me.

    And it is, as always, all about me.

    Thank you for that.
    Warms the cockles of my heart.

  175. As I said, you play your part, perfectly.

  176. DR, Dr Hiss, Panama Jack, AnonX et al

    Re: entertainment

    Why do I have the feeling that when not into Jew baiting here, you are into crush flicks. My question on that score would be, "Are you the gal in the fishnet hose and 9" heels?"

    Now, it's off to bed.

    It's safe again, whit :D)))

  177. No, DR, it is NOT about you; it never has been. It is about thesis v anti-thesis. In this respect, you play your part perfectly as the ugly, ill-informed vandal - of the sort that burned the library at Alexandria.

  178. It is always about me, allen.

    Always has been. Getting you to jump through the the prearranged hoops is a joy to behold.

    It is a game I play, one that certainly entertains me.

    As I say, you play your part, perfectly.

  179. Our den mother has been right about that, for years now.

    She understands, perfectly.

    Pisses her off that you and bob are such easy marks.

  180. I mean really, without the Three Mousketeers, there'd be little entertainment, at all.

  181. This is a Europeon and Dubai post, as there is no proof that Uri Brodsky is either an agent of the Mossad or an Israeli.
    Or that Uri Brodsky is even the defendant's real name.

    BERLIN — Polish authorities on Thursday extradited a suspected Mossad agent to Germany, where he faces charges over a passport that was used in the slaying of a Hamas leader in Dubai earlier this year.

    The suspect known as Uri Brodsky was handed over to German police at Warsaw's international airport, police spokesman Mariusz Sokolowski said.

    Though the story is from the JPost, wonder why they care?

  182. This comment has been removed by the author.

  183. Imagine this: Wretchard admits having made an error, for all to see (and he has an international audience). Others could benefit from his example. Of course, that’s the sort of moral courage that separates the men from the rabble and the expert from the dilettante.

    “[I've re-read the piece yet again and believe I've misread Crook's intent by a large margin. Taken as a whole it is half sympathetic to the Restore Honor Rally a fact which I wholly and inexcusably missed. Thus, while the point that Beck is incidental to rally has not changed, my treatment of Mr. Crook's essay did correctly reflect, as a I now believe, his true intent. I really ought to read better.]”

    And They Still Don’t Get It