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Friday, October 25, 2013

Did you ever expect to see the day that civilized nations would be going to the UN to ask for protection from the US?

Posted By Colum Lynch, Shane Harris, John Hudson Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 8:18 PM  Foreign Policy

Brazil and Germany today joined forces to press for the adoption of a U.N. General Resolution that promotes the right of privacy on the internet, marking the first major international effort to restrain the National Security Agency's intrusions into the online communications of foreigners, according to diplomatic sources familiar with the push.
The effort follows a German claim that the American spy agency may have tapped the private telephone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and dozens of other world leaders. It also comes about one month after Brazilian leader Dilma Rousseff denounced NSA espionage against her country as "a breach of international law" in a General Assembly speech and proposed that the U.N. establish legal guidelines to prevent "cyberspace from being used as a weapon of war."
Brazilian and German diplomats met in New York today with a small group of Latin American and European governments to consider a draft resolution that calls for expanding privacy rights contained in the International Covenant Civil and Political Rights to the online world. The draft does not refer to a flurry of American spying revelations that have caused a political uproar around the world, particularly in Brazil and Germany. But it was clear that the revelation provided the political momentum to trigger today's move to the United Nations. The blowback from the NSA leaks continues to agonize U.S. diplomats and military officials concerned about America's image abroad.
"This is an example of the very worst aspects of the Snowden disclosures," a former defense official with deep experience in NATO, told The Cable, referring to former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. "It will be very difficult for the US to dig out of this, although we will over time. The short term costs in credibility and trust are enormous."
Although the U.N.'s ability to fundamentally constrain the NSA is nil, the mounting international uproar over U.S. surveillance has security experts fearful for the ramifications.
"The worst case scenario I think would be having our European allies saying they will no longer share signals intelligence because of a concern that our SigInt is being derived from mechanisms that violate their privacy rules," said Ray Kimball, an army strategist with policy experience on European issues. He stressed that he was not speaking for the military.
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Although the Germans have not indicated such a move is in the works, they do have a game plan for making their surveillance complaints heard. The International Covenant on Political and Civil Rights was written in 1966 and came into force in 1976, decades before the internet transformed the way people communicate around the world. A provision in the international covenant, Article 17, says "no one shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to unlawful attacks on his honor and reputation." It also states that "everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks."
"The covenant was formulated at a time when the internet didn't exist," said a diplomat familiar with the negotiations. "Everyone has the right to privacy and the goal is to this resolution is to apply those protections to online communications."
Brazil and Germany are hoping to put the resolution to a vote in the U.N. General Assembly human rights committee later this year. The draft resolution, which has not been made public and which is still subject to negotiation among U.N. states, will seek to apply the those protections to online communications. "This is not just about spying," said the diplomat. This is about ensuring that "privacy of citizens in their home states under their own home legislation."
"It calls on countries to put an end to violations of that right," the official said. "People have to be protected offline and online."
Anyone who thinks this issue will only resonate in Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, and Germany -- where the Snowden leaks recently revealed NSA datamining -- isn't paying attention.
According to the latest internal NSA memo leaked to The Guardian, the list of targeted nations is even longer, which could give this U.N. effort additional momentum.  The NSA monitored the communications of 35 unnamed "world leaders," whose phone numbers were given to the intelligence agency by a U.S. government official, according to the report. The agency has been collecting phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses of foreign officials from the people in the U.S. government who are in touch with them. The U.S. official, who is not named, personally handed over 200 phone numbers about the people he or she was in touch with.
It's hardly a secret, or a surprise, that the NSA spies on foreign governments, including those friendly to the United States. Two former intelligence officials told The Cable that contact information like this is a regular source of intelligence for the NSA. And the memo acknowledges that the agency looks for officials' contact information in open sources, such as the Internet.
But the revelation that U.S. officials are facilitating spying on the people they do business with to this extent has created the impetus for U.N. action, a first-of-its kind development.
"There's a mixture of hypocrisy and feigned outrage along with real objections here," said a former senior intelligence official. "I don't know where the line is. The idea that political leaders are out of bounds for foreign intelligence is amusing. But on the other hand this business about trusting allies is a big thing. My guess is there's a real annoyance here" on the part of foreign allies.
Merkel was so outraged by the news that her phone had been monitored that she called President Obama to discuss it. The White House issued a carefully worded statement, assuring that the German leader's phone would not be tapped now or in the future, but not saying whether it had been.
It's not clear whether the NSA is still collecting information from the address books of U.S. officials. The memo was written in 2006. But at least at the time, such collection was a regular occurrence.
"From time to time, SID [the agency's signals intelligence directorate] is offered access to the personal contact databases of U.S. officials," the memo states. It doesn't specify who those officials are, or where in the government they work. But, the memo goes on to say, the information provided by the one U.S. official was sufficiently helpful that the agency decided to go around asking for more such contacts from the NSA's "supported customers," which include the Departments of Defense and State, as well as the White House. (None of them are listed by name in the memo.)
"These numbers have provided lead information to other numbers," the memo states. In the case of the one U.S. officials, the 200 numbers included 43 that previously weren't on the NSA's radar.
"This success leads S2 [part of the signals intelligence directorate] to wonder if there are NSA liaisons whose supported customers may be willing to share" their contacts, as well. "S2 welcomes such information!"
Apparently, though, success was measured not so much in secrets learned but just in having the data itself. The memo acknowledges that analysts "have noted little reported intelligence from these particular numbers, which appear not to be used for sensitive discussions."
From this we might conclude that NSA's targets are not fools. Why would anyone in the senior ranks of a government or military have sensitive conversations or discuss classified information over the phone number or email on his business card? But, the NSA seems to have concluded, what could it hurt to find out?
Time will tell. In a statement, a spokesperson for Merkel said she told Obama that tapping her phone would represent a "grave breach of trust" between the two allies. "She made clear that she views such practices, if proven true, as completely unacceptable and condemns them unequivocally."
With the latest news from the U.N., it appears the U.S. might be in store for more than just a slap on the wrist.


  1. What does this mean?

    American officials have begun advising US allies that the ongoing National Security Agency disclosures made possible by whistleblower Edward Snowden include files detailing cooperation between their international intelligence services.

    Is is true? Yes.
    Has Snowden released anything that imperils US security? No.
    Has it been embarrassing? Yes.

    The release is meant to put a target on Snowden’s back.

  2. Good thing for Snowden, he stayed in Russia.

    1. Putin looks like a fool, he set the condition of no further spillage of classified information as the price of admission to Russia outside of the airport, and Snowden keeps blowing him off.

    2. Not at all, M T.
      Snowden is no longer running the leaks. All the data sets were out of his hands before he left the airport.

      Putin knew what the "Plan" was.
      He was the head of the KGB.

  3. Of course, unless you have something to hide, there is no problem.

  4. WiO: Israel is a MAJORITY Jewish State

    The settlers are a MINORITY in Judea and Samaria over the Green Line. Yet the majority can't so much as take a dump without permission.

    1. The settlers are a MINORITY in Judea and Samaria over the Green Line. Yet the majority can't so much as take a dump without permission.


      The majority of palestinians never see an Israeli in the disputed territories

      The vast majority of Israelis living on liberated lands of the west bank? are within a 2 miles of the so called green line.

      The palestinians have self government for 97% of their people. What they do not have the right to do is launch attacks.

      stop the distortion and lies.


    2. You seem to be surprised to hear that there are still problems of 1948 to be solved, the most important component of which is the right to return of Palestinian refugees. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not just an issue of military occupation and Israel is not a country that was established “normally” and happened to occupy another country in 1967.
      Palestinians are not struggling for a “state” but for freedom, liberation and equality,...
      just like we were struggling for freedom in South Africa.

      As to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, there is an additional factor. The so-called “Palestinian autonomous areas” are Bantustans. These are restricted entities within the power structure of the Israeli Apartheid system.

      The Palestinian state cannot be the by-product of the Jewish state, just in order to keep the Jewish purity of Israel. Israel’s racial discrimination is daily life of most Palestinians. Since Israel is a Jewish state, Israeli Jews are able to accrue special rights which non-Jews cannot do ...

  5. Who would ever think that our great nation would spy on an ally...


    1. One standard for Jews, none for anyone else.

    2. This might be a good time to ask Obama to pardon Pollard, what, with his recordings of Angie baby and her cell. Obummer can't very well take the higher ground.

    3. Something not found in the OPT, administered by Bibi, the Sultan of Palestine.

      'What is ...' is partially correct, in Palestine there is one Standard for "Jews", another Standard for everyone else.
      It is gross violation of Natural Law.

  6. I never expected to see things like this either -

    Egyptian authorities have evidence of cooperation between Morsi and Ayman Zawahiri, says former jihadi

    Nabil Na’im, the former leader of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group (where Ayman Zawahiri was before merging with al-Qaeda), recently made several scandalous allegations concerning the relationship between the United States government and the Muslim Brotherhood during a televised broadcast of On TV.

    Among other things, he asserted that Egyptian “reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing but a conspiracy by the American administration,” and that the Brotherhood, when in power, had betrayed Egyptian sovereignty, adding that ousted president Morsi granted Egyptian citizenship to more than 60,000 Palestinians.

    Na’im also shed more light on the nature of the former Brotherhood government’s relationship with al-Qaeda and Hamas, saying that Egyptian security possesses phone recordings that took place between Morsi and Ayman Zawahiri, the Egyptian leader of al-Qaeda.

    Finally, the ex-jihadi confirmed that “Hamas is the head of the snake in the Sinai,” and that the Brotherhood is a close collaborator with the jihadis and terrorists in Sinai.

    Raymond Ibrahim is author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians

    1. Your expectations have always been out of step with reality.
      Out of step with the truth.

      That you have no understanding of life, especially in the 21st Century, ...
      exemplified by your inability to handle signing on to a Google account.

      Your ideas concerning Morsai and the US Security Partner in that Region of the world, the Egyptian Army, were always juvenile.

      You should READ before you write.
      It is good advise for all children to embrace.

    2. With all our most excellent spying, Obama surely knew of it, went ahead supporting Morsi anyway, making him a jihadi supporter, and Rufus voted for him, making Rufus a jihadi supporter too.

      So we have then, Rufus the Raghead!


      "What a revoltin' development"

      The Honeymooners

    3. The First Jewsih President of the United States was not supporting Morsai, he was supporting the Neo-con theory of destabilization through democratization.

      By allowing Morsai and the Brotherhood its "Moment in the Sun" the US hegemony and its Egyptian "Partner" let the people of Egypt see the reality of rule by the Brotherhood.

      That reality changed the political position of the people, evidenced by the popular uprising over the summer.

      Evey piece of the puzzle came together, in an acceptable time frame.

      You cannot see the the present, let alone forecast the future.
      You are living in the fantasies fabricated in your own mind, basking in nostalgic glories that never were.

    4. As expected, it is the crapper rat, a crazy shit bat, right on time, showing up pat like the figure of the fool in old tragedy, to follow me about and harass me, having nothing creative to do.

      The only question is whether he is a danger to others. I am mailing today a follow up letter, already enveloped and stamped to all the agencies I mentioned earlier concerning his threats. 10 local agencies in toto, and to my lawyer as well, mentioning his phraseology of yesterday. Just an update.

      If he bumps me or mine, he is the prime candidate. Never been threatened ever before.

      "I am a professional asshole" he has admitted.

      out, it isn't worth the irritation being here today, which is going to be another glorious Indian Summer day. Think I will go photoing along the Coeur d'Alene River.

    5. Farmer Fudd, an idiot's idiot.

      Jackie Gleason, Farmer Fudd's go to man on foreign policy.

      Dumber than dumb, is Farmer Fudd.

    6. Will report on the drubbing the Vandals receive from Ol;' Miss tomorrow though. I have Vandal fans out there - duty you know.

    7. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

    8. Darnell Lamont WalkerFri Oct 25, 08:30:00 AM EDT

      “There’s a small window of opportunity to apologize sometimes after you’ve terribly wronged someone. It closes. Sometimes forever, but it never opens wide enough again for a good breeze.”

    9. desert rat stated that Putin was the head of the KGB, following that with this,
      "You should READ before you write.
      It is good advise for all children to embrace."

      desert rat, Putin was NEVER the head of the KGB.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr.Fri Oct 25, 08:16:00 AM EDT

    The rich and powerful contrive to protect their property even when a weak rule of law fails to protect property rights for the general population.
    Most of Latin America— Chile being a conspicuous exception—exemplifies that situation.

    For example, ordinary Venezuelans cannot title property, so they build shanties on the hills surrounding Caracas.

    Meanwhile, the elites live in barricaded villas.
    It is the absence of legal protection of private property that has blocked the democratization of both property and capitalism in that region.

    1. What is true in Venezuela is true in Palestine, too.

  8. Nonsense.

    The majority of palestinians never see an Israeli in the disputed territories

    The vast majority of Israelis living on liberated lands of the west bank? are within a 2 miles of the so called green line.

    The palestinians have self government for 97% of their people. What they do not have the right to do is launch attacks.

    stop the distortion and lies.

    More nonsense.

    1. Nonsense by Deuce.

      WiO is more right than wrong there. You are wrong.

      And there isn't a Jew in 'Occupied Gaza' as someone alleged yesterday.

      Their program?

      Push the Jews into the sea, just like the PA.


    2. You have been “out” for a long time. We can stipulate that for future ref.

      Read on:

  9. Palestinian ghettos were always the plan

    Right-wing politician Naftali Bennett’s plan to annex Israeli-controlled parts of the West Bank is just the logical next step in Israel’s historic effort to ghettoize the Palestinians.
    By Amira Hass | Jan. 20, 2013 | 7:23 PM | 112

    When Habayit Hayehudi party leader and rising political star Naftali Bennett calls for annexing Area C, the part of the West Bank under full Israeli security and civil control, he is following the logic of every single Israeli government: maximize the territory, minimize the Arabs.

    Some may even interpret this as elections propaganda in favor of Habayit Hayehudi and endorse it warmly.

    Bennett can propose annexation because every governing coalition since the Six-Day War - whether it was led by the Likud or Labor (or its precursor, Alignment) party, and whether its partners were Mafdal, Shas or Meretz - laid the spiritual and policy groundwork for him.

    According to Bennett, about 60 percent of the West Bank - a.k.a. Area C - is annexable. What's important about Area C is not whether 50,000 Palestinians live there, as democratic, benevolent Bennett claims, while suggesting to naturalize them and grant them Israeli citizenship, or whether the number is around 150,000 (as my colleague Chaim Levinson reminded us earlier this week).

    Don’t worry. Even if there are 300,000 Palestinians living in Area C and all of them agree to become citizens, the Israeli bureaucracy will find ways to embitter their lives (the way it does the lives of the Bedouin in the Negev), revoke their citizenship (the way it does the residency status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem) and leave them without the little share of their land they still have (the way it did to the Palestinian citizens of Israel within the 1948 borders). This is why Bennett can allow himself to be munificent.

    The true story behind area C is that there aren’t 400,000 Palestinians living there today; the villages have not expanded in accordance with their natural population growth; the number of residents has not grown; the herders can no longer graze their flocks freely; many of the inhabitants lack access to water, electricity, school and medical clinics; Israel has not been taken to the International Criminal Court in the Hague for destroying the cisterns; there are no paved roads in and between villages.

    Many of the people have been living in tents and caves for 30 to 40 years - against their will and contrary to their hopes - and the Palestinian towns cannot expand properly and remove old industrial zones a reasonable distance from residential neighborhoods.

    As I have said a million times and will say another million times: Area C is a tremendous success of Israeli policy and its implementers, the army and the Civil Administration. It is part of a farsighted, well-executed, perfectly thought-out policy that has succeeded precisely in that there aren’t 400,000 Palestinians living in the area. Bennett is probably decent/honest enough to acknowledge the debt he owes to the previous generations of Israeli politicians and military officials who warmed the country up for his annexation plan, ensuring its acceptance would be as effortless as a knife cutting butter in the sun.


    1. {…}

      Area C existed even before the Oslo negotiators invented the supposedly temporary division in 1995, distinguishing it from Area B, with full Israeli security control and partial policing authority and full civil authority for the Palestinians; and Area A, with full Palestinian civil and policing authority – albeit, as is often unappreciated, within an envelope of full Israeli security control.

      When this division was being implemented, the media emphasized the difference between Area A, where armed members of the various Palestinian security forces could operate openly with license from Israel, and the rest of the Palestinian territories, where Palestinians would not be allowed to carry rifles. But in reality, the importance of Palestinian Authority policing powers is dwarfed in comparison with its lack of civilian authority over most of the land.

      Area C, then, is shorthand for all the prohibitions that Israel imposes on Palestinian dignity of life, and it has existed before its invention. Live fire zones, military maneuver zones, security belts, fences, state lands, survey lands (where the state is in the process of declaring them as state lands, i.e. only for Jews), re-surveyed lands and post-surveyed lands and nature reserves. All these were aimed at concentrating them within narrow and meager Pales of Settlement (copyrights reserved for Imperial Russia and its confinement of the Jews). Unlike us, Arabs do not need space, land, resources, water, industrial zones, landscapes or recreational trips.

      The Palestinian enclaves are the other side of Area C. Area C, then, is a metaphor for the Israeli ghetto mentality flipped. I usually take care not to use terms like “ghetto” or “concentration camp” to describe the enclaves where Israel has gathered the Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line, or 1948 armistice line, including the Gaza Strip and the slums of East Jerusalem. The 12 years of the Third Reich cemented these terms as links/stations in the conveyor leading to the final goal - a systematic genocide.

      In our case, in contrast, ghettoization is itself the aim, having been implemented for the past 65 years. In other words, the aim - unfolded with the advent of time -has been to concentrate the Palestinians in reserves, after most of their land had been robbed of them. And if they desert and move abroad, it's of their own free will. A direct planning and ideological line stretches between the enclaves in which the Palestinian citizens of Israel live and those of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

      This is the real Israeli historical compromise. It is not with the Palestinians, but with the dictates of reality and among the various Zionist ideological currents. The crowded, offensive reservations - the creation of which is violence, pure and simple - are a compromise between the craving to eject the Palestinians from their land and the recognition that regional and international conditions do not permit it.


    2. Tough words

      The Palestinian enclaves are the other side of Area C. Area C, then, is a metaphor for the Israeli ghetto mentality flipped. I usually take care not to use terms like “ghetto” or “concentration camp” to describe the enclaves where Israel has gathered the Palestinians from both sides of the Green Line, or 1948 armistice line, including the Gaza Strip and the slums of East Jerusalem. The 12 years of the Third Reich cemented these terms as links/stations in the conveyor leading to the final goal - a systematic genocide.

    3. Have you ever BEEN there?

      Or do you just take your talking points from others?

    4. I have been there.

      I have seen it with my own eyes.

    5. Like you saw there were threats made here,

      Like you saw there were admissions of murder here.

      Like you told us you had an Israeli passport here
      Before you told us you did not.

      You have burned your credibility here.

      Here, there, everywhere, you are a lyin' sack of shit.

    6. But he goes after me for lying about whether I like this or that.

    7. quot is a despicable dishonorable fraudulent turd, Ms T.

      I do not even think he is Jewish.
      More likely he is a secular Hegelian, masquerading as a Jew ...
      Out to stir up trouble, for trouble's sake.

    8. Teresita RedingerFri Oct 25, 09:13:00 AM EDT
      But he goes after me for lying about whether I like this or that.


      Admit it Ms T... You earned the title "liar" after all you did MISLEAD and LIE for 3 years about being a lesbian catholic.

      Answer the question straight up.. DId you or did you not LIE to all of us, create stories and personas complete with "female" spouse?

    9. Rat?

      His rants speak for himself, there is nothing to really argue with him.

      He calls Obama a Jew, Hitler a Jew...

      What more can one say?

      There is no taking him seriously.

      He's quite off his rocker. But there is a GOOD from Rat. He shows this blog to be a anti-semitic, Israel bashing, Zionist bashing forum

    10. The misoquot, at it again.

      That should have been misogynist, not misoquot.


    11. Teresita: But he goes after me for lying about whether I like this or that.

      WiO: Admit it Ms T... You earned the title "liar" after all you did MISLEAD and LIE for 3 years about being a lesbian catholic.

      Like I said...

      And not technically a lie, bi the way, since I am Catholic, and six years in the Navy was one big long Sapphic romp.

    12. Again a STRAIGHT direct answer.

      you lied to all of us for 3 years.


    13. As for A. Hitler, I called him an Ashkenazi, a man with the DNA traits of that tribe in his blood.
      As for Mr Obama, the First Jewish President of the United States ...

      That references Abner Mikva, the former Chicago congressman, federal judge and White House counsel to President Bill Clinton, quote in the "Chicago Jewish News"

      In that same article it tells us this about the family Obama ...
      In fact, Obama even has a Jew in his mishpocheh, albeit on his wife's side. Rabbi Capers Funnye, the spiritual leader of Beth Shalom B'nai Zaken-Agudath Achim Congregation on Chicago's South Side is Michelle Obama's cousin - her grandfather and the rabbi's mother were sister and brother.

      Between the blood ties on his wife's side and Mr Obama's own Affinity for Judaism, he qualifies as being an Secular Affinity Jew.

      Being Jewish is not a religion, it is not a race, it is not even singularly tribal.
      Being Jewish is a cultural set of behaviors, to which Mr Obama has great affinity.

    14. Deuce's cut and paste is an opinion. He, as the author, has a right to his opinion.

    15. WiO: you lied to all of us for 3 years.

      You're the only one who cares, WiO. It's amusing to see you fill up Deuce's blog with your outcries, but if I lied about being right handed or liking Dukes of Hazzard or driving only Fords, it would carry the same import as lying about my religion or what gender makes my tail wag faster.

    16. Mr Obama is probably more Jewish than he is Muslim.

      So every time Farmer Fudd or some other anonymous source describes the President as being a Muslim, rest assured ...
      Mr Obama's Affinity for Secular Judaism will become part of the discussion.

    17. Ms T, you are incapable on being direct and honest.

      Thank you for your lack of candor.

    18. Now Israel is a disgrace.

      But in America?

      Traffic stops lets you give women a cavity search...

    19. Keep it up WiO, apparently Deuce likes this stuff. Maybe he gets more hits or something.

    20. Safety and Security trump all.
      She may have had a "Box" cutter stashed in her vagina

      That's funny, I don't care who you are!

    21. It brings in revenue for all of our advertisers.

    22. Not sure if you want to shake hands with the sort of customers who come in here on a google search of "lesbian".

    23. "It brings in revenue for all of our advertisers"

      "Now, that there is funny, I don't care who ya are."

      ___Larry the Cable Guy :-)

    24. Apparently Deuce likes Rat's hatred of Israel. Rat speaks for Deuce.

  10. One last -

    Report on Slavery in the World Today -

    >>>>In view of this sad state of affairs, the UN Human Rights Council has surpassed itself in its absurd behavior by the bizarre appointment in December 2012 of Mauritania as its Rapporteur and one of its vice-presidents, together with the Maldives and Ecuador, other countries deficient in exercise of human rights, as other vice-presidents for 2013. Perhaps it is wholly appropriate for the Council, which has spent so much of its time condemning Israel for violations of human rights, to make this appointment of Mauritania. The UNHRC's version of human rights can now be implemented by a country which, in addition to slavery, has a disregard for legal procedures and fair trial, that employs torture, that engages in arbitrary arrest, that imposes limits on free speech and assembly, and has capital punishment for homosexuality.

    Michael Curtis is author of Jews, Antisemitism, and the Middle East.<<<<

    Read more:

    Have a great day, don't argue too much, keep the blood pressure down, take a Chlorthalidone.

    out fer sure

  11. ... full Palestinian civil and policing authority – albeit, as is often unappreciated, within an envelope of full Israeli security control.

    There it is, again. The Palestinian "Leadership" are agents of the Israeli Apartheid System. Just as Mr Mandela has stated, previously.

    The Palestinians are in their "Ghettos", on their "Reserves"

    Palestinian lackeys rule over the fractured and factionalized Palestinians, $100 million a month the Israeli pay their Palestinian house boys in baksheesh, to give Israel some "deniability". Just as the Germans used Ashkenazi guards in the Warsaw Ghetto.

    The first commander of the Warsaw ghetto was Józef Szeryński, a Polish-Jewish police colonel.

    Warsaw Ghetto archivist Emanuel Ringelblum has described the cruelty of the ghetto police as ...
    "at times greater than that of the Germans, the Ukrainians and the Latvians."

    1. Just as the NAZI created the ...
      Judenrat - a Jewish council created under German orders which was responsible for internal matters in a ghetto.
      Just as the NAZI created the ...
      Judischer Ordnungsdienst - the Jewish police which collected people for forced labor, guarded the ghetto fences and gates ...
      eventually seized people for deportations.

      The Israeli created the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, to serve in the Israeli Apartheid System.

    2. Palestinian lackeys rule over the fractured and factionalized Palestinians, ....
      $100 million a month the Israeli pay their house boy Arabs in baksheesh.

  12. Walmart now has more Solar than 38 States.

    Solar and Beer

  13. Because you can does not mean you should.

    1. i.e. spy on your allies --- recklessly :-)

    2. Just because you have more Solar than 38 States doesn't mean you should.

    3. Walmart Rules.
      It has the largest civilian work force in North America!

      Rage Against the Machine!

    4. And all those Blue Shirts gonna march against DC. The Million Geezer March.

  14. On Thursday, Merkel said, "I've made it clear to the U.S. president that spying on friends is not acceptable."

    However, despite the ongoing anger, most EU leaders at the summit said that good partnership trumped deep resentment over the snooping of U.S. security forces.

    And Anand Menon, a security specialist at Chatham House, a London-based think tank, described various reports of potentially strained ties as
    "Political posturing, largely."

    "I just don't think that when François Hollande or Angela Merkel talk to their security people, that they will be advising that they cut or decrease links with the United States," he said. "That just doesn't seem conceivable to me."

    He said that the goals of Hollande, Merkel and other leaders trying to placate angry citizens without jeopardizing security cooperation will be
    "To try to do things at the head of state level that looks like something's being done, without doing very much at all.
    That's going to be the trick."

    1. desert rat stated that Putin was the head of the KGB, following that with this,

      "You should READ before you write.
      It is good advise for all children to embrace."

      desert rat, Putin was NEVER the head of the KGB.

    2. Right you are, allen

      mea culpa

  15. As this is written, the Egyptian government is fighting a war with Hamas, as are the Israelis.

    1. A war with Hamas? But WiO just told us you can order a bucket of KFC in Gaza in an hour or so, direct from Egypt.

    2. You can also order a MANPAD, but you have got to get through both Egyptian and Israeli security forces.

    3. Israeli security forces control access and egress to Gaza.
      Making Israel the sovereign power in Gaza.

      De facto, if there are to debates concerning de jure.

    4. Ex post fucto (Lost in the mail)

    5. To the issue of MANPAD.

      In the past year, since the Muslim Brotherhood gained some authority in Egypt and could have gained access to that arsenal.

      How many were smuggled into the Israeli Apartheid Zone and fired?
      How many have the Israeli security forces intercepted at the Egyptian border?
      How many have the Israeli security forces intercepted at sea being smuggled into the Israeli Apartheid Zone?

    6. You can also order a MANPAD, but you have got to get through both Egyptian and Israeli security forces.

    7. Who is the "You" referred to?

      Where are MANPAD ordered from?

      How are they delivered?

    8. How many were ordered, last year?

      How quickly were they delivered?

      How is the maintenance support from the supplier?

      Does each order include a battery charger, or is that a separate invoice item?

    9. .

      Google-rat is a moron.

      All the questions asked above are secrets, rat. We could tell you but then we would have to kill you.


    10. .

      As to his suggestion that Putin ran the KGB,

      QuirkFri Oct 25, 11:06:00 AM EDT


      Don't spoil a good story, Allen.

      That's just part of the dissociative aspect of his personality.

      That particular fairy tale is from his 'Rat in Dreamland' collection.


    11. Teresita RedingerFri Oct 25, 10:10:00 AM EDT
      A war with Hamas? But WiO just told us you can order a bucket of KFC in Gaza in an hour or so, direct from Egypt.

      Did I say you can order KFC from Hamas?


      The point was the fact that Gaza is not "hermetically sealed" as rat asserts hourly.


    Census Bureau: Means-Tested Gov't Benefit Recipients Outnumber Full-Time Year-Round Workers last, the Great Society...

  17. So people are just now figuring out Saudi Arabia is not an ally of the United States? The same Saudi Arabia that doesn't allow US troops to be stationed in their country (forcing the US to accept the hospitality of Qatar) because the presence of infidels in the Holy Land is worse than being handed a Koran by a Marine with bare hands?

  18. No doubt about it, the president is a genius and ObamaCare? is the best thing to happen since sliced bread.

    "CBS: Insurers Canceling Coverage for Hundreds of Thousands of Americans Because of Obamacare"

    1. Their Cadillac health care plans are not ObamaCare® compliant.

    2. There are a lot of horrible healthcare plans out there. Trust me, I know the guys that sold them.

  19. "So much for the White House dream of solar selling like hotcakes. The first federal auction run by the Bureau of Land Management to sell chances to build solar power projects on public land went completely bust on Thursday."

    "Burned out: Obama’s first land auction for solar goes bust"

    1. But if he sold the land with fracking rights they'd sell like gangbusters.

    2. I have a hunch that the BLM is not considered a "high quality" business partner, especially in a political environment of government shutdowns, etc.

      There are behemoth solar projects starting up every day, literally - California, alone, has added over 2,000 Megawatts in just the last year.

      There are probably so many prime, privately-owned locations to choose from that the Federal proposal just didn't look that good.

    3. Behemoth doesn't set my tail wagging. A single-family dwelling going off the grid does.

    4. Exactly, Ms T.
      The electrical grid will no longer require large amounts of "virgin" land.
      The roof tops of existing infrastructure will do, nicely.

      Will there be behemoth solar projects, certainly.
      As there will be single family homes that are connected to the grid, but supply it with energy, not drawing from it.

      With nuclear fusion, the electric generating capacity no longer needs to be "centralized".
      It can be dispersed.

      Providing Terrorists one less target of opportunity to strike at!

      Yes, to keep US safe and secure from Terrorist threats, we must go solar!

    5. The only people that would do business with the BLM, people that had never tried to do business with the BLM in the past.

      The idea that the viability of solar energy and the lack of interest in 'Partnering" with the BLM is in any way connected, facetious.

  20. Re: Egypt v Hamas

    But after the July coup, the new military-installed authorities started turning the screws again.

    They have repeatedly closed the Rafah border crossing and destroyed hundreds of tunnels running under the town that Hamas used for years to import fuel, building materials and other goods.

    Hamas strongly condemned the Egyptian army after it subsequently drove the Brotherhood underground in a sweeping crackdown, saying it had committed "terrible massacres."

    Egypt says it has closed the Rafah crossing for "security reasons" as it seeks to cleanse the Sinai Peninsula, which borders Gaza, of Islamist militants.

    Hamas is also suffering because Egypt controls who goes in and out through Rafah, Ataallah said.

    "Is there any sensible person who believes that the people of Gaza would label Egypt the enemy when it's the only one (controlling) their living standards and contact with the outside world?"

    Gaza has struggled financially since Egypt destroyed the Rafah tunnels, with a fuel shortage that threatens to shut down its sole power station, the Hamas energy authority says.

    Military vehicles of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, carrying masked militiamen, had paraded in Gaza's streets in what was considered a threat to Egypt's army.

    "Hamas, Choked by BLOCKADE, Seeks to Avoid Egypt Clash"

  21. Hamas, its Gaza Strip stronghold cut off by the new military-backed government in Egypt

    Islamist President Mohamed Mursi was toppled by the army, which treats Egypt’s Hamas neighbours as security threats.

    Pressured by the deterioration of ties with former regional backers Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, as well as by Mursi’s fall and the ensuing Egyptian crackdown on Palestinian tunnels used to smuggle arms and commercial goods into Gaza, Hamas is in steep financial decline.

    Cairo’s closure of some 1,200 smuggling tunnels on the Egypt-Gaza border has deepened Palestinian material shortages, adding to pressure from a long-standing Israeli embargo on the coastal strip, and denied Hamas a major source of tax revenue.

    Haniyeh said Palestinians could do without the smuggling tunnels were Egypt to open up its border with Gaza rather than SUPPORT the Israeli blockade

    Hamas Reaches Out to Rival Abbas After Being Cut Off From Egypt

    1. Haniyeh said Palestinians could do without the smuggling tunnels were Egypt to open up its border with Gaza rather than SUPPORT the Israeli blockade

      Hamas not firing rockets at schoolgirls in the Negev wouldn't hurt too.

    2. The US "Security Partner" is doing just what is expected of them.

      The Saudi-Israeli Axis wants to eliminate those forces that believe the forces of US Hegemony represent the "Near Enemy" of the Islamoid revolutionaries. The fact that Mr Morsi allowed the extremist free rein, one of the reasons he was "removed" from power.

      The current moves by Egypt returns to Israel the de facto sovereignty it enjoys in Gaza.
      Removing any remnant of the influence that Egypt had begun to wield in Gaza during Morsi's short tenure.

      Keeping Gaza firmly in the grasp of the Israeli Apartheid System.

      As Egypt's past President Hosni Mubarak said:
      “Netanyahu suggested to me that we relocate those Gazans to Sinai,
      but I refused and told him to forget it,
      neither I nor anyone bigger than me will be able to mess with the Egypt’s borders,”

      The US "Security Partner", Egypt wants no part of Palestine or Palestinians....

    3. Hamas knows that Fatah cannot agree to reconciliation. Because Hamas is a terrorist organization that has the destruction of the state of Israel as its primary objective, peace talks would halt instantly with the unification of Hamas and Fatah.

      While it got little attention, a provisional government was declared for the eastern half of Libya yesterday. This is where the wealth of Libya resides, both in petroleum and water. It would not take much imagination to see Egypt coming in on the side of this new country.

    4. Benghazi and its environs.The area that initiated the revolt against Colonel Q.
      The area that was defended by US drones and aircraft from the military forces of Colonel Q.

      Yep,the ...

      Big wheel keep on turning,
      Proud Mary keep on burning,
      Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river.


    6. "While it got little attention, a provisional government was declared for the eastern half of Libya yesterday. This is where the wealth of Libya resides, both in petroleum and water. It would not take much imagination to see Egypt coming in on the side of this new country. "

      Good Catch, and cogent analysis.

      70 - 30 might be too low.

  22. It is not that Egypt decided to act against the tunnels in an effort to maintain security along the Israeli border alone; rather, changing circumstances made it abundantly clear to Egypt’s generals that the tunnels have become a direct threat to national stability.Starting with the August 2012 massacre of 16 soldiers in the Sinai, Egypt’s national security establishment realized that the flow of weapons and fighters could travel in both directions. Since June 2013, in the lead up to President Mohammad Morsi’s ouster, the military has maintained its most effective operation yet against the tunnel network.

    However, the quantity, lethality and capabilities of smuggled weapons increased following the Arab uprisings: whether this was in the importation of Fajr-5 rockets from Iran or Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems [MANPAD] and other anti-aircraft systems from Libya.

    Egyptian military, intelligence and political leaders may have been willing to turn a blind eye to Palestinian smuggling of food, fuel and building materials – accepting that occasionally weapons got through as well. Risking Egypt’s security,

    the spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces said Egypt had destroyed the effectiveness of the tunnel network. The Egyptian military also announced that it would establish a “buffer zone” along the Sinai border.

    Finally, Egypt and Israel seem to agree on the need to clamp down on the Gaza tunnels. Moving forward, the two will need to determine – together – the best way to address this challenge.

    Tunnel vision in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula

    1. See above for analysis of the situation.

      Now it is the same old story, same old song.

  23. I must post this that just came email--

    SUNNY! takes on ObamaCare -

    Stipulating for future reference, Deuce has been 'out' for a long time, and I am going 'out' to take photos soon as it warms up --


  24. LONDON - A white supremacist Ukrainian student who murdered an elderly Muslim man and plotted a terrorist bombing campaign against mosques in central England has been sentenced to at least 40 years in jail.

    This is unfair, unjust and just plain wrong!
    That Ukrainian is a hero, not a murderer.

    You cannot murder a Muslim, they are not really human!
    Says so in the Koran!

    1. I read it in the American Thinker, I'll look for it and post later

      Out until then!

  25. The Syrian civil war is taking on the characteristics of the Thirty Years War.


    1. Shades of Israeli involvement in the genocide in Guatemala!

      Are they mercenaries or agents of their national regime?
      Could they be both, or are they exclusive of each other?

  26. .

    Another example of google-rat's dissociative pathologies.

    When I first came to this blog, I was pretty much neutral on Israel, but if anything had a positive view. WiO's style and, IMO, abuse of certain facts forced me into investigating, and in the process, becoming more critical of Israel. While still of the opinion that I would rather have Israel as ally than any other country in the ME, I can still clearly see some of the major problems there just as I can see major problems with this country. However, what has changed gradually over the past year or so is that I now find that every time the google-rat starts one of his witless screeds, I now look for any opportunity to try to generate some defense of Israel. Of course, I am not always successful but given the nature of google-rat that it is still my first inclination.

    Where I once felt that WiO, rather than being a friend of Israel, was actually one of its biggest enemies, he has now been surpassed by google-rat whose constant insipid commentary on all things Jewish and Israeli has, in my mind, become one of Israel's best friends as people turn away from his base misrepresentations and meaningless drivel.

    I only bring this up because in the past on various occasions I have said that 'Wio and the rat are just two sides of the same coin'.

    (continued below)


    1. .

      Now to the main point.

      Earlier this week, the rat, under the cover of an Anonymous post tried to defend himself from this charge. He claimed there were major differences between him and WiO. Rather than list what he said, I merely repost it here.

      AnonymousMon Oct 21, 03:33:00 PM EDT
      'Desert Rat' and 'What is...' are two of the same, with some small variations..

      Rat has always been more polite to those that disagree with him. Rat uses references and provides links, often provides out of the box thinking.

      'What is ..' rants more, cusses and disrespects anyone that dares to disagree with him.

      On second thought now that I have written this down, it is evident that Rat makes more sense, presents his arguments in a more precise and thorough manner.

      ''What is ...' is right, Quirk, he does not compare to Desert Rat. He does not have the same blogging skills.

      Carry on.

      AnonymousMon Oct 21, 05:28:00 PM EDT
      I hve been reading this blog for years, lurking on the fringes. Being entertained by the exchanges.

      Rat has never threatened anyone that I have seen. Rat does have a particular way of writing that often implies much more than is written on the page. There was never an explicit threat or any admission of criminal offenses by the Desert Rat.

      'What is ...' has accused Rat of murder and other crimes. When asked to provide collaboration or provide a time and date of the crimes, by Deuce and Desert Rat, 'What is ...' never provided the information requested. The only inference that can be drawn from the failure of 'What is ...' to provide that information is that those allegations were fabrication. 'What is ... reported Desert Rat to the FBI some number of years ago. From the exchanges between the two of them, nothing ever came of the complaint. This would be an indication that there was nothing of substance in the blog record that substantiated the allegations.

      The more I write and am forced to focus upon this subject, the more obvious the distinctions between the two contributors becomes. My initial observation that the two bloggers were of a similar nature, simply not holding up to review, it was a grave error and a disservice to accuracy.

      After ripping rat's assertions one by one, I tried to lure the rat back for more but he didn't bite. However, the above is illustrative. It points out his dissociative nature. His megalomania. The lengths he will go to defend one of his numerous personas. The lies and/or misrepresentations he lays out here daily. His narcissistic nature. The cry for attention. The cry for approval.

      I hve been reading this blog for years, lurking on the fringes.

      Does anyone need further proof of the dissociative nature of the man?


    2. That's called story development, Q.

      Different ways to to saturate the market, the battle field of ideas.

      Anonymous wants to carpet bomb Afpakistan, he's getting carpet bombed.
      quot has had his unsubstantiated claims to go unanswered, there is no opportunity to face the accuser, so the only other option, have some fun with it. Overwhelm his capacity to respond, coherently. Force errors.

      Most of us play chess. Mr Spock play on three levels, at once.

      That Quirk is part of the cast of characters, your choice to make. You remain engaged, have not left in a snit.

      That Quirk chooses to continue along, fine by me.
      You get to follow your own course, along your own story lines to the plotted objectives.
      Deuce gets to follow his own, to where ever his story leads, that's fine by me.

      Quirk takes this much more seriously than I do. Much more seriously than either desert rat, or Panama Ed.

      I have been observing some "gamers" or as they prefer ...
      E-Sport players.

      Some of them get quite involved in the game, take it very seriously, it becomes their reality, their identity.
      Others play, daily, but know that it's a game.

      I have been doing this blogging for well over a decade. desert rat, Panama Ed, Dr Hiss, an Israeli doctor who harvested body parts for sale, and one other character who is lost in the ether of don't give a shit.

      Blogging will not change the world. It may influence a person, change an opinion, here or there.
      Mostly it is an entertainment forum. It is a Game.

      An E-Sport, I'm not really sure.
      A mental bloodsport, can get that way.

      Are there "Rules", not really.
      The arbitrator is Google. They'll let me be Quirk, if I create an account that looks like Quirk's.

      Google allows posters the choice to sign-on, or not.
      At Deuce's discretion.
      There have been times that he has closed all options but signing on, then he opens it up.
      Part of the Game, the rules of engagement, as it were.

      I let it be known I was going to use more of the capabilities of the blog to play an extended game.
      Kept it simple, I could have used any of the four Google accounts I have, to even more confuse the issue, but why?
      This game is not that serious.

      Quirk is looking at the surface, at the words.
      quot knew enough to read between the lines, of the words.
      Doug knew exactly what I was doing. He and I done some early work on the idea of using the whole thread to deliver a message, back at the Belmont Club. Back in the day.

      I was attempting to use the entire blog as the message board, creating a blogger canvas, which by analogy in microcosm of the Middle East, we all could gain an understanding of the region we all know and love.

      Maybe it worked, maybe it's a bit to deep, beyond my means, but I don't thinks so.

      Quirk jumped in, ..."Responsibility to Protect"... exhibited, on schedule, without a prompt.

      Poor quot has self-destructed, again.
      Right on schedule, more or less.

      The Ashkenazi genetic report helped, it's publication was one of the triggers that initiated the "End Game" portion of the match.
      Moving from abortion to Apartheid, creating the Hegemony of Character.

      Treating Anonymous as if he were an Iranian with a tonne of uranium, under the gun from the hegemony.
      Constant pressure of sanctions at every turn.
      Anonymous is certainly a member of that writing team, embracing Farmer Fudd, signing posts with that character's name. A voluntary symbiotic relationship on his part that stretches my understanding of the human mind.

      Filling the role of the Iranian surrogate, almost perfectly

      Anonymous has no exclusive claim to Anonymous, other authors are free to use it, to advance their story lines, and well they should. I do and will again.

      You ought to investigate using the full capabilities of the technology available that would improve your story telling, at in the blogger media ...

      Don't be a Luddite!

    3. I could hire a proof reader, if this was a serious enterprise and not a hobby, I certainly would.

      But it is not serious, it is a hobby and it is more fun than watching FOX New.

      If you're interested, the story of the first BC bitch, the fellow that complained that Doug and I would not close the deal, that we saturated the thread, but that by reading it all, he'd come to a better understanding of the issue.

      He did not like the "Style" but garnered the information that I considered important.
      We had influenced his thinking, over the course of the thread, as the ideas developed through the day.

      I thought it more important, back then.
      We were engaged in Iraq Fallujah I & II.

      Now it is entertainment. Gaming.

    4. Back in the day when you were proudly backing the US adventure in Iraq and wailing "On to SYRIA!"

    5. I also, remember, back in the day, when you thought the Palis would be pushed into the sea by the Israelis if they didn't shape up and behave.

    6. BTW, it is good to see your opinions evolve to, for the most part, a more rational view!

    7. If the US were in it, to win it ...
      Then that is what should happen.
      Back when the US contemplated "War With Islam"

      The idea was contemplated, it was thoroughly rejected.

      If the US is not at "War With Islam" and it is not.

      Then what the US should do, becomes paramount.
      After a decade of reading, study and an open mind ...

      The US should withdraw from that region.
      To do that the US should gain energy independence from the region.
      To do that we should be distilling 1.5 million barrels of ethanol a day.

      Progression from a starting point.
      In September of 2001 we were at "War With Terror".

      We no longer are.
      There is no public support.

      The window for victory closed.
      Do what's best now, for tomorrow.

    8. If we had gone to Baghdad, from Haifa, there would be no Civil War in Syria, today.

      The map would be different, today, if the Us had regionalized the war, quickly, to win it.
      Using brute force, not bribes.

      Mongolize Baghdad and Damascus, that is what it would take to win.
      That has not changed.

      That there is no will to it, no resolve to pay the price.
      Ends the discussion.

    9. As for Palestine, they have "Shaped Up".

      The Palestinians are getting their $100 million USD a month because they are in compliance with the Israeli occupation and apartheid of Palestine. There is no question of that

      The "Parties" sit at a table, refuse to discuss the central issue of "Right of Return" for the 1948 refugees and their posterity.
      The reclamation of their property.

      That is the primary issue, all others follow from the resolution of that.
      Without the resolution of Right of Return, there is no resolution.

      It is all Kabuki that reinforces the status que,
      Israel is willing to pay that $100 million pr month to maintain the status que.

    10. .

      Quirk takes this much more seriously than I do. Much more seriously than either desert rat, or Panama Ed.


      More seriously than you.

      Fascist Fudd is which ever Anonymous fuckhead I want him to be, Farmer Fudd
      You qualify today.
      A fascist, racist fucking Farmer Fudd, that's YOU

      Right, rat, calm and collected. The capitalization a sure tell. One can imagine the spittle dribbling from your mouth, the hysteria in your voice. Like a little child throwing a temper tantrum. I have already enumerated the many ways you display your various pathologies. No sense going into them again.

      The following is just my initial response to you paean to yourself under your Anonymous persona.

      QuirkMon Oct 21, 06:13:00 PM EDT


      Rat has always been more polite to those that disagree with him

      Why, because in the past he hasn't used four letter words? Nitwit. Rat is a crass cyber bully who picks on anyone who hasn't the brains to call him on the bullshit he posts. He has even dropped the pretense of civility now that another Anonymous has gotten so thoroughly into his head as evidenced by

      desert ratMon Oct 21, 12:14:00 AM EDT

      Fascist Fudd is which ever Anonymous fuckhead I want him to be, Farmer Fudd
      You qualify today.
      A fascist, racist fucking Farmer Fudd, that's YOU

      You can sense the hysteria behind the words.

      Perhaps, our understanding of the term 'polite' differs.

      Rat uses references and provides links, often provides out of the box thinking.

      References? Out of the box thinking?


      Well, I have to admit that one. It's likely I would have never even have known of the existence of the Tetrahedron Publishing Group if not for rat. And I admit if you are looking for thinking 'out of the box' a good place to start is with the rat. His dissociative thought processes are classic.

      ...presents his arguments in a more precise and thorough manner.

      Precise? I would say targeted is a more accurate word. Thorough? Again, I can't deny it. He has exhausted the google base of anti-Israel screeds and as he waits for more to be manufactured he repeats those he has already used, over, and over, and over, and over, and, over. His attacks have become less bothersome than the endless repetition.

      Blogging skills?

      Golly, anonymous, do you go home at night and brag to your kids about your blogging skills. Who gives a flying fuck?

      You carry on too. But in the future don't bother me with your paeans to rat's 'politeness'; otherwise, I might no be so polite in my response.


      Look at the lengths that google-rat goes to justify his inanities, his lies and misrepresentations. He doesn't try to lie about them. He brags about them.

      He takes pride in his 'blogging abilities.' Lord, how pathetic is that?

      Quirk jumped in, ..."Responsibility to Protect"... exhibited, on schedule, without a prompt.

      What paranoia. What lack of self-awareness. What egotism. Ever though I was one of the biggest critics of both Bob and WiO prior to google-rat going off the deep end, google-rat believes my diagnosis of his pathologies is due to R2P with regard to WiO and Bob instead of an abiding distaste for his repetitive vapidity, inanity, lies and misrepresentations.

      Bogger-rat in all his glory.




  27. Whit sent out to all of us via email - remember Whit? - a long profile of the typical internet bully he had gotten somewhere, his reference was to rat.

    The shoe fit comfortably.

    Whit thereafter invited rat to 'take a hike'.

    Since rat refused, Whit took the hike. A real loss.

    Whit's a smart fellow.

    This isn't worth it.

    1. Colette Ruland ParrinoFri Oct 25, 03:19:00 PM EDT

      “If the crow has to be shoved down your throat; maybe you should just let it fly.”

  28. There is a difference between good story telling and story telling. I haven't seen any evidence of good story telling here of late. In fact, most of the stuff written isn't well thought out at all and fails to rise to even the basic level of story telling.

    Monkeys can also push the buttons on a keyboard and that doesn't amount to story telling either.

    1. If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there does it still make a sound?

      If you write a whole bunch of words but no one reads them have you told a story?

    2. Well, ash, either you are to close to the canvas,

      or all that happened was I melted down quot.
      Flustered Farmer Fudd.

      But, there it be.

      Quirk will be mad.
      He Failed to Protect, but was Obamacized in his effort.
      Fulfilling his role in the story.

      Oh, well.

      Staying on Farmer Fudd, regardless. It will either be Apology or Sanctions.
      It is up to that Iranian, not to the Hegemony of Character.
      We will stay the course, with resolve.

      Winston wouldn't want it any other way!

    3. The benefit was in garnering the words.

      I read all those and many more.
      I read where Churchill said that reading quotes was the quickest way to understanding,
      if there was not time for University studies.

      The are multiple layers, some performed better than others.

    4. Whether anyone else profited from the game, I certainly did.

      And that is, really, what matters.

    5. I watched the tree grow

      I heard the tree fall

    6. ya, pretty well all by yourself which is pretty well useless if you are interested in telling a good story. Kind of like masturbating when the goal is to sire a child.

    7. Obama assures Merkel the U.S. is not spying on her phone and won't do it again.

  29. desert rat, You would have us believe that your time here is of little consequence. But the amount of time spent blogging by you indicates otherwise. It would appear that you have little else to do with your time.

    1. A little quality time with the wife might not hurt.

  30. Farmers are now harvesting and delivering cob bales for the 2014 opening of Project LIBERTY in Emmetsburg, Iowa. Project LIBERTY is POET-DSM’s 20 million-gallon-per-year biorefinery currently under construction. When the facility begins production, it will use Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.23.47 PMcorn crop residue – cobs, leaves, husk and some stalk – as the primary feedstock to produce cellulosic ethanol.

    With the 2013 harvest season already underway, growers have started delivering bales to the plant’s 22-acre stackyard. Although POET-DSM has organized four previous commercial-scale harvests in the past that have brought in nearly 200,00 tons of feedstock, this year’s bales will for the first time be used to produce cellulosic ethanol at the plant’s startup.

    “Half of our biomass stackyard is filling up with cob bales for ethanol production,” Project LIBERTY General Manager Daron Wilson said. “Things are going smoothly. Our advance work over the last few years on feedstock logistics is paying off.”

    Crop residue represents a new market for farmers that provides additional revenue with minimal input costs. It does not require any additional planting, and crop residue can be harvested with a standard baler. Nutrient replacement at POET-DSM’s suggested rate of removal – approximately 1 ton per acre or 25 percent of the above-ground biomass – is minimal.

    Baling Ethanol

    “It’s been an easy way to diversify my farm operation and incorporate some much-needed crop residue management into the harvest,” said local farmer Charlie Kollasch. “This has been an important business opportunity for our area.”

    POET-DSM intends to purchase approximately 100,000 tons from this year’s harvest to handle start-up and continuing operations through the 2014 harvest.