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Thursday, March 29, 2007

More than half of women think men find skinny women attractive.

I confess. Anna Nicole Smith always looked a little on the hefto side for my taste, but getting used to seeing her so often on the news, I got past the first reaction and saw, well, another side of her.

I may be the victim of societal programming for slim babes. Maybe I have been missing something. I hate to miss something. Perhaps there are many untasted delights on the table set before us. Some say so.

Are they right? It seems as if they are right and wrong. There are clearly many more heavy people of both sexes and in my unscientific observation, many "unbalanced" couples. Help me out here.

Poll shows women see size 12 as overweight
Mar 29 2007

Molly Watson, Western Mail

THE extent of how the size zero debate has hit women's lives is revealed today as it emerged that most think wearing a size 12 dress means they are overweight.

Despite the fact that the average woman wears a size 16, an overwhelming 97% think anyone who wears a size 12 or above is fat, according to a new poll.

The Body Idol Survey 2007, published by New Women Magazine, reveals a nation of women riddled with anxiety about their weight and going to desperate measures to slim down.

More than 90% of the 5,000 women polled admitted they often felt fat before a night out, and they wouldn't want to spend time with friends who were fatter than them.

More than three quarters admitted they were jealous of slimmer friends and 84% said they thought about their size and shape every 12 minutes and would feel happier if they could lose weight.
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