“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why are we so stupid?

People are different. Cultures are different. Some are your friends that you can trust and others are not.

None of these points should be a revelation to any human being at any time in history, except for the intellectual nitwits that have occupied the US politburo of opinion-makers for the past forty years. They cost us big time and will be doing so for a long, long time to come.

We will be poorer and less safe because of them. Our experiment with the Communist Chinese has been a particular disaster:
..."The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, appointed by Congress to study the national security issues arising from America’s economic relationship with China, said in a report last year that even in instances without direct involvement by Chinese officials, China’s government “has been a major beneficiary of technology acquired through industrial espionage.”...

Now I admit to being a longtime cold warrior, trained and practiced in monitoring the Russians and Chinese, learning about who they are and what they are and till this day despise them. I have never understood the concept of dealing with our enemies in ways that gave them favored positions over our natural friends and allies, but nothing has perplexed me more than our relationship with China.

This has been going on for a long time, under a lot of administrations.

It is late, very very late but not past the time when we need to face the reality of our folly.


U.S. Companies Are at Risk of Spying by Their Own Workers
NY Times
Published: October 17, 2010

Huang Kexue, federal authorities say, is a new kind of spy.

For five years, Mr. Huang was a scientist at a Dow Chemical lab in Indiana, studying ways to improve insecticides. But before he was fired in 2008, Mr. Huang began sharing Dow’s secrets with Chinese researchers, authorities say, then obtained grants from a state-run foundation in China with the goal of starting a rival business there.

Now, Mr. Huang, who was born in China and is a legal United States resident, faces a rare criminal charge — that he engaged in economic espionage on China’s behalf.

Law enforcement officials say the kind of spying Mr. Huang is accused of represents a new front in the battle for a global economic edge. As China and other countries broaden their efforts to obtain Western technology, American industries beyond the traditional military and high-tech targets risk having valuable secrets exposed by their own employees, court records show.

Rather than relying on dead drops and secret directions from government handlers, the new trade in business secrets seems much more opportunistic, federal prosecutors say, and occurs in loose, underground markets throughout the world.

Prosecutors say it is difficult to prove links to a foreign government, but intelligence officials say China, Russia and Iran are among the countries pushing hardest to obtain the latest technologies.
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  1. Earlier this year, there was justified outrage when the National D-Day Memorial Foundation installed a bust of Communist Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin at the memorial in Bedford, Va.


    The American Legion is among the groups that have rightly condemned the placement of the bust of Stalin at the memorial.

    Basic decency and common sense should persuade the administrators of the memorial never to return Stalin’s bust to a place of honor at the site.

    Dictator Stalin

  2. Lotsa money to be made. Unfortunately, Me, and Thee ain't gonna make any of it.

    In fact, we're going to get poorer, if not jobless, as a result of it.

    Getting damned close to "throat-slitting" time.

  3. We could use a little of Sarah's "we win, you lose" outlook.

    See last speech by our New Coming Queen.

  4. See it about 4:00 minutes on the previous thread, the video.

  5. Quirk, that video, the more I think about it, is really, really disgusting.

    I often think, what would I have my daughter do?

    Nothing, nothing like that.

    I think the reason we are so goddamned stupid is because of morons like.....YOU.

    It is your "Detroit Culture".


  6. Meghan McCain, who became known for her online chronicle of daily life on her father's failed presidential campaign, ripped into O'Donnell's candidacy.


    O'Donnell has been the beneficiary of an anti-Washington environment fanned by the tea party and voter anger about the weak economy. John McCain swung to the right on a number of issues this year to beat back a primary challenge in his reelection bid in Arizona.

    He is strongly favored to win in the general election next month.

    'Nut Job'

  7. I'd much rather have her ride a HORSE, if you get my old English meaning, you city prick.

  8. Go about it, fuck one another till your balls and tits drop off.

    It is because of people like you, middle aged men, supposed to have some DIGNITY, that our society is failing.

    You and your "pop culture".

    That you think you are so smart in.

    Can't get any higher than Hunt Thompson.

    The hell with you and your "videos".

    You stay away from my daughter, or I will kill you.

  9. Phiily, Detroit, what a bunch of


    I's bad enough in SEATTLE.

  10. I'd rather live in

  11. Go ahead, Bob; show'em how to do that "dignity" thang.

  12. .
    Ruf, this from an 'English Major' who doesn't know alliteration from assonance from a hole in the ground.

    I noticed your 'alliteration' Bob and responded.


  13. Because I still take a woman seriously?

    OK, but now I'm going to bed, having read the nightly news.

    Which is just the same, as always.

    Same old crime reports

  14. You are an old man.

    Get off of it.


  15. Members of the official Australian delegation - including Cardinal George Pell, Sister Maria Casey, Sister Anne Derwin, Bishop Philip Wilson, Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd - addressed the media following the canonisation ceremony in St Peter's Square.


    "But it's also significant for the rest of us, as Australians and as Catholic Australians." Postulator Sister Maria Casey, who has worked hard for years to get Mary's sainthood recognised, said it had been a very emotional day for her.

    "I felt very moved when the Holy Father actually spoke the words of the canonisation and I was able to look up at Mary looking down on us and out onto the square and I thought, 'Mary, we've acknowledged you at last'," Sr Casey said.

    Should be Patron for the Abused

  16. The Story of "o" got at least one thing right, I do not give a hoot about what ever his religious beliefs are.

    The religion of folk is not the issue, never has been.

    It is the actions that people and States take that create the issues.

    And no, Europeons have no "right" to create a State in Arabia. They may be able to do it, through force of arms. They have done so for the past three thousand years, but those States have never be able to be sustained.

    The current set of Israeli, they are Europeon migrants, for the most part. Millions of Russians have made that trek, the latest in a long series of Europeon colonial moves to that region, made with religious justifications.

    The ebb and flow will continue, as will the flowing of blood, on both sides of the Abrahamic divide. It is the nature of those religious sects, to kill each other, in the name of their one true God.

    Their moral equivalency, a historical reality of life over the past 2,000 to 3,000 years, give or take.

  17. As to China and US involvement there, it hearkens back to the Russell Company. The impact of those international merchants upon the US government is legend, to those that care to investigate them.

    From GW Bush and JFKerry in the modern era, back through FDR and his grandfather.

    Believe that they have influenced US policy, or not. That will not change history or the future course that the country charts.

    No part time politico from Alaska will change that. Especially not a quitter, a woman with no bottom or depth. Who when the going got tough, cashed out.

  18. The cost of manufacturing "thin film solar" down to less that $0.70/watt. This is huge. I'll guarantee you, within 3 to 5 years we'll be seeing solar "on the roof" for $1.00/watt.


    How could you build a new house w/o 10 kw on the roof?

  19. Our obsession with the ME, all the while ignoring Latin America and leaving it to the Chinese is the foreign policy disaster of the century.

    Our stupidity is unbounded by any sense of proportionality.

  20. Our mission to remove Saddam Hussein has strengthened Iran and accomplished nothing that makes us richer or more secure. While we are entering our ninth year of the crusade, the Chines have strengthened their economic mission in Africa, Latin America and ironically the Middle East.

    They are developing a huge copper mine in Afghanistan.

    China now is the only country with a major oil and gas industry dealing with Iran, our arch foe. They have invested over $120 billion in Iran's energy industry. They are doing over $20 billion a year trade with China.

    Turkey is only the latest of our blind stupidity:

    Although Turkey’s major partners in the annual “Anatolian Eagle” exercises were the USA and Israel, from 2001 until 2008, Israel’s participation was blocked by Turkey for the past two years. The United States has been refusing to allow its Air Force to participate in the annual Anatolian Eagle military drill without Israel. It was reported that the U.S. informed Ankara that it would skip this year’s exercises if the Israeli Air Force is not invited. Turkey was the first Muslim majority country in the world which recognized Israel in 1949. Turkey signed a military alliance with Israel in 1996 and a free-trade agreement in 1997. Now the scenario is changing.

    The initiative by Turkey to include China’s People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) in the Anatolian Eagle held between September 20 and October 4, 2010 was a signal of demonstrating its determination to move beyond Ankara’s existing partnership with the West. When Turkish F-16s and Chinese Su-27s staged a mock dogfight, Ankara gave the signal that another shift in its geopolitical orientation was imminent.

  21. BEIJING (China): Pakistan Air Force (PAF) will participate for the first time in an international aviation and aerospace exhibition being held in China next month.
    Addressing a press conference to brief about the salient features of the 8th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition to be held in Zhuhai, in Guangdong province the Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government Lin Ying who is also member of the standing Committee of the air show along with other senior officials said that an aerobatic team of Pakistan Air Force “Sherdils” will demonstrate their acrobatic skill at the Air show.
    He said that besides performance of Sherdils, the Pak, China jointly produced fighter aircraft JF-17 also known as “Thunder” fighter will also participate in exhibition in which world famous aircraft manufacturers including Boeing, Airbus, Rolls-Royce and Rosoboron export besides Chinese manufacturers would also show case their products.
    The Air and Technical attaches at Pakistan Embassy attended the press conference. In an informal talk with the Vice-Mayor Chen Ying, the Air Attach said that PAF is ensuring maximum participation in the Air show and Chief of Air Staff of PAF will be attending the ceremony in Zhuhai.
    This is for the first time, that China made K-8 aircraft and JF-17 Thunder fighter, a co-production of Pakistan and China will be the flying in the Air show, he said.
    The Vice-Mayor Chen Ying said on the occasion that he was extremely happy to say that PAF is taking part in the exhibition in a big a way. “This demonstrates Sino-Pak strong friendship in all dimensions”, he observed.PAF to participate in Int’l aviation, aerospace exhibition next month.

    ‘Pakistan Times’ China Bureau

  22. China has warned about the future of its rare earth metal reserves, saying they may only last 15 to 20 years. Last month, China was rumored to have cut off the supply of rare earth metals to Japan during a diplomatic spat between the two countries.

    Read more:

  23. A little more about what the Chinese are doing while Obama is MIA:

    Pipelines from Turkemenistan and other countries need to pass through Afghanistan to carry natural gas and oil to the coast. “Stabilizing Afghanistan is about much more than just the anti-terrorist war,” Kaplan says. “It is about securing the future prosperity of the whole of southern Eurasia, as well as easing India and Pakistan towards peaceful coexistence through the sharing of energy routes.”

    By 2015, China will be the world’s most prolific shipbuilder, and Shanghai already is the world’s busiest port. Like the US, China sees itself as a benign power. It does not look to occupy other nations (besides Taiwan), but wants to protect its interests and extend its influence. Kaplan believe we will both “compete and cooperate” with them.

    “An unsinkable aircraft carrier,” Gen. Douglas MacArthur called it. Kaplan likens China’s quest for the island to the Indian wars in the US; once they were resolved, America could look abroad. If China can consolidate Taiwan, “it would be the real emergence of a multipolar world.”

    Soon to be fourth-largest energy consumer after the US, China and Japan, India will remain non-aligned, Kaplan says, but leaning more toward the US. Its answer to the Chinese port at Gwadar was an $8 billion naval base at Karwar. It will hold 42 ships, including submarines.

    US fleet
    At end of WWII, US had 6,700 ships; Cold War, 600. It’s now fewer than 280. Though the US Navy still has no equal, the way the carrier Abraham Lincoln responded to the tsunami — providing assistance and projecting American goodwill and power — sparked a lot of discussion in China about whether to acquire or build its own aircraft carriers.

    A churning mini-empire of nationalities, with an abundance of oil, natural gas and minerals, ruled by a despotic regime. “It is a prize to be fought over, as China and India are not so subtly doing,” Kaplan writes. As with North Korea, Beijing does not particularly like the ruler — Gen. Than Shwe — but supports him anyway for access to the Indian Ocean and natural resources.

    “Malacca dilemma”
    The Strait of Malacca, the narrow corridor for trade to the Middle East and Africa, hosts 50% of the world’s merchant fl eet capacity; 85% of the oil China imports passes through it. It’s rife with piracy. For now, the US and other nations patrol the area, but China is taking a greater role in keeping the peace.

    To bypass Malacca, there’s speculation that China will help fi nance a new, $20 billion canal in the Isthmus of Kra to provide a faster link to the Indian Ocean. It could be as important to them as the Panama Canal was to us.

    Read more:

  24. Our Fake War Hero states:

    And no, Europeons have no "right" to create a State in Arabia. They may be able to do it, through force of arms. They have done so for the past three thousand years, but those States have never be able to be sustained.

    The current set of Israeli, they are Europeon migrants, for the most part. Millions of Russians have made that trek, the latest in a long series of Europeon colonial moves to that region, made with religious justifications.

    Is it not interesting that he applies One standard for Israel and no standards for any other nation in the world...

    He is a Jew hater, a mouth piece for the Hamas.

    He quotes the UN and how they blast Israel and yet?

    Ignores the UN that allowed the Jews of Middle East to form they own representation.

    Next time our fake war hero speaks of the UN resolutions against Israel ask our FAKER what authority allowed HIM to murder in Central America as a "contractor"...

    Hmmmm Our Fake War Hero is either a liar or a murderer....

    As for whether the UN can allow a people to become a state?

    Look to the list of nations that have been created since 1948....

  25. Honestly rat, give it up.

    Israel is a nation.

    It would be best if all the middle east is clit free country.

    That means, if you have a clit, you are free to do what want with it.

    In other news, important to all women, a new genetic test can inform you of when you are going be be going through menopause.

    Check Drudge for details on this news.

    Don't give up, my wife went through this process maybe fifteen years ago, and is healthy as a horse in spring.

    There is life after 45.

  26. Even 46, or 47.

    Take calcium...maybe 48

  27. I meant to say, free of anyone messing with your clit.

    It was a very, very poor choice of words.

  28. Why does everything have to be about Israel?
    Israel has 7,500,000 people and is a distraction to US interests.

    Nations rise or fall on a Darwinian process. If a nation wishes to survive, then it is best that they pursue their own national selfish interests, devoid of sentimentality.

    In South America we have to go through the top eight before we get to a country the approximate size of Israel, which is Paraguay:

    # 1 Brazil: 186,112,794
    # 2 Colombia: 42,954,279
    # 3 Argentina: 39,537,943
    # 4 Peru: 27,925,628
    # 5 Venezuela: 25,375,281
    # 6 Chile: 16,136,137
    # 7 Ecuador: 13,363,593
    # 8 Bolivia: 8,857,870
    # 9 Paraguay: 6,347,884
    # 10 Uruguay: 3,415,920

    BEIJING — China is pouring cash into Latin America, investing in everything from agriculture to railways while satisfying its need for oil and other raw materials to fuel its booming economy.
    Beijing has organised an increasing number of trade missions to the region, notably signing oil exploitation and investment deals with producer countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela.
    "Latin America is looking at opportunities to grow," Gerardo Mato, the chairman of HSBC's global banking division for the region, told AFP.
    "What they are looking for with China are opportunities of growing into China -- that means partnership with the Chinese."
    The United States has so far welcomed Beijing's push into its southern backyard even though China is embracing such US bogeymen as Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
    "It is certainly not a concern, it is certainly not a threat," Arturo Valenzuela, the US State Department's point man for Latin America and the Caribbean, told reporters during a visit to China last month.
    In July, China gave Venezuela the first four billion dollars of a 20-billion-dollar line of credit, money that will be used to finance power, agricultural and infrastructure projects.
    In April, state-owned China National Petroleum Corp. (CNPC) agreed to pay 900 million dollars to gain access to oil deposits in Venezuela's eastern Orinoco region.
    That same month, a Chinese official said Peru had become the region's winner of the highest amount of firm Chinese investment to date, raking in 1.4 billion dollars, most of which has been poured into the country's mines.
    But it's Brazil which is luring Chinese companies in droves, with both its massive oil and iron ore deposits and its need for financing and infrastructure investments ahead of the 2014 football World Cup and the 2016 Olympics.
    "More than 50 percent of Chinese investment opportunities (in Latin America) are concentrated in Brazil," HSBC's Mato said on the sidelines of an investors' forum staged recently in Beijing.

  29. Now before anyone becomes hysterical, I want Israel to succeed and to do so without US meddling in Israeli affairs they will.

    They have the power, the brains, the money and the technology.

    The US cannot help Israel and Israel doe not need US help.

    The US needs US help and US attention.

  30. I now can proceed with my day after snorting laughter out of my nose and spitting oatmeal on my computer screen while I was reading these words.

    It would be best if all the middle east is clit free country.

    That means, if you have a clit, you are free to do what want with it.

  31. Israel is like a grown adolescent male lion, capable of protecting itself and time to move on with its own life with all the risks ad rewards that go with it.

  32. Apple is up almost another $4 in pre-market trading.

    The hand or the bush?

  33. It would be best if all the middle east is clit free country.

    Tell that to a woman in Tehran.

    You want your daughter to grow up there?

    Or in

    Coeur d' Alene?

    That answer would tell us a lot about you.

  34. Deuce: The US cannot help Israel and Israel doe not need US help.

    Israel got exactly the opposite of "help" in the Sinai Conflict, Nov. 1956, Ike shut them down, along with their allies France and the UK, just when Israel was on the verge of crossing the Suez Canal, which would have led to the fall of Nasser's gummint. Ike threatened to destroy the British pound sterling to finagle that, and China took notes. France was so pissed they pulled out of NATO and gave nuclear technology to what they would later term a "shitty little country". Somehow Israel muddled through all this.

  35. bob: You want your daughter to grow up there?

    Or in

    Coeur d' Alene?

    Hayden Lake, nice place for brown people to drive through, but I wouldn't want to be lynched there.

  36. Deuce said...
    Now before anyone becomes hysterical, I want Israel to succeed and to do so without US meddling in Israeli affairs they will.

    I aint hysterical...

    In FACT...

    There is only ONE nation in the world that has thanked America for it's economic aid and asked for that aid to end...


    That was done by Bibi, the CURRENT Prime Minister

    America has it's own interests as does israel.

    For those that claim simply that if Israel did not exist all would be great in the world they are fooling themselves.

    I could fill pages of why Israel is a natural and a correct interest for America, but most people get it, those that hate Israel don't.

    Israel is not going away. And if America chooses not to support it (as the current president has chosen) so be it.

    Israel will not commit national suicide to appease the UN, the islamists or America.

    As America crashes it's world standing (read obama's bullshit) it's not just Israel that is getting hit in the neck.

    Unlike many US allies, Israel has NEVER asked the USA to send American boys (and girls) to spill their precious blood to protect it. AND AMERICANS GET IT.

    Why do America's finest die protecting Europe, Japan, Iraq, Oil Sheiks?

    In the end, America has it's own interests, and let's remember America and Israel SHARE the concept of American AND Israeli EXCEPTIONALISM.

    We are blessed by our Creator, and America is a Shining City on the Hill, AND ALL THAT THAT MEANS...

    Israel and it's People, America and it's People and joined at the hip.

    It's really quite amazing when you actually think about it...

  37. WIO:
    Some Israeli official recently asserted that they could easily and quickly turn out the lights across the middle east.
    Did you hear him?
    Also, what do we know about their EMP capabilities?

  38. .
    Nations rise or fall on a Darwinian process. If a nation wishes to survive, then it is best that they pursue their own national selfish interests, devoid of sentimentality...

    You seem to miss the irony in your own posts Deuce.


  39. There you have it, the civil wars of northern Arabia, complete with their Europeon mercenaries and migrant population continue to be a topic of consternation.

    The Turks, our long time allies in that region, have been alienated from the US position. This brought to a crisis point by what the Turkish PM described as Israeli piracy, just this past summer.

    Ms T takes us back to 1956 and the US not allowing the Europeon powers to use Israel as an unsinkable aircraft carrier in an attempt to seize the Suez Canal.

    I would hearken back to Jonathan Jay Pollard, the spy that the Israel government left out in the cold. The amount of data that he accumulated and dispersed to the whirled, through his Israeli handlers, horrific.

    ...Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who described Pollard's spying as including, among other things, obtaining and copying the latest version of Radio-Signal Notations (RASIN), a 10-volume manual comprehensively detailing America's global electronic surveillance network.

    Pollard also attempted to supply sensitive data to other foreign powers on the list of problem countries that Deuce supplied. By passing his Israeli handlers, in an attempt to deal directly with the consumer. Perhaps that is why Israel left Pollard out in the cold, wet street, outside their US Embassy.

    According to Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) investigator Ronald Olive, Pollard also passed classified information to South Africa] and attempted, through a third party, to sell classified information to Pakistan on multiple occasions. Pollard also used his access to secret documents to furnish classified information to nongovernmental employees, including two friends of his who worked as professional investment advisers. Pollard also stole classified documents related to the People's Republic of China,

    Birds of a feather, flocking together.

    Israel should be allowed to stand or fall on its' own, without an iota of assistance from the United States.
    It should have been economically sanctioned, just as Iran has been, for much the same reason.
    Rouge nuclear weapons proliferation.

    Israel is many things, but it is no ally of the United States, just as Pakistan and China are not.
    They are all in the same league.

    The Pollard story exemplifies that.

  40. But that's right...

    Rat accuses Israel of war crimes, then says it has no right to be a nation, they says it's a colony, they says it's actually a myth, they says the myth only applies to Jews not Arabs, then says arabs have the right to nationhood, they says israel violates the UN and ignores the UN resolutions that allowed Israel to come into statehood...

    According to the Jew hater Fake War Veteran, Israel is a myth, Israel is not a people, Israel's book is myth, there is no historic justification for the creation of israel, israel hijacked judaism, israel is not democratic (like the Rat's pals are?)

    One standard for Israel and her people and her creation, no standards for those that seek her destruction...

    That is anti-semitism

    No matter how much lipstick on the pig there is...If you hate Israel, seek it's destruction you are a JEW hater. PERIOD

  41. Doug said...
    Some Israeli official recently asserted that they could easily and quickly turn out the lights across the middle east.
    Did you hear him?
    Also, what do we know about their EMP capabilities?


  42. the fake war veteran says:

    The Turks, our long time allies in that region,

    Spoken like a true Islamist...

    Those ALLIES?


    What a long time...

    When was the Armenian Genocide?

    When did the TURKS (the Ottomans) go to war with the people of the Americas???? (1783)

    Just how many troops did our ALLY the Turks let AMerica pass thru their border for the Iraq war? How many American dead did that cost?

    Our Long Time Ally?

    Talk about the KURDS?

    Compare the death toll of the Turks (our ally) via the Kurds as compared to the Israelis via the Palestinians

    its 20 to one...

    Let's see... the Turks murdered how many Armenians? They still squat in cyprus? How many did they murder there? The Turks


    Or maybe the Turks a strategic interest that served our INTERESTS (mostly during the cold war)

    This just in:

    The arrival of a new Middle East player startled Washington and Jerusalem: DEBKAfile's military sources disclose that when Turkish Prime Minister Tayyep Erdogan met Syrian president Bashar Assad in Damascus Monday, Oct. 11, they talked less about the Kurdish question and more about the role China is willing to play in the military-intelligence alliance binding Syria, Iran and Turkey.
    Erdogan took the credit for China's unfolding involvement in the alliance in the role of big-power backer. Two recent events illustrate Beijing's intent:
    1. From Sept. 20 to Oct. 6, the Turkish Air Force conducted its regular annual Anatolian Eagle exercise, this time without US and Israeli participation. Israel was not invited and America opted out. However, their place was taken by Chinese Sukhoi Su-27 and Mig-29 warplanes making their first appearance in Turkish skies.
    Our military sources report that the Chinese warplanes began touching down at the big Konya air base in central Turkey in mid-September for their debut performance in the Middle East and Europe.

  43. We know that the Israeli have been supplying Charlie Chi-com with military technology, for years now.

    More exemplary evidence that Israel is a mercenary State, its' government only looking out for its' own interests. Not those of the US or the "West".

  44. The Story of "o" is again making my case, that of Israeli EQUIVALENCY with its' neighbors.

    I have to thank him, again, for the assistance.

  45. Now rat wants to tie Israel to China...

    One standard for Israel, no standard for anyone else.

    I guess no other nation does business with China ?

    Keep digging your Jew hating Israel bashing grave, fake war veteran...

    WHich is it?

    Are you a murderer? a civilian contractor for the CIA that liquidated people in the Iran Contra days? Or are you a liar? A draft dodger Fake War Veteran?

    Inquiring minds want to know...

    In fact, If you are who you say you are, tell us some facts, and I'll CALL Oliver North up DIRECTLY and get an answer.

    I have connections...

    Which is it? You are a murderer that hates Israel and the Jews? Or are you a Fake War Vet creating his own history to try to build a fake credibility and hates Israel?

    Either way?

    You are a FRAUD.
    EIther wh

  46. Call Mr North, ask him for the list of soldiers and contractors that were used in Central America in the early 1980's.

    Publish that list and I'll tell you if I'm on it, or not.

    I see Israel as an extension of Eastern Europeon authoritarianism.

    Plain and simple.

    They do not operate in the best interests of the United States, they never have. Certainly not in 1956 when they assisted France and England in their military aggression against Egypt, not in the 1980's when they employed Mr Pollard to spy upon US.

    Not then, not now.

    The statement tat Israel is joined at the hip, with the US, a reminder of how a leech is attached to a host.

  47. Israel is the last construct of England's colonial past.

    Their modus operandi to sow discord amongst the folks inhabiting a region, so that they could "balance" those local forces, to England's advantage.

    The Suez operation of 1956 exemplifies their attempt at that process, with Israel.

    That the English government now compares the Israeli management of Gaza with that of a prison, more proof of their technique.

    "Let me be clear that the situation in Gaza has to change . . . Gaza cannot and must not be allowed to remain a prison camp," he said in a speech to a business association during a visit to Turkey.

    ANKARA - British Prime Minister David Cameron

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. The United States should abandon the Middle East, focusing instead upon the Americas.

    A concerted effort to develop "Growth Energy" would gain US that capability.

    That we have failed to do so, even after the events of September 2001 and our military misadventures in the Middle East and Southwest Asia have made our lack of capacity to manage events there obvious.

    We certainly lack the British knack for managing an empire made up of disparate peoples and cultures.

  50. I have been watching and buying AAPL since it was at 198 several months ago. A guy I know in Seattle says it will get to 347, maybe.

  51. There are many directors and officers at Apple that are sitting on thousands of shares they bought at 23.00 a share. Must be nice.

  52. .
    I've had Apple since it was $96. I wouldn't offer any advice at all. I am holding it because I don't expect to (or need to) sell it at the top. It can turn and drop pretty far before I would consider it a bad trade.

    Kramer has a target of $325. One analyst had a target of $500. Just saw a guy on CNBC who was one of the first to predict the Bank crash. He predicts Apple will suffer margin contraction over time due to competition (mainly from Google) but I guess the key words are 'over time'.

    Where you are right now, you can't lose no matter what you do Deuce.


  53. .

    Banks Shared Clients’ Profits, but Not Losses

    Here is the deal: Funds lend some of their stocks and bonds to Wall Street, in return for cash that banks like JPMorgan then invest. If the trades do well, the bank takes a cut of the profits [Up to 40%]. If the trades do poorly, the funds absorb all of the losses...

    The strategy is called securities lending, a practice that is thriving even though some investments linked to it were virtually wiped out during the financial panic of 2008. These trades were supposed to be safe enough to make a little extra money at little risk...

    How JPMorgan won while its customers lost provides a glimpse into the ways Wall Street banks can, and often do, gain advantages over their customers. Today’s giant banks not only create and sell investment products, but also bet on those products, and sometimes against them, putting the banks’ interests at odds with those of their customers. The banks and their lobbyists also help fashion financial rules and regulations. And banks’ traders know what their customers are buying and selling, giving them a valuable edge...

    Heads I Win. Tales You Lose

    Financial Reform?


    Not when you have the banks and hedge funds writing the rules.

    Enjoy the pittance you make on Apple and Google and Baidu. It can all be wiped out tomorrow. Something Wall Street and the Banks don't have to worry about.


  54. Who establishes trade policy for U.S.?

    Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

    Key Officials

    Who is the Asst US Trade Rep for China Affairs?

    Claire Reade

    Hope that clears things up.

  55. In my view, the repeal of Glass-Steagall was pivotal. I recall people claiming that putting the "Chinese Wall" back in place was impossible - too many complicated relationships to unravel.

    Which is crucial to this (alleged) pending near-term "course correction." Unscrambling the broken eggs.

    I shudder just thinking about it.

  56. OTOH, there is this:

    In its 43-page report, authored by a team of analysts in J.P. Morgan’s fixed-income strategy group, the bank argues that “many of the mortgage foreclosure problems highlighted in the past few weeks are process oriented and can be fixed in the near term.”

    I think "process oriented" is a technical term for spreadsheet accounting.

    The Apple products used to do that - before their color-coordinated pastel products came out of the closet.

    (Just kidding - obviously I am insanely jealous of the business acumen.)

  57. Here is a great link with Oliver North talking about Israel and his love for her...

  58. desert rat said...
    Call Mr North, ask him for the list of soldiers and contractors that were used in Central America in the early 1980's.

    Publish that list and I'll tell you if I'm on it, or not.

    So you are full of shit...



  59. The Story of "o", still all about me.

  60. Yep, Desert Rat is a Fake War Hero...

    Make you feel special that we dont let your lies stand?


  61. Hey Bobo:
    Palin's coming to Reno today.

  62. Petroleum demand, all liquids, in millions of barrels per day.

    2006 2nd quarter 2010
    OECD Demand 49.82 45.45
    Non-OECD Demand 35.44 40.81

  63. While the OECD countries were recessioning and dropping 4.37 million bbl/day of oil demand

    the Non-OECD Countries were ADDING 5.37 million bbl/day of oil demand.

    Now, that the OECD countries have cut about all the demand that they can cut, and the Non-OECD Countries are continuing to grow we need, at least, 1.5 Million bbl/day of new supply just to stay even.

    We ain't gonna get it. In fact, we're going to be pumping less oil (how much depends on whether Saudi Arabia really has a couple of million barrels of "spare capacity," and whether, if they have it, they'll use it) by the end of 2012 than we are now.

  64. The Sauds have our back, Rufus:
    Sod Off!

  65. Remember that guy from Bangladesh that worked in Scotland who posted at BC years ago?
    (the source of "sod off")

    Another adversary that now turns out to have been right, although it's taken 8 long years of F...... Up foreign/military policy to make it so.

  66. Think of the coming energy trainwreck as an excellent chance for the Feds to further decimate our freedom.

    The scenarios are almost too ugly to contemplate.

    Might be worthwhile to ask for predictions from the EB braintrust about coming changes in our daily lives.

  67. I'll start;

    I'll be driving to town less often (not that advancing age would have anything to do with that,) :)

    and, Bitching more (see above.)

  68. What did you do, Deuce?

  69. 96. Don Rodrigo
    87. Mad Fiddler

    "It is the regulatory FIAT that is the problem. Every day we are subject to more and more rules with the force of LAW, but created with no requirement of any rational guidance by some politically-appointed bureaucrat, accountable TO EXACTLY NO ONE!"

    Amen to that, Fiddler. And what goes hand-in-glove with that is the fact that the Constitution, when it’s even cited, is interpreted very differently than it was just decades ago, even though we haven’t had a single amendment to it in ages. Judicial fiat and Congressional abdication of responsibility beget Bureaucratic fiat.

  70. I had in mind changes you would not volunteer for Rufus!

  71. Maybe we could cut off your AC two days a week in the summertime.

  72. We've got that one dicked here:

    We can just pitch a tent on the beach.


  73. Heck, Doug, I'm retired. What changes "could" I make. I'm not a "doer," anymore; I'm a watcher, and bitcher.

    (I might brew a little ethanol just for shits and grins. :)

    Just so I can get on the computer, and yap about it. :)

  74. The airlines could cut down on wasteful weight, and increase passenger miles per BTU by taking out the overhead bins and replacing them with meathooks, allowing outdated fuel-wasting seats to be eliminated.

  75. I HATE fuckin' snakes.

  76. Any computers drawing more than 13 watts will be confiscated.

    We'll all be running Apple Minis attached to passive (ambient lit) displays.

  77. As for the airlines using meathooks: It wouldn't be much more uncomfortable than what they've got now. Wouldn't change MY travel plans, substantially.

  78. I jump at the sight of a gnarly limb laying in my path.

    Age eliminated whatever guts I once had.

    My wife recently described me beheading a rattler by our back door.

    I don't even remember doing it.
    Good thing, it would keep me awake with nite terrors.

  79. Cleaning Lady, you ought to come out to our Hampton Jazz Fest in February.

  80. Check my Palin comment above, Bobo:

    You can still make it if you jump in the car now.

  81. That's probably about the only thing that could make me Jump.

    Of course, to the untraine observer it would probably just look like some old fool stumbling backwards.

  82. They had a thirty foot long rattler, in Ely.

    On the wall.

    Anybody else ever been there?

    I bet not.

    I have been convinced though, there might have been a little stretching going on, in that case.

    Or it was a South American snake.


    Some of these rattlers can get really big.

    I saw one up in a tree, up past the north fork, guy had just half skinned him, I could not get my two hands around him.

    Very, very primitive. Ruthless as big city girls

    Meat tastes like chicken, so I am told.

    I like snakes-----they shed their skins......symbol of everlasting life.

    Keep one for a pet.

  83. Of course, it's politically unacceptable to acknowledge the ability of high oil prices to push the country into recession.

    The oil lobby is incredibly powerful. No one mentions that unemployment was rising, and we were sliding into recession, in the second half of 2007 as oil/gasoline prices were really taking off, and well before the "Crisis" hit.

    If you don't "identify" the problem, you can't "fix" the problem, and Exxon, the Sauds, and their mouthpieces Fox News, and the Wahabbi St. Journal will do their damnedest to keep the public from "identifying" the problem.

  84. In fact, everyone else ought to come to our local Hampton Jazz Fest in February.

    I'm always working for the local economy.

    Your time would not be misspent.

    Though your money might be.

  85. Cocksucker won't have "everlasting life" if I see'im. Bet on it.

  86. Unless he can go through "everlastin' life" with his ugly f*****' haid blown off.

  87. Did I tell the one about when the serpent swam across the Grand?

    Right through my legs?

    And I didn't have any underwear on, even.

    This is all true....except the part about through my legs....actually passed about ten feet to my left....flopped out of a tree over on the other side....this was actually pretty scary.....

  88. Saving the GOP from itself:

    Tea Party’s First Victim: Earmarks

    Rep. Eric Cantor says House Republicans will forego earmarks in the next session of Congress.

    ...but Oconnell is a big earmarks fan.

    DeMint vows to force a vote.

  89. Metaphor....metaphor....m e t a p h o r....

  90. Europe’s Embrace of Russia Is Apparent

    PARIS — President Nicolas Sarkozy of France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel began two days of talks with their Russian counterpart on Monday.

    Mrs. Merkel said Saturday that a goal of the summit was to improve cooperation between NATO and Russia, “for the Cold War is over for good.” She emphasized that a new “security architecture” should not hinder U.S.-European cooperation in NATO, which has invited Russia for a special meeting on the margins of the November summit meeting. Moscow has not yet responded to the invitation.

    But even if no formal new structure emerges from the talks in Deauville, the meeting may lay the groundwork for an informal new forum on security issues, officials said.

    Moscow is looking to create a Russia-E.U. committee on foreign policy and security, according to Russian news reports, and to build security cooperation in the “Euro-Atlantic and Eurasia region.”

    French diplomats have floated the idea of a new zone of economic and security cooperation comprising the E.U. and Russia, while German officials say they are open to the idea of Russian participation in the E.U.’s political and security committee, which is responsible for setting the bloc’s foreign policy.

  91. When they start yapping about "earmarks," you know they're not serious. Just Grandstanding.

    When they address "trade" with China, Corporate taxes, Cutting spending 10% (or, "any" %) Across the board, or shipping a Billion Dollars/Day to Saudi Arabia and the terrorists, Then I'll conclude they're "Serious."

    And, No, I Won't be holding my breath.

  92. We are the heart of America, Rufus.

    All of us.

  93. In other words, Russia has the oil and gas, and Europe's running out.

  94. In that case, Bob, America needs a transplant. Her "heart" is gettin' tired.

  95. Yeah, it's scary when Sarkozeee is the pretty one. :(

  96. "Instead of welcoming guests in a formal receiving line with a White House photographer on hand to help visitors capture their historic moment, or simply strolling through the Red, Blue and Green rooms chatting informally with invitees, the Obamas prefer to stand in a designated spot, such as one end of the East Room or in the Grand Foyer, safely positioned behind a red velvet rope. The kind of red velvet rope clubs use to keep out the riffraff. From there, the presidential couple smiles, chats, makes eye contact and waves as their guests jockey for position to touch their hands. No mingling.

    “For a campaign rally, sure, that’s fine. But not for the White House,’’ says one museum board member who, like many, requested anonymity. “Every president — Bill Clinton, both Bushes, the Reagans — they would always have a quick receiving line.

    Each couple would be formally announced. A few words would be exchanged.

    But this President thinks he is such a rock star.

    It’s like he’s inviting guests to the White House just to snub them.”"

  97. B.B.'s day does appear to be past.

    It's the result of socialized medicine.

    Look at Pelosi.

    I at least want a politician to look good.

    Except for Golda....who I heard had an affair with Moshe....

    Who could resist the lure of a one eyed hero?

    That is the making of STORY.

  98. Could we just get a ticker?

  99. White House works to ease Iran proposal in Congress
    The Obama administration fears tough U.S. sanctions against companies doing business in Iran would anger foreign allies.
    June 11, 2010|By Paul Richter, Los Angeles Times
    Reporting from Washington — The Obama administration, which labored for months to impose tough new United Nations sanctions against Iran, now is pushing in the opposite direction against Congress as it crafts U.S. sanctions that the White House fears may go too far.

  100. .
    They had a thirty foot long rattler, in Ely.

    On the wall.

    Anybody else ever been there?

    I bet not.

    I have been convinced though, there might have been a little stretching going on, in that case.

    Or it was a South American snake.

    Geez, Bob.

    Can anyone take your 'woodcraft' seriously?

    It's like they say, if you want to know about religion, ask an atheist or an agnostic. They are the ones that actually think about religion.

    You are an embarrassment to all true woodsmen.

    ...I could not get my two hands around him.



  101. So you've now admitted, Detroit High Rise, you've not even been there.

  102. I even invite you to the Hampton Jazz Fest.....

    and that is really a...


  103. And, it's not 'woodcraft', (boy scout) it's Forest Survival.

  104. Canadian Commander Pleads Guilty to Murders

    Ash's Hero in Uniform:
    ...girls panties.

    On Monday, gasps were intermixed with tears in a courtroom here heard details that made clear for the first time the scale and perversity of the crimes to which Col. David Russell Williams pled guilty about an hour later — hundreds of underwear thefts, many from young girls, that escalated to the assault and murder of two women.

    The unmasking of Colonel Williams as a sexual killer has been a blow for the Canadian Armed Forces. Until his arrest, he commanded Canada’s largest air base, the logistical fulcrum for the country’s military mission in Afghanistan.

    Apparently bringing his logistical and organizational skills bear, Colonel Williams cataloged his crimes on a spreadsheet and meticulously photographed the evidence, compiling the data in an elaborate network of files on two computer hard drives.


    Prosecutors reviewed how Colonel Williams began each break-in by photographing the victim’s room and underwear drawer. In most of the early break-ins, the photos show the rooms of girls, including 11-year-old twins, that are decorated with stuffed animals and animal photographs.

    He then photographed himself — often sexually aroused or masturbating — modeling their underwear.

    Once back home, he photographed his total haul of the underwear then each individual item. Occasionally, he added captions. One of those read, “Merci beaucoup.”

    He stole 87 pairs of underwear belonging to an Ottawa high school student in a single break-in. Twice, he took loads of the stolen garments to the outskirts of Ottawa and burned them.

  105. Michael Yon

    I continued scanning for bad-guys when I noticed three more Taliban working their way along a stream into some thickets, unmolested by the ANA or French soldiers. I tried telling everyone who would listen there were more Taliban trying to catch us in a cross-fire, but no one would listen. Obviously, being able
    Photo by: Paul
    Photo by: “Kara”
    Page 7
    to speak French would have come in handy at this point. One French soldier did put his rifle up and looked through his scope, but was unable to see what I was looking at. I noticed an ANA sergeant with a pair of binoculars around his neck and through my interpreter, I asked to borrow them. Just as he was pulling them from around his neck, we started taking fire from the three in the thicket. I started yelling and pointing at them and finally people started noticing where the fire was coming from. A French soldier and I fired nearly a magazine at the three while everyone else scurried further down the hill.

  106. Just because I had a miserable Monday, I'll throw this into the mix. I would hazard a guess that most everyone has a memory or other of :

    A Cold Day in Hell

    (Love that man BTW. He's played with BB King, as has Bruce Willis!!)

    Great Ring tone.

  107. .
    ...He stole 87 pairs of underwear belonging to an Ottawa high school student in a single break-in.

    This raises more questions than it answers.


  108. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you; these people are passing on a hill one behind the other. I thought this was pretty funny and wondered when I was going to witness a collision. But then I remembered what an ANP officer told me. He said this stretch of road (about 25 kilometers) averages close to 600 collisions a month and I can understand why. There are no traffic laws here.

  109. Afghan security forces and the US-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have discovered and destroyed an arms factory in southern Afghanistan.

    The arsenal, which was found during a sweep in the Sangin district of Helmand province on Monday, contained six 55-pound barrels of homemade explosives, scales, a boiler room, and a drying room, ISAF confirmed in a press release.

    Destroyed in Helmand

  110. .
    ...Forest Survival.




    Cut it out Bob.

    Your're killing me.


  111. The Islamic Republic in Iraq. America's future in the region unfolds, unevenly.

    This is what the US spent a Trillion USD upon.

    Good golly Miss Molly

    Baghdad, Iraq (CNN) -- With the political future of Iraq still hanging in the balance, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, leader of a coalition of powerful Shiite parties backed by Iran, met with leaders of the Islamic republic in Tehran on Monday.

    Al-Maliki's opponent, who leads a more secular coalition, has accused Iran of fomenting unrest in Iraq.

    Iran, in turn, urged Iraq to quickly form a new government and blamed the United States for the insecurity, according to state-run Press TV.

    "Despite relative stability in Iraq, the country is still suffering from insecurity and part of this insecurity is resulted from the pressures that are exerted by some powers whose political interests lie in creating insecurity in Iraq," said Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

    Al-Maliki also met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who said that "Iran supports a united, powerful, and independent Iraq which would serve the Iraqi people as well as regional progress," reported the official Islamic Republic News Agency.

    However, al-Maliki's challenger, former Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, accused Iran of working to destabilize the Middle East.

    "We know that unfortunately Iran is trying to wreak havoc on the region, and trying to destabilize the region by destabilizing Iraq, and destabilizing Lebanon and destabilizing the Palestinian issue," Allawi said in an interview that aired Sunday on CNN's "Fareed Zakaria GPS."

  112. "This raises more questions than it answers."


    I have the same system:

    I just have one large load of undies every 3 months.

    Great time saver.

  113. I just have one large load of undies every 3 months.

    I was thinking professional laundry service.

    The high school thing being ... a cover.

  114. Of course my first thought was "37" typoed into "87" by an underpaid and highly bored proofreader.

  115. Apple Insider - Daniel Eran Dilger

    In a surprise appearance during the company's quarterly earnings call, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs hailed the success of the iPhone and Pod while painting a bleak outlook for RIM's Blackberry smartphones, ...

  116. What I wonder about Apple is the post-Jobs scenario.

    I have never subscribed to iconography or the one-man-only theory.

    One complication (in my thinking) is Microsoft. Steve Ballmer seemed and seems an odd unfuturistic choice.

    What I have read suggests that the Apple line of succession is no more evolved - or forward thinking.

  117. .
    What I have read suggests that the Apple line of succession is no more evolved - or forward thinking.

    I've heard just the opposite.


  118. .
    Come on CL. I'm not that bad.


  119. Well, you're not as bad as Doug, but that's as far as I'll go.

  120. .
    Well, there's a backhanded compliment if I ever heard one.

    I guess you did have a miserable Monday.

    Want to share?


  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. Assange was today denied a permit to live and work in Sweden, where he is being investigated after a complaint of rape filed by two Swedish women in August. He denies any wrongdoing.

    WikiLeaks has not identified the source of the documents it obtained but suspicion has fallen on Bradley Manning, a US Army intelligence analyst who is currently in military custody.

    Mr Manning was arrested in May following the release by WikiLeaks of video footage of a US Apache helicopter strike in Iraq in which civilians died and has been charged with delivering Defence information to an unauthorised source.

    Release 'Very Soon'

  124. Rome, Oct. 18 (Xinhua) -- Reconciliation is the key to resolving the conflict in Afghanistan, said Richard Holbrooke, White House's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  125. Iran joins international group's talks on Afghan strategy

    Washington Post
    Monday, October 18, 2010; 4:51 PM

    ROME- Iran for the first time joined a U.S. and NATO-dominated coordinating group on Afghanistan on Monday, sending midlevel officials to participate in discussions here on coalition military and political strategy that included a closed-door report by Gen. David H. Petraeus.

    Iran's presence, along with representatives from nearly a dozen other Muslim countries as well as the Organization of the Islamic Conference, "clearly shows this is not a Western or a NATO effort," said Michael Steiner, Germany's special envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, who chaired the meeting. "It transcends geographic, religious and alliance boundaries."

    Steiner said the Iranians watched Petraeus's PowerPoint presentation, doubtless their first U.S. military briefing, "with interest," but did not speak at the morning session. During political discussions later in the day, when the head of the Iranian delegation "told me he wanted to speak, I didn't know what he wanted to say," Steiner said.

    Mohammad Ali Qanezadeh, director of Asian affairs at Iran's foreign ministry, called for a "holistic" approach in Afghanistan that included military, political and development aspects, according to Steiner's notes of the meeting. "I had the impression that he appreciated the transparency" of presentations by Petraeus, the top military commander in Afghanistan, and Mark Sedwill, NATO's top civilian representative there

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. (Reuters) - U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner vowed on Monday that the United States would not devalue the dollar for export advantage, saying no country could weaken its currency to gain economic health.

  128. It's going to get weaker, Sam.

  129. A country that exports massive amounts of raw materials (energy,) vs one that "Imports" vast quantities of oil. Not a "fair fight."

  130. One of the best things my grand father ever did was buy Washington Water Power stock, the up and comer of its day, for those who could see.

    On the other hand, I still have that pile of worthless (except historically) stocks and bonds certificates over there in the drawer.

  131. THIS is Wonderful.

    The NY Gubernatorial Debate last night featured a guy from the The Rent is Too Damned High Party.

    This guy is my Hero.

  132. Energy investment has recovered after the financial crisis, although banks may not resume significant funding yet, according to a top official of the Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (Apicorp), a multilateral bank assisting the development of the hydrocarbon sector of the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) through project loans, trade finance, and direct equity investments.


    Apicorp said although there are varying average equity-debt ratio in the energy sector, such 35:65 in the refining and petrochemical sectors, 40:60 in gas-based downstream projects, and 30:70 in power and water generation, it is perceived that the resulting weighted average capital structure for the whole oil and gas sectors should likely to be 55 percent equity and 45 percent debt at least for the period 2010-2014.

    'Perceived Risks

  133. Thank you for the tip about Reno, Doug.

    I hadn't known that.

    My wife keeps the Chevron and Shell cards.

    I might have gone otherwise.

    I'm supposed to keep it down to a hundred fifty a month, and i'm over my limit.

    I have sent some money to
    Sarah, though, secretly.

    She is going to win, our first Female President.


    Selah---it pisses me off---those guys in Hayden CAME FROM CALIFORNIA---

    Californicaters----we've always called them

    our guys finally ran them out

    I've fought this particular battle nearly as long as WiO is fighting his----I mean twenty years---as opposed to about two thousand....

    The Judge in the case grew up two blocks from me

    He made a mistake, by authorizing a lien on their property, before the inevitable conviction---which was 12 to 0---which was overturned, (the lien) before conviction, then reinsttated, after the conviction---other than that he did a great job....

    He knew that was legally wrong--the lien--but his emotions got the best of him....he lives in CdA

  134. I don't know anything about the markets---other than wheat---but I know my local law....or can find out.... fast.

    That was a major legal mistake, slapping a lien, before a conviction.....and we all knew it.

    In the end it didn't mean much, the banks got much of the property anyway....which wasn't worth much at the time.

    The victims got some compensation, Richard Butler, the new 'Leader', died in destitution, and all was finally well.

    It is over.

  135. Mexico seizes 105 tonnes of marijuana

    (AFP) – 2 hours ago

    TIJUANA, Mexico — Mexican authorities seized over 105 tonnes of marijuana in the border town of Tijuana after a clash with drug traffickers, in the largest such seizure in recent years, the military said.

    Over 10,000 packages of marijuana were seized, weighing in at some 105 tonnes, and 11 people were arrested in the operation, General Alfonso Duarte told reporters.

    The drugs had a value of around 335 million dollars on the Mexican street, but their worth could double or triple if sold in the United States, where the traffickers had been attempting to enter, Duarte said.

    It is the largest seizure in years amid an increasingly brutal war on drug cartels that has seen some 28,000 deaths since President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown in 2006 with the deployment of 50,000 troops.

  136. Dan Thornton and Burke Miller said the company is displaying communications equipment — satellite, radio, voice and data radio, used in oilfield communications.


    He and Miller said they have participated in the Oil Show “for years” and expect to attract a strong crowd this week and hope to see drillers come through.

    “Producers are drilling a lot of new wells and those rigs need communications,” observed Miller.

    Oil Show

  137. Have you tried this new app GO SMS Pro Apk : this is really great.