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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Is there a more putrid puke than Harry Reid in the US Senate?


  1. What a disgusting sewer of a man.

    1. Come on, Deuce; that's an idiot idea. What about the hundreds of thousands of little babies that won't get formula through the WIC Program?

      Where do you get off this slide?

      They're mad about a healthcare bill that will millions of little kids lives. They'll just keep pecking away at it until they get to the one, last part of the government that funds obamacare, and then stop.

      The Dems will wake up one morning, soon, and realize they traded a couple of "maybes," for a few Million lives.

      The dems gotta call it off, now.

    2. I knew that when Obama agreed to continue paying the troops it was a serious mistake.

    3. Let's not pay the troops...brilliant...

  2. HARRY REID: Listen, Sen. Durbin explained that very well, and he did it here, did it on the floor earlier, as did Sen. Schumer. What right did they have to pick and choose what part of government is going to be funded? It’s obvious what’s going on here. You talk about reckless and irresponsible. Wow. What this is all about is Obamacare. They are obsessed. I don’t know what other word I can use. They’re obsessed with this Obamacare. It’s working now and it will continue to work and people will love it more than they do now by far. So they have no right to pick and choose.

    DANA BASH: But if you can help one child who has cancer, why wouldn’t you do it?

    REID: Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home. They have a few problems of their own. This is — to have someone of your intelligence to suggest such a thing maybe means you’re irresponsible and reckless –

  3. Reid is a genius. On the second day of Obamacare, he demonstrated to the whole country why you do not want the US government in charge of your healthcare.

  4. Imagine if Dick Cheney said something like that.

  5. He makes Bibi look like Santa Claus.

  6. Quote of the day

    Why is there more security at the World War II Memorial in Washington when the government is ‘shut down’ than there was in Benghazi when the government was ‘open’?

    Resist We Much on October 2, 2013 at 2:52 PM

    1. The WWII Memorial is in the United States, Benghazi is in a foreign land.

      There was a a full security detail at the Benghazi compound, made up of locals who had been vetted by the CIA.
      A couple of dozen, seems I recall reading. They abandoned the compound and left at the first sign of a conflict.

      Guess that CIA vetting was not sufficient to the mission.

      But rest assured, there was a full compliment of security personnel at the Benghazi compound, it was just not competent.
      The CIA let US down.

    2. Has the Park Service police learned a lesson from Benghazi ...

      Seems so...

      If there is a terrorist attack, while the Federal government is "Shut Down", the Park Service police are ready, willing and able to defend the WWII Memorial from that attack.

      The Park Service police, locked and loaded, ready to stand their ground!

  7. Reading the filthy venom that rat posted on the last thread makes me really wonder what kind of standards and rules deuce has.

    He has repeatedly censored me for what he calls "language" and vulgarity.

    Rufus calls me and others all sorts of vulgar names to no penalty.

    Rat's last thread was simply insane, and not one of those disgusting posts were taken down.

    Yep, the lack of standards for all speaks volumes.

    1. Are you in denial of history, quot, as well as genetic science?

      Which post did you find offensive?

      More important ...
      ... which was inaccurate?

    2. When reality offends quot, we know we are on the "Right Track"


    3. That's just because you have no food ...
      .... for thought.

  8. The Park Service police, not the only ones to have learned a lesson from the "Incident at Benghazi"

    (Reuters) - Russia's embassy in the Libyan capital of Tripoli came under fire on Wednesday and a group of people tried to force their way into the compound, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

    Diplomatic sources in Libya said security guards fired shots to disperse a group of about 60 people that had approached the embassy. An attempt to enter the building was repelled and according to the Foreign Ministry no diplomats were wounded.

    "The attackers opened fire and tore the Russian flag," the Russian Itar Tass news agency cited unnamed sources as saying.
    Embassy staff had been taken to the airport as a precaution.

    Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told Russian state television the situation had calmed. "In Tripoli ...a shooting occurred and there was an attempt to enter the territory of the Russian embassy."

  9. Joseph Arpaio, the sheriff in Arizona who was found at trial to have violated the civil rights of Latinos, will be overseen by a monitor appointed by a federal judge.

    U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow in Phoenix today issued an order saying he will appoint an independent monitor to ensure that the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office implements court-ordered changes in its policies and procedures and refrains from racial profiling and discriminatory policing.

    “MCSO shall deliver police services consistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and State of Arizona,” the judge said. “In conducting its activities, MCSO shall ensure that members of the public receive equal protection of the law, without discriminating based on actual or perceived race or ethnicity.”

    Arpaio, who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” is appealing Snow’s May decision that his office violated the constitutional rights of Latinos stopped during “saturation patrols.” The judge agreed with a group of Latinos who had sued Arpaio that deputies couldn’t stop and detain them only on the suspicion they were undocumented immigrants.

    Arpaio’s department covers Arizona’s biggest county by population, with 3.8 million residents. His methods, including the saturation patrols or “crime suppression” sweeps in predominantly Latino areas in and around Phoenix, have made him a hero to groups seeking a crackdown on unauthorized entrants to the U.S. and a target of advocates for immigrants’ rights.

    Sheriff Joe's jurisdiction, the same size, geographically, as the secular state of Israel.

    1. Thanks for the lesson in geography.

      Ever wonder why Israel's 1.2 million Muslim citizens do not just leave? They have it made and they know it. When was the last time a Muslim Israeli citizen acted as a suicide bomber? Are there riots in the streets, bringing Israel to a standstill?

    2. Thanks for the lesson in geography.

      Ever wonder why Israel's 1.2 million Muslim citizens do not just leave? They have it made and they know it. When was the last time a Muslim Israeli citizen acted as a suicide bomber? Are there riots in the streets, bringing Israel to a standstill?

    3. When was the first, or last incident of an Iranian suicide bomber?

      There were mass demonstrations that brought Israel to a standstill.
      Last summer, I think?

      I'd have to check....


    "Then, remarkably, a guy carrying a sign passed by wearing a McDonald’s employee shirt, which I noted. I then began asking them how much they had been paid to protest, at which point the guy wearing the McDonald’s shirt came back and admitted he had been paid $15 to attend the protest."

    1. Read that piece, there was no indication that a Democrat had paid those "protestors"

      What is the source of that claim?

    2. As to this ...

      ... and none would provide it to prove their claim. ...

      That happens here all the time, quot makes claims then will not provide proof of his allegations
      Does that make him a Union member, a Democrat?

      Or just someone that lies, misdirects and attempts to obscure the truth in pursuit of an agenda.

    3. Unions have a history of paying picketers. › Metro‎
      Jul 24, 2007 - They're hired feet, or, as the union calls them, temporary workers, paid $8 an hour to picket. Many were recruited from homeless shelters or ...

      To see it, again, not surprising.

      What leads you to the claim that a Democrat paid them?

    4. Good Job Nation (from attached PJ Media video on link)

      "The group formed about six months ago as a coalition of like-minded labor groups. Its funding comes largely from unions, including the Service Employees International Union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, the United Farm Workers and the United Food and Commercial Workers, according to organizers."

    5. Martians might have paid them, but I doubt. How about Israel? :-)

    6. Those are Unions.

      Not Democrats.
      There may be "Rank and File" Democrats amongst the Union members ...
      But that does not constitute proof of the claim that the picketers were paid by Democrats.

      It would seem to be another spurious charge, a biased headline, that is meant to be politically charged and divisive.

    7. I doubt if the Israeli would spare the loose change required to hire the picketers.
      It would not further their agenda.

      The Israeli did attempt to have their US Federal funding exempted from the sequester.
      They did that with high priced J Street lobbyists, not down on their luck homeless folk.

    8. Yes, it is a well known fact among the Illuminati that trades unions, such as those funding Good Job Nation, have been infiltrated by Republican operatives.

      The Huff Post and others who have taken offense at the accusation of Democrat involvement have failed to ask the only important question: Who hired you. That is a question they don't want answered, apparently - at least not for publication.

    9. Well, allen, if you or I were on the Mall, we'd ask that question.

      No shrinking violets here.

      One wonders, though, why didn't the WSJ or FOX New ask that very question?

      Did the Huff Post have reporters on the Mall?
      Does the Huff Post even have "reporters"?

      As for myself, I don't "take offense" at the accusation, I just want to know the factual basis of the headline.

      It seems that at this point one needs a decoder ring or the ability to "read between the lines" to confirm Democratic complicity in the payments to the picketers.

    10. ... and all this time I thought it was the Unions that had infiltrated the Democratic Party, not the Democratic Party that had infiltrated the Unions.

      Just goes to show ....

  11. Dirty Harry is the sleaziest son of a bitch in the whole Congress.

    OGF tells me so, and she's got the particulars.

    Long call from niece today. She has been in Frankfort for special training. She is learning 'bunches and bunches' - unlike anyone here.

    1. Figured I might as well piss everyone off. Cause I am so proud of her. :)

      Was going to name names, starting with SHITFULL.

      There are three or four here capable of learning, and thought.

  12. WE don’t need any government police telling us what memorials we can and cannot visit.

    At the Korean War Memorial, on the Mall, the entrance was blocked with barricades, but visitors just walked around the barriers and entered.

    At the closed-off World War II Memorial, two days of assaults by aged veterans prompted the National Park Service to announce that they had legal right to be there to be there and would not be barred in the future.

    Across federal Washington Wednesday, the government close down was leaking badly.

    It was partly as a result of citizen contrarians, the aged war veterans, politicians, and the difficulty of enforcement by the National Park Service.

  13. David Shove Brown, 40, passed a locked down playground at Lincoln Park with his three-year-old daughter, Brighid, and two dogs. “It’s very surreal,” he said.

    “Somebody gave the instruction to fabricate the (closed) signage...go around and place the signage and lock the gates, and go through this process, for four slides and some monkey bars,” he said. “Really? Is that what the solution is?”

    At Stanton Park, also on Capitol Hill, a father looked at the chain and padlock on the gate around the playground, raised his eyebrows, then lifted his four-year-old son over the fence.

    He clambered over, as his son dashed away to gather chestnuts, leaving a baby asleep in a stroller on the other side of the fence. Another dad soon followed, dropping his daughter over the fence.

    More and more climbed in, mostly without even an apparent second thought.

    Underneath the slide, where children gathered playing “bus,” the little girl asked where they were going.

    “To jail, for defying Congress,” one parent joked under his breath.

    “We’re conscientious objectors,” another said.

    On the Mall, the barricades blocking the entrance to the Korean War Memorial and the “closed” sign were no impediment to people who just walked around and entered.

    At the nearby Vietnam Veterans Memorial, barricades at both entrances seemed to have been pushed aside and the memorial was thronged with visitors.

    At the World War II Memorial veterans, accompanied by legislators, for the second day breached the barricades before the park service said they had the right to enter.

  14. Afterward that meeting, Lloyd Blankfein, chairman and CEO of the Goldman Sachs Group, said it's fine for lawmakers to "litigate" political issues, but the debt ceiling should not be used a "cudgel" to seek concessions.

    Failure to pay the nation's bills — default — would roil financial markets worldwide, and damage economic recovery in the United States, Blankfein said.

    "There's a precedent for a government shutdown," Blankfein said. "There's no precedent for a default."

    1. History is filled with precedents for what happens when governments default. Societies usually self-destruct over time; they rot from within.

      Wiki John Law and the Mississippi Bubble or see, HOW CIVILIZATIONS DIE (2011). Goodman

    2. History is filled with precedents for what happens when governments default. Societies usually self-destruct over time; they rot from within.

      Wiki John Law and the Mississippi Bubble or see, HOW CIVILIZATIONS DIE (2011). Goodman

  15. Federal thugs trying to keep WWII vets away from their monument and Harry Reid holding back money from a little girl with cancer because of politics. One of these days…

    1. The GOP offered to fund the opening of the Memorial ...
      WASHINGTON — The Republican National Committee is offering to pay security expenses so the World War II Memorial is open for visitors during the government shutdown.

      Why not the cancer treatments for that little girl?

      Do the Republicans have no heart, or would the Republican National Committee funding those treatments not be part of their program of "Rugged Individualism" in Health Care?

    2. The monument has no particular security. The 370+ acre Mall and its monuments are generally observed by Park Service personnel. The WWII monument cannot be secured without considerable effort and expense. It is meant to be wide open.

      Once again, Harry the Hog let his inner moron come through. He cannot have this one expunged from the record. :-)

    3. You don't mean to say that the Republican National Committee is grandstanding, do you?

      That there really is no need for anyone to hire five security guards for the Memorial ...

  16. Report: Commander of Iranian Cyber War Headquarters assassinated By JPOST.COM STAFF, YAAKOV LAPPIN
    10/02/2013 23:41

    'Telegraph' reports that Mojtaba Ahmadi found dead with 2 bullet wounds to his heart; Iran has previously accused Israel of carrying out several assassinations of scientists involved in Tehran's nuclear program.

    The commander of Iran's Cyber War Headquarters has been shot dead in a suspected assassination, British daily The Telegraph reported on Wednesday.

    Iran has previously accused Israel of carrying out several assassinations of scientists involved in Tehran's nuclear program as well as the head of the country's ballistic missiles program.

    The Telegraph quoted Alborz, a website affiliated with Iran's Revolutionary Guard, as saying that Mojtaba Ahmadi was last seen leaving his home on Saturday and was later found dead with two bullet wounds to the chest.

    "I could see two bullet wounds on his body and the extent of his injuries indicated that he had been assassinated from a close range with a pistol,” the website quoted an eyewitness as saying.

    The report quoted local police as saying two motorcycle riders had been involved in the alleged assassination.

    The Revolutionary Guard stated that it was investigating Ahmadi's death and cautioned against speculating "prematurely about the identity of those responsible for the killing,” The Telegraph reported.

    Since 2007, five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated in Iran, as well as the Republican Guards Corps's missile program commander.

    The nuclear scientists were killed when magnetic car bombs were detonated as they drove. Iran has blamed Israel for the deaths.

    In 2011, Major General Hassan Moghadam, who headed the Islamic Republic's missile program, and who reportedly maintained a specially close relationship with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, was killed along with 16 additional IRGC members in a mysterious blast at a military base 40 kilometers from Tehran.

    1. Shades of Munich 1972?

    2. Unless he was shot in the head multiple times with a .22, it was not Israel.

    3. Well then, with the ability to "read between the lines" we can now report these deaths to be an internal power struggle, with the "Hard Liners" being "bumped off".

      President Rouhani leading the forces of moderation and compromise to a political victory, no matter the cost.

      Don't even have to be illuminated, to see it.

    4. :-) They play hardball, with or without night lighting.

  17. Obama skipped the APEC summit in Vladivostok last year amid-the hard-fought U.S. election campaign. But missing it this time might delay striking the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal into 2014 or beyond, said Edmund Sim, partner at Appleton Luff International Lawyers and an expert on trade law.

    Ministers also hope the APEC meeting can come up with a Pacific Rim consensus that would advance the stalled Doha round of the World Trade Organization.

    "Here, the president's absence would be an ominous sign that the United States is not prepared to get the TPP, let alone a WTO agreement, though Congress,'' Mr. Sim said.

  18. On this day in 1908, the first Model T rolled off the production line at a Ford factory in Detroit. Priced at $825 apiece, it was the first car designed to be affordable for the masses.

  19. Total number of enrollees yesterday in Louisiana’s new health-insurance exchange: Zero?

    Via the Corner. Actually, the total number is just an estimate. Blue Cross Blue Shield, the state’s biggest insurance provider and one of four companies participating in the exchange, got a big fat zero via yesterday. Chances are, if they had no enrollees, neither did their competitors. But who knows? Maybe two or three people managed to complete the sign-up process with a different provider before their computers exploded.

    Sixty million dollars.

    Since the marketplaces opened to much fanfare Tuesday (Oct. 1), many of the state’s potential customers have been stalled on the website, unable to move past the portion of that instructs them how to set up their profile.

    “It’s a situation that we are coping with,” said John Maginnis, vice president of corporate communications for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, one of four companies offering products through the marketplace.

    The company spent three years and $60 million preparing for Tuesday’s opening, so the lack of momentum seemed a bit of a letdown. Sales agents were getting plenty of calls from people seeking information, Maginnis said, but the agency is not able to sell a policy to anyone without a functioning website.

    “It was not as intense as we had anticipated,” he said.
    Maginnis isn’t sweating it, though, because he expects the spike in enrollees will come not at the beginning but at the end of the enrollment process in December. I think he’s right. Right now the White House is in carrot mode, trying to sell “young invincibles” on the glories of health insurance. But the carrot doesn’t work on everyone: According to Gallup, more than 30 percent of the uninsured were unaware this past week until they were polled that they’re now required by law to buy insurance. As we get closer to December and the need grows more urgent for a big pool of new revenue to cover those with preexisting conditions, the White House is bound to shift from carrot to stick. I’m curious to see how they play that. They’ll hammer the fact that it’s ILLEGAL not to have insurance if you can afford it and that the TAXMAN will make you pay a FINE if you don’t, but they might not emphasize too much that the fine (for this year at least) is the higher of just 95 bucks or one percent of your income. If a thousand Obama speeches on how awesome ObamaCare is can’t create a groundswell of enrollment, maybe strategically vague warnings implying that the IRS might kick down the door will do it.

    1. Anyway, big question: If Louisiana ended up with a donut on enrollment due to grotesque federal incompetence in preparing the exchange websites, how many enrollees did the federal government see across all 34 states where the exchanges are being run out of Washington? Answer: They’re … not going to tell you just yet.

      During a conference call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon, officials from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refused to disclose the number of people who bought insurance through the online marketplaces that are a centerpiece of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). “We have just decided not to release that yet,” said Marilyn Tavenner, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
      They did, conveniently, release their traffic stats for the website, which tells you a lot about how much public curiosity there was in seeing ObamaCare in action and next to nothing about how many visitors were willing and able to sign up for plans. In fact, per Philip Klein, there’s some reason to believe that New York’s administrators inflated the amount of web traffic to their exchange site, whether to explain why their site was glitchy all day or simply for PR purposes. Exit question: What’s the over/under on how many enrollees there were yesterday nationwide?

      Update: HHS now says it’ll be a solid month before they reveal how many people signed up yesterday. I’m tempted to call that preposterous and an obvious dodge to buy time, but these are the same people who couldn’t build a functional website with three years’ notice.

    2. California, despite claiming lots of phone and internet traffic yesterday, disappointedly had a less than 1% interest in actually purchasing anything. The California spokeswoman would not state that a single policy had been sold.. Indeed, about 40% of callers thought the insurance was free...only in America...

    3. They must have thought that Obama Cared!

  20. President Barack Obama met with Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress on Wednesday to try to break a deadlock that has shut down wide swaths of the federal government, but there was no breakthrough.


    As hundreds of thousands of federal employees faced a second day without pay, leaders of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate offered token concessions that were quickly dismissed by the other side. Obama, meanwhile, scaled back a long-planned trip to Asia.

  21. "these are the same people who couldn’t build a functional website with three years’ notice"


    1. In three years even I could build a functional website, with help from my tech support and a bet riding on it.

    2. I take heart from the typical mess. Our liberty is safe. These people could not organize intercourse in a whorehouse.

    3. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      Grand Theft Auto V's web site crashed due to the volume of traffic, on the first day.
      Those people are as capitalistic and as technologically savvy as it gets.
      They had five years to prepare.

      You don't know a thing about it.
      * RULE 2: “Never go outside the expertise of your people.”
      Avoid things of which you have no knowledge

      You are the living embodiment of the wisdom of Rule #2.

    4. If Carl Icahn's team cannot launch a website without glitches, how would anyone suppose the Feds could do it?

      Comments on technology from a fella that cannot even sign into a Google account,
      Just plain comical in their incoherence and banality.

  22. Just what the inner city ordered -

    ObamaCare incentivizing divorce?

    My friend and editor at The Fiscal Times, Jacqueline Leo, offers an interesting analysis of a set of perverse incentives in ObamaCare. Middle-income earners might do better by divorcing if both spouses end up in the exchanges — and perhaps a lot better, according to BizzyBlog’s Tom Blumer:

    Earlier this year, TFT showed that a high-earning couple, each with incomes of $400,000, would save about $27,000 annually if they divorced and filed their taxes separately. Now we learn that the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare, is dangling a similar fate in front of middle income earners.

    A typical 40-year old couple with two kids could save $7,230 a year by divorcing if one partner earns, say, $70,000 and the other $23,000. Sixty year-olds earning $62,041 each a year would save $11,028 annually if they broke up.

    This analysis below, written by Tom Blumer, a blogger at PJ Media, points out the unintended consequence of what Obamacare will do to marriages and families. He used this calculator from the Kaiser Family Foundation to run the numbers.

    In January 2010, two months before Obamacare’s passage, Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation gave the impact a name: the “wedding tax.”
    Some of this relies on the sharp “cliffs” seen in the premium-to-subsidy calculations. The ACA ended up with those rather than more graduated subsidies, which produce these kinds of effectts. We’ve seen the same phenomenon for workers who could get a raise that would cost them thousands of dollars in lost subsidies, at least in theory, thanks to these sharp cliffs in the calculations.

    Will ObamaCare cause a couple to split up in reality? Probably not, but it might wind up producing divorces that replace legal marriage with cohabitation. It’s the kind of strange effect that perverse incentives produce.


    Obamacare’s National Hotline? 1-800-F…You

  23. Senator Ted Cruz tried in his way to issue a wake-up call, and of course he was mocked for it: “Too dramatic, too radical. Hey, let’s see what Jon Stewart has to say!”

    Senator Cruz is a radical in the literal sense: He’s looking at the root of the problem, which is the mutated role of the state in our national life, what Frédéric Bastiat called “that great fiction by which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else.” In fact, Senator Cruz is not half radical enough, and neither are his more cautious colleagues.

    We’ll deal with the statutory debt ceiling, one way or the other. The real debt ceiling is a different matter.

    1. Senator Cruz is paid by Goldman Sachs, he is a hired hand for the Wall Street robber barons.

  24. Silk Road: How FBI closed in on suspect Ross Ulbricht

    Ghost IP addresses, Bitcoin transactions, Anonymous posts ...
    None of those stopped the FBI.

    The search started with work from Agent-1, the codename given to the expert cited in the court documents, who undertook an "extensive search of the internet" that sifted through pages dating back to January 2011.

    If there were any threats made here, on this blog, the FBI would have found them.
    Look at the length and breadth of their investigative efforts to bust the "Silk Road"....

    1. What is interesting, Deuce had mentioned that quot was posting from "Ghost" IPs ...

      quot claimed he was traveling ....

      Anyone willing to bet an Amero to a doughnut that quot was on that "Silk Road"?

    2. News reports and other internet chatter helped it become notorious. However, most users would not have been able to stumble upon the site as the service could only be accessed through a service called Tor - a facility that routes traffic through many separate encrypted layers of the net to hide data identifiers.

      Tor was invented by the US Naval Research Laboratory and has subsequently been used by journalists and free speech campaigners, among others, to safeguard people's anonymity.

      But it has also been used as a means to hide illegal activities, leading it to be dubbed "the dark web".

      Payments for goods on Silk Road were made with the virtual currency Bitcoin, which can be hard to monitor.

      Court documents from the FBI said the site had just under a million registered users, but investigators said they did not know how many were active.

      Earlier this year Carnegie Mellon University estimated that over $1.22m (£786,183) worth of trading took place on the Silk Road every month.

  25. So much for those "Magic Batteries"

    SEATTLE (AP) - Flames that engulfed the front end of a Tesla electric car near Seattle also burned in the vehicle's battery pack, making it difficult for firefighters to extinguish the blaze, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

  26. "If there were any threats made here, on this blog, the FBI would have found them."



    Deuce took down a round of your threats himself, saying, 'the offending statement has been taken down'.

    No one believes a word you say any longer. You have no credibility.You are just a schoolyard bully who never grew up. Your first wife knew it, and got out.After 'dropping a kid'.

    I almost feel sorry for you.

    The other day you called me a 'fascist'.

    Some time back you called me a commie, a 'liberation theology Chrisitan'.

    You've called me every name in the book and you threatened my life twice.

    You are just a schoolyard bully that never grew up.

    Your first wife could see it. After "dropping a kid" she got the hell out.

    "There is something really wrong with you, Rat."


    "Why don't you take a hike?"


    1. You also go about putting people's addresses up.

      Even if they are out of date.

      You are just pure asshole.

    2. You are the only person in my long life who has threatened my life.

      I did send a form letter out to 4 police departments, 4 county sheriffs, the Judicial System, two lawyers, and the state police saying if I or any of mine meet a questionable death, you are the only person that has ever threatened me, and to concentrate on you.

    3. Why don't you go study your Hegelian Dialectics and leave this place in peace?

      That will keep you on the wrong track for a long long time.


    4. So, now you accuse Deuce of a criminal conspiracy?

      Reread Ruke #2, dimwit.
      Take it to heart., your lack of even basic, primary technological knowledge is again made evident
      The FBI sees the ORIGINAL thread, without redaction.
      Directly from the Google servers, no one can edit it.

      You are sinking into a paranoid state, everyone it seems is conspiring against you.
      The folks that you spend your time with in the virtual world ...
      ... are criminals, you have convinced yourself, deep in a vast conspiracy against you.
      A vast conspiracy, a plot worthy of a novel written by Tom Clancy RIP

      Why in the world would you associate yourself with such fiends as you think Deuce and desert rat must be?

      That you would type anything so vacuous as what is above ...

      Deuce, you have informed the world, is engaged in a supposed criminal conspiracy with the desert rat,
      in an imagined effort to suppress evidence of murder and threats of murder.
      Doing this by some how selectively editing all the past posts in the Elephant Bar blog archive from the servers at Google, to which neither Deuce nor the rat can gain legal access.

      You write this in apparent sincerity....
      Obviously, you are a fucking nut case.

    5. Deuce and the desert rat have, according to our anonymous Farmer Fudd, duped the criminal investigators at the FBI.
      Beat the super computers of the NSA.
      Have surpassed Edward Snowden in technical knowledge of surveillance procedures

      It boggles the mind .....

    6. In all sincerity, Elmer, go get professional help.

      You're crackin' up


  27. If a person, any person, goes to the FBI and tells them that there has been an admission of murder, in a chat room or on a blog ...
    That in addition to the admission of murder that there have been other, mortal threats made in that chat room or blog ...

    The FBI will investigate that.
    They will obtain a warrant if need be and scour that chat room or blog for evidence of criminality.

    The post contained a link to a site hosted by the popular blogging platform Wordpress. This provided another link to the Silk Road's location on the so-called "dark web".

    Records obtained by Agent-1 from Wordpress discovered, unsurprisingly, that the blog had been set up by an anonymous user who had hidden their location
    Months later, in October, Altoid appeared again - but made a slip-up, granting investigators a major lead.

    In a post asking seeking to find an IT expert with knowledge of Bitcoin, he asked people to contact him via

    With a Gmail address to hand, Agent-1 linked this address to accounts on the Google+ social network and YouTube video site. There he discovered some of Mr Ulbricht's interests.

    Among them, according viewing history, was economics. In particular, Mr Ulbricht's account had "favourited" several clips from the Ludwig von Mises Institute, a renowned Austrian school of economics.

    Years later, on the Silk Road discussion forums, Dread Pirate Roberts would make several references to the Mises Institute and its work.
    Through records "obtained from Google", details of IP addresses - and therefore locations - used to log into Mr Ulbricht's account focused the search on San Francisco. Specifically, an internet cafe on Laguna Street.

    Furthermore, detailed analysis of Silk Road's source code highlighted a function that restricted who was able to log in to control the site, locking it down to just one IP address.

    As would be expected, Dread Pirate Roberts was using a VPN - virtual private network - to generate a "false" IP address, designed to cover his tracks.
    However, the provider of the VPN was subpoenaed by the FBI.

    While efforts had been made by DPR to delete data, the VPN server's records showed
    a user logged in from an internet cafe just 500 yards from an address on Hickory Street, known to be the home close friend of Mr Ulbricht's, and a location that had also been used to log into the Gmail account.

    At this point in the investigation, these clues, investigators concluded, were enough to suggest that Mr Ulbricht and DPR - if not the same person - were at the very least in the same location at the same time.

    1. While efforts had been made by Dread Pirate Robert to delete data, the VPN server's records showed
      The data is there, even after you hit the "Delete" button, on the server itself.

      Years later, on the Silk Road discussion forums
      Years later, that means the FBI studied YEARS worth of posts, threads and DELETED comments...
      ... not that it took them years to study it..

      The FBI takes murder seriously.
      It takes mortal threats seriously.
      It takes war crimes in Central America seriously

      A federal jury in Riverside, Calif., has issued a guilty verdict that will send a Canadian citizen and alleged Guatemalan war criminal to prison — but not for war crimes.

      Jorge Sosa Orantes, 55, formerly of Lethbridge, Alta., faces up to 15 years’ imprisonment for making false statements on a 2008 application for U.S. citizenship.


    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Both quot and Anonymous have claimed that desert rat has written on the blog that he had participated in war crimes in Central America. That some how the rat participated in the genocide that the Israeli were complicit in, in Guatemala
      For which Rios Mont was convicted.

      Now Sosa will either serve out his sentence in a U.S. prison or be returned to Guatemala, where he is wanted for his alleged involvement in the infamous Dos Erres massacre, possibly the most notorious atrocity committed during that country’s long and bloody civil war of the 1980s and 1990s.

      In all, some 200,000 people were killed during the conflict, most of them impoverished Mayan Indians in highland villages.

      “I am aware that Guatemala does have an arrest warrant against him,” said Matt Eisenbrandt, legal director of the Canadian Centre for International Justice, who has monitored the case closely. He was unsure if Guatemala would seek Sosa’s extradition. “I don’t know whether the U.S. government would entertain that.”

      In December 1982, while a lieutenant in a special-forces unit of the Guatemalan army called the Kaibiles, Sosa is alleged to have shared responsibility for unleashing a brutal massacre in the village of Dos Erres in northern Guatemala, where the unit had gone ostensibly to look for illegal weapons.

      “During the course of (their) interrogations, the special patrol proceeded to systematically kill the men, women and children at Dos Erres by, among other methods, hitting them in the head with a sledgehammer and throwing them into a well,” said the Orange County federal grand jury indictment handed down against Sosa in September 2010. “Members of the special patrol also forcibly raped many of the women and girls at Dos Erres before killing them.”

      As many as 250 people were slain in the massacre. Just two villagers survived, including Ramiro Cristales, who was 5 years old at the time and who watched as his parents and seven siblings were killed.

      When reported to the FBI, they would investigate the charges made, the admission/confession supposedly written.

      Admissions to crimes on social media networks are investigated by authorities
      (CNN) -- A driver who confessed in an online video that his drunken driving killed a man now faces a homicide charge.

      A grand jury in Franklin County, Ohio, indicted Matthew Cordle on Monday on charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, more than two months after the deadly wrong-way collision.

      The 22-year-old's online admission that he was to blame has been watched more than a million times on YouTube.

      They Authorities take that type of thing seriously, rightfully so.

    4. It has been more than a couple of years, now, since quot made his complaint to the FBI.

      The rat's still typing.

      Proof is in the tasting.

    5. Either the charges were vacuous, the FBI is incompetent, or Deuce and the rat are, some how ...
      ... involved in a cover up of vast scope and scale.

      Have duped the FBI ...
      Have beaten the system....

      .... but are both dummies

      It is a tasty pudding.

    6. And ....
      Deuce and desert rat have never communicated outside the bounds of the blog.
      Have never exchanged e-mails
      Have never had a telephone conversation

      Would have had to have used clandestine communication, from AZ to PA, to organize this supposed cover up of murder! Maybe short wave burst transmissions were utilized, to avoid detection by the NSA.

      Tom Clancy RIP, you left to soon, Farmer Fudd has a storyline available.

    7. It could be that burst transmission technology, but there is another way

      If it is possible that the two of them have decoder rings.
      Then they could read, even write between the lines!

    8. desert ratThu Oct 03, 02:16:00 AM EDT
      It has been more than a couple of years, now, since quot made his complaint to the FBI.
      The rat's still typing.
      Proof is in the tasting.

      1. Report to the AZ FBI was made, you even claimed you saw it.
      2. Sometimes things take time. Just because you have not been arrested and convicted of a crime doesnt mean you didnt actually commit said crimes. There just may not be enough legal evidence to arrest and convict you.

      However this does not acquit you, or mean you are innocent.

      A criminal typically has a "rap" sheet. yours is just building,

      And typically, a criminal's pattern of behavior is not limited to a blog. I am sure, there are others, that have called the police on you and or WILL call the police on you for your pattern of intimidation, stalking and violence threats.

      Time will tell.....

      One who admits to pot smoking, breaching security at the AZ FBI (as you have admitted) and playing with guns (like you have bragged about) will get on the radar of Homeland security, the FBI and or the police given time.

      It's all out there.

      Just "cooking"

    9. desert ratThu Oct 03, 02:24:00 AM EDT
      Either the charges were vacuous, the FBI is incompetent, or Deuce and the rat are, some how ...
      ... involved in a cover up of vast scope and scale.

      Have duped the FBI ...
      Have beaten the system....

      .... but are both dummies

      It is a tasty pudding.

      Notice how the Rat sets up his own argument to win for himself? He leaves no possibility that he is wrong. The Rat MUST argue and win, it's his personality defect.

      narcissistic personality disorder

      It's all there for the blog reader to read...

      Just google it..

      Makes for fine reading...

    10. AMAZING that I got into the Rat's head...

      Not even posting on the tread Rat HAS to seek attention...

      One another thread when I posted that Rat was Israel and Jew obsessed and Rat angrily retorted that I was a nothing and it's not about me...

      apparently rat protests to much...


      Rat is obsessed about Jews Israel Zionism and ME...

      that's entertainment..

    11. Rat we KNOW your name.

      So if we need to call the AZ FBI, Sheriff or Police?

      It's easy...

  28. Now the assholes that are spying on us are going to flip to the Chinese because Obama and the Democrats don’t want to cut federal spending by 1%?

    U.S. intelligence agencies have had to furlough 70 percent of their civilian staff, including operations personnel, and the government shutdown makes employees easy targets for recruitment by enemy agents, officials said Wednesday.

    Director of National IntelligenceJames R. Clapper told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he had no choice but to follow the clear legal guidelines in determining who he could keep on the job.

    Staff could report for duty only if their job “is necessary to protect against imminent threat to life or property. And so our applying that standard is what resulted across the board in furloughing of roughly 70 percent,” Mr. Clapper said.

    Mr. Clapper’s spokesman, Shawn Turner, confirmed that the furloughs covered the full range of duties of staff across the sprawling collection of agencies that insiders call the intelligence community — including both operations and support personnel.

    “If there are people working on ongoing operations where [the target does not present] an imminent threat to life or property, some of those people have been furloughed,” Mr. Turner said.

    Mr. Clapper, the nation’s fourth director of national intelligence, also told Congress that the financial impact of being without wages would make intelligence staff more vulnerable to recruitment by America’s enemies.

    “This is a dreamland for foreign intelligence service to recruit, particularly as our employees already, many of whom were subject to furloughs driven by sequestration, are going to have, I believe, even greater financial challenges,” he warned.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

    1. I thought the government was paying the troops.

    2. If you don't pay the mercenaries, there's no telling who will.

    3. desert ratThu Oct 03, 03:17:00 AM EDT
      I thought the government was paying the troops.
      Sun TzuThu Oct 03, 03:32:00 AM EDT
      If you don't pay the mercenaries, there's no telling who will.

      Perfect example of Rat talking to himself....

  29. Oh dear, it worsens by the minute. We are all going to perish. It is the end of civilization. House Republicans are lengthening the RED CHINESE SHADOW over laboring Asian countries. They also will perish without Obama visiting them.But Obama is CLINGING to his travel plans to the sultanate of Brunei, where it is desperate he meets Putin, who he shunned the last time he met him.

    This from the NEW YORK TIMES. What a disaster. We all need put on some black pajamas and white tennis shoes, lay down, and place a nickel on our foreheads.

    If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this story was a parody on a North Korean news release:

    WASHINGTON — Debate over the federal government shutdown has tended to focus on those it hurts: veterans, tourists barred from the Lincoln Memorial and Yellowstone National Park, and giant-panda enthusiasts deprived of their publicly funded panda cam.

    By forcing President Obama to cancel a visit next week to Malaysia and the Philippines, the impasse with House Republicans is spoiling Mr. Obama’s show of support for two Southeast Asian countries that have long labored under the shadow of China. And it is undermining his broader effort to put Asia at the heart of American foreign policy.

    Mr. Obama’s planned itinerary for next week — a mix of summit meetings and good-will visits — was carefully molded to reinforce the message to China that the United States is once again a central player in the region. But the president’s Asian pivot keeps getting pulled back by two forces that have haunted his presidency: strife in the Middle East and strife with Capitol Hill.

    For now, the White House is clinging to the two remaining stops on Mr. Obama’s tour: a Pacific Rim economic summit meeting in Indonesia, at which he hopes to meet with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, and the East Asia Summit, in the sultanate of Brunei, where he is scheduled to meet the new prime minister of China, Li Keqiang.

    With little sign of a compromise that would reopen the government by this weekend, however, Mr. Obama may be forced to scrap those visits, too, sending Secretary of State John Kerry as his understudy. It would be the third time he has been forced to sacrifice an Asia trip because of domestic issues — he postponed a visit in March 2010 because of the battle over the health care overhaul, and delayed it again four months later because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    “Diplomatically, it’s very harmful,” said Kenneth G. Lieberthal, a top China adviser during the Clinton administration. “I’m sure there are some in China who say, insofar as the U.S. pivot has China as its bull’s-eye, this prevents them from hitting that bull’s-eye.”

  30. First we had the “existential threat”, then” the red line” and now the “bull’s eye”.

    Christ almighty, I hope this does not affect any trips to Aspen or Martha’s Vineyard. Sweet Jesus show us a sign. Do something.

  31. Speaking of Jesus the Jew, we have a serious crisis of Anti-Semitic Jews in the US:

    A huge Pew Charitable Truest telephone poll of American Jews confirms many of the things learned by previous religious polls conducted by Barry Kosmin and colleagues under the rubric of the American Religious Identification Survey.

    What is striking is how dissimilar the mainstream of Jewish Americans is to the ruling Likud Party in Israel, headed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

    Netanyahu and his party use Judaism and Jewish heritage as the basis for the construction of an exclusivist, nationalist, hardline ideology hostile toward and suspicious of non-Jews. Netanyahu even sponsored a campaign of television commercials attempting to shame American Jews for dating non-Jews or commemorating Christmas.

    31% of Jewish Americans in this poll said they did not feel attached to Israel. Another 39% are only “somewhat” attached. The strong Israel nationalists are only about 30%.

    62% of Jewish Americans do not believe that the Israeli government is making a good faith effort to negotiate with the Palestinians, though they have an even lower opinion of the Palestinian Authority.

    83% do not agree that the construction of Israeli settlements on the Palestinian West Bank helps Israeli security, a key plank in the platform of the ruling Likud Party in Israel.

    44% of Jewish Americans, on the contrary, assert that this settlement of Palestinian land is actively harmful to Israeli security.

    72% say that there is a lot of discrimination against Muslim Americans.

    Only 42% say that there is a lot of discrimination against Jewish Americans.

    They really like Christmas trees. 62 percent had them in their homes last year.

    A majority don’t think it would take anything away from their Jewishness to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. I suspect they mean by this the common American conviction that all the major religions are in some sense true, rather than that they approve of sectarian groups like Jews for Jesus.

    Almost 6 in ten of Jewish Americans who married in the past decade and a half married non-Jews. For non-religious Jews, the percentage is nearly 8 in 10. Note that sociologists sometimes use endogamy (marrying within an in-group) as a measure of ethnic identity. By that standard, American Jews of no religion are not an ethnic group! And among the Millennials, over 30% say they are not religious.

    AIPAC, the Zionist Organization of America, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Anti-Defamation League (which too often defames other people) are completely unrepresentative of Jewish Americans. But they do represent a few very wealthy super-nationalists such as Sheldon Adelson and (on his bad days) Haim Saban.

    One of the takeaways of the poll is that American politicians and media should stop being so afraid of the American Likudniks, who very ironically use their extreme nationalism to accuse other people of being bigots. The Israel lobbies don’t represent most Jewish voters, and if voter sentiment is the issue, they can most often safely be defied. Likewise, organizations such as CAMERA, who monitor journalists and attempt to discipline them or get them fired if they dare criticize Likud policy, should just be ignored. They don’t speak for Jewish Americans. They speak for a small group of fanatics.

    - Juan Cole

    1. 20% of Jews in America say they have no religion.
      One in five do not think Judaism is a religion.
      But that they are just part of an ethnic group.

      Wonder how many Muslims feel the same way?

    2. Most muslims (including you) say Jews are not a religion. Or a tribe or even a real people.

      You and muslims, share the belief that Jews should be genocided.


    3. DeuceThu Oct 03, 03:49:00 AM EDT
      Speaking of Jesus the Jew, we have a serious crisis of Anti-Semitic Jews in the US:

      I would think this would make you happy? Anything to destroy the Jewish people is a "good" thing in your playbook?

  32. Thank you Jesus for finding that article for me.

  33. He watches my every move. I know that because Sister Anastasia told me it was so. I had a five year old’s crush on her. She was nice and smelled like soap. She loved Jesus and he was always watching her as well.

    Strange coincidence, my two favorite aunts and Sister Anastasia all had first names beginning with “A”. They all loved Jesus and taught me to always seek his protection and blessings.

  34. Robert A. HeinleinThu Oct 03, 04:27:00 AM EDT

    It is a truism that almost any sect, cult, or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so.

  35. As I said earlier.

    What a waste of a thread.

    Another thread filled with crap.

    Rat crap, Deuce crap.

    Nothing much worth commenting on.

    However Rat and Deuce's screeds show clearly tot he passing visitor what insane folks they are....

  36. Agreed

    Going back to bed here.

  37. Decided not to bail Quirk out of his practicing medicine without a license charge, so he remains in the can. Began thinking how he had called me nitwit once. It will do him good, get the toxins out of his system. Keep him away from blogging for awhile. If I know Q, he'll figure a way out someway, sooner rather than later. Don't worry about him, he'll be OK, and better for the experience.

    1. After accusing Deuce of criminal conspiracy, anonymous got bored, went back to bed.
      What a piece of shit he is.

    2. desert ratThu Oct 03, 10:22:00 AM EDT
      After accusing Deuce of criminal conspiracy, anonymous got bored, went back to bed.
      What a piece of shit he is.

      SO Deuce do your rules allow me to call you or rat a "piece of shit"?

      Or is that not ok for me but reasonable for the Rat?

    3. The Golden Rule ...

      Them with the gold, make the rules.
      It's his house, his rules.

      He can take down the comment, or not.
      It's his house, his rules.

      Like it or not.

      The weak MAN, he does protest.

  38. WASHINGTON – The price of the bitcoin digital currency has rebounded, following a drop on Wednesday in response to the FBI's take down of the Silk Road narcotics-for-sale website.

    Here's a fascinating twist: the demise of Silk Road could actually elevate the bitcoin's steadily ascending stature as a globally-accepted currency every bit as legit as government-guaranteed greenbacks.

    That was the buzz among tech security, financial and law enforcement experts who assembled in the nation's capitol for the annual VISA Security Summit.

    "It may well be that the demise of the Silk Road will help remove a bit of tarnish from Bitcoin's public image," observes cybersecurity blogger Brian Krebs.

    The value of one bitcoin slipped as low as $110, but rebounded to $129, following the court appearance in San Francisco of Ross Ulbricht, 29, allegedly known as "Dread Pirate Roberts" or "DPR," Silk Road's alleged creator and operator.

    1. Bitcoins may have rebounded, but the reputation of Anonymous Pirate Robert Robertson never will.

      Robert continues to hold tight to his vacuous accusations that Deuce is involved in a criminal conspiracy to cover up a murder. That Deuce was able to hack the servers at Google and beat the FBI digital forensics team.

      And why would Deuce do such a thing ... ...

      Just to prove that Pirate Robert was wrong.

      I imagine a mere apology would not be sufficient.
      Falling on his sword, not enough, though it would qualify him to be a mythical hero of Israel.

      That tribe venerates suicide.

      Celebrating their own version of the Jonestown Massacre, in the ancient party palace at Masada.
      Where, when actually confronted by their enemies, the heroes of Israel choose a "Heroic" suicide over fighting to the death.

      It is a pathological condition within certain Judaic haplogroups the 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.

      A. Hitler well illustrated the pathology of his people, he committed suicide, rather than fight his enemies, too.
      Hitler carried a dominant hapogroup in his blood, that most common in Ashkenazi Jews.

      Perhaps there is a case to be made that Judaism a genetic condition, rather than a religion.
      Definitely is an interesting story, the marriage of science and mythology.

      To discover that Hitler was a genetically an Ashkenazi Jew....
      ... and that he carried the suicide pathology venerated in Israeli culture

      When i was a kid there was discussion of "Nature vs Nurture"

      A. Hitler had a hatred for those nurtured in Judaic tribal culture, it was in his nature.

  39. Now rat will post that I live in ohio, run a candy business and have pavre chocolate. that i am not the original wio that I am an israeli mossad agent, a national security threat (cause he saw the az fbi report)...

    Old shit over and over again...

    When I look out at the lake and see the vastness of the waves and water I think... Rat is a meaningless troll..

    As to quote him from the other day "desert ratTue Oct 01, 11:09:00 PM EDT
    Everyone dies, deservedly or not, makes no matter. Everyone dies
    Whether you will be doomed by that death, that certainly does not matter to me, doubt if it matters to anyone else."

    " that certainly does not matter to me, doubt if it matters to anyone else"


    Rat go crawl into your horse shit fill stall and do us all a favor?

    1. No, that is not going to happen.

    2. You already did it for me.

      The Story of "O" continues to unfold
      He played his FBI card, now all he has in hand ...
      ... a busted flush.

      The shit is backing up!