“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, January 09, 2011

It Is Time For Me to Go

I want to thank one and all for an entertaining four years. I could say it has lasted far longer than I had planned but in fact, I had not planned it at all. It was a spontaneous decision on a whim.

I will miss it, most of it,  but not all.

I can assure you that I am in good health.

It is obvious to me that the EB has not evolved into what it could have been. No one can take more responsibility for that than me. Perhaps I should have been more restrictive of the comments but I doubt that would have made much of a difference.

I hope you found the EB mostly entertaining and enjoyable. I did.

Good night Melody. Goodnight Trish. Good night All.

Good luck and goodbye.


  1. If it's sunset time

    Guess I'll ride along into it.

  2. .

    Deuce and Whit,

    Sorry to see the old place shut down. It provided me with a great outlet during a bad time. Best to both of you in the future.

    Melody, happy birthday in advance. Looks like we won't be making any of those midnight rendevous. But this is bigger than both of us, and we will always have Capricorn.

    Ruf, happy birthday to you too. I may have to follow you over to The Oil Drum just to irritate you but it won't be the same.

    Trish, I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck.

    Best wishes to everyone else.


  3. Well, hell, if any of you knew what a bad week I had, and now this.

    I am going to miss wife will be joyous.

    I will miss most all of you.....all you good people.

    Like a family I don't have.....even if I'm the wayward son.

    Quirk, I lost your e-mail....could you send it to me?

    What will I do without Rufus?


    Ruf you got an email....send it to me

    And could send me your email too..we'll talk lit once in a while bout books and stuff

    And, and, .. .. O O O

    Best to you all....

    Deuce and
    Whit for the limosine ride

  4. And WiO you MUST send me your email as I want to have a coffee with you when I get back there in a few months. Allen please do the same. And Sam. And Doug. And Miss T the Winner and Lover of Twain, like me. And Whit. And Deuce.

  5. The silver more rat turds in the morning coffee....

  6. Blogger Rufus II said...

    "We're not interested in what a Canadian has to say about this one Ash."

    Aye typical American 'head in the sand' attitude. Ironically I'm a full blooded American - born in the USA with born in the USA parents. I still carry a USA Passport, can, and do, vote in the USA, but, I choose to live in Canada. Heck, I even have to file US tax returns.

    I used to hear bullshit like that Rufus when I opposed the Iraq adventure - more ironies given the shift in opinion of many of the patrons here.

    As to shutting this place down - I hope not. It could be run with significantly less work from Deuce. What I like about the place is the varied cast of characters and the fact that it isn't a very large cast. If things get too big, too popular, there is just too much stuff going on, too many comments, just too much. Heck, if you want a site to to continue to chat you can go to but I'd rather y'all stay here.

  7. Ash you idiot child I want to take this opportunity.....please please PLEASE put a different face on yourself.

    God Almighty!

    But I quess it won't matter much now.

    Ash, do not send me your email address.

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  9. So much work and devotion...

    Perhaps some of the self-centered commenters could vow to treat your endeavor better should you decide to carry on?

    I hope.

  10. 72. RWE
    Loughner is associated with a group called American Renaissance. They are not just anti-government but are specifically opposed to the Zionist Occupation Government.

    Rep Giffords is Jewish.

    Case closed. The guy has more in common with Al Fatah and Hezbolah and nothing to do with American Conservatism.

    However Gifford’s father has blamed the Tea Party for the shooting. I guess he does not want a crisis to go to waste.

  11. Good morning all.

    Ambivalence might best express my feelings.

    It all started out as great fun, a lark, a poke in the eye of another consequential blog gone to seed.

    Hopes were high. The talent and latent intelligence were stellar.

    I will miss almost everyone, despite being persona non grata.

    Deuce, you have a gift. In time I hope you use it again - perhaps with a more mature appreciative cast of characters (sadly, including me).

    Best to all and "Be well".

  12. Joe Zamudio...
    Exceptional Witness
    Very objective, exceptionally modest, and generous in his praise of others.

  13. allen aka On the subject line use "EB".

    If I must take porn, please make it worthwhile.

    Be prepared for grief. Even enemies grieve the loss of a long term relationship.

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  15. My father talked about everyone here as if he actually knew you so your closing down is a surprise. I wish you well.

    Quirk: Once again I want to thank you for your kind comments about my father.

    I was going to comment today anyway. A couple of people emailed me to ask that my father's site be re-opened for a while so that they could review some of the material. I have done so.

    I want to emphasise that the blog is not re-opening. I don't mind answering a few questions but I simply don't have the time (or the talent) to run a blog.

    Best wishes to you all.

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  19. :)

    Well expressed. WiO, I let your comment stand as my last comment to the vermin as well.

  20. .

    Well, gee.

    It's always nice to part on a happy note.



  21. Got it, Quirker.

    Best to you, you fraud :)

  22. WiO

    Here is the Viktor Silo link.

  23. I was joking about the exit speech. I guess you weren't. I never really fit in but I made the most of my time here and for the most part it was my pleasure.

    Deuce and Whit, you have shown nothing but respect for me and I want to thank you for that. I hope you're making the right decision. I'm sure you are as the decision probably wasn't as spontaneous as the decision it was to open this place. If this is truly you last I want to wish you luck and commend you on all the hard work you put into running this place.

    WiO, are you sure you don't want my email. ( :

  24. I know. But it's all harmless.

    I did email you.

  25. I do want to thank Quirk, though, for giving me that opportunity. It was fun. The blog was fabricated as joke but maybe I'll use it to finish what Quirk started.

  26. .

    I might do that Mel. But if you shut it down, let me know where you move on to.

    I am now homeless or at least blogless.


  27. Um…You chose to be homeless well before the shut down. So don't start whining, I'm out of cheese and crackers.

    But the site is not going anywhere so stop by any time.

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  29. And I want to offer up a Pleroma on the Rocks on my tab to everyone, absolutely everyone, cause there is no end to it.

    The dove flies through the darkness, and the darkness always recedes, and that darkness is the mystery of God.....

    Ain't no end...

    Admit it Melody, you never did hear that word Pleroma until ol'
    mystical fly fishing bob came along.

    Those that walk without sympathy walk to their own funerals without a shroud.

    Now I got you athinking...


  30. Thanks Govnor, you'll be hearing from me once in a while, Sir.

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  32. Let us quit with the very best --

    I believe in you my soul, the other I am must not abase itself to
    And you must not be abased to the other.

    Loafe with me on the grass, loose the stop from your throat,
    Not words, not music or rhyme I want, not custom or lecture, not
    even the best,
    Only the lull I like, the hum of your valved voice.

    I mind how once we lay such a transparent summer morning,
    How you settled your head athwart my hips and gently turn'd over
    upon me,
    And parted the shirt from my bosom-bone, and plunged your tongue
    to my bare-stript heart,
    And reach'd till you felt my beard, and reach'd till you held my

    Swiftly arose and spread around me the peace and knowledge that pass
    all the argument of the earth,
    And I know that the hand of God is the promise of my own,
    And I know that the spirit of God is the brother of my own,
    And that all the men ever born are also my brothers, and the women
    my sisters and lovers,
    And that a kelson of the creation is love,
    And limitless are leaves stiff or drooping in the fields,
    And brown ants in the little wells beneath them,
    And mossy scabs of the worm fence, heap'd stones, elder, mullein and

    The very best --

    the hum of your valved voice.

    Whitman and Twain, they are AMERICA!

  33. I know many will hate to read it but, from the beginning, you know what really drove the traffic in the comments section?

    the rat!

    Desert Rat.

    He should start a blog - blog comments thrive on disagreement.

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  35. .

    I know many will hate to read it but, from the beginning, you know what really drove the traffic in the comments section?

    the rat!

    A valid point. Without rat we would have had about half the comments.



  36. .

    The shooting of the congresswoman and the people around her in AZ was a tragedy. However, does it call for Boehner to shut down the House for a week to 'reflect' on it?

    If reflecting on this shooting results in all parties toning down the rhetoric and taking a more civil approach, all the better. But with the problems we have in this country, shouldn't Congress be doing it's job?

    On This Week Christiane Amenpour and George Stephanopolous tried their damnest to convince everyone that the shooting was the result of the heated rhetoric in this country. They were disappointed when George Will said in country of 308 million you are going to have some 'whack-jobs' and it looks like this was one of them.

    Christiane was obviously upset when Dick Armey told her she should be looking to psychology not sociology for the answers here.

    Oh yea, Donna Brazile presented the liberal case by calling for more security.

    It's a great country we live in.


  37. I saw this coming from a mile away.

    It's been a love/hate relationship from the beginning. (This past spring and summer weren't too bad.)

    If it wasn't Habu, it was always some other miserable prick by some other screen name.


    Oh, for fuck's sake? How could it?

    It was never meant to.

  38. Q, you're, by far, the best remaining writer. Why don't you take over the keys, and put a post up every now and then? Kind of keep the ol' thing on "slow idle?"

    Melody will help you? ;)

  39. Maybe, after he's had a little R&R, Deuce will kick in a little artwork, and an "occasional" comment.

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  41. .

    Sorry, Ruf.

    I'm more computer illiterate than Bob. Besides Google security is still trying to track me down.


  42. .

    I saw this coming from a mile away.

    It's been a love/hate relationship from the beginning. (This past spring and summer weren't too bad.)

    If it wasn't Habu, it was always some other miserable prick by some other screen name.


    Oh, for fuck's sake? How could it?

    It was never meant to.

    Thank you "Little Miss Shunshine".

    Wouldn't it have been simpler to say "Gee, I'll miss you guys." Or "Gee, I'll miss some of you guys." Or even, "Gee, I'll mss one of you guys."

    Unless you are a complete masochist, there had to be something here you liked.

    You ought to have at least one good thing to say to Management on the last day.


  43. Rat, what about you?

    It'd be a "piece o' cake," Big Fella. Like falling off a log. You can do it.

    We could have articles on Bear Roping, Bikini Waxing, and all manner of good stuff. :)

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  46. "Unless you are a complete masochist, there had to be something here you liked."

    There were some things I really, truly enjoyed writing.

    If I went back and read them I wouldn't like them as much as I did at the time. That almost always goes without saying.

    But the act was pleasantly absorbing.

    It always has been.

    At least now I have an excuse to go the gym.

    It's been years.

    And my beer and wine bill will decrease dramatically.

  47. Not long after 9/11 I began corresponding daily with someone on Long Island.


    For maybe a year and half.

    One day without notice I just stopped.

    This is kind of like that.

    Except that that was MY decision.

  48. He gave me a ton of investment advice.

    I saved it, along with a lot of other emails. In a blue folder I went looking for recently. I was curious to see what I was thinking and how much it's changed.

    I cannot manage to find it.

  49. .

    Sorry, Trish.

    I am always shooting from the hip and regretting it two minutes later.

    That's what's so good about the delete icon. Unfortunately, I wrote that last comment using the Name/URL and there was no way to pull it back.

    I meant what I said on my first post. Hope everything works out for you. Sounds like you have a plan.


  50. And why not on this last day do me the favor of explaining the periods and empty spaces at the beginning and end of every post, Quirk?

    It's such a small thing.

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  52. I saw this coming from a mile away.

    It's been a love/hate relationship from the beginning. (This past spring and summer weren't too bad.)

    If it wasn't Habu, it was always some other miserable prick by some other screen name.


    Oh, for fuck's sake? How could it?

    It was never meant to.

    Was it always one of God's prototype bars, too weird to live, too strange to die, never even really meant for mass production? Only a place meant for us mutants?????

  53. MELODY who knows all music, put up something appropriate, some dirge or some song about a broken relationship or something. You know. Something fitting this moment.

  54. My wife has said the following this morning -

    "praise God"


    "bob you don't know those people"

    "bob you're an idiot"

    "rufus must be an old fool like you"

    "they are all taking you for a ride"

    "you stupid shit"

  55. Was it always one of God's prototype bars, too weird to live, too strange to die, never even really meant for mass production? Only a place meant for us mutants?????


  56. .

    Your wife sounds prety smart, Bob.


  57. I've been around the blog O sphere a few times, and I've never seen such a place. Or such an eclectic bunch.

    I'll miss youse guys.

  58. I want your email Ruf, I insist.
    I want to keep in touch.

  59. I feel like my sweetie-pie broke up with me.

    By text message.

  60. I posted it above, Bob. Oh well,

  61. I sometimes go months without checking it, however.

  62. She's got more formal education than me, and is much more emotionally stronger. I have set her up financially ,though, cause I'm the guy with big bucks, but she can walk out anytime.

    She is truly a very wonderfull woman, a Methodist of the old school.

    You get her in a nice motel, watch out!


  63. grrr sorry
    Ruf I wasn't thinking as usual

    I got it now

  64. How would these people be "taking you for a ride, bob?" Did anyone here borrow money from you or make you a business proposition? I understand her other sentiments, but that one...

    RE: The left's reaction to the shooting. It began immediately and of course, Palin is the lightning rod. They need a devil and she is the she-devil du jour.

    I was reading comments over at Balloon Juice (I always think Beetle Juice which to me is more appropriate anyway) yesterday and their animus was directed at everything conservative. The second amendment, guns, Palin, etc.

  65. You get her in a nice motel, watch out!


    Besides, what would she do if she knew you shared that info?

  66. She only trusts the people she grew up with in the Ohio valley there, Whit.

    I have no explanation for it.

    She doesn't even trust me, her thirty year partner.

    I've said all along women are a true mystery.


    Sometimes they take a position that makes it hard to even help 'em out a little bit.

    One can get the job done, but it makes it tough.

    They are, actually, crazy.

  67. So, bob. Have you been scouting possible new bars/clubs/blogs?

  68. No, I don't really recall how I got hooked up here in the first place.

    I would like your personal email,
    Whit, in case you get out this way, I can, and will, recommend some drives.

  69. Besides, what would she do if she knew you shared that info?

    laugh at me and call me a fool, of course

    I feel for Melody's husband, that's much more serious :)

    flashing her daughter's buns, which are no better than my daughter's buns, all over the internet :):):):)

    Melody, much as I love her, exaggerates a lot....

  70. I am going to open up a new blog next Weds.

    It will not be a serious blog like my dad's. You can read the details in the comments at VS.


  71. Oh, you're still not here.

    Well, I was thinking. I've been out shopping all afternoon and purchased four items. I saved a whopping 85.43 and only spent under 20.00.

    There is a lot of art work here I'm sure I could sift through to find the perfect piece that would absolutely look lovely on my wall right over there.

    So, before it goes up on Ebay a nice clearance sale for the regulars would be quite appreciated.

  72. Gosh Mel, can't you wait until after the funeral before you start that?

  73. .

    Oh, you're still not here.

    No. Then where are we?


  74. .

    In the kitchen with the rolling pin.


  75. .

    Gee Mel, you're terrible.

    It's like when someone leaves a job for whatever reasons.

    Before he's even out the door, people are running off with his stapler and three-hole punch, and angling for his desk by the window.



  76. .

    Actually, should have been , "This Time".

    I thought they shut down the EB mid-word.


  77. .

    We'll actually, it was my own desk anyway Ruf.

    I took it with me when I left.

    Picked it up when my old grade school closed down. Little tight but a very good deal.


  78. Rust Never Sleeps.

    The TransAlaska Pipeline has sprung a leak, and is down to 5% of capacity.

    Oil is up about $1.70, or so, in overseas trading.

  79. Jeez, Q, I think you broke my computer.

    Couldn't you have found someone uglier? We might've been able to break the whole damned internet. :)

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. .

    Couldn't you have found someone uglier?

    "Fredo, you broke my heart."


  82. I'm telling you. You have to jump on that shit quickly before someone snatches the good stuff.

    Quirk just for you

  83. .

    They say, that somewhere in Africa
    Elephants have a secret graveyard
    Where they go to lie down
    And unburden themselves
    Of their old and wrinkled bodies

    From Victor Silo’s Blog


  84. WiO, my thought exactly.

    Think about it. No one is going anywhere. And it's not like anyone stays on subject anyway. By the end of the week there will be 1000 comments and that will be one more thing for someone to bitch about.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. Melody has the mind of my wife and all those folk in southern Ohio when it comes to clearance sales - no holds barred free for all starting right now.

  87. sorry folks, it wouldn't be the same without Deuce to kick around!

  88. Bob, that's sick. What would your daughter think if she read that?

  89. U.S. criticizes Israel over Jerusalem settlement

    The realty was purchased in the old fashioned way and ownership conveyed by deed.

    So, if the Palis get to make part of Jerusalem Jew free, is it OK for the Jews to make other sections Pali free - say the Temple Mount? After all, Jews liberated the Temple Mount from the illegal occupation of Jordan in 1967.

  90. OK

    I got the message Rufus.

    There will be no more of that, Guvnor.

  91. Rufus II said...
    Bob, that's sick. What would your daughter think if she read that?

    Sun Jan 09, 08:35:00 PM EST

    ...was thinking the same thing...

  92. leavin home, out on the road

    Trust me they are the lurkers now.

    And they are still eating comments.

  93. In my defense I think parading one's daughter's buns on the internet is what is sicko.

    I'd never ever do that.

    Nor ever take a picture like that.

    My daughter and I, thankfully, have a wonderful relationship now, after some troubles. She is on the good red road, bless her.

  94. In short, Melody and Quirk are the sickos on this subject.

    And those buns are just ordinary buns, nothing special about them at all, except the willingness to flaunt them around like a whore.

  95. No one ever said that was my daughter. EVER!

    You fabricated that idea all on your own.

    Again, I will kindly ask you not to mention it again.

  96. I won't mention it again. But it isn't you, and your daughter is heavily tattooed on the back and the hair is the same. So just who is it?

    Reasonable question.

    She is pretty whoever she is.

    Skin deep at least.

  97. Again, I will kindly ask you not to mention it again

    Don't flaunt her up there again like a whore

  98. My daughter has one tattoo on her back and her hair is nothing like that.


  99. bob, you too are an idiot! A BOOB!

  100. .

    Bob, where do you come up with this stuff?

    Please don't use my e-mail address.

    You run the gamut from funny, likeable guy to whack job.


  101. .

    If you click on the picture and pull up the hyperlink, you'll see it is a model from some 'fashion' website.

    You dumb shit.

    Get your head screwed on straight.


  102. I'm a fashion model didn't I tell you.

  103. FINE!

    Don't you remember when the post was first put up and Deuce said this:

    "I have been informed that this is a photgraphic self portrait. I cannot authenticate this information."

    Why he wrote it, I have no clue but a statement like that opens up many avenues. I just took one and Quirk followed. End of story.

  104. If I may. I have been following the EB since it first opened for business. I shamlessly admit to posting at the Belmont under a different monicker for reasons of my own. It would be a loss to see the EB close but has it ever occured to anyone that desert rat and deuce are one and the same? Deuce is desert rat without spell-check?

    One other small point; does anyone know why deuce spelled Vietnam, "Viet Nam"?

  105. has it ever occured to anyone that desert rat and deuce are one and the same?

    No, that has never occurred to me. But it has occurred to me that you may have used a male moniker here in the past.

  106. Thanks Deuce and Whit.

    Learned a lot here. Am grateful.

    Take care.

  107. Guess it's back to the ol' Belmont. Unless someone here opens a new bar. How 'bout a beach bar?

  108. I'm ..."Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die" Come on all of you big strong men Uncle Sam needs your help again he's got himself in a terrible jam way down yonder in Viet Nam

    Country Joe MacDonald

  109. So that no one has to go cold turkey, I've scheduled posts to go up automatically every morning at 6:00 for the next few days. The first post will have content. Tuesday on will simply provide a fresh thread. We'll keep the bar open 'til we run out of food and spirits.

  110. It's One, Two, Three, Four, What're we fightin' for? Don't ask me I Don't Give a Damn Next Stop is Viet Nam

  111. From Wiki:


    Main article: Names of Vietnam
    Việt Nam (Vietnamese pronunciation: [vjə̀tnam]) was adopted as the official name of the country by Emperor Gia Long in 1804.[12] It is a variation of "Nam Việt" (南越, Southern Việt), a name used in ancient times.[12] In 1839, Emperor Minh Mạng renamed the country Đại Nam ("Great South").[13] In 1945, the nation's official name was changed back to "Vietnam". The name is also sometimes rendered as "Viet Nam" in English.[14]

  112. Great News, Whit. Maybe we can figure something out. Bob (Hunter Thompson) had it right earlier - This place might be too weird to live, but, dammit, it might be to Special to Die.

  113. Awe, Whit you caved first.

    I thought for sure it would be Deuce and at least three days.

  114. Did you have a bet on it?

  115. I admit to being all the things I am accused of being, but thank the Lord I ain't Quirk.

    Jesus, what a fate.

    And I admit to not understanding women at all, the most mysterious things in the whole universe.

    I also affirm that "The Exstasie" is the best poem of love ever written.

    Which should be taken seriously, and not as idealism, as dumb shit Quirk says, a sixty year old acting out as sixteen, forever.

    But that's what you get, living in motor city. The loosening and degradatioh of all things noble and true.

    You get the drift of the stars, fate, muzzieness, rather than destiny, the struggle with G-D, like the Jews.

    So there!!!!!

  116. I'm not sure what yet but just remember it has nothing to do with the art I"m willing to purchase at 90% off.

  117. Our Quirker got high on dope, and laughed with his girl friend for three or four hours, about some poor kids, in iron lungs, in Deetroit.

    That says it all, to me.

    Death will be good to you Quirk, and to all of us.

  118. As a person whose wife spent her whole life workikng with folks with disabilities of all kinds, I say, QUIRK IS A REAL SHIT.

  119. Melody, I don't know which, but you or your daughter one of you have a real talent with the camera. Maybe both of you, like mother, like daughter.

  120. This comment has been removed by the author.

  121. I do not understand women.

    What seens to me so simple seems to them so goddamn complex in their minds, that I swoon.

  122. Swoon is a hell of a good word, by the way.

  123. "I voted today, and frankly, I voted for unity," said Aldod Akon Deng, 65, who is originally from the south. "I am here since 1964.


    About 3.9 million people registered to vote. A simple majority must vote for separation for the referendum to pass, but 60 percent of registered voters must cast ballots for the vote to be valid.

    Results will trickle in after polls close Saturday, but results won't be finalized until February.

    New Country Nears

  124. There, that gets it, "The Ecstasie", by Donne, there that gets it, and not some porm shit from Deetroit or Philly.

    Is much more than flashing buns around.

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. Jefferson Airplane just brought home that feeling of love.

    Feel the love with this one.

    Born To Be Wild

  127. .

    Still venting Bob?

    There were no children mentioned or involved in the story you're recalling. Once again, you take a few bits of info and construct your own "Bob's World" view of it. Most often, as in the case with Mel scope photo, it is 180 degrees from the truth.

    You admit you've screwed up. But then you continue to do it again. You say your sorry but it makes no difference. Hearing someone repeatedly say they're sorry eventually gets old.

    Someone said, being sorry is the highest act of selfishness, seeing value only after discarding it.

    Rant on Bobbo.


  128. How is it Quirk that I find you totally disgusting one minute and laughable and enjoyable the next?

    I don't know.

    You are an older man, like me. Perhaps it is time to strain our necks upwards, towards the stars.

    Melody is a middle aged woman with domestic duties, and time on her hands. A taker of wonderful photos (someone back there has true talent with a camera) many on the sexual side, she is a very wonderful wonman, I love when she talks of her grand daughter, such talk warms my heart more than all the porn in the world - that's what I like - a good kitchen scene, with just a hint of sexuality - not this flaunting of buns, whose buns I know not - this flaunting of buns on the internet.

    Like Deuce said - beauty is everywhere where you find it.

  129. Laughing about kids in iron lungs -

    Christ, after what I have seen with my wife -


    you are disgusting

    And remembering that in your old age

    You are really really WEIRD Quirk

    and totally disgusting

    harharhar - kids in iron lungs - har har har- something to laugh about in my old age - har har har

    You are NUTS Quirk

  130. .

    And so you continue.

    Once again, you spin things from your imagination. There were no children involved. Some older people and a tour of the leaves turning in upper Michigan.

    More, you forget the point of the story. The fact that when sober I recognized that laughing at such was wrong, but that under drugs the extraordinary can seem bizaare and funny.

    You bring this up as an excuse to mitigate your current behavior. You accuse me of being juvenile. True enough. Maybe I need to grow up (not likely to happen). But it is usually harmless, and if I see that I have offended I will usually cease, apologize, and back off.

    You on the other hand, after being politely told to back off on numerous occasions, have continued this weird call for an 'ass-off' between daughters for the better part of two weeks.

    You have said you've had a bad week and I suspect there are things you’re not telling. For that I am sorry, but it is still no excuse for continuing your silly ranting.


  131. Peace

    Like the lady says


    I have had a hellish week


  132. .

    Best wishes, Bobbo.

    Remember, you're a fucking farmer from Idaho. You ought to be able to overcome anything.


  133. Yep, the "Love Bus" just keeps humming.

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