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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Here is what happens when you let manufacturing be pirated by men in striped suits:

Why are these scum suckers not wearing horizontal stripes?

The biggest pile of steaming hot bullshit shoveled to the public by our rulers and masters and their lords in banking and Wall Street is that creative destruction is a good thing. Break and wreck domestic business and industry for the purpose of getting larger momentary financial returns to the investor and shift the manufacturing to China.

It is further argued that higher valued manufacturing will be shifted upstream to more productive industries. Well here is the evidence of the logical consequence of this fraud:

Germany, France and England cannot muster the engineers to develop and manufacture the next generation of aircraft engines.

There is no report of an insufficient supply of bankers and lawyers.


Airbus looks to India to bridge skills gap

Airbus, the world's biggest aeroplane maker, will carry out a greater proportion of engineering work in India in the future as a direct result of a dearth of qualified engineers in the UK, Germany and France.

By Amy Wilson in Bangalore Telegraph
Published: 9:31PM BST 02 Oct 2010

The company's board will decide this week whether to go ahead with its next development programme, a new engine for the single-aisle A320 plane that generates much of Airbus's profit.

The programme, known as NEO (new engine option), may yet be put off or abandoned because of a lack of engineers, said Tom Enders, chief executive.

The company's technical expertise is tied up with getting the A380 superjumbo ready for full production and developing the new A350, made with a greater share of composites than any of Airbus's previous planes.

"Airbus has never made a secret that our engineering resources are stretched thin," Mr Enders said during a two-day visit to Airbus's Indian operations in Bangalore last week.

"We're taking this decision very seriously because we cannot afford that other programmes, especially the 350, should suffer."
There is an 80pc chance that Airbus will go ahead with the new engine, according to reports last week, but the plan still needs approval from Airbus executives and EADS, its parent company.

At its base in Bangalore, Airbus has 160 engineers working on the A350 and A380 programmes in conjunction with staff in France, Germany and Britain.

The company plans to have 200 staff at the engineering centre by the end of the year and 400 by 2013.

India produces around 350,000 engineering graduates a year, about 25pc of which Airbus describes as "employable".

"I don't think 400 is going to be the final number, there is a huge pool of talent we can tap into," said Mr Enders. "In terms of the work we sub-contract, there's a lot more to come."

In the past, most of the work done for Airbus by external suppliers has been making parts of the airframe, and while some manufacturing work is now being done in India, it is the engineering and technology base that is more attractive, Mr Enders said.
"IT, simulations, technical publication - all these are things which India is particularly good at," he said.

Engineering staff in India are cheaper to employ than in Europe, although the company declined to say what the difference in average salaries is.

Airbus expects to do around $1bn (£632m) of business in India in the next decade, with local companies such as Tata, Mahindra and state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics. The last two are also joint-venture partners of BAE Systems.

Airbus has no plans for now to build a final assembly line in India like the one which opened in Tianjin, China in 2008.
Airbus expects India to need around 1,000 new planes over the next 20 years, compared with 3,000 in China. Air traffic has expanded by 16pc in India this year.

Mr Enders said jobs at Airbus's manufacturing and design sites in Filton and Broughton, Toulouse, and Hamburg are not as risk from work being done in India for now.

"I will not guarantee jobs but right now our immediate concern is that we ramp up production and find good people."


  1. When the Lords and Masters decree what is acceptable, by fiat, they set the course of their own destruction.

    They destroy civil opposition first through attempts at demagoguery, then libel and finally censorship. Book burning in the name of proper decorum, when the intellectual arguments and factual truths escape them.

    Intellectual honesty pirated by control of the delete button

  2. I've heard that before…LIKE an hour ago.

  3. There is a difference between speech control and taking out the garbage.

    Some people feel that spaying graffiti on public buildings is free speech, when anyone with common sense see it for what it is, defacement.

    There are those that that use flowery pedantry to disguise specious bullshit and are offended when others smell it for what it is.

    Then there is the boring paranoia of one who equates honest disagreement with a challenge to the sanctimony of those who think they have a permanent pass on honest and consistent intellectual inspection.

  4. The last time I was at an airport they were doing forward screening before you got to the TSA gate.

    Strong concerns that terrorist teams in Europe have selected their targets, completed their surveillance, eluded capture and are now ready to strike at airports and tourist attractions have prompted the State Department to ready a highly unusual travel advisory for Europe, multiple law enforcement and intelligence sources tell ABC News.

    Intelligence and law enforcement officials have information that the teams could at any time launch a "Mumbai style" terror attack that targets civilians for death or hostage taking. The 2008 Mumbai attack used small arms and explosives to kill 175 people and paralyze the Indian city for days.

    The current concerns are for scenarios that include opening fire at airports in Europe as well as executing similar attacks at "soft" targets like tourist attractions or hotels.

    According to ABC News sources, the terror plotters have moved through the surveillance stage, checked back in with al Qaeda in Pakistan, and have received the go-ahead to strike.

  5. Garbage?

    What was deleted was the position of NATO allies of the United States and the dangers of out sourcing manufacturing.

    Because the example used was Turkey and Israel using the example of electric cars manufactured in Turkey, that made it garbage?

    Quotes from the Turkish ministers that directly effected the prospects of investors in Israel and the success of the "Better Place" project, there?

    No more garbage than the face off between Japan and China is topical.

    The deleted comments were pertinent to the thread, civil and on the topic.

    Deleted by authoritarians that now require comments to reverberate to the echos of the management.

  6. Tis a brisk October morning here at 6400 feet, a cool breeze coming down from the peaks above.

    I think most of the people here couldn't give a damn about China.

    Ely I think made it's way early on from copper mining.

    I'd love to have one of these high desert ranches, some have airstrips, ranch house up at the base of a mountain. Vegas only an hour a way by air.

    Likewise, sanity only an hour away by air from Vegas.

    heh, a guy could alternate between being in whack, and out of whack.

  7. Over a cigarette out the front door here I just exchanged pleasantries with an Ed Abby looking guy who I thought must be a Nevadan of the hills. Nope, from Oakland, California he hadn't even heard of Moscow, the urban rube. I say my sis spent a lot of time there, I know it well, then she fled to Santa Cruz, he says that's nice, then, I'd rather be here.

    Another longing to escape.

  8. There are 10 autos out my motel front door here, 7 pickups, and three cars, his being the Toyota Yaris.

    You can't play being Ed Abby in a Toyota Yaris.

    That's about the norm for here, 70% pickups.

  9. There he goes, lanky, bearded, jeans, cowboy hat, wool shirt, off to who knows where, most of his belongings in a large garbage bag, off in the red Yaris, which sticks out like a red thumb around here. I am alone.

    Only the crow yonder to talk to.

  10. Except for the elder illegal alien who walks by, says good morning sir, like he ought to do, good morning to you as well, how are you, fine he says as he bounds up the stairs. All the younger ones were speaking Spanish yesterday, and on cell phones too. Next door is a nice older black guy and a white lady, most of the others cowboy types.

    Yesterday the maid wanted me to fill out a report card on her performance. I sign it, fill it out any way you like, says I

    That's my morning travelogue for this morning.

  11. This Meadow In The Mountains Looks A Little Like Around Here

    van Gogh

    The cleaning lady is here, I'll let her fill out her own form again.

    The black guy is having a smoke, also a young girl under a tree. I'll join them.

  12. Engineering staff in India are cheaper to employ than in Europe, although the company declined to say what the difference in average salaries is.

    The Money Quote:

  13. The illegals have piled in a van and left, the black guy is playing classical music, the cleaning lady has come and gone, if my son would ever get up we'd be on our day trip, and you'd be done with me.

    Saying Goodbye To The Hotel Nevada

    You’re a stately fine Lady
    Though somewhat two hearted
    Since you yearn for attention
    I’ll give it to you
    Your bricks are beginning to weather
    Just a little
    And your signage somewhat faded
    In your hay day you attracted the great
    Even LBJ and Ingrid Bergman
    Even Pat Nixon
    Though you have really only one thing to offer
    It’s what I like to hear
    Not withholding your charms
    You have been civil to me
    Though you teased me
    Then pleased me
    Nearly busted me early on
    In the end you gave me your all
    Though some you have bankrupted
    And a few made rich
    Mostly you provide a decent time
    To the bikers that love you
    And the desert cowboys
    The girls from the ranches
    And the girls from the town
    What you lack on the outside
    Which really isn’t much
    You make up on the your inside
    Which is filled with warmth
    And items collected
    Over your years
    The heads of the elk, antelope and deer
    The cougar and the magnificent
    Snake skin, the chandelier of horns
    The golden plates and the Indian motorcycle
    The hearts of many men
    All the artwork, you have no room left
    Even outside you’ve used most of your sidewalk
    For your walk of the stars
    Your fire escapes are inadequate
    Your limo sits mostly unused
    But your drinks are strong
    Your waitresses inefficient
    But your food mouth watering
    Your piano is out of tune
    And you really must get a roulette table
    Quite experienced
    Still the center of attraction
    The attention on you
    As you yearn it to be
    (you put on a great Saturday night)
    May you live to be 200
    I’m your doctor, and I say you must
    It was love at first sight between us
    My Hotel Nevada
    My snowy hospedaje

  14. That difference in salaries is not as wide as it used to be and it will continue to narrow with time.

    Globalization, in many ways, is inevitable in a whirled of jetliners and satellites. The key is to protect yourselves against the pirates who will honor no ones rules but their own.

  15. Had a conversation with an Indian lady on a train.

    Interesting conversation in many respects. But the part that's applicable here was how she would delightfully giggle about our higher education system.

    How we were essentially committing suicide with affirmative action...

    She and her husband both had PhDs in hard sciences and were taking their education and training back to India.

    She said in the upper level courses in US classes there were very few Americans... The ones that started usually left...

    She told about the meritocracy system of advancement in Indian schools... To get into the better schools you had to pass tests. And on the tests you were identified by a number - no way to determine whether the taker was a male or female or from which social strata.

    And higher (meaningful) education was valued.

    She said her husband was from a rural town. And when he passed the test to be accepted to one of the respected regional engineering universities it was front page news in the hometown newspaper...

    As I said she had a delightful laugh.

    And she said we were killing ourselves...


  16. Indians are dicks.

  17. I would be slightly more concerned if it was "our" students going to India to study in "Their" Best in the World Universities, or, if University attendance was so rare in American towns, and villages that acceptance warranted front page headlines.

  18. Airbus expects India to need around 1,000 new planes over the next 20 years, compared with 3,000 in China. Air traffic has expanded by 16pc in India this year.

    India, and China. 2.5 Billion People on the move.

    Airbus is competing for market share with Boeing. Tha's life.

  19. The Indian Lady Speaks for me:

    PC Multiculturalism is killing us, period.

  20. As for Rufus's comment:


    Bad Medicine.

  21. Thanks, Chuck, Thanks, W.

    Just over a decade ago the state’s two most prominent Republican elected officials — Chuck Hagel, then a senator, and Mike Johanns, a governor who is now in the Senate — banded together to successfully pressure federal authorities not to create a program aimed at cracking down on the hiring of illegal immigrants in the state’s meatpacking plants.

    Since that time the number of foreign-born residents — the majority of whom are Hispanic — has increased drastically, more than 40 percent since 2000, according to census estimates.

    The number of illegal immigrants grew more than 50 percent in that time to 45,000, according to estimates by the Pew Hispanic Center, a nonpartisan research group in Washington.

    But even if concern about these new arrivals simmered across the state, it did not become a central part of the political dialogue until 2005, when Mr. Heineman was elevated from lieutenant governor to the top post after Mr. Johanns resigned to be United States agriculture secretary.

  22. Games Are India’s Entree to World Stage

    NEW DELHI — The Commonwealth Games represent India’s first big effort to use sports to announce a global presence.

  23. I jist noticed; Our eliphents is gone. Who Stole Our Eliphents?!?

  24. How can you have an "eliphent bar" without eliphents?

    It's just crazy, I tells ya.

  25. That middle aged fella hittin' on that young lady looks suspicious to me.

  26. Yep, only Con Men, and Grifters were them little derby hats.

  27. And, International Men of Mystery, of course. :)

  28. Dr Hiss said..
    Intellectual honesty pirated by control of the delete button

    Interesting, the Jew hating, Israel hating liar is complaining about being censored...

    I missed that fact.

    Might I suggest there are plenty of those left wing blogs out there that would love to listen to his crap.

    What is funny, even now he still Jew baits with his name, showing us all his zero comprehension of the fact of what an evil, twisted turd he is.

  29. Hiss has had his little rat whiskers trimmed and is even more disoriented than before.

  30. That is a nice looking gal. Hadn't noticed.

  31. She has a very thin waist.

  32. She's a fashionable, young fox.

  33. What a good idea it was to help the mujahideen run the Russians out of Afghanistan.


    12 killed as 28 NATO oil tankers attacked near Pakistan's capital 2010-10-04 05:41:00

    ISLAMABAD, Oct. 4 (Xinhua) -- At least 12 people were killed as 28 NATO oil tankers were attacked by unknown militants early Monday morning in Rawalpindi, a city near Pakistan's capital Islamabad, reported local media.

    According to the report, nine unknown militants riding on motorcycles opened fire at a NATO convoy nearby the DHA Phase II area of Rawalpindi, a city which is only about half-an-hour ride south of Islamabad. The attackers also pulled out of the people from the trucks and shot them dead, said eyewitnesses.

  34. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  35. You might find her at the Hotel Nevada.

    To whom I apologize, as they do have a roulette table, down in the basement, my son just didn't see it.

    A slight rain storm came through when we were up in the mountains. Most lovely smell, sweet smell of rain and an indescribable sort of musky sage desert smell.

    Tomorrow we're leaving 93 behind and heading down Nevada 318, a less beaten path. The White River flows through there, plus it's a little shorter.

  36. What a good idea it was to help the mujahideen run the Russians out of Afghanistan.

    Isn't that the truth! And I thought it was a good idea, at the time. Kind of pay them back. Little did I know. So I don't make a lot of political prescriptions anymore.

  37. Sure, if it fits, send the link first. The only links I take down are those that don't reciprocate.

    The Belmont never gave us a link, but I left it for those that post there from here.

  38. Ah come on fella's don't disappointment me now. You can do better than a homely Caroline Ingalls look.

  39. Out here the women are few and far between. You take what you can get. If they can cook and ride a horse....

    Reminding me, a horse rode down main street here this morning.

  40. Rather a man on a horse rode down main street.

    Her waist gains her a lot of points, say what you will.

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  42. "Say what you will"

    I always do.

  43. I don't see anything wrong with Caroline Ingalls

    Off to the Hotel Nevada for last go round.

  44. If we said that she was a "dog", you'd think we were being harsh.


  45. I wouldn't say she was a dog but definitely a far cry from what is usually posted. Don't get me wrong I like the photo. It has character and is intriguing enough to spark a conversation about.

  46. Rufus the tits have been replaced with your elephant. Yup, and that's the couple at the table with their heads up his ass.

  47. So what's the point of the people pushing elephant?

    I just found it bizarre that the two women are dressed alike.

  48. What's up Deuce? Mid-life crisis?
    Or just evolving?

    Carl Sandburg. Artword. Pornographic elephant prints. Makes one wonder what you've been doing on these "trips" of yours.

    I gotta go with Rufus on this one. Too much change all at onece. Give us back our elephants.


  49. Maybe I'm rubbing off. He's changing the blog skin as often as I change my profile picture.

  50. That's just too many damned eliphants. What happened to the Tits?

    ducks, running away

  51. It is a work in process. Blogger does not allow the flexibility that i am looking for.

  52. Tits gone, eliphents gone

    now all we got is a picture of the Quirk family reunion. Jeez

  53. Okay, I'm sorry. I'll quit bein an ass. Now, can we please haz our tits, and eliphents back.


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  55. Maybe you should get an interior decorator.