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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Israel Hayom, the Likudist freesheet, dredged up – yet again – the old pre-Second World War appeasement argument that the Israeli right have been reheating for well over 30 years. “A Munich wind blows in the west,” the paper said. ( Why we even heard it here!)


US cowardice will let Israel’s isolated right off the hook

The Likudists suddenly find that the whole world wants peace in the Middle East rather than war


These are hard times for the Israeli right. Used to bullying the US – and especially its present, shallow leader – the Likudists suddenly find that the whole world wants peace in the Middle East rather than war. Brits and Americans didn’t want to go to war in Syria. Now, with the pleasant smile of President Rouhani gracing their television screens, fully accepting the facts of the Jewish Holocaust – unlike his deranged and infantile predecessor – the Americans (75 per cent, if we are to believe the polls) don’t want to go to war with Iran either.
Having, live on television, forced President Obama to grovel to him on his last trip to the White House – Benjamin Netanyahu brusquely told him to forget UN Security Resolution 242, which calls for a withdrawal of Israeli forces from lands occupied after the 1967 war – the Israeli Prime Minister did a little grovelling himself on Monday. He no longer called for a total end to all Iranian nuclear activities. Now it was only Iran’s “military nuclear programme” which must be shut down.
And, of course, like Iraq’s “weapons of mass destruction programme” which President George W Bush had to invent when the weapons themselves turned out to be an invention, we still don’t know if Mr Netanyahu’s version of Iran’s “military nuclear programme” actually exists.
What we do know is that when Mr Rouhani started saying all the things we had been demanding that Iran should say for years, Israel went bananas. Mr Netanyahu condemned him before he had even said a word. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing.” “An anti-Semite.” Even when Mr Rouhani spoke of peace and an end to nuclear suspicions, Israel’s “Strategic Affairs” Minister – whatever that means – said time had run out for future negotiations. Yuval Steinitz claimed that “if the Iranians continue to run [their nuclear programme], in another half a year they will have bomb capability”.
Mr Netanyahu’s own office joined in the smear campaign.
“One must not be fooled by the Iranian President’s fraudulent words,” one of Mr Netanyahu’s men sneered. “The Iranians are spinning in the media so that the centrifuges can keep on spinning.”
The Rouhani speech was “a honey trap”. Mr Netanyahu himself said Mr Rouhani’s address to the UN, a speech of immense importance after 34 years of total divorce between Iran and the US, was “cynical” and “totally hypocritical”.
Israel Hayom, the Likudist freesheet, dredged up – yet again – the old pre-Second World War appeasement argument that the Israeli right have been reheating for well over 30 years. “A Munich wind blows in the west,” the paper said.
Perhaps it had its effect. If he was not so frightened of Israel – as most US administrations are – President Obama might actually have shaken hands with Mr Rouhani last week; though Mr Rouhani himself might have preferred not to touch the hand of the “Great Satan” too soon. Instead, President Obama settled for a miserable phone call and proved that he knew how to say goodbye in Farsi. Pathetic is the word for it.
In the past, Arab delegates would storm out of the UN General Assembly when Israelis took the stand. When the crazed President Ahmadinejad spoke, Western nations and the Israelis stormed out. But when Mr Rouhani came to speak, Western nations crowded into the chamber to hear him. But Israel stormed out.
“A stupid gesture,” according to that wise old Israeli sage, writer and philosopher Uri Avnery. “As rational and effective as a little boy’s tantrum when his favourite toy is taken away. Stupid because it painted Israel as a spoiler, at a time when the entire world is seized by an attack of optimism after the recent events in Damascus and Tehran. Stupid, because it proclaims the fact that Israel is at present totally isolated.”
Mr Avnery’s contention is Israel wanted two wars, the first against Syria, the second against Iran.
As he wrote last week, when Congress hesitated to strike Damascus, “the hounds of hell were let loose. Aipac (the largest Likudist pro-Israeli lobby group in the US) sent its parliamentary rottweillers to Capitol Hill to tear to pieces any senator or congressman who objected”.
Yet at the White House on Monday, the Israeli Prime Minister had calmed down. I doubt if it will last. Israel, I suspect, will do everything it can to cut down Mr Rouhani’s overtures, whatever American public opinion might say.
For there was President Obama at Monday’s meeting, praising Mr Netanyahu for his support for a two-state solution. And what did President Obama actually say? That there was “a limited amount of time to achieve that goal”.
So why was there only a “limited amount of time”? Not a single scribe asked the poor fellow.
There is, of course, only a “limited amount of time” – in my view, no time at all – to achieve this illusory goal because the Netanyahu government is thieving, against all international law, yet more Palestinian Arab land for Jews and Jews only, at a faster rate than ever, to prevent just such a Palestinian state ever existing.
The Israeli right are well aware of this. And when President Obama can’t even explain this weird “limited amount of time”, the Israelis know that he is still a groveller. This is what real “appeasement” is all about. Fear.
And even if President Obama had the courage to say boo to a goose in his final term in office, you can be sure that Madame Clinton – to quote Sir Thomas More – doesn’t have the spittle for it. For she wants to be the next appeaser-president.
The Likudists have isolated Israel from the world just now but be sure American cowardice will let them off the hook.


  1. You can always count on Robert Fisk to say what is on his mind.

  2. Netanyahu would never stoop to using charm.

  3. Wow Bibi's words are so "un-pc"

    Clinton LOVED arafat. Had him to the whitehouse more than any other world leader.

    But the truth? Arafat dispatched hundreds of suicide bombers into Israel targeting women specifically, kids specifically and then normal civilians on buses. Suicide bombers that could blow up 30-50 people per bombing. Like the Boston Bombing times 10. These suicide attacks promoted, funded, sanctioned and praised by the PA.

    How would America react to the same terror in it's streets?

    Oh yea, it traveled 3000 miles away, destroyed and invaded 2 huge nations and spent trillions doing so...

    But Bibi is the untrustworthy one...

    yeah right

  4. What people are saying about Rouhani’s phone call and Netanyahu’s threat.

    The New York Times, editorial: "President Obama and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran showed leadership (last week) in committing themselves to resolving the dispute over Iran's nuclear program. ... They capped days of promising gestures with a phone call.


    Suzanne Maloney, Brookings: "The phone call represents the tip of an iceberg; it would not have been undertaken by this risk-averse White House without some concrete justification that Tehran's signaling could convey something more substantial. ... It is just a phone call — it is not an agreement; it's nowhere near rapprochement.


    Paul Mirengoff, Power Line: "Netanyahu should agree not to bad-mouth Obama for negotiating with Iran only if Obama commits to upholding Netanyahu's demands on Iran. ... As for concessions to the Palestinians, Netanyahu should make none.

    Iran - Israel Feud

  5. And the Dems just love, love, love our nation's veterans. Given the scathing assessment by the IG last week, I doubt veterans will notice any difference in the processing of claims.

    "House and Senate Democrats say they'll reject a bid by Republicans to reopen portions of the government, including national parks and processing of claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs."

  6. Let's ask it this way...

    Rat brags that Israel could not defeat Hezbollah in 2006. That Iran is far more powerful and larger than Israel, which is to small (according to Rat) to have "earned" the title of "State".

    What treatment do you think the Jews of Israel will get as citizens in a destroyed Israel turned "Palestine"

    1. Did no such thing.
      The Israeli struck at the headquarters of HB in Beirut dozens of thimes, oer and over, pulverized the ground.
      Did not penetrate the bunker. Simple fact.

      They will be treated the way the Palestinians have been treated there, since 1967.
      Fair and square, according to quot.
      So there is no cause for worry, no worries at all.

      Though if that is not suitable, emigration to Europe is always possible, or Madagascar.
      Australia used to invite immigrants, don't know if they still do.

    2. No invitation required. Just hop a boat from Jakarta.

    3. There you go, quot.

      If Palestine becomes to unforgiving, move on to Australia.
      Moving should come easy to Israeli, most are already well versed in travel and immigration.
      Most having moved to Palestine in the years since 1948.

      Nothing to it, just get on a plane....
      If you or they are afraid to live in a polyglot society of freemen in the Middle East.

    4. Rat brags that Israel could not defeat Hezbollah in 2006. That Iran is far more powerful and larger than Israel, which is to small (according to Rat) to have “earned” the title of "State".

      Hizbullah was created by Israeli occupation and continued Israeli threats to Lebanese territorial integrity.

      What treatment do you think the Jews of Israel will get as citizens in a destroyed Israel turned “Palestine”

      Are you attempting to be ironic or is this your normal stupidity?

  7. Who cares? World sentiment has been building against Israel for years and deservedly so.

  8. Don’t accept my word on it…

    For 43 years, Israel has been ruled by people who have refused to see reality. They speak of “united Jerusalem,” knowing that no other country has recognized the annexation of the eastern part of the city. They sent 300,000 people to settle land they know does not belong to them. As early as September 1967, Theodor Meron, then the legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry, said there was a categorical prohibition against civilian settlement in occupied territories, under the Fourth Geneva Convention. Meron – who would become the president of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and is now a member of the Appeals Chamber for both that court and a similar one for Rwanda – wrote to prime minister Levi Eshkol in a top-secret memorandum: “I fear there is great sensitivity in the world today about the whole question of Jewish settlement in the occupied territories, and any legal arguments that we try to find will not remove the heavy international pressure, from friendly states as well.”

  9. The terms “Jewish State” and “Jewish Democracy” should be recognized for what they are. You know it and so does everyone else. You make me fucking sick.

    1. So your answer is "who cares" or death to the Jews.


      Sounds fair, you will not mind if we refuse to die easily? Maybe take out a few thousand of our enemies per Jew 1st?

      How about this.

      If the world shares your view then you have PROVEN why Jews will defend ourselves from the amoral, the evil and the useless.

    2. Dimwit Jenny is back.

      "We're all doomed, and deserve to be doomed."

      THAT Jenny.

      Oh my.

      Don't take anything she says seriously, folks.

      She doesn't know up from down.

    3. So let's recap.

      The Jews were exterminated in Europe in the late 30's and early fortys.

      Those that were not murdered escaped to the Jewish homeland joining their fellow Jews there.

      The arab world ethnically cleansed the jews from their historic homes of 2400 years shoving them into Israel.

      So then? Israel defeats all attempts at genocide to wipe them out. Those liberating Jerusalem as well as other Jewish lands including Hebron.

      Now Jenny says Jews "deserve" what ever they get for living...

      This is why the UZI was invented.

    4. Jenny may deserve to be doomed but many of the rest of us don't.

    5. Everyone dies, deservedly or not, makes no matter. Everyone dies
      Whether you will be doomed by that death, that certainly does not matter to me, doubt if it matters to anyone else.



  12. Per capita receives 20 times more venture capital than Europe.

  13. "I do believe that there is a basis for a resolution (because) Iran's supreme leader has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons," Obama told reporters.


    Patrick Clawson, director of research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says the fact that the fatwa was never written down is irrelevant because Islam is a religion where oral rulings can be more important than written ones.


    Also, Khamenei's predecessor, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic regime, and other Iranian leaders have said "on many occasions that they have a right to and should violate principles of Islamic law if it means the preservation of the Islamic republic," Clawson said.

    1. The israeli leaders have said the same thing, about the preservation of Israel.

      Someone had a post to that effect a few days ago.
      Anonymous compared the Israeli plan for the founding of Israel to the al-Qeada plan for Syria.

      Birds of a feather flocking together.
      It may just be why Israel was flying air support for al-Qeada in Syria,

      Similar ideologies, similar goals.

  14. Got my Skype enabled by my tech assistant today. But even she can't figure out how to get me a new google account. Something is going wrong. You'll have to put up with anon a while longer. Skype is free, and it seems you can see the person you are talking to on your computer screen, even on the other side of the earth.

    I am beginning to reconsider my former opinion that computers are on the whole a bad thing.

    1. Duh, you are a fuck head and a shit combined, and laughable.

      If she can't do it you sure as hell couldn't.

      "Rat, there's something really wrong with you."


      "Why don't you take a hike?"


    2. Now you're impersonating Whit? Really?

    3. He's not smart enough to do that.

      Can't even manage a Google account.
      Just learned about Skype, that's only ten years behind he curve.

      Yet has the chutzpah to give advice on managing he world.
      What countries the US should invade and divide into pieces...
      ... to suit his vision of a New World Order.

      A fascist, a racist and just a plain ass ignorant old Farmer Fudd.

      A man that when given the opportunity would not defend the women of his own community from a rapist.

      Yet thinks the US military should remain in Afghanistan to "protect" the women there....
      When he would not rise to the occasion, to defend the women of Idaho from a rapist that roamed the streets of his home town.

      It could have been "embarrassing" for him and his to fulfill their civic responsibility.
      They considered informing the authorities to be a ...
      "Bridge to Far"
      and so they left the predator on the streets of the US.


    4. And is proud of it.

      Thinks that to have found the rapist and administered eye for an eye justice ...
      ...a bad thing.

    5. Farmer Fudd wants to revisit the past ...

      That's fine by the desert rat.

      The rat is not taking a hike.
      But will re-energize the issues of times gone by.

      If that's what Farmer Fudd wants.
      If that is what he enjoys.

      Happy to oblige his masochistic tendencies.

  15. It's hard to get information on the exact number, but it appears as if somewhere between 15 and 20 Million visited the Obamacare websites, today.

    1. They were all trying to figure a way out of the damned thing.

  16. Quirk's been gone so long I'm beginning to think he must have been arrested again.

    1. No request for bail money yet though, which argues against the idea.

  17. Khodadad Seifi, a deputy ambassador at Iran’s UN mission, dismissed Netanyahu’s remarks as “inflammatory” and “sabre rattling”.

    Western diplomats believe privately that Mr Netanyahu’s definition of an acceptable agreement with Iran is unrealistic. One described his conditions as an “unconditional surrender”, not a negotiated settlement.

    Michael Herzog, a former chief of staff to the Israeli defence minister, described Netanyahu’s conditions as “maximalist”. While Israel could not be expected to be the first to volunteer a compromise, Mr Herzog added: “I think he knows that if there is going to be a deal, it cannot be on these maximalist conditions.”

  18. Quoting Whit, Rufus, just like I have quoted Trish.

    That's what good ol' Whit said to rat:

    "Why don't you take a hike."

    Then he added:

    "All you do is argue with everyone."

    Finally Whit couldn't stand to be around the son of a bitch any longer, and left.

    Same with Trish.

    Who knows how many others have left, or not wanted to come in at all because of SHITFULL?

    I've never in my life had such a displeasure as being around such a person.

    Nor have I ever had my life threatened before.

    His little rant up above there isn't worth responding to.

    His first wife got it right.

    She "dropped a kid" - what a way to talk about the birth of one's child - like cattle giving birth - and immediately headed for the door.

    She had the good sense to save herself.

    1. Yeah, but the kid back, to his dad.

      Soon as he could free of the bitch.

      Who has ever come back to you?

    2. Why would anyone, boy or girl, come back to a Fudd that would not protect them?
      Would not protect his community ....

      Would not pursue the capture of the man that raped his daughter?

      A man who does not know the basics, the very foundation of citizenship.
      Protect your community.

      He failed at that, miserably.
      And told us all about it, looking for some form redemption.

      Well, Farmer Fudd went looking for redemption ...
      ... in all the wrong places.

      He would have found it at the police station.
      He won't find it from desert rat.

      He's picked at that scab, now watch, it's gonna start to bleed.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. If your life was threatened, desert rat had nothing to do with it.
      I had nothing to do with it.

      To threaten a life is a crime, if it happened, you should have called the police.
      Then again you are afraid to call the police ...
      You be in a quandary, aye?

      But it did not happen, except in the fantasies that you and quot have spun.

      quot says he has called the FBI.
      They investigated, that is their job, nothing happened.
      It has been years since he filed the report.
      The threads have been read by people that know and understand what constitutes a threat.

      There never was one made, not by the desert rat, not by me, not here, not there, not anywhere.
      quot played your "Hole Card", he filed that report with the FBI...
      Consequently, nothing happened.

      Proof is in the tasting.

  19. What kind of a mouse ...

    Would not pursue the capture of the man that raped his daughter?

  20. End the Silence Campaign

    Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Hardesty, and I am 26 years old. I am a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau. You may be wondering what is RAINN? It stands for Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network.

    And this is my story…

    At the age of 15, I was sexually abused by a family member. I was raped, loosing my virginity to my Uncle. At the time he was 35 years old and married.

    1. My Uncle drove to the edge of a cliff and told me he would drive us off the cliff and kill us both if I didn’t take the drugs he was giving me. I was out of it for days at a time. I have a few extremely graphic memories of him raping me. And I’ll never know how many of his friends he let “borrow” me. I would try to reason with him at times, but he would tell me it was my fault, that he wasn’t able to resist me, that he didn’t have control. I tried in my own ways to get help. I don’t know why I never called 911 or directly told someone. He had been very specific in telling me that he would kill me if I ever told. He also threatened me to never get fat and ugly. I dropped hints to other family members. No one got it.

      If only her father has known ...

      Unless her father was Farmer Fudd!

      He wouldn't have cared ...
      He'd have just watched the cat piss on his slippers.

  21. Our Dimwitted Duo to mirror the Israeli, in microcosm.

    They make unfounded charges of criminality, of illegality.
    The offer no proof for their accusations.

    And demand action.

    Black listing ...
    Book Burning (closing the blog)
    Ostracizing the victim of their agenda of aggression.

    When they are unable to refute the political themes advocated by the rat
    Their rants escalate, the charges escalate and they never can close the deal.
    They can never provide proof to back up their allegations.

    They reported the supposed transgressions by desert rat to the FBI,
    They were laughed at, soon as their backs were turned.

    1. Mirrors that other old, balding, fat man ...
      ... Bibi.

      A liar and con man, the man quot tries to emulate.

    2. The "Strong Man" that quot tries to emulate.

      Notice his choice of words ...
      Strong man.

      He is, unconsciously, telling us the truth.

      A strongman is a political leader who rules by force and runs an authoritarian regime. The term is often used interchangeably with "dictator", but differs from a "warlord". - wiki

      The Dimwitted Duo


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. What is quot;
      Tue Oct 01, 09:00:00 AM EDT

      In these days, to be loved by Obama? Says volumes.

      Obama cant stand a strong MAN that stands up for his people....

      quot knows the deal, deep down inside the truth is churning, agitating, trying to break free ...
      Sometimes it does.

      A strongman is a political leader who rules by force and runs an authoritarian regime. The term is often used interchangeably with "dictator", but differs from a "warlord. - wiki

  22. It’s hard to believe that someone ostensibly representing the Jewish people can rework Jewish destiny into a small aggressive state that exists somewhere between the likes of ancient Sparta and Dade County, Florida.

    This doesn’t mean Israel is unimportant. It is. But Israel is important now mostly for the way it navigates out of the jam it got itself into. If Israel can’t find a way out the jam it will be a disaster for everyone involved.

    The stakes are high on every count. Palestinians first of all, the entire Middle East included.

    Jewish history is on the line. What we have to tell our children about Jewish aggression is already too much to bear. It will get worse.

    Netanyahu knows only how to deepen the crisis. Whatever the rhetoric, leadership is about negotiating a way out disaster and finding a way with others into a future that is at least livable. To say that Netanyahu is a failed leader is an understatement.

    Previous Israeli leaders have also failed. All helped dig a hole that is now so deep that Jews can hardly see the ground we should stand on – justice, compassion and reconciliation.

    Nonetheless, that ground – the Jewish prophetic – is alive and well. When will that voice be heard at the United Nations?

  23. Decontamination comes to mind...sick...sick...sick old men...

  24. Intra-faith nastiness comes to mind...sick...sick...sick old man...

  25. "intra-faith nastiness"

    I have seen none of that here. Even if you meant "inter-faith", I have not seen that either. Judaism is a faith; agnosticism or atheism are not.

    That you could write an imitative comment without resort to the use of "fuck" is the only thing remarkable about your comment.

  26. Sorry for the omission. Go fuck yourself.

  27. ...glad I could make your day...