“Soft despotism is a term coined by Alexis de Tocqueville describing the state into which a country overrun by "a network of small complicated rules" might degrade. Soft despotism is different from despotism (also called 'hard despotism') in the sense that it is not obvious to the people."

Monday, November 23, 2009

US Amateur-Hour Continues in Latin America

While we destroyed our economy fighting our two Islamic wars, our perpetual nemesis, Iran, has been smartly and methodically generating economic ties and broad support in (would you guess?) Latin America.

They have been joined by the Russians and the Chinese, who have been happily investing their US dollars in Latin America as well. The latest host is Brazil. Our efforts to isolate Iran have been laughable.

Iran is supported by economic ties with Russia and China. Russia and China have been picking up support for Iran in China and Africa. Care to count the countries in Latin America that have extended substantial and political ties with Iran, Russia and China over the last ten years?

It would be easier to count those that have not.

Two countries left in our column would be Colombia and Honduras.

What has the US done in those two countries?

We recently shafted Honduras as they tried to stop their president from breaking their constitution and we have failed to extend a simple trade agreement with Colombia.


  1. I gotta get some sleep, but I'm telling ya,we should have bombed Iran early on, just like my Jewish lawyer and I did say, on 9/11, we should have made them peed.

    We knew what to do then, and how to do it, now it's probably too late.

    It's up to Israel now, and that is spelled ISRAEL.

    I don't know ahout Afghanistan, or, even Iraq.

    But I do know, we made a major mistake, by not taking Iran out.

    Now, we have a shithead in the White House.

    A major mistake, on our part.

  2. bob,

    Thank you for your kind words in defense of Jews.

    For those who make idiotic, paranoid comments about Jews, there is no hope of carrying a point based on evidence. Bigotry is, by definition, irrational.

  3. F... the Joos!
    Signed, Mr. X

    X stands for Xenophobe

  4. Joos are different.
    Different is bad.

  5. No thanks needed here, Allen. While I'm actually a Swede, or half Swede, I might be able to pass for a Jew, myself. Except I don't know what you guys look like! I've heard rumors. But no confirmations. You see, my father's long time full legal partner was a Jew, they were partners for something like thirty years, married to a Sioux, too, an unusual combination. Glaydis, when she got pissed, would go into a Sioux war dance. That ALWAYS put Roscoe down. He'd just give up, then. A Sioux wife on the war dance, is something to behold. And they looked just more or less like us. And, my lawyer when really needed was a Jew, too.

    I fell I've kinda been raised by Jews, in a real way.

    This has given me some real insight about prejudice.

    What I think is you guys are some of the brightest guys around.

    My major Shakespeare prof at the U of W was Mr. Stein. I loved him.

    I want to know more about your literature. I'm trying, I read around.

    Hell, I love you guys, and wish you well.

  6. Signed up for a 7 day free pass on Sirius Internet Radio.
    ...Fifties music has made me hate the Commies more than I ever have before:
    They've stolen childhood from Children, banished God from the public forum,
    destroyed our educational system, have taken over the federal government, as well as many large states...
    I could go on.
    ...Let me just say that the song
    "100 Pounds of Clay"
    would be eviscerated in our contemporary "culture."

  7. No Squaw would be a match for Delilah!

  8. Smart ass!

    Hey Doug, my condo is open for you, if you want to go to the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest.

    The music is really great, the rent is free, you got to get yourself here and back, of course.

  9. "we have failed to extend a simple trade agreement with Colombia."
    What better examples of brainless commie trolls could there be than Pelosi and Boxer?
    (Not counting Barry and Michelle, of course.)
    ...they get the Black Muslim Exemption.

  10. How do I keep my fingers and toes rosey pink?
    ...appreciate the offer, nevertheless!

  11. We used to go out golfing, dad, me, Roscoe and Glaydis.

    I kinda shagged the balls. Dad wasn't much of a golfer, Roscoe was really pretty good, Glaydis was along for the ride.

    Mom wasn't a golfer at all.

    She didn't go.

    They'd always have a drink or two, at the Nineteenth Hole.

    It was fun.

  12. I'd always get sunk on the 19th.

  13. Roscoe was Mayor of our town, when dad was the City Attorney.

    They ran the place a hell of lot bette than current crew does.

  14. Even Joos and Swedes are better than Commies!

  15. "Rave On"

    Buddy Holly

    Maybe if Buddy and Ritchie Valens were still with us, the commies would have been rebuffed.

  16. Again, the real bigots are conflating Isreal and Jews, when the two are sole and separate entities, on the whirled stage.

    One a religion or tribe, the other a multi-ethnic State, where the majority oppresses the minority, through law and custom.

    Jim Crow redux. A scourge upon the honor of the United States, to be supporting such bigotry, with our tax dollars and credit guarantees.

    To arm the bigots, on both sides of the civil war in the Levant, a major error on our part.

    We should stop all military support to both sides.

  17. (Please) "Mr. Custer"

    Larry Verne

    "What am I doin here?"

  18. There's a redskin waitin out there,
    waitin to take my hair...

  19. Meanwhile, in the United States, the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith tells US that bob is a threat to the United States. His constant degradation of the President causing US collective harm.

    Anyone that supports the political positions advocated by Glenn Beck, they are a threat to the civic order, here in the United States.

    That is the intellectual position, of the Zionists, in the Americas.

    Enjoy their company!

  20. Betcha, dollar to doughnuts, that when bob's dear old dad was City Attorney that he was hands on kind of lawyer, in regards the town's civic affairs.

    Betcha he went to the meetings.

    Doubt if he sent hired proxies to represent him. He was the people's proxy.

    bob has become so detached from his town, exemplified by his refusing to personally participate in the civic meetings concerning land use issues, that he has lost touch with the people, there.

    Then he blames the people and their elected representatives for this disconnect.

  21. Sending women to do his work, while he hides in the rain barrel.

  22. Jesus, you're something
    Rat. In dad's day we didn't have neighbor hood meetings.

    It idiotic, but we have some new rules.

    Part of the rules are that you have to wwite up some minutes and notes of the meetings.

    Out of the sixty or seventy we had to send notices to, maybe four or five showed up at the meeting. It's really none of their business anyway. Many might be newcomers, and will be gone tomorrow. While I've been here three generations. And everybody drinks the water that comes from the well on my land. Deep artesian well, that dad gave to the city.

    Since I'm not a secretary, I can't do this.

    So I did hire a young aspiring female lawyer to get it right.

    None of this neighborhood meeting thing means a thing.

    The decision has actually already been taken, in the last election.

    I am proud you follow my affairs so closely though.

    Kinda makes me feel I must amount.

    I couldn't give a damn who you are, or what you do, with your life, myself.

    I don't keep notes on your life there in Phoenix.

    I mention in passing that dad's partner was a nice Jewish man, mayor of our town for awhile, and you come up with some crap about our city procedures.

    No, I wouldn't go to a meeting like that. Or the P and Z meetings either.

    Most certainly not the City Council meetings, where things are televized, and I don't like to be on TV.

    It's what these young aspiring female lawyers are for.

    They have notebooks, secretaries, recording devices, etc.

    This one works in tandem with the guys at the Planning office.

    I'm not her only client. I hired her, cause she is good at what she does.

    Any other questions about my life?

    By the way, I've never listened to Glen Beck.

    I do listen to that guy out of Portland, whose name I can't recall right. He's a very polite, intelligent guy.

    Larsen, Lars Larsen, there, I came up with it.

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