“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Thursday, October 03, 2013

If you go to the website, you get some insight into the level of petulance of Obama. This is what is posted:




  1. Fair and balanced from the Washington Post:


    Why this shutdown is different

    E.J. Dionne Jr.
    Obama’s resolve and GOP rifts make for a new kind of confrontation.

    Rubin: Ted Cruz crumbles under fire

    Sargent: Republicans are stuck in 2011

    Will: What Republicans need to do in 2016

    Milbank: The GOP needs a bigger lifeboat

    Editorial: In shutdown, GOP puts nation at risk

    Capehart: Boehner must free himself from right

    Morris: Shutdowns are part of the budget process

  2. I broke at laughing at the banner of the.WhiteHouse web site.

    There just ain't no dough for nonessential Federal functions.

    Which begs one to wonder ...

    Why are there any nonessential Federal functions, int he first place?

    Why incur the expense if it is not essential to good governance?

  3. In this case it seems that desert rat's comments to allen, just yesterday were right on the "Talking points" for today's news stories.
    Working in moderation and accommodation, with an open mind ...
    ... just yesterday were prophetic

    By Yeganeh Salehi & Dana El Baltaji - Oct 3, 2013

    Iran’s Revolutionary Guards rejected reports that the head of the country’s cyber warfare program had been assassinated, saying only that it was probing the death of an employee it didn’t identify.

    “This statement denies all the news about assassinating one of our workers after a very sudden incident happened to him,” the Imam Hassan Mojtaba division of the Revolutionary Guards Corps said in a statement on the Alborz website. “We are investigating the incident and the intention of the attacker or attackers.”

    The U.K. Daily Telegraph newspaper reported yesterday that cyber warfare chief Mojtaba Ahmadi was shot dead in a targeted assassination, citing what it said was an earlier report on Alborz. He was killed by two bullets to the heart, according to the daily.

    The Revolutionary Guards, which didn’t provide the name or rank held by the dead man, said his body was found near Karaj, a town northwest of Tehran, according to the statement on Alborz. Iran has accused Western powers of assassinating at least three of its nuclear scientists since 2010, a charge the U.S. State Department has denied.

    “It is possible that the assassination is the outcome of an internal dispute and didn’t come from abroad,” Israeli Minister of Science and Technology Yaakov Perry said


    That reading 'tween the lines, it sure is easier with a decoder ring!

    1. desert ratThu Oct 03, 11:21:00 AM EDT
      You already did it for me.

      The Story of "O" continues to unfold
      He played his FBI card, now all he has in hand ...
      ... a busted flush.

      The shit is backing up!

      We according to Rat, the Mossad or whoever is protecting the Jewish state and people.
      Maybe the Mossad or whoever has access to Rat's file...
      the good news???

      Rat's name is on an FBI file and a complaint was made about him. these thing do not go away.

      On his "permanent record" so to speak..

      And as the NSA, Homeland Security, Sheriff Joe and the AZ Branch of the FBI collect additional information?

      The file thickens..

      After all the FEDS had to bust Al Capone on tax evasion....


  4. New York Times -

    The 26 Republican-dominated states not participating in an expansion of Medicaid are home to a disproportionate share of the nation's poorest uninsured residents.

  5. NSA chief says agency tested tracking US cellphone locations, but leaves that to FBI

    WASHINGTON – National Security Agency chief Gen. Keith Alexander revealed Wednesday that his spy agency once tested whether it could track Americans' cell phone locations, in addition to its practice of sweeping broad information about calls made.

    Alexander and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on proposed reforms to the NSA's surveillance of phone and internet usage around the world, exposed in June by former NSA analyst Edward Snowden. But neither spy chief discussed proposed reforms; instead they were questioned about new potential abuses that have come to light since then.

    Alexander denied a New York Times report published Saturday that said NSA searched social networks of Americans searching for foreign terror connections, and detailed 12 previously revealed cases of abuse by NSA employees who used the network for unsanctioned missions like spying on a spouse. He said all employees were caught and most were disciplined.

  6. Deuce a reasonable question was asked yesterday.

    desert ratThu Oct 03, 10:22:00 AM EDT
    After accusing Deuce of criminal conspiracy, anonymous got bored, went back to bed.
    What a piece of shit he is.

    SO Deuce do your rules allow me to call you or rat a "piece of shit"?

    Or is that not ok for me but reasonable for the Rat?


  7. SO Deuce do your rules allow me to call you or rat a “piece of shit”?


    1. Ok, just clarifying.

      Rat can call people a POS. That's acceptable. But the Jew is not allowed.

      Just getting the UN-told, UN-posted, ever changing rules clear.

      After all, let's be honest. You never have posted any rules for me or anyone else.

      You just "wing' it.

  8. You should know the rules by now. You have broken them enough times.

    1. Breaking un-know rules?

      How is one to know when one simply copies OTHERS behavior.

      I guess it's like being a "lesser" person, never KNOW what rules you break until the higher class/master whips you in punishment.

      That's how the slave masters of the south, the Moslems treated the christians and jews and how the facists treat their "subjects"

      How about creating a transparent set of rules for all?

      You could stipulate that these rules are only for whatever class of people you deem...

  9. .

    A week or two ago, I vented about the petty arguing that goes on here daily. I've been checking back a couple times a day since to see if there were any interesting issues to comment on. While there were a few, they were quickly drowned out by the typical ritual on this blog. It usually starts out with a posted article which may have some element of truth but which is then distorted to prove that Israel, Bibi, and AIPAC are responsible for every ill we have here in the US, this despite the fact that we have 435 Congressmen, 100 Senators, and a president elected by the citizens of the US. This is then followed by a simpering toad who constructs the most bizarre anti-Semitic canards imaginable. And finally, we get a response by the other side that ends up with the predictable “Nazi” and “Hitler” references.
    I’ve said what I thought of this before and hadn’t planned to comment on it further. To me, the references to Hitler and the Nazis used as argument are simplistic and childish. However, then I saw this this morning.

    desert ratThu Oct 03, 11:10:00 AM EDT

    Bitcoins may have rebounded, but the reputation of Anonymous Pirate Robert Robertson never will.

    Robert continues to hold tight to his vacuous accusations that Deuce is involved in a criminal conspiracy to cover up a murder. That Deuce was able to hack the servers at Google and beat the FBI digital forensics team.

    And why would Deuce do such a thing ... ...

    Just to prove that Pirate Robert was wrong.

    I imagine a mere apology would not be sufficient.
    Falling on his sword, not enough, though it would qualify him to be a mythical hero of Israel.

    That tribe venerates suicide.

    Celebrating their own version of the Jonestown Massacre, in the ancient party palace at Masada.
    Where, when actually confronted by their enemies, the heroes of Israel choose a "Heroic" suicide over fighting to the death.

    It is a pathological condition within certain Judaic haplogroups the 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.

    A. Hitler well illustrated the pathology of his people, he committed suicide, rather than fight his enemies, too.
    Hitler carried a dominant hapogroup in his blood, that most common in Ashkenazi Jews.

    Perhaps there is a case to be made that Judaism a genetic condition, rather than a religion.
    Definitely is an interesting story, the marriage of science and mythology.

    To discover that Hitler was a genetically an Ashkenazi Jew....
    ... and that he carried the suicide pathology venerated in Israeli culture

    When i was a kid there was discussion of "Nature vs Nurture"

    A. Hitler had a hatred for those nurtured in Judaic tribal culture, it was in his nature.

    “That tribe venerates suicide.”

    “It is a pathological condition within certain Judaic haplogroups the 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.”

    “Perhaps there is a case to be made that Judaism a genetic condition, rather than a religion.”

    “Hitler well illustrated the pathology of his people, he committed suicide, rather than fight his enemies,”

    Now, I know the usual rat protocol when called on his stupid-ass remarks is to laugh and say it was all in fun, or you have to read between the lines, or you need a decoder ring, or that’s entertainment. However, the racism and anti-Semitism in the above remarks was so blatant, so over-the-top, so out there that I assumed that Deuce would surely pull down the post, especially when he is so willing to pull down entire pages of WiO’s posts for using the term butt-boy something a number of us have used here before with no repercussions.

    But then I saw this,


    The fact that clearly racial and anti-Semitic remarks were not pulled indicate to me that the blog administrator either agrees with them, tolerates them, or has been spending too much time with his Palestinean lady friend.


    1. Each statement, claim is verifiable. Referenced for those that ask.

      As to Israel venerating their version of the Jonestown Massacre.
      Easy pickins'

      Masada Myth: Collective Memory and Mythmaking in Israel
      Nachman Ben-Yehuda - 1996 - ‎Social Science

      It's a PDF, go read it.

      Next, Hitler's DNA ...
      Even easier to chew that bone.
      Haaratz article...
      Aug 24, 2010 - The Fuhrer 'would not have been happy' to learn he was...

      If the referencing of the truth is anti-Semitic, well, it is still the truth.

      Now, if someone wants to dispute Haaratz's article, dispute the science of DNA, they can.
      But the results of scientific test cannot be refuted with political correctness.

      If someone wants to dispute the learned opinion of Nachman Ben-Yehuda, they certainly can try.
      It would be interesting, even entertaining.

      But the ideas of Nachman Ben-Yehuda cannot be dismissed because they be politically incorrect.
      Nachman Ben-Yehuda is a professor and former dean of the department of sociology and anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel.

      So, these are claimsabout Israel and Hitler backed by references of solidly Semitic sources.
      They are not racist, they are not hateful

      They are observations made by learned Israeli over time

    2. It is interesting, reference the Haaratz article about Hiter's DNA, and the charge of antisemitism flies

      Reference a professor and former dean of the department of sociology and anthropology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. and charges of antisemitism fly

      Reference the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and Q says nobody cares.

    3. If you wish to discuss the varied opinions on ...

      Nature vs Nurture

      in human behavior, it'll be eyes wide shut for many of our contributors.

    4. .

      Please, don't 'try' to insult our intelligence with your bullshit, rat. It's bad enough when you insinuate your tiresome screeds are just meant as humor or for their 'mirth' value but when you try to reestablish Scientific Racism under the pretext of articles from a few ‘solidly Semitic writers’ you prove what a fool you are.

      But in this case, you now, once again, try misdirection to try to excuse yourself.

      I could care less whether Hitler was a Jew. That’s not why I called you anti-Semitic.

      I have no problem with the article discussing mythmaking that rolled out of the Masada incident. That’s not why I called you a racist.

      But you know that so don’t try to bullshit a bullshitter.

      The reason I called you a racist and an anti-Semite are the conclusions you draw or purport to draw from these articles. 'Purport to draw’ was added because I can’t really believe you are so stupid as to actually believe them yourself. You have proved yourself a hypocrite before with your continued rants on abortion in Israel after once laughingly admitting you could give a shit. You have shown your misdirection (or obtuseness) by calling Obama Jewish based on a single comment by one of his early supporters prior to him even becoming president. And even there you misquoted him. After putting up the initial quote which said Obama may prove to be the first Jewish president, you later said the man said ‘Obama was the first Jewish president’. Do you count on the fact some hear lack reading comprehension or a functioning memory?

      You say we have to always read between the lines. Evidently that means consider anything you say as bullshit.

      As indicated in my initial post, comments like this are the reason I called you a racist and an anti-Semite.

      “That tribe venerates suicide.”

      “It is a pathological condition within certain Judaic haplogroups the 'genetic fingerprints' that define populations.”

      “Perhaps there is a case to be made that Judaism a genetic condition, rather than a religion.”

      “Hitler well illustrated the pathology of his people, he committed suicide, rather than fight his enemies,”

      Where not patently absurd, the comments reflect a willingness to make broad and IMO ridiculous generalities about a religion and people.

      Racism: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

      Anti-Semitism: hostility toward or discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group

      A tribal condition?

      A pathological condition with ‘genetic fingerprints’?

      Judaism is a genetic condition rather than a religion?


      1: the study of the essential nature of diseases and especially of the structural and functional changes produced by them

      2: something abnormal:

      a: the structural and functional deviations from the normal that constitute disease or characterize a particular disease

      b : deviation from propriety or from an assumed normal state of something nonliving or nonmaterial

      c : deviation giving rise to social ills

      You are a racist, an idiot, or a flaming asshole.

      Next, you will be googling and posting articles on Eugenics and Craniomety and praising the works of Madison Grant and Pieter Camper.


    5. Pathological ..sure enough
      : social pathology is defined as a social factor that usually helps to inhibit personal gain or increase social disorganization. Social pathology can also refer to the study of specific factors and how they produce certain results.

      I would include veneration of mass suicide as leading to social disorganization.
      Especially when it recurs in members of a genetic grouping.
      But without scientific analysis to confirm whether Nature or Nurture is ultimately responsible.

      As to the nature of Judaism, especially in the US has been discussed in part do to a recent study by Pew Research.

      “Who is a Jew?” This is an ancient question with no single, timeless answer. On the one hand, being Jewish is a matter of religion – the traditional, matrilineal definition of Jewish identity is founded on halakha (Jewish religious law). On the other hand, being Jewish also may be a matter of ancestry, ethnicity and cultural background. Jews (and non-Jews) may disagree on where to draw the line. Is an adult who has Jewish parents but who considers herself an atheist nevertheless Jewish, by virtue of her lineage? What about someone who has Jewish parents and has converted to Christianity? Or someone who has no known Jewish ancestry but is married to a Jew and has come to think of himself as Jewish, though he has not formally converted to Judaism?

      How can Judaism be the object of anything negative, no one can agree on what it means.

      . In the new Pew Research survey, 78% of Jews are Jews by religion, and fully 22% are Jews of no religion (including 6% who are atheist, 4% who are agnostic and 12% whose religion is “nothing in particular”).

      The essence of Judaism, seem to genetic, when some self-identifying Jews are queried.
      US Jews see being Jewish as more a matter of ancestry, culture and values than of religious observance. Six-in-ten say, for example, that being Jewish is mainly a matter of culture or ancestry, compared with 15% who say it is mainly a matter of religion.

      While others ... claim to be Jewish by Affinity ...
      By definition, no one in the Jewish affinity group was raised Jewish (by religion or otherwise) or had a Jewish parent. Nearly nine-in-ten of those with a Jewish affinity (86%) say they were raised as Christians.

      Among those in the Jewish affinity category the most common response is that they think of themselves as Jewish for religious reasons (59%). This includes 31% who say they are Jewish because Jesus was Jewish. Smaller portions consider themselves Jewish because they observe Jewish practices and holidays (6%) or have shared beliefs and values (4%).

      Nature or nurture, what causes the suicide pathology to be such a social identifier, a binding social myth or pathological infirmity amongst that genetic group?

      A sickle cell anemia of the mind?

    6. .

      Rat, you dumb shit.

      Keep mouthing your inanities. You may be tolerated here but I can't believe even the keeper of the keys believes the bullshit you tend to spout.

      You say that no one can define 'what is a Jew' these days yet you are perfectly willing to speculate on the pathology of Jewishness. Every time you open your mouth more shit flows out.

      Keep googling till your fingers bleed. Only a fool would believe your shit.


    7. There is dispute with in the Jewish community concerning what being a "Jew" means.

      The Israeli going so far as to instigate an advertising campaign in 2011 that chastised the US community for "Falling Away" from the "True" Judaism. The campaign wa cancelled when Americans so it, reacted negatively to the ads and the ideology.

      There is a direct correlation between Masada and Jonestown.
      Mass suicide in the face of law enforcement's arriaval on the scene.

      The able bodied men, that could have stood tall in defense of their values, virtues and virility chose to kill themselves instead.
      To celebrate that behavior is evidence of a social pathology.

      Is the cause of that pathology nature or nurture, that is the question i was raising.

    8. Most societies i am familiar with celebrate fighting to the end, the last man, the last drop of blood, the last full measure.

      The Israeli celebrate, venerate something completely different, at Masada.

      They celebrate, venerate mass suicide, rather than taking as many of the enemy "with them" as they can.

      That is outside the norm of the western cultures i am familiar with.
      It is outside the norm for the Korean and Chinese cultures.

      Suicide is a pathology, Q.

  10. William J. DonovanThu Oct 03, 02:27:00 PM EDT

    All staff and family members have been evacuated from the Russian embassy in Libya after gunmen attacked the compound in the capital, Tripoli.

    The foreign ministry in Moscow announced that the evacuees had arrived in neighbouring Tunisia, from where they planned to fly back to Russia.

    It suggested the incident was a revenge attack after the alleged killing of a Libyan by a Russian citizen.

    Two Libyans were reportedly also killed during the assault on the embassy.

    The Russian foreign ministry said its diplomats in Tunis would maintain ties with Libya.

    No Russian casualties were reported during the attack on Wednesday but a car and other property were damaged.

    An attack last year on a US compound in the city of Benghazi killed four people, including the US ambassador, while a car bomb outside the French embassy in April injured two French guards and a number of residents.

    In a statement on its website, the Russian foreign ministry said that Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdel Aziz had visited the embassy and told the Russian ambassador that the Libyan authorities could not guarantee the safety of embassy staff.

    However, Mr Abdel Aziz has denied making the remarks. In an interview for BBC News, he said he had suggested to the ambassador that the Russians move to a different location such as another compound or a hotel "as a precautionary measure".

    The Russian ministry added that it had information that the attackers had been seeking to avenge the killing of an unnamed "Libyan officer" on Tuesday and the stabbing of the man's mother, who survived.

    It said a Russian woman, whose name it gave, had been arrested for that attack and was being held in custody in Libya.

    There are conflicting reports about the relationship between the alleged killer and the dead man, the BBC's Rana Jawad reports from Tripoli.

    According to one version she was the victim's wife, while a local militia accused her of having killed the man because he had supported the uprising against Gaddafi.

    She was captured by the militia while trying to escape from the scene of the killing, local media say.

    We can confirm the capture
    We have leaked the story that she was a deep cover asset of the SVR.

    She was tasked in the operation to wipe the archival servers in the headquarters of the Jamahiriya Security Organization [JSO] clean of any incriminating evidence of malfeasance by the desert rat.

    An OSS operative stateside, managing at a Google blog used in the decoder ring communications network and is in Pennsylvania. Code named "Deuce" handled the hack, once the SVR operative managed to penetrate the security firewalls.
    The physical insertion, penetration and final corruption of JSO files went well, the extraction went poorly, stranding the SVR operative alone on the rooftop.

    She does not present a security challenge, we ran her under enhanced false flag operation methods and standards.
    She still thinks the SVR ordered the penetration. She did no know what data sets were targeted.

    Deuce's expertise at hacking archival servers is unsurpassed, the JSO will not even know their files have been accessed, let alone corrupted.

    I'll report topside that the Mission was a success.

  11. That must suck; Capital Hill policeman goes in to work, without pay, and gets shot for the trouble.

    1. What about his health care coverage, rehabilitation and disability benefits.

      If injured on a "Day Without Pay" are the volunteers covered by their employment benefit packages?
      Or were those benefit packages suspended for lack of cash, too?

    2. Dayyum; That would be brutal, wouldn't it?

    3. Oops, looks like a Hurricane is going to hit the teabagger states. I guess they really won't be requesting any of that FEMA help, eh?

    4. I remember that T-baggin' tool from Biloxi was all righteous against any federal aid for Hurricane Sandy.

    5. Rufus IIThu Oct 03, 03:26:00 PM EDT
      Oops, looks like a Hurricane is going to hit the teabagger states.

      So Rufus can call people "tea baggers"

      Will you call him out about "homo-erotic" slander?

      Deuce, inquiry folks want to KNOW the rules.

      If I suggest a homo-erotic term, you call me out an delete scores/pages of MY posts.

      So one can infer that Rufus (or Native Americans) are allowed to slander and make homo-phobic suggestions?

    6. Rufus IIThu Oct 03, 03:28:00 PM EDT
      I remember that T-baggin' tool from Biloxi was all righteous against any federal aid for Hurricane Sandy.

      the term "t-bagger" refers to a homosexual act of lower one's nut sack into the mouth of one's male partner.

      I am SURE most tea party folk do not engage in such homosexual acts. however the democrats are much more familiar with this sexual perversion. After all the democrats support male to male love as well as "bisexuals"

      they just had a "bisexual visibility day" that the whitehouse.

      I wonder do the male gays and the bisexuals that support the president "tea bag" as entertainment?

      Does Rufus?

      Would Rufus still love his gay son if his gay son "tea bagged" his male gay lover?

    7. Pew Research surveys conducted in 2012-2013 find that 78% of Jews by religion favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally.

      An American from their great southwestern state, Arizona, Barry Goldwater said:

      Equality, rightly understood as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences; wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism.

    8. Alexis de TocquevilleThu Oct 03, 04:17:00 PM EDT

      Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

    9. More generally, the current survey of U.S. Jews finds that about eight-in-ten (82%) say homosexuality should be accepted by society, while just 13% say it should be discouraged by society.

    10. I am fiscally prudent and socially progressive. I believe in protecting a woman's right to choose. I believe in marriage equality.


    11. It became clear to me in an instant that living a gay life without publicly acknowledging it is simply not enough to make any significant contribution to the immense work that lies ahead on the road to complete equality.

      Zachary Quinto

    12. Democracy not only requires equality but also an unshakable conviction in the value of each person, who is then equal.

  12. House Speaker John A. Boehner, apparently sharing Obama administration alarm about a possible debt default, has told colleagues he will act to raise the federal debt limit even if he has to rely on the votes of House Democrats, GOP aides said Thursday.

    Does that decision make Boehner a Democrat, A Union man, a Republican in Name Only?

    Or confirm, yet again, that he is a concerned and responsible leader of the Republican Party and Speaker of the House
    A defender of liberty, freedom and the American Way!

  13. The Park Service police were at the ready, but the suspect turned left, into the jurisdiction of the Capital Police.

    The United States Capitol was placed on lockdown Thursday afternoon after a woman tried to ram a car into the White House gate, was chased by Secret Service and exchanged shots with police, sources said.

    The suspect — who had a child in the car — was shot, and a shelter-in-place order was lifted at about 3 p.m.
    At least one Capitol Police officer was injured but apparently not shot.

    "The United States Capitol Police have stabilized the incident," officials said in a message.

    The incident began a little after 2 p.m. when the woman, who was not identified, tried to breach White House security at 15th St. and E but didn't get through, law-enforcement sources said.

    She was chased at high speeds for about 12 blocks, the sources said. Near the Capitol, she began firing and was shot, the sources said. Her condition was unknown, but the child was reported to be safe.

    Travis Gillbert, who watched the chase from the roof of the Newseum, said vehicles involved "had several close encounters with other vehicles during the case."

    "It was very dangerous," he said.

    An NBC satellite truck operator saw several police cars with lights flashing near the gardens below the Capitol when he suddenly heard rapid-fire shots. Several police cars could then be seen chasing the black car, he reported.

    The FBI responded to the scene, and a helicopter landed in front of the Capitol to medevac the injured officer.

    A message from the Capitol Police ordered anyone in a House office to "shelter in place," but that order was lifted a short time later.

    The House recessed, and the Senate went into a quorum call — dispensing momentarily with its official business — shortly thereafter.

  14. MOSCOW -- An additional 16 people were charged by Russia with piracy Thursday for their role in a foiled Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic, a Russian television network reported.

    Among the new defendants are Greenpeace activists, crew members of the environmental organization's Arctic Sunrise icebreaker and Moscow-based freelance photographer Denis Sinyakov, Rossiya-24 reported. They join 14 others who were charged with piracy the day before.

    The 30 defendants, who are being held in the Russian Far East port of Murmansk, include nationals of 18 countries, including the United States and Russia. Sinyakov, who is Russian, was covering the protest on assignment for, a popular Russian online publication.

    All have been remanded to custody until Nov. 24 pending an investigation. If convicted, each defendant could face up to 15 years in prison.

    Greenpeace International announced plans for a protest against the arrests, which it has characterized as an extreme overreaction. The activists were rebuffed on Sept. 18 while attempting to raise a protest banner on an oil drilling rig in Russia's exclusive economic zone in the Barents Sea. Their ship was seized by Russian authorities the next day.

  15. WASHINGTON — Alabama businessman Shaun McCutcheon says he doesn't want to give gobs of money to a single politician. Instead, he hopes to spread smaller contributions to as many candidates as possible.

    If he has his way in a case headed to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, however, a single donor could contribute more than $3 million to a political party, its state and federal chapters and all of its federal candidates to shape next year's midterm elections for Congress, campaign-finance watchdogs warn.

    His case, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, is the latest round in the bitter national battle over the role of money in American politics and the biggest challenge to campaign-finance rules since the court's bombshell 2010 Citizens United decision ended restrictions on independent political spending by corporations and unions.

    The new legal fight targets a cornerstone of election rules: the ability of the government to regulate the amount of money individuals can give to presidential and congressional candidates and political parties.

    McCutcheon, a Republican activist from just outside Birmingham, wants the court to toss out the portion of federal law that bars an individual from donating more than $123,200 to candidates, political parties and PACs during the current, two-year election cycle. The cumulative cap on donations, he argues, limits his First Amendment right to participate in as many federal races as he wants.

    He is not challenging the base limits that prevent him from donating more than $2,600 directly to a federal candidate. "But why should it matter if I'm involved in 17, 18 or 33 races," he told USA TODAY in a recent interview.

    The aggregate cap "limits your right to free speech and assembly."

  16. "The fact that clearly racial and anti-Semitic remarks were not pulled indicate to me that the blog administrator either agrees with them, tolerates them, or has been spending too much time with his Palestinean lady friend."


    Being charitable, I blame it on his Arabic girl friend.

    But it's true, Deuce has turned into a kind of tyrant. A censor.

    This place is not what it once was. There has been a sea change and it's almost embarrassing to post here.

    Glad you got out of the slammer, Quirk..

    I would have come to your rescue the next night I have a good night at the Casino.

    I am not asking how you got out.

    1. You claimed Deuce was involved in a criminal conspiracy to destroy evidence of murder,
      intentionally deceiving the FBI in its investigation of those charges,

      Nothing to do with girl friends.

    2. After all these years of reading this hateful stuff, I still believe no one should be censored. The sole exception was an occasion when a writer seemed to be moving dangerously close to suicide. Sunlight is the best disinfectant for demagoguery. There is no antidote for boredom.

    3. Rat's anti-Semitic screed speaks volume to the blog and it's owners.


    4. I claim you took your own posts down, asshole.

    5. More lies, anoni.
      More lies, from Pirate Robert

      AnonymousWed Oct 02, 10:52:00 PM EDT

      "If there were any threats made here, on this blog, the FBI would have found them."



      Deuce took down a round of your threats himself, saying, 'the offending statement has been taken down'.

      There it is, anoni, your claim that Deuce covered up murder.
      Hid it from the FBI.

      Read it and weep, you stupid oaf.

      You should beg forgiveness, not claim you did not do it.
      When it is plain as day, you said Deuce destroyed evidence in a felony investigation.

      You can't even remember yesterday.

    6. Deuce cannot "take down" comments from the Google server.
      If there were threats there, not offensive comments, the FBI would have seen them.

      You really are dumber than a gnoat

  17. A selective censor, I should have said.

    1. It's all on the server.

      When you claim everyone is conspiring to make you look foolish
      Are engaged in felony level crimes ...
      Accusing the Host of commiting a felony, just yesterday,
      a felony he could not accomplish, technologically, even if he so desired.

      You accused Deuce of doing an illegal act that was beyond his or your capacity to achieve.
      You falsly have charged Deuce with criminal, felonious, malfeasance.

      Why would you think he'd even want you around, continuing to treat folks with such disrespect, such that you refuse to even apologize for the false charges that you made against his honor and integrity.
      If you don't like the house rules ...
      if you don't like the host ...
      If you don't like the other contributors ...

      if you cannot even sign into a Google account ...
      What good are you to have around?

    2. You claimed he intentionally misled the FBI by destroying evidence of a crime.

      That was your charge, against Deuce, just yesterday.
      He destroyed evidence, you claimed, in a criminal investigation by the FBI.

      An impossible task for him to achieve.

      You should be ashamed and on your knees begging apology.

    3. And you claimed to have read the secret file on yourself that was created by the AZ FBI when I called in your death threats and reported you.

      You claimed to have a "source" inside the AZ FBI and that person told you of the classified ONGOING investigation against ME and how it concerned a National Security Risk.

      It is you sir that has committed a crime. You have bragged on this blog about your "mole" inside the AZ FBI and how you didnt care if your source got caught, It was YOU that on an open forum told all of us, including me, that there was an investigation with high priority about ME being a National Security Threat.

      You sir are responsible of violating the law AGAIN.

      Once a criminal, always. It's in your makeup. Maybe you come from a family of criminals. Was your mother or father a criminal? Do you come from a tribe of criminals and murderers?

    4. What I said was if you didn't take it down it must have been Deuce.

      It was you, asshole.

    5. It was no one, anonymous, comments cannot be taken off the main server.
      It cannot be done.
      It is allthere.

      There was nohing there, the FBI looked.

      You accused Deuce of doing covering up a felony.

      AnonymousWed Oct 02, 10:52:00 PM EDT

      "If there were any threats made here, on this blog, the FBI would have found them."



      Deuce took down a round of your threats himself, saying, 'the offending statement has been taken down'.

      They cannot be "taken down" I could not take them down, Deuce could not take them down

      Only make it so YOU and the public cannot see them, but they are till there, on the server, dimwit.
      They cannot be deleted.

      No one can edit the FBI /Google search of the comments.
      Rule #2, Pirate Roberts, reread Rule #2.
      You are out of your field of knowledge and it has humiliated you.

      You have accused Deuce of a crime he could not have committed.

  18. "State officials said the Covered California website got 645,000 hits during the first day of enrollment, far fewer than the 5 million it reported Tuesday."

    No Child Left Behind...

    Where are yesterday's roosters?,0,7108713.story

  19. The Japanese are another culture and geographically contained genetic group that hold the concept of suicide in high esteem.

    Why do Japanese People commit suicide a lot? - Yahoo! Answers › All Categories › Social Science › Psychology‎

    Nov 8, 2010 - I found this to be true through out East Asia. This is most likely because suicide is an acceptable way to atone for any kind of failure among East ...
    Why do Japanese people kill themselves voluntarily? Do they still ... Nov 27, 2012
    How and why do people kill themselves in the Aokigahara Forest ... Jun 25, 2011
    Why do many writers commit suicide?.... Jan 25, 2009
    Why do Japanese peeps always kill themselves when something ... Sep 2, 2008

    This writer from England believes it is the Japanese culture, their nurture, that drives suicide.

    The poor Japanese man who committed suicide live on the internet is one among tens of thousands of people in that country who have killed themselves this year. In 2009, 32,845 Japanese people killed themselves. The figure has stayed above the 30,000 threshold for 12 straight years and there's no sign of a change. It works out at 88 suicides every single day. It's a lot: Japan has one of the highest rates in the world and it's much higher than here in Britain, for example.

    My own feeling is that this epidemic of self-destruction is related to questions of status, shame and self-esteem and to Japan's competitive culture....

    1. An American perspective ...

      Whereas Christianity, Judaism, and Islam proscribe suicide,
      Japan's most popular religions—Shinto and Buddhism—are more permissive. (Critics of this theory point to China's significantly lower suicide rate as evidence that religious differences aren't to blame.)

      In addition, suicide is considered a legitimate solution to vexing problems. If a massive debt is going to make you a burden to your family, or a political scandal is going to taint those around you, some consider it not just permissible but responsible to protect them by offing yourself.

      Suicide looms large in Japanese history and literature. Samurai warriors were famous for their willingness to disembowel themselves, a ritual called seppuku or hara-kiri.

      During World War II, kamikaze fighters rigged their own planes with explosives before divebombing into targets. In 1970, the ritual suicide of Japanese author and playwright Yukio Mishima drew international attention to the practice.

    2. As a general rule, suicide is forbidden by the Torah, being the crime of murder. King Saul did have his shield bearer run him through rather than face captivity, but such incidents are quite rare. Statistically, I doubt that Jews are anymore likely to act on suicidal impulses than any other ethnic group. One caveat, today Scandinavians are more likely to act out - could be SAD.

    3. is culture genetically predisposed?

      That is the driving question.

      Is culture genetically predisposed?

      Why if in the Abrahamic religions suicide is proscribe would it be venerated?
      It is not. like the Battle of the Alamo or the 300 at Thermopylae where brave men stood against impossible odds and did battle to the death, regardless.

      No the Masada story is one of cowardice in the face of the enemy.

      Even the surrender monkeys, in France, know the value of venerating combat deaths, rather than suicide

      Its legend grew apace after an action at Camerone in Mexico in April 1863, when a column of legionnaires fought almost to the last man against vastly superior Mexican forces, in support of a grotesque and doomed French imperial venture.

      The wooden hand of the column’s slain commander, Captaine Jean Danjou, remains today the most treasured relic in the Legion’s museum at Aubagne in southern France.

    4. What is it in a culture that causes it to embrace suicide, to venerate or celebrate it?
      Is it a cultural or genetic social pathology?

      And beyond that, is culture genetically predisposed or just a learned response?

      Are all Palestinians savages, as quot contends, and if so ...
      Is it by training or breeding?

      Do people behave the way the do by their training or by their breeding?

      Is it nature or nurture, or some mix in the middle?

    5. Sorry it's to good but I must.

      Since the Rat is to dense to learn anything..

      I shall clear up Masada,

      Israel, The IDF and the Jewish people KNOW the true story.

      There never was any "mass" suicide at Masada. At BEST there was one or two that committed suicide.

      Never did the masses all kill themselves. But what to expect from Rat, a man (or mouse) that cannot actually learn history but can only learn in sound bites.

      Rat, the matchbox saying historian.

      The bubblegum wrapper Samuel Clemens wannabe.

      No fact he cant twist, no idea he cant distort.

      can change a word's meaning 3 times in a 4 word sentence.

      A buffoon, a jackal, an ass...

      A liar, coward and thug..

      Our Rodent of the bar.

      A blowhard for all seasons.

  20. It is patently clear that suicide was not the cause of death. Perhaps desert rat can inform us of the Iranian predisposition to suicide.

    1. Is there a predisposition to suicide in Iranians?
      Do the Iranians venerate the Persian losses at Thermopylae or ignore them?

      That battle is well celebrated in the western hegemony.
      Numerous films have been made honoring the Greeks who stood tall in the face of certain death.
      The Persian troops, just as certain of death or dismemberment are never portrayed as gallantly as the Greeks.

      The producers and directors well understanding the cultural predisposition of their audience, i would suppose.

      Those 13 Days of Glory, the Battle of the Alamo, often referred to as ...The Texas Thermopylae

      The Mexican troops weer honored in the John Wayne version of the Alamo as brave warriors.
      Not so much in Billy Bob Thorton's rendition of Davy Crockett.

      I mentioned in passing, allen, that you and i were ahead of the talking point curve, when we read between the lines, calling the hit in Iran a part of an internal power struggle.

      When you've got a decoder ring, things are better illuminated, details that are missed by the technologically deprived become apparent.

    2. A US centric view of the world, well illustrated

      Thermopylae: The Alamo of Greece

      their example inspired their countrymen to continue resistance, despite setbacks, and in the end a stunning victory was won. The autocratic ruler returned to his faraway capital, his mighty army humbled, and liberty (by the definitions of the day) was guaranteed for the poor but valiant citizen-soldiers and their land.

      Isn't this a stirring story to every reader of the Alamo Journal? Yet it describes not the Texas Revolution, but events from twenty-five centuries ago-at the Pass of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans laid down their lives for Greece.

      "Thermopylae had her messenger of defeat; the Alamo had none."
      How many Alamo enthusiasts around the world understand the meaning of this famous (if only half-true) epigram? Part of the reason why the appeal of the Alamo cuts across national boundaries is its universality.
      Most people can point to an "Alamo" in their own mythic or historic past.
      Images of valorous last stands appear again and again-sometimes these take the form of simple military disasters, such as the Little Bighorn, Isandhlwana, Teutoberg Forest, or the British retreat from Kabul in 1842.

      Others embody a nobler, self-sacrificial quality:
      Roland at Roncesvalles,
      the Swiss at St.-Jacob-en-Birs,
      the French Foreign Legion at Camerone,
      or even, in its own way, the story of the 47 Loyal Ronin from feudal Japan.

      The battle of Thermopylae presents a clear parallel to the saga of Travis and his Texians, a comparison that was obvious immediately to observers in 1836, who dubbed the Alamo "America's Thermopylae."


  22. Observe a virtuoso, Phil Spector's "Wall of Sound"

  23. " The 1965 song "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'", produced and co-written by Spector for the Righteous Brothers, is listed by BMI as the song with the most U.S. airplay in the 20th century."

    "... produced more than twenty-five Top 40 hits from 1960 to 1965, at the height of his career, writing or co-writing many of them. Among his famous girl groups were the Ronettes and the Crystals. Spector later worked with artists including Ike and Tina Turner, John Lennon, George Harrison, and the Ramones with similar acclaim. He produced the Beatles' album Let It Be, and the Grammy Award-winning Concert for Bangladesh by former Beatle George Harrison."

    This is his second wife, Ronnie Spector, in action:

    Oh, Phil Specter is a Jew.

    1. He's also nuts. The two, presumably, are unrelated.

  24. "The fact that clearly racial and anti-Semitic remarks were not pulled indicate to me that the blog administrator either agrees with them, tolerates them, or has been spending too much time with his Palestinian lady friend."


    I post more than anyone on the site. I don’t live for the site and am not a hall monitor. There is only one administrator and that is me.I don’t know who you spend your time with and don’t care.

    I rarely take down points of view. The exceptions are if someone uses the words, “nigger”, “kike," “wap," etc.

    I don’t like racial epithets but I have tolerated such if they are relevant and not directed.

    I have overlooked “rag heads," “Islamoids," , etc. I don’t personally like them and don’t use them. If someone calls someone a “Jew” I leave them. If someone said, “Dirty Jew” or “Jew Bitch," (and they have), but not by anyone I could identify, they come down.

    I don’t tolerate someone calling a woman “cunt” or abusing a woman. I made an awful mistake with Teresita and was embarrassed and shamed by it. I honestly thought she was a guy posing as a woman.

    I went after Bob when he was vicious to Melody and kept posting her phone number. I was deeply embarrassed when Doug ran off an intelligent woman by calling her a “cunt.”

    In general I don’t particularly spend much time with men or enjoy their company. I much prefer the company of smart good looking women and life has been good to me for it.

    I take down anything and any attempt by anyone to identify someone else’s identity.

    There is not one point of view expressed on this blog that is usually not refuted by another blogger. I refute or support the positions that I have an opposing point of view.

    One frequent poster who claims to be a Jew, repeatedly called for the mass murder of Muslims and cheers on the murder of Muslims by other Muslims, so spare me the sanctimony. That same poster has been repeatedly censored for comments referring to my father or calling me a nazi. He would not dare say that to my face.

    Ever since I started the blog, there has been someone who wants me to get rid of Desert Rat and threatens to leave if I don’t. I am not getting rid of him because someone doesn’t like him. I don’t agree with things he says. I have had my differences with Allen, Wio, Bob, Doug, Ash, Habu, Linearthinker and one fellow who died. So what?

    Closing of comments. If I see something going on too long, I close it down. So what?

    If you think it is easy to run a blog on a part time basis with no advertising and no revenue for eight years, make me an offer.

    …with all due respect.

    1. Deuce and I in agreement, no differences. Sweet.

    2. .

      Noted. And my comment stands.

      I've argued with rat on numerous occasions, disagreeing with him on various subjects, arguing specific points, in some cases pointing out inconsistencies, or IMO instances of hypocrisy or illogic. I have never called for anyone including him to be either censored or blackballed. If you read my post closely, you'll see I didn't do it this time.

      The same applies to our AIPAC friends. I argue with them all the time about Israel foreign policy, AIPAC, what I consider revisionist history etc.

      What I did accuse rat of was not forcing us to 'read between the lines' this time but of posting purely racist comments, blatant and overt. I also expressed surprise that you would leave those comments standing while recently pulling down a page of WiO's posts for his "homophobic remarks" especially in light of rat's recent description of Anon: "Now that he has been sleeping with israelis, he is shocked to learn he has been traded to the bed of a camel herding Muslim of Saudi Arabia. Passed around like two dollar whore, he is not proud of it, butt took it for the cause."

      You've stated your reasons for leaving up rat's post for which I am grateful. It's your blog. You can do as you will.

      For my part, perhaps I am still too dense to parse the difference between specifically calling someone a 'kike' and instead describing an entire people, two of which are regulars, of having a genetic pathology.

      Closing of comments. If I see something going on too long, I close it down. So what?

      Merely, indicating the point at which I could see the post was not going to be pulled.

      ...with all due respect.

      In general I don’t particularly spend much time with men or enjoy their company. I much prefer the company of smart good looking women and life has been good to me for it.

      A point of agreement. In one sense, at least, our lives have tracked the same line.


    3. One frequent poster who claims to be a Jew, repeatedly called for the mass murder of Muslims and cheers on the murder of Muslims by other Muslims, so spare me the sanctimony. That same poster has been repeatedly censored for comments referring to my father or calling me a nazi. He would not dare say that to my face.

      With all due respect your line "called for the mass murder of Muslims" it utter bullshit.

      Never have, never will.

      You are the keeper of the keys, post the quote. Or you are wrong.

      As for the out of context line "cheers on the murder of Muslims by other Muslims" you should be more careful with your slander. I will admit to hear about islamic moslems who advocate and carry out the attempts to cause the genocide of Jews killing other moslems that advocate and attempt to commit genocide is irony at it's best. However your simplistic "cheers on the murder of Muslims by other Muslims" lacks the clarity to explain. So excuse me for not agreeing with YOUR match box explanation of my point.

      I will say it again. Your statement "cheers on the murder of Muslims by other Muslims" is inaccurate.

      But again. To watch one evil group of people kill another group of evil people WHERE BOTH SIDES ARE COMMITTED TO YOUR OWN GENOCIDE? Not anywhere close to your comment....

      as for your last part? " That same poster has been repeatedly censored for comments referring to my father or calling me a nazi. He would not dare say that to my face. "

      You censor me for dozens of reasons. None that others are censored for. As for your Dad? I think your mad cause if he saw what a jew/israel hater you have become? He'd be pissed.

      As for your COMICAL assertion that i'd never say these things to your face?

      You dont KNOW me very well.

  25. Something about this does not feel right, but it's on the www. If anyone can refute it, have at it, I am not invested.

    1. Seems perfectly in Obama's character to me, given he's a sunni.

      My post comparing The One's statements concerning Islam with his statements concerning Christianity was taken down.

      Comparing and Contrasting - The upshot was he's a muzzie, at least at heart.

    2. Jackson, Mississippi of all places.

    3. He has, for instance, Smokey The Bear in our National Parks preaching what a great thing is Islam.

      Good Lord, he has politicized poor Smokey.

  26. I do appreciate your efforts Deuce. Have said that before. Would like to see the censorship pen applied to the crapper as well as myself, WiO and any others, equally, is all.

  27. Where: Minute Man National Historic Park

    When: Sunday October 6th at noon

    Why: they have closed this heritage site to the public because of the government shutdown.....we will see about that!

    Please get the word out!


    Paul Revere

    1. We are planning a Tea Party Minute Man Gathering this weekend in Lexington and Concord at the national park that the administration has shut to score political points. Please help us to get the word out.

      Where: Minute Man National Historic Park

      When: Sunday October 6th at noon

      Why: they have closed this heritage site to the public because of the government shutdown.....we will see about that!

      Please get the word out!


      Paul Revere

  28. While Pew's survey of American Jews is informative, it comes as no surprise to American Jews. This has been an issue of concern for decades. Despite the disaffection of many, American Jews as a whole still support Israel by a wide margin v. the Palestinians.

    Even more importantly to me is Pew's Dec. '12 survey of the American public's opinions of Israel and its policies. Again, not surprisingly, the majority of Americans strongly support Israel and Likud's policies in the as yet unresolved final border disputes with the PA. Israeli's obviously agree as well since Mr. Netanyahu has retained his office.

    Deuce and Mr. Cole might consider carefully the following: If the Palestinians would lay down their arms, there would be peace immediately; if the Israelis laid down their arms there would be another Holocaust. Until Muslims accept the perpetual right of Israel to exist as a state, there will be no peace, and we do not plan on leaving Israel.

    Something else to consider, since political strife in the ME is not had in a vacuum: Lebanon, at French insistence, was established to be a homeland for Christians in the ME. Lebanon's experience with its Muslim neighbors has been much like that of Israel. So, both Christians and Jews are refused a ME homeland despite their presence, often as a majority, long before Islam was hatched. There should be a lesson in this. For good measure, throw in the Copts of Egypt: their experience with Islam has also been uniformly negative. Remember, the Copts are the oldest Christian sect and far outnumbered their Arab conquerors in the 7th C. CE. Murder and persecution by Muslems have left them a shrinking minority in their own land.

    Think about it. You may feel as sorry as you please for the poor Palestinians, and Arab Lebanese, and Arab Egyptians, but the reality is that Islam will not live at peace with others. Study the history and ignore the propaganda. Also, "Be not deceived; bad company leads to bad morals".

  29. Replies
    1. Profound, breath taking, insightful punditry, an exquisite evaluation with the proper balance of condescension and the effervescence of pedantry. Best and yes Allen, fuck off and get a room with chubbo!

    2. ;-) Thanks, Jenny. We try.

    3. .

      My, my, Jenny seems in an especially good mood today.


  30. On a Cathay Pacific0293.HK -1.17% flight from Hong Kong to Singapore last month, a perspiring passenger from mainland China sneezed and wheezed nonstop. Despite coaxing from passengers and crew, the man did not cover his mouth, sending fellow travelers scurrying for face masks to protect themselves from germs.

    A new set of guidelines by China National Tourism Administration, issued late last month ahead of the key Golden Week vacation period that kicked off on Oct. 1 National Day, aims to set such tourists right.


    Another Weibo user wrote that he found some of the travel tips plain weird—a claim some guidelines make difficult to refute:

    “Wherever you dive in the ocean, don’t catch and take away any marine life,” and take care not to “dry your handkerchief and underwear on the lampshade.”

  31. Quirk wrote:
    "In general I don’t particularly spend much time with men or enjoy their company. I much prefer the company of smart good looking women and life has been good to me for it.

    A point of agreement. In one sense, at least, our lives have tracked the same line."

    We three have found a point of agreement. Why, we are the Three Musketeers.

    Talking about musketeers, did you notice that in the movie they were not musketeers. It's understandable. Audiences would find hilarious a scene depicting a group of guys with long guns trying to pummel to death another group of guys using swords. The choreography would be a nightmare, and how would you score it?

    Just passing thoughts on another beautiful day in the neighborhood. :-)