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Saturday, March 10, 2007

The man, believed to be in his thirties, rides a pink bicycle and was seen wearing a winter jacket with a fur collar around the hood, police said.

Notice anything missing from the description of this punk ass that assaulted the 101 year old woman? They got the fur collar part down. Seems they noticed the color of his bike. Pink. What do you look for if he is not on his bike and hung up his fur collared jacket?

Now the purpose of a description is to find him and spare another 101 year old woman. He did nail an 83 year old as well. But the media may have not noticed that this individual on his pink bike belongs to a class of fur collared people that make up 12% of the US population. He is a male so that further distinguished him. He is about thirty. He is black. That puts him in a class of 3% of the US population. That class of Americans commits 55% of the violent crimes.Not that there is anything wrong with it.

Hardly worthy noticing. let alone mentioning.

Hypocritical cowards.


  1. NEW YORK (AP) -- For a moment, the man in the grainy video looks like a good Samaritan holding the door open for an elderly neighbor. Then he turns and delivers three sharp punches to the 101-year-old woman's head.

    "The next thing I knew, I had a big bang on the side of my face," said Rose Morat, who suffered a fractured cheekbone and lost her purse and $33 to the mugger.

    The attack was captured by a surveillance camera in the lobby of her Queens apartment building last Sunday.

    "I'm quite sure that if it had happened when I was younger, I would have been after him," she said. "I'm a very strong woman. I've been that way my whole life."

    Police said the same man is believed to have later attacked a second elderly woman in the neighborhood. Investigators were searching for a suspect Saturday.

    "We are pulling out all the stops to find him," Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said in a statement. "We want to stop him before he strikes again."

    Morat said she was headed to church when she met the man in her lobby. He offered to help her make her way out, but she declined.

    "I know how to handle myself," she said.

    As Morat maneuvered her walker through the building's small vestibule, the man slowly put his bicycle against the wall, turned, and attacked her, the security video showed.

    Her hat flew off, but she remained on her feet as the man removed her bag and felt her coat pockets.

    Then, before making his escape, he punched her in the head again and shoved her to the ground.

    Morat spent three days in the hospital.

    The 85-year-old woman believed to be the mugger's second victim, Solange Elizee, told police she was punched and pushed to the floor outside her apartment door by a man who had initially offered to help her get home.

    "I like to help old people," he said before turning violent, according to Elizee.

    The man took her purse and got away with $32, police said.

    "God saved my life," she said.

  2. Mugger Punches 101-Year-Old Woman In The Face
    (CBS News) NEW YORK A New York City mugger attacked a 101-year-old woman, punched her in the face and knocked her over before making off with her handbag, according to police and a security-camera video.

    Shortly afterward, the same suspect victimized an 85-year-old woman, also using a walker, police said Friday as they pressed the public for tips that could identify him.

    The attacks took place in separate buildings in the Jamaica section of Queens last Sunday.

    The suspect, a black male in his 30s, is wanted in a string of neighborhood robberies.

    Rose Morat, 101 years old, was assaulted in her apartment building's lobby around 12:30 p.m. The suspect, who pulled a ski mask down over his face, was seen in security-camera footage opening the door for Morat before throwing a flurry of punches at her as she steadies herself against her walker.

    "I was not unconscious, but I was startled, and I thought: What happened?" said Morat.

    The suspect appeared to spit on his victim as he made off with her pocketbook.

    About a half-hour later, 85-year-old Solange Elizee was assaulted outside her apartment a half-mile from Morat's. Police said the suspect followed her on an elevator and got out on a different floor from hers, but then ran up the stairs and confronted her at her apartment door.

    Elizee said he had asked her in the elevator what floor she was headed to, explaining, "I like to help old people."

    But as she went to close her door, he threatened her, Elizee said. She said the suspect also beat her in the face and pushed her down. "I got blood coming out of my mouth," she said.

    Her handbag was taken, police said.

    Morat was battered and bruised but unfazed. As she told Dave Carlin of New York City CBS television station WCBS-TV, "God doesn't want me up there, he wants me down here."

    Both women said they would have just given the man money if he'd just asked them; instead they were both hospitalized.

    The mugger's take? $33 from Morat, $45 from Elizee, along with her wedding ring.

    "I feel sorry for him that he has to stoop so low to get money," Morat said. "The man must be a sick man."

    "I could ask him if he has a mother, a grandmother, too," Elizee said. "You know something? I am praying for him."

    The suspect was riding a reddish-pink bicycle and wearing a winter jacket with a fur collar around the hood at the time of the attacks.

  3. New York City, it is now a really color blind society.

  4. No DR they are not color blind. They are color corrected.

  5. They did notice the color of his bike.

  6. I think they need more than glasses, duece.

    Those folks are blind to reality

  7. " ... Last night, a condo-hotel developer who was a partner with celebrities in selling luxury perches from Miami to Chicago let the mortgage on the Royal Palm Hotel in South Beach, a trendy section of Miami Beach, expire. The missed deadline places another luxury condo project into the hands of bankers specializing in troubled mortgages.
    The developer, Robert Falor, planned to turn 160 of the Royal Palm’s more than 400 rooms into condo-hotel units with a Maxim-themed bar operated by Cindy Crawford’s husband, Randy Gerber, in the same complex.

    According to a report this week by the rating agency Standard & Poor’s, Mr. Falor, whose company is Robert Falor Investments, did not sell any condos and has put the hotel up for sale. ...

    If the Miami Real Estate market craters how does that effect Central America?
    Prices for condos and such down south are in the same range as in Scottsdale, within the Mayo's emergency room ambulance zone service.

    Not gonna be gettin' that kind of care in San Jose or Panama City, let alone Jaco or David.

  8. It is a good question. There is a lot of froth in some areas, Naples Florida, dropped 50% but the prices are still higher than they were three years ago. It will be like most markets, people will wait till they see a bottom and a trend upward, then they will be back in.

    Costa Rica has never had a property reversal. Some areas seem over-priced to me.

  9. He Just needed the Trump Magic, 'Rat:
    (and some Prime Honolulu Properties)
    Word was they sold all 464 units in 8 hours!

    Demand for units has so exceeded the supply that Grosfeld said he sighed with relief earlier yesterday when Ivanka Trump, Donald's daughter, phoned in the unit that she wanted and was actually able to get it.

    Qualified buyers from Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, Hawaii and the mainland joined Ho yesterday to select units in Oahu's first five-star hotel to be developed since the 1980s, said Peter Dupois, chief executive officer of Vancouver, Canada-based S&P Destination Properties, the tower's marketing firm.

    The project, which is Donald Trump's first in Hawaii, drew 1,000 reservations from prospective buyers who paid $20,000 to reserve space in the 464-unit project, Dupois said.

  10. I met a guy here that's planning on moving to Panama City, 'Rat:
    He claimed the medical care was good, and insurance to cover.
    Better be right, his (only 50 yr old wife) has had 5 hip replacements at Stanford.
    He said it's a big International Banking Center, huh?
    How will you stand the HEAT?

  11. He was in guatamala w/the peace corps.
    Had a coup 2 years before he got there and 1 year after. Said it was mellow.

    Recommended a great big book on the Canal that I thot we'd both like, so I took the time to write it down, but that was 2 months ago and I forgot where I wrote it!
    Something like "Between Two Oceans"
    He says it mostly runs by gravity water from the man made lake???
    Says Panama is going to double it's size for the modern freighters.

  12. Heat is not that bad, around 85 year round. Humidity is a bit wicked, for a desert dweller.

    Banks, the country is full of them

    Panama has the most modern and successful international banking center in Latin America, with more than 85 banks from 35 countries. Panama's new banking law (Decree No. 9) meets the standards of leading financial centers around the world for transparency and regulation.

    Medical care was/ is adequate, but it's not the Mayo. We get lots of folk that are interested in living in their emergency room's ambulance zone. Here the ambulance HAS to take the patient to the NEAREST emergency room. The Mayo is the Mayo, very important to people who care about that kind of thing.

    Real Estate pricing here has remained reasonably solid, but the volume of sales have dropped. There is a lot of inventory out there. Both new and resale.

    I've been flippin' houses for years, but now that there are a half dozen TV programs promoting the process, we've moved to other types of projects.

  13. The Canal is all gravity fed, by the Chagres river.

    Gatun Lake, which is man made, covers most of the Canal's length.

    There are two dams that control the river, one upstream of the lake, the other near Colon, on the Atlantic side, which forms Gatun Lake.

    The people of Panama just passed the Bonding Authority to build another set of locks on each end, to accomedate larger ships. The "Culebra Cut", goes through the continental divide. It will be widen and deepened. Dredging of the Cut and the lake is a 24-7 operation.

    There is definately a Condo boom goin' on.
    Price of a 1 bedroom runs around $150,000 USD, preconstruction. Lots of speculators put down deposits, but few Panamanians can afford $150,000 housing, regardless of the number of bedrooms.
    Gross national income per capita in Panama = $4,630.
    According to the World Bank
    Folk living in poverty
    Panama = 37.3%
    Living on under $1 USD per day = 6.5%

    Thousands of condo units are being built. Talk about your bubbles, if the Americans do not come.

  14. Hell, bob, I've got 20 acres in Ash Fork, AZ. Miles from no where. Building an adventure ATV camp there, now.

    Paid $12,500 for the dirt two years ago. I'm pretty sure the land is worth $45,000 today, based on other 10 acre pieces I bought and then sold.

    No power, water or paved roads, totally off the grid.

    The Appaloosa Horse Club used to headquartered in Moscow, beyond all I know is that it's to damned cold up there, for me.

  15. I've used that pickup truck line, myself, more than a time or two.

    Depends, really, on the financing you can offer or is available for that type thing.

  16. I've already written the profiles for all the characters I need.

  17. From the article:
    The suspect, a black male in his 30s, is wanted in a string of neighborhood robberies.

    I saw that clip on the news and wondered what kind of a bastard would attack 101 and and 83 year old women.

  18. That pitiful bstard needs to be sentenced to a year as the designated stunt man for jackass, with great balls of fire being his first scene. He's lower than a snake's pecker.

  19. Just don't call him a Black Faggot M F.
    Definitely a Motherfucker, tho.

  20. Gov. Linda Lingle made more than $178,000 by selling a Hawaii Kai condo just 15 months after she bought it -- a sale that would have been heavily taxed under a pending real estate speculation bill she supports.

    Lingle, who highlighted her desire to wean the state off an overreliance on land development in her January State of the State address, bought the condo for $416,136 on Jan. 29, 2005, and sold it for $595,000 on April 28, 2006, for a 43 percent profit, according to Honolulu property tax records.

    She had planned to take up residence in the condo after her term expires in 2010 and purchased another condo in the same building a few months after the sale, said spokesman Lenny Klompus. She currently lives in the governor's mansion at Washington Place across from the state Capitol.

    Under the bill that passed the state House on Tuesday, the Republican governor would have been required to pay a 15 percent capital gains tax on the sale, which would amount to $26,823 on top of existing taxes.

  21. A Big Island estate built by Matson Navigation Co. heiress Lurline Matson Roth is being offered for sale at a reduced price -- of $31.5 million.

    The 9.76-acre estate, named Waiulaula after a stream flowing through the property, is surrounded by a white-sand beach next to the Mauna Kea Beach Resort, built by Roth's friend Laurence Rockefeller.

    The Kohala Coast property has been privately marketed for the past year and is now listed by MacArthur & Co./Sotheby's International Realty.

  22. In Chicago, it's boiled down to this: unless otherwise notified, the criminal is BLACK! The media here will describe any other suspect's race, caucasian, hispanic, etc. EVERYTHING BUT BLACK! It's quite hilarious.