“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, March 24, 2007

UN takes a swipe at Iran. Iranian people will tire of this.

UN backs fresh sanctions on Iran

The UN Security Council has unanimously voted in favor of new sanctions against Iran for its refusal to suspend its nuclear enrichment program.
The 15-member panel's decision to back Resolution 1747 broadens the limited sanctions imposed in December 2006.

The new sanctions block Iranian arms exports and freeze the assets of individuals and companies involved in Iran's nuclear and missile programs. That may have some interesting application for both Iraq and Lebanon.

Iran insists its nuclear program is purely peaceful in purpose. Of course it is.

This may not sound all that significant, but it will cause some problems for Iran and will further reduce direct foreign investment into Iran. It will also encourage domestic resistance to a regime that is bringing nothing but trouble to the Iranian people. Not quite the body slam I had hoped for, but there is time for that in the future.


  1. DW reporting:

    Germany, in its role as EU president, called on Iran to immediately release 15 British troops seized in disputed waters near Iraq on Friday. Tehran claims the soldiers have confessed to being in Iranian waters.

    The European Union would underline its position in a statement to be issued later in the day, German Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier said in Berlin. Steinmeier told reporters the EU would "make clear we want an immediate liberation" of the British soldiers held by Iran.

    The 15 servicemen were detained on Friday after inspecting a vessel in the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab waterway that marks the southern stretch of Iraq's border with Iran. Iran claimed they had violated its territorial waters, but Britain said they were in international waters and demanded their release.

  2. In the 30 years that have slipped by since His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai last visited this South Asian nation, not only has India shrugged off the straightjacket of the Third World, but is set to emerge as the world's third largest economy.


    The eye-opener may have been seminal events of the recent past. The January 2006 landmark visit to Delhi by Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, which capitalised on the enormous potential for investment that rested in each other's syncretic energy buyer-seller dependencies; and the March 2006 visit to India by the US President George W. Bush where he earmarked his South Asian ally as the US's strategic partner in the larger Asian neighbourhood, as a powerful foil to Iran and China.

    India, seen as projecting soft power through its culture, music and dance dramatically demonstrated its naval outreach during the December 26, 2004 tsunami when within 24 hours of the tragedy, it arrived with men and material at affected areas in Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Indonesia.

    Equal Partners

  3. 2164th wrote:

    "It will also encourage domestic resistance to a regime that is bringing nothing but trouble to the Iranian people."

    I'm not convinced this is the case. It seems that many Iranians take pride in their technological prowess and the propaganda value of the claim that they want to control the nuclear fuel process so that they can produce energy free from foreign interference is a powerful uniter of the man in the street. Can you imagine the outrage in the US if, say, due to Bush's outrageous actions, the rest of the world tried to limit the US from controlling its own nuclear energy abilities? Would that encourage domestic oppostion to the government?

  4. Ash makes a good observation when he says..."It seems that many Iranians take pride in their technological prowess and the propaganda value of the claim that they want to control the nuclear fuel process so that they can produce energy free from foreign interference..." but if Iran had a normal regime and was only interested in the peaceful use of nuclear power, there would not be much concern in the West. The mullah regime is the problem internally and externally.

  5. Devotion by the Lovin Wombfull:

    In a touching e-mail from John Edwards to his wife,
    intercepted by a GOP Hack,
    Edwards assured Mrs Edwards that if he had to hydrolyze a thousand embryos, he would do it in a heartbeat to keep her well.

  6. That troll was making the same "observation" regards Saddam's atomic program. Iraqis didn't care about that crap, and neither do Iranians. Sixty year old stolen atomic weapons technology is not a criteria for technological prestige.

  7. Yep, bob, that's the Federal Government I know, one that lives and works outside the confines of the Law.

    The BLM, BOR, Forest Service, and on and on.

    The court’s ruling held that an individual has the right to be free from retaliation when exercising a Fifth Amendment property right and that the right to exclude someone from using private property includes the right to exclude the federal government.

    Robbins filed a lawsuit against Worland BLM employees under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. RICO has been used against those involved in organized crime and is now being used against BLM employees who Robbins claim attempted to use the power of the federal government to extort a right-of-way across his private land. Robbins refused to comply, and alleges that certain BLM employees retaliated against him by canceling his grazing privileges and permits, his right-of-way across federal land and his special use permits, as well as bringing unfounded criminal charges against him. Robbins alleges that the BLM employees then trespassed on his private property and even broke into his private lodge.

    Robbins filed a lawsuit against the employees, with the government fighting all the claims make by Robbins in court proceedings, even arguing, “there was not a clearly established constitutional right to exclude others from one’s property.” The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals disagreed, ruling, “A property owner’s right to exclude extends to private individuals as well as the government … If the right to exclude means anything, it must include the right to prevent the government from gaining an ownership interest in one’s property outside the procedures of the Takings Clause.”

    The court noted, “If we permit government officials to retaliate against citizens who choose to exercise this right [to exclude others from private property], citizens will be less likely to exclude the government, and government officials will be more included to obtain private property by means outside the Takings Clause. The constitutional right to just compensation, in turn, would become meaningless.”

    Federals as racketeers, per the 10th Circut. Sounds about right.

  8. In this case, the Federal Judge found the Forest Service to be in violation of the Wild Horse Protection Act.

    "Congress finds and declares that wild free-roaming horses and burros are living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West; that they contribute to the diversity of life forms within the Nation and enrich the lives of the American people; that these horses and burros are fast disappearing from the American scene. It is the policy of Congress that wild, free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where presently found, as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands."

    The herd had been on the ground, there in Heber, since at least 1949.

    They were not "trespass horses", The Apaches denied the horses were ever theirs and the US Attorney could not prove they were, since the were wild and free roaming.

    The Forest Service has given up in it's attempts to remove the herd, at least for now. They are none to happy that the Public became involved in the management practices of "their" forest and horses.

    Colonel Happersett and his friends raised the $55,000 it took to force the Forest Service to obey the Law.

  9. Herdin' cats, that's beyond my skills.

    Either the herdin' or the filmin'

  10. Comment by Brough at Belmont:
    "As it happens, the abductions yesterday coincided with the re-introduction into service of RN flagship Ark Royal. It has had a refit but I don't think the Royal Navy has *any* fixed-wing aircraft for its three carriers because the sea harriers were withdrawn from service in anticipation of the F-35 Lightning ... and the ground-attack harriers they were using as a stop-gap are all in-theatre in Afghanistan!

    You don't need reminding that the Royal Navy lost a ship-of-the-line to the French/Argentines in its last major engagement, when they actually had their own air support, and the Iranians are better equipped. An RN engagement of the Iranians could have seen them 'Operation Praying Mantis' our asses. And with the Charles de Gaulle looking on....

    Am I underestimating the strength of a flotilla of Royal Navy vessels with no carrier support? We would depend very much upon the USN."

  11. The Police ought to be able to arrest and prosecute the defecator on an indecent exposure charge, seems to me.

  12. Portland's Madame Mayor and the Lady Police Chief would have nothin of that.

  13. The Iranian people lost over a million folk, in combat against Iraq.

    That some "fat cats" have their wings clipped will not motiivate them to surrender.

    As habu says, over at BC
    There is nothing to be gained by the West in negotitating with them any further than we have. This latest "test" if negotitated to an end or capitulated to an end by the Brits will simply continue to confirm Islamic opinion that the West can simply be waited out, that they will not use all their arsenal to gain victory because their own population would not like it and doesn't have the will to back it in the first place.
    In the world of realpolitik the West is losing badly. Radical Islam is a Mushariff assassination away from a nuclear arsenal. Iran continues to play for time.

    He sounds like me, but does not tell US who is in charge of the fiasco, who is allowing US to be "losing badly"

    Must be Dan Rather's fault.

  14. Good old habu, here he derides those that donot ascribe to the Clash of Civilizations

    Many of you must somehow have convinced yourself that this really isn't a clash of civilizations but just another messy diplomatic-cum-semi-war that will clear up when we leave Iraq.
    That is totally irrational in view of the last 30 years or if you care since October 10, 732 and the Battle of Tours.

    To say such nasty things about the President and the Religion of Peace rhetoric. To claim that Mr Bush is irrational, oh well ...

  15. It's because of the Dems and their MSM Enablers.

  16. Doug: It's because of the Dems and their MSM Enablers.

    Six years of GOP pork barrel, poking their nose into the Schialvo's business, and trying to keep two gals from getting hitched enabled the democrats.

  17. Islamers have already made peace with their maker bt vitrue of being Islamers. When our politicians finally understand this, all the pieces will fall into their place. Literally.

  18. If it is courage and not cowardliness.

  19. ash,

    No one is opposed to nuclear energy. Nearly everyone is opposed to Iran's obvious intent to weaponize. Iran could dispel all concerns by abandoning duel use technology.

    But you already know this.

  20. "He sounds like me"

    I have often thought that DR.

    It seems that half meaures are your main issue whereas habu just comes out and calls for a war of civilizations.

    Will the end of half measures not lead to what Habu calls for?

    It seems that many individuals in several threads related to Iran assume that they do not possess WMDs.

    This could very well be an incorrect assumption.

  21. elijah

    With me, the difference is the realization we are not going to utilize our military & technological advantages.

    That if there is not to be a Clash, if there is no way to win because the losses to the enemy would be to high, if there is no "Will to Win" we should come home.
    At least until it is decided that there is a war worth winning.

    If we are not going to kill the Enemy at a ratio of at least 1:100, there is no sense in continuing at 1:15.

    If we will not occupy the country at 1:50, then 1:150 or the 1:370 the Brits utilized in Basra is a waste of Allied lives, time and treasure.

    The "Long War" is a fraud, perpetrated by those that will not admit they have no adequate tactical or strategic method to achieve Victory that is acceptable with the postmodern rules we have imposed upon ourselves.

    The "Long War" a direct contradiction of Mr Bush's own statements in '02.

    Fight to win, or do not fight at all.

    Then, I have the audacity to say it is Mr Bush and his Team that have led US to this, as Mr Bush put it, "Slow Failure".

  22. Elijah,

    Iran doesn't have a working atomic weapon. Not unless they got one from the Pakis. Which is doubtful.

  23. For this reason, Eugen Bleuler deliberately called the disease "the schizophrenias" plural, when he coined the present name.

    Diagnosis is based on the self-reported experiences of the patient, in combination with secondary signs observed by a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or other clinician. No laboratory test for schizophrenia exists. Studies suggest that genetics, early environment, neurobiology and psychological and social processes are important contributory factors. Current psychiatric research into the development of the disorder often focuses on the role of neurobiology, although a reliable and identifiable organic cause has not been found. In the absence of a confirmed specific pathology underlying the diagnosis, some question the legitimacy of schizophrenia's status as a disease. Furthermore, some propose that the perceptions and feelings involved are meaningful and do not necessarily involve impairment.

    re: wiki

    Global Warming of the mind, that's what this schizophrenia business sounds like. A way to obtain funding for further studies.

  24. d'Rat

    You is correct, but only partially. :)

    The problem lies not with the Liberal Left, but with simple folk like you and I. When we stop taking into consideration anything but our prerogative to our unabashed opinion and desire, Mr Bush will have the political capital to do what's needs to be done. So long as we oblige Ash and his Jihadist game we will always be stuck on empty.

  25. The ratios you aspire to DR would be labeled as genocide. If you recall I have stated that it is not the ability, but the willingness to employ violence. We do share the same perspective. Unfortunately, a city (cities) will be lost before the world witnesses the true power of the U.S military.

    met - do the Nokors possess nukes -the enemy of my enemy...

    Why are the F-22s deployed in the PACOM arena as oppposed to the CENTCOM arena?

  26. WASHINGTON, March 23 — The United States military has opened a formal investigation into whether marines in eastern Afghanistan killed noncombatants after a suicide bomber detonated his explosive-laden car near their convoy on March 4, Marine officials said Friday.

    As many as 10 Afghans were reported killed and dozens wounded after the bombing, in Nangarhar Province.

    Army Maj. Gen. Francis H. Kearney III, the commander of Special Operations troops in the Middle East and Central Asia, opened the investigation and ordered the marines involved to remain in Afghanistan until it is complete, a spokesman, Lt. Col. Lou J. Leto, said. Marine officials would not say how many marines were under investigation or had been ordered to stay in Afghanistan.

    The rest of the unit, a 120-marine Special Operations company on its first deployment, has been ordered out of Afghanistan, Colonel Leto said, because the episode had impaired its ability to operate. The company is part of the Second Marine Special Operations Battalion based at Camp Lejeune, N.C.

    So the Marines that were involved stay behind in Afghanistan, while their Unit moves on.

    No fraternal support for the Marines being investigated.

    Left to the mercies of Army investigators. The politics of policing.

  27. Elijah,

    Btw, what's wrong with the genocidal killing of Jihadists?

  28. rufus,

    re: Leyte

    Wait just a minute, there.

    Everyone knows the Japanese were tireless, fanatical warriors, willing to commit suicide en masse to achieve victory. Therefore, the United States lost the war in the Pacific.

    Sorry...bad cannabis

    Yes, this is it: the United States dropped two small atomic bombs on their fanatical asses and they surrendered. They have caused no further problems.

  29. Yep, allen, Global Warming has become a Government Industry, too. Denial is almost a criminal offense, to be compared to Holocaust denial.

    Denial then becomes a symptom of the Syndrome. Right down the primrose path of eugenics, sterilization and worse, if you think different then the approved norm.

    Even Mr Bush now admits to the Global Warming syndrome, Gia is upset, she told both Mr Bush & Mr Gore.

    Now I am sure there are people that do suffer from mental disorders of one type or another, my first wife certainly did.

  30. "Btw, what's wrong with the genocidal killing of Jihadists?"

    Not my view, i am just a simpleton and share the view of Sherman that
    War is the remedy our enemies have chosen, and I say give them all they want.

  31. DR,

    When you are arrested, you are presumed GUILTY. That's why you were arrested. Policemen do that everyday, you know.

    When you go to court, you are presumed innocent. That's why you go to trial, rather than spending the rest of your life in lock-up on the word of a policeman.

    Oh, usually you are tried in the place where the crime for which you were arrested was committed.

    You are confusing the functions of law enforcement and the judicial system. Different rules.

  32. rufus,

    re: fire bombing

    Yes, but it was so much more time consuming and dangerous.

  33. elijah,

    re: simpleton

    Well, at least you are not a stupid simpleton. Can you imagine? No, I guess not.

  34. Allen,

    Re: simpleton

    Let's all confess, and force Ash grace his enlightened observations exclusively on Belmont.

  35. Maybe when you were arrested, allen, you were presumed guilty.

    Has not happened to me.

    Innocent as a new born babe, I am.

    Guess, since those Marines have been detached from their Unit, they can be presumed guilty, as well.
    At least until they go to trial.

    Makes little sense to me, but you'd know best about uniformity of thinking. Though I think you were upset with Mr Murtha when he made that assumption of guilt about the Haditha Marines, publicly.

  36. Rufus: Attacking Yamamoto class battleships with destroyers and jeep carriers. Sheesh

    No choice, Halsey took his Iowa class BB's away on a wild goose chase. The baby flattops had to stand and fight, and it was one of America's shining moments.

  37. "Let's all confess, and force Ash grace his enlightened observations exclusively on Belmont."

    Though we disagree at times, I enjoy Ash's perspectve. We all view this realm through a different prism.

  38. Elijah,

    It's not a question of disagreement, it's a question of honesty. Carrying a conversation with Ash, essentially amounts to lying to oneself. And that's exactly the trap Ash in his jihadists game likes us to fall into.

  39. DR,

    Mr. Murtha, like you, jumped the gun.

  40. Mother Superior Jumped the Gun.
    ...or was it Methusela?

  41. Video on NY Times Frontpage

    How has a self-described timid mother put the leader of Pakistan, Gen. Pervez Musharraf, on the ropes?

    Nicholas Kristof reports from Islamabad.

  42. Doug,

    Methusela is a Mother Superior!

  43. Not me, just following your logic.

    You defend keeping uncharged Marines in leg irons while on the excercise yard within the brig. I find it repulsive, you approve and defend the practice.

    Your logic about Mr Murtha is bizarre, he was briefed by JAG officers, along with Mr Warner and some other GOP Congressman. All three took the "They're guilty" position, as you describe as the accurate position, at least until they get to Court.

    Arrest equals guilt until trial.
    How very French of you.

  44. DR,

    If the Marines are in fact incarcerated, they are presumed guilty - of what and to what degree, if any, will be determined by Article 13 or Court Martial. Unlike Third World countries south of the border, the United States does not arrest and imprison its citizens, especially American troops, without probable cause, as a rule. There have been exceptions, I am sure. But an exception does not make a rule, unpleasant as that must be to puerile disputants.

  45. DR,

    You probably found the jailing of O. J. Simpson repulsive - so what?

  46. DR,

    You do the crime; you do the time.

    By the way, that's how the military prevents sustained abuse of the uniform.

  47. It seems inherent in one time Marines, well you and Mr Murtha at least, that charges and arrest are a presumption of guilt.

    Socialists both, I guess.

  48. OJ, how'd he get involved in this?

    He join the Marines, too?
    Or just play one on TV.

  49. d'Rat,

    The adversarial system (or adversary system) of law is the system of law, generally adopted in common law countries, that relies on the skill of the different advocates representing their party's positions and not on some neutral party, usually the judge, trying to ascertain the truth of the case. The inquisitorial system that is usually found on the continent of Europe among civil law systems (ie. those deriving from the Roman or Napoleonic Codes) has a judge or a group of judges who work together whose task is to investigate the case before them.

  50. So the French Judge, as investigator, decides guilt or non guilt of the suspect.
    If he thinks one guilty, the burden is on the defendent to prove to the Judge that he is not.

    And arrest, according to allen, is an assumption of guilt.
    Seems like a rigged game to me.

    Much like the ICC and their assumption of guilt of those accused. One reason the US does not sign on to that insanity.

    peterUK, at the BC, cited the ICC authority over British troops as a reason the Brits did not defend themselves against the Iranians.
    Who knows if that is an accurate assessment.

    bob's link to "Wilkie v Frank Robbins Case: Right to exclude argued" definately makes the case for not having that type of system.

    When Federal employees use the power of the Government to extort, intimidate and trespass.
    If those fellows were the Judges, as well ...

    Move to France if that system is appealing to you.

  51. Referring to them as “insurgents”, the site concluded: “If it is proven that they deliberately entered Iranian territory, they will be charged with espionage. If that is proven, they can expect a very serious penalty since according to Iranian law, espionage is one of the most serious offences.”

    The warning followed claims by Iranian officials that the British navy personnel had been taken to Tehran, the capital, to explain their “aggressive action” in entering Iranian waters. British officials insist the servicemen were in Iraqi waters when they were held.

    Since they were arrested, we can assume those Brits guilty?

    Iranian student groups called yesterday for the 15 detainees to be held until US forces released five Revolutionary Guards captured in Iraq earlier this year.

    Al-Sharq al-Awsat, a Saudi-owned newspaper based in London, quoted an Iranian military source as saying that the aim was to trade the Royal Marines and sailors for these Guards.

    The claim was backed by other sources in Tehran. “As soon as the corps’s five members are released, the Britons can go home,” said one source close to the Guards.

    He said the tactic had been approved by Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, who warned last week that Tehran would take “illegal actions” if necessary to maintain its right to develop a nuclear programme.

    "illegal actions" as judged by whose Court?
    The ICC? Or a Saudi Court, an Iranian, Iraqi or a British one?

    We took a little risk
    Send lawyers, guns and money
    Tony, get us out of this

    We're the innocent bystanders
    Somehow we got stuck
    Between the rock and the hard place
    And we're down on our luck
    And we're down on our luck

    Send lawyers, guns and money
    The shit has hit the fan

  52. Since they were arrested, we can assume those Brits guilty?

    The Iranians are acting as prosecutors, that's their prerogative. But why should you and I?

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I never would have, mat, until getting legal procedural lessons from allen.

    Now, hell, we gotta respect the Law, no matter the right or wrong of it.

    If one does the crime, and all that.

    War or Retreat, those still are the choices. Someday we'll decide which, but with each day that passes, retreat seems the more probable course.

  55. The Israeli exchange at a ratio of over 1:100, that's goin' be great lessons for US to learn.

  56. DR,

    re: Brits must be guilty

    Right. Brilliant leap of logic, but only IF

    Iran = UK

    Sharia = Western jurisprudence

    Do you ever think before posting such nonsense?

  57. The Israeli exchange at a ratio of over 1:100

    The only reason these Jihadis are alive, to be exchanged in the first place, is because of America. So now that US is Israel, does that mean Saudia is America?

  58. In the utopia of DR there would be no courthouses; instead, there would be tour buses. Judges and juries would drive around town awaiting the call from the scene of an alleged offense. Once on the scene, the first order of business would be the trial of the reporting police officer. He must be found worthy before an arrest can be made. Only then could an alleged culprit be tried, on the spot.

    And there would be no jails. It would be repulsive to hold someone like O. J. Simpson until he has been found guilty.

  59. "Immediately on the heels of 9/11, American children were asked by the admin to send dollar bills to their poor Afghan counterparts.
    And we knew then...
    Yes, indeed, we did.

    As schoolkids we prepared and sent care packages (soap, brushes and the like) to the Japanese.
    ...but that was AFTER the Islands, Firebombing, 2 Nukes, and the signing on the Missourri!

    I had a pretty good hunch on the morn of 9-11 that GWB was not made of stern enough stuff.
    All that Compassion, you know. (often w/OUR Money)

    When some of the Multicultural Vietnam Vets in Honolulu approved W's backtracking and deep-sixing the "C" (Crusade) Word, I should have known for sure we were in for a long war.

    They had all the good reasons which we have all heard since, none of which I can repeat, being BS on the order of not offending all Muzzies around the World.

    Long War, Indeed!

  60. Rufus,
    Sure a hell of a lot of amazing stories.
    ...keep thinking of Don Ross, temporarily blinded, sitting there for 2 Days giving orders!

  61. OBL is not dead. He's in Pakistan, with the rest of his Talibani comrades.

  62. Photo #: 80-G-289679

    Leyte Invasion, October 1944

    USS Cony (DD-508) lays a smoke screen near USS West Virginia (BB-48), to protect shipping off Leyte from Japanese air attack, during the landings there on 20 October 1944.
    Note manned anti-aircraft batteries on board the battleship, including a Mark 51 director in the foreground, 20mm gun at left, 40mm quad gun mount in center and 5"/38 twin gun mounts beyond.

    Official U.S. Navy Photograph, now in the collections of the National Archives.

    Reproductions of this image may also be available through the National Archives photographic reproduction system.

  63. Last night (Saturday), thousands of innocent Americans were locked behind bars, based solely on the opinions of fascist law enforcement officers. This wrong must be set right! Why do Americans allow such unfettered abuse of the innocent? Oh, the humanity! What has happened to the Constitution? Where is the Supreme Court?

  64. Trish,
    In the first day or two, he refered to the 19 as these "fellows," or some such.
    I'm sure Rove and the boys saw to it that the word was never uttered again, but it was telling.

  65. This is exactly what happens when we start lying to ourselves, Trish. And why we should have characters like Ash on display with their head on a pike.

  66. Bush was twice elected. Bush is us. He is a convenient scapegoat.

    Yeah, way too much cannabis.

  67. Allen,

    No, you're spot on. That's why it's important that WE change. And not look for change in others.

  68. The Original "No Justice"

    ...they musta had the 'Rat and Allen Debates in mind!
    USS West Virginia (BB-48)

    "No Justice" issues a ruling at the "Royal Court" as "Justice" stands mute, during the trial of "polliwogs" in Equator crossing ceremonies for the battleship's crew, October 1944.

  69. doug,

    That is a very unflattering photograph.

  70. Converted Mountaineers
    Then there was that order from higher ups to the Special Forces in Afgahanistan to start adhering more closely to the dress code!
    More signs!

  71. rufus,

    No, they would have thrown someone overboard.

  72. I do appreciate being considered in the same league as DR, whose opinions have been enshrined by some here.

    Yeah, Osama is definitely alive.

  73. Doug,

    Were they wearing British Navy uniforms? Cause that definitely would have identified them as spies.

  74. Mat,
    Those in the know decided the beards and shades had to go!

  75. Before the B-52's got started, I used to marvel at the pictures of those guys in their Chevy SUV's on the backroads of Afghanistan.
    Beards, Towels, the Works.

  76. OT

    take a moment, find an arabic website to translate

    amazing tool!

  77. Doug, you're poet
    and Guhdamit you know it!

  78. Mr. Bush and any other public figure, including flag officers, are fair game. Service members in the aggregate are not. I make no apology for my defense of their honor, tedious as that may be.

  79. What is,
    Saudi Forum:
    "The group used "to the fans," as it calls itself, is based in Iran-based, with Dr. French (Brigitte Boissolih) Director Scientific Company (supported passage) the chemical composition of the team can reproduce Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (may Allah be pleased with him and Allah Karam face)
    .وكشف الموقع الإلكتروني الخاص بجماعة "أحباء علي" ، أنه تم بالفعل تكوين فريق علمي يتمتع بدرجة عالية من المهارة والحرفية في عمليات الاستنساخ .. The web site of the group "to the fans", had already been composition scientific team has a high degree of professionalism in the reproduction.
    وفي سبيل الحصول على الحمضي النووي لـ (علي ابن أبي طالب) ..In order to obtain nuclear told acid (Bin Abi Taleb) .. زار الفريق العلمي جميع المساجد الأثرية للشيعة في البصرة والكوفة وكربلاء وإيران ، عسى أن يجدوا أقمشة تخص الإمام علي ، مثل بردته أو جلبابه أو قميص له .The team visited all the scientific ancient mosques for the Shiites in Basra and Kufa and Karbala, and Iran, hoping to find fabrics belonging to Imam Ali, or as Brdth us with longing or a shirt.
    وبالفعل استطاع الفريق أن يعثر على رداءين لـ علي بن أبي طالب في إيران والبصرة ، الأول كان يرتديه الإمام فيIndeed, the team was able to find Rdain told Ali bin Abi Talib in Iran and Basra, the first was in the forward wears

    العيدين ، والثاني الذي قتل فيه وعليه آثار من دمه وعرقه ، وهو الرداء الذي أفاد كثيرا في استخراج الحمض النووي المطلوب في عملية الاستنساخ .وبدأ الفريق العلمي بالفعل في إجراء بعض التجارب البحثية بعد استخراج الحامض النووي ، حيث نقلوا نتيجة أبحاثهم هذه إلى معهد روزلين باسكتلندا .Holidays, and the second was killed when the effects of blood and race, a dress, which benefited many in the extraction of DNA required in the process of reproduction. The scientific team has already started some research experiments after DNA extraction, as a result of their research were transferred to the Roslyn Institute in Scotland.
    تتلقى جماعة "أحباء علي" تمويلها من الشيعة المقيمين في مختلف أنحاء العالم , يبلغ رصيدهم ، كما يقولون ، إلى حوالي 500 مليون دولار ، وقد حددوا الأول من شهر رمضان القادم للإفصاح عن تجربتهم في استنساخ الإمام علي بن أبي طالب !!Receiving the "Lovers" the funding of the Shiite residents in various parts of the world, with a stake, as they say, to about $ 500 million, has identified the first of the month of Ramadan next to explain the experiment in cloning of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib!

    بربكم هل رأيتم أسخف من هذه العقول ؟!!God Have you ever seen the most absurd of these minds?!
    منقوله من منتديات السامي "www.alsamy.netMovable forums Commissioner www.alsamy

  80. Trish,
    There actually was a newsitem about the beards!
    ...hope saner heads prevailed.

  81. ???
    ...but I read it in the NEWS!

  82. It WAS "folks,"
    from his lips to my ears.

  83. Three Cheers for Idaho!
    (for what good it will do)

    Those two-faced bastards keep sayin,
    "It ain't nuthin, just talk.
    Don't Worry

    Heard that before.

  84. Would you buy a used Tijuana Taxi from this man?
    A State Department cable released to WND shows Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez has been pressing to implement major trilateral initiatives to help "capture the vision of North American integration."

  85. WASHINGTON – In another example of the way the three nations of North America are being drawn into a federation, or "merger," students from 10 universities in the U.S., Mexico and Canada are participating annually in a simulated "model Parliament."

    Under the sponsorship of the Canadian based North American Forum on Integration, students met in the Mexican Senate for five days in May in an event dubbed "Triumvirate," with organizers declaring "A North American Parliament is born."

    A similar event took place in the Canadian Senate in 2005.
    The intentions of organizers are clear.

    "The creation of a North American parliament, such as the one being simulated by these young people, should be considered," explained Raymond Chretien, the president of the Triumvirate and the former Canadian ambassador to both Mexico and the U.S.

  86. Funny, when the leader from the Anglos and the Mexicans meet, the only people there are Mexican!

  87. Damn Paparazzi got his Mum,
    now they're drivin the Prince to drink!

  88. (the wymin there had nuthin to do with it.)

  89. Catch and release to the 5th

    It generally takes six arrests before U.S. prosecutors are willing to bring criminal charges against illegal immigrants caught crossing the border, according to documents released in the controversy about eight fired U.S. attorneys.

    ...then they get a free trip home to make connections, and make a few thousand bringing someone with them the next time they come back.

  90. La Cucha Gotcha

    Two weeks ago, Mr. Carton and Mr. Rossi started
    “Operation Rat a Rat/La Cucha Gotcha,”
    a listener-participation game that encourages people to turn in friends, neighbors and “anyone suspicious” to immigration authorities.

  91. Long Debate for the Long War
    C.I.A. Awaits Rules on Interrogation of Terror Suspects

    WASHINGTON, March 24 — A sharp debate within the Bush administration over the future of the Central Intelligence Agency’s detention and interrogation program has left the agency without the authority to use harsh interrogation techniques that the White House said last fall were necessary in questioning terrorism suspects, according to administration and Congressional officials.

  92. Hope Springs Eternal:
    Dan said...
    Besides, as an American I'm getting f-ing fed up with getting stung by these people and my government's looking increasingly illegitimate for failing to respond with all that lovely hardware we're all paying for. C'mon, goddamnit: start firing.

    3/24/2007 06:58:00 PM

    Dan said...
    According to DEBKA link on PJM, with the arrival of the Charles de Gaulle in the Persian Gulf the West now has 4 carrier groups within striking distance of Iran.

    C'mon, something is coming, and soon.
    That's a lot of firepower.
    3/24/2007 07:06:00 PM

  93. Iwannajihad pees his dress:

    Not the Charles de Gaulle!

  94. Schizophrenia caused by trauma of rape, or a rape of Schizophrenia.
    To bad that the Naby is so slow to respond, then loses records and awards medals in error, so often.

    Perhaps her post Iraqi trauma syndrome is to blame for her confused statements. The Navy's Iraq trauma is just as serious, awarding combat medals when not deserved.

    But I'd bet a bunch of folk on her boat got that award.

    Similar to the Silver Star Sp4 Tillman was awarded. A brave man awarded the Army's third highest medal, based upon other lies.

    Truth is the first casualty of war, Tillman second
    Jun. 7, 2005 12:00 AM

    Sometime around 500 B.C., Greek playwright Aeschylus said that truth is the first casualty of war. I guess that makes Pat Tillman the second. Or the latest in a long line of seconds.

    Last week I finally heard back from the Army about whether the wording would be changed on Cpl. Tillman's Silver Star citation. We know now that the battle situation it describes isn't what happened.

    We know from Washington Post articles on the Army's investigation into the events that led to Tillman's death that fellow soldiers in Afghanistan killed the former Arizona Cardinal player when they mistook him for an enemy combatantWe know that the soldiers involved were aware of this almost immediately but were told to keep quiet.

    We know that Tillman's family wasn't told the truth until weeks after his nationally televised memorial service, and that they believe they still haven't been told the complete truth. And we know that the citation awarding Tillman a Silver Star isn't accurate when it says:

    "Corporal Tillman put himself in the line of devastating enemy fire as he maneuvered his Fire Team to a covered position from which they could effectively employ their weapons on known enemy positions. While mortally wounded, his audacious leadership and courageous example under fire inspired his men to fight with great risk to their own personal safety, resulting in the enemy's withdrawal and his platoon's safe passage from the ambush kill zone."

    Tillman's family has expressed outrage over how the Army has handled the information concerning his death.

    His father, Pat Sr., told the Post, "Maybe lying's not a big deal anymore."

    Not long ago his mother, Mary, told me, "They could have told us upfront that they were suspicious that it was a fratricide, but they didn't. They wanted to use him for their purposes. . . . They needed something that looked good, and it was appalling that they would use him like that."

    A few weeks back I asked an Army spokesman if the military now would revise Tillman's Silver Star citation, which was issued a week after his death.

    Last week, Army spokesman Paul Boyce told me, "Presently there are no plans to rewrite the Silver Star citation for Corporal Patrick Tillman. The Army stands by the Silver Star award for Corporal Tillman's valorous service. His actions supported the award."

    No one is suggesting otherwise, of course. It's just that his actions are not what are described on the official record.

    When we're all dead and gone, it's the records that survive. If you search a Medal of Honor Web site, for instance, you can read the citations for Arizona recipients like Silvestre Herrera and Fred Ferguson. Years ago, while living in New Jersey, I got to know a man named Doug Jacobson, whose Medal of Honor citation describes his actions on Iwo Jima during World War II, detailing how he "destroyed a total of sixteen enemy positions and annihilated approximately seventy-five Japanese."

    We have an obligation to honor such people, and to honor the truth of their actions. On Monday, Fred Ferguson told me that he still doesn't believe he deserved the Medal of Honor for his heroics as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. But if you read the citation, as generations will be able to do in the future, you know that he does.

    That only happens if we can trust such citations to be accurate. Anyone who knew Pat Tillman says that he was fiercely honest. He bravely went out ahead of his platoon on the day he died. He deserved his medal. Even more, however, by his actions and by his death he earned the truth.

  95. The Naby loves to hand out medals, according to this pilot.

    Upon completion of DESERT FOX [the bombing of Iraq in last December], the Battle Group staff asked what 5th fleet would accept for a typical combat award, BEFORE THE AWARDS RECOMMENDATIONS WERE EVEN WRITTEN UP! (this was to save administrative burden on the units). After 5th fleet made the decision on what 'he' would approve, this is the guidance used for writhing up awards: Commander/Deputy Commander Air Group; Bronze Star / Distinguished Flying Cross; Squadron Commanding Officers who led a strike on the first night, BS/DFC; All strike leads, Air Medal W/ Combat distinguishing device; All other aircrew who flew into Iraqi air space, Navy Commendation w/ Combat distinguishing device; All support aircrew who flew in support of mission going into Iraqi airspace, Navy commendation medal w/ combat distinguishing device. Plus there were two single mission air medals allowed to be awarded per squadron to recognize superior performance in combat. OBTW, Bronze Stars were awarded to commanders because it is now 'accepted' that they are 'combat leadership awards' not awarded for individual acts of valor.

    As you can tell by the criteria passed down from 5th Fleet, it was a quota system which did not recognize individual achievement, precisely what the individual awards process was supposed to do. What made matters worse, was the fact that being the only Marine unit aboard the ship we (except the CO) thought of all the services we used the awards process with closer scrutiny. We were disgusted with the process and did not want to participate. However we were told to write them up any way and to write up the pilots to match the numbers allocated for our fair share. So that is just what me and my fellow department head did. In the case of the two single mission air medals to be awarded per squadron, we became very creative (lied) in the awards write up to make the individual's performance commensurate with the award (the CO was not going to give up two quotas of air medals just because we didn't have anyone who didn't deserve his words 'what do you want me to do, turn them in?')

    Another 10% of unit strength quota was allowed for Desert Fox for all of the units within the battle group.

    When the two FA-18D squadrons were preparing to deploy to Hungary in support of Allied Force [bombing campaign against Yugoslavia], the awards officer came to our squadron to get copies of our award write ups so they can 'lead turn' the process. As a result, they passed out so many awards they became meaningless.

    The single mission air medal w/combat V has become the "me too medal" among aviators. Whenever I see a DFC or bronze star on someone's chest, I instantly think what unit did you command in combat?

    Or this SSgt who reports
    I read this in USA Today. One of the reasons the achievement medals were created was because not enough people were getting commendation medals. Or perhaps too many low ranking people were getting commendation medals, which devalued them. After all, why should a private, who went 7 days with 14 hours, alternating between his guard duty and repairing trucks get the same award as a captain who gave good staff briefings to the Brigade Commander?

    I have also seen policies where certain awards are reserved for certain ranks. Usually E-4 and below get Army Achievement Medals, E-5 to E-7 get Army Commendation Medals, and E-8 and above get Meritorious Service Medals. And all recommendations for awards must be submitted unrealistically in advance so that every one in the approving chain can get their 2 cents worth in so the command won't be embarrassed when the approving authority sees it.

    The most abused instance of award inflation that I have ever seen was a Trial Defense Counsel (an Army Criminal Defense Lawyer) received a Bronze Star because she won an acquittal for her client during a Courts-martial during Desert Storm. "Meritorious Service in a Combat Zone." She should have received an outstanding OER, and other appropriate accolades, but I compare that to the Bronze Star one of my college professors received in Vietnam, who as an infantryman, exposed himself to enemy fire, just doesn't make sense.

    My suggestion, get rid of all medals that are not awarded for bravery (peacetime and combat). Replace them with letters of commendation that are placed in the individuals' permanent personnel file. Have those letters, and the individual's evaluations be seen by promotion boards. They may serve as an effective checks and balance against the inflation of evaluation reports, which is a continuing problem.