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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reds in The White House - Why is Michelle in a Red Dress?

Our Belle Michelle in a Red Dress for the Red Chinese

Tonight on the Kudlow Report Donald Trump is telling Kudlow how he would deal with China. Trump would hit the Chinese with a 25% tariff for starters. Trump is talking about running for President. I believe Trump. Truth is ruthless enough to do it and the Chinese would respect who they would be up against.

I posted  this a couple of days ago (cleaned up a bit):

I remember when Trump went bust  building the Taj in Atlantic City. He held a huge conference in one of the Taj meeting rooms with all the contractors  he owed money for building the place. 

In the back of the room were tables full of lawyers armed with contracts and hair clippers. Trump let them know who was daddy. Like sheep they accepted discounted five year bonds instead of cash. Trump knew his very survival was at stake. He did what he had to do to benefit. This is the hard cold business type we need to confront the Chinese.

Obama should have had Trump in with him and Hu to hem and haw. I doubt he would be wearing a red tie.

It 's an Obama Thing with the Chinese


  1. I've heard it said that China has been going belligerent all over Asia partly in response to Obama's non-response.

  2. "Trump is talking about running for President."

    Couldn't beat it for the entertainment value.

    "Entertainment" anyway.

    I'm not a fan.

    Nice dress.

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  5. Shit, how am I going to get the stain off the Stetson?

    What if it rains before I can?

  6. He bows to everybody except the US public.

    Michelle looks pregnant.

  7. Red.

    Looks good on Feraris and commies.

  8. I stand corrected on the floods.

    News stated this morning that Victoria's flood are the worst in history.

    Insurance companies are not paying out the victims because the floods do not satisfy the definition of a flood.

    They are a 'Major Storm Event'.

  9. Must be why it looks so bad, on her.

  10. Flooding so bad that it no longer is a flood?

    Raping the language, those Auzzies.

  11. We closed the arms deal with Formosa and sent the carriers to the South China Sea, what more of a response should there be?

  12. In an extraordinary outburst on the House floor, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) invoked the Holocaust to attack Republicans on health care and compared rhetoric on the issue to the work of infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

    “They say it's a government takeover of health care, a big lie just like Goebbels," Cohen said. "You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually, people believe it. Like blood libel. That's the same kind of thing. And Congressman Cohen didn’t stop there.

    Mr Cohen, he must have attended the same school as allen and "o".

    Agree with him, or you're a NAZI.

  13. “The Germans said enough about the Jews and people believed it--believed it and you have the Holocaust. We heard on this floor, government takeover of health care. Politifact said the biggest lie of 2010 was a government takeover of health care because there is no government takeover," Cohen said.

    doug, now you are a NAZI and by extension, anti-Judaic.

  14. You're just a propagandist, just like Joseph Goebbels.

    Mr Cohen wouldn't lie.

    He is leading US towards the pinnacle of "Western Civilization".

  15. Know what else is funny?

    (Consider this a test.)

    From Balloon Juice:

    The hunchback in the park

    by DougJ DougJson

    My sister, apropos of nothing, just sent me this crazy Peggy Noonan quote from 1992. I assumed she had seen it on Wonkette since that is her only source of news (I consider this very wise), but I couldn’t find it there.

    The life of people on earth is obviously better now than it has ever been—certainly much better than it was 500 years ago when people beat each other with cats. This may sound silly but now and then when I read old fairy tales and see an illustration of a hunchbacked hag with no teeth and bumps on her nose who lives by herself in the forest, I think: People looked like that once. They lived like that. There were no doctors, no phones, and people lived in the dark in a hole in a tree. It was terrible. It’s much better now.

    Peggy! That is some outstanding shit!

    If you are not laughing out loud, there is something very, sadly wrong with you.

    You are probably a bad person.

    And should be banished, cleansed, driven out of this pristine place.

  16. When people beat each other with Cats?

  17. I think I'm going to start telling people I'm a retired Axe Murderer.

  18. Philadelphia (CNN) -- Allegedly running what the prosecutor calls "a house of horrors," a Philadelphia physician, Kermit Barron Gosnell, was charged Wednesday with murder and other offenses related to illegal, late-term abortions.

    The doctor is accused of causing the death of one of his female patients and killing seven viable babies in illegal abortions, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams said.

    The babies were born alive in the sixth, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, but their spinal cords were allegedly severed with scissors, Williams said in a statement.

    Nine other people who worked in the west Philadelphia medical office, including Gosnell's wife and sister-in-law, also were charged, Williams said. The practice, called the Women's Medical Society, served mostly low-income minority women for years, he said.

    Another shining star of "Western Civilization".

  19. Recent numbers, according to the Pro-Life Union of Southeastern Pennsylvania, show that Gosnell's clinic had performed thousands of abortion in recent years.

    2004 -1023 abortions.
    2005 - 1033 abortions.
    2006 - 1365 abortions.
    2007- 1292 abortions.
    2008- 1041 abortions.

  20. Why in God's name would you do that?

    Yeah. Beating each other with cats. That's precious. But this is the REALLY funny part:

    "There were no doctors, no phones, and people lived in the dark in a hole in a tree. It was terrible. It’s much better now."

  21. Of course it is, trish.

    It sucked, back in that day.

    Without acne medication, nose jobs and breast implants the women back thenlooked like, well, farmers...

    It IS much better, now.

  22. Why in God's name would you do that?

    Sam's post:

    Insurance companies are not paying out the victims because the floods do not satisfy the definition of a flood.

    They are a 'Major Storm Event'.

  23. From '06 - '08 he really dropped off his rate. Must've been gettin' tired.

  24. I think Peggy Noonan probably lives in "Tree holes" from time to time.

  25. Yeah, it's a good one, Rufus.

    The insurance wonks are really stickin' it to 'em.

    Got the government pols scramblin' to make laws and force the payouts.

  26. "Without acne medication, nose jobs and breast implants the women back thenlooked like, well, farmers..."

    I didn't expect you to take the absurdly funny and make it absurdlier funnier.

    What a pleasant surprise.

  27. Gonna put the brakes on the Oz economy a little bit.

    Agriculture has been hit hard. Variety of crops decimated.

    Insurance stocks down a bit across the board. Despite their claims that there was actually no floods.

  28. When my great grandmother had descended into dementia she said that her son, my uncle, had a girlfriend who lived in a post hole.

    If Uncle Gordy could have a little gal in the ground, why not batty Peggy live in a tree?

    The world would be a more interesting place, wouldn't it?

    And bring back cat-thrashing, I say.

    We missed out.

  29. Did Doug really say that harpies give him a hard-on?

    Shut up, Quirk.

    Stay over there.

  30. Well, there ain't no brakes that can slow down the China economy. All that talk: raising loan reserves, raising interest rates, gonna "slow down" the economy, yada, yada

    China Grows 9.8% in the quarter

    yada, yada

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  33. I might've visited that website.

  34. Overseas Banks May Shun U.S. Investors

    According to Bloomberg, overseas banks may no longer cater to US. clients. Tell us something we don't know. More and more banks here in Panama see the handwriting on the wall and are making it a policy to no longer handle U.S. customers. The cost of complying with U.S. regulations is just getting to expensive. One might think this was a plan by the U.S. treasury and IRS to keep money from leaving the U.S. and force those abroad to repatriate their funds.

    Incorporate in Panama, bank in Belize.
    If privacy is the goal.