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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Israel economic aggression, apartheid districting, theft and Balkanization of Palestinian occupied land is depriving Palestinians of billions

— Oct. 8 6:27 AM EDT

JERICHO, West Bank (AP) — The Palestinians could expand their struggling economy by a third and slash their budget deficit in half if Israel allowed them to use 61 percent of West Bank territory that is now largely off-limits, the World Bank said Tuesday.
The bank and donor countries supporting the Palestinians have repeatedly urged Israel to open up the restricted territory, known as Area C. But the report released Tuesday marked the first detailed attempt to quantify Palestinian losses.
"Access to Area C will not cure all Palestinian economic problems but the alternative is bleak," the report said. "Without the ability to conduct purposeful economic activity in Area C, the economic space of the West Bank will remain crowded and stunted, inhabited by people whose daily interactions with the state of Israel are characterized by inconvenience, expense and frustration."
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said most of the issues raised by the World Bank are to be settled in ongoing Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Developing the Palestinian economy is in Israel's strategic interest, but political realities have to be taken into account, he said.
"The question of access in the Palestinian territories is closely related to the question of security," he said.
The partition of the West Bank into spheres of control was part of interim deals that were to have concluded with a final Israeli-Palestinian agreement on the borders of a Palestinian state by 1999.
The Palestinians want to establish such a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands captured in 1967. A new round of peace talks began in late July, but expectations of reaching a deal are low.
Meanwhile, the old arrangements remain in place. Israel has sole control over 61 percent of the West Bank, or Area C, while the Palestinians administer the rest. Israeli retains overall control over security and crossings in and out of the West Bank.
All of the West Bank's more than 300,000 Israeli settlers live in Area C, along with 6.6 percent of the territory's Palestinians, or 180,000.
Most of the West Bank's natural resources and open spaces, including the sparsely populated Jordan Valley, are located in Area C.
Yet less than 1 percent of Area C is open for Palestinian use, the bank said. Most of the rest of the land is controlled by Israeli settlements or has been designated as nature reserves and closed military zones, making it off-limits to Palestinians.
"The key to Palestinian prosperity continues to lie in the removal of these restrictions with due regard for Israel's security," the report said.
The bank looked at direct benefits to agriculture, Dead Sea minerals exploitation, stone mining and quarrying, construction, tourism, telecommunications and cosmetics.
The potential additional output from these sectors would be at least $2.2 billion a year, or 23 percent of the Palestinian Gross Domestic Product in 2011, the bank said. The bulk would come from agriculture and from exploitation of Dead Sea minerals like bromine and potash.
The total potential value added would grow to $3.4 billion, or 35 percent of the GDP, if indirect benefits such as improved infrastructure and spillover to other sectors of the economy are taken into account, the report said.
The added value would increase tax revenue by some $800 million, significantly reducing the West Bank's dependence on donors, the bank said.
Palmor said Israel has approved more than 300 humanitarian and economic projects in Area C in the past two years, and is reviewing projects proposed by the international community and the Palestinian Authority.


  1. From The Jerusalem Post:

    Israel's restrictions cost the Palestinian economy $3.4 billion annually By TOVAH LAZAROFF
    10/08/2013 06:53

    The Palestinian GDP in the West Bank could increase by at least 35%, $3.4 billion annually, if Israel lifted its restrictions on Palestinian access and movement in Area C, the World Bank said in a report it issued Tuesday morning.

    “Access to Area C will go a long way to solving Palestinian economic problems,” said Mariam Sherman, the outgoing World Bank Country Director for the Palestinian territories.

    “The alternative is bleak. Without the ability to utilize the potential of Area C, the economic space will remain fragmented and stunted. Lifting multiple restrictions could transform the economy and substantially improve prospects for sustained growth," she said.

    The World Bank report "Area C and the future of the Palestinian economy," noted that Israel had put those restrictions in place out of security concerns, but did not offer any alternative suggestions.

    "The key to Palestinian prosperity continues to lie in the removal of these restrictions with due regard for Israeli security," the report said.

    The report focused on an analysis of the problems and the steps needed to increase private sector productivity in agriculture, tourism, telecommunications, construction, quarrying and mining Dead Sea minerals.

    Agriculture and the Dead Sea offer Palestinians the most economic growth potential for the private sector, the report said.

    The bulk of farmland in Area C belongs to Palestinians, 326,400 dunams, compared with 187,000 dunams that are attached to Israeli settlements, the report said.

    But Palestinians lack the water necessary to irrigate the land and to maximize its use for agriculture production, the report said.


    1. How about Israel loses billions do to Arab (palestinian) terror.

    2. Waves of suicide bombings by Palestinians, rockets and missiles by Palestinians, stabbings and shootings by Palestinians, cause Israelis to lose billions to having to build more hospitals, roads, barriers and spend more on defense.

    3. Dam those Israelis again..

      Israel ready to supply fuel to Gaza, as Hamas-Egypt crisis deepens
      As Cairo blocks or floods some 80 percent of smuggling tunnels, imposing de facto trade blockade on Gaza, Jerusalem prepares to step in if needed.

      Egypt? Cutting of the Gaza Strip, Palestinians access to fresh water and fuel!!!!! Darn those Arabs.. It's will cost the Palestinians BILLIONS...

      The crime, the humanity!!!! Call the Red Crescent!!!

    4. Report: Egypt's army planning to attack targets in Gaza

      Wow... Egypt targeting the Palestinians????? LOL

      Now that's funny....

    5. Not to worry about the Palestinians, Obama came to their aid with an additional 313 MILLION in mortgage loans!!!!

      ( – The U.S. government will fund $313 million in home
      mortgages for Palestinians living on the West Bank, according to a
      Government Accountability Office report released Monday.

      The U.S. will also guarantee $110 million in loans to small- and medium-sized businesses located on the West Bank.

      The mortgage and business-loan
      activities will be conducted by the federal Overseas Private Investment
      Corporation (OPIC). “OPIC is the U.S. Government’s development finance
      institution,” says OPIC’s website. “OPIC provides financial products,
      such as loans and guaranties; political risk insurance; and support for
      investment funds, all of which help American businesses expand into
      emerging markets.”

      The GAO report released Tuesday described some of the actions OPIC is
      taking in the emerging market of the Palestinian territories.

      “U.S. agencies and implementing partners participate in various
      programs with the Palestine Investment Fund (PIF) or PIF-owned entities
      that include home mortgage financing, loan guarantees, and educational
      initiatives,” says the report. “First, the Overseas Private Investment
      Corporation (OPIC) along with PIF and other entities have committed to
      lend $485 million to the Affordable Mortgage and Loan Company (AMAL) to
      support mortgages for low- and medium-income borrowers in the West Bank.

      Wow... Home loans to Palestinians!!!

      Community Reinvestment Act comes to the West Bank.

    6. And Arab/Palestinian aggression has cost thousands of Jewish lives and probably billions in lost opportunity revenue.

      The "Wall" locks no one in; thus, Israeli Muslims can leave at will. Since they are not leaving, even in small numbers, I doubt they would think much of your uninformed assessment of the evils of the "Empire".

      As soon as the Arabs decide to live peacefully beside Israel and say so unambiguously, and allow Jews to live unmolested in the PA (something which they promise to forbid) there can be peace. The disputed land is exactly that. Its disposition was to be determined by the agreement of the parties. But the PA just cannot say "yes", and any Palestinian leader who did say "yes" to an agreement that included a Jewish homeland would be soon dead.

      Give it a brake, already.


    7. You have to look at the history of the Middle East in particular. It has been one of failure and frustration, of feudalism and tribalism."

    8. Arab economic aggression, apartheid districting, theft and Balkanization of Israel historic landsis depriving Jews of trillions of dollars rightfully theirs.

      The middle east, occupied by the arabs, has ethnically cleansed 99.9999% of all Jews from their historic lands. Now the arabs? Control, plunder and steal the resources of 899/900th of the middle east. Of course driving the jews to what they thought wound be the new "ghetto" israel. 850 thousand refugee Jews, and now? counting their descendants, number around 3.5 MILLION Jewish refugees deserve their 1/2 share of all the oil and natural resources the arabs have stolen from them since Mohammed drove them out of Arabia in 630 CE.

      It's really simple.

      Ishmael and Isaac

      1/2 for the arabs and 1/2 for the Jews.

  2. {…]

    Under the terms of the Oslo Accords, Palestinians are allocated 135.5 MCM annually, or 20% of estimated availability, instead of the needed 189 MCM, the report said.

    If they had accessibility and the resources to fully farm their land, Palestinians could add $704 million annually into the their economy, the equivalent of 7% of their GDP in 2011, according to the report.

    Palestinians could also bring $918 million, 9% of their GDP in 2011, into their economy annually if they could harvest minerals such as potash and bromine from the Dead Sea as Israel and Jordan do, the report said. These two countries earn $4.2 billion in annual sales, which account for 6% of the world's potash supply and 73% of the global bromine output, the report said.

    The Palestinian tourism industry could receive a boost of $126 million annually or 1% of the 2011 GDP, if it could create Dead Sea hotel complexes comparable with what Israel has, the report said.

    The Palestinian stone mining and quarrying industry could double its economic output, if Israel would grant it permits to open new quarries, the report stated.

    Increasing the GDP would decrease unemployment and increase tax revenues for the PA, thereby making it less dependent on donor funding, the report said.
    For the construction industry, building permits are needed and land needs to be made available for such building, the report said.

    The report explained that most of the West Bank's natural resources and the land for agriculture and development are located in Area C of the West Bank, which is under Israeli military and civil control.

    Some 6.6% of the Palestinian population or 180,000 people live in Area C of the West Bank, according to the report. Most of the Palestinians live in Areas A and B of the West Bank.

    The initial flush of Palestinian economic growth in the first years of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's premiership dropped because his gestures failed to revive private business, leaving the PA to continue its heavy reliance on donor funding, the report said.

    But by 2012, the report said, "foreign budget support had declined by more than half, and GDP growth has fallen from 9 percent in 2008-11 to 5.9 percent by 2012 and to 1.9 percent in the first half of 2013 (with negative growth of - 0.1 percent in the West Bank)."

    1. Oslo?

      Oh yeah where the Palestinians were supposed to stop encouraging their kids murder????

      How'd that work out?


    2. Along with the principles, the two groups signed Letters of Mutual Recognition—the Israeli government recognized the PLO as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, while the PLO recognized the right of the state of Israel to exist and renounced terrorism as well as other violence, and its desire for the destruction of the Israeli state.

      The Palestinians never stopped terrorism or other violence.

      Oslo? Meaningless.

    3. Christopher HitchensTue Oct 08, 12:35:00 PM EDT

      “When people have tried everything and have discovered that nothing works, they will tend to revert to what they know best—which will often be the tribe, the totem, or the taboo.”

  3. AL-KHADER, West Bank — In the small, cement and brick homes on the parched hill of al-Khader, a West Bank village near Bethlehem, the Musa family does not have running water, let alone any to irrigate their arid grape and olive field.

    A report published by Palestinian rights group al-Haq shows how Israel has denied Palestinians their share of water resources since 1967, Jihan Abdallah writes.
    Author: Jihan Abdalla
    Posted on: April 8 2013

    Under a baking sun, children roam barefoot on bone-dry soil while women hang faded clothes on wires. Their father, Ahmad Musa, says their only source of water is the expensive tankered water that often requires a long wait.

    “We use water just for the bare minimum, drinking, cooking and washing,” Musa told Al-Monitor. “Everything else is out of the question.”
    According to Palestinian rights group al-Haq, some 313,000 Palestinians across 113 communities in the occupied West Bank are not connected to a water network.

    In 1967, the year Israel occupied the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, water resources were brought exclusively under Israeli control. Al-Haq says since then, Palestinians have been denied access to their rightful share of water and have been severely restricted in their ability to develop their water resources.

    Musa, a father of six children, says three years ago he tried to build a rainwater cistern in his field, but the Israeli authorities quickly issued it with a demolition order, citing a lack of a building permit.
    Fearing demolition, he immediately stopped building.

    According the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the practice of demolishing Palestinian wells and water reserves in the West Bank has intensified in recent years, with over 200 structures demolished between 2009 and 2011. And permits are nearly impossible to obtain.

    Read more:

  4. When your nationality identity is "to murder Jews"? You might not get the Jews to help you. But not to worry, the Palestinians receive more money than any other people in the history of the planet in aid and welfare.

    If only the Palestinians would learn there is more money in industry than genocide.

    Naw... Murdering Jews is to much fun.


    1. "We gave up some of our country to the white men, thinking that then we could have peace. We were mistaken. The white man would not let us alone.

    2. Maybe the "white" man should give back the Americas to the "natives"...

  5. The Palestinian tourism industry could receive a boost of $126 million annually or 1% of the 2011 GDP, if it could create Dead Sea hotel complexes comparable with what Israel has, the report said.




    Achmed, Let's us visit the Dead Sea Resort named after the famous suicide bus bomber that successfully blew up 21 zionist babies!! I hear the water slide is really nice...


    Palestinian Tourism?????


    1. If only the Palestinians had what the Israeli's had.

      Redistribution comes to the West Bank.


    2. There is not one single place built in this country of Israel that did not have a former Arab population.

    3. There is not a single place in the other 899/900th of the middle east that didnt have a Jewish population before Arabs, except for when Ishmael was a child.


      Jews have been ethnically cleansed out of 899/900th of the middle east.

      and in the 1/900th left?

      Israel? 20% of Israel is Arab.

      Apartheid is the rule, not the exception in the 899/900th of the middle east controlled by Arabs

  6. Destroying those Israeli Glasshouses when they were given them was a Demonstration of The Palestinian Genius for Self-Improvement.

    Oh, yeah.

    1. If only the Palestinians had what the Jews had..

      Work Ethic?


    2. "Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist."

    3. Jerusalem NEVER had an arab village before a Jewish one.

  7. Romney Care has caused a 33 day wait to see a Doctor, to become a 55 day wait, so far in Mass.

    I currently can see my doctor tomorrow.

    Can't wait 'til Pelosi, Reid, and Obama fix that.

    Rufus is a Genius.

  8. Tell this to Harry Reid:

    This cancer patient’s treatment is on hold because of the government shutdown
    By Sarah Kliff, Published: October 7 at 10:31 amE-mail the writer

    "People don’t want to be enrolled because they're doing well," Langbehn says. "They’re looking because of something that's wrong. For them to have that taken away, it almost makes you want to lose hope in a way. " (Photo by Natural Grace Photography)

    In April 2012, Michelle Langbehn was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that affects 1 percent of cancer patients in the United States. After nine months of chemotherapy, she and her doctor began looking into other potential treatment options, including a trial at the National Institutes of Health.
    Langbehn began filling out the paperwork to apply last month. Things were going well until late September, when she got a call from the NIH: If the government shut down, the trial would not accept new patients. Now, she is among an estimated 200 patients turned away each week from clinical trials there. Langbehn has started a petition asking the government to re-open the treatment option. We spoke over the phone on Friday about what the trial means for her -- and how it feels to end up in this situation.
    Sarah Kliff: I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me. Can you tell me a bit more about your condition, and when you were diagnosed?

    1. Why not send it to John Boehner?

    2. Obama had nothing to do with the untimely passing of my wife.

      If I do not get off my ass and institute a malpractice suit against two disgraceful Doctors, I will publicly appologize here for my negligence.

    3. Send the patient to Israel, it has over 200 syrians in it's hospitals as we speak.

      How many syrians are in Palestinian hospitals????


    4. I think it is reasonable that with trillion dollar deficits, a department by department funding review is in order. The military budget excluded of course, because in my time in the military, I never saw a dime wasted anywhere.

    5. ...I've got 'til Feb 14, 2014.

      Per Hawaii State Law.

    6. What is "Occupation"Tue Oct 08, 09:04:00 AM EDT
      Send the patient to Israel, it has over 200 syrians in it's hospitals as we speak.

      How many syrians are in Palestinian hospitals????

      Just a thought, with all due respect for your newly discovered concern for the welfare of Syrians; how many Syrians did the Israelis put in the hospital after their bombing raids on Syria?

    7. Probably almost as many as they killed.

    8. Sure. Let's review all aid and all spending.

      110 million in west bank small business loans? billions in ECONOMIC aid for the Palestinians, not military mind you, pure welfare. Let's review the money spent supporting Lebanon and Arabia and of course. In a world where America gives almost a trillion dollars a year to opec? Let's figure a way to use American natural resources and starve the Jihadists...

    9. I never really saw a Dime Wasted Anywhere in my time in the US Army.

      ...except for feeding and paying me for doing absolutely almost nothing.

      But I was very self-centered in my observations of mankind at the time.


    10. Just a thought, with all due respect for your newly discovered concern for the welfare of Syrians; how many Syrians did the Israelis put in the hospital after their bombing raids on Syria?

      So? You dont give a shit about any of the Jewish victims of your friends the Palestinians. I noticed you didn't mention the 9 year old girl, shot at close range by a palestinian in her back yard last week...

      No Deuce, nothing has changed. 300 million arabs committed to the murder of 7 million Jews.

      Thank all that is holy at least the arabs that LIVE in Israel are safe from the rest of the arab world....

    11. DeuceTue Oct 08, 09:12:00 AM EDT
      Probably almost as many as they killed.

      How many people did you kill when you served in the American armed forces?

      Did America kill any arabs?

      And those syrians that died in Syrian bombings were they innocents? Or where they Hezbollah transfering advanced weapons?

      Compare and contrast.

      Israel, like it or not, saves lives.

      In Syria? 100,000 dead. Israel didn't do that...

      Palestinians? part of the fighting.. part of the murdering.

    12. One of the things that people forget about this recession was that part of it was caused by the Oil Price spike of 2008. The oil price spike literally took out 700 Billion dollars of discretionary income out of the market place from consumers

    13. No, that is a lie.
      The money was borrowed, at low rates, from foreigners and injected into the US economy.
      If it had not been so, that money would have remained in Macao.

      It would have have remained in Tokyo.

      It would have remained in Hoong Kong.

      it would have remained in Saudi Arabia

      It would have remained in Peking

      There are trillions of dollars being held off-shore.
      Not being invested, because there is a surplus of supply and a shortage of demand.
      quot displays 19th Century thinking on most issues. Economics amongst them
      He would never allow facts to alter his opinion.

      A Supply Side Nightmare

  9. "The Palestinian tourism industry could receive a boost of $126 million annually or 1% of the 2011 GDP, if it could create Dead Sea hotel complexes comparable with what Israel has, the report said."


    If we could only get the 5 percent to pay their fair share, the Obama 7 billion Dollar Debt would be erased.

    Trust Me.


    1. From the folks at "Forbes - The Capitalists Tool"

      Apple, Google Among Top U.S. Companies Parking Cash Offshore To Reduce Taxes, Study Says

      Apple may get the brunt of the attention for its use of offshore havens to offset the taxes it pays in the U.S., but it’s hardly alone.

      Six of the biggest names in technology — Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard and Google – ranked in the Top 15 of the 100 publicly-traded companies (as measured by revenue) with the most money held offshore, according to a new report called “Offshore shell Games” by U.S. PIRG, a federation of public interest research groups.

      “Many large U.S.-based multinational corporations avoid paying U.S. taxes by using ac¬counting tricks to make profits made in America appear to be generated in offshore tax havens—countries with minimal or no taxes,” the group says in its 35-page report on the legal loopholes used to shift profits offshore. “By booking profits to subsidiaries registered in tax havens, multinational corporations are able to avoid an estimated $90 billion in federal income taxes each year. These subsidiaries are often shell companies with few, if any employees, and which engage in little to no real business activity.”

      The Top 15 companies for 2012 are: General Electric, Apple, Pfizer, Microsoft, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Exxon Mobil, Citigroup, Cisco Systems, Abbott Laboratories, Procter & Gable, Hewlett-Packard, Google and PepsiCo.

      Together, they held $776 billion off shore through a combined 859 tax haven subsidiaries.

      Not illegal under the US Tax Code.
      So yeah, doug, if the 5% paid a fair share, the deficit would decrease, but probably not disappear.

      But then the US Tax Code is, never was, designed to merely raise revenue.

    2. During the Obama administration's tenure Federal Revenue, as a percentage of the GDP, has not been lower since ....
      ............... 1950 ................

      I you are looking for a "Cause" of the deficits, that number is not a complete answer.

      But it is a ..... "Start"

      Corporate tax receipts, as % of GDP, lower during Obama's tenure than GW Bush or WJ Clinton.
      Individual tax receipts as a & of GDP, lower during Obama's tenure than GW Bush or WJ Clinton.

      data source for the above statements ....
      The Tax Policy Center

      Sometimes facts just do not sway opinions.

  10. O Lord, help us.

    Get up to take a piss, and see we've got another pissy propaganda piece.

    I'm going back to bed.

    I can't take it anymore.

    You go, WiO.

    You go, Dougo.

    1. What's Musa doing with six kids anyway? Does anyone here have 6 kids? I'll bet not.

    2. Not by my wife, but 3 welfare "Single Mothers,"

      Not so much.

      Buenos Notches, Senior.

    3. Mohameed and Achmed hadnt seen each other in years. But on a chance encounter they saw each other in Martyr's Square in Ramallah, named after one of the dozens of suicide bombers in the great history of the Palestinian people. OF course, they could have met in any one of the dozens of public squares named after famous Palestinians killed as they offed countless Jew-babies and women. But there they stood. Ole Mo said to Achmen, "so did you marry that cute gal that worked at the bakery? You know your 1st cousin?" Achmed responded, yes Mo I did we have a score of kids. Mo then asked? Any photos? Achmed then pulled out a wallet and showed Mo the photos of his offspring...

      Looking at the kids Mo stated.. My my Achmed how they blow up so fast.....

  11. Another day, another bullshit thread about Israel being so bad.

    And yet? 20% of Israel is arab and they dont leave????

    1. Arabs are STUPID.

      ...and prone to violence.

    2. The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.[1] Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population.[3]
      Jews have been recipients of all six awards. The first Jewish recipient, Adolf von Baeyer, was awarded the prize in Chemistry in 1905. As of 2013, the most recent recipients were James Rothman (Medicine) and Randy Schekman (Medicine), who co-awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for "Physiology of Medicine".
      Jewish laureates Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész survived the extermination camps during the Holocaust.[4] Others, such as Walter Kohn, Otto Stern, Albert Einstein, and Hans Krebs had to flee Nazi Germany to avoid persecution.[5][6] Others, including Rita Levi-Montalcini, Herbert Hauptman, Robert Furchgott, Arthur Kornberg, and Jerome Karle experienced significant antisemitism in their careers.[6][7]
      The oldest ever Nobel laureate was Leonid Hurwicz, a Polish-American Jew who received the 2007 prize in Economics when he was 90 years old.[8] Rita Levi-Montalcini was, until her death at age 103, the oldest living Nobel laureate. Boris Pasternak was forced to decline the 1958 prize in Literature.

  12. As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) takes effect this month, it might be helpful for people to know how its prototype in Massachusetts is working, after nearly seven years.

    Virtually every resident in the Commonwealth is insured. More private companies offer insurance to their employees than ever before. Over 90 percent of our residents have a primary care physician. Primary care is less likely to be delivered in expensive emergency rooms. Preventive care is up. Health disparities are down among women, minorities and low-income people. Most importantly, on many measures, we are healthier.

    Those are the facts. The stories are better. I met a young woman named Jaclyn, a cancer survivor who got life-saving care through our version of an exchange. She had no way to afford care before health care reform -- it saved her life.

    A self-employed man named Ken ignored his gastrointestinal symptoms for years because he couldn't afford to see a doctor or pay for possible treatments. Once insured, he was seen and treated for Stage III colon cancer and is cancer free today.

    Over all these years, expanding health insurance to everyone has added only about 1 percent of state spending to our budget. Those budgets have remained responsible, balanced and on-time.

    1. Expansion hasn't hurt our general economy. Unemployment has remained lower than the national average and economic growth has been higher. At one business incubator, a young entrepreneur told me he moved his start-up to Massachusetts because he wanted to be sure his young family had health insurance while his business got off the ground. Today that young man's company is employing others.

      The nation's great health care challenge, with or without universal coverage, is controlling health care costs. Though health insurance premiums had been rising faster than inflation for many years before our reforms went into effect, we are now getting control of them. Average base rates increased more than 16 percent three years ago. They average less than 2 percent today. Some of that progress is the result of tools made available by the ACA. Indeed, early results show that for some individuals and small businesses, premiums may drop as much as 20 percent percent because of Obamacare.

    2. In other words, health care reform works in Massachusetts. And it will work in America. We need it to. In one form or another, health care significantly affects business, household and government budgets, people's ability to get a job, and a child's readiness to learn. Accessible, affordable, quality care in all cases improves lives and in many cases saves lives. It gives peace of mind and economic security to families. It increases productivity for large and small employers as well as for students. It creates jobs and contributes to our economic strength. It's a powerful statement of who we are.

      As the ACA is implemented this month, the entire country will begin to enjoy the benefits that we have seen from health care reform here in Massachusetts, and much more. Small businesses benefit from the ACA through new tax credits that make health insurance more affordable. With more carriers and plans to choose from, there is a more competitive rate-setting environment. People with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied insurance. People who get really sick can no longer be kicked off their insurance. And kids can stay on their parents' plans a bit longer, until they can get their own.

    3. Tea Party Republicans don't want the Affordable Care Act. Do they really mean they don't want these kinds of improvements in the lives of millions of Americans? I don't think so. Would they rather we address these issues with a government program instead of through the market-based, individual choices that are the framework of the ACA? I don't think that's true either. Have they proposed an alternative way to accomplish these goals? Nope. Despite a presidential election, a decision by the United States Supreme Court, and over 40 failed repeal attempts, it's clear that what Tea Party Republicans don't like about Obamacare is the "Obama" part of it.

      In Massachusetts we're proud to be home to many "firsts." The first Thanksgiving. The first battles of the American Revolution. The first public library, the first typewriter and the first subway. Even the first chocolate chip cookie. Recently, the first state to achieve universal health care, the model for the ACA.

      Firsts are hard. There are and will be challenges. But it has been and will be worth it. Just ask Jaclyn or Ken or any of your neighbors.

    4. Romney Care has caused a 33 day wait to see a Doctor, to become a 55 day wait, so far in Mass.

      I currently can see my doctor tomorrow.

      Can't wait 'til Pelosi, Reid, and Obama fix that.

      Rufus is a Genius.

    5. You would rather see millions of people die from Never seeing a Doctor than having to wait a few extra days for Non-emergent visits? Really? You're a fucking selfish asshole.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. how about "You NEVER get healthcare" vs a 55 day wait for NON-EMERGENT VISITS?

    8. "You would rather see millions of people die from Never seeing a Doctor?"

      ...ever heard of emergency care rooms, Rufus?

    9. In CA and HI, they have them, interested to know if they exist in Mississippi.

    10. And, if I'm not mistaken, that is a 55 day wait to see a Specialist for non-emergent reasons.

    11. Emergency Room? You have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

    12. Please explain:

      All the rest of us think we understand.

    13. "And, if I'm not mistaken, that is a 55 day wait to see a Specialist for non-emergent reasons."

      Linky Dink?

      ...if a "Specialist" had not attended to me pronto, I would not be here today.

      A Tragedy

      Esp for y'all.

    14. No, asshole; I've covered all this before. You didn't pay attention then, and you're not going to pay attention, now.

      You, and your drug-addicted asshole buddy, Limbaugh, just can't stand the thought that someone besides yourselves might benefit from something.

    15. Rufus IITue Oct 08, 09:54:00 AM EDT
      And, if I'm not mistaken, that is a 55 day wait to see a Specialist for non-emergent reasons.

      Rufus IITue Oct 08, 09:54:00 AM EDT
      Emergency Room? You have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

      The Question Still Stands, but you lazy Socialist Bastards decline to exert yourselves for your, or mankind's benefit.

    16. You brought it up. Where's YOUR link?

  13. The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.[1] Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population.[3]
    Jews have been recipients of all six awards. The first Jewish recipient, Adolf von Baeyer, was awarded the prize in Chemistry in 1905. As of 2013, the most recent recipients were James Rothman (Medicine) and Randy Schekman (Medicine), who co-awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize for "Physiology of Medicine".
    Jewish laureates Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész survived the extermination camps during the Holocaust.[4] Others, such as Walter Kohn, Otto Stern, Albert Einstein, and Hans Krebs had to flee Nazi Germany to avoid persecution.[5][6] Others, including Rita Levi-Montalcini, Herbert Hauptman, Robert Furchgott, Arthur Kornberg, and Jerome Karle experienced significant antisemitism in their careers.[6][7]
    The oldest ever Nobel laureate was Leonid Hurwicz, a Polish-American Jew who received the 2007 prize in Economics when he was 90 years old.[8] Rita Levi-Montalcini was, until her death at age 103, the oldest living Nobel laureate. Boris Pasternak was forced to decline the 1958 prize in Literature.

    1. How or why was Boris Pasternak was forced to decline the 1958 prize in Literature?

      ...I'm guessin the Commies.

  14. "The Nobel Prize is an annual, international prize first awarded in 1901 for achievements in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature, and Peace. An associated prize in Economics has been awarded since 1969.[1] Nobel Prizes have been awarded to over 800 individuals,[2] of whom at least 20% were Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the world's population.[3]"

    1. Do the math.

      ...if your able.

    2. OTOH,

      We're all familiar w/Evil Geniuses, some of whom may reside here at The Bar.

    3. There,
      I've done it, I've proclaimed myself a member of The Elephant Bar.


      "The Libertarian"

      ...whatever the fuck That Means.

    4. Dumbing Down The Prize:


      ...via Honolulu.

    5. .


      "The Libertarian"

      Then turn in your badge, membership card, and decoder ring.

      From now on get a visitors pass from the guy at the reception desk and sit at the guest table down past men's john.

      Of course, your opinion will still be given all consideration it deserves.


  15. Just saw a pic of a skeleton of a black infant in Africa.

    ...being washed off by two very well fed Adults.


    They won't spare a tenth of their daily diet to feed babies and they want me to send money?



      used to rant about hanging mommas upside down and delivering some powerful Contraceptive.

    2. Ken Hamblin

      "The Black Avenger"

      Norplant was The Demon Drug

  16. Jaclyn or Ken Doll's:

    How do you like them "Healthcare" Costs, you young, vibrant, healthy 27 year olds?

    1. Your costs will not diminish your choices.


  17. Romneycare: More ER Crowding, Longer Doctor Wait Times

    When the Massachusetts Legislature made health insurance mandatory five years ago, supporters of the first-in-the-nation law hoped it would keep patients out of hospital emergency rooms.

    Patients with insurance, the theory went, would have better access to internists, family practitioners, and pediatricians, lessening their reliance on emergency rooms for routine care.

    There is more evidence today that it did not turn out that way.

    Three-quarters of Massachusetts emergency room physicians who responded to a survey last month said the number of patients in their ERs climbed in the last year.

    They cited ”physician shortages” along with a growing elderly population as the top two reasons why more patients come to ERs.

    The law ”didn’t create an infrastructure,” said Dr. David John, chief of emergency care at Caritas Carney Hospital in Boston. “Doctors offices are full to capacity…”

    Solving emergency room crowding is clearly more complicated than many thought. Insurance coverage is just the first step. You need enough doctors to see the patients, and they must have room on their schedules for last-minute appointments, sometimes at inconvenient hours.

    And here’s the entry on waiting times:

    A new poll of 838 Massachusetts doctors finds patients are still waiting weeks — in some cases as long as a month and a half — for non-urgent appointments with primary care physicians and certain specialists.

    Surveyors for the Massachusetts Medical Society called doctors’ offices in February and March and asked when they could come in for routine care. They requested a new patient appointment with internists, family practitioners, and pediatricians; an appointment for heartburn with gastroenterologists; a heart check-up with cardiologists; an appointment for knee pain with orthopedic surgeons; and a routine exam with obstetrician/gynecologists.

    The average wait ranged from 24 days for an appointment with a pediatrician to 48 days to see an internist. The wait for an internist was actually down slightly, from 53 days in a similar 2010 survey, but the waits for family doctors, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, and ob/gyns increased…

    Surveyors also asked doctors whether they are accepting new patients: It was most difficult to find a new adult primary care doctor — more than half of those practices were full. This year’s results were close to the findings in the society’s 2010 survey.

    "The wait for an internist was actually down slightly, from 53 days in a similar 2010 survey, but the waits for family doctors, gastroenterologists, orthopedists, and ob/gyns increased…

    My PHP (Formerly known as "My GP")

    Is an internist.

    I can see him tommorrow if that strikes my fancy.

    1. "requested a new patient appointment"

      You left out two very important words - kind of par for the course, I guess.

    2. BTW, your link is from 2011, asshole.

      Mine was from Yesterday.

    3. The fact is, you, your buddy Limbaugh, and the rest of the tp'ers don't care if all the poor, and sick in the country die as long as "you've got yours."

      You're assholes, and history is running away from you.

    4. Yet, you have no problem with the U.S. sending $3 Billion/yr to Israel to fund their Universal Healthcare System.

      Why? Because they treat Jewish babies, and not Black babies?

      Because they guys that designed it had plenty of Russian blood, but no Kenyan blood?

      Please explain.

    5. Meanwhile, thanks to the asshole teabaggers:

      WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' confidence in the economy has deteriorated more in the past week during the partial government shutdown than in any week since Lehman Brothers collapsed on Sept. 15, 2008, which triggered a global economic crisis. Gallup's Economic Confidence Index tumbled 12 points to -34 last week, the second-largest weekly decline since Gallup began tracking economic confidence daily in January 2008.

    6. What does it say about a group of assholes that they would ruin the Credit of the Government, and put the Country into another Great Depression, just because the people elected a President with some Kenyan blood?

    7. I notice the teabaggers aren't threatening to shut down the government over Medicare Part D - a program that Was Not Paid For, but was passed by an ex-drunk, republican elite.

    8. Rufus IITue Oct 08, 11:23:00 AM EDT
      Yet, you have no problem with the U.S. sending $3 Billion/yr to Israel to fund their Universal Healthcare System.

      Why? Because they treat Jewish babies, and not Black babies?

      Because they guys that designed it had plenty of Russian blood, but no Kenyan blood?

      Please explain.

      Actually Israel does treat a large number of "black babies"

      Israel also leds the world in lending a helping hand in earthquake emergency personal.

  18. .

    $313 million in 'mortgage loans' to build houses. The shame.

    $110 million in 'small business loans' to build trade. Damn.

    In 2015, the U.S. will 'give' Israel 20 F-35 jets at a cost of $2.75 billion to kill people. Sweet.


  19. .

    There could be a two-state solution but there will not be.

    Two things Israel demands is recognition of a Jewish state and security guarantees which at this point translates to Israeli troops on the border with Jordan and no standing Palestinean army.

    If the Palis agreed, they would have less than they do today. Israel would be relieved of all responsibility. And , while the Palestinians could call themselves a state it would be in name only. They would merely have a limited autonomy. They would have recognized a Zionist state. They would still be an occupied country, with Israel on one side and Israeli troops (or in the best case UN peacekeepers) on the other. They would not be allowed a standing army. And Israel would still control the water.

    IMO, they ought to change tactics and push for a one state solution.


    1. Re: single state solution

      That has been the Muslim preference all along: hence, the wars of 1948-1949, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1983.

      As to the F-35s, they will collect dust unless needed for Israel's defense. That necessity will be dictated by the Muslims - no incoming, no outgoing, nobody dies.

      For all practical purposes Lebanon has ceased to exist as originally constituted and is now a vassal of Syria/Iran.

    2. Israel's potent air force is killing no one today. That will remain the case tomorrow and thereafter unless provoked.

      Twenty-eight states in the world have no armed force other than constabulary. Per capita, the PA plus Gaza has the largest police/paramilitary force in the world.

  20. .

    Within 20 years water and the ability to grow food will be the biggest crisis in the ME.

    It's one thing to talk about a small area like Palestine that can be managed but quite another to talk about the regions largest country, Egypt, which is suffering the same problems and is at a critical stage. There has already been talk of Egypt going to war with some of its neighbors over water.


    1. Some of Libya's richest petroleum fields are near the Egyptian border. Nearly all of Libya's petroleum ports are also near the Egyptian border.

      Addressing your reference to water, Libya's SE region sits atop a large section of the Nubian Aquifer. Geologists estimate the aquifer holds about 500 years Nile flow. This region touches Egypt's boarder.

      Libya's population (2012) was about 6 million. That of Egypt was put at about 81 million.

    2. .

      And your point?

      I've an appointment now but will check later.


    3. " There has already been talk of Egypt going to war with some of its neighbors over water." That would be Ethiopia and its plan to dam the Blue Nile.

      Libya might prove an easier nut to crack than Egypt's southern neighbor.

      Egypt has a severe shortage of reserves with which to purchase food and petroleum products. Libya's disintegration might offer Egypt the resources to overcome its shortages.

    4. .

      Those cheeky Jews.

      If you don't have enough water but your neighbor does, just take it.



    5. I think circumstances will drive Egypt to make a move against Libya. During the past couple weeks there have been escalating confrontations at border crossings.

      At one time Egypt and Libya considered consolidation, much like the one short lived one between Egypt and Syria. Given the egos involved, it fell through.

      In 1977 occurred the Egyptian-Libyan War. It was short and of no strategic value to either side. What is fascinating about this war in the involvement of Kissinger. Sadat told Kissinger that Egypt had been planning an invasion of Libya for several years. The Egyptians only hesitated because they wanted Israel's assurance that it would stay out of the conflict and asked Kissinger to gain this assurance.

      Because Libya is in a state of anarchy, any misstep by any group within Libya could provide a pretext for Egyptian action. Moreover, there is the Muslim Brotherhood, a invaluable target for Egyptian wrath.

    6. Ask Lebanon to stop damming the Litani River.

      This alone is an casus belli.

  21. This continual pro-Palestinian propaganda by Deuce MUST be the result of that Arabic lady love.

    Nothing else explains it. He is smarter than this.

    She may be a hottie, but she's a soul snatcher.

    Maybe she's on a mission.

    1. He hadn't these strong opinions.delusions several years ago. Something 'happened'

      If I start strongly singing the praises of all thing Hindu will someone let me know?


    2. And I'm not in love, just have a nice niece.

    3. Who really isn't your niece or related in any way. You are a creep!

  22. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT: American adults dumber than average human.....drudge

    Alas, the Federal Government is made up of American 'adults'.

  23. O wonderful, wonderful The One is going to be on TV soon, speaking to US!

  24. Meanwhile, Rufus above, has millions dying in the streets if ObamaCare is derailed.

    This is the same guy that SAVED millions of lives by selling them insurance.

    All we really need is Rufus to come out of retirement.

  25. I am glued to Fox waiting for President Obama. Maybe he will give us that in depth report he promised us on Benghazi.

    He said he was going 'to get to the bottom of it'.

    I am hoping this is the day!!

    1. He'll probably just piss and moan about the Republicans, though.

    2. Dimwitted Anonymous sits glued to FOX News ...
      Rather the investigating for himself, on the World Wide Web.
      He is the perfect illustration of a "Low Information Voter"

      The State Department’s release of the unclassified version of an independent review board’s report on the terrorist attack on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11-12 answered many questions about the lethal debacle, which left four Americans dead, ...
      Co-chaired by former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Mike Mullen and former U.N. Ambassador Thomas Pickering, the independent panel was harshly critical of the State Department’s handling of security in Benghazi.

      It found that officials relied on erratic local militia for protection,
      failed to appreciate the anarchy in the area,
      and may have been influenced by budgetary concerns in rejecting repeated requests for increased security.

      This prompted the resignations of three State Department officials responsible for embassy security.

    3. Low information voters ....

      Never letting facts interfere with their opinions

    4. .

      Low information voters, rat?

      Where did you get the quote above, Tetrahedron Publishing? Or is it more of your Hegelian Dialectic? Regardless of which, it is pure bullshit which even a low information voter would know if they had watched the hearings where Mullin and Pickering were raked over the coals for their whitewash.


    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. So far he hasn't said much.

    Yes, sewer rat, I tend to watch the Prez when he holds a presser. Glued to the tube was irony, a word you obviously don't understand.

    You might be satisfied with the 'Independent Review Board's' Report, but I am not.

    I still want to know what really happened.

    Surprised it took you so long to crawl up today, the head topic is right down your line.

    Since you've arrived, guess I will go with driving into the Library with the wife.

  27. What is worse. Low information voters or single issue voters?

  28. What Anonymous ried to protray has a "Hate Crime" in Washington state .

    Turns out to have been a "Barracks Brawl" that got out of hand.
    A suspect and two accomplices that assisted the suspect in disposing the weapon have been apprehended.

    Upon investigation, by unbiased law enforcement professionals, there was no evidence that "Racial Hatred" was the motivating factor for the attack.

    1. They are not mutually exclusive, Robert Robertson, and racial slurs were used by the blacks.

      And racial sluts are an indication of racial hatred and motivation.

      If it had been a black that had died, and the whites had used the n word, everyone would automatically assume it was a hate crime, regardless of any barracks room brawl aspect.

      It was by the way right out on a public highway and not in any barracks.

      And the blacks initiated the incident.

    2. .

      There should be no hate crimes of any kind. Usually, it provides double jeopardy. Worse, it is subjective, trying to judge what another person is thinking. The only time it is used is when the government judges for whatever reason (usually political) that they don't like the verdict of a particular jury.


  29. Issa: Lerner, others at IRS used personal e-mail to transmit confidential taxpayer data

    Maybe now we know why Lois Lerner took the Fifth this summer. Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight Committee, demanded answers from now-IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel as to why IRS agents, including Lerner, transmitted confidential taxpayer data through personal e-mail accounts:

    Senior Internal Revenue Service officials—including one at the heart of the IRS “targeting” scandal—violated agency policies and possibly federal records laws by using private email to send confidential taxpayer information, the GOP-led House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform said in a letter.

    In a Sept. 30 letter to IRS Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel obtained by the Free Beacon, Oversight Chairman Darrel Issa (R., Calif.) said an investigation revealed a “troubling pattern” of at least four top IRS officials using their private email addresses to relay confidential tax information.

    “This not only raises the prospect of violations of the Federal Records Act but it also raises data security concerns and violates internal IRS policies,” Issa wrote to Werfel.

    The committee discovered the emails while investigating the ongoing IRS scandal that began earlier this year when an official admitted that the agency targeted conservative groups during the 2012 election.

    Lois Lerner, who headed the IRS’ tax-exempt division at the heart of the scandal, is one of the officials named in Issa’s letter.
    Lerner is actually one of four IRS officials who sent such data over personal e-mail accounts, according to Issa’s letter. The others include Werfel’s predecessor Douglas Shulman, who stepped down last year, and a senior technical adviser in Lerner’s Exempt Organization Division, Judith Kendall. Kendall didn’t disclose that fact during the initial discovery period in Oversight’s probe, and Issa declares that to indicate the IRS’ general lack of cooperation in the probe:

    “According to the IRS, you did not inform the IRS that you had such documents housed in your non-official email,” Issa wrote. “The discovery of these documents suggest that you were not forthcoming to the IRS about documents related the Committee’s investigation in your personal possession.”

    Issa said the committee’s findings suggest “such use is a systemic problem throughout the IRS.”
    So far, the attitude of being above the law seems to be a continuing theme in this investigation.

    As C.J. Ciaramella points out, these transmissions would violate both IRS regulations and federal law on their own. There is also the issue of obstructing Congress by not providing this data under the original subpoenas, which adds felony charges if Oversight decides to pursue them — and Issa isn’t likely to be terribly forgiving on that point. All of these would have to be prosecuted through the Department of Justice, however, and it’s far from clear that Eric Holder will cooperate with Congress on this probe. So far, no one’s heard much from the FBI since the early summer admission that they hadn’t even begun talking with witnesses on the scandal.

    The other option is to get a special prosecutor for this case — and that’s increasingly becoming the least-bad choice.

  30. MINNEAPOLIS - Police in Minneapolis have released a report on a commercial truck stolen last Tuesday that appears to be tied to a 9-year-old who sneaked aboard a Delta jet just two days later.

  31. Another piece of science debunks the claim that Europeon Jews have a hereditary claim to Palestine....

    The origin of the Ashkenazi Jews, who come most recently from Europe, has largely been shrouded in mystery. But a new study suggests that at least their maternal lineage may derive largely from Europe.

    Though the finding may seem intuitive,

    it contradicts the notion that European Jews mostly descend from people who left Israel and the Middle East around 2,000 years ago.

    Instead, a substantial proportion of the population originates from local Europeans who converted to Judaism,

    said study co-author Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in England.

    1. Another myth ...
      Busted by science!

    2. ah, this is more like it. sewer rat back to doing what he does best....

      An so what if there is some European genetics. One would expect that after all that time.

      They were put to death by gassing in lovely civilized Europe regardless.

      Wife is packing a lunch is while I'm still here.

    3. rat must have been drinking with his buds at the bowling alley last night, having gotten up so late.

      Ah, she is calling now.


    4. Though the finding may seem intuitive


    5. "Another possibility is that Jews actively converted both men and women among local populations at this time, although researchers would need more detailed study of paternal lineages to test that hypothesis, Richards said."

      Ruth, the great-grandmother was a convert from Moab. It made her no less Jewish nor her descendants.

    6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    7. Once again Deuce and his mystery rules..

      No freaking clue what I said that pissed him off...

      Oh I called Rat his blog son...


      Deletes my posts but keeps the Rat's anti-semetic screeds up..

      speaks VOLUMES

    8. Deuce, Rat IS your Blog-son.

      I didnt call him your butt-buddy, your lover or your wife.

      He posts his jew hatred because YOU LEAD the way...

      Now delete my posts before anyone else reads it

  32. My Lord is Obama passing gas today, blah blah blah on and on and on......

    1. More garbage spewed by a "Low Information Voter"

    2. Rat must have been listening to Rush Limbaugh. Learned a new word.

      Amazing how he can twist anything into bullshit.

  33. An undercover NYPD narcotics cop has been identified as one of the motorcyclists who attacked a Range Rover in Manhattan last week. The unidentified cop, who initially claimed to have taken no part in the brutal beating of the SUV's driver, Alexian Lien, can be seen in an unreleased video hitting his fists against the vehicle, sources tell The New York Post.

    The seven-year veteran of the force has been placed on modified duty and has turned in his gun and badge. He may not, however, face criminal charges over the incident. The decision last week by the Manhattan District Attorney's office not to prosecute 43-year-old Allen Edwards, who allegedly smashed the SUV's windows, hampers the DA's ability to go after the undercover cop.

    DNAinfo reported Friday that out of six off-duty NYPD cops who happened to be taking part in the group motorcycle ride on September 29, none intervened during Lien's beating.

  34. The historical record, and modern science would indicate that Judaism is a Europeon religion, much like Catholicism is.

    That there is no valid claim that the Europeons can make, based upon hereditary descendancy, to the lands of Palestine

    .... historical documents tell a slightly different tale. Based on accounts such as those of Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, by the time of the destruction of the Second Temple in A.D. 70, as many as 6 million Jews were living in the Roman Empire, but outside Israel, mainly in Italy and Southern Europe. In contrast, only about 500,000 lived in Judea, said Ostrer, who was not involved in the new study.

    "The major Jewish communities were outside Judea," Ostrer told LiveScience.

    Maternal DNA
    Richards and his colleagues analyzed mitochondrial DNA, which is contained in the cytoplasm of the egg and passed down only from the mother, from more than 3,500 people throughout the Near East, the Caucusus and Europe, including Ashkenazi Jews.

    The team found that four founders were responsible for 40 percent of Ashkenazi mitochondrial DNA, and that all of these founders originated in Europe. The majority of the remaining people could be traced to other European lineages.

    All told, more than 80 percent of the maternal lineages of Ashkenazi Jews could be traced to Europe, with only a few lineages originating in the Near East.

    Virtually none came from the North Caucasus, located along the border between Europe and Asia between the Black and Caspian seas.

    The Myth has been Busted.

    1. Go to Israel and tell them that...


    2. Virtually none came from the North Caucasus, located along the border between Europe and Asia between the Black and Caspian seas.

      The finding should thoroughly debunk one of the most questionable, but still tenacious, hypotheses: that most Ashkenazi Jews can trace their roots to the mysterious Khazar Kingdom that flourished during the ninth century in the region between the Byzantine Empire and the Persian Empire, Richards and Ostrer said.

      The genetics suggest many of the founding Ashkenazi women were actually converts from local European populations.

  35. Which American state could use an extra billion dollars from the federal government?

    Which would be the most worthy?
    How about $2 billion?
    What would that do for your state? Better yet, how about $3 billion?
    How do you determine which American state is most worthy and needy, the most deserving?
    After you do your calculation, decide if the state of your choice, the winner gets $3 billion a year for ten years running! Which American state?

    The Answer: None of them.

    The winner is:

    Key Points
    Fulfilling a 10-Year Agreement

    In 2007, the United States and Israel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Israel that pledged $30 billion in U.S. security assistance to Israel over a 10-year period, beginning in 2009. President Obama’s request of $3.1 billion for Israel in fiscal year 2013 fulfills the sixth year of that pledge.

    Ensuring Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge

    The 10-year agreement embodies America’s commitment to maintain Israel’s qualitative military edge over its adversaries on the battlefield.

    Confronting Growing Threats

    Though America clearly faces a tough budgetary environment, American security assistance is vital in helping Israel meet the growing challenges of a region in turmoil, a potential nuclear Iran, Hamas rocket attacks from Gaza, and a resurgent Hezbollah in Lebanon armed with more than 55,000 rockets and missiles.


    1. Yawn.

      Yep the 3 billion Israel gets to buy American pisses you off. The 3 billion egypt gets? the billion a year the palestinians get? the 1000 billion we spend with the OPEC members?

      they get a free pass.

      You are obsessed

    2. $25 billion per Year
      The OECD calculated that (in 2008) the US spent about $25 billion in foreign aid per year, although this is a very small percentage of the 2009 estimated federal government income of $2.7 trillion.

      And yet Israel is the only Nation that gets threads about aid to her.

    3. In its fiscal 2014 State and Foreign Operations budget proposal released in April, the Obama administration asked for $1.57 billion for contributions to international organizations, including $617.6 million for the U.N. operating budget — up from $568.8 million in fiscal 2012.
      But other agencies giving to the U.N. include the Departments of Labor, Energy, Agriculture, Defense, and Health and Human Services, CNS News reported.
      Fiscal 2007 legislation stipulated that the Office of Budget and Management (OMB) report all federal agencies' contributions, but the requirement expired in 2011.
      Now Republican Sens. Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Mike Lee of Utah, and others, are submitting legislation that would reinstate the requirement.
      "It's disturbing that no one, including our ambassador to the United Nations, knows exactly how much money we send the U.N. every year," Enzi said in a statement.
      "With a national debt exceeding $17 trillion, we need to be able to account for every dime we spend, including what we send to the U.N."
      And here's a hint of how much the US is really spending:
      The last OMB report to Congress on U.N. contributions was issued in June 2011 and covered fiscal 2010. It showed that State was just one of 17 government agencies giving money to U.N. organizations, funds, affiliates and other bodies, and the total expenditure that year was $7.69 billion — more than 10 times the amount requested for State in fiscal 2014.
      In addition to the billions being contributed to various bodies within the U.N. system, the United States provides 22 percent of the U.N.'s operating budget, more than twice as much as the No. 2 contributor, Japan (10.8 percent).

  36. Our government is shut down over an argument as to how we fund the needs and wants versus the means. If the means were balanced to the needs, there would be no shutdown.

    1. No, the Government is shut down because the hate-filled, southern racists (aka: the tea party) have shut it down.

    2. The underlying issue is deficits and borrowing. I also believe that there are those who are fearful of losing the medical benefits they currently enjoy.

    3. I don't think so, Deuce. I think the underlying issue is the desire of the Koch Brothers, and others, to completely strip ALL Safety Net Programs from the Federal Government.

      The fact that there's a black man in the white house helps them mobilize the poor, stupid lower-class whites to act, and vote, against their own best interests.

    4. While there is a deficit and borrowing problem the way NOT to address it is through refusing to raise the debt ceiling which is simply the means to pay for what has already been legislated. I think it is pretty clear that it is folk who will do anything to hinder Obamacare even though that legislation has already been passed. It becomes painfully obvious when they try to pass piecemeal funding bills funding only the parts of the government they like. It is idiotic. If they want to get legislation passed then they have a clear process to do it (if they can).

      The current situation lays bare the dysfunctional nature of the US government. It is a STRUCTURAL problem and it is NOT a feature but rather a bug despite the naïve belief held by many that the US political structure is the bestest in the world.

  37. According to the posted article, Israeli intrusion into Palestinian affairs is costing the Palestinians $2-3 billion per year. We should have some sympathy. Israeli intrusion into US affairs by the permanent AIPAC shakedown cruise is $3 billion plus.

    Anyone care to explain the wisdom to this? American workers and American investors are being punished because of wasteful deficit spending. We are often told about the wonderful economic miracle that is Israel? Why are we subsidizing their bad behavior in Palestine?

    1. The arab world is costing us about 500 billion a year just on the INCREASE in the price of oil.

      Not counting the 110 BILLION a year spent on nato.

      Not counting the billions a year on pakistan, jordan, lebanon, egypt, palestinians.

      I guess it just pisses you off that America finds VALUE in the aid given to Israel?

    2. There is no value and a huge contingent liability.

    3. If there were value, Israel would not need the MSM and AIPAC shilling for her 24/7. If the American public, security and private sectors conducted themselves as do the Israeli government, we would have a Dept. of Justice and civil rights commission ten times the size of what we have.

    4. Hardly the ARAB lobby is far larger and more effective.
      Just cause you dont see value doesnt mean that the 90% of elected American representatives who do support a strong Israel are wrong.

      Even Rand Paul, the Libertarian supports AID to Israel.

      You dont.

      You are on the fringe.

  38. WASHINGTON — President Obama on Tuesday intensified his pressure on Republicans with a hastily scheduled news conference, calling on them to both fund and reopen the government and to raise the nation’s borrowing limit as the federal shutdown entered a second week.

    “Let’s lift these threats from our families and our businesses, and let’s get down to work,” Mr. Obama said in the White House briefing room before taking questions from reporters.

    Mr. Obama said that he was holding firm that he could not negotiate concessions to the Republican-led House for it to perform Congress’s constitutional responsibilities.

    “I am happy to talk with him and other Republicans about anything,” Mr. Obama said of Speaker John A. Boehner, “not just issues I think are important but also issues that they think are important. But I also told him that having such a conversation, talks, negotiations shouldn’t require hanging the threats of a government shutdown or economic chaos over the heads of the American people.

    “Think about it this way,” he added. “The American people do not get to demand a ransom for doing their jobs.”

  39. How broke are we?

    t's another ugly symptom of the partial government shutdown -- and this time it impacts the families of soldiers who are dying for their country.

    The Pentagon confirmed Tuesday that, as long as the budget impasse lasts, it will not be able to pay death benefits to the families of troops who've been killed in combat.

    "Unfortunately, as a result of the shutdown, we do not have the legal authority to make death gratuity payments at this time," said Lt. Cmdr. Nate Christensen, a Defense Department spokesman. "However, we are keeping a close eye on those survivors who have lost loved ones serving in the Department of Defense."

  40. Don’t take my word for it. Salute the flags.

  41. Rufus playing the race card overtime today.

    More convinced than before he must have slave-owners or warriors for slave-owners in his ancestry.

    1. Guilt is a heavy cross to bear.

    2. Better to project it upon others.

    3. I want folks to die in pain w/o healthcare, and I hate Blacks for being Black.

      Other than that, I'm a pretty nice guy.



    4. Look back upthread. You were the first to use race with your Kenyan comments.

  42. Rouhani Has Revealed His True Nuclear Intentions
    By Jeffrey Goldberg Oct 7, 2013 11:44 AM PT
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    Here is something to remember as nuclear negotiations between the West and Iran appear set to recommence: The Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, the putative moderate on whose shoulders great American hopes have been placed, is proud of the work he did to advance his country's nuclear program -- and also of his efforts to stymie Western attempts to stop that work.
    Rouhani didn't talk about this during his recent visit to the United Nations. He came bearing a different message: Iran seeks a peaceful resolution to its decade-old nuclear standoff with the international community.
    Jeffrey Goldberg
    About Jeffrey Goldberg»
    Jeffrey Goldberg is a Bloomberg View columnist. He is the author of "Prisoners: A Story of Friendship and Terror" ... MORE
    More from Jeffrey Goldberg:
    Remembering Ovadia Yosef, the Israeli AyatollahQ
    Bibi and Obama Head for a Showdown on IranQ
    Shutdown Gives U.S. Allies One More Reason for AnxietyQ

    Yet in May, shortly before he was elected, Rouhani appeared on state-run IRIB TV to defend his nuclear work, appearing defensive as a hard-line interviewer essentially accused him of bowing before the West. We may one day thank the interviewer, Hassan Abedini, for pushing Rouhani on the subject. According to an account of the conversation published in the Times of Israel, Rouhani at one point became flustered by the insinuation that, as Iran's chief nuclear negotiator 10 years ago, he kowtowed to the West by bringing his country's nuclear activities to a stop.

    "We halted the nuclear program?" he asked, rhetorically. "We were the ones to complete it! We completed the technology."
    Abedini pushed Rouhani harder, claiming that uranium enrichment at a facility in Isfahan had been suspended while Rouhani was in charge. Rouhani denied the accusation, and then claimed credit for the development of a heavy-water reactor in Arak in 2004.
    "Do you know when we developed yellowcake? Winter 2004. Do you know when the number of centrifuges reached 3,000? Winter 2004."
    Reading accounts of Rouhani's combative interview made me wonder if this might represent his personal Hudaybiyyah moment. What is a Hudaybiyyah moment? The moment when a mask slips.

    1. In the mid-1990s, Yasser Arafat, who was then the leader of the Palestinian Authority, began giving speeches (and sermons) about the Middle East peace process, which was then progressing in earnest. There were doubts about Arafat's willingness to compromise with Israel, a nation he had long terrorized, but he appeared to be fully engaged in negotiations, and Israel's suspicious leaders appeared to have overcome many of their misgivings.

      In these sermons and discussions, however, Arafat began making reference to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, which, Muslim tradition tells us, the Prophet Muhammad had signed with a rival tribe called the Quraysh out of tactical necessity. Two years later, by most accounts, a stronger Muhammad, citing a violation by the Quraysh as pretext, saw to it that the treaty was dissolved. He then defeated his enemy. Arafat appeared to be signaling to Muslim audiences that even if the Palestinians came to an agreement, they shouldn't fear, because an agreement with Israel wouldn't last forever.

      Optimists -- including me -- dismissed Arafat's invocation of the treaty as an example of a frightened politician playing to his base. The pessimists -- those who said this reference, among others, proved that Arafat was already devising an exit strategy from a still-theoretical (and ultimately unrealized) peace treaty -- were right.
      The lesson of this sad episode was to listen more carefully to what leaders actually say.

      Rouhani, in the interview, was in the midst of a presidential campaign and getting pressured from his right. So it's possible that he reacted defensively in the heat of the moment. But consider this statement, which he wrote in 2011: "While we were talking to the Europeans in Tehran, we were installing equipment in Isfahan."These are not the words of someone who wants to end Iran's nuclear program. Taken together, Rouhani's statements sound like those of a man who is proud of the program and believes he may have devised a way to carry it to completion: By speaking softly, stions, but it's vital to conduct this test while paying careful attention to what he's saying at home. Avoiding a Hudaybiyyah moment isn't impossible, unless we're not paying attentimiling and spinning the centrifuges all the while.on.It's obviously worth testing Rouhani's intentions through intensive diplomacy and negotiations

    2. Suckers, continued -

      Rouhani: Hey, that was pretty slick how I fooled the West in 2003, huh?

      With the White House pursuing rapprochement with Iran through personal diplomacy, Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has pressed Barack Obama not to let Hassan Rouhani fool America … again, as it turns out. The Times of Israel plays this interview with Rouhani on Iranian television less than two weeks before finally taking Obamas’ phone call, in which the Iranian president brags about how he fooled the West until their nuclear program got exposed in 2003 — and even afterward (via Scott Johnson at Power Line):

  43. As an American, I don’t want a handout or expect some other country to pay for US security. It is a matter of pride. There are a lot of very poor countries in the World. They are not groveling continuously for US aid. Where is Israeli pride? I don’t get it.

    1. That's cause you dont understand the issue. you are just filled with Israel hatred.

      Notice you dont list any other nation that we provide either economic or military aid. Just Israel.

      One standard for the Jews. No standards for anyone else.

      Where are the threads for the cost of NATO? The cost of aid to Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine,Pakistan, Afganistan, Aid to Russia?

      Aid to Africa?

      Not a peep...

      Not a whimper...

      Just israel all the time.


    2. There is not a country in Africa with a per capita income of $ 31,296, as does Israel.

      The Israeli do not need the aid,
      they just want it worse than any African.

      Grubby little Europeons with their hands out.
      Beggars that would rather suck a US teat than earn a living on their own.

      A people incapable of independent economic development, a socialist disaster that would collapse without handouts from Uncle Sugar.

    3. And you are totally fucked up.

      "There's something really wrong with you, Rat"


      I'd rather talk about the possibility of the coming of sex selective abortions to the USA via ObamaCare than this stuff any longer. Anything. There are a thousand topics.

      Change of subject requested.

    4. In 2011 the US gifted $404 dollars to every Israeli.

      The next highest recipient, Jordon, another portion of Palestine. They got $130 a piece.
      Haiti, a country in the Americas, that is REALLY in need, they got $129 per capita.

      Those Israeli just couldn't make it withou US money. It is all that keeps them afloat.

    5. that ole "per capita" nonsense.

      twisting and misleading, distorting and shuffling and jiving...

      Need a little sand for that dance Rat?

      Lie, distort and mislead the low information anti-semite...

    6. Then will we talk of gross dollar amounts, rather than per capita ...

      “Since the October War in 1973, Washington has provided Israel with a level of support dwarfing the amounts provided to any other state. It has been the largest annual recipient of direct U.S. economic and military assistance since 1976 and the largest total recipient since World War ll.

      Total direct U.S. aid to Israel amounts to well over $140 billion in 2003 dollars.
      Israel receives about $3 billion in direct foreign assistance each year,
      which is roughly one-fifth of America's entire foreign aid budget.

      One dollar out of five of US foreign aid goes to Israel
      A country with a per capita GDP equivalent to Idaho's.

    7. Again, mislead and distort the truth.

    8. US Aid to Foreign countries, in millions USD

      Israel .......$3,026.40
      Iraq ..........$2,147.60
      Pakistan .$1,700.10
      Egypt .......$1,471.20
      Haiti .........$1,263.40
      Kenya ......$1,032.10

    9. this is not a total number of the total dollars America gives away.

      not even close.

      Misdirect and distortion.

    10. So by any measure the Europeon colony of Israel, in a portion of Palestine, is the greatest leech upon the life blood of the American people, when compared to any or all of the other foreign nations we aid.

      They need the aid the least and take the most.


    11. "Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent."

  44. I think we SHOULD give aid to those countries with which we have cultural and political ties. Much of our CULTURE comes from the Bible. They are a democracy, of a European model. Their enemies are our enemies,,in the long view, whether you want to admit it or not. They are not out to convert the entire world to nonsense. It is not they blowing up malls and killing people all around the globe.

    I see nothing at all wrong with aid to Israel. And there it would not be wasted.

    1. Billions for Israel, not a dime for Detroit!

    2. Please, Detroit has had plenty of aid. What you cannot buy is human capital, and that's the problem with Detroit.

  45. Rufus IITue Oct 08, 05:53:00 PM EDT

    Look back upthread. You were the first to use race with your Kenyan comments.


    It's called Sarcasm Rufus.

    That's why I mentioned Honolulu.

    This hero of yours claims to be some Po Black Kenyan in Amerika, raised by his Po White Momma.

    When in fact his Kenyan Daddy was a Scumbag who abandoned him and his mom, and he was raised by Rich White Grandparent, and sent off to Expensive Elite Private Schools from bottom to top.

    ...but you did manage to avoid my questions w/your distracting debris.

    And once again playing the Race Card in the process.

    My suspicion continues to grow.

    1. "Dreams from My Father"

      A Paen to a scumbag.

    2. Sarcasm and irony are lost on some of the crackers here, Doug.

      I've noticed it myself on several occasions.


      In fact, Q at one time, IIRC, suggested installing a sarcasm/irony detector that would flash a sign for the slow of mind.

    3. It better be an LED, otherwise somebody's gonna be busy replacing that bulb.

    4. Another comment from the Fascist Farmer Fudd, the epitome of a Low Information Voter.

    5. The fellow that finds Google to complicated to deal with.

      Beyond his technological capacity and functional capabilities or mental comprehension.

    6. Correction:

      Po Self-Sacrificial SINGLE MOTHER.

      When his lips move...

    7. Have a contract with my techy, ratty, I no touchy, she touchy, she no herey.

      The problem with you sewer rat, is you are culturally challenged, totally.

      "If a fool looks into a book, you can't expect a genius to look back out."

      And it's going to take a hell of a lot more than some Wiki reading on Hegel to catch up. You never will, not in this lifetime.

      Your other problem is that when you get frustrated, you start to swear, and issue death threats.

      "Rat, there is something really wrong with you."


      "Why don't you take a hike?"


      Here- mellow with a good video

  46. FLASH:

    The Ben Bernanke is going to be replaced by The Janet Yellen at the Fed.

    1. That may be a news flash for a Low Information Voter ...
      Someone glued o FOX News ...
      The rest of us have known she'd be the choice, for weeks now

  47. Mr. Obama said the Treasury is exploring contingency plans for possibly prioritizing payments if the U.S. borrowing limit is exceeded.


    Investors said the selling in U.S. Treasury debt was concentrated in issues that mature between Oct. 17 and a month later, underscoring the fear that the government could delay interest payments on those bills while a deal is negotiated in Washington. Yields on bills maturing after mid-November remain near zero, though some market participants said that could change if the stalemate continued.

    "I don't plan to cut T-bill holdings for now," said Thomas Urano, portfolio manager in Austin, Texas, at Sage Advisory Services Ltd., which oversees $10 billion in assets, including money-market assets. "Anxiety could rise further if there is still no deal in coming days."