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Sunday, October 31, 2010

84 Year Old Woman Drives Wrong Way on I-95

CHESTER, Pa. — State police in Pennsylvania say they have interviewed an elderly Delaware woman believed to have been the driver of a station wagon that caused numerous crashes while going the wrong way on Interstate 95 just outside Philadelphia.
Police say the 84-year-old Wilmington, Del., woman was interviewed at her home Friday, and the vehicle police were seeking was found at her residence. They say the case is under investigation.
Police said the vehicle was first seen heading the wrong way on Route 322 in Upper Chichester at about 12:15 p.m. Thursday. Witnesses said she made her way onto the southbound lanes of Interstate 95, and headed north, going about 45 to 50 miles per hour. Police say a number of crashes resulted, but there were no serious injuries.

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  2. Q, your link doesn't work.

  3. Just had our first "trick r' treaters." Cute little boogers. My wife really likes Halloween.

    Oh, Happy Halloween, everyone.

    Gotta go give away candy, now. later.

  4. :)))

    She's doing just fine, in an open lane and everything.

    I'll have to show that to my wife as in CdA there's a bitch of an intersection where I90 meets Govt? and she---its a tricky turn--pulled onto the off ramp thinking it was a right hand turn.

    Here's the funny thing--she immediately recognized her mistake--but the first car on the off ramp was State Police. Guy didn't even stop her. It was about five o clock, he wanted to go home. She never did really get close to getting on the freeway.