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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are you a diamond in the rough? Getting stoned in the after life.

Father returns as a diamond to accompany his daughter down the aisle

By Martin Beckford The Telegraph
Last Updated: 8:32am BST 29/03/2007

A woman had the ashes of her late husband turned into a diamond so he could accompany their daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

Susan Egan came up with the unusual memorial to her husband of 30 years, Mick, after he died of a brain haemorrhage last year.

She found an American company which was able to extract carbon from Mr Egan’s ashes before heating it to extreme temperatures to convert it into graphite.

The rough diamond crystal was then cut to her specifications after being created in special presses.

The synthetic stone took 24 weeks to create but arrived the day before the wedding of the Egans’ daughter Celeste, just in time for her to carry it down the aisle.

Celeste, from Blackpool, told the BBC: “It was emotional but it was nice emotion because I was pleased that it had happened and that I could have something of my Dad to take down the aisle with me.

“It seemed like the right thing to do for us as a family and for my Dad - we think he would have loved the idea.”

Her mother added: “We had to have a blue one because my husband’s eyes are blue. I never visualised that it would be so beautiful until it arrived.

“He is my diamond geezer now."


  1. Softball diamonds are a dyke's best friend.

  2. Let's not forget Angelina Jolie's necklace with a vile of her ex-husband's, Billy Bob Thornton's, blood in it.
    Biological Jewelry, what a concept.
    Earings made of real ear wax could be the next big thing.

  3. Tater: If they're going to sanction this then why wait , it's just another of many reasons to do away with about 75-100 million of 'em.

    Quite possibly there are a few undecideds out there looking at different blogs, so they surf to Daily Kos and see a few F words sprinkled here and there, I hate Bush this, I hate Cheney that, but when they surf to the war analysis blogs and see someone calling for the incineration of tens of millions of people, that's just gonna throw them over into the other camp.

  4. SlimSlow: Earings made of real ear wax could be the next big thing.

    I thought human skin lampshades, human hair mattresses, and human fat bar soap went out of fashion in 1945.

  5. Stand by your man, unless he's losin', then cut and run. Lessons learned from DC.

    More than two years after losing his bid for the White House, Democratic Sen. John Kerry exacted a measure of revenge against his political foes Wednesday by helping derail the diplomatic nomination of a Republican fundraiser.

    President Bush withdrew the nomination of St. Louis businessman Sam Fox to be ambassador to Belgium after Democrats denounced Fox for his 2004 donation to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

    The group's TV ads, which claimed that Kerry, D-Mass., exaggerated his military record in Vietnam, were viewed as a major factor in Kerry losing the election.

    Bush's action was announced quietly minutes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was to have voted on the nomination.

    "His nomination would not have passed today if the vote had been called up," said White House spokeswoman Dana Perino.

    During a confirmation hearing last month, Kerry grilled Fox about why he had given $50,000 to a group that was "smearing and spreading lies" about him. Kerry seemed to be seeking an apology but Fox didn't budge, saying he simply gave when asked.

    "Sam Fox had every opportunity to disavow the politics of personal destruction and to embrace the truth," Kerry said Wednesday. "He chose not to. The White House made the right decision to withdraw the nomination. I hope this signals a new day in political discourse."

    When JFKerry praises White House actions whose cause was advanced by those praised actions?

    But then again, when Mr Bush describess Teddy Kennedy as "one of the best", just whose cause is the White House really trying to advance.

    Don't worry, be happy.

  6. ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Associated Press) -- A woman kidnapped by female seminary students and accused of running a brothel was freed Thursday after a hard-line cleric forced her to repent in public _ an episode in vigilante justice that shows the boldness of Islamic extremists in Pakistan.

    Students in black burqas had seized the woman and several of her relatives from her home late Tuesday during an anti-vice campaign in the capital, taking the law into their own hands and embarrassing President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's military-dominated government.

    The students are disciples of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, vice principal of the Jamia Hafsa seminary and a cleric at the adjoining Lal Masjid mosque. The mosque has a reputation for preaching hard-line Islam as well as links to an outlawed militant group accused in sectarian attacks on Shiite Muslims.

    With no sign of police intervention to force her release, the woman, known as Aunty Shamim, was presented to reporters at the Jamia Hafsa seminary in Islamabad to meet Ghazi's demand that she stop "spreading obscenity" in return for her freedom.
    The actions of the seminary students in Islamabad is "evidence of growing Talibanization in the country," the liberal daily paper The News said in an editorial Thursday. "What's disturbing is that this isn't happening in some remote tribal region, but in the heart of the federal capital."

    Where are those functional Islamic nuclear weapons?

  7. I read the above article I thought it was written by Panama Yellow.

  8. Wrong again, amigo mio.
    I thought it was you, that had a change of heart.

    What with you you linking to the Whining American Thinker piece, the one chastising the FBI and DHS.

    Spreading defeatism, or just trying to inform, knowing the Enemy.

    Ready to discuss Hamdan and all the "local civil wars on terror" the US is fighting, around the World?

    Or are you still working on Mr Lewis scholarly theories?

  9. Sorry about that Terrorsita, I should have mentioned the fine line between qwirky, eccentric hollywood behavior and the holocaust. You might have hit on something though; in Woody Allen's movie the "Sleeper" there is a scene in the future where a trendy party goer is wearing a swastica emblem and a jewish scarf thingy.

    "SlimSlow: Earings made of real ear wax could be the next big thing.

    I thought human skin lampshades, human hair mattresses, and human fat bar soap went out of fashion in 1945."

  10. Possumtater:Ms. T You are the quintessential passive agressive.

    Common signs of passive-aggressive personality disorder:

    1. Ambiguity - Does this trait describe me? Yes and no.

    2. Avoiding responsibility by claiming forgetfulness - Some of my positions may seem contradictory over time, but damned if I can remember what my views were yesterday.

    3. Blaming others - My behavior is a defense mechanism against the people who attack me here.

    4. Chronic lateness and forgetfulness - I'll get back to this one before I fire this post off.

    5. Complaining - Jesus, Tater, why are you singling me out?

    6. Does not express hostility or anger openly - No one can provide any evidence of me so much as raising my cyber voice here.

    7. Fear of authority - I wouldn't be such a brat, but 2164th and Whit are like implacable walls.

    8. Fear of competition - God, I hope Catherine never posts her pictures online, I'd die of inadequacy.

    9. Fear of dependency - It's often too easy to get into a blogging routine, and it takes over your life.

    10. Fear of intimacy - Men are too hairy and they have funny shapes.

    11. Fosters chaos - VOTE ANARCHIST!

    12. Intentional inefficiency - Boy this is one long coffee break.

    13. Making excuses and lying - Not tonight, Tater, there's a disturbance in the Force.

    14. Obstructionism - Forget all that talk about the war on terror. Check out this hawtie!

    15. Procrastination - I have to go back and address point number 4 right now...

    Resentment - All I wanted to do was fit in here at the Bar.

    Resists suggestions from others - So you see, Tater, your characterization of me as a passive-aggressive is completely unfounded.

    Sarcasm - Toast a Towelhead for Tater.

    Sullenness - Chuck it all. Chuck it all to hell.

  11. 2164th: you fit in just fine. to a "T"

    Thanks 2164th. I'm working up my blogging skillz to become, possibly, an Alfa level contributor to EB, instead of just a Bravo or Charlie level peon. :-)

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