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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Do I Think This Story is Phony?

Why didn't dad get on the phone after his three year old dialed it?


  1. I have a habit even with a paper cut to get light headed and dizzy sometimes on the verge of passing out.

    I remember calling my mom after slicing my finger with a knife. I knew there was no need for stitches and it really didn't bleed much. I had to lay down in a cold sweat ready to pass out. I panicked because I was alone with my three year old son. I called my mom just so she could stay on the phone with me until I was feeling better. It took about 5-10 minutes.

    My point is that if I sliced a main artery I really don't think I would be much help on the phone. I could barely speak to my mom.

  2. I've always had this problem. I had gotten my ears pierced when I was in second grade. I was so excited after six weeks to change to new earrings. After my mom pulled out the first earring and I passed out.

  3. It's not just my injuries that I get this way its other people's, too.

  4. "Why didn't dad get on the phone after his three year old dialed it?"

    It also could have something to do with the two pints of blood he lost after he severed that main artery.

  5. He hasn't figured out how to monetize that act?

    Edgar Bergen made a mint with Charlie McCarthy, and Ed didn't even have a cool goattee.
    hee hee

  6. He should contract out the little genius to Mubarak.
    He could use the help.

  7. 2 pints ain't nuthin, MLD:
    I lost over half before deciding it might be time to check out the hospital.

    Didn't wanna walk in the ER unless I looked like death warmed over.

  8. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. The guy was 'bleeding to death' and his son had the phone under control.

    I guess you never know how someone is going to react in an emergency. Fight or flight.

    OT: Has anyone noticed an increase in bank robberies and residential murders? In my area we have had a a marked increase in both.

  9. There's the "pointy" end of the spear, and then there's the ultra-extreme tip-end that the 3 - 5 (3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment) has always inhabited.

    It's so sharp "out there" that it's down-right silly. Always.

    Getting Fuel to this outfit is Always a problem. There's only one way to the 3 - 5, Ever; that's through "Indian Country."

    Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan - it's Always the same. They're "out there," somewhere.

    Well, we're losing a lot fewer people trying to resupply the 3 - 5, nowadays.

    The "Three, Five" has Gone Solar.

    This is a bigger deal than it seems at first glance. 1/2 the fuel used out there is for Generators. That's the half we don't have to deliver to them any more.

    If Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan are to survive, this is the way they will have to go. But, they damned well better get started, yesterday.

  10. Trust me if the kid is in any type of pre-school he knows more than you think.

    Children under five could probably handle an emergency far better than any adult.