“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

You Go Girl... Hillary Speaks in Selma.

..." I don't feel in no ways tired.."

Like hard white chalk on a blackboard, Hillary went down home to talk to black folk in Selma. You cannot listen to it without squirming in pain. As bad as it was, and it was awful, it seems as if:

Most of crowd outside church leaves before Clinton speaks

Lisa Horn, Montgomery Advertiser

SELMA — Most of the hundreds of people gathered outside of First Baptist Church to hear Sen. Hillary Clinton speak left before she had even begun.

The large gathering of people standing outside the church to hear Clinton, slowly dissipated — many joining the crowd outside Brown Chapel AME Church to hear Barack Obama — as they realized there were no speakers set up so that they would be able to hear the speech she gave inside.

“I just hate that they don’t have (a sound system) set up,” said Dorethia Albert, who had been in front of First Baptist to hear Clinton, but now stood listening to Obama’s speech.

“They should know to do that by now,” said the Atlanta native. “They have this every year.”

A small group of onlookers outside the church did get to watch Clinton’s speech by standing near a small screen by a CNN satellite truck.


  1. Ah caint stan dat woemin, Hillry o' Barick, but the crowd seems to be likin’ the slatly blackah of dem two. Personly, I dink dey’s both gray.

  2. Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She wat wee kall white trassh.

  3. Hey Whit! here's something related to the last entry.

    Sorry Deuce - don't mean to diminish the fun we're all a havin wit dis one.

    I Say What I Want To Say!

  4. The first order of business for her was the issue of gays in the military. Could Hillary have the same plans?

  5. The first order of business for her husband was...

  6. Back to Hillary:
    It is going to be very interesting to watch this Democrat race. As always, the front runners must run to the left in the primaries and after securing the nomination attempt to reinvent themselves as responsible moderates in the general election. Howard Dean running on the left, got up a head of steam and had the stuffed shirts fighting each other to establish their moonbat creds. After Iowa, Dr. Dean appeared to be a serious candidate so the MSM and the DNC kicked it up a notch and anointed John Kerry as "the candidate most likely to win." It might have worked too if not for a little group of Vets. You know, the ones who were ridiculed and mocked by both the Dems and the MSM. Well, we know how that ended and since then, just about every major Democrat other than Joe Leiberman have shown themselves to be lying opportunistic political whores.

    Now Obama is pulling Hillary back to the left. She has resisted getting into the race but Obama's proving to be too charismatic a figure. Never mind that little is known about the man. He's still so "intriguing" and the MSM have let him have his free ride up until now. We'll see how intriguing he is after the Clinton campaign works its magic on Mr. Obama. So far, he has been allowed to get away with glittering generalities and meaningless platitudes but if he appears to present a threat to the Clinton campaign the MSM will once again ride to the rescue.

    Meanwhile, obviously, Mr. Tobacco Lawyer, aka the "Breck Girl" has the funds to bankroll his ego feeding second run.

    The dark horse to watch though is the soon to be Nobel Laureate. The master of disaster, the man from Tennesee. Will he run?

  7. You reference the "Man from Hollywood", Al Gore, now whit?

    He is still my favorite to scoop the Democratic nomination.
    Obama is an unknown commodity, peaking early and is black, three serious disadvantages when attempting to become President of the US of America.

    Ms Clinton is, well, Mrs Clinton.
    Part of a two for one package, that could be sold as damaged goods. Mr Geffen definately thought so, he is a knowledgable source to the degree the Establishment Left believe it.

    Against Rudy the Marc Rich pardons would become an issue. Seeing as Rudy was the US Att. that "nailed" Mr Rich.

    Al "Oscar" Gore, rides in on his dark horse, representing popular America, like "Old Hickory" to do combat against the elitests New Yorkers, of both Parties.

    He and Tipper, rock solid Americans, true to the Heartland.

    As opposed to Rudy, who lived with a gay couple, after his wife tossed him from the Mansion.

  8. The first four links at RCP, after the Libby Verdict

    Libby Verdict Deals Blow to White House - Dan Balz, Washington Post
    This Was a Political Show Trial - James Taranto, OpinionJournal
    Making Sense of Legal Nonsense - Victoria Toensing, National Review Online
    How Libby Came Undone - Ana Marie Cox, Time

    Just the titles indicate the partisan divide, but ol' Scooter, he went down on four of the five, the jurors did decide.

  9. I think Libby should gin up a civil suit. Sue Fitz for wrongful prosecution. Hold it in a locale where the avg. IQ runs higher than the mid-30's.

    Admit all the evidence. And put Armitage and Wilson on the stand.

  10. I'd love to see Gore lose again. Now that would be funny.