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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Give More to Pakistan, Maybe Then They Will Hate Us Less.

Last year, 73% of Pakistanis saw the Taliban as a serious threat, compared with 54% today. 61% considered al Qaeda a serious threat last year; now, just 38%.

From Pew Research:

America's overall image remains negative in Pakistan. Along with Turks and Egyptians, Pakistanis give the U.S. its lowest ratings among the 22 nations included in the spring 2010 Pew Global Attitudes survey -- in all three countries, only 17% have a favorable view of the U.S. Roughly six-in-ten (59%) Pakistanis describe the U.S. as an enemy, while just 11% say it is a partner. And President Barack Obama is unpopular -- only 8% of Pakistanis express confidence that he will do the right thing in world affairs, his lowest rating among the 22 nations...

...Attitudes toward China remain positive -- 84% consider China a partner to Pakistan.

So, what do we do? Do we borrow more money from China to help the Pakis hate us less?


21 August 2010 Last updated at 23:20 GMT
Pakistani flood victims' anger at US
By Jill McGivering
BBC News, near Nowshera

Displaced people are camping everywhere. Shelters of canvas and plastic sheeting line the edges of the highways linking Islamabad to Peshawar in the north-west of the country.

The roads are raised, a precious strip of dry land in a sea of stagnant floodwater and thick mud.

I stopped at one makeshift camp and a group of men rushed forward as soon as I got out of the car, crowding round.

One was a thin-faced man in his 40s called Iftikhar.

He pointed to the swamped ground beyond the railway tracks and the remains of his village. His house had been badly damaged, he said.

Even though the waters were starting to recede, it was too unstable for him to move back there with his six daughters.

We desperately need help from the government, so we can rebuild," he told me.

The US is spending $5bn a month on the war in Afghanistan - that puts into context what they're giving us”

He rolled back a sleeve and showed me the skin rash on his arm. "Everyone is in a bad state," he said. "If we don't get money, I don't know what will happen to us."

Others chimed in around him. Many sounded miserable and frustrated.

They were getting some food, they said, but their community had been knocked back about 25 years.

Sugar and flour was not enough - they needed new houses, new possessions, new books and supplies in the local school to replace everything they had lost.

Some criticised the government, saying the aid was not fairly distributed.

Others blamed the West, including the US, for failing to give enough help.

One man turned his anger on me: "What about your country?" he said, heatedly. "Why aren't you giving more?"

Elsewhere in the small camp, businessmen were handing out donations from the local community.

If there was not more support, they said, the security situation might worsen.

There has been fighting already in the camps, said one.

"We're doing so much to help the United States in the war on terrorism. Now we're in crisis and we expect help," said one of the businessman donors.

His colleague agreed: "Now's the time for them to prove their commitment to us."

In fact, the US is already the biggest single donor to the UN's emergency fund.

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced more aid. But in Pakistan, critics of the US still sound scathing.

Ayaz Amir, an MP in Nawaz Sharif's opposition party, said: "The United States is spending $5bn every month on the war in Afghanistan. That puts into context what they're giving us."

The implication is that if the US does not do much more, Pakistan's ability - and willingness - to support the US-led battle against Islamist insurgents will suffer.

Mr Amir added: "If Pakistan can't recover, then one thing which will be washed away is the so-called war on terror. This front will not be functioning."


On the ground, the floods are also compounding the misery caused to millions of ordinary Pakistanis by the militant violence and government offensives against it.

Many people in the camps have been helped by local communities and businesses during Ramadan
I met one young girl, still a teenager, now living in a roadside tent. The floods destroyed her family home. But the insurgency also destroyed her family, she told me.

"My Dad was killed in a bomb attack," she told me. "My mother had already died - and then a bomb killed my father.

"Now, in Pakistan, we have this new crisis caused by the flooding. But even now, with people in this state, bombs are still going off and people are still being shot."

Pakistan was already riven by problems before the floods hit.

It was struggling with a weak, unpopular government, and an insurgency and the country was engulfed by strong anti-American feeling.

The question now is whether these extraordinary floods could make all those problems even worse.


  1. Live along rivers in the tropics, strip the surrounding mountains of forest cover, and be surprised when seasonal rains become frequent rampaging disasters at an accelerating pace.

    Blame anyone else, especially the US. Ask Allah to fix it.

  2. Allah is punishing them for supporting the Taliban.

    Allah hates the pakistani, thus Allah shows his wrath by causing such natural disasters and poverty on such massive scale...

    Allah loves the Jews, it is written in his book...

    That is why, the Jews, who sit on 1/650th of the middle east, or compared to .1/1000 of the moslem world, is blessed by such a wonderful bounty of fruits, honey and the dry earth turned into lush forests.

    Listen to Allah, he is speaking, he is cursing the Moslems on a daily basis, they have strayed.. they do not love their brothers in the human condition, they need to be punished...

    and they are being punished..

    will they listen?

  3. That must explain Europe
    It was G-d.

  4. Not men that killed the Gypsies and Jews.

    Not to be blamed upon the evil that men do, but upon G-d.

  5. They never listen.

    Even after they are chastised they remain deaf to the truth.

    Vain little people that do not heed the true word.

  6. If the punishment fits the crime ...

    Would that explain why the Pakistani got off so light?

    And the Gypsy and Jew were so savagely ravaged.

  7. some asshole says...

    And the Gypsy and Jew were so savagely ravaged.

    Jews dont say that... But the Moslems say that Allah blesses them and curses them...

    But if you look at it, 6 million Jews, 6 million non jews died directly by MAN, the Germans, not G-d.

    And in the end?

    60 million people died in ww2...

    Israel was re-born...

    If you want to account for man's murder to man as a godlike action? you are a fucktard...

    now, look at the moslems world... ravaged by nature...

    g-d gave the arabs oil wealth? SQUANDERED...

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Again the little people do not listen to what they themselves say.

    There is only one standard. Not one for Israel and another for the others.

  10. the Iraq Iran war, and their dead? Not G-d's will

    But the very fact that the Moslems butcher one another in genocidal proportions shows a LACK of G-d's grace...

    The genocide of Jews in ww2? Not G-d's will but rather showing how the Germans and the Japanese LACKED G-d in their life.

    The same can be said for Sudan, Somolia, Pakistan and others...

    If you want to see a nation that G-d blesses? Look at Israel. Even when faced with genocidal maniacs? israel has the moral army in the world. And still it prospers...

    If Jews had not been murdered by others for 2000 years they say there would be 200 million...

    Jews dont say it's g-d's punishment...

    We see it's the lack of G-d in those that do the genocide.

    Now g-d, in his wisdom, has given the Jews their nation back...

    and it grows!!!!

  11. Obama: I have a deep faith

    Barack Obama credits his multicultural upbringing for his theological point of view.

    Obama is unapologetic in saying he has a "personal relationship with Jesus Christ." As a sign of that relationship, he says, he walked down the aisle of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ in response to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's altar call one Sunday morning about 16 years ago.

    These days, he says, he attends the 11 a.m. Sunday service at Trinity in the Brainerd neighborhood every week -- or at least as many weeks as he is able. His pastor, Wright, has become a close confidant.

    "I started working with both the ministers and the lay people in these churches on issues like creating job-training programs, or after-school programs for youth, or making sure that city services were fairly allocated to underserved communities," he says. "And it was in those places where I think what had been more of an intellectual view of religion deepened.

    "I became much more familiar with the ongoing tradition of the historic black church and its importance in the community. And the power of that culture to give people strength in very difficult circumstances, and the power of that church to give people courage against great odds. And it moved me deeply."

    Obama says he reads the Bible, though not as regularly as he'd like, now that he's on the campaign trail. But he does find time to pray.

    "It's not formal, me getting on my knees," he says. "I think I have an ongoing conversation with God.... I'm constantly asking myself questions about what I'm doing, why I am doing it.

    "The biggest challenge, I think, is always maintaining your moral compass."

    Friends and advisers, such as the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Roman Catholic Church in the Auburn- Gresham community on the South Side, who has known Obama for the better part of 20 years, help him keep that compass set, he says.

    "I always have felt in him this consciousness that, at the end of the day, with all of us, you've got to face God," Pfleger says of Obama. "Faith is key to his life, no question about it. It is central to who he is, and not just in his work in the political field, but as a man, as a black man, as a husband, as a father.... I don't think he could easily divorce his faith from who he is."

    Another person Obama says he seeks out for spiritual counsel is state Sen. James Meeks, who is also the pastor of Chicago's Salem Baptist Church. The day after Obama won the primary in March, he stopped by Salem for Wednesday-night Bible study.


    Pfleger, Meeks, Wright, and Obama.

    Feel the love!

  12. the rodent speakith: There is only one standard. Not one for Israel and another for the others.

    Yes one standard for all, except the world doesnt hold that true...

    One standard for Israel, none for others.

    But Israel grows strong, free and beautiful

    People of all hue, DIE trying to get to Israel to live in freedom...

    Moslems, Jews, Christians, Bahai and pagans see Israel as the real shining city on the hill...

    Freedom in Israel exists for all... but not int he cesspools that surround it...

    Israel IS...

    Israel grows!!!!

    This is why the great people of the USA overwhelmingly support Israel, even if the temporary leadership of the USA doesnt...

  13. What is "Occupation" said...
    the Iraq Iran war, and their dead? Not G-d's will

    But the very fact that the Moslems butcher one another in genocidal proportions shows a LACK of G-d's grace...

    The genocide of Jews in ww2? Not G-d's will but rather showing how the Germans and the Japanese LACKED G-d in their life.

    The same can be said for Sudan, Somolia, Pakistan and others...

    If you want to see a nation that G-d blesses? Look at Israel. Even when faced with genocidal maniacs? israel has the moral army in the world. And still it prospers...

    If Jews had not been murdered by others for 2000 years they say there would be 200 million...

    Jews dont say it's g-d's punishment...

    We see it's the lack of G-d in those that do the genocide.

    Now g-d, in his wisdom, has given the Jews their nation back...

    and it grows!!!!

    Well done!

  14. That "well done" is mine. Blogger would not let me sign in. Obviously, it has reconsidered.

  15. You all have a rather warped perception of G-d's Will.

    And how it is done.

    There is no greater genocide in all history than that which occurred in Europe from 1910-1948.

    The direct result of G-d's Will?
    His displeasure with man, in Europe?

    No Muslim country even approaches the modern European Standard for cultural barbarity.

    Or genocide.

    Or mass murder.

    None come close to "The West" in the industrialization of death.

  16. As bob from Idaho says, the West is on a course of cultural suicide.

    G-d's Will.

  17. You have no clue anon. War has always been about using technology and advancing technology to kill and destroy.

    Forget god, read your history with more caution.

    Gengis Kahn used the technology of a stirrup, high wood saddles and archers to kill armies by the tens of thousands.

    He borrowed Muslim and Chinese siege engines to break and destroy cities. He also just happened to be a Mongol.

    Whether or not he had conversations with his version of god or another would not surprise me either way..

  18. Yeah, Obama will go to church for the next two weeks after a long Ramadan hiatus, and make sure CNN has the cameras rolling when he goes.

    Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

  19. ahhh, so G-d rides with the winner, not always with the righteous.

    The best part is that in post one, you blame man for the flooding, poor forest management.

    In post two, "o" tells the Pakistani the tall tale of it being G-d's responsibility for the flooding.

    Not their own failings.
    Not the failure of their Government.
    But the Will of G-d has smitten them.

    If it is true for the Pakistani then it is true of all men and all misfortunes and failures.

    Acknowledged or not.

    Or "o's" scree was just that, rocky debris. Pure propaganda meant to belittle the religion of our Pakistani allies.

    By using different standards, which "o" constantly tells us is fraudulent when applied to Israel but is fair when applied to Islam.

  20. It's called "Al Taquia" (lie to the infidels for the sake of promoting Islam).

  21. "o" tells us it is not the Juda way, to blame the G-d of Abraham, but then gives G-d responsibility for the flooding in Pakistan.

    Different standards.

    Blaming the victim in ignorance.

  22. Here is a fun Israel type fact...

    No one ever tries to flee to Sudan, Gaza or any moslem nation for freedom and liberation.

    The West (including Israel) are the world's destination for those that are disgusted by the tyranny of their home nations...

    America & israel stand tall as a place where millions and million risk everything so that they can be free..

    From blacks in africa escaping to Israel (and being shot at in egypt) escaping the murderous arabs, to millions of mexicans (and others) fleeing drug gangs and such coming to America.

    This is something to be proud of...

    Israel and American have gained the brains of people of all color and faiths because they were tired, scared and disgusted by their homelands...

  23. "o" taking up "Al Taquia", that's sweet.

    The "Good Lie".

  24. Developer of Ground Zero mosque threatens Muslim opponent: “May Allah protect you”

  25. That is true "o" but then many want to close those doors of freedom, both here and there.

    Limit access to liberty.

    Both here and there.

    By race, religion or national origin.

    I read those screeds here, all the time.

  26. It's a fact Jack...

    Allah is punishing the Pakistani people as well as other moslem nations and peoples.

    It aint the Jews fault that the moslems are so blood thirsty about building nukes and funding the taliban that they ignore building codes and infrastructure..

    israel invests in social justice, medicine, bomb shelters, science, education of all it's people (INCLUDING IT"S ARAB POPULATION) and continues to strive to be a moral nation even in the midst of barbaric suicide death cult peoples.

    Israel IS...

    Israel shows the face of G-d, G-d has allowed the Jewish people to rise from the ashes to build BUILD BUILD a NATION again!

    The arabs, persians, the europeans, the russian all have destroyed and cast out or destroyed their Jews...

    The INGATHERING has happened!!!

    Now europe and russia? created a vacuum that now the moslems are filling.... and destroying the hosts...

    The arab world? lol... got rid of the most productive peoples in their midst! the JEW

    The Jews, that PREDATED the ARABS by 1000 years in middle east, are gone, and now? middle eastern lands are occupied by Arabs... and they product nothing but war, rape and genocide...

    The original peoples of the middle east are squashed... the Coptics, the Berbers, the Druze (and others)...

    Allah gave the arabs so much and they squandered it all...

    Was that a blessing or really was it a curse...

    many would argue that OIL is a curse...

    look at Nigeria or other nations that have that "black gold" all cursed....

  27. Damn, Obama was right, there ARE 57 States:

    The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) is an international organisation with a permanent delegation to the United Nations. It groups 57 member states, from the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Caucasus, Balkans, Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America (Guyana and Suriname).

  28. Nah, it's not the Islam Organization, it's US plus the 7 northern Mexican States, the ones that are home to the Government Motors assembly plants.

    Baja, Baja Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua, Choahuila, Nuevo Leon y Tamaulipas.

    57 United States.

  29. Mrs Palin, the work product of the most cursed State in the Union, according to "o".

    Really ...

    The Black Magic is gonna get you!

  30. It didn't cure the hangover, Quirk, but it was lovely.

    I will never again hang out with bob and Melody on a Colombian Prison Women thread.

    If Pakistanis see the Taliban and AQ as less of a threat now, is it because there's been a recent decline in Pakistan of the violence associated with them?

  31. Anonymous said...
    Mrs Palin, the work product of the most cursed State in the Union, according to "o".

    Really ...

    twisted words from a twisted soul...

  32. Hey, President Obama, can you see November from those Martha’s Vineyard beaches? A big wave is coming right at you.

  33. That's a funny video of the 57 states speech. He took quite a while in considering how many states there are, and still got it wrong.

    There are 57 recipes for Heinz 57 Sauce, too.

    Wife and I counted 57 elk on the Grand Rhonde one day.

  34. As reported by some of our crack team of bar stool analysts;

    7 Advise and Assist Brigades, made up of troops from BCTs, still in Iraq
    By Kate Brannen - Staff writer
    Posted : Saturday Aug 21, 2010 16:10:59 EDT
    As the final convoy of the Army’s 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, based at Fort Lewis, Wash., entered Kuwait early Thursday, a different Stryker brigade remained in Iraq.

    Soldiers from the 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team of the 25th Infantry Division are deployed in Iraq as members of an Advise and Assist Brigade, the Army’s designation for brigades selected to conduct security force assistance.

    So while the “last full U.S. combat brigade” have left Iraq, just under 50,000 soldiers from specially trained heavy, infantry and Stryker brigades will stay, as well as two combat aviation brigades

    You can't fool them in here, especially when the smoking lamp is lit.

  35. Who's the goofball masquerading as G-d?

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. So while the “last full U.S. combat brigade” have left Iraq, just under 50,000 soldiers from specially trained heavy, infantry and Stryker brigades will stay, as well as two combat aviation brigades

    just how many PRIVATE CONTRACTORS are still there?

  38. There are 57 recipes for Heinz 57 Sauce, too.

    Wife and I counted 57 elk on the Grand Rhonde one day.

    Steve Martin: "There must be...57 tits up there!"

  39. Steve Martin: "There must be...57 tits up there!"

    heh, where did that come from, some movie?

  40. 57 Corvette Convertible

    Look at that grill, looks almost like sharks teeth.

  41. WASHINGTON – It would take "a complete failure" of the Iraqi security forces for the U.S. to resume combat operations there, the top American commander in Iraq said as the final U.S. fighting forces prepared to leave the country. Full Story

  42. "just how many PRIVATE CONTRACTORS are still there?"

    There's usually a like number or greater of contractors.

    I read last week that the 50K or some portion thereof is committed through the end of next year.

    The impression I got is that what we will end up with is virtually no military presence there at all.

  43. Question 57--Summa Theologica

    Do the angels know material things, & etc?

  44. I don't get my briefing for another week or so.

  45. This is interesting.

    ADHD: Has this diagnostic fad run its course?

    God knows how many boys have been medicated...

  46. There's a pretty good article at Real Clear Politics--5 Myths About the Iraqi Troop Withdrawal--that I can't seem to make post for some reason.

    We might be better off hanging around Iraq. They do have a chance of not backsliding into civil war.

  47. Newt mispoke, what he meant to say was muslims are a lot like Nazis.

  48. Let's face it, whatever you say will be misrepresented for political gain.

    Happens here at the bar all the time.

  49. According to Descartes, liberals do not exist.

  50. Ambassador of Death Bomber Has a Message of Peace and Friendship

    "The jet, as well as being an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity, has a main message of peace and friendship" Ahmadinejad said.

  51. Americans need to think of it as a social/political ideology, but they are so used to separating religion from politics (which was a first at the time of our country's founding) that they keep giving Islam the benefit of the doubt.

    Islam Is The New Communism

    Tis my outlook in a nutshell. A totalitarian politico/theo soup of the most irrational kind, a giant step towards fellahenism.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Newt mispoke, what he meant to say was muslims are a lot worse than Nazis.

  54. According to Descartes, liberals are like the animals, they seem to be alive, but they are really just automatons, Zombies

  55. What is "Occupation" said...

    obama has nothing...

    the black vote and 25% of the democratic looney left..

    not enough for anything but a McGovern/Dukakas

    Obama is damaged goods

    Wright, Ayers, Rashid Khalidi to name a few

    if the dem's nominate this snake that used to be called barry, reagan dem's will be voting for mccain

    Wed May 07, 01:41:00 AM EDT


    Doug said...
    Obama IS nothing.
    ...but a phoney shell of a person.

    Wed May 07, 01:44:00 AM EDT

  56. Actually, he is President of the United States of America.

    Go figure.

  57. I've turned myself over to Melody's outlook. It doesn't do to worry unduly about it all. Do what you can, certainly vote, then don't drive yourself nuts with it.

    It's a lesson I learned long ago in farming, but seemed to have forgotten, till I've been reminded of it.

    A little good humor helps as well.

    As well as an midafternoon nap, which is where I'm heading. These sleeping pills are a gift from the Elysian Fields, from the gods. Designed to get my circadian rhythms back in line, I'm actually cheating, with a nap.

  58. Apathetic citizens, like MLD, and now YOU, Bob, is why this country is going to Hell in a handbasket.

    8 months ago I suggested to MLD that she might want to get up to speed a bit about the ROP by reading Hirhi Ali.

    Any bets on whether she has?

    Next thing you know, she'll join Trish in the I don't want to know party backing the Victory Mosque at Ground Zero.

    Jeeze, Louise

  59. What drug are you now abusing, Bob?

  60. God must have loved the Wahhabis, then, putting them on top of all that oil.

    Islamoids are, basically, doomed by thier religion to be poor people. Everything in their religion works against them prospering. Misogeny, constant warfare, wasting half the day praying, constraints on banking. It's no wonder they're "outcompeted" in all desirable locations, and find themselves relegated to deserts, and floodplains, and island rainforests.

    They hit a lucky streak with the oil, but that will go away eventually, leaving them in worse shape than when they found it (except for the Sauds, of course; they'll be happily ensconced in their villas in Switzerland, and Cannes.)

  61. Anyone here know what

    "Ttstkbtmsg" stands for?

    1. tough titty said the kitty but the milk's still good

  62. WTF is wrong with a little misogyny, Rufus?

  63. I thought Jeez Louise was Trish's sock puppet at BC. Now I find out it's doug.

  64. Police hunt 'Britain's most disgusting woman'...

    A hunt was on Sunday for the woman branded "Britain's most disgusting person" for urinating on a war memorial after she fled court following a public shaming by elderly veterans.

    An arrest warrant is out for Wendy Lewis, 32, who was given a "guard of dishonour" by angry veterans when she appeared at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

    She was caught on security cameras relieving herself on the seaside town's Cenotaph, before performing a sex act on a man nearby.

  65. Gotta keep them wimmin working, Doug. Otherwise, how would we have time for important stuff like playin poker, and bloggin all day?

  66. I wad up my wet washed clothes and stuff them in the washer and hit spin dry to really press those wrinkles home.

    Good test to see if the wife is on her toes doing my ironing.

  67. L.A. Leftists Get the Code Pink Treatment at Jodie Evans’ Jerry Brown Fundraiser

    Melanie Morgan, founder of Move America Forward, the nation’s largest pro-troop organization, led about a dozen conservative activists who protested at the Venice home of Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans at a Saturday afternoon fundraiser for California Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

    Morgan reports the pro-American protesters, “blocked the entrance of hundreds of wealthy Democrat liberals, including Sally Kellerman and Cindy Asner, ex-wife of Ed Asner.” Protesters laid down on the sidewalk outside the entrance gate where guests had to step over them.

    Jodie Evans became visibly agitated when confronted by Morgan about Code Pink’s $600,000 donation to the families of terrorists who murdered U.S. troops in Fallujah. Evans snapped “you are on crack!” as Morgan persisted.

    Morgan added, “these liberals were shocked that we turned up. They were extremely angry about our obnoxious support of U.S. troops… and completely oblivious to the irony. The most fun was watching Jodie Evans’ skin mottle in anger, matching her dyed red hair!”

  68. Bomb Probe Turns Up Vibrator

    California arrestee was wired for pleasure, not terror

    A California Highway Patrol office was briefly evacuated earlier this month when investigators became concerned that an arrestee might have been carrying a concealed explosive device. When officers collared Steven Ferrini on a drug charge, a search of the 60-year-old suspect turned up 'a suspicious wire, with an on/off switch' in his pants pocket. 'The wire was found to extend from the pant pocket to the subject's anus,' according to a CHP report, a copy of which you'll find here.

    At about 9 AM, the bomb squad 'rendered the device safe' and determined it was not dangerous. The report does not indicate why more than three hours passed before the vibrator was found not to be an explosive device. 'The vibrator was subsequently removed and placed into property,' according to report, which does not identify the CHP employee tasked with that unfortunate evidence collection responsibility.

    Ferrini is pictured at left in an El Dorado County Sheriff's Office mug shot snapped following his April 7 arrest.

  69. CHP Probly cuffed the guy, turned the switch to "On" and left him in his cell for three hours.

    Security cameras running.

  70. I highly doubt that being apathetic, which I never said I was, has anything to do with why this country is in such disarray. I did say that politics don't interest me but that doesn't' mean that I'm not a concerned citizen and that I don’t want to learn about certain things. What I said was that I wouldn’t obsess over certain things in the world so that it affected my life in any way the way some people do.

  71. Oh shit, that's funny. :)

  72. Referring to Doug's post, of course.

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. We must respect the right of Muslims to build their mosque on our national battleground in Lower Manhattan. Of course, this is what Muslims do to Jewish religious sites like Joseph's Tomb.

  75. "If a woman does not keep pace with her companions, perhaps it is because she hears a different drummer. Let her step to the music which she hears, however measured or far away."~Henry David Thoreau

  76. I hear the tom-toms throbbing.


  77. I smell the buffalo dung drying
    What I love is always near at hand
    In earth and air

  78. Quirk

    I am ready for your Virgo entry.

    Being a Sept. 13 baby and all.
    Bring it.

  79. I hear the tom toms beating
    I smell the buffalo dung drying
    What I love is always near at hand
    In earth and air

    There, I think that's right.

  80. Just count yourselves lucky Quirk isn't asking for money for his work in astrology, yet.

  81. I want the Scorpio sun and moon readings, myself.

  82. Taking Bin Laden’s Side


    It’s striking that many American Republicans share with Al Qaeda the view that the West and the Islamic world are caught inevitably in a “clash of civilizations.” Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who recruits jihadis from his lair in Yemen, tells the world’s English-speaking Muslims that America is at war against Islam. You can bet that Mr. Awlaki will use the opposition to the community center and mosque to try to recruit more terrorists.

    In short, the proposed community center is not just an issue on which Sarah Palin and Osama bin Laden agree. It is also one in which opponents of the center are playing into the hands of Al Qaeda.

    These opponents seem to be afflicted by two fundamental misconceptions.

    The first is that a huge mosque would rise on hallowed land at ground zero. In fact, the building would be something like a YMCA, and two blocks away and apparently out of view from ground zero. This is a dense neighborhood packed with shops, bars, liquor stores — not to mention the New York Dolls Gentlemen’s Club and the Pussycat Lounge (which says that it arranges lap dances in a private room, presumably to celebrate the sanctity of the neighborhood).

  83. It’s striking that many American Republicans share with Al Qaeda the view that the West and the Islamic world are caught inevitably in a “clash of civilizations.”

    bin Laden and the Republicans have it right. But not by choice, on our side.

    Except it's a clash between civilization and barbarism.

  84. You are speaking seditiously -
    bob from Idaho

    ... don’t forget that the worst brutality in the Middle East has often been committed by more secular rulers, like Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad. And the mastermind of the 1970 Palestinian airline hijackings, George Habash, was a Christian.

    Remember also that historically, some of the most shocking brutality in the region was justified by the Bible, not the Koran. Crusaders massacred so many men, women and children in parts of Jerusalem that a Christian chronicler, Fulcher of Chartres, described an area ankle-deep in blood. While burning Jews alive, the crusaders sang, “Christ, We Adore Thee.”

    My hunch is that the violence in the Islamic world has less to do with the Koran or Islam than with culture, youth bulges in the population, and the marginalization of women. In Pakistan, I know a young woman whose brothers want to kill her for honor — but her family is Christian, not Muslim.

    Precisely because Palestinian violence has roots outside of Islam, Israel originally supported the rise of Hamas in Gaza. Israeli officials thought that if Gazans became more religious, they would spend their time praying rather than firing guns.

    President George W. Bush was statesmanlike after 9/11 in reaching out to Muslims and speaking of Islam as a religion of peace. Now many Republicans have abandoned that posture and are cynically turning the Islamic center into a nationwide issue in hopes of votes. It is mind-boggling that so many Republicans are prepared to bolster the Al Qaeda narrative, and undermine the brave forces within Islam pushing for moderation.

  85. You are speaking incoherently.

  86. But I'm so laid back from my pills I'm not in a mood to argue.

  87. Indian Sunset
    As I awoke this evening with the smell of wood smoke clinging
    Like a gentle cobweb hanging upon a painted tepee
    Oh I went to see my chieftain with my warlance and my woman
    For he told us that the yellow moon would very soon be leaving
    This I can't believe I said, I can't believe our warlord's dead
    Oh he would not leave the chosen ones to the buzzards and the soldiers guns
    Oh great father of the Iroquois ever since I was young
    I've read the writing of the smoke and breastfed on the sound of drums
    I've learned to hurl the tomahawk and ride a painted pony wild
    To run the gauntlet of the Sioux, to make a chieftain's daughter mine
    And now you ask that I should watch
    The red man's race be slowly crushed
    What kind of words are these to hear
    From Yellow Dog whom white man fears
    I take only what is mine Lord, my pony, my squaw, and my child
    I can't stay to see you die along with my tribe's pride
    I go to search for the yellow moon and the fathers of our sons
    Where the red sun sinks in the hills of gold and the healing waters run
    Trampling down the prairie rose leaving hoof tracks in the sand
    Those who wish to follow me I welcome with my hands
    I heard from passing renegades Geronimo was dead
    He'd been laying down his weapons when they filled him full of lead
    Now there seems no reason why I should carry on
    In this land that once was my land I can't find a home
    It's lonely and it's quiet and the horse soldiers are coming
    And I think it's time I strung my bow and ceased my senseless running
    For soon I'll find the yellow moon along with my loved ones
    Where the buffalos graze in clover fields without the sound of guns
    And the red sun sinks at last into the hills of gold
    And peace to this young warrior comes with a bullet hole.

  88. Sedition -
    ... writing or publishing
    "false, scandalous, and malicious writing"
    about the President or the U.S. Congress ...

    ... as defined in "Alien and Sedition Acts, 1798".

  89. This young guy from Idaho has been in the news here a lot--

    Taliban: Captured Soldier Joined Cause

    (NewsCore) - The only known American soldier in Taliban captivity is training fighters in bombmaking and ambush, according to information reported Sunday from one of his captors and the Afghan intelligence agents working to free him.

    Private Bowe Bergdahl disappeared from an American military base in southeastern Afghanistan in June 2009. Last week, one of his captors was interviewed, shedding light on a case that has baffled U.S. military officials.

    A Taliban deputy district commander in Paktika province said the 24-year-old American had converted to Islam in the months after his capture. He said Bergdahl, from Idaho’s Sun Valley, had trained Taliban fighters in bomb-making and ambushing convoys.

    “When I saw him for the second time, he had totally changed. He had a beard and he treated all of us very respectfully. He seemed very relaxed in our company. He was no longer scared,” said the commander, who called himself Haji Nadeem.

    Bergdahl, who was given the Muslim name Abdullah after converting, allegedly taught Nadeem how to dismantle a Nokia mobile telephone and turn it into a remote control for roadside bombs. Nadeem also received basic ambush training during a two-hour session in the Sar Hawza district.

    “Most of the skills he taught us we already knew. Some of my comrades think he’s pretending to be a Muslim to save himself so they wouldn’t behead him,” said Nadeem.

    I sure as hell hope he makes it out.

  90. I'm shaking in my booties.

    If that were the case all you people would have been long ago jailed back in the Bush administration.

  91. When looking for economic cause and effect, do not over look the obvious.

    ... for the most part, the nation’s business was business. In the 1890s it was suggested that the State Department should close down because it had so little to do. And during the isolationist period between the two world wars, when at its peak America was responsible for nearly 40 percent of the world’s manufacturing output, the United States Army was around the 17th-largest on the planet.

  92. We here periodically get invaded by lame brained jinn.

  93. So you admit to sedition, bob from Idaho.

    You admit that you write "false, scandalous, and malicious writing" about the President but are unafraid of the consequences.

    Using an equivalency defense, proving full well that you know that the charge of your sedition, of publishing "false, scandalous, and malicious writing" is true.

  94. bob from Idaho claims that a culture he tells us is bent on suicide also best represents "civilization".

    How can that be?

    It is a rather oxymoronic argument he makes. The Civilized are suicidal and the Barbarians are cultural superior by virtue of their greater fertility.

  95. The US Military, whom that allen tells us is without fault in establishing motives for attacks, has finished its investigation and come to reasonable conclusions.

    The Major was under considerable stress, due to his scheduled deployment, and snapped. Went postal in a convenience store.

    The investigation is complete, the facts known. Religion was not a factor in motivating the Major's break down and subsequent violence.

    That is a truthful as the reports that Israel did not know the USS Liberty was a US Navy vessel.

    From the same unimpeachable source.

  96. You seem to have watched to many episodes of MASH, bob from Idaho.

    Suicide is neither painless nor civilized.

    Much like abortion.

    Only a confused mind could claim that cultural suicide was civilized behavior.

  97. . don’t forget that the worst brutality in the Middle East has often been committed by more secular rulers, like Saddam Hussein and Hafez al-Assad.

    I think you could argue that al-Qaeda in Iraq created the most carnage.

  98. Is abortion, a form of infanticide, a mark of civilization or barbarity?

    What is the abortion rate in the barbaric Islamic countries, as compared to the civilized "West"?

    Is there abortion on demand in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia?

    I think not.

    There have been about 40 million aborted babies in the US that did not get the chance to celebrate "Western Civilization".
    That missed out on their inalienable rights, "Life, Liberty & Pursuing Happiness" in a civilized society.

  99. "Nobody knows how bad it could get," said Steven Simon, a former director with the National Security Council and senior fellow with the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Simon suggested the Israelis, who have previously knocked out reactors in Iraq and Syria before they went active, have greater reason to attack than the Americans. But he agreed that military action only delays, and doesn't stop, nuclear development -- including a nuclear weapon.

    "They keep plugging away at it. They'll come up with something," Simon said.

    Nuclear Program

  100. It is mind-boggling that so many Republicans are prepared to bolster the Al Qaeda narrative, and undermine the brave forces within Islam pushing for moderation.

    His mind may be boggled but not because Republicans undermine the brave forces...

  101. Does sound a lot like rat by another name.

  102. Infanticide is barbarity, make no mistake about that.

    Abortion is infanticide, no mistake there, either.

    To claim that the "West" represents civilization is not just moronic, it is flat wrong.

    There are 40 million lost souls that would, if they could, testify to that.

    aQ Iraq does not hold a candle to US.

  103. At some point, military leaders in the United States and in Israel will have to decide: Which is more dangerous -- an Iran capable of launching a nuclear weapon? Or an Iran that just got hit with tons of artillery and is out for revenge?


    The first scenario resembles a shot across the bow, only this one actually hits something. Kori Schake, an associate professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a former member of the National Security Council staff during the Bush administration, called this option a "demonstration strike."


    The option at the top of practically every list of scenarios is one in which a handful a high-level targets are selected for destruction. This includes, but is not limited to: the uranium-enrichment facility at Natanz, the enrichment site at Qom, the uranium conversion facility at Isfahan, the heavy water reactor at Arak and the soon-to-be-live nuclear reactor at Bushehr.

    Risky Options

  104. What the "West" best represents is the mastery of industrialized death.

    If that is what you want to represent as high civilization have at it.

  105. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., expressed concern about what he called the "headlong rush" to talk about military options, saying "the people who are advocating that underestimate the blowback from that action."


    Dan Gillerman, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, told Fox News that Israel can act alone and that it's time for Obama to set an ultimatum, as well: Come clean, or "We will clean you out."

    "Iran must realize that the military option is on the table -- that they're playing with fire," Gillerman said.

    Nuclear Program

  106. What he's got is a huge train wreck coming down," Gardiner said, expressing skepticism about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "In the last two weeks, it is clear to me that Iraq is not going to turn out well. It is clear to me that Afghanistan is going to get worse and not better."

    Well, the opinions are all good. :(

  107. This raises the question of how easy it’s going to be to force the Israelis and Palestinians to reach an agreement that both sides would honor. It is an issue that has proved illusive since the creation of the Israeli state in 1948, and bedeviled the region for millennia.

    Secretary Clinton should know better than to predict an agreement in a year’s time. President Clinton came closest to forging a peace agreement and nearly succeeded, only to have the Palestinians renege in the 11th hour.


    f containing a nuclear Iran is such a long shot -- as surely the administration must know even if officials won’t admit it publicly -- then why come out now with this one-year timetable and reassurances that a year is a long period of time? Because in the end, Team Obama thinks the greatest threat to peace in the region comes not from Iran, even a nuclear Iran, but from Israel and a pre-emptive attack on Iran’s nuclear sites.

    Road Runs Through Jerusalem

  108. Anonymous, do you think a Christian can support abortion?

  109. I'm a Sarah Palin voter, currently, though I'm told she can't win, which may be true, in which case I may switch.

  110. Jack Tomarchio, the Department of Homeland Security's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the time, had flown from Washington to Ohio earlier that spring day for a briefing on the Buckeye State's latest efforts against terrorism. Now, as heavy winds battered the streets above, two Ohio Homeland Security officials told him how the capitals of Ohio and Minnesota had become havens for refugees of war-torn Somalia.


    Al Shabab's name first emerged in U.S. intelligence reports in July 2006, shortly after Usama bin Laden posted a message online warning the international community to stay out of Somalia. At the time, what U.S. officials called a "loose coalition of Islamic insurgents" known as the Islamic Courts Union and their "extremist faction" were fighting the relatively new Transitional Federal Government.


    Federal officials within the counterterrorism community were now focused on Al Shabab. During President Obama's inauguration, the FBI chased down a possible Al Shabab threat to the festivities that was ultimately debunked, and in February 2009 federal prosecutors secretly won their first indictment in the Minneapolis recruitment case.

    Going Global?

  111. MLD said...

    "What I said was that I wouldn’t obsess over certain things in the world so that it affected my life in any way the way some people do."


    That is what you said, but what you didn't do was read Hirsi Ali, or any other sane Muslim woman as I suggested in response to your stating that you

    "like to look for the best in other people."

    My contention is that that is a fatal error for our country if a large number of our citizens do that wrt Muslims.

    Choosing not to find out about their "bad side" leads to insane behavior similar to those who want to allow a victory mosque to be built by a Jihad promoting terror lover.

    ...or classifying Hasan's act of Islamic terrorism as
    "Workplace Violence" per T's post above.

    Only thoroughly PC Mindwashed Zombies like Trish, or ignorant bliss seekers like you could entertain such positions.

  112. Sun Aug 22, 07:25:00 PM EDT

    That one has every Rodent-leaving known to man!

  113. If Americans are conflicted, they can be forgiven, says tolerance museum director Liebe Geft. She admits to finding the word "problematic" herself.


    In the museum's "Tolerancenter" are four polling stations that allow visitors to weigh in on the provocative topic du jour. On Wednesday, Geft posed the question: Is it appropriate to erect a Mosque and Islamic Community Center close to the 9/11 site?"

    The results, as of Friday: 37 per cent answered "yes," 62 per cent said "no."

    Prompts Reflection

  114. I am ready for your Virgo entry.

    Being a Sept. 13 baby and all.
    Bring it.

    I've been going through the repurification ceremony at the Sweat Lodge over at Souls-R_Us. Windwalker and the Sweat Lodge Keeper, both Lacoda, were helping me get rid of negative influences before I start interpreting the charts.

    I'm going to grap a quick massage before starting so I'm relaxed and can concentrate.

    I new Trish was Virgo. Didn't realize you were. That kind of explains the visions. I had a number of them and in some they were of a man and in others they were a woman. Kool.

    Remember these are just general horoscopes and that I merely interpret what the stars tell me.

    Don't shoot the messenger.

    Should have Virgo done tomarrow.


  115. It sure does, doesn't it Doug, all the droppings!

    I think you got it solved.


    Don't be so hard on Melody. I'm sure she doesn't want to wear a burka, and knows what the stakes are.

  116. I want the Scorpio sun and moon readings, myself.

    Please don't tell me you are Scorpio.


  117. Lacoda my ass


    You've never smelled buffalo dung in your life.

  118. How much for a reading, private like?

  119. This ignorant bliss seeker is going to do his laundry, go to bed, in prep for a big day tomorrow, preparing to battle the Moscow City Council, and their efforts at extortion.

    I'm gonna lose, they got me by the balls.

  120. Let's worry about the poor palios....

    GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo — A mob of Rwandan rebels gang-raped at least 150 women last month during a weekend raid on a community of villages in eastern Congo, United Nations and other humanitarian officials said Sunday.

    The United Nations blamed the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, or F.D.L.R., for the attack. The F.D.L.R. is an ethnic Hutu rebel group that has been terrorizing the hills of eastern Congo for years, preying on villages in a quest for the natural resources beneath them.

    The raided villages are near the mining center of Walikale, known to be a rebel stronghold, and are “very insecure,” said Stefania Trassari, a spokeswoman for the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. “Rape is something we get quite often.”

    But she and other United Nations and humanitarian officials said that this attack was unusual because of the large number of victims and the fact that they were raped by more than one attacker simultaneously.

    On the evening of July 30, armed men entered the village of Ruvungi, in North Kivu Province.

    “They told the population that they were just there for food and rest and that they shouldn’t worry,” said Will F. Cragin, the International Medical Corps’ program coordinator for North Kivu, who visited the village a week after their arrival.

    “Then after dark another group came,” said Mr. Cragin, referring to between 200 and 400 armed men who witnesses described as spending days and nights looting Ruvungi and nearby villages.

    “They began to systematically rape the population,” he said, adding, “Most women were raped by two to six men at a time.”

    The attackers often took the victims into the bush or into their homes, raping them “in front of their children and their families,” Mr. Cragin said. “If a car passed, they would hide.”

    The rebels left on Aug. 3, he said, the same day the chief of the area traveled through the villages and reported horrific cases of sexual violence. “We thought at first he was exaggerating,” Mr. Cragin said, “but then we saw the scale of the attacks.”

  121. "Choosing not to find out about their "bad side" leads to insane behavior similar to those who want to allow a victory mosque to be built by a Jihad promoting terror lover."

    My behavior whether it’s sane or not does not suggest that I’m in favor of building a mosque at ground zero or anywhere else for that matter.

    Don't assume things that you think you know about what I've done or not done.

    Just because I don't comment doesn't mean that I'm not reading what's there.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. This comment has been removed by the author.

  124. You've never smelled buffalo dung in your life.

    In fact I have. We have a few of them over at the Detroit Zoo.

    As for the misspelling, why must you vex me with you trivial complaints.

    A mere typo. I can no longer be bothered by such trifles.

    You stifle the flow of my genius.

    Despite your remonstrances you evidently knew what I meant.

    I declare I will no longer be ruled by the constraints of the English language much less your petty criticisms.

    In the future, I will indulge in poetic license and the prerogatives of genius. I will ignore syntax, I will construct my own grammar, I will create my own new and wonderful words.

    [Fuminatin, v. tr., to fume, to have one’s panties in a twist, to wax lyrical over some minor issue such as a typo or misspelled word on a blog post, to be a pain in the ass.]

    I am an adept of the Rosicrucian Order, a follower of the path of Rosae Crucis.

    Your protestations are mere nits and trifles, dust to be ground beneath my feet.

    In the future when confronted by your anal musings (or those of Trish or Deuce) you will merely receive my most wicked and vindictive emoticon


    Followed by






    I will no longer be swayed by the comma marm, “She Who Must Be Obeyed.” She has met “He Who Will Not Be Moved.” The same applies to the man of mystery who lurks in the ether.

    As for you, a pox on your pissy-ant rants.

    Take This


    Boy that stuff Windwalker gave me in the chanupa was pretty good shit. That massage wasn’t bad either.


  125. I think they were just there for the pussy. I mean, how long could it take to "loot" Ruvungi?

  126. How much for a reading, private like?

    The lawyers at Souls-R-Us have advised me not to grant private readings to guys who go around sniffing buffalo dung all day.


  127. A follower of the path of the "Rosie Crotches?"

    Well, I should sure as hell hope so.

    I followed that path Many time, my damned self.

    I figure I spent about a Million on it.

  128. Yep, drinkin that Bug Light,

    follerin them Rosie Crotches.

    Them was the days. :)

  129. I pass the talking stick to Bob.

    Where the hell is he?


  130. The later it got, the "rosier" they got.

    But, "sometimes" the next mornin? well . . . . . . .

  131. YaDa YaDa YaDa

    Been there, done that.

    Where's the old Bobber?


  132. He's composing a pome fer ye. It's all about his balls. And, trout fishin.

  133. Hey, what's with rat?

    He been likkin them frogs again?

    Can't remember how to sign on under his own name?


  134. Blogger finally wised up.

  135. Yea Bob do seem a little fixated on his balls.


    I think they are just an excuse.


  136. Sold his name to Netanyahou. Bibi's put out a hit on him. The Ratster is on the run. Blogging incognito.

  137. As Hanson and Harly (The Old Prospectors)said,

    "I couldn't live like that."


  138. Hope he's read a bunch of them Matt Helm books.

  139. Hes prolly "movin fast,"

    on horseback (not many cowboys in the Mossad.)

  140. Hope he don't take a wrong turn at the Pass, and end up in Juarez. The Mossad would be the least of his troubles, down there.

  141. Bob's theme song,

    Constant Sarrow

    They will nail him tomarrow.


  142. Rat is not worried about no stinkin Mossad, no stinkin Federales, no stinkin drug lords.

    Damn, rat knows guys who rope bears.


  143. Anybody can rope a bear. It's the "ridin" part that separates out the greenhorns.

  144. Hadn't been for television no tellin how much money Marty Robbins would have made.

  145. "My behavior whether it’s sane or not does not suggest that I’m in favor of building a mosque at ground zero or anywhere else for that matter. "

    That's the spirit!

    I assume we've all noticed the inane, obligatory
    "NO ONE is saying they should not get to build their mosque, just not on this hallowed ground."

    Spouted endlessly by "conservative spokesmen" as tho we all are so fucked over in the head that we have no objection to Wahabi funded, jihad promoting, anti American houses of hate sprouting across the fruited plains.

    I sure as Hell do.

    My apologies, madam.

  146. This'n seemed a little more "familiar?"

    You're in the Jailhouse, now

  147. Devil Woman

    "The backup singer needs to get his arm off the other guy and quit looking around so much. Marty should of crackd him over the head w/ the guitar. That stupid lummox needs to keep his hands off others. What a moron. "

  148. Those guys looked like actors, lipsynching to me, Doug.

  149. A Pink "Cremation?"

  150. to the Quirkster

    I can read the future from the fins of a fish
    I can predict if you'll get what you wish
    Deep in meditation I've heard serpents hiss
    Out of my body I've watched angels kiss
    O I can read the future from the fins of a fish

  151. Especially when he's taking a piss.

  152. My piss was placed
    In a petri dish
    There to bloom
    I assume
    The bacteria to glorify
    And give me odds if I'm to die

  153. A Pink "Cremation?"


    a gay funeral

  154. That's what all the boys called it at Avenal High.

    ...I think it was from a movie, Rufus.

    The real article on vinyl far superior.

  155. Well, piss on you all; I'm going to bed. Hard day of blogging, tomorrow.

  156. Melodi @work.
    Pretty nice lookin Mug Shot.

    McNuggets Rage Caught On Tape

    Crazed Melodi Dushane desperately wanted a serving of the greasy McDonald’s chicken delicacy

    AUGUST 10--Turns out that bizarre New Year’s Day McNuggets rage incident was caught on surveillance tape by a camera at the Toledo, Ohio McDonald’s where Melodi Dushane had her meltdown.

    As TSG originally reported, Dushane put her fist through the eatery's drive-thru window after being informed that McDonald's stopped serving dinner selections at 2:30 AM (Dushane, 24, had pulled up to the eatery at about 6:30 AM).

    According to a police report, Dushane "leaned out of her car, into the window, and punched [a McDonald’s worker] in her mouth." When a second employee interceded, Dushane took a swing at her. After the women tussled, Dushane "then punched the drive through window, breaking it," police reported.

    Charged with felony vandalism, Dushane, pictured in the mug shot at left, last month cut a plea deal and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to serve three years probation. Prosecutors released the surveillance video after the conclusion of Dushane’s case.

  157. That Melodi, she's simply a difficult person.

  158. Difficult when things don't go her way, and she doesn't get her Chicken McNuggets.

  159. There should be a severe penalty for wanton misspelling.

    Aggravated misspelling, as it were.

    Misspelling with mischief aforethought.

    And I've shared a lot on this blog, but never "anal musings."

    Well, none that I can recall.

  160. I can read the future from the fins of a fish

    I'm always looking for new talent.

    We could have probably used you over at Sould-R-Us if not for for that whole sniffing buffalo dung thing.

    The lawyers are adamant.



  161. There should be a severe penalty for wanton misspelling.



    Take This

    You are as Zeus trying to punish Prometheus for bring a new light to the world.

    You cling to the stolid and the familiar. Your orthodoxy is stifling.

    The Quirkster can no longer be constrained within your dictative and restrictive usage of the English language.

    Join me. Adapt or be left behind in the refuse of your stilted universe. If you refuse your usage will fade and whither, with all the meaning the Canterbury Tales hold for a first grader.