“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Jersey Teachers Gone Wild

Hat Tip: Rufus

This video should be seen by every New Jersey parent, homeowner and taxpayer.

Now, here is the disinfectant needed:

This is not the only union Christie is taking on. Christie has the cajones to say no to the huge underestimated, proposed "NJ Big Dig". This bone thrown to NJ and NY construction unions will in fact bone the taxpayers for years. Christie is expected to say, NO.

Let's wait and see.


  1. And here I thought the third video of the series was the most telling

    Top Union Official Caught on Tape Discussing Voter Fraud

    Well, what do I know, about New jersey politics.

  2. Still no bob !?!?!

    And the bartenders still have not set him up?

    Maybe the consequences were intentional?

    Lord have mercy!

  3. Nixon led the way on "Rowen & Martin's Laugh-in"

    "Sock it to me!"

    New York Times -

    President Obama will make the fusion of politics and comedy official tonight by becoming the first sitting president to appear on Comedy Central's “Daily Show” just days before crucial midterm elections ...

    It's the fickle finger of fate.

  4. Arizona: Citizenship Proof For Voting Is Struck Down

    A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit struck down a state law that requires people to provide proof of American citizenship to register to vote, saying the law conflicts with the federal National Voter Registration Act.

  5. I disagreed and added my own.

    The biggest ongoing fraud in this country is taxpayer money going to fund big unions, that in turn, get big construction projects, publicly funded of course, which are closed to all except union workers.

    It is a mutually parasitic relationship.

    The union collects dues and payoffs and turn a share to the politicians in exchange for more.

    The taxpayer pays and pays for needlessly expensive projects and denied employment access to the projects by the unions that wrap themselves in the flag.

    God bless America.

  6. Government worker union, teacher unions, construction unions are the mother's milk to Democratic politicians. All of it paid for with taxes taken from all and recycled to the privileged.

    If you examine total government debt, you would find at least a trillion or more came from excess costs derived from the Davis-Bacon Act.

    An analysis gets complicated because most construction costs are labor related and construction wages are higher than average and taxed accordingly.

    Still the net increase in costs get passed on to the general taxpayer who unless a union worker is banned from the jobs.

  7. I would agree that the Union/Federal symbiotic relationship is one of the many Federal frauds that has been perpetrated upon US.

    Whether it is the "biggest" of those frauds, I would doubt.

    Matter of perspective, as much as anything else though.

    I would say that the "biggest" fraud is the Federals maintaining ownership of over 50% of the land in the Western States.

    That some of those States are even States, a greater fraud upon the people than any other. Coupled with the 17th Amendment, the purposeful gerrymandering of the United States Senate.

  8. An analysis on teacher unions, Afscme would show similar results.

    No serious attempt at closing the deficit can happen without taking on those unions.

  9. If it is a fraud for the federal government to hold public land, then it would be a greater fraud for the federal government to sell them.

    The fraud, if it exists, could only be relieved by returning the held land to their historic owners, the American Indians.

  10. Further compounded with the public lands held in the Southwest which originally belonged to Mexico, further compounded in that Mexico was another European construct, created by the Spanish.

    That land also belonged to the Indians as all other land in the Americas. The same would apply yo Hawaii.

  11. Okay so what did Bob do? I missed it.

    Deuce: Further compounded with the public lands held in the Southwest which originally belonged to Mexico, further compounded in that Mexico was another European construct, created by the Spanish.

    Mexico is, and it should be obvious, just a big giant Indian reservation. Canada and the US are ruled by whites imported from Europe, but Mexico is where the indigenous people run their own affairs. Only about 10% of the population is pure Spanish.

  12. Crush the Crag!

    Gut the Granite!

    Mar the Marble!

    Nuke the Nexis!

    Raze the Rock!

    Crater the Crag!

    Pound the Pebble!

    Strike the Stone!

    Bury the Boulder in Bacon!

    Zion Uber Alles.

  13. The Founders funded the government with the sale of public lands.

    To return to that, the only true course that could be advocated by "Real Americans"

  14. Governments always finance themselves with things confiscated under threat of prison.

  15. I'm definitely developing a man-crush on Chris Christie. Maybe I need to watch an extra couple of football games this weekend, or go catfish "hogging," or something.

    We're going to have the damnedest congress in the history of the Republic this time around. 1/2 totally corrupt, and half totally ignorant (with half of the corrupt being ignorant, and half of the ignorant being corrupt, of course.)

    Demogoguery abounds, and solutions are nowhere discussed. I think I'll buy a bottle of whiskey, and get really drunk the night of Nov. 2.

    Oh, in case I get polled, I'll choose Christie for GOP Candidate.

  16. I am beginning to think the parliamentary system is better.

    The majority party or coalition party rules. When they lose the majority, and a vote of confidence they resign.

  17. from the Independent:

    ..."Israel, was named the eighth happiest country in the world – coming in above Britain and the US – in a poll conducted by Gallup between the years 2005 and 2009 and published in Forbes magazine earlier this year. In Tel Aviv last week, I noticed that both smoking and dogs were allowed in restaurants, and I've rarely seen a perkier lot of people. By the way, I don't have a smoking habit or a dog – just a very tolerant nature. Try it – it might make you happier."

  18. Are these the same tools that named Namibia, or Uganda, or somesuch African shithole the #1 "Happiest" country" in the world?

  19. .
    I would normally say I like any country that likes dogs; however, I just read an article about how dogs are becoming ubiquitous in China now (probably a good sign).

    Ten years ago dogs were pretty much verboten (fines, austacism. When I was doing work there, you didn't even see any birds (at least in the big cities). I'm assuming they ate them.

    We had drivers from our JV there who drove us anywhere we wanted to go. I remember one day we are stopped at a light and a pidgeon with a damaged wing is on the median the other side of a metal divider. The driver throws the car in park, gets out, and goes chasing this bird down the street. He never got it because it slipped through a hole in the divider. I have no idea where he planned to put it if he had caught it.


  20. Happy is a very personal thing. You have heard the expression in Missisiisssiipi of being as "happy as a pig in shit".

  21. .
    Time to convert over to natural gas.


  22. "I have no idea where he planned to put it if he had caught it."

    probably in your soup.

  23. .
    Or Rosicrucianism.


  24. .

    ...probably in your soup.

    I must admit they were pretty good about sharing.


  25. .
    With regard to Bob, I thought I saw in one of his last posts before he started getting deleted that he was going to be gone somewhere this week with the implication that he would be incommunicato.

    I didn't go back to check it out.


  26. Q, there's a guy named "Bergen?" that makes the counterargument on the "Shale Gas" thing. He says the horiz fracking/shale gas deal is being way overestimated.

    Not knowing Shale Gas from Fido's gas, I'm hesitant to take sides, but he makes a pretty persuasive argument. Rockman, over at the Drum, seems to somewhat agree with him.

  27. Obama says Fox is not a real news outfit, then gives an interview on Jon Stewart. Go figure.

  28. .
    Merely musing Rufus.

    I've read all the problems with it.

    If the price ever got up around $6.00 again, I'm sure we would have NG coming out our ass (that by the way was unintentional until I just thought about it).

    Any time they put an estimate of how long supplies will last it makes me nervous.

    The good part, every year that goes by, my window for worry decreases accordingly.


  29. Whattaya say we do a moratorium on any further mention of the infamous "Q, assgas," eh? :)

    Yeah, I'm thinking the price of nat gas is going to get jerked around a bit in the not too far off future. Probly between $6.00 and $8.00 is the ending point.

    The guy's name is "Art Berman." The crux of his argument is that even though the plays like "Marcellus" are large, most of the gas is confined to a rather small "sweet spot," and that the rest of the play is fairly unexciting.

    One reason for this is that the "shale" wells deplete Very rapidly - only a couple of years, with a lot of that coming in the First year.

    Like I said, I think, right now, it's kind of a "he say, she say" situation which will just have to be clarified with time.

    I have been noticing more, and more gas drillers pulling back, recently, though.

  30. So, the reserves in Alaska are down by 90%?

    That is about typical of the results provided from Socialists. Over promise, under deliver.

    If those reserves had been privately owned, there'd have been much more accurate and open accounting then was available from the Federal Socialists currently in charge.

    Ain't that just what could happen in Saudi Arabia?

    Could the reserves there just "evaporate", too?

  31. bob is so technologically challenged that he cannot set up a blogger account.

    That is why he was typing in those various names, b, bob from moscow, etc.

    The new Echo Bar policy that eliminated that option, eliminated bob from moscow from participating in the discussion.

  32. Dennis Miller compliments Steven Crowder for his cajones in taking on the powerful with his humor, ie:

    "I appreciate your cajones."


    "I appreciate yours because they're perfect!"

  33. The Military-Industrial Complex Embraces Coal-to-Liquids:

    According to Air Force Assistant Secretary William Anderson, the USAF plan is to:

    1. Build a "network " of coal-to-liquid-fuels plants to supply the Air Force with 400 million gallons of jet fuel each year by the year 2016 -- enough to power half its North American fleet of aircraft. Plans for creating this network are on a "fast track," according to
    officials developing coal-to-liquids plants in Montana and Alaska

    But, not if the author has his way:

    If the coal-to-liquids industry materializes by 2016, either it will be a major contributor to global warming -- twice as bad as its petroleum-based counterpart, gallon for gallon -- or it will be playing Russian roulette with the future of the planet, burying large quantities of CO2 in the ground without proper scientific and engineering preparation, controls and oversight.

    It seems that careful deliberation and thoughtful debate have been cast aside as the Air Force has set itself on a fast-track mission to bail out the coal industry.

    My Take? Air Force will make it happen.

    Very quietly.

  34. But no worries, others will step in to take up the slack that has been observed in bob's absence.

    These being the times that try men's souls

    Summertime soldiers and sunshine patriots shall not be missed.

  35. .
    The new Echo Bar policy that eliminated that option, eliminated bob from moscow from participating in the discussion...

    Hadn't noticed that there were no longer any posts in black.

    Unfortunately, that will kind of cut down on those posters who only stop in occasionally. And of course it likely is creating problems for Bob.

    I'd walk him through it myself but it's been so long since I set mine up I'd probably screw it up.

    The blind leading the blind so to speak.

    His daughter ought to be able to help him with it.


  36. Rat, back in (I think it was '89) OPEC decided that Quotas would be based on a member's "reserves."

    Immediately, Saudi Arabia, and all the rest DOUBLED their "proven" reserves from where the Western Oil Companies had set them.

    You better bet the OPEC Reserves are greatly overstated.

  37. .
    "Bobby, we hardly knew ye."

    I guess the same can be said for

    Anonymous and

    Anonymous and

    Anonymous and



  38. lordy, if he can't hit the little "sign up here" link he really is messed up.

  39. Rufus: Are these the same tools that named Namibia, or Uganda, or somesuch African shithole the #1 "Happiest" country" in the world?

    You know, people are pretty happy at a circus too. But sometimes you wanna run a little cool.

  40. .
    Come on Bobbo.

    You can do it.

    Good lord, man don't give up. You're a lit major for god's sake.

    Go to the Google sight and read the instructions for setting up an account.

    You'll be farther ahead than me. I never did update mine to the new Google system.

    Step into that cold stream of technology and get your balls wet.

    I know you can do it.


  41. lordy, if he can't hit the little "sign up here" link he really is messed up.

    That process is only just beginning. Even now the kids can't operate a cash register that doesn't have little buttons with a picture of a Big Mac or McNuggets on them. Do that for five hundred years and we'll have a real idiocracy on our hands.

  42. .
    Bobbo, where waiting for you.

    Walk towards the light man.

    Walk towards the light.


  43. That "coal to liquids" article was written back in 2008. I haven't heard much about it, since.

    I think the AF will probably go to biofuels, along with the rest of the DOD.

  44. The plant will process 1.4 million tons of waste coal a year to generate approximately 5,000 barrels a day of diesel fuel.
    Scientific American Magazine - May 2006

    400 million gallons of jet fuel each year

    365 x 5,000 = 1,825,000 barrels
    1 barrel = 44 gallons

    44 x 1,825,000 = 80,300,000 gallons

    400,000,000 / 80,300,000 = 4.98

    4.98 x 1.4 = 6.97 million tons of coal.

    out of an annual US production of 1,074,923,000 tons of coal

    Yep, they could be very quite about that.

  45. Authoritarians often discover there are unintended consequences to their rash decisions.

  46. Quite so Ed.

    Financial services ran through a decade of wealth without anyone noticing until it was too late.

  47. .
    "We have a very long history of trying to do this in the United States and it repeatedly results in subsidies from the public and inability to compete in any fair market place," he told the Miami Herald..."

    As if this is anything new. The same people scream for subsidies for their own vision of clean energy.


  48. Consequences that others see right off the bat, even before they happen.

    The concept of the 6 Ps comes into play:


  49. If the subsidies for the oil industry were eliminated, Q, the price of gasoline would escalate dramatically

    Just the defense subsidy funding factor would make other forms of energy more than price competitive with oil.

  50. Obviously, bob is already signed up under a couple of accounts.

    He said that he was going away this week. I have no doubt that he will be back soon.

    Dr. Abraham Hiss just likes to stir the pot.

  51. Malmstrom (MT) is out, either for missiles or carbon, but Alaska is still very much alive.

  52. Everybody talks about that S. African outfit producing Coal to Liquid. They produce about 1/3 as much fuel as the Ethanol industry in the U.S., and they are Very heavily subsidized (which, the ethanol industry Won't be as of Jan 1st.)

    The plants are Extremely Expensive, the process is an environmental disaster, and you're back to transportation problems, and you're still messing around with a Finite resource.

    There are a lot of advantages to biofuels over CTL, once they get up and running.

  53. Nah, CL, they were "proposing" that CTL back when Palin was Guvnor, but no one's heard of it since. They got their numbers messed up, also.

    80,000 barrels/day X $100,000.00/daily barrel would be $8 Billion w/o added cost for working in Alaska, plus cost overruns. Probably $12 Billion before it's over (about 8 to 10 times the cost of a biodiesel facility of equal output.)

    CTL has been studied to death, but every time an "Independent" source looks at it they go "WTF, Over?"

  54. bob's posts were all in black, meaning he had no account, but was using the Name/URL button.

    Your lack of attention to detail is both showing and telling, whit.

  55. bob's posts were all in black, meaning he had no account, but was using the Name/URL button.

    Your lack of attention to detail is both showing and telling, whit.

    Notice the difference?
    It's called situational awareness.

  56. It was the reason he said he could not delete the posts he made.

    It is not an option after using the Name/URL button.

    Really, whit, you should get up to speed on the technology that Google employs on Blogger.

    The differences between account posts and Name/URL posts is obvious to those that are alert and attentive to detail.

  57. Check the archives and you'll see what I mean.

    The pot of unintended consequences stirred all by itself, no assist was needed from me.

  58. Well, regardless, Rufus, looks like my side is losing this one, but "environmental disaster"?

    From someone who questions AGW?

  59. Also one of the reasons posts made by b, bob, and bob from moscow were easily forged, as were many of Dr Hiss's posts, before he opened his own account.

    Take note and file under lessons learned.

  60. (response to the situational awareness post)

  61. .
    If the subsidies for the oil industry were eliminated, Q, the price of gasoline would escalate dramatically...

    I know that rat.

    My comment was on the hypocrisy that's out there with all these groups. If you're a farmer, ethanol is the only way to go. If you're a utility you are looking at nuclear. The government likes wind. Natural Gas, batteries, solar, you name it. The 'greens' don't want any of it. They want progress stopped, populations reduced, and travel restricted to bicycles and skate boards all in the name of Gaeia.

    No matter which you choose you can count on one thing, hyposcrisy. If you frequent publications pushing any of these technoligies count on them bashing every other technology. Count on a 100% of their adds pushing their technology. We even have whole regions in competition. The East Cost has focused all their political power on assurring that any improvements or expansions of the national grid occurs on the East Coast not in the Great Planes. The Great Planes attack the East Coast in the same manner.

    How many of these groups do you think are pushing their technologies for humanitarian reasons? If you don't know, it is Zip. It's all about the Benjamins.
    Any of them will do anything, say anything to make a buck, or ask for a buck.


  62. doug-o, look at the archives and you will see that "bob said" is always black.

    They have been since his return from banishment, or exile, depending upon one's perspective.

    Regardless, it has been obvious that he was not using a Blogger account to post. Obvious to anyone that maintain a modicum of situational awareness or attention to detail.

  63. One size does not fit all, Rufus:

    The best think about coal to fuel is it is 100% proven able to fuel a country thanks to old Dr. Hiss.
    I mean Howard Hitler.

    Plus, were always gonna need a Hell of a lot of petroleum "byproducts" and coal fills that bill nicely.

    CO2 Sequestration is one of the stupidest ideas ever.
    Maybe we all outta pump our breaths back into mother earth for safekeeping.

    ...and, of course have co2 capture tanks on our cars for the same purpose, lest that deadly gas wipe out life on Earth.

  64. huh?
    was a joke.
    this time.
    often an honest reaction.
    Situational awareness not my forte.

    ...I'll just cover my head the next time some muzzies board my plane.

  65. ...avoid having the Feds on my back.

  66. Hypocrisy is the Name of the Game, in politics, Q. On that most of us agree, I do believe.

    I myself think that non-food stock ethanol is the solution to a myriad of our challenges. It supplies liquid energy that can be blended to provide fuel the existing fleet. It is renewable and can be produced domestically. I have not seen nor read of any other alternative that meets those criteria.

    If some subsidy were required to jump start production I would support it, in concept, on National Security grounds.

    Wind and sun can produce electricity, but so too can coal, NG, nuclear fuel and dammed water.

    Electricity is not part of the National Security challenge, in my estimation.

    Electric cars could be nifty, but there is no existing fleet to support. The cost of replacing the entire 300 million vehicle fleet, in a few years, would be a drag upon our already fragile economic recovery.

  67. Coal is superior to biomass in terms of energy efficiency. (Coal is more energy dense.)

    A not unlikely outcome is some combination of the two technologies such as Biomass Cofiring.

  68. Israel and Renault did it a year ago, remember?

  69. Magic Batteries solve everything.

  70. Other scientists getting more money to keep looking into their ideas include:

    — Keith Jerome, a researcher at the University of Washington using proteins to seek and destroy gene mutations created by the HIV virus;

    — Dan Feldheim of the University of Colorado, who is testing the possibility of adding small gold particles to the drugs used to treat infectious diseases, like tuberculosis and HIV, to help the treatments withstand drug resistance;

    — Pradipsinh Rathod of the University of Washington, who is looking at the structure of malaria parasite genes to find ays to block mutations that lead to drug resistance.

    Promising Projects

  71. Steven den Beste (USS Clueless) addressed the subject here.

  72. I have been taken to the woodshed by by the resident Cliff Claven.

  73. CL, for environmental disaster google "tar sands"

    Has nothing to do with CO2. CO2 makes the crops grow better.

    "Wind" works. It's much cheaper than Nuclear, and there's a LOT of it.

    "Solar" works. It's about the same cost as Nuclear, and will be less than 1/3 the cost before it's over.

    "Ethanol from Cellulosic" feedstock works. It produces Transportation fuel, AND Lignin (or, biogas) for Electricity.

    After selling the electricity at market rates (usually around $0.10 kwh) the ethanol can be sold profitably for about $2.00/gal (plus taxes, transportation, etc.)

  74. Fossil Fuels is a Huge business - probably close to $10 Trillion/yr. They spend a Fortune on Propaganda, and, sometimes, downright misinformation.

  75. CL, This

    is the type of thing I'm referring to when I say "Environmental Disaster.

  76. When Frank Asbeck's 12-year-old daughter Carolin hit the inevitable stage of finding her father embarrassing, the German businessman administered shock therapy.

    Asbeck, the big, brash chief executive of Bonn-based SolarWorld, donned a Scottish kilt to pick her up at school. "Hi Sugar!" he called, waving to his mortified tween.


    Asbeck said he'd dropped plans to build a compound for a pride of Zimbabwean lions. But he compared his company to a circus, filled with highly qualified specialists, some of whom have worked in the solar industry 30 years.


    "I'm only the director of the circus," said Asbeck, before departing The Nines for the Oregon Zoo to be welcomed at a luncheon reception attended by Gov. Ted Kulongoski and U.S. senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley.

    Green Power

  77. You are 50% correct, doug.

    It is Renault that is building an electric car, but not in Israel.

    The car is being manufactured in Turkey.

    Industry and Trade Minister Nihat Ergün has said Turkey will see its first electric car manufactured in 2011 by French carmaker Renault, with a further aim of making the country an important export and production base for electric cars while also encouraging use of these vehicles in the domestic market. ...
    Renault will start producing the electric version of the Fluence next year in Bursa and added that the car will be exported to world markets. Automotive technology is going through an important revolution, shifting from fossil fuel vehicles to hybrid and electric cars, the minister stressed, noting that one of every four to five vehicles in Europe is expected to be electric within the next 10 years. Turkey has a great opportunity in this shift in technology, Ergün remarked, adding that it could emerge as one of the most important electric car production bases in the world.

    Further confirmation that Turkey will be the hub of Renault's electric car manufacturing
    Renault to Produce Electric Fluence In Bursa, Turkey.

    As far as Israel goes, in its' Renault reliant electric car project, there is a mutual boycott taking shape, between Turkey and Israel.
    Turkey boycott Israel

    With the Israeli boycotting imported Turkish food products and travel to Turkey and the Turks either leading or following suit, in the rush to boycott the other country.

    Many folks may be wary of investing in the "Better Place" project that was planned for Israel, being dependent as it is upon Turkish manufactured automobiles.

  78. Trouble posting under the assigned account name. oh well, the content is what matters.

  79. Exciting Inventions Sweep the Middle East!

    From Israel and the Jews.

    Simple blood test developed that diagnoses cancer

    Researchers of the Technion Institute of Technology claim test will be able to differentiate between different kinds of cancers, tumors, diseases.

    An innovative, simple blood test that can diagnose a variety of diseases, including cancer, has been developed by researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and was just reported in a central article in the Proceedings of the [US] National Academy of Sciences.

    The Technion has registered a patent on the development.

    In the Islamic world:

    sources confirm the WikiLeaks revelation that Iran developed camera-equipped suicide vests for al Qaeda's attacks on US troops under the instruction of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Center in Tehran. Our sources have discovered that the Islamic Jihad's "Jerusalem Brigades" in the Gaza Strip have been equipped with those same SVIED (Suicide Vest Improvised Explosive Devices) and have transferred some to al Qaeda cells at large in the territory.
    This sophisticated suicide vest is fitted with miniature cameras which enable the bomber to monitor and relay images of an attack before he reaches his target, our military sources report. The bomber can thus stay in close touch with, and receive instructions, from his handlers every step of the way and also obtain images of the environment he is entering and the obstacles ahead

  80. For banks, the advantage is tellers can be in a call center or even work from home, serving dozens of bank branches remotely. A credit union in New York has found it cost-effective to have a teller on duty, even in the middle of the night.

    Bob Michaud, Mid-Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union chief marketing officer, said the video teller provides a way to offer service on a scale never before possible.

    "You never have to lock the door with a personal teller," he said. "These are not banker's hours anymore."

    Video-Banking System

  81. Fear of the disease is turning to anger, as Haitians begin to blame foreign aid workers and peacekeepers for the Caribbean nation's first ever outbreak.

    Rumours have swirled this week that Nepalese troops with the UN peacekeeping mission in Haiti were the source of the outbreak.

    The mission rushed to deny the claims, insisting it “uses seven septic tanks” situated far away from the Artibonite River.

    Haiti Warned

  82. Five police on a mission to help flood victims in eastern Indonesia were killed on Thursday when their plane crashed into a tree during an emergency landing, police said.

    Aid Crash

  83. The Story of "o", putting all Islamoids in the same basket, a monolithic group.

    Let's use the Arab/Islam standards for life from now on...

    If one infidel is murdered by a moslems?

    1000 moslems must be executed. (we can use the moslems already in jails across the world) ...

    Tue Oct 26, 10:55:00 AM EDT