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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Humor For Your Weekend Pleasure

I have decided to rise above the petty acrimony fostered by the hosts of this site, and present uplifting material such as these items below, generously provided by linearthinker.
He would appreciate in kind contributions in your comments.

Sea Food

Two great white sharks swimming in the ocean spied survivors of a sunken ship.

"Follow me son" the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people.

"First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing."
And they did.
"Well done, son!

Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing."
And they did.

"Now we eat everybody."
And they did.

When they were both gorged, the son asked, "Dad, why didn't we just eat them all at first? Why did we swim around and around them?"

His wise father replied,
"Because they taste better without the crap inside!"



A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper has cheated him out of ten million bucks. His bookkeeper is deaf. That was the reason he got the job in the first place. It was assumed that a deaf bookkeeper would not hear anything that he might have to testify about in court.

When the Godfather goes to confront the bookkeeper about his missing $10 million, he brings along his attorney, who knows sign language.

The Godfather tells the lawyer "Ask him where the 10 million bucks he embezzled from me is?"

The attorney, using sign language, asks the bookkeeper.

The bookkeeper signs back: "I don't know what you are talking about."

The attorney tells the Godfather: "He says he doesn't know what you're talking about."

The Godfather pulls out a pistol, puts it to the bookkeeper's temple and says, "Ask him again!"

The attorney signs to the bookkeeper:
"He'll kill you if you don't tell him!"

The bookkeeper signs back:
"OK! You win! The money is in a brown briefcase, buried behind the shed in my cousin Enzo's backyard in Queens !"

The Godfather asks the attorney:
"Well, what'd he say?"

The attorney replies:

"He says you don't have the guts to pull the trigger."


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  1. I have decided to rise above the petty acrimony fostered by the hosts...???

    You ingrate! To paraphrase Mudbone, you can 'acrimony' your ass outta here!!!

  2. What no acrimony? I am shocked, shocked.

  3. Okay, Rufus, time for you to trade up

  4. What kind of Dante's hell has been unleashed on us?

    Bath salts are growing drug problem

    And the problem isn't confined to southern rednecks.

  5. These are classified ads, which were actually placed in a U.K. newspaper:

    FREE YORKSHIRE TERRIER 8 years old. Hateful little bastard. Bites!

    FREE PUPPIES. 1/2 Cocker Spaniel, 1/2 sneaky neighbour's dog.

    FREE PUPPIES. Mother is a Kennel Club registered German Shepherd.Father is a Super Dog, able to leap tall fences in a single bound.

    COWS, CALVES: NEVER BRED. Also 1 gay bull for sale.

    JOINING NUDIST COLONY! Must sell washer and dryer £100.

    WEDDING DRESS FOR SALE. Worn once by mistake. Call Stephanie.

    FOR SALE BY OWNER.Complete set of Encyclopaedia Britannica, 45 volumes. Excellent condition, £200 or best offer. No longer needed, got married, wife knows everything.

  6. This is my favorite true story, told by Mickey Mantle about Billy Martin.

  7. I can assure you that I don't acquire any of those effects after using my bath salts.

  8. That reminds me of a story I may have told here before, but...
    It's good enough to retell.

    My ex-brother-in-law had neighbors (Japanese) who left their yappy dogs locked in the garage all day when they went to work.

    After many months of complaining, bro in law got tired of the situation and took matters into his own hands.

    While they were out for the evening, he snuck up on their roof, which was asphalt covered with gravel and rocks.

    He proceeded to fill all the sewer vents with the rocks!

    When the Roto Rooter Man came calling, somehow his equipment kept on breaking.

    An expensive retro-replumbing job followed.

    Not sure exactly how that translated into quieting the dogs, but it did.

    An Amish boy and his father were in a mall. They were amazed by almost
    everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls that could
    move apart and then slide back together again.

    The boy asked, 'What is this Father?'

    The father (never having seen an elevator) responded, 'Son, I have never
    seen anything like this in my life, I don't know what it is'

    While the boy and his father were watching with amazement, a fat, old lady
    in a wheel chair moved up to the moving walls and pressed a button.
    The door closed and the boy and his father watched the small circular numbers above
    the walls light up sequentially.
    They continued to watch until it reached
    the last number and then the numbers began to light in the reverse order.

    Finally the walls opened up again and a gorgeous 24-year-old blonde stepped

    The father said quietly to his son.....'Go get your mother.'

  10. Mickey played his entire career on an entirely blown out knee.

    Groundskeeper left the cap off a sprinkler.
    Constant pain.

    Today, it would be easily fixed, by... you guessed it:
    Our incredible medical care system.

    Let's let Nancy and Barry fix it.
    They know better.

  11. A very flat-chested woman finally decided she needed a bra and set out to the mall in search of one in her size. She entered an upscale department store and approached the saleslady in lingerie, "Do you have a size 28AAAA bra?" The clerk haughtily replied in the negative, so she left the store and proceeded to another department store where she is rebuffed in much the same manner. After a third try at another department store in the mall, she had become disgusted. Leaving the mall, she drove to K-Mart.

    Marching up to the sales clerk, she unbuttoned and threw open her blouse, yelling, "Do you have anything for this?" The lady looked closely at her and replied, "Have you tried Clearasil?"

  12. Whit, your Rat Link does not work.

  13. I deleted it. It was to an article about the beastly ratocide being carried out on the Galapagos Islands. Why should horses have advocates while rats have none?

    Deer, rats, horses all need management.

  14. sraeli Army Report on Protest Death Vastly Different Than Allegations

    The Israeli army’s investigation into the death of a woman alleged to have died at a demonstration from inhaling tear gas reveals a vastly different sequence of events. According to the report released on Wednesday, Jawaher Abu-Rahma inhaled very little tear gas but succumbed to a severe overdose of Atropine administered at a Ramallah hospital based on the false assumption that Abu-Rahma had inhaled a large quantity of the tear gas. Adding to the controversy, the army report claims Abu-Rahma was not even in attendance at the demonstration at Bi’lin – the site of weekly protests over Israel’s building of a security barrier. Participants at the demonstration continue to insist that Abu-Rahma was at the event. Army sources said the investigators had access to the victim’s medical records. The army also announced on Wednesday that it had discharged a soldier who participated in the death of a 65-year old Palestinian man during an arrest raid in Hebron earlier this month. One of the troops looking for Hamas members just released by Fatah opened fire on the man who was allegedly sleeping when the soldier saw movement and thought his life was in danger. A second soldier who also opened fire was deemed to have acted “unprofessionally” and discharged from the army.

  15. Q. Why did Obama cross the road?
    A. Okay, enough with the chicken jokes!

  16. @Mendariorum they are superimposed upon each other

    roy is singing 10 years after elvis died

  17. Jimmy Carter quietly celebrated his ascension to number 43 on the list of all-time greatest Presidents.

  18. President Barack Obama plans to withhold the US veto from a Palestinian-Arab motion due to be submitted to the UN Security Council condemning Israel for its settlement policy in the West Bank and Jerusalem, DEBKAfile's Washington sources report. If he does, he will be the first US president to let such an anti-Israel motion go through the Security Council.

    (Jews voted for Obama 79:21 so waaaaa)

  19. That's like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders and then crying when they get packed off to the ovens.

  20. Is that a bit schadenfreude, T?

    Does it make you feel better?

  21. It does make me feel better.

    We're supposed to keep borrowing $3 billion a year from China and give it to Israel. When the President says stop building houses in the occupied land, Netanyahu ignores him.

    Maybe this will be a wake up call.

  22. What did the blind man say as he walked by the fish market?

    "mornin' ladies!"

  23. How does it make you feel that the Palis get almost $1000 per capita in foreign aid?

  24. What about the billions spent on Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan?

    Or Egypt? I don't hear much outrage about those countries.

  25. How much did the US plow into the Philippines?

  26. Thanks, folks.

    I just got up, printed 'em off, bundled up the package with the new Vince Flynn book, tucked in a few Playboys and Penthouse, and drove down off the ridge to the post office. planned to mail it Express to the brother in law, damn the expense!

    Then I found out it's Sunday.

  27. Another true story, Doug.

    A colleague back in the day had a lot of trouble with some plugged up drain pipes in his house. Drano, plunging, snaking all failed. He reasoned the problem would be easily solved by application of intense differential pressure.

    He plugged a compressor into the roof vent and turned it on, hoping to blow the obstruction out and free his clogged pipes. Instead he blew shit all over the house wherever there was a sink or a toilet.

    His wife got mad. The plumber was incredulous.

  28. Seven lesbians walked into a bar, which was really stupid because the second one should have seen it

  29. Green Bay handled the Bears today and so far, the Steelers are having their way with the Jets.

    The Steelers opened the game with a 9+ minute drive for touchdown. That's a long time to control the football. The Jets do not seem capable of stopping them but the game is only about a minute into the second quarter.

  30. The second one didn't see it because she was shaking an eight-track that was stuck on "We're supposed to keep borrowing $3 billion a year from China and give it to Israel."

  31. Go Packers!

    Does this mean I missed the game down at the pizza parlor?

    What I get for sleeping in.

  32. It's half-time. 24-3 Steelers. The Jets look as though they ran out of fuel with their runaway victory last week against New England. This week they look like Atlanta did when Greenbay walked all over them.

  33. More vile from narrow-minded broad-ass Allen

    allen said...
    Hey, DS...

    Give me your opinion of this exchange:

    Teresita said…

    …(Jews voted for Obama 79:21 so waaaaa)

    Sun Jan 23, 03:47:00 PM EST

    Teresita said…

    That’s like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders and then crying when they get packed off to the ovens.

    Sun Jan 23, 03:51:00 PM EST

    Whit-less administrator said…

    Is that a bit schadenfreude (sic), T?
    Does it make you feel better?

    Sun Jan 23, 04:33:00 PM EST

    Teresita said…

    It does make me feel better.

    Sun Jan 23, 04:49:00 PM EST

    By the way, it is used to be considered good manners to make an introduction before defecating in someone else's house. Just sayin' :-)

  34. Sorry Whit, I have you beat, Allen called me a puke, (on another blog of course) this coming from the two faced skunk that wanted to falsely befriend and use the obviously deranged Bob, came here to deny it, and then had his own words shoved up his fat ass.

  35. I'll spell it out.

    I don't like foreign aid.

    I don't like borrowing money.

    I really don't like borrowing money and passing it out as foreign aid.

    You think that makes me "anti-Jew" LT? Tough.

  36. How about when we borrow money from China, and turn around and give it back to them in Aid? :)

  37. sounds a lot like high school!

    Cowards who don't have the courage to speak to your face. Adolescents who care.

  38. Yes Rufus $65 million, that's genius level.

  39. Allen, everytime you do that, you make yourself smaller...

  40. The Steelers survive a second half comeback to defeat the Jets 24-19.

  41. A lot of "borrowed" US money is distributed as USAid around the world but reading here, one would think that only Israel is the beneficiary.

  42. We lost Jack Lalane.


    I watched him when I was a wee lass, maybe 1969.

  43. Not at all, whit.

    Ms T has often said she was an isolationist and wanted all aid cut off.

    I have said the same of Egypt.
    We have both denounced the arms sales to the Sauds.

    I have been against US policy as it pertains to Iraq for a number of years now. Bemoaning the waste and fraud that is involved there.

    Perhaps you miss reading those comments.

    I think it is high time that the US allow the UN to function as a democratic institution, without vetoing the will of the whirled.

    US ambassadors, to the UN, have denounced those settlements, US Presidents have denounced those settlements.

    Bibi and his government is about to get some comeuppance, from the US. About time, really, for that wake up call.

  44. Be careful what you ask for when it comes to the UN.

  45. The US is the largest funding source for the UN.

    The US founded the UN.

    It is a tool of US foreign policy, always has been, will be until we quit it.

    That US policy towards Israel is changing, a good thing. Especially since we are still an imported oil dependent economy and are making no great strides to change that reality.

    No amount of domestic "Drill Baby Drill", will.

    We have to change course and we are not. The GOP is talking "Health Care" reform, not Energy Independence.

    Wonder why?

  46. Teresita said...

    I'll spell it out.

    I don't like foreign aid.

    I don't like borrowing money.

    I really don't like borrowing money and passing it out as foreign aid.

    You think that makes me "anti-Jew" LT? Tough

    No, T. This makes you sound "anti-Jew":

    Teresita said…

    …(Jews voted for Obama 79:21 so waaaaa)

    Teresita said…

    That’s like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders and then crying when they get packed off to the ovens

    By their words ye shall know them.

    By your words you're an anti-semitic adolescent.

    You do sound like a broken eight track or an LP with a scratch, also.

  47. ASh, there is some truth to what you say, but you will not find many on this blog that say one thing in one room and another in the next. It is best to have the courage that goes with conviction.

  48. Congress Watch
    A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion

    By Shirl McArthur

    It must be emphasized that this analysis is a conservative, defensible accounting of U.S. direct aid to Israel, NOT of Israel’s cost to the U.S. or the American taxpayer, nor of the benefits to Israel of U.S. aid. The distinction is important, because the indirect or consequential costs suffered by the U.S. as a result of its blind support for Israel exceed by many times the substantial amount of direct aid to Israel. (See, for example, the late Thomas R. Stauffer’s article in the June 2003 Washington Report, “The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion.”)

  49. the settlement movement has cost Israel $100 billion in the past 40 years, or $2.5 billion a year; roughly equal to the U.S. aid package to Israel.

    Therefore, one could make the point that cessation of U. S. aid to Israel could solve many problems, for the U.S., the Arab world and Israel. Israel would have to abandon the settlements, Middle East peace talks would flourish, Israel could restore its economic growth and reestablish itself as a respected member of the international community. Arab anger over the Palestinian occupation, which foments anti-American sentiment, would subside. It would also reduce Al Qaeda's ability to exploit that anger and mobilize support.


    Ron Estes served 25 years as an operations officer in the CIA Clandestine Service. Six of those years were in Middle East operations.

  50. The US should stop funding the UN.

    The US should withdraw from the UN.

    Reasnable alternatives have been described elsewhere. Sorry. I don't have the links.

    A rational extraterrestrial visiting Earth and looking at the UN and continued Western Civilization's continued participation there might well exclaim, "WTF?"

  51. The Joint Operations Environment report put the "drop dead" date at 2015. At that point the world will be short 10 Million Barrels of Oil/Day.

    The German Military report said the same thing.

    They are trying to ease us into the knowledge.

    George Bush met with the King of Saudi Arabia back in/around 2005 I think it was. A few months later the 3 American Car Companies CEOs went to the White House, and they announced that half of their cars would be Flexfuel by 2012.

  52. But the reality, lineman, is that the US funds 25% of the UN's annual operational budget.

    It is our baby.

    Boned, again.

  53. The UN has been an integral part of US strategic policy, since 1949.

    That will not be changing.
    It is a bi-partisan program.

    Both GW Bush and JFKerry supported working through the UN.

    A tasty pudding, indeed.

  54. $114B over 62 years pencils out to about $1.8B/yr, plus change.

    Unleash the Israelis to deal with the vermin within their borders and next door. At the same time stop funding anybody in the ME with foreign aid.

    Drill here and now to provide a buffer until the market sorts out the best of the alternative energy technologies. Toss in coal and natural gas development, and stop funding the greenie's wet dream wind farms. Make the rent seekers earn some honest income.

  55. So, the truth is, if one supports the United States on the whirled stage, the UN is part and parcel of that package.

  56. Again, you're out of sync with the US policies, Lineman.

    Those are not the policies that have been decided upon, on a bi-partisan basis.

    Do you support the US or not?

    Are you with US or against US?

  57. People been tellin' me "change is good" for a long time, rat.

    I've resisted, but maybe it would be good to start with the UN and foreign aid.

    Test the advice, so to speak.

  58. The DOE is trying to get something going with "cellulosic" ethanol. They would like for it to be Big "Gasification" Projects.

    I don't think it's going to end up going that way. I think it will end up being small "enzymatic/biological" facilities.

    E85 Pumps Are getting installed. About 400 have gone in in the last 4 months, or so.

    All of the new 4cyl, Turbo, Direct Injected, VVT engines coming on the market are "made to order" for high ethanol fuels.

    It's moving.

  59. Are you with US or against US?

    Did somebody lay a red herring across the trail?

  60. Your points have been made, time and again.
    They have not carried the day, in fact they've flat out lost.

    Get on board the Peace Train, baby.

  61. My bet is that on the defunding of US participation in the UN, you and Ms T agree.

    I've supported that position for years.

    But we lost.
    We will continue to lose.

    We've been boned.

    We will continue to be.
    So are you going to be supportive of the US or not?

    That is the real question.

  62. All of the new 4cyl, Turbo, Direct Injected, VVT engines coming on the market are "made to order" for high ethanol fuels.

    It's about time the engines and fuel systems were brought up to date to deal with the ethanol.

    I've had two blown head gaskets and three engine replacements in the last few years since ethanol blending became the fad. I don't blame the fuel. I blame the politicians and their greenie cheerleaders.

  63. LT, you obviously drive way too fast. :)

  64. When I was younger, the bumper sticker read:

    America - Love it or Leave it!

    Well, what ya gonna do, now that America HAS changed?

    Love it, or leave it?

  65. Get on board the Peace Train, baby.

    A new bridge was put in over Jackass Gulch, the old bridge having collapsed. Your Peace Train jumped the switch and is heading balls out for the gorge on the old worn out tracks.

  66. Love it, or leave it?

    Change it. They keep tellin' me change is good. How 'bout just changin' it back?

  67. Such anti-American sentiments.

    Interesting, now that the shoe on the other foot has stepped forward.

    America swings like a pendulum do!

  68. Cops in Crown Vics, driving two by two.

  69. It's never happened before, Lineman, that retrograde action.

    The US has NEVER gone back to the future. Not once.

  70. With demographics being what they are, it will not now, either.

  71. That don't mean I have to like it.

  72. That liberal, anti-war President, Abe Lincoln exemplifies the lengths the Federals will go to, in their pursuit of progress.

  73. Correct, you do not have to like it.

    But do you support the US?
    Are you with US or against US?

    That is the question and it is not a fish tale. It is more than pertinent.

  74. ... attributed the phrase to Stephen Decatur, naval hero, captain at age twenty-five, and one of the fathers of the US Navy. The phrase was spoken by Decatur as part of a warrior’s toast:

    “Our country! In her intercourse with foreign nations, may she always be in the right; but our country, right or wrong.”

  75. With Peak Oil, and the ensuing decline, looking us dead in the face, there's not a chance in the world that TPTB will let Israel, and our own Christian Right drag us off into a scenario of worsening relations with OPEC.

  76. That is the question and it is not a fish tale. It is more than pertinent.

    By my reckoning, you have an abundance of bait. Why don't you go fishing and use it?

  77. Do you stand with the sentiments of Stephen Decatur, naval hero, captain at age twenty-five, and one of the fathers of the US Navy., or not?

    Seems a simple question.

    Do you stand with the United States or not?

  78. The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Winner holds a State Dinner for the guy that is holding the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize Winner under arrest.

    Toasts him with $199.00 Wine.

    Hopey, Changey -

    Changey, Hopey

    And, the band played on.

  79. Whatdoyah expect out of a socialist pig, Rufus, ...character?

    Some call it a 400 dollar wine.

    Colbert Criticizes Obama's Lavish State Dinner For Hu Jintao (VIDEO)

    "This black tie dinner should have been a sweatpants pot-luck with boxed wine and a sleeve of Oreos," Colbert said. Watch the rest of the segment below to ...

    Colbert: Lavish Black-Tie Dinner May Give China The Wrong Idea On US Debt (VIDEO)

  80. "I think it is high time that the US allow the UN to function as a democratic institution, without vetoing the will of the whirled."

    "the will of the whirled."???

    As in the Whirled's greatest human rights violator being chosen to head the commission on human rights?

    Odd "will" indeed!

  81. "This black tie dinner should have been a sweatpants pot-luck with boxed wine and a sleeve of Oreos," Colbert said.

    Is that Colbert guy dissing sweatpants, potlucks, boxed wine and Oreos?

    He must be an Easterner.

    That sounds like my wedding reception.

  82. Don't be disappointed if Obama vetoes an unbalanced UN resolution.

    I'm not saying he will, just saying the deals not done, yet.

  83. The One-Eyed Man Is King

    Talk about Two Americas.
    Look at “The Social Network” again after seeing “True Grit,” and you’ll see two different civilizations, as far removed from each other in ethos as Silicon Valley and Monument Valley.

    While “Social Network” fictionalizes Mark Zuckerberg, it mines the truth of an era — from the ability of the powerful and privileged to manipulate the system to the collapse of loyalty as a prized American virtue at the top of that economic pyramid.

    In contrast to Mattie’s dictum, no one has to pay for any transgression in the world it depicts. Zuckerberg’s antagonists, Harvard classmates who accuse him of intellectual theft, and his allies, exemplified by a predatory venture capitalist, sometimes seem more entitled and ruthless than he is.

    The blackest joke in Aaron Sorkin’s priceless script is that Lawrence Summers, a Harvard president who would later moonlight as a hedge fund consultant, might intervene to arbitrate any ethical conflicts. You almost wish Rooster were around to get the job done.

    The King is dead!
    Long live the King!

    As Mr GW Bush told the whirled ...

    You are either with US or against US.

    Funny how folks equivocate, now that Timothy Leary's dead. With them on the outside, looking in.

  84. CIA-trained 'terrorist' in US court
    Accused of killing 73 in an airline bombing, Luis Posada Carriles charged with immigration violations, not terrorism.

    Chris Arsenault

    A 2006 statement from the US Department of Justice states: "Luis Posada-Carriles is an admitted mastermind of terrorist plots and attacks ... a flight risk … [and] a danger to the community."

    But the Justice Department's view does not seem to be shared by other branches of the US government. The incriminating secrets Posada likely posses, tense relations between the US, Cuba and Venezuela and domestic political concerns—the anti-Castro Cuban population in Miami holds national electoral clout far beyond its numbers – mean that extradition or terrorism charges seem unlikely.

    "This case illustrates the double face of the US war on terrorism," Pertierra, who represents Venezuelan interests, said as court adjourned for lunch. "You can't pick and choose which terrorists you prosecute and which ones you protect. You can't have first class victims and second class victims; all victims must be mourned equally."

  85. Karbala, Iraq - Terrorists set off two car bombs in Iraq's holy city of Karbala on Monday, killing at least 26 mostly Shiite pilgrims and injuring nearly 200 others, security and medical officials said.

    In the first attack, a car exploded in a parking lot, killing 12 and injuring 32.

    A second car bomb exploded a few hours later, killing 14 and injuring at least 164.

    Who is terrorizing these Muslim pilgrims?

    Mormons, perhaps?

    Though that seems unlikely.

  86. Re: Deuce said...

    ASh, there is some truth to what you say, but you will not find many on this blog that say one thing in one room and another in the next. It is best to have the courage that goes with conviction.

    Sun Jan 23, 10:31:00 PM EST

    Yeah, Big Guy, I tried posting numerous times recently. You dudes keep taking down all my comments – so much for man to man.

    Yeah, you are willing do the high noon shootout as long as you control the delete and rewind buttons and hold all the ammo. You are gutless.

    I will, as the occasion arises, make you and your neo-Nazi site appear to be what you are. The guys at the BC get it. Others will as well.

    And hey, whit, every time you let some comrade talk about incinerating Jews, you show the world what a worm you are… ditto for allowing a midget to insult US Army Rangers.

    Pat Tillman was NOT murdered and only a bunch of psychos would “think” so.

    Oh, it’s still Israel 13 and Otherwise 0.

    As to “poor” bob, since I did not lead him on, I need not defend myself against additional tripe. You folks did lead him on and had a gay old time with him for days. Indeed, without bob, you would have had nothing to say. I think bob an incestuous rapist. Had you read what I wrote more closely, you would have known that weeks ago.

  87. No one has taken you down. This one will stay for sure.

  88. allen, you've been censored here, really (aside from that one time when our exchange went in the bin)? I would be surprised if true.

    As far as I can see just bob's lunatic ramblings have bit the dust.

  89. When did anyone talk about incinerating Jews, other than the fallout from WiO's Mecca nuke?

  90. Allen, you sound like your soul brother Congressman Cohen in equating this site as neo-nazi. Thats is rubbish and you will not find one post that is pro fascist, nazi supporting, nazi sympathetic, or anti Jewish.

    When Steve Cohen was called on his slander, as he was at this site, he backed off a country mile and apologized. At least he had the dignity and intellectual honesty to retract his foolishness. He did the manly thing over his hyperbole

    I do not expect those traits from you, however is I am wrong and you will do the honerable thing, you can post your apology here.

  91. There were some comments over the years that were vile anti-Jewish rubbish. Whit and I took them down, but don't allow facts to muddle your opinions Allen, we may not recognize you.

  92. Ash is correct, there were some hurtful and insulting remarks you made about Whit that I took down.

  93. Deuce said...

    Deuce said...
    No one has taken you down. This one will stay for sure.

    Mon Jan 24, 09:56:00 AM EST

    When I can control the laughter long enough to type, I may not respond to this outright lie. You and Whit did take me down repeatedly. Anyone at this site with a single synapse knows that. Even Ash had questions.

    Again, it does not take much for an armed man to take down an unarmed opponent. There will be no debates here where you girls can delete at will.

  94. Sorry Allen, no arms here, only wits and argued positions. Perhaps that does handicap you since you are armed with neither.

  95. Allen's comments were deleted one time, weeks and weeks ago. I have not deleted any of his comments since those posted on the day it was announced that the last of US combat troops left Iraq. After he had harangued me for a week, he left for a while, came back and posted to his heart's content.

    I believe Allen has behaved very poorly.

  96. whit said...
    Allen's comments were deleted one time, weeks and weeks ago. I have not deleted any of his comments since those posted on the day it was announced that the last of US combat troops left Iraq.

    Your memory is sadly flawed. On the day Iraqi operations were allegedly halted, you took down ONE of my comments to Ash. I demanded for days to know the reason. You responded by asking Quirk and DR to give the "bird". How old are you?

    On a recent day, six of my comments were deleted in chronological succession. That is a provable fact, Jack. If you didn't, then someone else did.

    Check that and I think you will discover who has been behaving very badly, Old Man.

  97. I demanded for days to know the reason.

    Yes, you did, very rudely for over a week as I recall.

    I will look in the spam filter to see if your posts have been deleted. Deuce mentioned that he deleted some that weren't very polite. I don't know anything about that.

    I would add though, that, given the tone and tenor you have adopted, why would you expect your ruder posts not to be deleted?

    Jes askin'.

  98. We have over 200,000 comments and going back through the last 1000 I can't find your deleted comments.

    Blogger sometimes rejects/does not accept a comment. Sometimes it prompts you to repost a comment and you wind up with multiple entries of the same thing.

    All I can tell you is that I have not been deleting your comments no matter how hateful.

  99. whit said...
    Yes, you did, very rudely for over a week as I recall.

    Let me see if I get your drift: I post a non-profane comment to Ash, which you apparently didn't like. Consequently, you deleted it. On three occasions, I recall asking you repectfully your reason for censorship, something unheard of until then. When you decided to hide and ignore my legitimate complaints, I whipped you like a cur.

    Re: Deuce mentioned that he deleted some that weren't very polite. I don't know anything about that.

    Yeah, like I thought: the hustle. You punks talk about man-to-man...give me a break...

    Re: hateful

    Dear Sir,
    Calling someone a "motherfucking, cocksucking, asshole, piece of shit etc is hateful - Dimwit...give me a break, Punk...You havent' the hormones to clean up this mess.

    End of conversation, Clown

  100. You have so much anger, rage and suspicion.

    Why don't you stay away? Huh? Just keep on walking. Obviously, it's not good for your health. In fact, it would be good for your nerves if you take a break from blogging for a while. It can't be relaxing for you anymore. Take a break, think about what you have done, the way you are behaving. Find some perspective. Get a life.

  101. Whit forget it. He has nothing to say that is interesting or worth your listening. He never has.

    He has honed his ability to bore without ever having taught anyone anything except the burden of bad company. He is irritating but intellectualy harmless. He gives a bad name to his fellow twerps.

  102. Really, can you imagine being stuck on an eight hour flight next to Allen?

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.