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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Germany to Hinder Obama/Holden Trial Conviction of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed



Obama has hoisted his own petard and it seems to have been made in Germany. Remember, several members of the al Qaeda cell that planned and executed the attacks of September 11 were previously based in the northern German city of Hamburg. The Germans provided intelligence and evidence to the United States. That was then this is now:

In this case we will observe very closely that the given assurances are kept," Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said.

However it was unclear exactly how evidence from Germany would be distinguished from evidence procured from elsewhere.

The defense lawyer for one of the accused, Ramzi Binalshibh, said that a conviction of his client would "scarcely be possible without evidence from Germany."


TERRORISM | 21.11.2009
Berlin wants no part in potential 9/11 execution


A legal team is going to New York to prevent the use of evidence provided by Germany in seeking a death penalty. Berlin wants to ensure that promises made by the US are kept if the suspects are found guilty.

A team of observers from the German government is going to New York to oversee the trial of five suspects accused of orchestrating the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported on Saturday.

The federal trial of the suspect Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-defendants was announced on November 13 by the US Justice Department. The government also asserted that it intends to seek the death penalty if the accused are found guilty.

Germany, which does not have a death penalty, provided evidence for the trial on the condition that it could not be used to support a death sentence. Several members of the al Qaeda cell that planned and executed the attacks of September 11 were previously based in the northern German city of Hamburg.

"In this case we will observe very closely that the given assurances are kept," Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger said.

However it was unclear exactly how evidence from Germany would be distinguished from evidence procured from elsewhere.

The defense lawyer for one of the accused, Ramzi Binalshibh, said that a conviction of his client would "scarcely be possible without evidence from Germany."

Editor: Andreas Illmer


  1. Our "International" allies.

    Wonder if the Pakistani ISI will be there, to detail how the Sheik was arrested, and whether they tortured him?

    It's either War or a Crime.

    Any one see the US Congressional declaration of war against radical Islam, Afghanistan, Iraq or even aQ?

    I know that you have not.
    So the terrorists are criminals then, nothing more.

    That the Federals disregarded their own law, that does not make the Federals victims, especially of the Germans.

    KSM will get to hold US to our own Standard of Justice. Alinsky is coming home to roost, again.

  2. Obama and Holder are making such a hash of this and I wouldn't be surprised by anything that happens. These guys are idiots and radicals. It wouldn't surprise me if KSM is acquitted or never even goes to trial or is eventually tried by a Military commission.

    This administration, like the left wing judiciary, just "makes things up." Obviously, they didn't count on the Germans (or maybe they did).

    This country is in a whirled of hurt and this CiC and his cronies have an agenda all their own.

  3. They do in deed, whit.

    It's the American Agenda, now.

    Hard to be a fan of Mrs Palin, and claim that a Maverick McCain administration would have been "good" or even "in control", especially of Mr McCain.

    While 300,000 books in a day is a lot, the best selling nonfiction book, of all time.
    "Quotations from Chairman Mao" (the Little Red Book) with over 8 billion printed, at least 2.5 billion sold.

    In English, The Late, Great Planet Earth is the title of a best-selling 1970 book co-authored by Hal Lindsey and Carole C. Carlson
    with 28 million copies sold.

    While The Hite Report on Female Sexuality (1976, 2004) has sold 48 million copies.

  4. Rat, are you saying that if Obama and Holder have their way, we will all be carrying the Chairman's little red book?

  5. whit wrote:

    "Obviously, they didn't count on the Germans (or maybe they did)."

    It is part of the plan, I think, to delegitimize the theme of a long WAR against a resurgent Islam. If the bad guys are merely criminals, then, the EU et al are not saddled with the annoying implications that war would entail.

    Moreover, why would the Germans risk exposing their operatives and methods in a "show" trial? No, the Germans are trying to make sure that this bunch doesn't compromise German and EU security.

    In either case, this "trial" has all the makings of an obscenely expensive decade long circus.

  6. More Wisdom:

    TV host Martha Stewart made it very clear that she's not buying all this buzz about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

    "She's very boring to me," Stewart told CNN, adding that Palin is "kind of a dangerous person."

    "She's so confused and anyone like that in government is a real problem. ... I wouldn't watch her if you paid me."
    Nothing like an open mind.

  7. Palin is dangerous to libs, hell yes!

  8. "Moreover, why would the Germans risk exposing their operatives and methods in a "show" trial? No, the Germans are trying to make sure that this bunch doesn't compromise German and EU security."
    Stupid Krauts:
    Don't they know that Obama made suicide Kool?

  9. DR: "Quotations from Chairman Mao" (the Little Red Book) with over 8 billion printed, at least 2.5 billion sold.

    Sure, during the Cultural Revolution, if you DIDN'T flash your little red book you got the Water Torture.

  10. The "long war" has ended. Now we turn to the "long trials".

    Before the trials can begin a new system of courtroom process and procedure must be "made up." Obviously, all constitutional protections cannot be afforded these defendants else the cases will be thrown out before the trials ever begin.

    Holder is an idiot and a radical ideologue. But I repeat myself.

  11. Re: "While 300,000 books in a day is a lot, the best selling nonfiction book, of all time.
    "Quotations from Chairman Mao" (the Little Red Book) with over 8 billion printed, at least 2.5 billion sold."

    Absurd! The Great Leap and Cultural Revolution made certain that "Buy or Die" and "Read or Bleed" was the rule. This is hardly the same thing as freedom of choice. There was a time, DR, when it was perilous to be found without your little Red Book on your person. Its presence, alone, came to be viewed as proof of loyalty to the great mythologizer.

    As usual, you take something which alone is of little significance in the instance (the numbers allegedly sold) and attempt to create in a vacuum the marginalization of the Palin phenomenon.

  12. Palin is "kind of a dangerous person."

    That sounds kind of stimulatin', to me.

  13. What I like about Palin, is she comes over as pure, to me.

    A new thing in our politics.

    But I'm going to keep an open mind, lest I get fooled.

    I'm gonna watch carefully, and if she makes a mis-step, old bob will be the first one to criticize.

  14. Why is it, that an old guy like me, really loves that woman, Sarah Palin?

    It's because she represents something I've had in my heart all these years.

  15. The UN acknowledges that Iran has enough material to nuke Israel, but it is not clear whether the UN considers that news or bad.

  16. You are looking very attractive today, I must say, Miss T.

    The condo is open to all Board Members, for the big Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest.

    I say this, as the condo really is empty, and, as an old Muscovite, I'm trying to drum up a little activity around here.

    The music is great.

    Al-Doug, you got to get out of Hawaii once in a while, no?

  17. Two weeks of steady rain, it WOULD be nice to get out of it for a while, but not into snow.

  18. How will our new communist government know when you fail to acquire health insurance in order to fine you? Informants, just like any other totalitarian regime.

  19. The latest from the D.C. Politburo, there's a bill going through right now which would require all businesses to grant one week sick pay to any employee who calls in with swine flu.

    Any doubt that swine flu will end up as the greatest epidemic in history?

    100% infection rate?

  20. One of the "Points" is that of all the non-fiction work, the Chinese have the "best" seller.

    It is a political work, as is Mrs Palin's. That is an interesting point, especially when referenced to deuce's original question concerning non-fiction book sales.

    That The Hite Report on Female Sexuality seems to be the best selling non-fiction work, in English, something I would not have expected.

    That may have an impact on how Mrs Palin's story plays out, too.

    I find it funny that the answer to an inexperienced President is a candidate that has a comparable resume to the one described as inexperienced, that being before Mr Obama became President.

    Pair Obama and Ms Clinton, which the Dems will, and Mrs Palin would be steamrolled in the Electoral College.

    Especially if she chose Glenn Beck as her running mate. Now that Mr Beck has become a Community Organizer and political activist.

  21. This takes the cake...

    According to the Anti-Defamation League, Glenn Beck has "made a habit of demonizing the Obama administration and promoting conspiracy theories about it."

    The ADL, whose foremost mission is to stop the defamation of the Jewish people, is now targeting a fresh new blight on the American people: anti-government extremism.

    From ADL‘s website:

    "In the year since we marked the historic election of the nation's first African-American president we have seen a tremendous amount of anger and hostility. There is a toxic atmosphere of rage in America being witnessed at many levels, and it raises fundamental questions for our society.”
    Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

    Even more enlightening ...

    If one is unsure as to what characteristics exemplify this wave of anti-government animosity, ADL provides the following statement:

    “What characterizes this anti-government hostility is a shared belief that Obama and his administration actually pose a threat to the future of the United States.”

    To be anti-Obama is to be anti-Jewish.

    According to the ADL, they'd know, I'm sure.

    You fellas are all anti-Semites, now.

  22. You all have black hearts and empty souls.

    Because Obama represents all that is good and just, in America. To be anti-Obama is to be anti-American and anti-Semitic.

    According to the ADL.
    They are the arbiters of good taste and anti-Semitic behavior.

    And they are concerned.

  23. Palin is a phenomenon not despite her inexperience but because the American public is sick of what the experienced politicians have done to this country.

    The experienced politicians, the professionals, the lobbyists and the financial genius of wall street and the bankers have brought the country to its knees, Business and industry, experts all, have capitulated to the professional government class and rather fighting them, have outsourced a good chunk of the jobs that used to belong to the middle class.

    The public was recently conned by Obama and they see that he is just another glib promise them anything politician.

    Rightly or wrongly, n the mind of many, Sarah Palin is different

  24. Perot struck that same chord, deuce.

    And look at what "they" did to him.

  25. allen's guru said that Dustin Hoffman was an anti-Semite. Now the ADL says that, about allen!

    Let alone man of "misdirection".

  26. Two weeks of steady rain, it WOULD be nice to get out of it for a while, but not into snow.

    There's a line Miss T, from our poet Theodore Roethke, who lived in Seattle

    'when a week of rain is a year'

    It my have been

    'when a month of rain is a year'

    I can't recall for sure.

    Anyway, that rain will really get you down, I know what you are talkinlg aboutg.

    And, it's not your Florida rain, or your Mississippi rain, or your gentle Hawaiian rain, but your godblasted hard cold miserable Seattle rain.

    I know what you are talking about.

  27. you try do hard hoss

    it's getting tougher for you every day

    does anyone at this site doubt OL would fit right in at Trinity with Jeremiah

  28. I think it was

    'when a week of rain is a year'

    a line of his about when the spirit was low.

    Anyway, rain in Seattle, or over on the coast, can be a real bummer.

  29. Elijah, would you want to be on the Board of Directors?

    I'll sponsor you, if you'd wish to do so.

  30. no sir, but i appreciate the offer
    i just visit from time to time

    OL's man - even SNL knows - all sizzle, no steak

    wrote awhile ago on this site OL was an impostor, just took him/her awhile to prove the point

  31. The way I figure it, if we get enough sane, nice people on the Board, finally we will just overwhelm hoss, drown him out, like a week of rain in Seattle. He won't be able to handle it, coming from rainless Phoenix.

    Then, he'll go away.

  32. Holy Shit! THIS you've Got to see. SNL tears Obumfuk a Huge One.

    I laughed so hard I cried

  33. "This is not the time nor the place"

    heh, hell that was hilarious, Rufus.

  34. Gallup: 48 - 44

    Gettin' there

  35. This economy is so bad that:

    I opened the mail and found a pre-declined credit card.

    I ordered a Whopper at Burger King and they asked me, "Can you afford fries with that?"

    CEO's now play miniature golf.

    Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

    The bank returned my check marked "Insufficient Funds" and I had to call them to ask if they meant me or them.

    Stock in Hot Wheels is trading higher than GM.

    McDonalds is selling a quarter-ouncer.

    The Mafia is laying off judges.

    Beverly Hills parents fired their nannies and had to learn their kid's names.

    A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico.

    Dick Cheney took his stockbroker hunting.

    Motel Six has stopped leaving the light on.

  36. SURREALISM: You have two giraffes. The government requires you to take harmonica lessons.


  37. Hmmm, it seems we're paying some militias in Afghanistan to fight against the Taliban.

    Didn't someone around here have a theory about something like this?

    But, our local diplo/coin expert informed us it was "too late" for such a strategy. Oh well.

  38. I'm not one to take sides especially if it's not about me or I don't know all the facts. I can't keep my mouth shut and I have to say that if you EVER talk about Bob's daughter like that again, I will rip you a new asshole big enough for your head to fit in, because that's where it belongs after that comment.

    On the other hand, I might have to commend you for being smart enough to manipulate and connive, like a toddler, craving attention and being rewarded with constant recognition, for his bad behavior. Every time you misspell that word, you patiently wait for someone to respond. The sad thing is it only take minutes for someone to fall into your trap of misconception. I get what you say but do you have to repeat yourself over and over again just to get the attention you don't get in other ways?

    Grow the fuck up.

  39. Re: ADL

    ...nonsense both ways...But I know I can count on you to keep trying.

  40. Oh and I went to see New Moon today with vampires and werewolves. I totally enjoyed it and even got turned on a little when the vampire flew through the air, at an extremely fast pace, from branch to branch. Does that make me a bad Christian?

  41. ...for a small bit of knowledge about how Jews cooperate...

    How Einstein Divided America's Jews

    My guess is that Abe would have shunned Einstein as well.

  42. Nothing was said about the daughter, it was about the father who told us all the story.

    Then hid in the rain barrel.

    If the sorry story was not public knowledge and was meant to stay that way, well then, it should not have been posted by bob, on the internet.

  43. Not such a sweet MeLoDy when it comes to the Ratmeister.

  44. Nah, it just makes you a sensual Christian, MLD, nothing wrong in that, I think a celebration of human sexuality is a part of the Judeo/Chrinstian tradition, rightly understood.

    Least that's what we
    ve have been taught in our church.

    A celebration of human sexuality, not a mis use of it.

    And I appreciate the comment above. Thanks.

    I wish I knew a little more about how to work this computer. I can't enlarge your picture. I just see the water in the background, and a form in front, partly in white.

    Looks like some pilings or something, there in the upper right.

  45. When the thread deteriorates like this I start hunting around for other topics to post, like the Barbie Doll one.

  46. Are you a Christian?
    Life ever after.

    Or do you believe in vampires?
    Immortality here and now.

    Or not really believe, either.

    Bad, Good?
    I do not think any judgment was ever offered, nor meant to be. But what was discussed was the anti-Christian nature of the current cultural icons.

    Was that vampire in the tree a Christian, too?

  47. I mentioned it in passing, on reconsideration, I probably shouldn't have.

    It was a real shock to my system, I wouldn't have thought such a thing could happen.

    But, it did.

    I won't mention it again.

  48. I don't even know how I got here, T, but I'm here. I don't even like politics. But, I read everyday and sometimes it's interesting and sometimes it's the same bullshit day after day and it always seems to begin with, DR, misspelling a fucking word. He knows that it gets everyone riled up but he continues to do it anyway. It fucking aggravates me to no end. Grrrr...

    By the way, I loved the Barbie post. I guess, Ken, will never go back now.

  49. I'd offer that Mrs Palin's book and its' success is comparable to Mel Gibson's movie about Jesus.
    Which did extraordinarily well at the box office, too.

    There is definitely a sizable and under appreciated audience for Christian and Conservative works.

    Limbaugh's books sold quite well, as he says:
    They both sold two and a half million copies, hardcover; a total of nine million copies hardback and paperback

    Read 'em both I think, at least the first one, fer sure.
    Back in the 1990's.

    Which certainly does not qualify Rush for high political office.

  50. That it takes so little to "rile" them, shows the weakness of their position.

    No one objects to misspelling Abracadabra. No one objects to Europeon. Each word is a representation of meaning, a symbol.

    Each provides the desired effect, to a "T"

  51. I was brought up catholic until our priest denied my father his last rights because he didn't attend church. We, then converted to Methodist.

    I don't believe in vampires but I might put a spell on you. Ha ha

  52. MLD I'm glad you're here. We both should post more often. Rat, if a tree or a rock had no names before there were people, how much less so did Tao, the Nameless Way, have a name before there were trees and rocks.

  53. A celebration of human sexuality is also a very real part of the old European tradition too, the troubadors, the minnesingers, and it is supposed to lead to some feeling of spirituality, as in Judeo/Christian.

    It's also a big part of Native American.

    Heck, it's just human.

    Still working on my poem, MLD, but the going has been tough, the last few days.

    I can't seem to get the rhymes right, and the transition.

    Give me some time, O Lady.

  54. rufus,

    That SNL skit was great!

    Come to think about it, I think I'll link over to the ADL :)

  55. Then, you fellas want to behave as if the Federal Government of 19 Jan 09 is some how substantially different than the one we have today.

    That some how it has been transformed. When all the Federal Rangers that were there on 19JAN09 are still there, today.

    There was no over haul at Justice or Defense. No mass firings. Changed some name plates on the desks in some top offices, but "sinless" is still doing what he does and did, regardless of who is President.

  56. Mel Gibson's movie was pronounced anti-semitic, too.

    By the usual suspects.

  57. Poems don't always have to rhyme.

    Thanks, T.

  58. MLD,

    It's not "the misspelling a fucking word" that stimulates. No, it's the party the use of the word symbolizes.

    NAZI Propaganda

    In watching this film footage, I wondered how many of those goose-steeping thugs rotted on the battlefield.

  59. Allen: In watching this film footage, I wondered how many of those goose-steeping thugs rotted on the battlefield.

    There are battlefields in Russia, where the Germans and the Russians went back and forth like they did on the Western Front, and when they dig there now, they find strata with Russians at one level, Germans a little deeper, and Russians again a little deeper still. The Russian Front was the worst conflict that humankind has ever experienced.

  60. The Russian Front was the worst conflict that humankind has ever experienced.

    You're not kidding there.

    I remember reading in the Time magazines when I was not more than a tot, in the old Time magazines that my aunt the librarian had stored away, reading down in the basement of grandfather's old house, reading about Stalingrad, and wondering what the hell kind of world I'd got myself into.

  61. Then I came to those issues, right after the war, that had the pictures of Auschwizts, and Dachau, and I wondered, what the hell kind of a world have I got myself into.

  62. In some older Buddhist art you can find a representation of the Buddha, meditating, with a swastika on his chest.

    But it is a swastika that is clock backwards, representing the effort to meditate back through the unfolding of time, back to the timeless source.

    This swastika represents an unrolling back past the unrolling manifest, to the unmanifest source.

    Found this in my old friend, Joe Campbell.

  63. T,

    Quirk, bob and I had the makings of Barbie repartee, until distracted.

    What I want to see is the Barbie "Jewish Princess" Doll (If they have any marketing sense, they'll work out something for the pre and post nose job). Of course, straight blond hair is a MUST.

  64. It's also very possible that this simple variation of a cross—which was often used by early humans to represent a star—sprung up out of the "collective unconscious" among cultures all over the world. "Potters and weavers are basically the first artists," comments Josh Baer, a Santa Fe dealer of Navajo rugs and other Native American artifacts. "They probably didn't influence each other as much as resorting to patterns. In weaving if the image is not pictorial, the alternative is to use geometric forms in such a way that they represent celestial and terrestrial forms."

    The swastika's meaning does seem to be similar across cultures, generally denoting abundance and prosperity and referring to the four cardinal directions. To Hindus, it is a symbol of the sun and its rotation. Buddhists consider it a diagram of the footprints of Buddha. Among the Jainas of India, the emblem is a reminder of the four possible places of rebirth: in the animal or plant world, in hell, on Earth or in the spirit world. In 1963, the well-respected Southwest author Frank Waters described the swastika's meaning to the Hopi people as a depiction of the migration routes Hopi clans took through North and South America.

    In Navajo myth the swastika represents the legend of the whirling log. As told by Aigner, the tale is of a man, outcast from his tribe, who rolls down river in a hollowed-out log. With the help of sacred deities he finds a place of friendship and abundance. Until the late 1800s, when J. Lorenzo Hubbell and J.B. Moore opened their trading posts in Arizona and New Mexico, Navajos portrayed the swastika solely in their religious ceremonies in the form of sand paintings. But by 1896, with prodding by Hubbell and Moore, the symbol proliferated on Navajo rugs, sometimes lifted directly from the images in sand and depicted as a central cross with a male-female pair of standing figures ("yei" or "dreaming twins") at the end of each of the four arms of the cross.

    The History of an Ancient Human Symbol
    The swastika design goes back thousands of years in human culture.

  65. bob,

    Consider the misappropriation of the Christian cross for evil doings through the centuries.

    In rereading my Hundred Years' War, I find it telling that at Crecy, for example, both armies went after one another under banners and heraldy containing the cross. Just prior to clashing, both armies yelled the names of their "rival" patron saints.

    Does such misuse of an icon render that icon impure, unholy?

  66. I understand that it's not just the misspelling of the word. I, also understand what it symbolizes. what I don't understand is why you continually argue with a pigheaded Rat....nuff said, I understand that, too.

  67. Barbie is a whore. She cheated on Ken and he divorced her.

  68. They never argue, MLD, they never explain a position or defend one, they just call me names.

    There is a difference.

  69. That is why the Christ of the gospels seems to have little or no personality. Going back to the source. We know more about John Kennedy than we do about the Christ of the gospels.

    You folks know more about old bob out here in Idaho than you do about the Christ of the gospels.

    That is why this Christ may have more meaning to our life, than any old bob out here in Idaho, this Jesus having emptied himself of his ego, and having been able to express this in his living, which is why some folks followed him, which way of life bob is unable to do.

    I have to make do with the troubadors. :)

    I think Jesus took the Jewish way of life, at it's best, and heightened it.

    I see the very same thing in Black Elk, when he spoke of his journey to the other world, which may, indeed, exist.

    It's what Joe Campbell was speaking of, when he spoke of the monomyth, where our hero is separated from our society, has a transforming experience, and comes back, to help the people.

    Black Elk did it, just as much as Jesus, in my view.

    Black Elk just didn't have a literate society at hand, to help him get his message out.

    When Black Elk agreed to tell his story, he made certain that the hearer of it was a pure person, capable of receiving it.

    You can read about Black Elk's reticence in the introduction to Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Niehardt.

    Niehardt's daughter was a linguist. She was the translator of Black Elk's words.

    Some of the images - o images! - are the very same you'll find in Christian literature, and I'd bet, though I'm not so conversant with it, in Jewish too.

    They are the very same images I read every day, when I get my new issue of The Journal of Near Death Experience.

    All I'm trying to say is, I think there might something to this.

  70. MLD said,

    "Barbie is a whore. She cheated on Ken and he divorced her."

    No way! Ken took off with a cosmotolgist named Paul. They live in a loft off Michigan Ave. I heard this through a friend, who knows a guy...

  71. There is an image, for instance, about which Black Elk speaks, where Black Elk crosses a river.

    There are souls there, that you'd never want to see.

    Souls submerged in a cesspool of their own being.

    Something we should keep in mind, lest we have the experience itself.

  72. Barbie is a whore. She cheated on Ken and he divorced her.

    A perfect setup for a divorce lawyer like my father. A money machine!

  73. Dad had a hell of a bunch of divorces.

    Some of these fights can get really tough.

    Women aren't so pleasant as they may seem. Some are real bulldogs, as dad used say.

    "We've got a real bulldog on the other side"

    Happily, the laws are a little easier now.

    It's not so hard to set one free, as it used to be.

  74. You get about $2,000,000 million dollars, in 1950's money, and some Sunshine Mining stock on the side, with a little Coeur d'Alene Mines thrown in, plus a place at the lake, you can have a real fight on your hands.

    I watched a couple of these, as a kid.

    Some went on for two years or more.

  75. They do call you names. You're just an easy target, I guess.

    I always say the two subjects people shouldn't discuss are politics and religion, especially on a blog where words can be so misunderstood.

    What's that saying? Too, many hands on one pot..

    This is why I strictly stick to sex. Ya, can't go wrong there.

  76. This is why I strictly stick to sex.

    Damned good advice!

  77. I'm telling you, Bob, you can't get into trouble there.

  78. Dang it Lady, can you tell me how to enlarge your picture?

    It's driving me.....nuts.

  79. I don't know how. It's the beach. The girl is fully clothed with her feet pointing to the ocean and her hands propped behind her head. Nothing special.

  80. Thanks.

    I've been wondering about this all day.

  81. The Frances Fox Piven, PhD Barbie Doll would have a porthole belly button and nasal periscope. She would own a set (in miniature) of the complete works of Norman Mailer.

  82. Ahh, that's not it, MLD. They think I'm not sure what.

    That some uninvolved reader will be impressed with their intellectual argument?
    They do not make one.

    That name calling will change my mind?
    They know that will not happen.

    No, they do it to please themselves.

    To say in the anonymity of the blog what they would not say to your face or if you even knew who they really were.

    Old habu went on and on about that, how he was free from any cultural restraint to be polite.

    While others are babbling on about how such polite old white guys they are.

  83. Well, I'll say this Rat, I think you are an ignorant asshole, and, I'll say it right your stupid face.

  84. the complete works of Norman Mailer.

    I used to read Mailer.

    Then I grew up.

  85. And in Sri Lanka, the war refugee camps are being closed. Those folks learned the real lessons of asymmetrical warfare, well.

    Being on an island certainly helped them tactically. Repatriating the people to their homes, a lesson learned from the long term failures in the Levant.

  86. And then I'd break yours.

    Unless you are feeble, now a days.

  87. Well, it's time for Coast to Coast.

    With Art Bell.

    There was no Idaho football this weekend, so I have nothing to report.

    We take on Utah, I think it is, next week.

    Just time to go to bed. A little eary, here tonight.

    Good night, MLD, and Allen.

  88. bob, the Anti Defamation League thinks you and your political beliefs are a real danger to the United States of America.

    Could they be right?

    They are culturally attune and without a doubt, intellectual.

  89. bob wrote,

    "I used to read Mailer.

    Then I grew up."

    Bob, you are a genius!!!! In two terse sentences you have revealed the cure for perpetual puerile prattling dysfunction and Barbie's PMS. Man, you are amazing! Your brain will have an honored spot next to Einstein’s jar of “little gray cells”.

  90. Bet they're really well read, too.

  91. rat farts again...

    no wonder...

    better question is, why actually engage him?

    he's is really a bore...

  92. night bob guess it's time for me, too, so y'all can carry on with whatever you carry on with...

    ...and, I'm guessing there will be a vampire barbie coming soon. That's probably why Ken left, he couldn't keep up with all her personalities. Sleeping with a different person every night got to be to much. Next thing you know they will come out with gonorrhea Ken.

  93. Re: "in miniature"

    With Mailer, one could be speaking to either volume size or content.

    He may have belonged to the ADL, whether germane.

    Abe has probably not read Mailer, bob. But does that explain PPP Dysfunction and/or PMS...Hmm...

  94. Bwahahahahaha

    Allen, no wonder you didn't answer me when, I ask if you were talking to me when you made a reference to ADL. I quickly glanced at it and assumed you made a mistake on the letters. You probably thought, I was nuts.

  95. MLD,

    "You probably thought, I was nuts."

    "probably"...Hmm...You are here, though...I'll have to give this more thought :)

    I would love to have a belt of Scotch. Sadly, I'll have to wait until tomorrow; because the good people of Georgia know best - it being the Lord's day and all. And the cupboard is bare.

    Why can't we all just get along?

  96. Come on, admit it ...

    If those ADL statements were on an ACORN site.
    Or the Church of Wright's site.
    Any other group that voted over 70% en-bloc for Team Obamamerica.
    Why then, you'd all be a twitter in outrage!

    That it would be claimed by Obama supporters that bob's politics are a danger to American society.
    bob being the most adamant that Mr Obama is a usurper to the Presidency, by means of conspiracy.

    But let it be the ADL that makes those statements, and well, we must search for possible relevance concerning who the ADL is.

  97. When Jane Harman needed help with Pelosi who did she turn to? Two AIPAC lobbyists.

    The Jewish Lobby, and the Democratic Party are joined at the hip. That's just the way it is.

  98. What did Charlie Wilson, Dem Congressman from Texas, say? "My CONSTITUENCY?" "My Constituency is six Jewish fellas is NY." "That's where I get my Campaign Money."

  99. I've been listening to this fellow Jim I think Meiers or Myers on C 2 C. I can't find him on the C 2 C website, he is not the Jim Maars about the Kennedy assassination.

    This fellow is a biological scientist, and one of the reasons I keep going back to C 2 C. He is one of those diamonds in a dunghill that shows up from time to time.

    Man, is he good, and so well spoken. So well spoken.

    He is an 'intelligent design' guy, and is just talking about this subject from the point of view of science.

    He says, it's kind of an unspoken secret, in the circles he hangs out in, that the Darwinian thesis is falling apart. Science wise.

    I've always felt there was some kind of 'pull from the front' but I don't know a thing about science, so I'm happy to listen to this guy, who kinda backs me up, in a way.

    There have been some very good callers, calling in, asking him questions.

    He seems to have a very fast mind, and I think he could argue with anybody.

  100. He just said something interesting.

    He is evidently, some kind of Christian, or Judeo/Christian.

    Not sure what kind.

    What he said was, "The Bible, taken as a whole, is some kind of speaking to us, from in front"

    or something like that. I didn't quite get his exact words.

    Well, I can agree with that, just depending on the meaning of 'speaking to us, from in front' may be.

    His name is Stephen, or Steven, Myer, or Meier. Or Meyer. Not Jim.

    He's very good.

  101. O my ass about the Jews running the politics.

    I don't know about in your areas, maybe that's different, but out here it's still Christian farmers that really run things, what things there are to run. And most of these Christian farmers really aren't Christians, but just farmers, ready to take your farm, and your wife, if you don't watch out. The politics ain't much, some arguments about highways, snowplow and stuff. We elect a few farmers to the Idaho legislature, and that's about the end of it.

    Who would really want to enact legislation about my old farm out at Lenville, anyway?

    Really, not a damn thing has happened out there in a hundred years, save the introduction of the Chinese pheasant.

    I'll have a drink with Allen.

  102. There has been some good sex.

    I remember getting it on hard, really hard, with wife, up by the cedar trees.

  103. bob,

    Our resident Jewish political experts never stop to think how silly their theses about Jewish power. If we had even a fraction of the clout claimed, then, why are we constantly being assailed on the Palestinian front?

    Can Jews make a decisive difference in certain elections, in certain areas over certain issues? Yep. But then so does the NRA, Southern Baptists, pharmaceutical companies etc.

    Look guys, it's called K Street, not the synagogue, for a reason.

    Arguing is a waste. One would deny 13 official reports and, thereby, claim conspiracy to murder at the highest levels, in depth; the other would simply fill a page with profanities.

    Bob, thanks!