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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gutless Pentagon Metro-sexuals Axe Navy Captain Owen Honors

Commander of aircraft carrier USS Enterprise boldly goes way too far

the USS Enterprise
To boldly go ... the USS Enterprise in 1998. The ship's commaner, Captain Owen Honors, has been relieved of his command following his showing of lewd anti-gay videos to the whole crew Photograph: Todd Cichonowicz/AP

Perhaps Captain Owen Honors imagined he was in outer space. The commander of the USS Enterprise – not the Star Trek starship but a nuclear-powered American warship – boldly went where no sensible American navy officer would venture in the 21st century with a series of video "entertainments" for his crew that included insulting gay people, appearing with two women in the shower and plenty of simulated masturbation.
Now Honors has been dismissed as captain after one of the crew complained and the navy branded the videos, shown on the Enterprise in 2006 and 2007, "not acceptable".
Honors was the second in command of the aircraft carrier when he made the films which were shown on the ship's internal video system for all the crew to see.
One of the videos opens with an unmistakable declaration of intent: "This evening, all you bleeding hearts and you fags ... why don't you just go ahead and hug yourselves for the next 20 minutes or so because there's a really good chance you're going to be offended tonight".
There follows what are described as a series of "racey topics" – from a definition of the expletive "fuck" to plenty of simulated masturbation– including one in which Honors is seen in a dressing gown, glass of champagne in one hand and a cigar in the other.
The allegedly anti-gay theme continues with scenes of two men in a shower, one of them rubbing gel into the other's chest as they are hunted down by Honors, followed by what he describes as "one that's landed me the most complaints" – two women in the shower shown from the shoulders up.
In one of the later videos, Honors acknowledges that everyone is not happy. "Over the years I've gotten several complaints about inappropriate material during these videos, never to me personally but, gutlessly, through other channels," he said. This did not deter him. After investigating Honors, who was promoted to captain of his ship in May, the Penatagon has reassigned him to administrative duties.
A pressure group that campaigns on behalf of gay members of the military said that Honors was "acting like a 19-year-old fraternity boy". But some of Honors crew have rallied to his support with a Facebook page. A former petty officer, Phillip Ciesla, who served on the Enterprise under Honors, said he should not be stripped of his command. "He didn't do it out of malice or cruelty. He did it to entertain his crew and boost our morale," he told CBS. "They were meant for the crew only. For our … lighthearted laughter. None of it was meant to be taken seriously."


  1. Just another dumb fucking lifer.

  2. Not the smartest thing to do, but can he fight?

  3. I tended bar in an officer's club. The commander often needed to be carried to his room. They partied hardy and nobody took it seriously or cared.

  4. I boosted sales in the enlisted men's club.

  5. Strained States Turning to Laws to Curb Labor Unions

    Faced with growing budget deficits and restive taxpayers, elected officials from Maine to Alabama, Ohio to Arizona, are pushing new legislation to limit the power of labor unions, particularly those representing government workers, in collective bargaining and politics.

    Some new governors, most notably Scott Walker of Wisconsin, are even threatening to take away government workers’ right to form unions and bargain contracts.

    “We can no longer live in a society where the public employees are the haves and taxpayers who foot the bills are the have-nots,” Mr. Walker, a Republican, said in a speech.

    “The bottom line is that we are going to look at every legal means we have to try to put that balance more on the side of taxpayers.”

  6. (friendly computer talked to us and gave me a verification code, so I am back in business with Google. least for now)

  7. The guy was a "Top Gun" Pilot. I'm sure he's a hell of a fighter.

    Thing is: his job now (was) is to manage the floating real estate, and keep it off the rocks. There are any number of assholes that can do that.

    I'm just pissed at the moron. I hate to see a "Top Gun" flush his career down the toilet with this kind of arrogant silliness. It was plain, cold stupid. Poor, poor leadership.

  8. The Chilean Model

    Pensions: Nearly 30 years ago, on the very day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as U.S. president, Chile became the first nation to privatize its social security system. Three decades hence, it has surpassed all expectations.

    Decades ago, Chile's then-military dictatorship shuddered at a proposal from then-Labor Minister Jose Pinera to privatize Chile's liability-laden pension system. The military men argued that the public was too ignorant to manage its own affairs and only government's firm hand could be trusted to provide.

    Pinera explained that the pension liabilities the government then couldn't pay were not only perfectly payable, but could be converted into actual assets, which would become investment capital to develop the country.

    All they needed to do was privatize the system.

    The generals eyed Pinera balefully. But their worried junta chief, Generalissimo Augusto Pinochet, told the economist to go ahead.

    Thirty years on, Pinera's plan, adapted from the ideas of Milton Friedman, is, along with free trade, one of the two pillars of Chile's success story, surpassing all predictions.

    Pinera's proposal began with scrapping the payroll tax on the country's social security system and inviting all workers to take the money they were contributing and move it into a private pension...

    Chile's implicit pension debt fell to just 6% of GNP — compared with 100% in the U.S., 300% in France and 450% in Italy, leaving Chile with no net debt.

    Better still, the accumulated savings in the pension funds fueled Chile's spectacular economic ascent, taking real incomes from about $4,000 per capita in the early 1980s to $15,000 today, and GDP to the 6% range most years for nearly 20 years. With that record, is it any surprise that Chile this year earned itself a membership card into the club of rich nations, the OECD?

    The U.S. could have similar result if it had started on Chile's path 30 years ago, with no debt and a phenomenal rate of growth.

    But U.S. politicians, just like Chile's fascist generals, have insisted the public is too stupid to fend for itself without big government. Given U.S. politicians' fraudulent mismanagement and abuse of Social Security in recent years, such claims are outrageous.

  9. "This evening, all you bleeding hearts and you fags ... why don't you just go ahead and hug yourselves for the next 20 minutes or so because there's a really good chance you're going to be offended tonight".

    "He didn't do it out of malice or cruelty. He did it to entertain his crew and boost our morale," he told CBS. "

    Color me entertained.

  10. That kind of thing woulda been fine til they let the gay and the women in.

    Sooo PC! They are there to fight not make nice, no?

  11. US worried by 'trend' of Christian attacks

    …yes, “deeply concerned” by worldwide “trend”…

    Could there be a plan?! …a plan in the Koran?...Hmm

    ^ the raised eyebrow of supercilious scorn… followed by mocking mouth / … ending in a ;-/) despising wink…

  12. .

    The guy...

    What Rufus said.



  13. "Gutless Pentagon Metro-sexuals..."

    Spoken like a true art collector from Costa Rica.

  14. There is nothing wrong with a metrosexual.

  15. Party on, Garth.

    Party on, Wayne.

  16. Nothing wrong with a metrosexual?

    Blue knows that.

  17. Man's wearing a fucking bowler and jacket and quotes Wordsworth.

  18. there's a really good chance you're going to be offended tonight

    When a Navy Captain knowingly offends members of his crew ...

    He is one stupid SOB.

    He serves at the pleasure of the President, seems the President was not pleased.

    Thankfully civilians still command the US military.

  19. I agree with Rufus.

  20. How much more airy fairy can you get?

  21. I have to really, really question the Captain's judgment. I also think the guy must have a screw loose.

    He is a moron.

  22. Re: "Gutless Pentagon Metro-sexuals Axe Navy Captain Owen Honors"

    "from a definition of the expletive "fuck"

    I'm going rush right over to Facebook, find that site, and get that definition. Captain Owens has performed a great public service. And who says we don't need another carrier group?


    O, meanwhile, lest we patriots forget, the disposition of Major Hasan, USA, the Fort Hood mass murderer, remains on hold...just wanted to keep priorities straight...

    O, <;-/)

  23. whit said...
    I have to really, really question the Captain's judgment. I also think the guy must have a screw loose.

    He is a moron.

    Tue Jan 04, 07:51:00 PM EST

    Irony alert! Did it occur to anyone that the guy might be gay? No, I didn't think so.

  24. Actually, being gay was the first thing I thought of when I watched the video.

  25. "O, meanwhile..."

    Just doesn't have the same punch it used to.

  26. MeLoDy said...
    Actually, being gay was the first thing I thought of when I watched the video.

    Tue Jan 04, 07:57:00 PM EST

    And, like, you couldn't share, or something?

  27. trish said...
    "O, meanwhile..."

    Just doesn't have the same punch it used to.

    Tue Jan 04, 08:01:00 PM EST

    Trish, I don't recall you ever having your knickers in a knot about the Army's mishandling of Major Hasan - indeed, quite the contrary. Ennui is so unbecoming, when it comes to the mass murder of one's so-called comrades...Hmm

  28. "Trish, I don't recall you ever having your knickers in a knot about..."

    Because I didn't. I had my knickers in a knot over you having your knickers in a knot.

    I get that from my mother, God love her: Unscrew yourself from the ceiling, goddammit.

    Which is easy to observe and say, when it's not oneself screwed into the ceiling.

  29. Also, I AM an Army wife of twenty-odd years.

    You can insult the Navy, but the Army?


  30. The Boscos are all queued up and ready to go. What say you all?

    Hold for the weekend or put it up anytime. (It's a long post)

  31. Well, what are you going to do?

  32. Napolitano: Israeli-Style Security Won't Work for U.S.

    ...Right...No one has gotten into Israeli airspace with his "nads" aflame. "Nads Aflame" the riotous rock group...

  33. Unlike Obama, I just read the Bosco Awards. I think we will post it Friday. I want to add some art work. Any objections Q? Whit?

  34. Thanks Melody, we should do lunch.

  35. Trish,

    The Navy insulted the Navy.

    The Army has insulted the United States by failing to even determine whether Hasan should stand courtmartial (after 18 months).

    As to my being "screwed to the ceiling", not going to happen - although I do detect a certain focus on your part with "screwed" & "fucked"...

  36. No problem, I'll just shoot down to Costa Rica and we could, on the beach.

  37. Let's put it up about 5:00 PM Friday and let it run all weekend.

    I need to check for some of the graphics, too.

  38. .


    Sounds good to me Deuce.

    Your artwork always helps.


  39. .

    Whit, can you tell if the links worked?


  40. Re: Friday, 17:00, Bozos

    Good choice...I won't see them, it being Shabbat and all...Thanks...


  41. Allen,

    In Georgia my husband's unit had a marvelous First SGT, Tony, who was full - positively full - of the most dreary commentary on the Army and the military in general.

    Could talk your ear off for hours and make it bleed.

    (Like my own husband.)

    One day after doing so he said, in a nutshell, "But somehow it works."

    Like the JSTARS plane, the "brick that flies," somehow it just does.

  42. Screwed and fucked six ways to Sunday.

  43. Friday is good for me it's not like my pathetic ass will be out doing anything anyway.

  44. Good Lord, Allen, I must ask. What does that emoticon symbolize?

  45. War On Doctors

    ...but...but...but...They ALL own big houses...They ALL drive big cars...They ALL play golf...


  46. Netanyahu, Clergy Call on Obama to Release Pollard


    BiBi, thanks for the kick in the groin, you balding, fat, piece of pork.

  47. yes, Trish, it works...cause dumb, pumped-up kids like my boy pay your toll...

    Oh, and America (that would be my country) has been financially ruined carrying your sorry fat rear ends.

    Now, THAT WAS an insult!

  48. Melody,

    This, <;-/), is my best imitation of James Mason and Jack Hawkins.

  49. "Now, THAT WAS an insult!"

    Not really.

    My son's enlisting.

    And my rear end's not so fat.

  50. Hold the Boscos in limbo.

    no, no no no no

    I'm losing my daughter to equus.

    "Damn this war. To hell with this stinking war. Life is a hawk in the air, a horse between the legs and a rifle in the scabbard, and a blue sky"

    spoken by a young Spaniard in "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

    She has found an outfit north of Coeur d'Alene that teaches shooting rifles from horseback, and she's taking it.

    Shakespeare cannot compete.

  51. I can actually defend my rear end, unlike so many other things.

    Not in close-up maybe. But it'll do for now.

    And thank you for the opportunity.

  52. If you got to put 'em up do it the weekend.

    I'll be gone.

  53. Hell of a waste of good music time though.

  54. I'll put my daughter's horse hardened rear up against any city girl's rear here.

    City girls have an attitude, but can't really do anything.

    All bluff no tough.

  55. You can take a horse to water but can't make 'em drink.

  56. In the last decade my home town has been invaded by metrosexuals, and lesbians. One whole bar given over to 'em. The locals say, that's where they all hang out.

    And for coffee, they go to the One World Cafe, run by one of their chief scamps at the heart of the conspiracy.

  57. They even had one of their pony tailed hip ultrlib enviro bike riding (he was big into bike paths) helmeted wackos on the City Council, till Shelley and the working folk of the Greater Moscow Alliance blew his skinny ass away, and let development proceed apace again.

    He whinned and moaned, and moved away.

    He was never from here in the first place. Was from Califonia or back east somewhere, maybe Detroit.

  58. I can't hear any music there is something screwed up with this new internet connection - or with me.

  59. Israel has charged two Palestinian employees of the British consulate in Jerusalem with arms trafficking for Hamas as part of an investigation into an alleged plot to attack a stadium.


    The Shin Bet said the consulate employees helped the two other suspects, alleged members of Hamas, who were charged in court on Sunday, to obtain guns.

    No rockets were found by the authorities, who said the plot had been in its preliminary stages.

    Hamas Plot

  60. allen said...
    Israel arrests staff from British consulate: Foreign Office

    Israeli authorities have arrested two locally hired workers at the British consulate general in Jerusalem who were reportedly linked to a plot to attack a stadium, the Foreign Office in London said Monday

    This is why spending $6 billion or $6 trillion will make no difference. It isn't money they want.

    Mon Jan 03, 05:20:00 PM EST, the final frontier...and a vacuum...

    We spend hours sincerely speaking into the ether.


    My best to your son.

  61. bob said...
    You can take a horse to water but can't make 'em drink.

    Tue Jan 04, 10:09:00 PM EST

    You can take a horticulture but you can't make her think.

  62. Identify yo'self, Anon. You could fit right in. :)

  63. I don't get the reference, but I'm tired.

    Identify yourself, or begone!

    RUFUS - I may have been leading everyone astray with all this about AEHI - they have been (the managemnet) charged with a bunch of stuff by the SEC - not sure just what probably the usual bilking the stockholders, taking too much in salary, that sort of thing. Course they deny everything vehemently, and, it might be all political. Until things become a little clearer, I am not reporting on them further. They did put a lot of effort time and money into getting those zone changes in Elmore and Payette counties.

  64. If you had said, anon, a hortoculture I might have understood, but you would have misunderstood everything lamentably.

    I'm going duck hunting this weekend.

    That's where the action is.

  65. In short, don't listen to bob about stocks, bonds, the economy or politics; only listen when he talks fly fishing, wheat farming and local development issues.

    Disregard anything he says about women, a subject about which he knows zero.

  66. And probably

    Wed Jan 05, 12:01:00 AM EST

    will be misunderstood, my usual fate.

  67. .
    Republicans Lower Goal for Cuts to Budget

    Now aides say that the $100 billion figure was hypothetical, and that the objective is to get annual spending for programs other than those for the military, veterans and domestic security back to the levels of 2008, before Democrats approved stimulus spending to end the recession.
    Yet “A Pledge to America,” the manifesto House Republicans published last September, included the promise, “We will roll back government spending to pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels, saving us at least $100 billion in the first year alone…”

    On Tuesday, aides to Mr. Ryan and Mr. Boehner blamed Democrats’ failure to pass the regular appropriations bills for fiscal year 2011 for forcing Republicans to reduce their goal to perhaps $50 billion to $60 billion.

    Same ol, Same ol


  68. Here in Idaho we are cutting our budgets right in tune with the lower tax revenues.

  69. This comment has been removed by the author.

  70. Just great -

    Politics from the Nation's Capital New law creates big tax headache for rental property owners

    . Are you one of the millions of Americans who own rental property? Do you enjoy filling out lots of extra tax forms? If so, you're in luck!

    As reported by the Examiner's Susan Ferrechio, a provision of the Small Business Jobs Act passed by Congress last fall mandates that rental income be subject to the same tax reporting requirements as a business or trade. The law went into effect January 1st. I'll leave it to the Journal of Accountancy (it's one of your morning must-reads, right?) to explain what this means for property owners:

    Thus, rental income recipients making payments of $600 or more to a service provider in the course of earning rental income are required to provide an information return (typically, Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income) to the IRS and to the service provider. This provision will apply to payments made after Dec. 31, 2010, and will cover, for example, payments made to plumbers, painters or accountants in the course of earning the rental income.

    While rental property owners will not actually issue the required 1099s until early 2012, they need to start keeping adequate records of payments starting Jan. 1, 2011, so they will be prepared to issue correct 1099s. They will also need to obtain the name, address and taxpayer identification number of the service provider, using Form W-9 or a similar form.

    The law does provide exceptions for those who the new requirement creates "hardship" and for those whose rental income is “not more than a minimal amount.” However, the IRS has yet to issue guidance defining who qualifies for these exceptions, even though the new law has already taken effect. Better start keeping meticulous records now -- fines for failing to file 1099s range from $60 to $250,000.

    Suffice to say, landlords are none too happy about this onerous new regulation. Just ask Jeffrey Yorke, Vice President, Yorke Property Management, a family-run company with rental properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

    "We are already enslaved to the IRS with endless and mindless paperwork that takes us away from our main business of property management. This new rule obligates us to still more outrageous record-keeping and steeper accounting costs. Too many in Congress have had too little to do with operating a business -- small or large. Clearly, those bozos need to drink a big gulp of common sense," Yorke said.

    If Yorke is any indication, this is not going to be a popular law. In fact, repealing this new tax requirement seems like an ideal opportunity for the new Republican majority in the House to establish their anti-tax bona fides.

  71. Is Any Part of the Constitution Unconstitutional?
    By Andrew P. Napolitano from the December 2010 - January 2011 issue

    The short answer to the question above is: Yes.

    Here is the back story. The elections this past November were truly historic for those who love freedom. The Tea Party, a grassroots libertarian insurgency cobbled together from disaffected Republicans and libertarians, managed not only to strike fear into the Establishment, but actually to throw off the Establishment's hand-picked candidates in favor of those supporting limited government. The Republicans were able to ride this wave, taking control of the House and achieving a filibuster-positive number in the Senate. What many voters may not have known, though, is that if the Constitution we cherish were still in its original form with respect to the Senate, they would never have been able to vote for Rand Paul or Marco Rubio, and that would have been a good thing.

    The 17th Amendment to the Constitution, which provides for the direct popular election of senators, was enacted in 1913, at the height of the Progressive Era. Originally, the Constitution had provided for state legislatures to appoint U.S. senators, a realistic reflection that the Constitution was a compact of sovereign states. It meant that senators would not be focused on public campaigning; they could do what they were elected to do. They would represent the interests of the states that sent them -- not the people in the states, but the states as sovereign entities.

    The Founding Fathers' original intent in providing for indirect election of senators was to place a strong check on the power of the federal government. At the federal table, the people were to be represented by the House of Representatives, the nation as a nation was to be represented by the president, and the states as sovereign entities were to be represented by the senators whom the states sent to Washington. The beauty of this federal table concept was the veto the states had on the encroachment of their sovereignty by the feds. The 17th Amendment killed that veto, took away the states' place at the federal table, unleashed the feds' appetite for power, and assaulted the delicate constitutional framework the founders gave us.

    Consider the ways the process of recalling a rogue senator differs between then and now. Before 1913, if a senator were to assault state sovereignty, the people of that state were able to exert influence on the state legislature, which is held accountable every two years by a popular vote. The state legislature would be able to recall a senator immediately, thus sending a powerful message that those in the highest seats of federal power could be instantly dethroned.

    Now, only the voters of 18 states have the power of recall. And, you must remember, the senator will likely have enough of a constituency, dependent on the largesse she provides, that will have an interest in keeping her where she is. Since 1913, there has never been a senator recalled.

    This is not a dead issue; it is one that has been picking up steam. Sen.-elect Mike Lee (R-UT), who was swept to power in the recent elections, advocated the Amendment's abolition during his campaign. Think about it: If it weren't for the 17th Amendment, President Obama's health care legislation would never have come to pass because senators who were held accountable to their states would never have agreed to impose an unfunded mandate on them.

    As the Tea Partiers educate themselves about what is good law and can stay, and what is bad law and must be purged, I would urge them to take a second look at the 17th Amendment and consider whether more democracy is what we want, or if it's really more checks on the voracious federal appetite for power that we need. 

  72. .

    GOP congressional leaders are acting a lot like their predecessors

    For incoming Majority Leader Eric Cantor and his House Republicans, something strange happened on the way to Wednesday's "Opening Day" of the new Congress.
    and his colleagues campaigned against high deficits. Now, in the new majority's first major act, they plan to vote to increase the deficit by $143 billion as part of a repeal of health-care reform.

    For two years, Cantor and his colleagues bemoaned the Democrats' abuse of House rules to circumvent committees and to prevent Republicans from offering amendments. Now, Cantor confirmed on Tuesday, Republicans will employ the very same abuses as they attempt the repeal.

    For two years, the Republicans complained about unrelenting Democratic partisanship. Now they're planning no fewer than 10 investigations of the Obama administration, and the man leading most of those has already branded Obama's "one of the most corrupt administrations" in history.

    For two years, the Republican minority vowed to return power to the people. Now...

    Well you get the picture.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

    So what about all those things Republicans talked about in the election? Like spending cuts?

    "Stay tuned," Cantor said when asked Tuesday.

    And a conservative alternative to health-care reform?

    "Stay tuned," Cantor said.

    It will take a couple more elections with both parties getting hammered before there is any hope these guys will get it.


  73. Bob:In the last decade my home town has been invaded by metrosexuals, and lesbians. One whole bar given over to 'em. The locals say, that's where they all hang out.

    My local bar is Swank, which started out as just for gay men, but unfortunately for them, they built it right across from a bunch of softball fields, so in about five minutes it was taken over by dykes.

  74. Bob: Is Any Part of the Constitution Unconstitutional?
    By Andrew P. Napolitano from the December 2010 - January 2011 issue

    The short answer to the question above is: Yes.

    "One faith, one law and one standard of justice did not mean democracy. The heresy of democracy has since then worked havoc in church and state . . . Christianity and democracy are inevitably enemies." -- (p 100) [R.J. Rushdoony, The Institutes of Biblical Law]

  75. Why are those birds falling out of the sky?

    By the thousands.

  76. could be that Chinese stealth bomber flitting about wreaking havoc.

  77. The more I think about it the more I really don't find this video offensive. Actually, I find it to be quite entertaining, for amateurs anyway. And I find nothing wrong with this behavior except for the fact the dumb shit let it leak out to ruin his reputation and career.

    I mean c'mon. Don't these people know that loose lips sinks ships


  78. China's Military Head Games

    "The U.S. will gradually withdraw without China fighting it," said Lin. "China will achieve that not by military means, but in economics, and diplomacy - this is Beijing's plan, and it's very shrewd."

    "By 2025, and probably even before 2020, they will have de facto dominance of East Asia, or at least the western Pacific."

    The question becomes, will the United States fight as the PLA originally thought?

  79. .

    In a sense I agree with you Melody.

    It is adolescent humor geared to the eighteen and nineteen year old which I assume is his biggest demographic. My grandson would probably think it hilarious.

    On the other hand, the guy is XO on the Enterprise not cruise director on the 'Love Boat'. Add to that the fact that he states the video was designed to offend and there is no excuse.

    The guy shows extraordinarily poor judgment. He shouldn't be XO on the Staten Island Ferry.

    He's a nitwit. And it appears he will be taking his act on the road.


  80. What a dumbshit video. This guy was the captain of a ship? My God my God.

    Not long ago one of our subs crashed into one of our surface ships because the guy at the wheel was playing video games. My
    God my God.

    Lightning, rat, or a big hit from a chem trail.

    Or, they were playing follow the leader and the leader corkscrewed in.

  81. Actually, I find it to be quite entertaining, for amateurs anyway.

    Easily entertained.

    And, what would a video for a 'pro' look like?

  82. Romancing the Bone?

    Debbie Does Dallas?

    Wide Stance in the Men's Room?

  83. I admit I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy when it comes to such things, my standard these days being, would I want my daughter in a position like that.

    Zsa Zsa is having, or has had, one of her legs amuputated. The Prince was with her at the hospital.

  84. This comment has been removed by the author.

  85. Our country is so dumbed down we can't understand the meaning of the book "from which all American literature comes" Hemingway -- -- What is a word worth? According to Publishers Weekly, NewSouth Books' upcoming edition of Mark Twain's seminal novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" will remove all instances of the N-word -- I'll give you a hint, it's not nonesuch -- present in the text and replace it with slave.

    The new book will also remove usage of the word Injun. The effort is spearheaded by Twain expert Alan Gribben, who says his PC-ified version is not an attempt to neuter the classic but rather to update it.

    "Race matters in these books," Gribben told PW. "It's a matter of how you express that in the 21st century."

    Is editing "Huckleberry Finn" a good idea? Tell us what you think

    Unsurprisingly, there are already those who are yelling "Censorship!" as well as others with thesauruses yelling "Bowdlerization!" and "Comstockery"

    Their position is understandable: Twain's book has been one of the most often misunderstood novels of all time, continuously being accused of perpetuating the prejudiced attitudes it is criticizing, and it's a little disheartening to see a cave-in to those who would ban a book simply because it requires context.

    On the other hand, if this puts the book into the hands of kids who would not otherwise be allowed to read it due to forces beyond their control (overprotective parents and the school boards they frighten), then maybe we shouldn't be so quick to judge.

    It's unfortunate, but is it really any more catastrophic than a TBS-friendly re-edit of "The Godfather," you down-and-dirty melon farmer?

    The original product is changed for the benefit of those who, for one reason or another, are not mature enough to handle it, but as long as it doesn't affect the original, is there a problem?

    What do you think -- unnecessary censorship or necessary evil? Let us know in the comments below.

    I think it sucks.

  86. "Add to that the fact that he states the video was designed to offend…"

    I must have missed that part. I agree his show tunes from a professional stand point were barbaric and his consequences will most definitely be justified.

    I am easily amused.

  87. heh :)

    Don't you have some errands to run, like to the post office or something?

    I'm heading down to Shelley's.

    Yesterday was a day in hell.

  88. He rose far in the military business. Tells you something about "unit cohesion" if that attitude prevails in the service.

    You folks should listen in on the 'chat' in XBOX war games - 'that is soooo gay', 'fag', and 'nigger' are standard insults.

  89. with most of those words emphasized with emphatic FUCK, FUCKER, FUCKING ect.

  90. Don't pay any attention to anything I say today.

    I'm pissed off at everything.


    G-dammit, they didn't have the plat map.

    And then I see a bunch of dumbfuckers fucking up great American literature.

    And my wife has made up so many condo rules I can't turn around without commiting some major felony or other.

    Just ignore me.

  91. "My best to your son."

    Thank you.

    He's determined to be a jarhead.


    I sincerely hope it's everything he anticipates.

    As for the Navy Captain, there's not much to say is there? As scandals go it's not particularly earthshaking, save for the Captain himself.

    The scandal is recycled into fresh material for talking heads and blogginheads and the Sunday editorials. A form of entertainment not very different from the celebrity fuck-ups and foibles that sell People magazine and whatever else is sold at the checkout.

    It's all good.

  92. .

    The new book will also remove usage of the word Injun. The effort is spearheaded by Twain expert Alan Gribben, who says his PC-ified version is not an attempt to neuter the classic but rather to update it.

    How does one "update" a "classic"?

    Oxymoronic on the part of a "Twain expert".

    Good lord.


  93. Pollard – the gift that just keeps giving

    It continues to gall that none of these people, including the Pollards, have bothered to offer even a token statement of regret for his treason. For some odd reason, unexplained, this traitor and his complicit wife believe themselves “special”.

  94. So, Trish, what did you do with your life?

    Well, among other things, I read Huck Finn to my young son. Unedited. And you know, I did a pretty good job I think with the dialect and accents. I mean, it wouldn't pass muster with Books On Tape. But I'm a mere housewife.

    I haven't read aloud many stories that I and my son (or is it me and my son?) both wished would never end.

    But that was certainly one of them.

  95. People don't realize that Huck Finn is a very sophisticated satire.

    "It warn't the grounding -- that didn't keep us back but a little. We blowed out a cylinder-head."

    "Good gracious! anybody hurt?"

    "No'm. Killed a nigger."

    "Well, it's lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt...

  96. .

    What is a word worth? According to Publishers Weekly, NewSouth Books' upcoming edition of Mark Twain's seminal novel "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" will remove all instances of the N-word -- I'll give you a hint, it's not nonesuch -- present in the text and replace it with slave.

    I'm not familiar with the law. Is this legal? I mean taking someone's writing and changing it without footnotes explaining what you are doing and why.


  97. When the videos were done, Honors was the executive officer.

    Who was the commanding officer who permitted the showings in the first several instances?

    Will he be relieved?

  98. It's all good.

    Everything stinks.

    I need a t-shirt with the first on the front, the second on the back.

  99. And let's just see how many references to Hell you can squeeze in today.

  100. I think you need a few more commas, Ramses.

    I mean, hell, stick 'em between the letters.

    The more, the merrier.

    That's what my English teacher always said.

  101. I knowed you was goin to say that. :)

  102. ...but, but, can he fight?

    Lincoln heard the complaints about Grant's drinking, and wanted to know what he was drinking so he could send it to his other generals who were upstanding but could not fight and win.

    Grant could fight and win and no way was Lincoln firing him.

    Can Honors, despite his peccadilloes, lead that carrier in combat, secure the mission, save the ship and bring the crew home?

    Who the hell cares about who is offended? We are the United States of the Offended.

  103. As to the PissCing of Huck Finn, that is laughable. I watched the "Wire" twice, every episode, brilliant acting, writing and great entertainment.

    The writers used the world nigger profusely because that is how black people talk in the hoods of Baltimore.

    The writer Mark Twain knew and reported how people talked along the Mississippi.

  104. Can an idiot lead? Would you follow him?

  105. I suppose it is all a matter of whose nigger we are talking about.

  106. Understand the word "idiot" first.

  107. It is not the boy scouts, it is a man of war, If he could win and I was assigned to him, I'd follow him.

  108. Taseer killer turns hero on Facebook

    Pakistani governor murdered by his guard “because of Taseer's vocal opposition to the law that was recently used to sentence a CHRISTIAN woman to death.”

    “CHRISTIAN” emphasis mine

    Another muzzie murders a voice of reason because the Koran told him so.

  109. "Can an idiot lead? Would you follow him?"

    If he can fucking fight and win a war I guess around here it really wouldn't matter whether he was an idiot or not.

  110. The Captain cannot lead, though he may well be an excellent fighter pilot.

    Leadership and fighting ability are not synonymous.

    Mike Tyson was a great fighter.

  111. I don't know his service record at all but the video doesn't speak well to his leadership abilities. Thing about the military is you are supposed to follow what your leaders (higher rank) tell you. It would be interesting to hear what the crew thought of his leadership abilities. Certainly his superiors thought he exhibited good leadership at least, until, this video appeared that is.

  112. Hre was not captain when he made the video. He was promoted after that. Obviously he and his subordinates were happy with his service except for "the offended one" with an agenda.

  113. Because members of his crew disrespected him, because he disrespected them.

    Good leaders do not insult their subordinates, purposefully.

    ... there's a really good chance you're going to be offended tonight ...

    Yet he continued to stay the course. A mark of a lack of real leadership, he was not creating a "Team" but fracturing it.


  114. Please...take your TS card to the chaplain and get it punched.

  115. There were complaints, I read, at the time of the videos' release. Perhaps the Commander in Chief at the time was not much of a leader, either, that's changed.

    Perhaps you do not like where the Commander in Chief is leading US to, now, but leading he is.

    The Commander in Chief was obviously not impressed with Owen Honors and his leadership abilities. Captain Owen Honors will be easily replaced, before the Enterprise sails.

  116. When you join the army/navy you are...sorta like a slave are you not? "Yes Sir No Sir" that kind of shit. You can disobey a lawful order but otherwise you risk jail. Those that give you orders aren't there by your choice but their leaders. A bad leader can certainly rise in such an organization. He'll also reflect and contribute to the culture of that organization. Based on the video I don't think I'd choose him to lead. I'll bet he knows that ship inside out but rufus is wrong about his job being to keep the ship off the rocks - he's a got a navigator or two to do that.

  117. This comment has been removed by the author.

  118. I want my bacon and eggs.

    "No, not the bacon, it smells too much."

    Condo Rule 18 - C

    Shit, I'm screwed.

  119. It is the whiners that need to see the Chaplin, about getting their TS card punched.

    There seems to be only one of those, on this subject, today.

  120. .

    It is not the boy scouts, it is a man of war, If he could win and I was assigned to him, I'd follow him.

    You'd follow him regardless. That's part of your oath at enlistment.

    His competence isn't being questioned his judgment is. Nobody is complaining about his personal persuasion or prejudices. They are complaining about a XO making a film that goes against the professed positions of the navy and then disseminating it to the crew.

    The guy is unprofessional.

    I'm the last guy who wants to support anything PC. I'm the first guy who says in any position, military or civilian, you learn the rules, what your boss wants, then you follow them, or you quit.

    The guy is an arrogant SOB. He says in the video or somewhere in the post that the video was designed to irritate PC fags or something to that effect, he goes out of his way to say the Captain and the Admiral knew nothing of the film, he knew it was wrong and he did it anyway.

    I have no pity for the prick at all.


  121. .

    Could he lead?

    Comparing Honor to Patton?



  122. And so what happens a few days after getting my plat approved? Some big company shows up wanting 10 acres of R-4 high density. I don't have 10 acres of R-4 high densitiy in Phase I, because of the demands of the stupid City
    Staff, with whom I am compelled to work. I tell 'em, zone the whole thing R-4, which includes R-3 R-2 and R-1, and LET THE MARKET ZONE THE PLACE BECAUSE ALL THERE IS IS THE MARKET, which bats first last and in between. But no, the moron City Planner won't listen to 'ol bob and his good sense, so I get some irrational leapard spotted crap zoning making no sense at all.
    Upshot: if these people want it they will have to go in for a ZONE CHANGE, and we are back to the idiot neighborhood meetings, the Planning and Zoning, the City Staff, and the City Council. Idiocy, but it's not going to be on my dime this time round.

    What in hell do we need here in this university town? You got it, R-4 for student housing, about half mile from campus.

    But nooooooo.

    The entire city staff ought to be fired, all they cause is trouble. And we shouldn't have a Planning and Zoning Committee at all.

    They will end up getting their zone change if they pursue it, but O, all that trouble.

    This is one of the three topics you can listen to me on, the other two being wheat farming and fly fishing.

  123. Doesn't ObamaCare pay for abortions too, Miss T? That will get bumped.

    The House is not going to fund most of ObamaCare is what I read.


  124. .

    Death Panels.

    End of life planning is important for everyone; however, it everyone's responsibility to handle it themselves. The government doesn't need to be mandating it.

    Doctors and supporters of hospice care had supported, and praised, the measure.

    Of course they supported and praised it. It promised more money for them.

    Sure they had to take courses to assure they were "qualified" to offer advice on the process and alternatives but they got paid for that too.

    And can we doubt that the course and the training would be designed to assure "uniform" presentation of the "correct" approach to end of life decisions?

    Or that the courses would be vetted by government lawyers, actuaries, and pencil-pushers, as well as, the political appointees whose job it is to bring these programs in on budget?

    I've said little positive about Palin; but she may have gotten one right here.


  125. WiO: Gaza
    it's a Ghetto Controlled by Zionazis, The people starve, oh the
    humanity, oh the war crimes, gaza, whose border is sealled up like a
    casket is controlled by those filthy jews and their filthy country.
    Today another load of aid has been denied entry by those zionist pigs...
    How dare they!

    One of the first budget-cutting missions the newly elected tea party members in Congress should embark on is paring the $3 billion in annual grants and $10 billion in other foreign aid U.S. taxpayers will supply to Israel over the next decade. They don't need our help anymore, and U.S. taxpayers have no business funding, directly or indirectly, an illegal settlements policy that clearly works against our nation's security interests.


  126. bob, I thought your own lawyer wrote the contract with the City, and you were celebrating.

    Now, it seems, that contract binds you in ways that are detrimental, to you.
    My oh my, how can that be?

    Did the lady lawyer make an error in process?

    Oh, the highs and lows of real estate development, by amateurs.

  127. The Trails and Tribulations of Farmer bob, real estate man.

    One that did not even know of the "Fair Housing Act", even though he was a landlord, obligated to obey the Law.

  128. More entertaining than parodies in the Story of "o", authored by that Islamic Jinn.


  129. .

    What happens to property taxes when the zoning changes?


  130. Has anybody seen the unedited video? Any links? Who knows, maybe they were having issues on board with folks claiming to be 'offended' so he 'made a point'.

    All I know about the guy is from that one vid.

  131. You're an idiot and know nothing.
    The contract was an effort by both sides. She made the changes that were possible, under the circumstances. The reason I accepted some shit I didn't want to is we know the requirements are going to get even more onerous, as to fees, parkland, and especially a coming time limit as to when a development has to be completed after a plat is approved. Such a time limit, say five years, would make things impossible, which is what City Staff wants. I am now grandfathered in, I can take a hundred years if I chose to do so. Not that I'll live that long :)

    They'll get their zone change if they pursue it, which they probably will, if they are serious. It's just an unnecessary pain in the ass.

    Stick with something you know, like Jew baiting.

  132. Why would they grant the zoning change to them when they wouldn't grant it to you? You did ask for that zoning didn't you?

  133. An excellent question by Quirk - and the answer is nothing if it is still being farmed and is over five acres. When something is actually built taxes go sky high, otherwise it's farmland taxes. It gets a little complicated, the lots or land in question must be contiguous. A street does not exist - it's invisible - as far as this rule is concerned. But you can't let, say, four lots get isolated from the farming or, instead of say $17 a lot yearly at farmland taxation, you are suddenly looking at, say, $1,000 a lot yearly. One must think ahead.

    The Phases of the development, I, II, III, IV are dictated by engineering concerns,sewer flows and such, so they look a little skewed and jagged when looked at on a map.

  134. I coould probably get the City to bust up Phase I into Phase Ia and Phase Ib, if I needed to for economic reasons. I'm sure as hell not going out to borrow the money to do all of Phase I on a lark. I'm not an idiot. I need reliable buyers on the line.

  135. How many buyers need commit in order for the project to go? 75%?

  136. our jew hating Israel bashing psuedo christian states:

    One of the first budget-cutting missions the newly elected tea party members in Congress should embark on is paring the $3 billion in annual grants and $10 billion in other foreign aid U.S. taxpayers will supply to Israel over the next decade.

    Just stop all aid to the arab and islamic world 1st and stop all military sales to the islamic world and stop buying their oil 1st...

    Otherwise your just peddling bullshit...

    one standard...

    Israel a pittance in AID as compared to what we GIVE the Islamists every year..


  137. I wanted R-4 for all of it. They came back with some bullshit about traffic flow density.

    The R-4 should be that which is closest to the University. I imagine they might want me to trade some R-4 from II and III so the total R-4 is about the same, but it is more concentrated down on the south end.

    They'll get their zone change.

    You have to understand, Ash, there is nothing logical about dealing with these people.

    I had to hire a traffic survey done. But then they wanted to hook me up via a street I was to build to a guy to the east who has thirty acres, and they never even considered having his possible traffic - all his would come down through mine, as it's closest way to a primary destination, the Mall and the U of I - included in the traffic survey.

    They are not logical.

    The City Council ought to rein them in.

    I could have walked away, but our outlook was take some tactical hits while pursuing the overall strategy, as we know things are going to get tougher.

    And watch out when the libs get back in control of City Government, as they will one of these days.

    I have a doc's appointment.

    Good questions.

  138. Oh yes..

    Rodentboy now says Allen and I are actually moslems...

    Just as Rufus said I could not be an American cause is spelled "america" like that, without a cap...

    Talk about crackheads...

    It's an alice in wonderland world where ms t is a self claimed expert (along with rodent) on all things jewish...

    Next they will be telling us of nice summer camps we should be visiting... And that work will set us free...

  139. I bait Israelis, bob, not Jews.

    I have nothing at all to say, towards any organized religion, or the practitioners there of, except that they tend to be hypocritical.

    Israel, on the other hand, is a country that sucks on the US teat, while acting against US interests.
    Making it a viable target, of scorn.

    Bet a good portion of the technologies on that new Chi-com fighter transited Israel, on their way to Peking.

    There is historical precedent, for that bet.

  140. Notice how both Rodentboy and Ms T ignore the actual website, from iran, telling us that egypt is preventing aid to go to gaza...

    just misdirection from the anti-semites...

  141. As to the Trials and Tribulations of Farmer bob, real estate developer ...

    Only know what you tell us.

    Which is both contradictory and entertaining, as well.

  142. desert rat said...
    I bait Israelis, bob, not Jews.

    You are so full of shit....


    how can you type the nonsense you type without the shit flying out your ass??????

    Rat, you are one piece of work. Every Jew in the bar as had an issue with you.

    It's a pattern really..

    You are a jew hating piece of shit...

    we all KNOW that...

    it's a fact jack...

    an israel hating, jew hating piece of vermon...

  143. Egypt has no dominion in Gaza, only the Israelis do.

    It is the Israeli that blockade the port, not Egypt. It is the Israeli that monitor imports to Gaza, not Egypt.

    It is Israel that militarily controls Gaza, not Egypt. That has been true, since 1967, nothing has changed, in that regard.

    The Iranians are famous, for their lies and misdirection. No story, from there, is worthy of being taken as gospel. The only value, to stories from Iran, is to get a feel for their spinning propaganda.

    It is telling that our resident Islamic Jinn is quoting the Iranians, as a trusted source, now.

  144. The Iranians tell the whirled, time and again, that they are not developing nuclear weapons.

    Judging by the truthfulness of the Iranians, referenced and testified to, by our Islamic Jinn, "o", it must be true.

  145. Our Islamic Jinn, masquerading as an American Jew, is the one that speaks consistently, of hate.

    The self projection is quite evident, even through his mask.

  146. desert rat said...
    Egypt has no dominion in Gaza, only the Israelis do.

    Israel does not control Rafah...

    You lie Rat...

    Israel does not control the Philadelphia Strip between Gaza and Egypt.

    You lie Rat...

  147. When commercial Turkish shipping was headed to Gaza, it was not Egyptians that attacked and killed a US citizen on board one of those boats.
    No, it was the Israelis.

  148. Rat states: It is the Israeli that blockade the port, not Egypt. It is the Israeli that monitor imports to Gaza, not Egypt.

    Israel has no control over the Egyptian exporting of goods to gaza

    you lie rat...

    Israel blocks the sea port? SO what?

    Israel blocks the gaza/israel border...

    So what?

    Egypt can and does control the population and wares going in and out of gaza...

  149. rodentdick says: It is Israel that militarily controls Gaza, not Egypt. That has been true, since 1967, nothing has changed, in that regard.

    Egypt control gaza from 1948 - 1967 when they lost it by using it as a terrorist base.

    Israel has withdrawn for years from gaza, and the powerful hamas government has all sorts of rockets and weapons, just a few months ago you were bragging that Hamas defeated israel...

    Now Israel controls gaza??

    which is it?

    If Israel controlled Gaza rockets would not be shot on a daily basis into israel from gaza...

    Hamas controls gaza...

  150. Hamas does not control, the Israeli does.

    This was exemplified in the pirate raid last summer and in Operation Cast Lead, in 2008.

    That the Israeli do a poor job of it, not the Gazans fault.

    Gaza is prison, as the Prime Minister of England has publicly stated. Israel is the warden.

    There is no escaping that fact, no matter the protestations of "o" the Jinn.

  151. Israel a pittance in AID as compared to what we GIVE the Islamists every year..

    I'm an isolationist, I say cut 'em both off and get the hell out of Afghanistan while we're at it.

    Just stop all aid to the arab and islamic world 1st and stop all military sales to the islamic world and stop buying their oil 1st...

    Rufus will tell you oil is a fungible commodity. Stop US demand of middle east oil and China will step up.

    About the only thing you can really boycott in the middle east is camel hair coats.

  152. Honors has not spoken publicly about the videos. The new ones include a scene in which he talks to an officer he identifies as a staffer for the admiral in charge of the USS Enterprise carrier strike group.

    That staffer's involvement could contradict Honors' disclaimer in all the videos that senior officers were not aware of them. The Navy is investigating what other officers knew.

  153. The US does boycott Iranian oil, though "o" the Jinn, tells us they are truthful and dependable.

    Regardless, it has not slowed them down. The only thing that has, is the current, stepped up, US pressure on foreign countries to not do business with them.

    It seems to be working with regards India, not so much with Turkey. Russia, who's to say?

    But the singular boycott of Iran, by US, has not been effective as a foreign policy tactic, or has it?

    If we are to believe the statements, out of Iran, as "o" the Jinn submits we should, there is no further need of a US boycott, of Iranian goods and services.

    As to foreign aid, I have stated time and again we should cut it off, excepting some humanitarian relief efforts.

    I have protested the US arms sale to the Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia.

    It is part and parcel of the Equivalency Standard. None of the foreigners are deserving of the US providing funding, borrowed from the Chinese.

  154. Now allen's favorite Rabbi Daniel Lapin thells us this:

    ... tradition reminds each and every conservative that he is being judged by an absolute set of standards that has stood the test of time.
    He is expected to reign in his passions, control angry outbursts, and behave towards others with civility and manners. The conservative rejects the liberal credo of 'be yourself,' and 'be natural,' insisting that we ought to struggle to rise above ourselves.

    Which would indicate that "o" the Jinn is no conservative.

  155. Jews Have Debased American
    & Jewish Culture -
    Our Worst Enemy

    By Rabbi Daniel Lapin
    President, Toward Tradition

    American Jews whom Rabbi Daniel Lapin tells us are debasing American & Jewish culture and are what he refers to as anti-Semites:

    Barbra Streisand
    Woody Allen
    Ruth Westheimer
    Howard Stern
    Jerry Springer
    Ron Jeremy

    ...we ought to recognize that this unwholesome perception of Jews is the result of anti-Semitism perpetrated by Jews rather than by non-Jews.

    It would seem that Isaiah's twenty-eight hundred year old prophecy to the Jewish people has come true today -
    "Those that destroy you and those that wreck you go forth from thee."
    (Isaiah 49:17)

    The Lapin Standard. It would include "o", if he really is a Jew.

    Who is baitin' whom?

  156. That allen, after recommending the work of Rabbi Lapin, so closely identifies with "o" the Jinn, leaves one to believe he is also a closeted anti-Semite, or not a Jew at all.

    He is certainly no conservative, not one that meets the Lapin Standard, anyway.

  157. Also on Rabbi Lapin's list of anti-Semites:

    Dustin Hoffman
    ... the solution lies not in attempting to defame the critics, but in stepping forward to criticize the defamers. Indeed, if we Jews do not ourselves condemn the wrong that our brethren do, others with less sympathy eventually will do so.

  158. I have little sympathy for the Israeli. Driven to that position by "Pork Rinds for Allah".

    Rabbi Lapin is a wise man.

  159. Washington Post -

    The United States and its NATO allies plan to spend $11.6 billion this year building Afghanistan's security forces, ..


  160. Tax compliance: 6.1 billion hours a year - MarketWatch

    Lots of lost productivity, in that number.

    The US Tax Code:
    It's a "job killer".

  161. The business cycle is not dead, not in the US.

    If you blamed Obama for the decline, in 2009, he will have to praised now, with job opportunities raised.

    NEW YORK, Jan 5 (Reuters) -

    The US dollar rallied on Wednesday and analysts expect it to gain further against other currencies after bullish US data indicated the world's largest economy was on a steady path to recovery.

    How can this be?
    Was Obamaism really the reason, for the decline or the recovery?

  162. I would not want my son, or daughter (who WAS stationed on a Carrier) serving under that guy.

    A Nuclear Carrier is one serious piece of business, commanded by a Man with as "God-like" a set of powers as exists on this earth. It deserves a serious, and dedicated leader, not some would-be, schoolboy prankster.

  163. More insanity

    NYTimes -

    ... health care accounted for a larger share of a smaller economy — a record 17.6 percent of the total economic output in 2009, the report said. The economy contracted while health spending continued to grow.

  164. I had to look up the definition of jinn. About, oh, nine months ago.

  165. One of the less unpleasant things I've been called.

  166. Maybe, that's not too surprising, Rat. People get worried, don't eat/sleep as well. Start doing oddjobs they, in other times, might have "hired out" (cleaning gutters, chopping firewood, etc,) and end up sick, and/or injured. Also, you might see a rise in Drug use, and alcoholism, as well a car wrecks, and violence.

    Also, look at Deuce's link about MS. Medicine is improving with leaps, and bounds; but, so are the costs. Our Doctors can treat, and cure many things that they couldn't just a few years ago, but they don't (can't) work for free.

  167. Best kept Secret in the Universe: Maine gets 55% of its electricity from Renewable Sources.

    California is aiming for 33% by 2020, and Colorado is aiming for 30% by that date.

    The EU is looking for 34% by 2020.

  168. Hey Chief I'm heading south on March 4th should I stop by and say hi.

  169. And, I live in a county with Great Wind, and Solar Resource, that has one of the largest rivers in the world on its Western Border, and fantastic Bio Resources,

    and we get Ezzackly, ZERO.

    We send our little bit of money to Houston, and Venezuela. We be "Brainiacs."

  170. There are good jinn and there are bad jinn, and if they get a grip on you, they influence you accordingly.

    The arabs illiterates who discovered the Dead Sea Scrolls are said to have worried some of the jars might be holding evil jinn, if I recall correctly, and were somewhat frightened at busting them open.

    I was unable to get my lady doctor to let me off the hook for the light up the penis to look at the bladder, but I did score two Valium for when the time comes.

    She wanted to know if she could keep my von Lommel NDE study book some time longer, and I said sure, and I have a couple more too. She says, great!. I have found my doctor. We are going to get together and talk it out one of these days.

    Quirk, they don't even use nitrous any longer, except very rarely in the dental office. You must have been thinking of William James and the nitrous revolution, or you were trying to fuck with my head.

  171. "yes, Trish, it works...cause dumb, pumped-up kids like my boy pay your toll...

    "Oh, and America (that would be my country) has been financially ruined carrying your sorry fat rear ends."

    Allen, what in God's name inspired you to type this last night?

    What's my "toll"?

    Who's carrying my rear end and how have they been bankrupted by it?

    We seem to have gone off the deep, deep end.

  172. There are good jinn and there are bad jinn and there are redheaded jinn.

  173. Quirk, they don't even use nitrous any longer,...

    Screw the Valium.

    It has been close to 20 years now since my last kidney stone. Had to wait almost a month before I could get scheduled in for the lithotripsy. Had to have a stint inserted and walk around with it for a month while waiting.

    I was asleep when they put it in. Had the nitrous oxide when having it taken out.

    Suggestion. Have a dentist run the prope up your dick.