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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Mac Computer to slay the Boomers?

I am back. I forgot to take my computer AC/DC converter with me and after my battery went to zero, I had to put my Mac Notebook Pro away. There is not much I cannot do with this most powerful piece of technology. I was forced to use a hotel WinTel machine, and to all of you that use them, I simply ask, why?

When I got back on track I saw this on the Drudge Report. It was obviously done on a Mac. It reminded me that the most sensible way for Barack Obama to win is to run against the entire "sixties generation." He could simply say they never could get it right, and it is the next generation's turn.

It would be ironic to see the most creative tool of that generation,the "Mac", be used to take away the Boomers' political relevance.


  1. The always interesting Teresita has done some renovating at her web site, new name as well. Have a peek.

  2. Btw, Eastern Ahabs don't listen to Western Ahabs. They usually can't even understand them. I'm just saying.

  3. In the same paper the Hillary article was in:
    Mississippi Sissy

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  5. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), selected a design submitted by the California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Its proposal for the so-called Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW) was based on a design previously detonated in underground tests during the 1980s, but never actually rotated into the stockpile.

    The new warhead would also include new safety features such as locking mechanisms and insensitive high explosives.

    The main competitor of the Livermore design came from the government's other premier nuclear weapons lab, Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, where the first atomic bombs were created. Although Livermore will assume the lead role in developing the final warhead design, its team intends to incorporate the superior technical features of the Los Alamos proposal.

    New Nuclear Warhead

  6. ...The stated objective of the upgrade is to create a new generation of nuclear warheads that are environmentally safer...

    That's so 21st Century. Green doomsday weapons.

  7. They are manufactured in a Carbon Neutral Manner, also, Ms T.
    Any discrepancies are dealt with with carbon credits purchased from Algore's Carbon Credits, Inc.

  8. Paper Critiques the Perks of Iraq's Deputies

    A parliament of vacations and privileges” was Az-Zaman’s headline on Monday. The Iraqi newspaper published a critical review of the perks granted to Iraqi deputies and reiterated criticisms concerning the performance of the People’s representatives. The Iraqi deputies are currently enjoying a week-long vacation, in celebration of the Norouz (the Persian New Year, celebrated by Kurds and Zaraostrian minorities in Iraq.) The Norouz vacation follows a month-long halt in the activity of the Iraqi parliament, due to a succession of religious holidays. In addition to that, Az-Zaman said that sources had leaked that a “secret” session of the parliament last Saturday was in fact devoted to discussing the compensations and retirement packages of MPs.

    What exacerbates the situation further, Az-Zaman reported, is the fact that many Iraqi deputies do not reside in Iraq, preferring the safety and comfort of neighboring capitals...

  9. Par for the course, doug.

    Better they are not around, to meddle in politics and stuff.

    Has it been two weeks since it was announced there would be a "Major Reshuffle" in the Maliki Government, Ministers replaced, etc, in two weeks?

    Or was that so much a spinning smoke holograph in a mirrored room?

  10. So where is it they live?
    Tehran, Damascus, Amman?
    Doubt the Shia MPs are living with the Sauds.

    Be like US Congressmen living in Havana, Mexico City and Montreal, commuting to DC every other Friday, to collect their paycheck.

  11. Oh East is East
    and West is West

    Never the twain shall meet

    Which Arabs are Arabs? Algerians, are they Western Arabs or somethin' else, entirely.

    Morrocans how do they compare with Iranian Arabs, linguisticly?

    Is that the spread East to West, or do the Lebanonese living in Uraguay and Paraguay count as Western Arabs, or those in Dearborn MI?

  12. Top 10 most cleaned-up metro areas:

    1. Orange County
    2. Seattle
    3. San Diego
    4. Houston
    5. Tacoma
    6. Riverside
    7. LA
    8. Atlantic City
    9. New London, CT
    10. Portland

    More Green

  13. d'Rat

    Algerians aren't Arab. Neither are Moroccans. You might as well call them French or Spanish.

  14. desert rat: Think her bush is green, too?

    Maybe not her bush, per se, but assuredly some of the fauna thereon.

  15. Clinton described his wife's long career in public service beginning at Yale Law School where they met 35 years ago. He said he'd encouraged her then to pursue a career in New York or Chicago.

    And he said he's still amazed she followed him back to Arkansas, where he was eager to run for office.

    Hillary Clinton vowed to pursue several specific goals if elected president, including universal health care, preschool for every child, and making college more affordable.

    Appearance Together

  16. A cartoon for China's new generation

    Bad Girl aims to catch a popular culture wave in the country's youth market, competing with manga from Japan.

  17. I do not want to kill you with another video, but we do seem to have another New York City Yute situation. They do not appear to be Mormons, Hasid, Belgian, Swedish, Chinese, French, Boy Scouts, Italian-American, Lutheran, Roman Catholic priests, Amish, Republicans or six hundred and fifty other groups that the media would have no problem identifying by name.

  18. So, when all the dust settled from the fight, who won the game?
    Lincoln trounced Boys & Girls, 77-50.
    No. 21 pushed No. 42, but No. 33 thought No. 67 hit No. 25, therefore...

    Lincoln trounced Boys & Girls, 77-50...
    Hell, I could trounce the Boys & Girls!!!

    What's up w/that?
    The Boys & Girls???
    Back from cloud 9:
    CBS 2 cameras followed police officers as they ran down into one subway station that serves the 1, 2 and 3 lines to respond to screams for help.

    Some of those involved in the brawl are believed to have escaped on subways.
    Details, keep track of the details!
    Quiz at 11!
    Cultural Meltdown is NOT an answer!
    Parents not needed.
    Celebrity Culture Rules!

  19. EDGY:
    Bad Girl’s main character, Little P, talks back to her parents and secretly smokes cigarettes.
    “I am a lot like her. I’m naughty,”
    says creator Song Yang.
    Yeah, we exported liberalism to China, but we're still ahead:
    China Wins!

  20. OT, FYI
    The BBC says that remittances back to latin America are estimated at $62bil with $23bil going to Mexico.

    Foreign remittances back to Mexico rank along with oil and tourism. Are usually wired cash transactions.
    Avg $100 to $150 per month.

    BTW - Phillipine remittances; $12.8 bil.

  21. Thot I'd mellow out reading about some Openly Gay Celebrities... but it still IS Celebrities...
    Strike Three!
    I'm outta here!

    Former Major League Baseball player Billy Bean's 1999 book, 'Going The Other Way,' revealed his homosexuality and alleged widespread homophobia in professional sports.
    Gay rights and human rights activist Chastity Bono is the daughter of Sonny Bono and Cher. She was outed by Star magazine in 1990, 14 years after she became a household name when her parents regularly featured her on their popular variety program 'The Sonny And Cher Show.' (AP)
    She's young and fat.
    Mom still thin, but,
    FILLED w/silicon.
    Sonny, hit a tree.
    (I still think on purpose)

  22. Whit,
    HALF of those Phillipine remitances come from Hawaii!

    Filopinos are patriotic Americans, join the services in proportions beyond their population here, are still striving and entrepreneurial (the way Mexicans used to be before they became the No.1 Victims of the Nanny State) and contribute more than they send back "home."

  23. (Texans love their Mexicans, Haoles love their Filopinos!)
    ...but Texans love illegals, WE DON'T!

  24. Ther are remitances and the again there are Big "R" remitances:

    Federal officials have seized US$205.6 million (euro154.3 million) in cash from a luxury house in one of Mexico's most upscale neighborhoods and said Friday they believe the money was tied to the methamphetamine trade.
    The federal Attorney General's Office said agents detained seven people. They also seized eight luxury vehicles, seven weapons and a machine to make pills from the home in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood, a collection of walled compounds that is home to ambassadors and Mexican business magnates. In addition to the dollars, which were hidden inside walls, suitcases and closets, officials found 200,000 euros and 157,500 pesos.

  25. Is Mexico on the precipice of chaos?

    MEXICO CITY - The daughter of a retired Mexican general and her husband were shot to death in a wealthy Mexico City neighborhood, raising fears the army is being targeted for attacks because of its broadening role in law enforcement, police said.
    Read More.

  26. Why don't we sell AMERICA
    to the Mexican Elites,
    on "Stated Income" Variable Interest Loans, (liar loans)
    The shootin Match, and distribute Mexico to the people of Mexico.
    Problem Solved.

  27. VILLAHERMOSA, Mexico - Hundreds of Mexican federal police and soldiers surrounded the headquarters of Tabasco's state police and arrested top current and former commanders in a raid apparently linked to an assassination attempt against the state's public safety secretary.

    Read more.

  28. Doug said...
    Why don't we sell AMERICA
    to the Mexican Elites,
    on "Stated Income" Variable Interest Loans, (liar loans)
    The shootin Match, and distribute Mexico to the people of Mexico.
    Problem Solved.

    Mon Mar 19, 06:19:00 AM EDT

    Whit, whatever Doug is drinking, I'll take a double.

    (and apple juice)

  30. That's the House Drink for the evening, boys and girls.
    Bottoms Up!

  31. The US Army is being targeted for attacks because of its broadening role in law enforcement, carrying out C-4's Mandate to "liquidate" the assets (and asses) of the elites.