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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin and "Blood Libel"

I wasn't sure where Palin was going when I heard her use that term. It is one of those terms where you have heard of the use but forgot where it came from or as in my case never had the intellectual curiosity to check it out.

Fordham University has a post:

Medieval Sourcebook:
A Blood Libel Cult:
Anderl von Rinn, d. 1462

The Image The illustration on the right, located at the cult-church of Anderl von Rinn until recently, portrays the "martyrdom" of Anderl, a three year-old boy who became the focus of a blood-libel cult in the seventeenth-century. Anderl is the child being held down and having his throat slit. The killers are clearly marked as Jews by their clothes and turbans (one form of the "special mark" Jews were forced to carry by Church decree).
 The third, lower, figure is collecting the child's blood in a bowl. The myth of the blood libel was that the blood of a Christian child was used to make Passover matzohs.
 Note that, as Prof. Schafer recounts below, this cult was allowed to continue in Austria until the 1990s, when Bishop Reinhold Stecher had the images removed.
 The text of the motto reads: "Sie schneiden dem Marterer, die Gurgl ab und nemen alles Blut von Ihm", literally "they cut throat of the martyr and take all blood from him" or in other words, "They cut the martyr's throat and drain all his blood."


  1. In May 2010, Israel responded with a new wrinkle. It leaked to the London Sunday Times that it had placed nuclear-armed submarines off Iran’s coast. In the months before and after, it continued to hold war games and practice air strikes on Iran. And it repeatedly uttered threats that “all” options are on the table.

  2. Although, this was probably the origination of the phrase "blood libel," it is used quite often, now, in other contexts.

    The libs are trying to take the emphasis off of a very impressive statement, and sidetrack the argument onto whether, or not, she should have used this particular phrase. With the help of the Media it will work to some extent.

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  6. Rufus said...

    "The libs are trying to take the emphasis off of a very impressive statement, and sidetrack the argument onto whether, or not, she should have used this particular phrase.

    With the help of the Media it will work to some extent.


    Why she has no chance in politics.

    Why BHO's and the Dems approval numbers are rising.

    The Media gave us BHO.

    Now working monolithically as Democrat Promoters/spokespeople, it appears the car ain't gonna get out of the ditch anytime soon.

    Trapped in an Orwellian Nightmare.

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  8. TeaPartyNation said...

    For those that don't know about "The Shame of Arizona", Pima County, which contains left-wing tuscon (home of nut-job bearded marxist boycotter grijalva) is a de-facto ILLEGALS sanctuary area dominated by d-crat socialists.

    It is a lunatic-left cesspool, unlike the sanity that prevails in the rest of Arizona. dupnik is, of course, a d-crat socialist extremist who is so irresponsible he has consistently REFUSED to enforce ANY immigration laws, whether they be state or federal.

    As a direct result of dupnik's negligence, Pima Country and tucson have the highest per capital crime rates in the state.
    His inflammatory bs rhetoric is exactly what one expects from the lunatic-left.


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  25. I wonder why the Chinese would test a non-stealthy "stealth" fighter while Gates is in China, and every Radar unit in the Pacific is trained on Beijing?

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