“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dhimmi Jews, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Democrat Party Chief Jay Jacobs Support Ground Zero Mosque

The killers on 911 were not murderous fanatics, they were Islamic fanatics. They screamed Allahu Akbar as they killed three thousand innocent Americans and they were not the first Muslims or last Muslim fanatics to do so. Islam is a religion of fanatics.

Bloomberg standing in front of the Statue of Liberty, with his hand picked Christian clerics and other left wing fools is simply hard to believe.

Bloomberg makes absurd justification for the mosque by misstating claims about the separation of church and state. No such thing exists in the Constitution. The Establishment Clause was intended to prohibit the federal government from declaring and financially supporting a national religion. That was the case from 1776 until 1947 when Justice Black wrote of the "wall of separation" that the Constitution maintains between church and state. It is not in the Constitution.

The "wall of separation" claim is based on something Jefferson wrote about, but not in the Constitution.

What was in Jefferson's head at one time or another is irrelevant. Jefferson also wrote about his slave gal Sally Hemmings. In 1793. Jefferson specified that she (Sally Hemmings) should live in the nearest of the new 12'x14' log cabins on Mulberry Row, "as oftenest wanted about the house." That has no constitutional basis either regarding let's say housing rights does it? It would be no less absurd than the claim of a "wall of separation" because Jefferson once wrote about it.

There is precedent for stopping the building of a religious building near a national shrine and that was at Auschwitz.


WTC Mosque, Meet the Auschwitz Nuns
Pope John Paul offers a model of tolerance for a heated controversy.


With every passing day, the dispute over the planned Islamic Center near Ground Zero grows more acrimonious. These feelings will probably only get worse today, when the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission is expected to remove another hurdle by ruling against landmark status for the undistinguished old building the center will replace.

So maybe it's time to look beyond the lawyers and landmark preservation commissions and regulatory agencies. When we do, it will be hard to find a better example than the grace and wisdom Pope John Paul II exhibited during a similar clash involving another hallowed site on whose grounds innocents were also murdered: Auschwitz.

In the 1980s, Carmelite nuns moved into an abandoned building on the edge of the former Nazi death camp to pray for the souls taken there. As with the dispute over the mosque near Ground Zero, the convent's presence escalated into a clash not only between different faiths but between competing historical narratives. As with today's clash too, it seemed intractable until the Polish pope stepped in.

For Jews, Auschwitz is a symbol of the Shoah, and the presence of a convent looked like an effort to Christianize a place of Jewish suffering. Suspicions were further aroused by a fundraising brochure from an outside Catholic group, which referred to the convent as a "guarantee of the conversion of strayed brothers." The protests mounted over the course of several years and various interfaith agreements, and pointed to the real strains that remained between Poles and Jews over a shared history with very different perspectives.

Many Catholics, not just in Poland, could not understand how nuns begging God's forgiveness and praying for the souls of the departed could possibly offend anyone. There was also a nationalist element. Many members of the Polish resistance had also been murdered at Auschwitz. And again like our present controversy at Ground Zero, intemperate reactions and statements from both sides only inflamed passions.

So what did Pope John Paul II do? He waited, and he counseled. And when he saw that the nuns were not budging—and that their presence was doing more harm than good—he asked the Carmelites to move. He acknowledged that his letter would probably be a trial to each of the sisters, but asked them to accept it while continuing to pursue their mission in that same city at another convent that had been built for them.

Let's remember what this means. By their own lights, the nuns believed they were doing only good. They may have had a legal title to be where they were. And it is likely that they never would have been forced to move by local authorities had they insisted on staying.

There's a lesson here. Even those who favor this new Islamic Center surely can appreciate why some American feelings are rubbed raw by the idea of a mosque at a place where Islamic terrorists killed more than 2,700 innocent people. If feelings in Auschwitz were raw after nearly half a century, it's not hard to see why they would remain raw at Ground Zero after less than a decade.

On the other hand, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is right about the law: Our freedom of religion means nothing if it doesn't mean freedom of religion for all. Indeed, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty—a sort of ACLU for freedom of religion—has spent decades defending churches, synagogues, mosques and even a Zoroastrian temple against public officials who have tried to invoke zoning laws or arcane regulations to keep them off a property.

Yet not all big questions can—or should—be reduced to legal right. Living together as neighbors in a free and inescapably diverse society requires more skills than just knowing how to hire sharp lawyers. Sometimes it requires leaders willing to sound a grace note, even yielding to the feelings of others who may not see our plans the same way we do.

For their part, the two people at the heart of this center—Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan—defend the center as an antidote to 9/11. "Our religion has been hijacked by the extremists," Ms. Khan told National Public Radio, "and this center is going to create that counter-momentum which will amplify the voices of the moderate Muslims."

Perhaps. But it's hard to argue with the Anti-Defamation League's assessment that the controversy created by building the center at this location "is counterproductive to the healing process."

Without doubt Pope John Paul II did not share the more malevolent interpretations attached to the presence of the Carmelites at Auschwitz. By asking the nuns to withdraw, he didn't concede them either. What he did was recognize that having the right to do something doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

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  1. Speaking of building: A hell of an idea in Tucson

    For a typical house, you pay an extra $18.00/mo, Now, and lock in your rate for 20 years. Using Solar, of course.

    Don't have a roof? Renting? Homeowner assoc. rules?

    No Prob. Innovative solution. I'd say, "Genius."

  2. Property rights in the United States are not based upon the religion of the owners of the property.

    I agree with boob, the government should not be so deeply involved with land use issues, the owners of real property, they should be able to use it as they see fit.

    That is the real American Way.

    Our freedoms are based upon those property rights, those rights should be upheld, for all citizens, not be based upon their creed.

    You guys lost the political debate on whether the United States was at "War" with Islam by 13SEP2001.

    We are not at "War" with Islam.
    Islam is not the enemy, but our ally in peace. Get used to it, amigos.

    That is the Republican policy, that is the Democratic policy, that is the American policy.

    Love it or leave it.

  3. You want to fight Islam, then support ethanol production in the United States and support the withdrawal of US forces from the Middle East.

    That is the practical solution to the attacks of 11SEP2001, not diminishing the liberties of our fellow citizens.

    It was not Islam that attacked US that day, but border bandits financed by the Saudis.
    There is the enemy.

    You want to rail against Dhimmis, then rail against the transfer of a $Billion USD a day to the Wahhabi.

    That would have practical consequence, protesting a building, that's eyewash.

    Just "Feel Good" bull shit of no real consequence, at all. Except to diminish our collective liberties, freedoms and rights.

  4. To refer to Mr Bloomberg and Mr Jacobs in that way, sounds awfully anti-Juda, to me.

    Those Jews are supporting the Semitic population of New York City and their religious freedoms, what could be wrong with that?

    Are you now supporting anti-Semitism, here at the EB?

  5. I totally reject your argument and here is why:

    Your premise and argument is based on the argument that all religions are essentially equal and interchangeable. Islam is not. Islam is a universal religion of intolerance. It is totalitarian and unrepentant.

    In fact, in teaching and in practice, Islam is antithetical to western values. It is fascistic and its practices are anti-western, anti-republic and anti-democratic. The US Constitution itself is abhorrent to Sharia. Islam wishes to dominate every society where practiced.

    Islam is what the US Constitution was designed to protect us from, a domineering repressive regime dictated by religious bigots.

    Every one of the fools standing in front of the Statue of Liberty are so ignorant about Islam that they missed the irony of the juxtaposition.

    Islam prohibits statues and three dimensional representation of living creatures. It prevents real woman from showing their faces in public.
    Under Sharia, the monument would have to come down.

    In Western societies there is a pact between the governed and the government. That does not exist under Islam.

    The corruption of two brainless ideas that have become shibboleths to the non-thinkers and the ignorant: diversity is our strength and the moral equivalence argument are the sword and shield Islam uses to infiltrate, dominate and then rule the West.

  6. Only you can come away from the what I wrote and say that it is anti-Jew. Your comment is not to construct but to antagonize and goad.

    Dhimmitude is what Islam does to the Jews and Christians unfortunate enough to be put in the minority in Muslim societies. They survive by acquiescing to the rule of Sharia. No Jew or Christian would ever wish to be in that position and certainly not voluntarily.

    Bloomberg and Jacobs as Jews should know that and be sympathetic to the plight of all Jews in all Muslim countries. The same plight that exists today once existed in most of the Christian countries.

    Why would any Jew want to return to that or participate in setting the groundwork for that to happen.

    You, Desert Rat, need to recalibrate your arguments away from specious provocation to a defensible position of intellectual integrity. That means cut the bullshit.

  7. No Kool-Aid here. I may have been generationally eclipsed by the often precedented occurrence of an ignorant generation being dominated by those who do not know their own history.

  8. "...a defensible position of intellectual integrity."

    : )

  9. DR: Property rights in the United States are not based upon the religion of the owners of the property.

    That's one of my beefs with mainline Republicanism, it's all about "small government" except when its not. This is one case of where they want government to intrude. Terri Schialvo was another.

  10. What? No recognition for the president's birthday.

    I think I'll celebrate by treating myself to an iced peppermint white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.

  11. trish,

    Re: mouth full of vomit

    That's how allen makes me feel.

    Wed Aug 04, 02:53:00 AM EDT

    ...just glad I could be of assistance in helping you find a strong "feeling" about something...other than yourself, of course...

  12. What is the importance of Mr Bloomberg and Mr Jabob's religion to the story?

    Rather than just their Governmental positions and titles, by making their Judaism the headline, you make it focal point of the story, by claiming them both Dhimmi, you delve further into their personal religious believes.

    As if their being Jewish created a different standard than a non-Jewish official.

    As I said, the US is not at War with Islam. Your position with regards to that religion has been debated and thoroughly rejected as public policy, on a bi-partisan basis.

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  14. Dhimmi Americans are those that support Drill, Baby, Drill and the United States's continued addiction to oil.

    Perhaps Mr Bloomberg and Mr Jacobs are in that segment of our society, maybe not, I do not know their positions on that score.

    But defending the property rights of their fellow citizens, that is not Dhimmi, that is True Blue American.

  15. Rejected, Deuce, to the point that the United States has founded TWO Islamic Republics, in the last decade.

    To the point that we transfer a $Billion USD per day to Wahhabi accounts.

    If Islam is what you claim it to be, why would we have done that and continue to, on a bi-partisan basis?

  16. Why did we remove a secular government in Iraq and replace it with an Islamic Republic, if Islam is the enemy?

    We have spent almost $Trillion USD in that effort. On a bi-partisan basis.

    To create a Shia dominated Iraq.

    Perhaps to balance the Wahhabi interests south of Iraq, but not to destroy Islam.

    But to strengthen it.

  17. No bull shit in any of those points I've made, amigo.

    Totally free of bovine input.

  18. Watching the news, they showed where the mosque is going up, then walked around the corner to show where Ground Zero was.

    I don't know but it didn't appear that you would be able to see the mosque from ground zero.

    Do I wish it wasn't built there? You bet. Am I unduly upset with it being built there? No so much.

    Much of what Deuce says is correct about Islam. He is also correct about most of rat's arguments. The mosque is another poke in the eye.

    However, the real insult is when you go around the corner. If you want proof that the wingnuts are winning take a look at Ground Zero. Almost a decade and all we've accomplished it to cover up the hole.

    Deuce has made the point a number of times.

    Things aren't like they used to be in this country. You can argue that's a good thing. You also have to admit it's bad. I forget the numbers but how long did it take to built the Empire State Building? And at what cost?

    Bloomberg is not insulting us by allowing the mosque. He insulting us with his very presence and his incompetance.

    Screw the mosque. Replace the Twin Towers.


  19. The Empire State Building was built from beginning to end under 14 months. The legal bills were $500. It came in 50% under budget at $25M.

    It is 2.7 million square feet.

    No faxes, no walkie talkies, no AutoCad, No laptops, no calculators.

    The New Jersey Turnpike was built in two years.

  20. It took four years to win WWII.

    * We built 297,000 aircraft
    * US heavy bomber crews did 30 missions and had a 71% chance of being KIA or wounded.
    * 10,000,000 M1
    * 9000 ships

    They knew how to get it done.

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  22. Let's be honest; no one wants to work in the "new" building that replaces the Twin Towers. They've contacted hundreds of major employers, and have found very little interest in occupying the building that will be the "next bullseye."

  23. "Dhimmi Jews, Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Democrat Party Chief Jay Jacobs Support Ground Zero Mosque"

    Well said...

    The FOUNDING of our UNITED STATES was born from the Islamic attempt at our dhimmihude..

    But our Founding Fathers did NOT allow an Islamic mosque built next to our navy's 1st war monument..

    The one in Baltimore, the one that honored our forces over the Barbary Islamic Pirates..

  24. Since we've changed the subject, I am now in agreement, the US is not what it once was.

    Time has marched on, it is not the 20th century, any more.

    But that does not change the current US policies, nor its' ruling elite.

    That there are life long socialists running the show, all to clear. Lifers abound in the Federal system.

    But further diminishing the property rights of US citizens, that will not bring US back to the glory days.

  25. Quirk: Much of what Deuce says is correct about Islam. He is also correct about most of rat's arguments. The mosque is another poke in the eye.

    I actually agree with Thomas Friedmann on this issue:

    Personally, if I had $100 million to build a mosque that promotes interfaith tolerance, I would not build it in Manhattan. I’d build it in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. That is where 9/11 came from, and those are the countries that espouse the most puritanical version of Sunni Islam — a version that shows little tolerance not only for other religions but for other strands of Islam, particularly Shiite, Sufi and Ahmadiyya Islam. You can study Islam at virtually any American university, but you can’t even build a one-room church in Saudi Arabia.

    That resistance to diversity, though, is not something we want to emulate, which is why I’m glad the mosque was approved on Tuesday. Countries that choke themselves off from exposure to different cultures, faiths and ideas will never invent the next Google or a cancer cure, let alone export a musical or body of literature that would bring enjoyment to children everywhere.

    When we tell the world, “Yes, we are a country that will even tolerate a mosque near the site of 9/11,” we send such a powerful message of inclusion and openness. It is shocking to other nations. But you never know who out there is hearing that message and saying: “What a remarkable country! I want to live in that melting pot, even if I have to build a boat from milk cartons to get there.” As long as that happens, Silicon Valley will be Silicon Valley, Hollywood will be Hollywood, Broadway will be Broadway, and America, if we ever get our politics and schools fixed, will be O.K.

  26. Then, rufus, we should fill that new building with Federal and State offices.

    Move all the Federals in NYCity to the new buildings.

    That would occupy it, fully.

    From the Federal Reserve to the FBI, move 'em all to the new Towers.

    Rather than having those Federals spread across the NY metro area, helter skelter.

  27. Friedman is a dick.

  28. Especially if we were at war with Islam.

    That'd be the message to send.

    But, as is obvious to any reasonable observer, we are not at war with Islam.

    Our actions speaking louder than words.

  29. Best to do what they're doing. Let time slip by until a "need" develops.

  30. The world is flatman says: When we tell the world, “Yes, we are a country that will even tolerate a mosque near the site of 9/11,” we send such a powerful message of inclusion and openness.

    Germany after WW2 made it a crime for Nazis to build centers of learning...

    Tolerating the intolerance does not show strength it shows a lack of survival instinct.

    The Cleric behind this so called "islamic center" has ties to the Moslem Brotherhood and considers Hamas a reasonable group...

    Be clear...

    This is not about a Mosque, it about a reactionary, extremist, Jihadist intolerant group of Islamists...

    But as long as people can be fooled by bullshit?

    You will have another Islamic SYMBOL on their domination over the dhimmi...

    Want freedom?

    Let's see a strip club and a pork bbq place open up NEXT to this so called "islamic center"

  31. desert rat said...
    Dhimmi Americans are those that support Drill, Baby, Drill and the United States's continued addiction to oil.

    Utter nonsense....

  32. Rat's right; the best way to "fight radical Islam" would be to start building cellulosic ethanol refineries, and planting switchgrass.

  33. rufus: the best way to "fight radical Islam" would be to start building cellulosic ethanol refineries, and planting switchgrass.

    It may be a good way, but there are dozens of ways to fight Islam..

    There is only one form of "radical Islam" and that is in America and found with a small group, they preach tolerance, they are RADICAL.

  34. Another way to fight against Jihadist Islam?

    Corrupt their youth..

    Drugs, Porn (in native tongues) and start smuggling weapons into the hands of the masses...

    Almost like what the Brit's did to the Chinese for 100 years during the Opium war...

    In fact, not a bad idea to re-apply to the Chinese...

  35. I have an Idea for a product to fight Islamists...

    Koranic toilet paper rolls...

    i wonder how many would kill themselves rioting against it?

  36. The reason for making the Koranic Toilet paper in a roll form?

    When using a razor blade on a real Koran it's quite expensive and those pages scratch my ass....

  37. I wonder, if any normal green blooded moslems, when reading the previous posts would go out and start a violent demonstration at the SUGGESTION of my disrespect?

    One could only hope....

  38. Deuce,

    Without belaboring the point (thereby avoiding the need for an at hand emisis basin), Bloomberg is a dhimmi. That said, Mr. Bush was The Dhimmi.

    George W. Bush - 9/11 Bullhorn Speech

  39. And before anyone suggests that I should consider what I would do if Moslems would abuse and destroy Jewish Torahs and the like?


  40. copied without shame or guilt from another blog...

    The Victory Mosque
    Posted by JoeSettler at 8/04/2010 09:49:00 AM
    I think New Yorkers ought to be grateful. America should be grateful.

    In every other place in the world when the Moslems erect a Victory Mosque they do it on the exact site of the important and central cultural symbols they are trying to erase, replace and show they conquered for Islam.

    Whether the Bari mosque in India, the Fethiye Camii in Turkey, the Ummayad Mosque in Damascus, the Qutub Minar in Afghanistan, the Asqa Mosque in the Hague (formerly a Synagogue), and of course all in Israel: the Al Asqa Mosque/ al-Haram ash-Sharif, the Mosque in Tomb of the Patriarchs, the mosque attached to the Rambam shul (Hurva), to name just a few well known examples (and there are plenty more examples from all around the world).

    In fact, this practice started with Muhammad himself when he conquered Mecca in the year 630 and converted the Ka’aba into a central Islamic site.

    So New Yorkers and all Americans should be grateful that the latest Victory Mosque is not going to be on top of the Freedom Tower (should that ever be built) in the exact center of Ground Zero where the Twin Towers once stood, but only within the Ground Zero perimeter, and closer to the edge.

  41. OK, obviously when the Freedom Tower will be built, I can guarantee there will be a demand to install a significant mosque in the Freedom Tower too, but in the meantime, New Yorkers and all Americans can sleep well at night knowing that this Victory Mosque, while within the Ground Zero perimeter, and clearly in everyone’s face, will not be in the exact center as they probably would have preferred.

    It means Islam's victory over America isn't complete... yet.

  42. Whit is going to become very unhappy with the direction and consequences of this thread. I shudder to think of the scolding that WiO, Anon and I have coming.

    Just sayin'

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. There they go, our Zionists are throwing Jewish American politicos under the bus, when those politicos do not toe the Zionist line.

    It just gets more comical by the day.

  45. desert rat said...
    There they go, our Zionists are throwing Jewish American politicos under the bus, when those politicos do not toe the Zionist line.

    It just gets more comical by the day.

    Once again Rat your brain is to small to understand...

    Bloomberg AINT ANTI-ZIONIST...

    He's a DHIMMI in AMERICA....

    The fact your to dense to tell the difference proves you have the brain of a flea.. Sorry to any and all fleas that are reading this...

    American Jews can be quite pro Israel and at home stupid.....

    Bloomberg is a point in case...

    Might I suggest with all due (lack of) respect, you should stop posting and try reading more...

    Please avoid those "books" that you use for source material on a typical day, you know the ones... with the giant cartoons in them?

  46. I tried to restrain myself on this post, but looking at that crew lined up in front of the Statue of Liberty was more than I could bear. Who coined the term useful idiots?

    WIO is correct about the Germans banning Nazi anything. Look at the hysteria over the confederate flag.

    We do not owe the Islamists anything. the entire movement has been irrationally against Israel and the Jews. Why? Why would they be so enraged over Israel when the Jews have been amongst their midst for eons?

    The answer is obvious. The Israelis are not part of their Dhimmis. They are an example and symbol of the rejection by Israel of Muslim supremacy. Watch what happens as the Europeans wake up and put a halt to the Islamic encroachment.

  47. ISM Services (70% of the Economy) Above Consensus Range

    This is a pretty strong number. The second half of July rebounded pretty good it looks like.

  48. "Watch what happens as the Europeans wake up and put a halt to the Islamic encroachment."

    There will be a day soon, when the euro's understand that they have been played by holocaust guilt to the hilt and realize that the moslems aint the Jews...

    The euro's murdered the Jews, who were: bakers, tailors, playrights, artists, jewelers, designers, doctors, educators, engineers in general? builders of civil society...

    The Moslems of Europe?

    Burn thousands of cars a year, riot, rape, murder and cause mayhem.

    All throughout Europe the rates of violent crimes are way over the top within the tiny 1-3% that the actual moslem foot print should be...

    When the euro's wake up?

    It will be ugly...

    It will make Kristallnacht look like a tea party...

    Every rape, every car burning, every new area that goes under sharia is another straw on the camel's back...

    From France to Italy the dam is building....

    hold on to your panties it's going to be a wild ride...

    Rat loves to say we (AMerica) created 2 new Islamic states in the Levant. He is partially correct... The reason we did it was to make those places LIVE-ABLE for their islamic people, then they would not NEED to move out of that hell hole called "HOME"

  49. Personally, I don't care what the New Yorkers do. They elected Bloomberg. Bloomberg says the Mosque is hunky dory; it's fine by me.

    New York has, undoubtably, the largest, most well educated, affuent Jewish Population in the World. If they don't want the Mosque there won't be "the Mosque." If they want it it will be built.

    Their City.

    Their call.

    What does a poor hick from Ms. have to do with it?

  50. Ditto for Europe.

    In spades.

  51. It's absolutely outrageous. It's a Victory Mosque. It's outrageous. When are we going to WAKE UP? These people would stone to death our good Miss T. Her of good humor. We ought to kick the bastards out of the country, right now. We got a good thing going here, cept for these sonsabitches.

  52. All I know for certain is that the "elites" in New York would rather I have to buy my energy from Saudi Arabia, and Exxon than from a local distillery.

    They can "make money" in Exxon, and BP. They can't make much off of Rufus' Tunica Co. Distillery, and Power Plant.

  53. Then Ms T needs to get on board with local biofuels, and off the petroleum bus, doesn't she?

    Meantime, I have no interest in the construction industry in NY.

  54. They're the only BASTARDS don't accept living under the constitution. Lutherans? Jews? Hell we can get along, study history, read Joe
    Campbell, discuss, read each others literature, but these FUCKS ain't got no sense of humor.

    FUCK 'EM


  56. And, I'm married to a METHODIST, try that, if you think life is EASY!

  57. I agree with ruf, we're the dumbest people on the planet.

  58. 71% of voters in Missouri's primary (Mo is the "swing states' swing state) rejected being forced to buy health insurance.


    The "Party of Stupid" should be hustling their asses off to get this on the ballot of every state in the Union in Nov. It Will bring out the Republican/Indies.

  59. Branson gets solar stop signs at 2 intersections

    The city paid $4,100 for the four solar-powered stop signs. The city expects to recover the money through savings in electricity costs...the flashing LED lights above the signs can be seen up to two miles away.

    All those quiet dark and dangerous neighborhoods across the country can now be lit up like indian casinos. This could be a world changer, folks.

  60. That would be true, rufus, if the socialists Republicans really wanted to stop the Federalization of Health Care, but they do not.

    Proof is in the tasting.

    There is no push to put Proposition C on the ballot, everywhere.

    Even if they could, they won't.
    Because it is not in a Federal Socialists best interest to do so.

    And Republicans, they are Federal Socialists to the very core of their being. They want the power to control your life, just like the Democrats do.

    Bush's expansion of Medicare is tasty enough to prove that.

  61. So Deuce, why would you not be consistent and ban any faith that has a terrorist fringe? Any faith that is used as an excuse for terrorist acts?

  62. As everyone here knows, I supported Health Care Reform. I, also, like "Ballot referendums."

    It won't break my heart if the bill passed by the Dems gets torn all to hell. I've never been in favor of killing mosquitos with sledge hammers.

    I think a narrow escape on this bill might encourage the Republicans to do something "responsible" along the lines of making sure everyone can get medical treatment. That's the hope, anyway. We'll see.

  63. Ash said...
    So Deuce, why would you not be consistent and ban any faith that has a terrorist fringe? Any faith that is used as an excuse for terrorist acts?

    It is an art, no doubt, to ask such a nonsensical question. I wonder how long Ash sits and thinks out...

    How do I make a construct that requires the complete abandoning of all logic and rational thought?

    Sometimes I wonder if Rat and Ash exist because we feed them with actual responses to their irrational dialogue....

    Maybe that old adage applies...


  64. Relax, Ashshithead, we got over it long long ago, all we want to do now is see it through, and get along with the Methodist wife, have a good fuck, and a nice drive once in a while. And do some dreamin' too.

    The hell with the muzzies.

    And, the hell with you.

  65. Finally some common sense....

    Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu blamed a cell from Hamas's military wing in Gaza for the rockets fired in Eilat and Aqaba, in a video broadcast on Wednesday.

    After offering his condolences to the family of Lt.-Col. Dov Harari and wishing Ezra Lakiyeh a fast recovery, Netanyahu announced, "In recent days we have witnessed three criminal attacks on Israeli territory: an attack from the Gaza Strip on the city of Ashkelon and the settlements surrounding Gaza, the Lebanese army's attack on IDF forces, which were doing routine activity in Israel, I stress, they were in Israeli territory. And another attack from Sinai on the city of Eilat and Aqaba in Jordan."

    The prime minister continued: "Immediately after the attack on Ashkelon, I instructed the IDF to respond decisively, which it did...As well yesterday, in the north, the IDF responded quickly and hit the Lebanese army and its facilities."

    "I want to make it clear to Hamas and the Lebanese government, which we see responsible for the violent provocation on our soldiers: Do not test our determination to protect Israeli citizens and soldiers," he said sharply. "Our policy is clear: Israel will respond and will continue to respond to any attack against its citizens and soldiers."

    Speaking about the Grad rockets which hit Eilat and Aqaba as well as the April attack from Sinai, Netanyahu stated, "We investigated both incidents and proved beyond a doubt that a cell of Hamas's military wing in Gaza, launched the rockets in both cases."

    In the video, the prime minister stressed strongly that "the use of a third country's territory, which lives in peace with Israel, in order to launch missiles at Israel, will not help Hamas in escaping responsibility."

    Netanyahu added that the government of Israel views the attacks on its citizens and the attempt to harm Israel's relationship with Egypt and Jordan with great severity.

    "Whoever shoots at Israeli citizens, doesn't matter from where, we will get to him and hit with immense force."

  66. I love this statement... REALLY

    "Whoever shoots at Israeli citizens, doesn't matter from where, we will get to him and hit with immense force."

    I wish the President would say that about Americans too....

    It's clear, it's concise and it's correct.

  67. The hell with ASH, and his golf clubs, and his sail boat. I like a ripping naked woman, really ripping, the cedars, the pines, the smell of the forest, a twenty guage, a dog , and let her rip.

    Tha's what I like

  68. The Israeli government has been saying the same thing in different ways for decades now and it hasn't provided them with much of a solution to their problems with their neighbors.

  69. Ash, you are one sorry sonabitch.

  70. You might ask your caregiver to suggest Depakote to your physician, Bobbo. It may help with these episodes of racing thoughts and adolescent fantasies.

  71. Of course, you'd have to moderate your drinking, which could be beneficial overall.

  72. LT: The city paid $4,100 for the four solar-powered stop signs.

    If it keeps one asshole from running the stop sign and t-boning somebody it's worth it.

  73. Ash,

    The primary problem Israel has with its neighbors is its life, i.e. existence. Israel has survived for decades by hitting hard from time to time. It has, therefore accomplished the content of its rhetoric.

    Soon, it will again and you and others will weep great big crocodile DoS and DR tears. Tough, old man.

    Yeah, let's not pay too much attention or get too worked up about an attack of Hymietown, USA...what a dolt...and whit wants to lecture us...

  74. Bob: These people would stone to death our good Miss T. Her of good humor.

    Yeah, and you said the bears would eat me in Glacier National Park too. I'm not scared of the hereafter, Bob, I don't give much credence to the OOBE sneak peeks and security is not the end-all and be-all of my existence.

  75. Fresno County had one on the Academy shortcut to 99 just south of Sanger, T. Rural cross-roads are killers hereabouts. It was so bright it was distracting, and now it's gone. I don't miss it.

  76. I used to like you LT, but now you want to make me vovent.

  77. Ash said...
    The Israeli government has been saying the same thing in different ways for decades now and it hasn't provided them with much of a solution to their problems with their neighbors.

    Another stupid, unthoughtful comment...

    In Ashland locking up or killing mass murderers makes no sense...

    But to be serious?


    Fuck that....

    Ash, you know the truth, your just in it to be stupid...

  78. WiO: Speaking about the Grad rockets which hit Eilat and Aqaba as well as the April attack from Sinai, Netanyahu stated, "We investigated both incidents and proved beyond a doubt that a cell of Hamas's military wing in Gaza, launched the rockets in both cases."

    Aha! Then all Hamas has to do now is fire rockets at Eilat, Beersheba, and other targets in the Negev at a faster rate than Netanyahu can form commissions to investigate each "incident" and prove they came from Gaza. Israel will soon be drowning in paper.

  79. You are a space cadet WiO. As allen has confirmed it has been a long standing Israeli policy to hit back at their enemies harder than they've been hit. He's thinks the policy has yielded positive benefits for Israeli security. I disagree but it is impossible to tell what could have been. In any case what bibi said does not reflect anything new.

  80. I had real plans for my next decade and felt I’d worked hard enough to earn it…

    Instead, I am badly oppressed by a gnawing sense of waste…

    Topic of Cancer

  81. Ash said...
    You are a space cadet WiO. As allen has confirmed it has been a long standing Israeli policy to hit back at their enemies harder than they've been hit.

    Israel, under American pressure, has given up much of it's shooting pressure...

    I advocate a return to real force against bad guys...

    Time for the bullshit to stop...

    Cut off all connection to Gaza. Stop all food, water and supplies to Gaza.. Blow open the border at Rafah, give to the Egyptians, it's theirs anyway...

    Respond to any and all terror attacks with 10 fold munitions, no more investigations and no more precision weapons.

    Israel needs to be like the rest of the world...

    Cut off the Lebanese power structure.

    Destroy Downtown Damascus

    Drive a few million arabs from their homes and create dead zones...

    What's the big deal?

    They do that to themselves (and to Israel if they could)(dont forget the 1,000,000 jews driven from their homes in 1948 ((oh that's right, it doesnt count))

    Peace can come from the utter and complete destruction of the Arab and Iran world.

    If the Arabs and Iranians have to actually get off their asses to earn a living? They might not have time to obsess about Israel..

    And if the arab world (and friends) are all using ox-carts and grinding stones and no longer have access to modern technology they will seek peace.. Or not, but then who would care?

    The moment Egypt turns Islamist? Blow the Aswan Dam.. That should create a need for peace... or peace and quiet...

    Empty 1/2 the Sinai and create a no man's land...

    Drive all the West Bankers and the arabs WITHIN israel into Jordan...

    No big deal..

    Happens all the time in the world...

    Just ask the Kurds...

    they've been screwed in that way...

    Got to admit, it would make thing interesting?

  82. Ash,

    Thank you for a rational response to my earlier comment concerning Israeli security. You know, of course, this means wawa :)

    Of course, you realize this means war?

  83. Oh and dont forget the great Islamist exodus (just had to use that JOOS word) from Europe....

    That will be a pistol to watch...

    10 million Moslems fleeing for africa and asia minor faster than a Beagle fleeing a hungry Korean with a butcher's knife...

    Man, it's going to be fun....

  84. I wonder when the dam breaks how America will react...

    Will it be an Islamic NUKE taking out Baltimore Sports Dome (Tom Clancy)? A rash of honor killings? Wilding by Islamic youths in Dearborn burning churches and setting fires to cars and liquor stores?

    Will we see a violent new Black Panther Party?

    A new Weather underground?

    Or maybe just inner city rioting? Burning out the grocery stores, requiring National Guardsmen?

    It could be the dam breaks when America runs from Afpak and Iraq.. Hundreds of thousands of dead iraqs and such..

    A new historic "Night of the LONG knives.."

    Or maybe it will be a revolution in Chavez's backyard...

    Or maybe Mexico fails and the Texas border explodes...

    All kinds of good shit happening...

  85. Maybe we get luck and no violence happens here...

    maybe Iran starts a nuke fight with Israel

    Oil 350 a barrel...

    wonder what that would be like in America..

    7 dollar a gallon gas...


  86. I guess the solution for PEACE?


    lots of it....

  87. Well we had our primary in MI yesterday. Kinda hard to spot any trends. Small turnout but it was a primary.

    Some of the Tea Party candidates got elected while others didn't so how do you say how much influence they had.

    One that didn't make it was Mike Cox the current AG. Conservative and pushing lawsuits against the US like on healthcare. He lost. However, it's hard to judge why. Most believe it is because he was associated with the whole Kwame Kilpatrick fiasco involving a party that did or didn't happen and a dancer that got snuffed after being beat up (or not) by the mayor's wife.

    Pete Hoekstra lost in the governor race. Both he and Cox lost to a businessman named Snyder. many say Snyder wouldn't have won in a two horese race so how do you know?

    For governor on the Dem's side the conservative House Speaker, Dillon, lost out to a raging liberal.

    Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick lost her Detroit seat big time something that just doesn't happen in Detroit. She was a seven term representative and chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus a couple of years ago. Of course she is also the mother of Kwame Kilpatrick who is in jail right now for a few years and has just started his trial on some big time fed charges.

    All in all a little confusing. Hard to tell which was the bigger influence, the Tea Party or Kwame.

    One thing is sure. It looks like the voters are more willing to dump incumbants than they have been for a long time.


  88. What's a "vovent"?

    Just another mistake

    Miss Tipe


  89. Destroy Downtown Damascus

    I like the sounds of that, and I ain't mistiping.

  90. A nun's death and illegal immigration: Forgiveness or punishment?

    "On Sunday, Sister Denise Mosier, 66, a Benedictine nun and former missionary in Africa was killed and two others gravely injured when, on their way to a retreat, their car was hit by an alleged drunk driver.

    The 23-year-old driver, Carlos Martinelly Montano, is reported to be in the United States illegally from Bolivia, and has two previous drunken-driving convictions and has been awaiting long-delayed deportation hearings..."

    Just a Matter of Shit Happens?

    Janet Napolitano was on TV today indicating how unfortunate this incident was. She also indicated she was going to check into why there has been delay in getting the Bolivian tried and out of the country.


  91. The Hama massacre (Arabic: مجزرة حماة‎) occurred in February 1982, when the Syrian army bombarded the town of Hama in order to quell a revolt by the Muslim Brotherhood. An estimated 7,000 to 40,000 people were killed, including about 1,000 soldiers,[1] and large parts of the old city were destroyed. The attack has been described as possibly being "the single deadliest act by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East".[2]

    This is what they do to each other...

  92. Good news from California, I expect it will be the topic here soon.

  93. I figure Ms T means this:

    Federal judge Vaughn Walker overturns California's Prop 8 in win for same-sex ...

  94. So "o" it is not hatred of Judaism, Zionism or Israel that drives the Arabs to violence.

    Good thing to know.

  95. Nor are they driven by hatred of the "West".

    They're just normal power hungry despots.

    Following the historical norm.

  96. Your GOP Candidate From Nevada

    Perhaps we should hook Angle and Shelby up for a debate at the next Mensa conference.



  97. After my extremely intelligent three year old granddaughter told me I was skinny this morning, I decided that the great leader wasn’t worth wasting 450 calories on.

  98. Hell, Q, I kind of like her. At least she's funny.

    I mean, Hell they're "ALL" crazy.

  99. So, Sharon Angle should be a highly managed, carefully scripted political slickster. It's a shame that an ordinary, plain spoken person can't be authentic. Even the punditry wants a polished actor running for office.

  100. Other than hearing, "She isn't ready for primetime", I know nothing about Ms. Angle.

  101. The comment was meant to convey the message of discipline one should have over consuming unnecessary calories to combat obesity in America.

  102. "Hell, Q, I kind of like her."

    Hell, Ruf, you kind of like Sarah Palin. I won't comment further on your discriminating judgment.

    However, this is wrong on a number of levels.

    First, the GOP had the perfect chance to get rid of Dirty Harry. They have now blown it. It's pathetic when Harry Reid becomes the only logical choice.

    The Tea party has added quite a bit to this year's election discussions. However, in this case they screwed up royally. It's on a level with that Dem that got nominated out east after having
    spent less than $10k campaigning.

    That's not to say there isn't a bright side. I firmly believe the GOP will take the House. That being said Angle being nominated could be a good thing.

    If the GOP had taken out Reid and Crist, they would have been coming dangerously close to taking over the Senate also. Not a good thing.

    However, taking out Harry Reid would have been so sweet.


  103. Deuce,

    You will appreciate this: Dorothy Rabinowitz, well known anti-Semite and right wing zealot, has drilled into the unanesthetized "Poppa" Bloomberg, mayor of Hymietown (that little piece of America that deserves to suffer because of demographics).


    "Such values were the rationale for the official will to ignore the highly suspicious behavior of Maj. Nidal Hasan, who went on to murder 13 Americans at Fort Hood. A silence maintained despite all his commanders and colleagues knew about his raging hostility to the U.S. military and his strident advocacy on behalf of political Islam.

    "Those who knew—and they were many—chose silence out of fear of seeming insensitive to a Muslim. As one who had said nothing in the interest of this higher good later explained, Maj. Hasan was, after all, one of the few top-ranking Muslim officers the army had...

    This is the sort of thing that should keep a lush working in government up at night bowing before the porcelain goddess. But those working that beat these days are from the same school marm mold as Bloomie. – They know what’s best, but they cannot share that knowledge for fear of a contemptuous public.

  104. Try looking up some of her other positions Whit. I'd mention a few but It's getting dark and I gotta get the dog to the park.


  105. Yup, Republicans screwed up again. When in the hell are they gonna learn to check with Quirk first? I would think they'd know by now.

  106. Message received, I'm not that much overweight, and the dotter is thin and good lookin'.

  107. Really good lookin' when she puts her mind to it. It takes bout an hour and half what with the shower and the hair, and the facial. But once she gets going, she's a looker. My God, My God. What have I done? Jesus.

  108. She is, lazy as hell, she is reading the play, now, but she slept through the play in Boise, and little Miss Niece Emily never showed up, so it was nearly 700 dollars but my wife and I hell of a good time.

    And Lord, is she a
    Tiger in a Motel.

    Every time.

  109. I got a big blast out of Helena.

    Twitch twitch switch switch, bums bums you wouldn't believe it, on all fours, baying to the moon, right there in Boise.

  110. "I would think they'd know by now."

    You would think. However, let's keep that little insight amongst ourselves. Don't go spreading it around LT

    As I've stated, I'm hoping the GOP takes the House.

    Or the Senate (but preferably the house since that's where budget bills get started).

    But definately not both. Both parties have proved that neither has enough grownups in them to be trusted with both House and Senate.

    If they came to me, I might inadvertantly get caught up in the action and excitement and that could allow them to sweep the whole thing. Definately not a good thing.


  111. Leon Russell on keyboards

    Leon, an Oklahoman, is a patriot, loving the Big Apple. I've never heard how he feels about the earth's largest, below water table mashpit, Pascagoula.


  112. But definately not both

    That's just nuts. I hope you're disappointed as hell.

  113. Most Democrats I can think of belong in jail instead of holding one of the houses of Congress. Just put in anyone but a Democrat, and then keep 'em all on a short leash. A tar pot and feather bag ought to be on display outside every one of their offices.

  114. mosh pit ?

    I think mash pit works for MS. Ya don't make shine outta "mosh".

  115. " I hope you're disappointed as hell."


    Gee, that's kinda cold from one of my old buds.

    Obviously, I was kidding about my politicals operative skills; however, I wasn't kidding about wanting to have a split Congress.

    As I mentioned my ideal choice would be to have the GOP take the House but still have Harry Reid booted by the citizens of NV. But you take what you can get.

    But enlighten me. Where have I gone wrong here? Why exactly does the GOP deserve to takeover both houses of Congress. I mean there must be some specifics behind your comment beyond that you just don't like the Dems. I mean you have been around for the last decade. decades. You have seen what happens when one party rules, both the Dems and the GOP.

    So tell me what exactly could we expect from a Congress where both houses are ruled by the GOP that you feel would make it special?


  116. Why exactly does the GOP deserve to takeover both houses of Congress.

    Because they are not Democrats.

    The two years between 2010 and 2012 are critical. An "anything but Democrat" Congress will be essential. I'm not an enthusiastic GOP supporting, card carrying Republican. I'm registered Independent, and have been forever.

    I just have a visceral dislike for Democrats. If more is needed to convince you, it is what it is.

    My hope for your disappointment was based on your previously stated desire for the split congress, btw. Not anything you said in jest today.

  117. I can only think of one Democrat out of both houses who shouldn't be hanging from a lamppost rather than in Congress, and that's Joe Lieberman.

    Just my opinion.

    You want to toss in some Republicans and hang them too? I'm sure we could agree on a few. I leave the selection to you and rat and rufus. Let me know at your convenience.

  118. Hang'em all; Let God sort'em out.

  119. You want to toss in some Republicans and hang them too?

    How about the entire leadership? McConnell, Boehner, the lot of them. They are the same clowns that ran the show under Bush. They talk about how conservativce they are yet these guys increased the size of government by 50% on their watch. Even today they give us bland generalities about what they are going to do. No specifics. It's the same old BS.

    There are some I think are honest and well-meaning even if I happen to disagree with some of their positions. However, as far as I know there is only one Republican that has put down on paper with numbers to back it up a plan for getting us out of the financial mess we are in. That is Paul Ryan with his "Roadmap for America". A tough course with some radical changes to entitlements programs that is unlikely to get consideration (only 13 Pubs have signed onto it and the leadership doesn't want to talk about any part of it until after November) but it does do what everyone else merely talks about and promises.

    The GOP leadership is the same group of good ol boys that helped get us to where we are today. If you're not truly conservative, I can see where one might like them.

    However, my opinion is you need a split congress. That way you have gridlock and neither party can do us any more harm.

    (Admittedly, they won't be doing us any good either but if you were actually expecting that you are currently cruising full speed to lalaland anyway.)


  120. I said "All."

    Did I stutter?

  121. Q keeps Ryan. I'll keep Inhofe around for his opposition to the AGW scam, and maybe the Texan Cornyn just because I like Texans and can't think of anything he's done that pisses me off. Three. Oh, there's a few more I might spare, but I'd have to study that question.

    Rufus can deal with the other 532, or so.

  122. Inhofe is a pretty good guy, actually,

  123. Linear,

    Lieberman is good on the big issue of national defense and the clarity to see Islam for what it is. On the social issues, he is reachable. Therefore, I'm with you on Lieberman, trish's criticism notwithstanding. (As an aside, we know where Liberman stands, not so with the Red

    AS to the nonsense about hanging them "ALL", this judgment comes from one who would abandon a piece of America to the Islamists and dhimmis because he doesn't like the Jewish demographic of Hymietown. This is not an American and not a sane man.

    Keep on truckin', Dude!