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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Burqua Barbie

One of the world’s most famous children’s toys, Barbie, has been given a makeover – wearing a burkha.

Wearing the traditional Islamic dress, the iconic doll is going undercover for a charity auction in connection with Sotheby’s for Save The Children.

More than 500 Barbies went on show yesterday at the Salone dei Cinquecento, in Florence, Italy.

Makers Mattel are backing the exhibition which is the work of Italian designer Eliana Lorena.

The auction is part of Barbie celebrations for her 50th anniversary this year. The UK’s biggest Barbie fan Angela Ellis, 35, has a collection of more than 250 dolls.

I suppose little Muslim boys can practice being Jihadis when they grow up by pulling the heads off their sister's Burqua Barbies.


  1. Is the doll demand driven, which only means people will do anything to make a buck, or is it PC driven? I guess we will see how many are sold.

    At a minimum it is another reminder of cultural ambiguity. What appears to be less ambiguous is Sarah Palin selling three hundred thousand books on day one. Has anyone ever did that with a non-fiction book?

    It certainly is giving the metro-sexuals in the liberal media acid reflux.

    Wait till Sarah gets a chance to start on that senate passed debate on the proposed healthcare bill. It is filled with gimmicks and giveaways that are simply indefensible when given public scrutiny. Watch for Palin to seize that cudgel and beat the brains out of the Democrats.

    Keep the presses rolling. Roll the rolaids.

  2. Sarah Palin can make her bones breaking that bill. That bill, is the chalice on the altar for the liberal media. It is breakable.

    Palin can shut the door on the talk that she was a quitter of her governorship. She could retort that she had bigger fish to catch, gut and fry. She would be right.

    Palin needs to use the health care bill to sell her books, rally the crowd, play the media, and the girl just maybe, just maybe, start something unstoppable.

  3. She may not read many books, but the lass sure can sell them.

  4. The ultimate cat fight:

    Michelle and Sarah, Big bird would get a major ass whooping on that major ass.

  5. Notice the media is always talking about Sarah's hair, glasses, dress, but nary a word on the very ample behind of Michelle Obama.

    It is unfair, no one is assking anything about it. We need to do a post on Michelle's big ass. Give that ass some equal opportunity. They keep pulling back the goal post on Michelle's ass.

    The first time I saw that ass, was the first time I was really proud to be an American.

  6. No one can build bigger asses than we can in America.

  7. We are a major ass power. With an ASSet like that in the White House no less, and Michelle just so happens to be black. Makes you proud.

  8. Back to the post at hand. We need a barbie with a big ass.

  9. Deuce: Wait till Sarah gets a chance to start on that senate passed debate on the proposed healthcare bill.

    She's making a mistake by this media saturation gambit before the 2010 elections. By 2012 even Republicans will have Barracuda Burnout and will turn to Romney, who I believe will be the next President of the United States of Amerca.

  10. Deuce: We need to do a post on Michelle's big ass.

    Michelle has already taken steps to ensure that her big ass has no bigger ass to overshadow it:

    A jealous first lady has frozen the talk queen out of the White House inner circle, say insiders. "Oprah is devastated," revealed a friend.

  11. Deuce: Is the doll demand driven, which only means people will do anything to make a buck, or is it PC driven? I guess we will see how many are sold.

    It's a stupid case of liberals making themselves feel good by showing how "sensitive" they are to other cultures. If Glenn Beck did it, the media would say he was demonstrating racism via sarcasm.

  12. I really do not want to think about big bird's ass this early in the morning..


  13. I'll try and be more sensitive in the future.

  14. we are off for a week...

    to the brain washing capitol of the world


    Just went thru security at the airport, wife got patted down by a somali


  15. Whit: Just went thru security at the airport, wife got patted down by a somali

    I would like that, Whit, if this was the Somali.

  16. Have a good time WiO.

    I've never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld.

    Fact it's been years since I've been to LA or Florida.

    Been to Vegas a few times.

    Take care.

    By the way, if anyone on the Board wants to use my condo for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest in late February, it's open to you, it sits there unrented, till the wife and I move in, later in the spring.

    The music is great.

  17. You're bad! ;)

    Michelle must suspect something about Oprah's adoration of Mr. Obama.

  18. Whit: Michelle must suspect something about Oprah's adoration of Mr. Obama.

    That's silly, it's purely platonic, as Stedman will attest. Oprah prefers talking to the canoe driver.

  19. Sarah Palin selling three hundred thousand books on day one

    The wife ordered that book for me, hasn't showed up, but it's her gift to me, for our thirtieth wedding anninversary. She knows I love Sarah, and, she's not jealous!

    We also have real good sex too, a comment I through out to show you, life's not over at fifty.

    Actually, you can get really, really good at it, given a few decades practice. :)

  20. throw out

    my spelling may not be so good, but the sex is great

  21. DR wrote:

    "Your daughter gets raped and you not exact revenge.

    Fuck you loser."

    BAD form! Shame on you (whether mythologized or not)! This statement places you lower on the excrement meter than Habu (who very often contributed witty, even brilliant, insights and arguments.

    In your short outburst, you have proven yourself to be exactly what I thought. Eventually, you were bound to strangle on your own bile, and so you have. Given this churlishly inhumane use of another man's injured child, no one will take anything you say seriously again.

    Thank you.

  22. WiO,

    Be well, my friend! Enjoy!

  23. The Philadelphia airport security force does looks like it is from Mogadishu.

  24. Yes, I want to reply to that stupid comment by Rat.

    My daughter did get raped.

    I tried to speak to her twice about it. Neither time did she wish to speak to me.

    Rather, she wanted to speak privately with her mother.

    She didn't want to go to the police, and she didn't want to open up to me.

    I asked my daughter "Can you tell me about it"

    And she didn't want to.

    What we did was give our daughter the security and safety of a home, of her own bedroom, and we nurtured her for a couple of months, three really. Then she kind of popped out of it one day.

    I was eating at the breakfast table. And she came up, bright eyed, "Hi dad" she said, and I knew it was over, all in the past now.

    It was hard to do, my instinct was to kill the bastard, but I respected the wishes of my daughter, and wife.

    I think all in all it's probably worked out for the best.

    I have no felony murder rap on my sheet, the daugher is back in school, and she's got a gun, and a concealed weapons permit, and she's safe in a nice apartment in Coeur
    D'Alene, where I visit her once in a while.

  25. She's all fired up, you know.

    Sarah Palin went to school there!:)

    She's got her new used car, her apartment, her bank account, her life.

    All the universities have become more or less one.

    There at Coeur D'Alene, at North Idaho College, there are classes from U of I, Boise State, Idaho State, and who am I leaving out?

    Same thing at all the other schools, everything is made into one, you can take classes from any of them, from anywhere.

  26. Bobal, my Momma is a Wazoo alumni, yet she never left Vancouver.

  27. I'm U of W, Miss T.

    When I was there, I lived in some of the crappiest places you can possibly imagine.

    But, I was young then:)

  28. U-dub is having a bad crime spree in Greek row, etc, but that's what happens when you got a one party city and the party is lib.

  29. When I was there, the Greeks were trying to recruit people, begging for someone to come live there.

    I shacked up for a while with a nice girl, sexiest thing I've ever had in my life, but, it didn't work out, she took off to Vegas, I went farming.

    I've kinda kept my eye on her, all these years.

    She's now into her fourth husband, and lovers uncountable.

    It would never have worked, she did me a great favor, by leaving.

    It's odd though, I still have a warm spot in my heart for her.

    Though I'm much wiser now.

  30. One of her favorite songs, circa about 1978 or so, was "Runaway"

    Run, run, run, away.....

  31. Another great marketing ploy by Mattel. Now if they could come up with a Blow Up Ken it would force people to buy 72 Burka Barbies at a time.

  32. heh, that's really funny, what a great marketing ploy....

  33. ...nothing like great marketing in the morning!

    The Abu Ken doll, manufactured in Indonesia...his cellphone in Israel...Sweet...