“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Go quietly with your shame.

Right in the middle of a NYTimes article Hitler Exhibit Explores a wider Circle of Guilt is this:

“The only hope for stopping extremists is to isolate them from society so that they are separated, so they do not have a relationship with the bourgeoisie and the other classes,” Mr. Thamer said. “The Nazis were members of high society. This was the dangerous moment.

“This we have to avoid from happening.”

Increasingly, Germans have put the guilt of the past behind them, reasserting their pride in national identity in many positive ways. But there also have been troubling signs seeping from the margins into the mainstream.

A best-selling book by a former banker promoted genetic theories of intelligence and said that Muslims were “dumbing down” society. A leading politician condemned “alien cultures.” A new right-wing party recently attracted hundreds to a speech by the far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Even government officials say that immigrant children are picking on native Germans. The media is filled daily with reports of conflict between immigrants, especially Muslims, and Germans.
Remember your sins, you Germans, remember your sins and pay your penance. You mustn't let your Teutonic pride break out and lead you into another national calamity and more eternal shame. Forget what the poet said, go quietly into the good night.


  1. Wilders isn't "far-right"---he's sane

    He's trying to protect a northern European outlook

    Which desperately needs to be protected

    Or we will be cutting clits off the women

    The sins of the sons (and daughters) are not to be attributed to the fathers (and mothers)

    There are cultural differences

    And there may be, in fact have been shown to be, differences in smarts

    Those are some facts

  2. reports of conflict between immigrants, especially Muslims---

    keep them OUT

  3. Whit, you are a Bible guy.

    The sins of the fathers----don't go to the sons.

    Germans haven't been known for cutting the clits off their women. It's a new generation--I'm not defending the Germans--but they are not muzzies.

  4. And you are not going to "convert" them.

    The only sane solution is, like dad used to say, an "amicable divorce".

  5. Which is the only amicable way out sometimes--he was a divorce lawyer, after all.

  6. If you believe, like me, that we are in a cultural war, the Germans are actually a society of hope.

    Why should 15% of "French" men be blowing up cars all the time?

    Why should Malmo, Sweden, where my ancestors came from, have "no go" areas?

  7. In this case, guilt is the tool being used by politically correct liberalism to keep Europeans in a submissive quietude while Islamification occurs.

    Of course, having turned their backs on Christianity while turning towards the multi-culti immigration reform, what were they expecting?

  8. Pardon me for being alive.

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  10. This is beautiful. The genius Wolf Blitzer, who ganged up on Christine O'Donnell showing his intellect on Jeopardy

  11. What is telling....

    In a quiet conversation witht he wife we discussed our 11 year old son's apparent strong enjoyment of young ladies his own age...

    puppy love...

    innocent youthful adoration of the sweet wholeness of gals....

    we both agreed that we were thrilled (not that there was any doubt) that he was batting in the historic NORMAL group of humans that expressed affection for the opposite sex.

    We certainly would still love our child if he went to bat for the other team HOWEVER we were honest that we look forward to a male child growing up, someday finding a nice gal and making us some grand kids for us to spoil.

    The current atmosphere out in the far left progressive news media is that if you do not support CHANGING the law to support gay marriage you are a beast, a radical right wing kook.

    Take the NY Governer's race. The GOP candidate stated that he wanted to see his kids and the orthodox jewish group's kids to grow up and have a historic normal lifestyle and marry (the opposite sex) and have families...

    Joy Bahar and others on the far left are now calling him a right wing nut...

    Notice the silence from the left that their HERO BHO doesnt even support gay marriage...

    Notice the silence of the fact that the MAJORITY in CA voted against it...

    Notice how Blacks in America (sorry if "Blacks" is un-pc, just not sure anymore what to call them, and if Colored is no longer acceptable when will they change the name of the NAACP????) DO NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE?


  12. I watched that entire debate and O'Donnell clearly won.

    She tripped over Blitzer repeatedly asking her which Supreme decision she disagree with and would not accept a reasonable answer that she wanted to think about it.

    Blitzer has shit for brains, but I heard the Jeopardy recording on the Mark Levin show last night while driving home from the airport and couldn't stop laughing.

  13. WIO, i saw the same clip and had the same reaction.

  14. Sorry, WiO, I deleted my comment where I had noted a trend lately to demonize traditional, conservative values as "right wing, extremist, or radical."

    The whirled has turned upside down and the Judaeo-Christian values are being thrown in the trash heap of history. Obviously this is much farther along in Europe but it's happening here and we can look to Europe as an example of the consequences.

  15. It is an Alice in Wonderland world...

    We had a KIDNAP victim killed during a rescue in afghanistan, kidnapped by the Taliban (the same people Obama want to see seated in peace talks) and now charges are being drawn up on the American who attempted to recuse her...

    Let's not blame the moslem kidnapper....

    Let's focus responsibility on the American GI who risked HIS life to save her...

    Sorry she'd dead but the BLAME MUST go to the Taliban and Islam not to the GI...

  16. More Alice in Wonderland issues...

    VIENNA, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Iran, jockeying for a top spot among oil-producing nations, takes over the presidency of the OPEC oil cartel for the first time in 36 years, Tehran said.

    Iran said through the Oil Ministry's Petroenergy Information Network that Masoud Mir Kazemi, the country's oil minister, will fill the rotating presidency of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries starting in January

    Now let's get this straight...

    OPEC is a price fixing monopoly that controls output and prices...

    Should we not as a nation try to destroy OPEC and all it stands for?

  17. Debbie Downer?

    It's been years since I watched SNL, I had to look her up.

    I'd suggest Ursula Upper.

    All I watch is Dancing With Stars with my wife.

    We used to go dancing.

  18. I'd suggest Ursula Upper.

    I mean for a name, of course.

    Kinda like Pussy Galore, for instance.

  19. I used to do one hell of a waltz, if you can believe that.

    But these dancers on Dance With Stars are really good.

    Puppy love never dies, the dog just gets older, and pisses on the fire hydrant.

  20. Then...the dog catcher comes.

  21. I read an article somewhere in the last month about inbreeding among the muzzies.

    Serious article, it's a real problem, when you marry your cousin generation after generation.

    They need a cultural change.

    My wife is sitting upstairs, quite happy with her life. Having been a good mother, which is all she really wanted to do, like most women, she is just taking life now as it comes.

    She will bury me, and that is the way it should be.

  22. Palestinian mental patients get hysterectomies in Palestine

    Muslim law permits parents to remove uteruses of mentally ill girls to protect family from shame
    Ali Waked

    A debate held by a Palestinian radio station has revisited the issue of female mutilation, with interviewed parents saying they prefer to perform hysterectomies on mentally ill girls in order to prevent them from becoming impregnated.

    But the procedure is known to be performed in order to allay fears of embarrassment by a similarly ill offspring, and has been sanctioned to this end by both Sharia and the Palestinian Authority.

    "We can't follow the girls around 24 hours a day, and we worry that they will be sexually assaulted, so we prefer to cut out their wombs," one parent told a radio station belonging to the Ma'an news agency.

    The station held a debate on the matter over the past few days, uncovering a phenomenon not uncommon in the West Bank.

    Parents who were interviewed anonymously cited protecting their daughters from rape as the reason behind the procedure, and the mufti of Nablus issued a decree approving hysterectomies "if they can put an end to a mental condition or social problem".

    A gynecologist interviewed by the radio stressed that the procedure prevents pregnancy but not sexual desire.

    The debate also concluded that Palestinian law does not prevent hysterectomies from being carried out on mentally ill girls, despite prohibiting the severing of body parts from any person's body without that person's consent.

    Female Palestinian MP Dr. Sahar Al Qawasmi agreed that there is a legal problem, and said a hysterectomy does nothing to defend the girl but rather serves only to protect her family from the shame and embarrassment incurred in Muslim society by a mentally ill family member.

    "If our will is to protect the disabled or mentally ill, we must worsen the punishment against those who would attack her," Dr. Qawasmi said.

    "If we must cut out the girl's womb, why do we not chop off body parts from disabled boys? The hysterectomy makes her the victim of a rape as well as of punishment, and the lack of punishment for her assailant."

  23. Youth is wasted on the young.

    True words.

    But the small snippets that come through your posts, bob, suggest that you got some mileage out of your time in the sun.

    So regrets can be cast aside.

    But they're not the golden years by any stretch.

    The news media isn't reporting this but someone stole the last decade. I woke up one morning and it was 2010. I am convinced that the alleged financial crisis of 2008 dissolving 10 years of wealth accumulation was just a cover story to disguise the time warp.

  24. And, she sits and let's me write stupid comments on this blog, day after day.

    All in all, a good relationship, though not 'perfect'.

    She came, for instance, and got me out of Wells, where they have no bus, no airplane, no train, no nothing.

    I asked the woman at the desk, can I hire a driver to Twins Falls?

    She said, your best chance is the truck stop over there.

    But it was two days of perfect relaxation.

  25. A best-selling book by a former banker promoted genetic theories of intelligence and said that Muslims were “dumbing down” society.

    I saw that. (I admit I laughed at the bluntness of the statement - way to fan the flames.) It's probably not too surprising that the cultural conflict will be articulated by the Germans as arguably the most antithetic contrast to Muslim culture.

    If it is true that Muslims are not a monolithic people, religion, or culture, then one is stuck with 'granularizing' the analytics - looking at the specifics of individual countries.

    Unfortunately for that thesis, the individual countries of Europe seem to experience a similar set of events - lack of emphasis on and value assigned to education and knowledge, inability to engage effective conflict resolution skills, and a temperamental intolerance for a larger world view that is out of conformance with the world from which they emerged.

  26. WiO,
    That situation with the hysterectomies is tough for all parties but at least they aren't lobotomizing the girls or aborting them in the womb.

    It's to our disgrace that we abort so many healthy or otherwise.

  27. The disgrace is the rape.

    The failure to respect the inviolability of another human being.

    Which is of course cross-cultural.

  28. whit said...
    That situation with the hysterectomies is tough for all parties but at least they aren't lobotomizing the girls or aborting them in the womb.

    It's to our disgrace that we abort so many healthy or otherwise.

    As a "pro-choicer" I too agree that abortion is treated all to causally in the west.

    I am not pro-abortion.

    As for the Palestinians and forced hysterectomies? My issue is more the fact that they do this so the MEN are not shamed rather than trying to control pregnancy.

    And in the end I'd take a pro-choice society (all the while trying to increase adoption and reduce the NEED for teenage pregnancy) than a society that will use the actual children they make as cannon fodder, suicide bombers and human breeding machines to make more "fighting jihadists"

  29. Abortion would be a non-issue if birth control were available and used.

    That means teenagers and sex education and informed parents.

    In part. There are other parts but that's a good start.

  30. Abortion would be a non-issue if birth control were available and used.

    I have to disagree with you there.

    Birth control IS available---everywhere.

    But not used.

    When my first girl friend and I fucked our guts out up in the mountains----even when drunk---I ALWAYS had a rubber on.

    It's just a matter of a little GOOD SENSE.

    When my wife had given birth to her two wanted children, she had her tubes tied up so godamned tight the doc said to me you can do anything you want for the rest of your life.

    It's a matter of self control.

  31. Every kid in the country knows you put a rubber on.

    If they don't know that simple fact, they are nin-wits, and past help.

  32. Control is the issue.

  33. Iran is taking over the Presidency of OPEC. What could go wrong?

  34. A pack of rubbers costs what?

    $5.99 or something.

    I know Ruf is trying to get this discussion off of an irritating
    subject, but the price of rubbers is $5.99.

  35. "When my wife had given birth to her two wanted children, she had her tubes tied up so godamned tight the doc said to me you can do anything you want for the rest of your life."


    Sadly, the Doc did not anticipate what that would entail.

  36. Wouldn't it have been easier and more noble for you to tie your tubes?

    ...or were you concerned about strangers in the nite?

  37. Rufus the economic genius recently cited some news from CA and declared it small potatoes.

    Remember what that was, Ruf?

    Anyhoo, somebody on the radio just called CA the fifth largest economy in the World, I'd heard 7th, but whatever it is/was was big.

    ...and CA is in deep deep do do.

    Perhaps that CA comment will rank up there with your prediction about Real Estate being a piddle in the puddle!

  38. I don't think she has cheated on me, though she may have, and, by this time, I couldn't give a damn.

    You'd have to ask her.

  39. Pond, not puddle, I looked it up.

  40. And, she isn't telling....the truth.

  41. You avoided the other question, politician Bob!

  42. Just as you avoided your manly obligation.

  43. I live in Ms, Doug. I could care less about Kalifornia.

  44. I nominate Rufus the

    What me worry kid

    of the EB!

  45. That's what you said about New Century Mortgage going down years ago.

  46. But if she did, I'm damn glad Dr. Spain tied those tubes up real tight.

    Saved me a lot of work and worry.

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Pressure at Mortgage Firm Led To Mass Approval of Bad Loans
    Monday, May 7, 2007; A01

    Maggie Hardiman cringed as she heard the salesmen knocking the sides of desks with a baseball bat as they walked through her office. Bang! Bang!

    " 'You cut my [expletive] deal!' " she recalls one man yelling at her. " 'You can't do that.' " Bang! The bat whacked the top of her desk. As an appraiser for a company called New Century Financial, Hardiman was supposed to weed out bad mortgage applications. Most of the mortgage applications Hardiman reviewed had problems, she said.

    But "you didn't want to turn away a loan because all hell would break loose," she recounted in interviews. When she did, her bosses often overruled her and found another appraiser to sign off on it.

    Hardiman's account is one of several from former employees of New Century that shed fresh light on an unfolding disaster in the mortgage industry, one that could cost as many as 2 million American families their homes and threatens to spill over into the broader economy.
    Shares in the Irvine, Calif., company rose from $5 in early 2001 to $66 at the end of 2004, cementing its status as a Wall Street favorite. Last year it issued $51.6 billion in loans, more than any other specialized subprime mortgage lender.

    As Industry Grew, Standards Loosened

    Once a little-used lending tool, subprime loans made up 20 percent, or about $600 billion, of all mortgages issued in the country last year. These loans carry a high risk of default because they generally are made to home buyers with questionable credit. But because they require borrowers to pay high interest rates, they have been a gold mine for lenders in recent years, accounting for 30 percent of all profits made in the mortgage business, according to Mercer Oliver Wyman, a consulting firm.

    Lenders also made a fortune selling subprime loans to Wall Street. Investment banks charged huge fees for packaging them into massive bonds called mortgage-backed securities. Investors received high returns for buying and selling these bonds.

    But there is growing evidence that along this chain, the filters that were supposed to catch bad loans did not work.

  49. I repeat:
    Why did you not tie your tubes instead?

  50. We actually talked about that, at the time.

    The discussion ended with "well have it your way".

  51. Shit happened, Doug. The Bankers forgot how to "Bank." What can I say?

    As for Kaliforneeyeh: They send a lot of their tax money to Mississippi. I guess they can do damned well what they want.

  52. We discussed having amniocentisis or whatever to check for defects.

    Then my doctor friend asked us what we would do if something showed up.

    We ended up not having the test.

  53. As for a 1% ($20 B in a $2 Trillion economy) budget deficit in Kaliforniay: I just can't get too excited.

    Not when the country I live in is running a 9% Deficit.

  54. My point Rufus, is that everyone talks about the effect of other large nation's economies on ours, yet CA is larger than most and you dismiss it as inconsequential.

  55. We ended up not having the test.

    That is exactly what we did.

  56. The Budget deficit is just like New Century was, Ruf:
    An indicator of the future, but CA's future is far worse than that, and CA's economy is a hell of a lot more than 1 percent.

  57. OTOH,
    All the productive people are going to Texas, etc. so maybe CA will become like Detroit (LA already is) and we can just bulldoze it and create a park.

  58. That's the point, Doug. If Kalifornicate loses a factory to Texas, or Utah, it makes exactly Zero difference TO ME.

    Doug, I've been hearing this "California is Doomed" stuff for fifty years. Every Recession, it's the same ol', same ol'.

    And all it's done is just steadily continue to grow. I'm sure I can come up with something much more interesting to worry about.

  59. None so blind...

    For the first time since it became a state, CA is not adding a new Representative to the House.

    ...again, an indicator of problems that are far larger.

    ...except in your imagination.

  60. Rufus Boilerplate of DeNile:

    "Doug, I've been hearing this "California is Doomed" stuff for fifty years. Every Recession, it's the same ol', same ol'."

  61. Doug, they're building a Solar Panel Manufacturing facility the next town over. It will be able to compete very well with panels made in California.

    However, China is using the equivalent of Slave Labor, Free, Non-repayable Loans, Export Subsidies, and Currency Manipulation to Subsidize their Solar Manufacturers. That Sucks.

    That is a Stacked Deck, and it pisses me off. A country with 1.2 Billion Slaves, and $2.5 Trillion in the bank can pick off one industry at a time until they have ALL the industries, and Everyone is their slave.

    It's a much bigger deal than Kaliforniay running a 1% Deficit during a recession.

  62. DG
    October 15, 2010 at 7:23 pmCan we please realize in some cases homeowners are actually begging the banks to take their homes and finish the foreclosure process, but the banks are refusing because they want to push the losses back forever.

    Some people just want to start over renting and work on the process of cleaning their credit history, but the banks won’t let them. I’m in a situation where I actually did move out of my house and I told the bank it was unoccupied, but they still won’t take the place.

    Meanwhile I still have to upkeep the place, because legally my name is still on the property.

    Some of you say people should move, but don’t realize when the banks refuse to take their properties it still leaves them on the hook for all the liability associated with the property.

  63. I'm turning you into Kudlow for punishment, Rufus:
    You know Free Trade Benefits us all!

    Stick with the program!

    That's what Obama does.

  64. Sometimes the Chi-Coms don't have to pick:
    We just give it away for free.

  65. Then there's begging them to take our oil in the gulf and elsewhere.

  66. Mark my words, Ruf:
    The budget deficit is a tiny tip of a far larger Iceberg.

  67. Stop allowing China to hold US sovereign debt.


  69. I'm Big on Free Trade, Doug. But, there have to be rules, and the rules have to be followed.

    China's breaking ALL the rules. We either do something about it, or we're patsies.

  70. Aren't we currently almost completely dependent on them buying our debt?

  71. Like I said, Doug: Kaliforniyay sends more to the Federal Guvmint than it gets back. Part of that money comes to me and my rednek cuzzins.

    Ain't much I can say.

  72. China quit buying our debt quite some time ago.

    They only own about 10% of it.

  73. "Officially," any way.

    There are rumors about Offshore funds in various places that have bought our bonds while acting on behalf of the Chinese.

  74. In fact, the Chinee guy that's in charge of that stuff got in a lot of hot water because he quit buying our bonds right before they really took off this last time.

    Some people were, literally, afeerd for his life.

  75. Most disturbing relationship...

    A grandson may spend “quality” time with his grandmother but no one would EVER expect him to fall in love. 72-year old Pearl Carter, claims to be madly in love with her 26-year old grandson, Phil Bailey. According to sources, the pair is expecting their first child together via a surrogate.

  76. Three videos of the expert witness testimony for the defense by Simon Admiraal in the Geert Wilders trial.

    • Leading Germans giving up on the "multiculti" idea here and here.

    • French burqa ban clears last legal obstacle.

    • French MP urges Britain to save itself too.

    What did I tell you, gang? I said Europe would do what's necessary to defeat Islam's radical Sharia law and preserve its culture, didn't I? Now -- if only Israel could take a hint.

    - Doug Ross

  77. The Bush's Rescued the Clintons, now Condi tries the same with her soul brother:

    The former secretary of state and onetime national security adviser met one-on-one with President Obama at the White House on Friday afternoon, after a week of television appearances promoting "Extraordinary, Ordinary People," her memoir about her parents. The White House said Obama wanted to discuss a range of foreign policy issues with her.

    Later, at an evening appearance at the Aspen Institute, Rice said she and Obama "covered the waterfront." "Despite the fact there are changes and tussles, there is still a foreign policy community that believes that foreign policy ought to be bipartisan," she said. "It was really great that he reached out in that way."

    Rice rolled her eyes at the notion that Obama is a closet Muslim, and she defended him from criticism - led by former vice president Richard B. Cheney - that Obama had weakened the country. "Nothing in this president's methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America's interests," Rice told an audience that included presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett.

    Speaking to Fox News's Bill O'Reilly, she lavished praise on her successor, Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I think she is doing a lot of the right things. . . . She is very tough. . . . I think she has done a fine job, I really do."

  78. The US should restrict selling debt to foreign countries that run trade surpluses with the US. It could be done on a formula basis.

    There is no US government agency that cannot be reduced by 35%.

    If the government needs someone to buy their bonds, it can auction tax free savings bonds to US citizens.

  79. The wages for that "slave labor" should be rising soon. The workers will demand it. They have been driven and worked like mules for too long now. Also, China needs to boost domestic consumption. I believe that it's estimated to be about 30% and needs to go up about 10% more.

  80. The Chinese leadership are NOT irrational people. But, they Will push you to the very brink. Pussies Will get "ate up."

    Since the brouhaha began a couple of months ago they have let the Yuan rise from 6.73 to the Dollr to 6.64, or about 2%.

    This is exactly the way it went the last time. They squalled, the pitched a fit, they threatened everything short of WWIII, and then when Congress looked ready to act they started letting it move.

    I just hope the Administration, and Congress don't stop here. They really need to address their other Non-Competitive Issues - especially "Export Subsidies." That is just an Egregious violation of WTO rules.

    At some point we should act outside WTO rules, and say "sue us." China is just too big, now, to play around with. They could cause us grievous damage.