“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to fold your T shirts in Two seconds

I have been busy with traveling, working and family obligations. A few weeks back, I lost my cleaning lady due to something or another with the tragic consequence of being forced to do my own laundry. No one takes socks, boxer shorts and t-shirts to the cleaners, do they?

For years I had an endless supply of t-shirts, all neatly folded and stacked in the left center drawer of my bureau. They were neat and endless because someone else did then. This week they ran out and I decided to do laundry while watching the Sunday lineup. I discovered my profound ineptitude about t-shirts. How do you fold the damn things to the standards of which I have become accustomed?

You tube, of course.

My drawer is now a work of art, onto the boxers.


  1. Not bad, but give up the boxers and get T-Shirts weekly from the Casino.

  2. Personalities change, doug-o, but the policies will remain.

    Mr Boehner will not set US upon a new course. But will maintain the one that has been charted.

    Here is Mr Boehner begging colleagues to vote FOR bank bailout
    Courtesy of CSPAN - 29SEP08

    I cannot change history and neither can Mr Boehner's current load of bovine excrement.

    Change Ms Pelosi for Mr Boehner and all you get, is more of the same.

    Vote for Librarians!

  3. Better yet is just a tunic. All this dressing and undressing gets on one's nerves.

  4. CBS announces:

    Jon Stewart Rally Attracts Estimated 215,000

    As opposed to the 87,000 reported to be at the Glenn Beck show on the Mall.

    Even if the CBS number is off, chances are that there was at least equivalency between those two comedic entertainers.

    Which leaves Mr Colbert out in the cold, looking for bears.

  5. Jon Stewart Rally Attracts Estimated 215,000

    The company based the attendance at the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on aerial pictures it took over the rally, which took place on the Mall in Washington. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 10 percent. (See some of the pictures used to create the estimate here.)

    CBS News also commissioned to do a crowd estimate of Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in August. That rally was estimated to have attracted 87,000 people. Amid criticism from conservatives that the estimate was low, CBS News detailed the methodology behind it here.

  6. I pounded the table, and cried in frustration a couple of years ago when the biofuels movement embraced the CO2/Global Warming nonsense. I stated that it was stupid, unnecessary, and, in the end, would bite them in the ass when the Global Warming Stupidity came unraveled.

    Sure enough. After allowing themselves to become totally conflated with Eco-Insanity, "clean" energy, the home-grown energy industry is getting ready to get their ignorant asses kicked all the way back to Iowa.

    All of the help that they need to continue to grow to maturity a vital industry is going to go away as this congress rebels against the global warming/"clean" energy inanity.

    When the oil crunch hits in 2012 the American Ethanol, and Biodiesel industries will be in worse shape than they are Today. Rather than being able to negotiate a controlled, systematic wind-down of the incentive necessary for the develpment of a new, and important industry, they are going to see a newly-reactionary congress completely defund all of their tax credits as of Jan 1, 2011. It will be a severe blow. The timing couldn't be worse. And, they, largely, did it to themselves.

  7. You could just simply hang them. Or get a new cleaning lady. Make sure she watches the video, though, so she can get the hang of precisely folding your shirts the right way so they can be placed oh so neatly in your drawer.

    Which will be better in the long run as to leave room for other articles in your closet.

  8. Editor of The New Oxford Annotated Bible Michael Coogan recently applied his thorough knowledge of Scripture to a universal and eternally relevant topic: sex.

    "In God and Sex: What the Bible Really Says",

    Is the reason there are so many misconceptions about the Bible and sex the fact that we often forget how patriarchal those societies were?

    The status of women is important as background, but it's also another example of how we have, for the most part, while accepting the Bible as authoritative, moved beyond it and in some ways rejected some of its main points of view. If we can do that for things like slavery or the subordinate status of women, then we can do it on other issues as well, like same-sex marriage.

    We have to ask the question, How is it that we'll take some parts of the Bible and say they are absolutely and eternally binding, and other parts can simply be ignored?

  9. About the only time I remember hearing the word, "Queer," was the Drill Instructors in Boot Camp. No one gave a shit if someone or other was "gay." In the states you had exactly "two" things on your mind: getting your work done, and going to town to chase pussy.

    Overseas, you had a few more things on your mind, but "they guy over there's sexual orientation" wasn't one of them.

    Any General that says, "My Men doen't want to be in a foxhole with a gay soldier" is a phony sack of shit. I defy any living human being that's ever been in a foxhole to tell me that he EVER, EVER, EVER had one fleeting thought about whether the other guy in that foxhole liked blonds, brunettes, donkeys, or dicks.

    I gots newz for you bozos. The only thing I ever wanted was MORE of whatever/whoever we had. I would have welcomed a one-eyed, paraplegic, homo with stinky feet, and bad breath when the shit started flying. If the sonofabitch couldn't shoot a gun, at least we could have piled him up on top of the sandbags and got a little extra "cover" from him. :)

    Honestly, it's all horseshit. If a guy does his job he's good to go.

  10. Honestly, it's all horseshit. If a guy does his job he's good to go.

    To that I would only add 'gal' but I'm guessing it might be a step too far for some.

    But basically, fuck yeah.

    Tired of being treated like I'm stupid.

    And pissed at not seeing Bush and his buddies for what they were.

    There's 'No Good' and there's 'No Good.' Now I know the difference.

  11. Naw, it's not a "step too far," CL. To think a guy gives a shit about the gender of the person that crawls through a snake infested ditch to bring them ammo, or the gender of the HC pilot that flies headlong into a hot LZ to pick them up if they're wounded you'd have to be well, and truly deranged.

    My understanding is that the gals that are over there are carrying their own ammo, and filling their own sandbags. And, when the time comes, they return fire.

    That's all any soldier/Marine ever asked.

  12. .
    Boehner endorses Ohio GOP House candidate criticized for Nazi reenactment

    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Saturday met privately with Republicans in a northern Ohio county and endorsed Rich Iott, the GOP House candidate who has drawn criticism for having participated in a Nazi reenactment group devoted to a Waffen SS division.

    Boehner met behind closed doors with GOP volunteers in Lucas County to thank them for their work, the Toledo Blade reported. He entered the GOP headquarters in downtown Toledo via a rear loading dock to avoid protesters, according to a report on the Blade's Web site...

    Boehner Endorses Iott


  13. Glad to hear it Rufus. My impression is that military brass are still negative on the concept of women in combat, which is strange to me considering some of the women - and men! - I've known. It's training and grit.

  14. The corrupt "brass" are afraid that when those cute li'l gals start getting killed people will start questioning their idiotic, self-serving "long war."

    They are riding a gravy train right now, and don't want anything to "rock the boat."

  15. As Q would say, stop it, you're killing me. A bunch of bloody Barbies wouldn't be good for the cause.**

    Speaking of grit, it's going to be a rough decade. I will be curious to see if the Obama administration can cut loose of AfPak in any meaningful way. Also interesting if anything goes boom before Nov 2.

    **I didn't say that ::)) at least I can't believe I did.

  16. That was glib, which is not exactly where I'm at - more tired and grim than anything else.

    This too shall pass.

    Which is what I'm afraid of.

    Since we can't seem to move forward, that leaves sideways or backwards.

  17. Speaking of hanging T shirts--hang them outdoors--there's a difference between an outdoor hung T and an indoor hung T, and outdoors is a lot better, nice soft breeze and all. Why this is I don't know, but it does seem so.

  18. Since we can't seem to move forward, that leaves sideways or backwards.

    Or up or down.

  19. As Q would say, stop it, you're killing me. A bunch of bloody Barbies wouldn't be good for the cause.**


    Are you sure you're not Q's "less evil" twin?

  20. Republican Sarah Palin predicted a "political earthquake" on Tuesday in which the GOP will win big in elections across the country.

    "The message has been sent [to Democrats] that they blew it," Mrs. Palin said on "Fox News Sunday." "You blew it, President Obama. We gave you two years" to improve the economy.

    Mrs. Palin, a former Alaska governor whose backing has helped several "tea party" candidates reach the November elections, said those candidate will not have to compromise their independent ideals if elected and dismissed the idea that extending Bush-era tax cuts will increase the deficit by $4 trillion.

    "The money wasn't even there to start with," she said.

    Mrs. Palin also leveled some strong accusations against those who do not support tea party candidates, saying she "has on tape" reporters from a CBS News affiliate in Alaska looking for a child molester in crowd gathered for GOP senatorial candidate Joe Miller and others looking for a "Rand Paul moment" so they could "tweet" it.

    "That's sick," she said. "Those are corrupt bastards."

  21. I'm with you on that Rufus. There were guys in the orderly room, library and medics that were obviously gay, but no one seemed to care.

    In one barracks I lived in we had three to a room and one big latrine for all, six sinks wide against a mirrored wall with another six on the other side.

    The first guy in usually took the end and sink, after that then next guy skipped a sink until all six were being used. After a shave, you cleaned the sink and the next guy would take the place, everyone in issue white or OD boxer skivvies some with a towel.

    These were gillete blue double edge, Aqua Vela and Old Spice days, One day a new guy, orderly room clerk, comes in wearing a black brief, some eau d' somfin, and with a hair dryer.

    Two guys cut themselves shaving and one choked blowing tooth paste through his nose, but we all recovered.

    Live and let live in the sixties.

  22. Or up or down.

    A religious reference since I really don't believe much in political improvements.