“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Minnesota Fatwa and The Flying Imams

The Minnesota Fatwa
and The Flying Imams

No, these are not the names of two soon to be released Hollywood remakes. Unfortunately, this is an on-going series about life in wonderful, multi-culti Minnesota.

The Minnesota Fatwa is a news story that I missed. I knew about the Minnesota Muslim cabbies dustup, but I didn't know about a Minnesota Fatwa until I heard about it on Glenn Beck's television show Tuesday night. It seems that all was well with the Muslims in Minnesota until some new "fire and brimstone Imams" moved into the area and started riding herd. Evidently, these hardcore preachers laid down the law and in June 2006, the Imams (including one of the "Flying Imams") issued a fatwa against liquor in cabs and warned the muslim cabbies that if they allowed it in their cabs, they would be hell-bound along with their infidel fares. Well, what would you do if faced with such a choice?

According to a quite likable common sense Arizona Muslim guest on the Glenn Beck Show, the Muslim people were happy until these Imams arrived and started making everyone's life miserable. That seems to be the way it goes, The wahabist send in their men who first crackdown on their own people, then the neighborhood, the town and so forth. The ultimate goal is an Islamic state with Sharia law, inshallah.

It's a good thing for US Airways that these preachers can't sue them in Sharia court but given the current state of jurisprudence, it may not matter.


  1. One Muslim advocacy group's not-so-secret terrorist ties.
    Unfortunately, available to subscribers only. I hate giving my money to them but am thinking about it. Anybody already subscribed?
    Emerson talked about all levels of the govt treating CAIR like a moderate non-terror sponsoring group, (esp whitehouse, FBI) when the reverse is true.

    Dennis Miller has an Mp3 of yesterday's show with Emerson interview and several other interesting guests.

    Reference below to Boxer sounds interesting.
    by Steven Emerson
    Only at TNR Online | Post date 03.28.07

    This year has been a rocky one for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the self-professed "prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy" group. First, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer rescinded an award her office had issued a CAIR official, stating that she was uncomfortable with many of the organization's positions.

    Then, two weeks ago, the GOP House Conference objected to the use of a Capitol facility--provided by Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell to host a CAIR forum, labeling the group "terror apologists" (based on CAIR's long track record of extremism and anti-Semitism)....

  2. Thursday, March 29, 2007
    "How To Win In Iraq, And How To Lose"

    Posted by Hugh Hewitt
    In the event you missed it below,

    Professor Arthur Herman's article is here. Read it.

    The transcripts of my conversations today with Herman and with Mark Steyn will be posted here later this afternoon/early evening.

    The audio will be here.

    (As will the audio of Lileks, Politico's Jonathan Martin, John Podhoretz and


  3. I must say, doug that the WSJ piece referenced and linked thru the Hewitt site to be VERY good. A history of past success and failures in dealing with modern insurgencies.

    The piece makes a lot of reference to Algeria and its' impact on General P and his strategies. How he has modeled current US tactics after the Frenchmens tactical success.
    All excellent. The analogy falls flat, in one area, though:

    Unlike the French in Algeria, the United States is in Iraq not in order to retain a colony but to help create a free, open and liberal society in a part of the world still mired in autocracy and fanaticism. Will we stay long enough to defeat the jihadists, to engage Iraqis in the process of modern nation-building, and to ease the transition to a free society?

    That is a much more difficult Mission then maintaining a Colony. It requires that the natives move into a brand new political system, rather than just maintaining the old one.

    In Algeria, the French did manage a military success, after three years of ineffective miltary operations, similar to the US position in Iraq. I think we can & will duplicate Frenchies eventual success with the "Surge" in Baghdad.

    In Algeria when the French allowed democratic elections, transition to local rule, the place fell apart. In Iraq we started with the political transition, without even obtaining the military success.

    Then, in regards the incoming Iraqi Government, the one the Iraqi people selected is not dedicated to the US goal of:
    creating a free, open and liberal society

    That creates a major problem that the French, in their eventually failed effort, did not have.

    The US is running out of time, having not learned the lessons of the past, very fast.

  4. Pew

    Democrats Fail to Impress in First 100 Days

    ___Favorable Opinion of Military
    Republican 90%
    Democrat 69%
    Independent 79%

  5. Taking on Rudy Giuliani in his home state may not be as tough as it seems, says Ed Cox, the one-time Senate candidate who today became the leader of John McCain’s New York campaign effort.

    Cox, who sat on the dais for tonight’s GOP dinner in Westchester, told a reporter afterward that support for McCain is strong in New York and that a competition between the two presidential heavyweights would ultimately energize the Republican Party in the state.

    “I’ve actually found that there are just a large number of good people, Republicans, Wall Street and Main Street…all around the state who want to support Senator McCain, ” Cox said.

    McCain vs. Guliani

  6. rufus,

    re: The Republican Party sucks. It consists almost entirely of morons, hypocrites, sell-outs, phonies, racists, and fag-haters.


  7. rufus,

    Have you noticed how sanctimonious are the Dems? In two years, the public will either opt to beer bottles at their TVs or vote the Dems out. Henry Waxman grows old very rapidly.

  8. Rufus,
    Great job on posting the letter from Gunnery Sgt. Krueger.

    I hope it fell under the eye of those on thos blog who are the cut and runners, the whiners and complainers who always have a good reason for their "wisdom"

    There it is for you folks. GUTS. Something sorely lacking in the core crew on this site. Rufus has said it, I've said it, and a fe3 others have said that coppoing out, cutting and running, whinning and crying about the war only helps the enemy and hurts our troops.
    GO AHEAD YOU ASSHOLES AND READ HIS LETTER AGAIN AND AGAIN and then tell yourselves how righteous you are in your postions and demeanor.

    Deuce likes to jump my shit about challenging peoples patriotism...damn right I do Deuce because I know how the Gunney feels and how easy it is for you and you sychophants to puff up and blow hard about how brave you are in opposing the methods and men who fight.
    Kreuger's on the ground, 3rd tour, and begging for support while you scumbags are on your asses stateside giving psychological support to the enemy.
    If Kreuger were in front of you he would rip your heads off and shit down your necks...with good reason and a good deal of support.

  9. rufus,

    What makes the Democrats so dangerous now is time. The leadership is made up of geezers, who are attempting to rush through all their pet agendas because soon comes the Reaper.

  10. That plan, authored by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, top Republican on the budget panel, would fully extend the 2001 and 2003 rounds of tax cuts at a cost of about $450 billion. But Ryan's plan lost by a sweeping 160-268 vote, with many moderate Republicans voting in opposition.

    Ryan warned his colleagues that the looming retirement of the Baby Boom generation threatens to swamp the budget because of the spiraling costs of Medicare and Social Security.

    ``If we don't get a handle on our fiscal situation, if we don't recognize the fact that if all we do is raise taxes to balance the budget in 2012, you're going to go right back into deficits soon thereafter if we don't control spending, if we don't reform government,'' Ryan said.

    Budget Plan

  11. A spokesman for Prime Minister Tony Blair said Britain wanted to resolve the crisis quickly and without having a "confrontation over this."

    "We are not seeking to put Iran in a corner. We are simply saying, 'Please release the personnel who should not have been seized in the first place,'" said the spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with government policy.

    But in a briefing to reporters, the spokesman said British officials had been angered by Tehran's decision to show video of the captives.

    Iran Seizure

  12. Habu,

    You forgot,

    Nancy, I have something for you.
    Fuck you!

  13. Tater: "I hope my actions tonight make clear to Congress and to our enemies around the world how I view the prospects of surrendering even an inch of ground to the kind of butchers who brought disaster to the streets of New York and the halls of the Pentagon in September 2001."

    Pelosi: "Fine, Mr. President, sorry you didn't like that one, feel free to come to us for another Iraq Supplemental when you think the troops really need some support."