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Sunday, January 02, 2011

US Military Spending and Chinese Naval Ambitions

China’s Naval Ambitions
Published: January 1, 2011
NY Times

Beijing’s drive to extend its military and territorial reach is making America’s close allies in the region nervous and raising legitimate questions about American diplomacy and future military procurement. The commander of America’s Pacific forces recently revealed that China could soon deploy a ballistic missile capable of threatening American aircraft carriers in the region.

The Pentagon has a long history of hyping the Chinese threat to justify expensive weapons purchases, and sinking well-defended ships with ballistic missiles is notoriously hard. But what should rightly concern American military planners is not so much the missile but the new Chinese naval strategy behind it.

China seems increasingly intent on challenging United States naval supremacy in the Western Pacific. At the same time it is aggressively pressing its claims to disputed offshore islands in the East and South China Seas. Washington must respond, carefully but firmly.

The Pentagon must accelerate efforts to make American naval forces in Asia less vulnerable to Chinese missile threats by giving them the means to project their deterrent power from further offshore.

Cutting back purchases of the Navy’s DDG-1000 destroyer (with its deficient missile defense system) was a first step. A bigger one would be to reduce the Navy’s reliance on short-range manned strike aircraft like the F-18 and the F-35, in favor of the carrier-launched N-UCAS, a longer-range unmanned strike aircraft. The Air Force should also drop its plans to buy 2,000 short-range strike planes but no long-range bombers.

The Obama administration must also redouble its diplomatic efforts to persuade Beijing that great power cooperation is far better than a costly and dangerous military rivalry. North Korea is a good starting point. The two countries share a clear interest in reining in Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions and reckless threats.

China — North Korea’s main supplier of food and fuel — has been far too reluctant to use its leverage. Fearing a huge influx of refugees, it is focused solely on propping up the Kim dynasty. Before it is too late, Beijing needs to realize that an erratic, nuclear-armed neighbor is anything but a recipe for stability — or for an American military drawdown.

Dealing with a rising China could be Washington’s biggest challenge in the decades ahead. The United States has no interest in heightening tensions. A rapidly developing China has better uses for its new wealth than weapons. But when China pushes, as it is doing now, America needs to push back with a creative mix of diplomatic suppleness and military steadfastness.


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    Certainly the Chinese are no type of military threat, to the US.
    Neither are the billion plus Islamoids in the whirled.

    Cultural threat, perhaps.
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    Military threat, not in the next twenty years, if ever.

    Yet the Military Industrial Complex has gotten more money, from US, than ever before.

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  6. The New Black Panther Party, as important a group of folks as the White Knights of America

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  8. Seems that there are some Israelis that "get it".

    11 Israeli activists arrested after protest at home of U.S. ambassador

    Demonstrators were protesting death of 36-year-old Palestinian woman, who inhaled tear gas at a rally against the West Bank fence on Friday.

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  10. Egyptian police have arrested 17 people suspected of involvement in the bombing of a Coptic Christian church that killed at least 21 ...

  11. Gunman kills deputy
    Columbus Dispatch -

    German Township Patrolman Jeremy Blum is hit and falls during a shootout with a gunman at Enon Beach campground in western Ohio. Blum was shot in the shoulder and is in stable condition at Miami Valley Hospital, ...

    Trailer trash.

    Does not mention race or religion of the cop killer.

    But he was living in an Airstream travel trailer, in Ohio.

  12. 10%, Across the Board. The only way I can see Budget Reductions working. In addition to winding down the foreign adventures in Iraq, and Afghanistan, of course.

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  16. "When does the General return home?"

    He's not gone.

  17. "There is no well spent time."

    With this I absolutely disagree.

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  19. desert rat said...
    Seems that there are some Israelis that "get it".

    Yep there are some mentally retarded israelis...

    glad there were arrested...

    Even gladder that there is now one more dead terrorist lover...

    Died on the same spot her terrorist brother died...

    Family of terrorists said how proud they are of her...

    I hope Israel stops using tear gas and switches to live ammo...

    Kill terrorists dont shoot tear gas at them

  20. Tension flares amid Israeli raids -

    One Palestinian shot dead at checkpoint in the West Bank and two more injured in Gaza as Israeli jets hit refugee camp. Two civilians have been injured in air raids on Gaza by Israeli forces, according to Palestinian emergency services officials, ...

    Israeli terrorists strike again, using US manufactured aircraft.

  21. The Muzzies strike in Egypt, the Israeli counter in Gaza

    The Equivalency continues.

  22. You may disagree and I am sympathetic to your disagreement but the universe is profoundly disinterested.

    No, I'll go beyond that. I would be more concerned if someone were watching, keeping score on some permanent record.

    It is best to maintain your panoply and defend against an indifferent world rather than an interested world.

  23. our jew hater laments...

    Israeli terrorists strike again, using US manufactured aircraft.

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  24. desert rat said...
    The Muzzies strike in Egypt, the Israeli counter in Gaza

    The Equivalency continues.

    No, the Muzzies shelled Israel and tried to shoot rockets at a sports stadium in Israel...

    Then the "terrorist" israelis struck a hamas bomb factory...

    sound like a plan...

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  25. Cumulative body counts, the Israeli have killed many more Muzies than the Muzzies have killed Israeli.

    Over the past 24 hours, though, the Israeli have only killed three women. The Muzzies, 21 assorted victims, killed.

    The Egyptians have arrested the suspected bombers, the Israeli feted theirs.

    Equivalency plus.

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    They do not rate that high.

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  27. The US Predator strikes, in Pakistan, an exercise in futility.

  28. A stark example of military spending not getting the job done.

    Fighting a cultural battle with a half-hearted military effort is doomed to fail.

    As Mr Rumsfeld often said, terrorism is of little military significance.

    Right he was, about that.

  29. rodent says

    Cumulative body counts, the Israeli have killed many more Muzies than the Muzzies have killed Israeli.

    And the Brits killed more germans in dresden....

    so what?

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  32. Saddam Hussein is dead.

    Cost US almost a trillion dollars to get 'er done.

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  33. muzzies murder in nigeria...

    rodent gets his panties in a knot that Israel killed a couple terrorists...


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  34. The Iranian tactics, in their war with Saddam, proof positive that they are no military threat, to anyone.

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  38. The Israeli have been bombing the Muzzies since the inception of the State of Israel. Trying to contain them, with terror.

    Yet the Israeli still live in fear of the Muzzies. Well exemplified by the Story of "o".

    Insanity is described as doing the same thing, over and again, but expecting a different outcome.

  39. (CNN) --
    Arkansas game officials hope testing scheduled to begin Monday will solve the mystery of why more than 1000 blackbirds fell from the sky just before midnight New Year's Eve.

  40. Ishmael aka the nazi rat says:

    desert rat said...
    The Israeli have been bombing the Muzzies since the inception of the State of Israel. Trying to contain them, with terror.

    If ONLY you spoke the truth!

    I would LOVE ISRAEL to try bombing the muzzies.

    now that would be a party!!!

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    Christians are murdered on Christmas by Muzzies and all Ishmael can say is "Israel is bad." "Dolt" is the perfect word.

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