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Friday, October 08, 2010

Glenn Beck Spiritually Wounded

i am not sure what is going on with Glenn Beck. I stopped listening to him when he started taking himself seriously. I preferred the comic and ironic pundit. Today I tuned in while he was in the middle of some very emotional rambling about his health and his soul.

He may have invoked the Buddha, Buddha being one of those who is invokable. Who would have known?

He was rambling and then silent. Where there would normally be members of his team jesting on the sidelines picking up for him during pauses, today there was an embarrassed silence. It was strange to say the least. In all, I think he is losing his mind.


  1. That boy needs to take a break.

  2. Ah, Glens all right.

    What got me today, is my engineer, who was my boss, when we used to hammer hubs to hell, telling me that Indian Hills Trading Company, paid $700,000 thousands dollars to get the approval for their Campus Crest development.


    Better to be in Costa Rica, where you can warm a palm or two.

  3. Those mother fuckers, we built the place.

  4. Joke told to me by my engineers wife on the way out--

    What's the difference between Obama and his dog?

    The dog has papers.

  5. Spirituality is to enjoy.

    God is to be enjoyed.

    Not worshhipped.

    Rather, enjoyed.

  6. That's what AA will do to you. At least to some people.

    Maybe we are all losing our minds

  7. Jesus, I may be losing my mind.
    But, I could show you a good time up in the Stanleys.

    If you know how to camp.

  8. The south fork of the Payette is the place to be.

    I am telling this to Whit, if ever comes out this way.

  9. Beck complained of numbness in his extremities and possible causes.

    Odd that peripheral neuropathy brought on by his heavy drinking was never mentioned.

    It is a well known symptom of alcoholism.
    ...not sure about effect of past drinking on his present health.

  10. bob from Moscow said...
    I just voted my wife's absentee ballot.

    We have no political arguments in this family.

    From the great promoter of women's sufferage!

    If only every male could vote for his wife:
    Women are the only demographic whose support for BHO has not tanked.

    Admit it Bob:
    We'd be better off with a male only electorate!

  11. "Like China Needs any of Costa Rica's Products"

    Costa Rica's Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) and the legislature's Special Permanent Committee agreed Thursday morning to recommend approval of the free-trade agreement with China.

    The agreement will be debated on the floor of the Legislative Assembly.

    “The analysis and study done on the agreement were thorough,” said Foreign Trade Minister Anabel González. “Over 100 questions were addressed and agreed upon between 15 organizations of the private sector and representatives from the Agriculture, Health, Economy, Industry, and Foreign Trade Ministries.”

    González added, “For Costa Rica, it is of utmost importance to establish the trade and investment opportunities with China provided by this free-trade agreement.”

    The agreement, which was highly contested during negotiations, eventually gained approval from all the business chambers in the country, with the exception of the Chamber of Industries.

    The Costa Rican-Chinese relationship has surged since former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias established diplomatic ties with the Asian giant in June 2007. Longtime friend to Costa Rica Taiwan severed ties with the country once the new relations were announced.

    Chinese influence here has grown, most visibly with the construction of the giant $80 million National Stadium in La Sabana, west of San José. The stadium, which was given to Costa Rica as a gift, is being built by Chinese laborers.

    Since 2000, Costa Rica trade with China has increased from $91.1 million to nearly $1.5 billion in 2009.

  12. In the industrial sector, computer parts and microprocessors continue to be Costa Rica's largest grossing exports, generating more than $627 million in sales through the first five months of the year. Export of computer parts and microprocessors, dominated by multinational technology giant Intel Corporation, accounted for over 15 percent of total national exports.

  13. "Maybe we are all losing our minds."

    Oh, I think this is a very, very safe bet.

  14. Oh, c'mon.

    It's Friday evening. The end of a brilliant autumn day.

    I have a case of Yuengling and half a bottle of wine.

    We can act out the party scene in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Stopping short of Billy's sad and desperate act, of course.

    Ol' Herbert won't mind. I'm quite sure he's just happy still to be read. By a red, no less.

  15. Yen is back to 1995 levels:
    Hawaii will benefit from an increase in Japanese tourism.

    Don't expect another enormous bubble in my lifetime, though from these two indebted goliaths.

  16. Save your best for the next post.

  17. Herbert J. Muller. One of my favorite historians.

    Took him down off the shelf the other day. Breath of fresh air.

  18. My Muller was a biologist.
    My grandmother, a Missourian.

  19. I don't want to see the next post, do I?

  20. If reality sets you back a step.

    It's not that bad. Go ahead take a peak.

  21. That would be…No if reality sets you back a step.

  22. Well I'm getting damned medical well and pissed off and I can tell you leave it alone.

    Go to bed now.

    Try a Royal Coachman, or shut the hell up.